The accident

I felt so sorry for him. James had had a terrible fall skateboarding and really did himself in. He broke both wrists and really skinned himself good on the arms and legs. We had been neighbors for a few years now and had gotten to know one another pretty well over that time. Both of us were single, though I was divorced and almost old enough to be his mother. He lived in the apartment across from me and was always on the go. We both worked different hours and he traveled a lot making it hard to get to know him better. I have always been attracted to him, even though he was younger.
He has always led a very active life, and his body showed it. James has a lot of tattoos a few piercings and is in great shape. I saw him a lot with his shirt off either sunbathing or skating and the sight always made my panties tingle. He was in his early twenties so I figured I had little chance for me to get in his pants since there were so many girls his own age around for him to choose from.
I have always had a thing for the "bad boys" and tended to date younger guys as well. I suppose I wasn't all that impressed with guys my age who thought eating at a five star restaurant or going on a cruise was extreme. As for me I liked to live on the wilder side. I never hid the fact that I was a huge X sports fan. I tried to attend as many events as I could and watched James more than a few times at the skate park. I guess it was good luck that I was there the day he went down. Since he traveled a lot he didn't have a lot of close friends or f****y, so I guess he had no problem with me taking him to the emergency room.

I have always been very self conscious of my looks. I married an abusive asshole and divorced young. That relationship was very hard on me and pretty much made it imposable for me to have a long term relationship with anyone since. Anytime someone would get close I would push them away. I try to take care of myself the best I can and tend to attract the younger guys. I run every day, practically live in the gym and tan on a regular basis. As a result I have a pretty tight, tanned little body, if I do say so myself. I'm not very tall, about five and a half feet tall and my breasts are a good C cup. So I may not have porn tits but they get the job done! I didn't really ever want larger breasts since I led a pretty active lifestyle. Having never had c***dren I have never had to deal with those types of body issues. I have always kept my hair long and love to dye it and put it in pony tails depending on my mood. I currently sport a deep red in part because James mentioned once that it made me look younger and a little dangerous sometimes. I think it looks good against my deep green eyes.

After he was cleared to leave the hospital it was made clear that he needed rest above all else, which meant keeping him in bed and making him as comfortable as possible. I spoke to the doctor at length about what he was going to need in the near future. I explained that we were just neighbors and that I didn’t think I would be able to be there all the time. He made it very clear that James was going to need a lot of attention for a while and since he had no f****y to take care of him I was just going to have to deal with it.
I stopped on the way back to pick up his pain meds and brought him back to his apartment. Once we arrived I braced him up and practically carried him to his room and got him into bed. After getting him in a nice comfortable position I gave him his meds and left to give him some time alone to make something for us to eat. It had been a long day and he wasn't supposed to take his meds on an empty stomach. As we ate I wondered to myself when we were going to have to deal with the more awkward and probably embarrassing moments that I had discussed with the doctor before leaving the hospital. With his hands in casts James was going to have problems with about everything; Dressing, eating, brushing his teeth, showering, and worse yet, going to the bathroom.

I brought dinner to his room and set down next to him. It was nothing fancy, soup and a sandwich and a big glass of water for his pills. He said it was one of his favorite quick meals and I really didn't mind making it for him. When I finished feeding him I cleared his tray and took everything to the kitchen. I guess the pills he took were making him extra thirsty because he asked for a refill on his glass twice while I finished up in the kitchen. That task being done, I made sure he was comfortable again and went to my apartment to catch a quick shower. Before I left we agreed to leave our two doors open a little so that I could hear him if he needed anything. Stripping I wondered how I was going to get through all of this alone without jumping his bones. I didn't want to take advantage of him in his state, but he was so cute laying in his room helpless it was hard not to let my mind wander.

I stepped in the shower and savored the feel of the hot water on my skin. I was just starting to feel the knots of stress work themselves out when I heard James call my name. Instantly the image of him lying helpless on the floor sprang to mind. He always was the independent one and I figured he would try to do things on his own rather than have to ask me to do it for him. I jumped out of the shower, grabbing my silk robe off the hook on the back of the door and ran across the hall into his apartment while still securing the sash around my waist. I must have looked like a crazy person to him as I ran into his room soaking wet only to find him lying where I left him, perfectly fine. "Shit Evelyn," I thought to myself. "Way to make the guy think you're totally nuts!" James just looked at me with a look of surprise on his face. Then I noticed he wasn't looking at my face. Only then did I realize that the robe was only half way covering my front. James was laying there with an eagle's eye view of my perfectly shaved pussy.

"Shit, I'm sorry!" I stammered, pulling the robe around me, finally covering up. "I thought you were in trouble and needed me." James just looked up and nodded.

"Well, um..." He started. "I kind of need to use the bathroom."

"Oh, I see." I thought for a second and continued. "Well, not to be too blunt but is it number one or number two?"

"One." He said quietly, clearly embarrassed about having to share this type of info with his neighbor.

"Ok then. Let's get you up and to the bathroom then." I walked over to the bed and pulled back he sheets. James sat up and swung his legs over to the side of the bed. I helped him up and walked beside him keeping my hand on his back and another under his elbow for support in case he felt dizzy. He was fine and walked slowly to the bathroom just across from his room.

"You ok hun?" I asked.

"Yes fine." He replied.

"Ok then. I'm going to leave you here for only a second. I just thought of something."

I let go of him and watched for a moment to be sure he was steady.

"I'm fine!" He said giving me a sideways look. He was defiantly not enjoying this.

I went back into his room and found a pair of shorts. He was still wearing pants and I knew I would be a little more comfortable in the track shorts I was now bringing back to the bathroom.

"Here, I think you will be more comfortable in these. Don't you?"

"Sure." he replied.

James always was a man of few words. I walked over and stood in front of him and unbuttoned his pants. Then I slid them down to his ankles.

"Ok, lift up for me." I said.

He did, lifting one foot then the other out of his pants. At that point I looked up and noticed he had a very noticeable thick bulge in his underwear. From my point of view it looked huge, pushing out almost to the point where he was sticking out of the front flap. Doing my best to ignore his reasonably well proportioned equipment, I positioned his shorts and had him lift one foot, then the other into them. Then I slid them up raising myself as I brought them to his waist.

"There, all set.

"Um," He began, "I uh, still need to take a leak."

"Oh!" was all I could say at the moment.

I had almost forgotten the reason for coming to the bathroom. It seemed I was mentally stuck at seeing his dick straining against his drawers. I tried not to but it was hard not to wonder what it looked like. Was it as thick as it looked behind fabric? Was he circumcised? Were his balls big too? I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind.

"Ok, I'll get you set up and then you can do your thing."

I moved behind him and hooked my thumbs inside the waistband above his hips and pulled his shorts down. It seemed his shorts caught for a moment, and then came loose. I heard a soft "smack," the sound of skin on skin. I realized his still hard cock had caught and then when it came free, bounced up and slapped his stomach. I tried to ignore this and made as if everything was normal.

"Ok then," I could feel heat rising in my cheeks. "I'll step out and you let me know when you are ready to come out."

I quickly walked out and closed the door behind me. I stood outside and my mind drifted back to how his cock might look. Before I knew it my nipples were hard and poking out against the thin fabric of my robe. I was struggling with the thoughts that raced through my head. James was a very handsome and apparently well endowed guy. I closed my eyes for a second and imagined his cock between my lips. Then the image flashed of him with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock nestled in my wet pussy. I suddenly became aware that I had my breast out of my robe, and was pinching my nipple. I shook my head, trying to clear it and moved to his room to distract myself from these thoughts. I took his pants and some other clothes that were around the room and threw them in the laundry to be washed later. I went and straightened out his bed a bit, getting it ready for when he came back.

Figuring it had been long enough I went back to the bathroom and knocked lightly on the door.

"You about finished in there?"

There was a moment of silence and then he replied.

"Um, not exactly. I'm having a little trouble."

"Oh," I said. "Can I help?"

Again he paused and then replied, "I, um. I don't think so."

I opened the door slightly to hear him a little better.

"What's wrong then?" As I opened the door more I was rewarded with the sight of his tight behind as he faced away from me. Damn he had a nice ass!

"I'm, well, I'm hard! I can't piss like this!"

He turned around and I could see what he meant. He was still hard. Not only that but he seemed to be harder than when I left him, he had to be over 8 inches long and was quite thick. I couldn't help but stare at his hard cock; I could see the veins in it and could actually see it bobbing slightly with his pulse. It looks velvety smooth and good enough to eat! I could feel my cheeks flush and nipples harden under my robe again. I tried to push the thoughts that were swimming around in my head but all I could think about was how good his dick looked.

I f***ed myself to look up at him. He was watching me; I think he was trying to figure out what I was thinking.

"I really have to go, but I'm too hard. I don't know what to do. Nothing works, I'm trying to think of anything to make it go away but nothing is working!"

I don't know what came over me. I walked to him and placed my finger over his lips.

"Shhh, I'll fix it for you."

With that I sunk to my knees in front of his erection. Now face to face with it all I could think of was how it would taste. I reached out and took his cock in my hand and quickly slipped it into my warm mouth. James had no time to react. Before he knew what to do I had him in my mouth and was working him deeper down my throat. I quickly pulled my head back and his cock popped wetly out of my mouth. James groaned as I did this. I could feel his cock pulsing in my fist. Placing my lips on the tip, I sucked hard, drawing him into my wanton mouth all the way down my throat. I take pride in my ability to deep throat. Lust was in charge now; there was no thought of right and wrong. I didn't care how much younger he was; all I wanted was to feel him cum. I took my free hand and pulled my silk robe open exposing my naked body to him. The robe dropped down my shoulders, and revealed my firm breasts, topped with my hard nipples. I spread my legs farther apart to show him my smooth pussy mound. I could feel the cool air of the room against the extreme wetness between my legs. I ran my hand down the front of me, over my mons and to my sticky pussy lips, and then rubbed my middle finger along the opening; passing over my clit at I did. Goddamn I was on fire! I needed to feel his cum in my mouth!

I sucked his cock faster, moving my tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft. He was thrusting his hips forward and grunting as I pulled him in, feeling the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat. I picked up the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum on my tongue as he pushed his thick cock in and out of my mouth.

"OH God, I 'm going to cum if you don't stop!" He moaned.

Stopping was not part of my plan. I pulled his cock back a little so that the head was between my lips as I stroked his wet shaft glistening with my free hand. The mix of my saliva and his pre-cum lubricated his thrusting shaft in my mouth. James moaned louder. I could feel the head of his cock expanding in my mouth and smiled to myself and he groaned and pumped the first of his load into my waiting mouth. His first spurt hit the back of my throat. It almost made me gag it was so thick and large! He spurted again and again in my mouth. I tried to swallow him but there was so much, his cum was dribbling from the sides of my mouth. God his cum tasted good! I wanted to drink it all but there was just too much. I could feel it running down the sides of my mouth and then slowly drip wet drops on my heaving breasts leaving white strands from my chin to my chest.

I slowed my hand on his cock as he started to soften in my mouth. I leaned back and looked up at him. He looked back down on me with a smile. I must have been quite a site, kneeling between his legs with one finger in my pussy and a stream of cum running from the corners of my mouth to my tits. I continued to finger myself as I watched his erection subside. I found my clit and rubbed it a little harder. I was so horny now I really needed to cum. I felt so dirty. I had just sucked my young neighbors cock and made him cum in my mouth. Just the mere thought of this act made me feel like I was going to cum.
James watched me for a moment as I rubbed my hard clit. He seemed so relaxed now. He tilted his head back a sighed. Then without warning, a thick steady stream of pee came from his cock and splashed right between my breasts! James jerked his head up with a look of panic. I don't think he meant too, but with the pressure of his orgasm gone, his bladder took over and needed to be emptied right then and there.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t stop it!” He practically shouted.

I don’t know why but the steady stream that issued from his cock only made me hotter! I thrust my fingers into my sopping pussy as a river pee ran down between my breasts, down my belly and between my legs to the tile floor. With my free hand I lightly grasped his flowing cock and aimed his stream at one breast and then the other. His warm pee splashed over my body as I masturbated under him. Before I knew it my orgasm was upon me. I arched my back and moaned long and loud as I came. His piss washed what was left of his cum down my belly and down to my moving hand. I literally gushed cum as I fingered myself, allowing my cum to mingle with the mixture of his semen and pee. Slowly his stream subsided and stopped altogether. He just looked down at me with his mouth open. I stayed like that for a while grasping his semi-hard cock; rubbing my pussy and savoring the wet dirty situation I was in. There I knelt; covered in James' cum and piss and I couldn't have been happier! Finally I looked up at him.

"Better?" was all I said.

All James could manage was a slow nod.

"Good. Now let's get you cleaned up so I can jump in the shower."

Slowly I stood up and took him by the hand to the bathtub. I took a cloth and soaped it up. Then I wiped him down a bit being careful not to get his bandaged hands wet. Cleaning his cock I was rewarded with him growing in my hands.

"Hmmm, not making you hard again am I?" James didn't respond but I already knew the answer. Once I finished cleaning him I told him to go to his room and wait for me. This he did without hesitation.

I quickly got some extra towels and cleaned up the floor then turned on the shower and rinsing away his mingling fluids. I quickly dried off and briskly walked to his room. James was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. Somehow he had managed to get the rest of his clothes off.

"Not as helpless as I was led to believe." I said to myself out loud.

James just smiled as I strode toward him.

"Lay down." I instructed.

He did as I said and moved over to the center of the bed. I moved to the side and crawled onto the mattress. His cock was already hard as I moved close to him. I quickly tuned myself so my head was pointed toward his feet and swung my leg over his chest, straddling him with my wet pussy now right in front of his face. I was now eye to eye with his thick erection. I took it by the base and guided the tip to my watering mouth. I heard him moan as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. As I slide it in I spread my legs a little further apart so that my pussy was in front of his mouth. James didn't hesitate to stick his tongue out and run it up the length of my soaking wet slit.

It had been so long since a man ate me out right! I pulled back and stopped sucking him to enjoy the feeling of his warm tongue as it probed my pussy. He was very good at eating pussy and wondered how much practice he had. He played with my wet lips for a moment and then stiffening his tongue, he pushed it in between them and deeper into my sex. I slipped his cock back in my mouth and ground my hips against him, pushing my wet pussy to his mouth. Moaning around his cock, I felt the first wave of my orgasm wash over me with a sudden burst. I could feel the added wetness of my juices as James' chin rubbed up and down against my clit.

I stopped sucking him and moved off to the side of the bed. I looked at him for a moment, he was so beautiful, very strong face with his lips and chin glistening with my pussy juices. I moved back over him, straddled his legs and slid up till my pussy was just below his pulsing cock. I could feel its heat on my pussy lips.

"Ok babe, I need you to do something for me. I need to feel this cock inside me."

James just nodded, flushed with lust. I slide up a little rubbing my slick pussy along the underside of his shaft. James arched toward me and closed his eyes.

"No baby, I want you to watch as I put you in me."

James looked back to me and nodded. I lifted myself up and positioned my drooling pussy over his thick cock. I touched the tip to my opening and shuddered.

"Now, look at my pussy." I instructed.

James looked down. Very slowly I lowered myself, pushing the tip of him past my outer lips. One slow inch by slow inch I eased his monster cock into my tight pussy.

"Oh yeah honey," I cooed." Momma likes how you feel inside her!"

James seemed to get a kick out of my word play, as he smiled and pushed up with his hips, allowing him to penetrate me even more.

"Umm, yeah sweetie, fuck momma's pussy!" I allowed myself to ease the rest of the way down onto his fat cock, fully impaling myself. God he felt good buried deep in me. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his width through my tight walls.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on his chest. Then I started to move slowly; in a steady rocking motion. At first I would glide up until his cock almost popped out of me, and would then slide back down till he was balls deep. I fucked him long and slow like this for a while, savoring the full feeling inside. Slowly I began to quicken my pace. I wanted to feel him thrusting harder into me but knew it would be hard to do without the use of his hands. I was going to have to wait for him to be able to give me a good hard fucking. James was starting to moan every time I pulled up to the top of his prick. It felt like I was getting wetter and wetter the more I fucked him.

"Goddamn that feels good!" He groaned.

This only encouraged me to move faster on his pulsing member. James' breathing was getting faster and he was thrusting up harder now. I could feel his orgasm building. This brought me even closer to my own pending cum.

"Babe, I think you're going to make me cum!" He warned.

I just loved to hear him call me babe. It made me feel young and naughty at the same time. I continued to ride him, felling his cock head almost pop out of me, and then thrust all the way to the bottom of my pussy.

"EVE! I'm going to cum!" James almost shouted.

"Look at me!" I shouted. James locked eyes with me just as I felt the first thick stream of cum erupt for the head of his cock, bathing the walls of my cunt with his beautiful cum. His eyes were wide open, as was his mouth as he shot wad after wad of his cum into me. I came with a shout suddenly from the feel of his cum spurting inside me. I shouted and grunted like a wild woman, riding his cock like there would be no tomorrow. I could feel his cum seeping around his still thrusting shaft, and out around my soaking pussy. The room was full of the wet sounds of our bodies grinding together.

Gradually I slowed my pace until I finally stopped moving all together. I watched his face as I lifted off of him and let his semi- hard cock slip from me with a wet plop. I held myself over him on all fours for a moment and looked down between my own breasts at his glistening cock. As I watched, a thick strand of his cum oozed from my pussy and dripped down to his groin. Then a few more drops fell onto his cock. I moved down quickly and licked around his cock, taking in the combined scent of our sex as well as his cum. I took a large drop of his cum on my tongue and swallowed it, savoring his salty taste. Finally I moved up and lay next to him and held him. Our faces were almost touching. Slowly we moved closer and I kissed him for the first time. Our tongues danced together as he took my cum covered tongue into his. Exhausted we fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

A few hours must have passed. I awoke feeling James nudging me.

" I hate to wake you but I really need to go again."

"Ok baby. No worries."

I got up and helped him to stand up. I thought about getting him a robe or something but then figured that was a pretty silly after what we had just done. It felt so naughty and sinful to know I had just had mind blowing sex with a guy half my age. In fact just thinking about it as I e****ted him to the bathroom made me hot all over again. As we stepped into the bathroom I stopped James and faced him toward me.

"Baby, do you think you can do what you did to me before?"

James looked at me for a moment without saying anything.

"You mean when I peed by accident?" He asked.

"Mmmm. Yes, it made me so hot and cum so hard. Could you please do it for me again?"

James smiled. "Sure, whatever you want!"

I got down on the floor and knelt in front of him again. I pointed my face toward him and placed one hand on my pussy and began to rub my clit. It wasn't long at all before it was slick and wet. James faced me and closed his eyes for a moment.

"Ok baby, here it comes."

With that a steady stream of piss shot from his cock down onto my chest. I took his cock gently with my other hand and aimed the stream up to my neck. I could feel his hot pee splashing over my breasts and running down my stomach. Pee was flowing between my legs and over the hand that was rubbing my clit faster and faster. I could feel the added wetness of his piss on my fingers as they pressed against my swollen clit. I took his still flowing cock and aimed it higher allowing his flow to splash over my face. That sent me over the edge! I shuddered and shook as another strong orgasm rocked my body. I felt a trace amount of his pee slip passed my closed lips. It was warm and had a heavy musky odor that made me cum even harder. I turned my head down and felt his pee falling into my red hair and down over my face. I watched his flow running down my wet body and form a huge puddle on the floor around us. Finally his stream subsided, leaving me in a wet quivering mess.

James' cock swelled as soon as he stopped peeing, and was fully erect in no time.

"Eve, please make me cum again! You are making me so fucking horny I can't take it."

Without hesitation I looked back up at him and started to stroke his cock. I stopped for a moment and switched my hands so that the hand that was wet and slippery from his piss and my cum was lubing his hard cock. James watched me work his cock in my hand and pushed it into my closed fist as I moved it to the base. In no time at all James was grunting and the head of his cock was swelling with his orgasm. A few pumps and he was shooting cum out onto my upturned face. I felt the globs of his cum landing on my cheeks and opened my mouth to take the final few that shot from his cock. I savored the salty favor and texture of his cum on my tongue. I slowed my hand and rubbed his cock across my lips as his orgasm ended. He shuddered a few times as I milked the last few drops from his prick.

I knelt there for a while, silently rocking as the last few waves of my orgasm ran their course through my body. I looked up at James and asked him a question that I was almost afraid to ask.

"Baby, are you ok?" James looked down at me and nodded with a huge grin on his face.

"I need to ask you something." I continued. James locked eyes with me.


"Well, um, do you feel funny now that we have... fucked like we just have?"

James looked at me with a huge smile. "I've been watching you for a long time now. I knew you needed a man and that there weren't any around that could do the job. I just couldn't figure out how to do anything about it."

"And now? " I probed a little.

"Now?" He looked to the ceiling for a moment in mock contemplation.

"Now I want you more than ever. You are so sexy and hot! You are my dream woman!"

With that I stood up and embraced him. Our naked bodies pressed together. I couldn't have imagined the day ending the way it did. It couldn't have worked out better. After a little while James pulled back and looked at me.

"Well I guess we should clean up a little." I just looked down at my glistening body and nodded.

"After that we can grab a little shut eye and maybe..." He pause for a moment "Get dirty again."

Hm, I couldn't wait!

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I loved the pissing scenes, always makes me hard. Love to have my cock pissed on while I jerk off.
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Great story!!! Enjoyed all of it.
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Excellent!!!!!!!!!! Gave me an awesome hard on!!!!!!!!
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superb story...very hot indeed and well written
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Great story LOVE pee play and that is hot.
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Such a nice neighbor.
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