trick or treat

It was 7.30pm and i had just put my car in the drive ,opend door and a voice said "trick or treat mister " i looked round and a little lad was stood at my gate with his mother and i guess his big s****r ,who looked in her late teens early 20's ,i looked in my pocket and found a pound ,i offerd the young lad it and him and his s****r walked down for it ,looking at the young lass i saw a fit young lady nice chest too, so i said to her with a little cheek and in a slight wisper "i will give you a fiver if i can feel your boobs " she looked at me and walked to my gate then turned round and came back an said " i will be back in 15 mins ".
I went in put kettle on and went and got changed ,had only got back in kitchen when there was a knock on my door ,opening the door there before me was the young lass,i asked her to come in and asked if she would like a worm drink ,half way through our drink she said " you can have your treat any time you like but i wont one back " so i pulled a fiver out and offerd her it but she shook her head and said " it's ok i dont wont any money just a treat back"
With that i put my hand on one of her boobs and sqeezed ,she closed her eye's and moaned softly with this i squeezed the other in seconds i had her shirt and bra off and saw some great boobs in front of me ,straight away i bent down and kissed them ,then i felt her hands on my groin .
I said" do you wont to go some were a little better " with that she stood up took the rest of her clothes off and ran up stairs ,i followed half undressed got to my room and there she was in bed with a smile on her face .
Soon she had my cock in her mouth and was giving one hell of a blow job , soon i was coming in gallons in her mouth and not a drop was wasted ,straight down it all went.
We ended up having 4hrs in bed doing ,anal ,oral and straight sex ,on her way out she said with a smile " you have not seen the last of me " and she was not wrong she has been back to stay most friday's and some times saturday too.
She also told me one of her mates would like to meet me but she said that she would not share my cock with her it belongs to her and thats all, up to press her mate has not been round but my young lover spends every friday night with me fucking and sucking and some times saturday ,she also visits twice in the week but dose not stay .
85% (19/3)
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1 year ago
good need to fill in the details
3 years ago
Lucky you. Hot story.
3 years ago
Some guys get all the luck.. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Lucky bugger!