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But wven the video i ruined with music is way better than all your original content combined. Only a liberal would hold someone to a standard, they themselves could never meet. Obam 2016!
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thanks for the add. you have the best cuck clips on hamster
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nice vids thank you
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Thanks for the invite. Great blog - hope to read more I the future.
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Thanks for the invite! It turns us on to see our vids in your favorites!
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no thx
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thanx for comment on Insatiable. Have posted more clips & more to come. Love ur story, sounds perfect setup, best of luck
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That was fucking hot. I want to cum to that video so bad lol
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thats hot too nybbwwife!
8 months ago
Yes she says I love u to him on clips she also had 2 of his babbies
8 months ago
Hi everyone, u r welcome!
So here is what happened with my gf (now fiance) and her ex bf Brian.
We had been fooling around for a while, talking about swinging etc. One day I asked her who shes been with in the past that given the chance, she could have him for one more night. Without even stopping to think about it, she said Brian.
She and Brian had met in high school (they were both each others' first love and they lost their virginity to each other) and had dated for more than 7 years until he had to move away for law school but she had to stay to care for her elderly parents. They drifted apart and a few years later she and i met, fell in love and have been together for about 13 yrs. We have an amazing relationship and are so so compatible and happy.
I told her to masturbate and think about him amd talk to me about it. It was amazing how turned on she was thinking of him. She told me he had 11",thick, and could cum many times in one session. She was murmuring his name and saying she wished he was with her now. I suggested she call him for phone sex but she said she didnt know how to get a hold of him. Then she remembered she had his parents number somewhere and finally got his number. He was living back in town as well, which kinda made her more excited.
She called him, as she was lying naked on the bed, legs open, slowly touching herself. She put the phone on speaker so i could hear. When he answered she almost hung up but then said "hi Brian, it's Karen..." There was a pause then he said "wow, i had just been thinking about you a few days ago." She laughed and said "good thoughts, i hope." He said, "good,... But kinda bad too heh heh"
I dont think Karen knew it but the more they talked, the closer her hand was getting to her already wet pussy, which I could see was glistening.
She then boldly aked him if he remembered the first time together. He said he would never forget it. I heard a zipper and then he said "I remember how much you loved this cock im playing with."
Karen moaned his name and told him she missed his cock so much. She told him she was wet from thinking of him.
Then he said "what about David, what if he finds out we r doing this on the phone"
It was at this point i thought i should speak up and said "hey brian, Im here, and u should see Karen lying naked on the bed, her legs open and murmuring your name. I think its so hot"
He said "u sure u r ok with this?" I told him that its all good, no worries.
So he said to Karen "I jerk off all the time and think of u. I miss your pussy amd how well u took all of me into u. I miss holding you after I came in you for the 5th or 6th time. I miss u on general."
Karen was fingering herself while she listened to her old bf tell her he missed her. Then she whispered "i miss u too Brian. I am very happily married but there are times when i get pangs of nostalgia and I start thinking of how good we were together."
She looked over at me, probably to make sure she hadnt crossed the line, but whwn ahe saw that i was smiling and was stroking my cock, she got really bold and said "you were and still are the best fuck ive ever had, including my husband. Dont get me wrong, he is good... but he only has 6 inches, and it's quite thin. After i was with u, i was only with 2 other guys and they were all about the same a size as my hubby. I miss feeling full, that feeling of being stuffed to the point where I'm sure there is no more room inside me." She was really starting to heat up when he said "I would give anything to be with you again" She looked at me, winked and said "I'm right here, waiting"
There was silence from everyone as we all thought of what might happen. Then he said "I'll be there in 30 min after i shower"
They hung up and we looked each other knowing it was going to happen. We decided to have 1 rule: if anyone wanted to stop, then it would stop, no questions asked. We talked about boundaries and i told her to have fun, do and say whatever is on her mind, like she always did. We found condoms, although she despises them. She always says if she's going to be that intimate with someone, she wants to feel everything. It was a risky time in her fertility cycle so we agreed he should wear one

We heard him pull up so she put on her sluttiest panties and a see through bra. She kissed me, held me and said no matter what happens tonight, I love u.
She then went down to the door, opened it and standing there was a tall, good looking man wearing jeans and a tshirt. They just looked at each other for a few seconds, then hugged. They held each other without saying an words. I then heard her say O Brian, i have missed u so so much' He whispered back that he missed her too, more than she knew.
They started to kiss deeply as they held hands and pull each other closer.
They eventually seperated long enough for her to introduce me, then took his hand and lead him up to our bed, her beautiful ass swaying in her thong as she walked ahead of him. I heard him say 'ive missed this ass'
I told them i was going to grab drinks and that i would b right up. Im mot sure either one heard me.
When i reached our bedroom, rhe dooe was closed almost all the way so i stood outside for a bit and watched and listened. They were sitting on the edge of the bed, his shirt and jeans were already gone, but she was still in her underwear. They were holding hands, talking quietly, and kissing. I heard her tell him again she missed his cock. That when he said "well here it is babe". He stood up amd dropped his boxers, fully naked in from of his ex girlfriend. It was so hot to aee her reaction when his hard cock jumped out at her. She tried to wrap her hand around it but it was too thick. She laughed, 'nope, still cant wrap my hand around it'
I then watched as my fiancee slowly got on her knees and said "is this what u wanted baby?" He stroked her hair and said 'o Karen ive dreamed of u'
I stood, mesmerized watching my fiancee trying to deep throat her ex boyfriend. I decided to stay put for a while and enjoy the show. He had his hands on the back of her head as he slowly pumped that giant cock back and forth into her mouth. She looked up at him and whispered "cum, my baby" He smiled down at her and said "u always did love swallowing my cum"
This shocked me because she had never done that to me, but it turned me on so much i didn't care.
I could tell he was close by the tempo and grunts and just as he was about to cum, she noticed me in the doorway, winked at me and grabbed his balls as he emptied them into her mouth. Now, ice seen bjs in porn, had a few myself, but nothing was hotter than watching her look up into his eyes as she swallowed all of it.
I went in at that point and said "u 2 should b in porn together; that was so hot"
We all laughed and had a drink and started talking. They were lying on the bed together, holding hands and i sat next to the bed.
We talked about the situation and he wanted to be sure that Karen and I would b ok after because he wasn't out to hurt anyone. We assured him that whatever happened that night would not affect Karen or me negatively.
They got to talking about their past, talked about that first time. He told us that he had been married for 4 years, but his wife sadly got sick and passed away. He said that for the last 3 years simce she passed, he had been with only 2 women because sex felt hollow amd empty now.
Karen asked him how she could help, and what he asked next was so unexpected yet so intriguing and hot that I wanted Karen to help him
He told her that for one night, he would like to feel close to someone again. He asked bluntly if for tonight, if Karen would be his girlfriend again.
I wasnt sure what he meant at first, but be explained he was lonely and desperate for the closeness he and Karen had once shared. He didn't want just sex, he wanted to make love with her again. My ears were ringing for some reason, and my heart was racing. I wasnt sure if it was because i was so turned on or was i feeling a pang of jealousy?
I asked to talk to Karen in the other room and when i got her there she was flushed agaim, which i knew meant she was turned on. I knew then that she was all for it and i knew deep down I was too.
She brushed her teeth, then sat me down on a chair and said" did u mean it when u said i could do anything tonight? " I smiled and said yes of course; is this something u want to do?" She looked down kind of sheepishly and whispered "yes". She said she didn't want to hurt me im case some things were said in the heat of passion. I said' hey, if u r his gf for tonight, and u r pretending to be his girlfriend, you will be saying things, but they wont hurt me. I told her i knew she loves me always and to go have fun. A big kiss for me, a 'thank u, i love u' whispered in my ear and she was walking back to our bed to make love with her ex boyfriend like they used to. I was so turned on.
I followed her in and watched as she stood in front of him, reaching her arms around his neck and started making out with him. I could see them starting to pull each other closer and soon his hard cock was grinding on her pussy, which was still in her panties.
He lifted her and carried her to the bed and layed down beside her. Slowly, he took her bra and panties off and started kissimg his way down her body until he reached her soaking pussy. When he stuck his tongue inside her, she started moving, writhing, hands in his hair, and starting to breathe hard. 'o Brian, u r so good. Ive always loved ur tongue in me." He replied "no one tastes as good as u. I could lick u all day' she said" o i would love that baby " yup, things were getting hotter and i wondered how far it would go. I was so hard listening to them.
He made her cum with his tonguea cpl of times then he moved up next to her caressing her body while ahe reached for his 11" cock. They were lting side by side, he fingering her, she stroking him while they kissed. He told her that he loved kissing her and she was the best kiss ever. He then told her that he would love to be able to kiss her whenever he wanted. She told him that he could kiss her anytime at all, that she was his to kiss. She was moaning loudly by then and i knew she needed to have a cock in her soon.
She stopped making out with him, looked into his eyes amd said "make love to me Brian"
My heart stopped for a sec, again not sure if from being turned on or something else. My achingly hard cock let me know i was turned on beyond words. Here was my fiance about to make love to her ex boyfriend again, and she was so into it. He put on a condom, and positioned himself above her, as she opened her legs for him, and started rubbing the huge head of his cock against her wet pussy lips. She murmured "o Brian I've missed this feeling of anticipation of u about to enter me.
She was still rubbing his cock on her clit as he sucked on her nipples, making them stick straight up.
" r u ready Brian? Do you want me? I'm all yours baby, only yours. Make love to me now baby"
Brian slowly and gently pushed the head of his cock into her wet pussy. She let out a small whimper as his head popped in. She looked into his eyes and said "go slow, love, u r so big"
He gently started to push a little further in, and i could see he lips struggling to open enough to get him all the way in. He was halfway in, then she relaxed some and then he was all the way in. She moaned "oh my god baby i have really missed u" he whispered in her ear "i miss loving u", 'i miss loving u too Brian" she gasped as he kissed her neck
I stood transfixed watchimg my fiancee giving all of herself to her ex. They moved rhythmically, pacing each other, her hands grabbimg his ass and pulling him as deep as he could go. She kept moaning "i love it, o god i love it so much" "u r the best fuck ever Brian and i cant get enough of u. I never ever want tonight to end. I wont b able to go without u. I love u more than i can ever say. I've never stopped loving u and i cant believe im so lucky to be making love with u. Tell me ull never leave me again. Promise me it's going to be u and me again." Brian whispered "i promise never to leave u again and we'll always be together, i promise"
I was jerking off, listening to their love making when she said something that made me cum, and not for the first time.
As he was kissing her, deeply penetrating her, she started telling him she vividly remembers how it felt when he used to cum inside her. She detailed how it felt so hot inside her, and how she always loved the feeling of his cock throbbing as it pushed more and more cum in her. She told him she loved it when he would lie on top of her afterwords and just stay there, not moving while his whole load was deep inside her. He said "i remember Karen, i remember how u would love to keep it in u all day. U used to call me and say u loved still having me in u."
Karen was really into it now, professing her love for him, saying things like "its your pussy again brian, only u can have it. Im all yours and im going to need u to come over and make love with me every day now. Im your property now, only yours. My body, by pussy, mouth, my ass, you have it all; u have my soul amd my heart now too. I LOVE you with all that i am. Take me, take me! Make me yours. I was always yours, ive always been yours. My husband cant touch me anymore, just u. O fuck u r the best ever, the best cock, u have the nicest ass and u truly and honestly own me now. Its your pussy my love."
Wow, standing there listening to that made me cum again. I loved how she gave herself to her ex again.
She had cum many times by then and he had already cum once into her open mouth so I was waiting for him to finish and fill the condom, which by then i was sure she would drink for him. They were still talking about how they missed each other and how much in love they were when i heard her whisper to him "take it off, i want to feel you against me"
I was so turned on by then that i actually took the condom off his cock then guide it bareback back into her. Not sure what got into me, as ive never touched another guy, let alone take off his magnum sized condom then guide it into the woman we both were in love with.
As he slid all the way inside her again, they started kissing and grabbing each other. "i love u Karen and i always will" She said back to him "i am still in love with u brian. I want to feel ur cum again inside me; i want to feel u throbbing as u shoot ur hot cum as deep in me. I want to have ur baby my love. I want to carry around a piece of you inside of me. When i look at the baby, it will always remind me of our love, of u, my only man. Im all yours, including my fertile uterus. Im ovulating Brian and i want your baby to be conceived tonight inside of me. I want to make a baby right now wirh u my love. I will only love u from now on, not my hubby, just u. And our baby. Please Brian, give me a baby now.

I was still standing there, not sure what was real anymorr and what wasn't. What WAS real was the fact that Karen was ovulating at that exact moment, and she was making love to, not fucking her ex boyfriend who had no condom on because she wanted his cum inside. I watched and listened to Karen guve herself completely to Brian, including her uterus.
They were making love slowly when i heard him say he was close. She pulled him in all the way as he shot his load deep inside her as they kept telling each other they loved one another. She locked her ankles around his hips to prevent him from pulling out, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulledhim down on top of her. She just kept moaning." oh brian, my brian, my love, the father of my baby i hope, u truly own me now.
She looked over at me, and said im serious, it's his pussy now. U can play with my ass, if he lets u, but my pussy and love is his ok?
I nodded as i blew another load
He stayed on top of her and in her for about 10 minutes while they kissed and whispered their love for one another. It was one of the hottest things ive ever seen. When he eventually pulled out, i went in for a close up of her pussy an saw some cum dripping out. He actually came in her which is incredibly hot.
She just stayed on the bed naked, used, and owned. He got up got dressed, went in for on last long lingering kiss and i heard them both say "i love u". She said "Brian, im urs now, come back whenever u want me and i will always be ready. I want u in me again, already lol.." he said he had to leave but he promised her he would be back for some more.
He has been back a few more times since and she spent the night at his house two nights ago. They r in love again, and she loves me even more now. She says she gets the stability, laughs, money (lol) from me. She gets the best sex and the best love making from him. Best of both worlds she says lol.
We r stronger than ever and even tho she didnt get pregnant that first time, she asked me if they could try again. I am ok with it too. I have a low sperm count sobshe and i were thinking of adopting, but she is going to keep trying to have his baby.
She and were lying in bed the other night and i asked her about thar nigjt and whar was real and what wasnt. She said when they first started kissing, she had planned on just giving a good night of sex but the moment he first put his head inside her, all of the feelings and lust came back andbshe believes that was the exact moment she fell i love with him again. She asked if it was normal, and i said everyone's normal is their own. Then she asked if it was possible to be in love with more than one person. I remember eplied: 'do u love me? '. She said o yes, more than ever. Then i said 'do u love brian?'. She said oh my god yes, so much' I told her she had her answer.

This is a true story. I have the video for that night, but the parties involved dont want it released. I have transcribed it as well as i can. Please excuse any typing errors.
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