Friends With My Wife's Panties

It’s been a few weeks now that I have been hosting the Sunday afternoon NFL Football games here my friends and I hang out in the basement. My wife Kristie doesn’t usually mind and sometimes she will even join us. However two weeks ago my wife (who by the way is smoking hot with a killer body) accidently left one of her satin bikini string panties (a dark purple pair) on the bathroom floor just out of plain sight almost behind the hamper.
As I picked them up I began to wonder what if someone else found them, and I wanted to know if they would have said anything?
Now I should have just put them in the hamper but I decided to lay them out on top of the sink and see what happens by the end of the night in hopes that my friends will see them and hopefully use them.
Well after everyone left I bolted for the bathroom and sure enough everyone must have jerked off with them as they were saturated in their seed!!!
Out of the blue my wife Kristie walked in and saw what I was holding. I would have thought she would have been pissed however she was extremely turned on!

From that moment we began leaving her dirty panties out in the open, most of the time we would never find her satin panties in the same place Kristie left them. We always smile at each other when a friend of mine says he has to use the bathroom. While he is in there we typically get so turned on thinking about what he is doing, is he using my wifes panties, does he have them wrapped around his cock soaking them with his seed, or does he have his nose or tongue in the crotch of her panties.
We always k** at the end of the night on who seemed to take longer than the usual on a bathroom trip and my wife gets so wet thinking of them playing with her panties. After a friend leaves we rush into the bathroom and as mentioned the panties are never in the same exact spot, a few times the panties have had wet streaks on them from the guy dripping onto them and once they were very damp and smelled of cum, that drove my wife nuts and she licked the crotch and then slipped them on, she loves the feeling of her pussy lips bathing in cum soaked panties.
If given a change I’m sure my wife would love to stroke the group of guys off on Sunday with the panties she is wearing until they are so full of cum that they cant hold any more just to put them on. We have discovers a new love that to which my friends visit and pleasuring themselves with Kristie’s panties.

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7 months ago
Your wife could “accidentally” walk in on one of the guys, and grab his cock, bet he would enjoy the jerk off she gives! Who knows where it would all lead....
1 year ago
i am guilty of this many times over in many places! sneaky ass hot!
1 year ago
i used my friends Moms panties. She had the best smelling pussy ever!!! My wife had a neighbor who creamed her dirty panty
1 year ago
mmmm great, I love to do that to my wife's g/f panties when ever we visit there house, She leaves her panties on the bathroom floor and I am sure she dose it for the same reason.
1 year ago
Love it
1 year ago
Love it!
2 years ago
Damn. I am going to try this Sunday.
2 years ago
Nice. Might try this with my wife.. Or look out for friends panties at their houses
2 years ago
shot and sweet