2nd date

So I previously posted a story about my thursday night at the gloryholes at Frenchy's on Polk in San Francisco. I met a gorgeous tranny and we went back to her place for some fun. Well since then we've had lots of fun.

A few days after meeting Bianca I was really wanting a repeat of the fun we had so I gave her a call and she invited me over. It was still kind of early when I got to her place, I was a bit nervous because I didn't know if we could have a repeat of the time before because it was so hot. Well she answered the door dressed in a tiny plaid skirt, white stockings, white shirt with a tiny tie. My eyes just about popped out of my head! She looked so hot, she smiled and pulled me in greeting me with a deep french kiss and a light squeeze of my hardening cock. We sat on the couch with her legs d****d over mine, she started telling me that she was just getting ready for work, she was a dancer at Diva's nightclub which was just around the corner from Frenchy's. She had come in there after a shift to watch some vid when we first met, since she was fairly new to the city she didn't know many people and the club kind of frowned on staff going home with customers. I told her that I hadn't been to Diva's in a long time, I'd only been there twice before but had never been lucky enough to get a girls number. She kind of giggled and started kissing me again, our tongues and lips were exploring each other, while I was kissing her neck my hands ran up to her nipples, they got rock hard under my plying fingertips, so i unbottoned her top so i could lick them. Dam they were like strawberrys, so good. She was rubbing my chest and legs, so while I was licking her nipples i ran my hands up her thighs, as I reached under her skirt i could feel her hot hard cock straining against her panties. I started caressing it, she started telling me how she stroked her cock until she came just thinking about our time together, and how hot she was getting. She started squeezing my cock through my pants, which by now was rock hard. I could feel her precum making the head of her cock slick through her satin panties. I wanted it so bad, So I started kissing her harder, probing her mouth with my tongue. She was moaning slightly, I just couldn't wait any longer, so with a mischevious grin I told her she couldnt go to work all hot and bothered like that so I slid to my knees pushing her legs apart.I could see her hard cock straining against the fabric so I told her that, that must be uncomfortable, so i quickly pulled them to the side to let her cock out. As I leaned in, I could smell her musk, running my lips across the slick head of her cock, and down the shaft, she squealed, so I started running my tongue around the head, and lightly down the shaft, savoring the taste of her precum. It tasted so sweet, slowly I took her into my mouth, working my tongue in circles, sucking her in and out. God it was heaven, I wrapped my arms around her hips and pulled her to the edge of the couch so I could take her all. Still working it slowly in and out of my mouth and taking it as far down my throat as I could she started to pump her hips, the whole time telling me how good it felt, I teased her as long as I could but i wanted her honey so bad, so I started sucking faster and using my tongue in crazy rythyms, stopping to tongue her slit. Then I wrapped my hand around her rock hard slick cock and started pumping it while i sucked, she said she was going to cum, so i pulled it out of my mouth and while looking at her in the eyes I said feed me, then deep throating it, she exploded in my throat, I pulled her cock out partially because i wanted it all over my tongue so i could savor the taste. her thighs were quivering and it was rope after rope, five in all. I didn't swallow it quickly I wanted to enjoy it, she then pulled me up and kissed me hard, our tongues playing with her cum, she was clawing to get my pants undone, So I stood up and undid my belt, then quickly slid forward to drop to her knees pulling my pants down. Looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes she told me to throat fuck her, so holding her head I started rubbing the head of my swollen leaking cock across her face, teasing her with it. her tongue would snake out and lick the head as it went past and she would try to take it in, I didn't want to cum as fast as last time. Looking down at her she was looking up and begged me to give it to her, so I slowly started fucking her mouth, holding her head so it would go slow. her tongue was dancing up and down my cock, sucking and moaning. I started to pick up the pace pushing harder and faster, going deeper into her hungry throat. Finally I was fucking her throat with everything I had, she was tearing up, mascara running, her hands were grabbing my ass pushing me to fuck her harder, finally I couldnt take it any longer, shoving my cock as far down her throat as I could I held it there, her throat muscles were starting to tighten as she gagged, thats all it took, the uncontrollable spasms of her throat muscles sent me over the edge, I started cumming so hard I was feeling light headed. She was moaning and still sucking. Finally I couldnt take it so I started to pull my cock out of her mouth, she reluctantly let me go. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard. We sat on the couch and kept making out.

Her phone buzzed, so she looked at it, and realized she had to get ready again, work was coming soon. I told her I was sorry for messing up her makeup and hair but she just smiled and said no daddy I'm sorry I can't stay. But she wanted to make it up to me. So she asked me to meet her again after her shift at Frenchy's, but not in a regular booth. She wanted me to get the large private booth and pick out some hot videos for us to watch. I smiled and agreed, so off she went to work and I headed off to the bar, I wanted some drinks and had a few hours to kill.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what happened at Frenchy's.
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2 years ago
wow, hot!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Wow great start to i imagine a fantastic relationship
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