You call me Master!

A dish need a kind of spice.
What is the equivalent to spice in sex?
Embarrassing is the one. I like to make a girl blush. I beliebe it bring some special effect to her, that is unexpected one,,,,,.

I think you could be wet by having my look at the spot between legs.
My face getting close to your cunt, I'll smell it like a dog.
And I confirm it's a female one, that is enough to stimulate my brain into turning on some switch.
I became a male itself, which tease you without mercy, with tongue, finger, mouth, teeth.
I wanna have a look your moaning, listen your beautiful voice, feel a heat from your embarrassment, taste your glitter pussy, with sucking, licking, stiring,,,.
After inserting my finger into your wet gap, I bring it into your mouth.
I would say "Taste it your dirty juice, yummy,,,?" I grin,,,. *g*
You would say "I want your dick,,,please,,,fuck me,,,,wooooh!"
"Of cause, if only you swear you call me Master!"

I'll still tease you by playing with your ass.
You have to take a doggy position so that I can see your ass hole well.
I spit at your ass to make it smooth for inserting my finger with rubber.
You might hesitate to welcome it. But You cannot help giving away as I keep going suck your pussy with dirty sound. It doesn't take a few minute for you to get into incredible hot feeling.
Now you are haunted by fascinated wonderful feeling that appeared from your both holes.
You don't know how you are moaning, dribbling love juice at all.
AS soon as I notice you are about to get cumming, I always slap your butt, that cease your surge.
I could find out your natural disposition that you can turn whatever stimulation into pleasant feeling.
You are born to be wild, my sex slave,,,.

At last, I put my dick into your pussy in back position. Stiring, pumping hardly, I confirm your soft spot, sometime I tease and slap your clit. After a while, I pull out myself and make a position 69.
As I stay on you, rubbing your G-spot with my two fingers, suck your clit again. I'm sure to feel your a little squirt in my mouth. It taste like salty, but it's worth to swallow. When I'm enjoying that, your butt is twiching like some kind of creature. I turned to your face, your mouth is opnening, lip is so sexy, expression is full of satisfaction. You still grip my dick. Such a scene is impressing enough to make me cumming.
I'll load on your face and mouth. You are willing to taste it with your tongue.
We hold each other tightly as having deep kiss, legs are crossing and rubbing the opponent's butt, thigh. We two would have a same feeling that we want to be one.

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4 years ago
good but needs more details