At Jake's Cabin

Jake and I had been secretly seeing each other for about a year. We took every chance we could get to go and fuck. Jake’s famly had a cabin on a private pond in northern Minnesota. He had asked me to go up there with him for spring break. He told the fam that it was a guy’s weekend to fish and drink. It would be just us two up there the whole week. We did do some drinking but we fucked instead of fished.
We stopped at a small town just south of the cabin, probably about ten minutes away. He went into the convenience store to get beer and food. As he was in there I got into my bag and pulled out my lip stick and put my hair back into a pony tail. I put the hot pink lip stick on and waited for him to return. He came back and looked at me with my hair up and lip stick on. “What’s this?” he said. “Start driving and I’ll show you” as he pulled away I reached over to his pants and started to rub his crotch. I got on my knees in the passenger seat and unzipped his pants. “I need your cock” I said. I pulled it out and started to suck him off as he was driving. My ass sticking in the air as my head was bobbing up and down in his lap. His cock got so hard as I sucked him. I kept going until we got to the cabin. He parked the car and said told me to get out. He grabbed me by the hand with his cock hanging out. He turned me around and bent me over a picnic table that was outside. “You ready for this baby?” “Yeah give it to me” I replied. H then stuck his cock in my ass and began to fuck me hard. It didn’t take long before he came. When he did he shot his load all over my ass.
We had been up there at the cabin for about five days. We had fucked in every room of the tiny cabin. We fucked in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room. We had done it on the edge of the pond too. We were running low on food so Jake said that he would go back to the convenience store to get some stuff to get us through the next few days. I decided to clean up the place. I was wearing a tank top and yoga pants. I had my hair into a ponytail and had cute make-up on. As I was vacuuming Jake came back. I didn’t hear him because of the vacuum. I heard the door open so I turned the vacuum off. I turned around and there was this guy standing in the door way. I was frozen. Scared stiff. Then Jake walked in behind him. “Hey this is Cory. He’s a friend of mine from town.” I was frightened because this is the first time anyone besides Jake saw me dressed. Cory said hi and I said hi back. “You know about a month ago when I asked you if you would be cool with two guys?” I was taken aback. I was speechless. “Well I was telling Cory about this week and he is down with it if you want to.” I looked at Cory and he nodded his head. I instantly became hard. “Yeah im down with it.” We sat around the table for a little bit to talk. We were having some beers and relaxing. I was nervous and Cory could see that. He put his hand on my leg and began to rub my thigh to calm me down. Cory was tall. About 6’5 and skinny as a rail. “Let’s take this back to the bed room” Jake said. He lead me back to the room with Cory behind us. As we walked back to the room Cory began to feel my ass. Jake pushed me down to my knees and told me to take my shirt off. I did as he said. Then he told me to take Cory’s pants off. As I did Cory’s cock flopped out. He was good size. Not as big as Jake but still about 7 inches. Jake grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into Cory's cock. I opened and began to suck it. He tasted so good in my mouth. While I was blowing Cory, Jake pulled his pants off and got his cock hard watching us. He then stuck his cock in my face and I switched over to him. I blew each of them making them rock hard. Jake then stood me up and told me to bend over and put my forearms on the bed. I did as he said. Both of them started touching my ass. Then Cory pulled down my yoga pants to reveal my thong panties. Jake asked Cory “Front or back first?” Cory replied front. Cory lay on the bead in front of me and I began to suck him again. As I did Jake slid his hard cock in my ass. I was riding the spit and I loved it. A cock in my ass and one in my mouth. Soon Jake pulled out and said lets switch. They switched positions and Cory started to fuck me as I sucked Jake. After Cory kept fucking me Jake said ride me baby. I got on top of him and guided his cock in me. Cory stood up on the bed and I started to suck him off again. After that they both took turns fucking my ass as the other one jacked off. Jake said that he needed to cum. He fucked my ass so hard. Then he pulled out and turned me over. He got on his knees by my head and blew it all over my face. As he was doing that I felt Cory’s cock enter me missionary. He fucked me as Jake sprayed his load. Then as I was sucking every last drop from Jake, Cory started going harder. He blew his load deep in my ass. He kept fucking until he had every last drop out. After cleaning up we all laid in bed together and fell asl**p. The next morning we went outside and fucked again. It was an amazing spring break.
Jake and I don’t see each other anymore. But I have a lot of experiences I want to share. Keep reading ya’ll. With love xoxo. Taylor.

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5 months ago
I love your stories.
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2 years ago
Hot hot hot
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Wow! Sounds like you were a very lucky gurl.
2 years ago
Great stuff, thx
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