I cought my friend with my wifes panties

"Do you think Amber would mind if I stayed with you guys for awhile?", were the words that started it all. Tom had recently gotten into a pretty bad fight with his parents, and not having any money saved up, asked me to stay with us.

"Well, to be honest I'd have to ask Amber." I replied.

"Okay, just get back to me later then."

Since then Tom had moved in and while it had been a few weeks, it had been a long few weeks for everyone, but Amber hadn't turned him down. I really didn't know what her response would be since she had given Tom a blow-job last year. Sometimes that makes uncomfortable blanks in conversation.

Tom pretty much kept to himself, just like I remember, only coming out of his room to watch a little TV or eat dinner, and most times we didn't even notice he was there.

Amber, my wife, had even gotten a little turned on having someone in the house and it became a game, us trying to be quiet while fucking.

Later that night after Tom went to bed, Amber watched as he left the room and pushed my hand up against her crotch. After work she had slipped into some short, daisy duke shorts, and a tight revealing t-shirt. My cock had been having a hard time all night watching her. She just smiled as my hand rubbed softly against her shorts. Then her head leaned down while she unbuttoned my pants. Moments later my pulsing cock was being pulled out of the boxers. Her soft, wet tongue slithered against my cockhead as my hand pulled against her shorts, revealing wet panties. She sighed as my two fingers instantly slid into her hairless pussy. I pulled her auburn hair up out of her face so I could watch her coat my cock with her spit, as she inched down my pole.

I pulled her panties completely off and tossed them on the floor as we began and instinctive motion of me thrusting my cock against her mouth as she bucked harder and harder against my fingers. She moaned against my cock as her tight pussy gripped me sending pulses of pleasure to my balls. Suddenly she was on the verge and she began to moan louder as I had no problem sliding a third finger up her sopping pussy.

I started thrusting upward against her mouth as she started to swallow my 6 inch cock whole. My hand pulled her head closer, her nose against my pubic hairs. Seconds later, her pussy tightened against my fingers and began to spasm. She writhed against my probing fingers as pussy juice dripped down my hand, her hips shaking uncontrollably.

That's all it took to set me off. I face fucked her mouth, and she dutifully swallowed all of me, even while she was cumming. She was still panting as I f***ed a fourth finger inside her, and this time she groaned loud enough I knew Tom heard. Her mouth was open now as she started to cum again as she stroked me.

"Oh god," I whispered as she brought me to orgasm. Now it was my hips that were uncontrollable as her pussy clamped against my hand as she came. My cock spasmed as the thick cum shot allover her cheeks, and all the while she held her tongue out as she came harder.

She looked so hot and horny as she looked up at me with cum running down her mouth. She leaned up and kissed me, our tongued intertwining as I tasted my own cum. We both leaned against each other like that for awhile until she found enough strength to get up and go to bed. I quickly followed, washing up in the bathroom, then sliding in next to her.

Thing was, I couldn't sl**p now, it woke me up having such a heated session. So I got up and as I entered the living room I quietly picked up all of our clothes. I found her shorts, and shoes, but for some reason couldn't find her panties. I took our clothes and put them in the dirty laundry, then slipped out the side door to throw away a small bag of trash.

Walking around the house I noticed Tom's light on, and on the way back from the trash can I peeked in his window. I figured we might have woken Tom up and apparently we did. He had a dim light on in his room and I saw that Tom had Amber's dirty panties. He was laying back in a lazy-boy chair, not facing me, rubbing his cock through his boxers.

Perhaps I shouldn't have kept watching but I did anyway a little upset that he had taken something of ours. He found the crotch of her panties and brought it to his face sniffing it. Then he pulled his straining cock out of his boxers. He was about seven inches, cut, with a fat mushroom head. Ever since I saw Tom's cock as a k** I had been a bit jealous that he was thicker than me.

He rubbed the soaked panties against his throbbing cock, lubricating it. I knew her pussy had been soaked but even that far away I could see his cock glistening with my wife's cum juices.

He began to stroke, slowly at first, then faster. His other hand held the panties to his face as he sniffed that crotch. Suddenly my own cock began to get hard again and I found myself rubbing it, as I watched him. I too had my cock out stroking, watching my best friend sniff my wife's panties, getting off to her hot juices.

He slid the panties down to his cock again and re-wetted it, then sniffed them again. I stroked faster, watching every movement. He pulled at his cock with his left hand, while the right sniffed at that ripe crotch. I knew the intoxication, after all, I had sniffed her panties alot the first year or two we were together. Her pussy had always left a musky smell, and that combined with a strong cum, always was hot.

So there Tom was stroking, probably imaging the time we had before where she sucked him. Where she slid her plump lips over his cockhead and deep-throated his thick veiny cock. Where her nose was pushed against his thick pubic hair as she struggled to fit all of him in her mouth. Where he had asked to touch my wife's titties, and she pushed his hand down her low cut shirt to feel them while i watched. Where his hand roamed openly against her bare breast as she bobbed up and down on his cock trying to get him to cum. Where she begged him to cum, "Come on Tom, cum for me." she had whispered. Then finally, he was probably imagining her tight mouth sucking him, as he held her hair, while his load shot into her mouth. Where she sucked him for a few minutes after, squeezing his cock as she sucked. milking his cock and balls dry.

Then I saw it, Tom put the crotch of the panties into his mouth, and let his right hand grip his balls. He jerked harder now just as I did. His legs started to shake. He was probably imagining fucking her now. He stiffened up and pulled at his balls, as his back arched. Stream after stream shot out of his thick cock. My own cock pulsed and spurted as I watched him getting off to my hot smelling wife. Oh god it was so good. His cum was allover his hand and his still throbbing cock as I left to go clean my self up. I had a good story to tell my wife, maybe I could get her to leave more of her wet panties around the house. I had a feeling it was gonna be a hot summer.
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1 year ago
I had similar experience with a friend before!
1 year ago
Great story ! hot watching your buddy stroke using your wife's panites
3 years ago
Love the story
4 years ago
very hot story , and it's always been a turn on sniffing the wifes panties and always kiss her after cumming in her mouth ,
4 years ago
nice and naughty