s****r Entered My Room

I was so horny that morning. I had just woke up and I had my morning wood. I pulled the covers away and began stroking my cock. My parents were at work and only my younger twenty year old s****r was in the house somewhere. I try to be quiet when I stroke myself, but I must have been noisy.

I heard a knock on the door and my s****r Rachel burst into my room.

"Bobby, are you ok? Oh my God!"

Rachel was staring directly down at my erect cock. There was no sense of trying to cover up.

"What do you want?" I asked her.

"I will leave you alone," my s****r said as she turned around to leave.

"Wait Rachel, don't go," I said to her.

My s****r turned around and kept looking at my erect dick. I patted the bed and told her to come over. I think my s****r wanted to leave, but something made her come over and sit on the edge of the bed.

"Please Rachel, suck on it," I pleaded with her.

"I can't do that Bobby, you know that isn't right."

"Who is going to know," I told her. "Go ahead and touch it."

Rachel looked down at my crotch for the longest time then she suddenly reach out and took my cock in her hand. Slowly she began to stroke my long cock. I am probably seven inches in length, but it felt like a foot at that moment.

I could see my s****r breathing heavily. I knew she had to be getting turned on. I wasn't going to let this time slip away.

"Rachel, I need you to suck on it."

Rachel was fighting the urge I could see. I turn her by the arm and pulled her close. My s****r lowered her head and then took my mushroom into her mouth. God did that feel good. I started raising my hips up, I fed her more of my cock.

I was soon deep in her mouth. Rachel's cheeks were puffed out as my cock went deep down her throat. I had no intention of cumming right then. I pulled my cock out and then sat up. I moved over to my s****r and I undid the belt on her bathrobe. I pulled it away from her body.

I knew my s****r was hot, but seeing her tits for the first time made my cock throb. Rachel had to have a 'C' cup at least. I looked down and saw that her pussy was shaved way down. I knew I had to have her, right or wrong. I pulled her arms and my s****r was now on top of me.

"I can't Bobby, b*****rs and s****rs can't make love with each other," Rachel pleaded with me.

I didn't let my s****r move away. I had my cock in just the right position and I started to rub the head of my cock across her wet folds. Oh yes, my s****r was dripping wet right then. She couldn't deny she was getting turned on. I took hold of my cock and pushed the head barely into her pussy. Rachel let out this deep moan.

I then pushed my dick all the way inside my s****r. I knew she wanted cock, there was no denying it now. Rachel started sliding up and down my stiff rod. I pushed my hips up to meet her thrusts. We slowly sped up until I was pumping furiously into her wet quim.

"Oh God Bobby, fuck me hard!" Rachel was practically screaming for me to take her.

It was dead quiet except for the sound my balls hitting against her asscheeks. SLAP,SLAP,SLAP that was all you could hear in my bedroom.

We must have fucked for nearly a half hour when I felt my nuts starting to pinch. I was getting so close. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't bring myself to pull out. I drove my dick deep into my s****r's belly and then I unloaded. The moment my s****r felt my hot seed her eyes went big.

"No Bobby, don't cum in me!"

It was too late. I shot rope after rope of my sticky juice deep inside my s****r's pussy. There was no turning back now. The thing was, my s****r's pussy was going into a spasm. She was milking ever drop of my seed out of my body. We fucked for a few more minutes and then Rachel pulled herself off of me.

She quickly ran into the bathroom. I could hear the toilet flush a few minutes later. Rachel walked in and she wasn't happy.

"You should have never cum inside me, what if I get pregnant?" My s****r's face was flushed red.

I told her not to worry, nothing was going to happen.

"I know you enjoyed that, didn't you?" I asked her point blank.

"You know I did," she told me. "You still should have pulled out."

This was spilt milk as far as I was concerned. The deed was done. The only thing to discuss was where we went from here. Once Rachel calmed down a bit, I told I want to do it again. She wouldn't hear of it. She got up and left me with a raw, stiff cock.

I figured I would let her cool off. I went and got a shower and then dressed. I went out to the living room to watch some TV. Rachel came out of her room some time later and sat down next to me.

"We need to talk," she said.

"Mom and Dad can never know about this," she told me.

I was certainly never going to tell our parents that we had been fucking.

"Maybe we can do that again another time," my s****r said to me.

I gave her a big smile and said we sure could. That time ended up being the next day. My parents were at work again. I walked down to my s****r's room and opened the door. My s****r was still asl**p. I sat down on the bed and gently touched her arm.

Rachel opened her eyes. She knew what I was there for. I pulled the covers back and saw that my s****r was completely naked. It was if she was waiting for me to arrive. I got on top of her and began to kiss her nipples. My s****r was getting turned on, there was no denying it. I moved up and we kissed each others mouths. It was a deep tongue kiss.

"Bobby, I was dreaming about you last night," Rachel told me.

"You had your cock in me again, I didn't tell you to pull out."

I spread my s****r's legs and I moved into position. I brought my cock right to her opening and I slid my erect dick into her once more. I thought my s****r would have her orgasm right there and then. We just got into a smooth rhythm of meeting each others thrusts. I took my s****r for good that morning.

We probably fucked a good hour before Rachel let out a scream. I felt warm juices hitting my midsection. My s****r was squirting all over me. I guess that just pushed me over the edge. I gave her one scalding load of my baby seed after another.

There was no talk about pulling out this time. I fed my long dick deep into my s****r's belly and held it there. Rachel used her muscles to massage my dick pulling out all my seed.

"You feel so good inside me Bobby," my s****r was panting hard.

I didn't go soft like I normally would. We just kept fucking and my s****r had at least two more orgasms that I could tell. I even managed to shoot more of my seed into my s****r's pussy. After all the fucking my cock was feeling so raw and sore. I finally pulled out.

Rachel told me that she had to have me from now on. No one had ever made her feel this way after making love.

For the rest of the summer we fucked like crazy. Rachel did manage to get on the pill so there would be no talk of babies. It did feel so good taking my s****r with my bare cock every day. It did end up that we fucked most days and more than once.

Summer is almost at end and my s****r and I are heading back to college. I don't know how we will manage it, but we have talked about getting together some weekends for some hot sex. We have to work out the details, but I know my cock will be aching to be in my s****r's pussy this fall.

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1 year ago
Man, my imagination was wirring. I play a lot of galga and learned to picture things quite vividly. Thanks man, now I will read all the rest of you stories!
1 year ago
dam i always wanted a sister...mmmmm
2 years ago
Love it!
2 years ago
Absolutely love this one :) Got me hot and wet!
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
damn hot story!!! keep cumming buddy
2 years ago
hot, short, but hot
2 years ago
That was great. Keep it cuming.
2 years ago

2 years ago
This is good stuff!! hahaha
2 years ago
2 years ago
"Not bad? This is very good, super hot! Got an old man hard! Thx"

It's the art of british understatment.

Not bad = just shot the largest load of my life and may pottentially die from dehydration.
2 years ago
mmm.i just came.
2 years ago
Not bad? This is very good, super hot! Got an old man hard! Thx
2 years ago
Not bad mmm hot