The College Experience

I had been working at a small woman’s college in a suburb of a large city for about 2 years. My dating life since I’d been there had pretty much been not existent. The problem was that I had no desire to violate my ethics so I couldn’t have a relationship with the ladies I had the most contact with. Also, with my teaching duties, research, and writing I just didn’t have time to meet anybody.

It was around the end of the spring semester, when the students are wearing shorts and tight t-shirts to class and around campus. This had been causing me some distractions in class, not to mention in my thoughts when I was trying to do research or writing. It had become enough of a distraction that I asked one of the other male professors for some advice. Unfortunately he didn't really give me any advice he just said “this is a bad time, I'll talk to you about it later.”

The next day my classes were done and I just needed to get away for a bit. I walked over to the park that was across the road from the campus, by the park there are several antique type stores. Previously I had noticed ladies closer to my age going to the shops and walking in the park, so I thought I might try to meet someone. I sat on a bench and did a little people watching. It was nice to see more mature ladies walking around. Then I saw her walking around the park as if she were looking for something or someone. She was wearing a white sun dress that went just below her knees, her blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had a very youthful appearance. I watched her at first from a distance and could see the silhouette of her body through the light fabric of her dress. I’ll admit I was slightly mesmerized by her and I really wanted to meet her. As I approached her I could tell that she was older than I first thought but still very attractive. My mind went blank and my throat felt dry and my hands were wet. What’s wrong with me, I thought to myself, I’m 40 years old I’m not some middle school student that’s never talked to a lady. Before I could even speak she started talking to me, she introduced herself as Sam and asked me my name. When I told her my name she smiled and said, “you’re the man I’ve been looking for.” Wow! This is my lucky day, I thought to myself. I invited her to have a drink so that we could talk and she said “sure whatever you would like.” Feeling a little brave I said “what I would really like is to go to a hotel.” “Great, “she replied “we can have a drink in the room.” This can’t be happening to me, I thought to myself but I’m not going to miss out on this.

When we got to the hotel I poured us each some wine in the plastic cups provided by the hotel and we sat and talked. I felt so nervous but she was really easy to talk to, and it was nice to talk to a real woman. She kissed me and her lips were so soft, gently her lips touched first my cheek and then my lips. I felt her tongue gently touch my lips and my lips parted just a little. Then I kissed her, first on the cheek, then I slowly moved around her face, and then her forehead, just gently touch my lips to her skin. Her eyes were closed so my lips touched her eyelids, she was so beautiful. I looked at her and then kissed her lips again, her lips parted and our tongues met. My arms were around her and we kissed like we were high school sweethearts making out at lovers leap. My left arm was around her shoulders and I could feel the weight of her head on my arm. My right arm went across her stomach and my hand held her side. This was so much better than any fantasy I had ever had. We stood up, but I didn’t want to stop kissing her. My hands were gently stroking her back as she stood in front of me, our bodies gently moving like we were slow dancing. Slowly I lowered my hands to her ass and with both hands I gave her firm ass a little squeeze, it felt so good to hold a woman. She said let’s get a little more comfortable and she started unbuttoning my shirt and then my pants. I slipped my shoes off and my clothes fell to the floor and I unbuttoned her dress and it fell to the floor. My hands were grasping at her bra, it had been so long since I had talking a bra off a lady, and finally I felt the clasps release.

Her breasts were nice; I could tell that she worked out on a regular basses. My hands gently caressed her shoulders and then moving my hand slowly down her chest I started massaging her breast. Her nipples were already erect, and my fingers gently squeezed her nipples. I moved her to the bed and my lips moved to her neck, then down her chest, and to her nipples. In my head I kept thinking, “take your time and don’t rush.” But while I was not a virgin, it had been some time since I’d been with a woman and I had never been with a woman this beautiful. So my excitement kept pushing me to go faster. My lips moved down her stomach, it was so smooth. When I kissed her belly button she moved her hips and made a little noise.

I continued moving down her body, thinking I would touch her pubic hair instead she was completely smooth. This was a little surprise, all the ladies I had been with previously had hair. I paused for a moment and just looked at her shaved cunt and breathe in the sweet smell of a woman. My lips touched her pussy and she let out a slight moan. I’ve always enjoyed oral sex; it’s the one time that you can use all 5 senses to please a lady. With your nose and tongue you can smell and taste her excitement, with your fingers you touch her and feel her become moist, with your eyes you see her clit swell from your touch, and with your ears you hear her breathing to let you know how you’re doing. So my tongue touched her clit and she let out another moan. My lips and tongue made love to her pussy, first gently then slowly adding pressure making circles and moving my tongue in and out up and down. Her breathing became heavy with a lot of ooh’s and aah’s. So I moved my fingers in to touch her, while my tongue licked her clit I inserted first one then two fingers into her. Her hips came off the bed and she said, “I’m cuming! I’m cuming.” Then her thighs, like a vise grip, clamped my head as her body started shaking.

I was so turned on I just wanted to fuck her right then. I got up on top of her and kissed and before I could put my cock in her she said, not yet. She got up and picked up a condom and slipped it on my cock. Then she got on top of me and slid my cock into her very tight pussy. It was so incredible watching her move her body up down my cock and the pleasure she was giving me, WOW!. I stopped her and kissed her and rolled her over and continued fucking her with me on top of her, I could tell that I was getting real close to cuming so I stopped and we changed positions. She laid on her stomach and put her hips up in the air and I came into her from behind. By this time I was so excited I just couldn’t hold back and I felt my whole body shake as I released my cum. My body felt numb as I lay down beside her and I even felt just a bit light headed. I held her in my arms and I fell asl**p..

When I woke up she was already gone. I was so mad at myself because I knew only her first name and I didn’t ask for her phone number.

The next day I went back to the college and was preparing for my first class when my friend came by my class. “So how are you doing?” he asked with a smile. “Fine,” I said not completely understanding. “I thought you might be doing well after you met Sam,” he said with a wink. “She always helps me get past the distractions,” he said with a chuckle as he walked out the door.

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