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Being a sexy naughty city girl like myself…I get allot of attention from the boys. I always enjoy getting the attention of the small town boys that are not used to seeing a sexy bitch like me roll though town. They jerk off to girls like me online all the time. But having me right in front of them sometimes makes them overwhelmed and easy targets and my prey… lol.

For me, I love sex. I enjoy the attention of men and I love being used by a man. But the biggest turn on for me is finding some dumb straight boy and wooing him with my big tits and dropping to my knees and having him give me a good face fuck. Then getting up and leaving and all the while he never knows I have a cock. It really is not about my cock, it’s about having my way with his.

So, I am sure you can guess how many cocks I have pleased over the years being a sex crazed girl. My ex has a saying about me “Tasha has seen more rubber then the Trans Canada” It always makes me laugh because I love nothing more than the feel of a man’s cock sliding though my hands and into my waiting mouth. Knowing with ever pump and at any moment he could fill my mouth with his hot, sticky cum. He also knows me to well and that saying suits me the best!!

I have so many great stories of my sex adventures. Which one to start off by telling is hard to do. I love all of them. But this one I think this is one of the hotter ones that I think you will all enjoy.

I was just outside Winnipeg. It was summer and I was dressed for some hunting. I had my black panties on. The ones that tuck my cock tight in case someone reaches to fast for me to stop them. I had a pretty pink summer dress. Cut down the front so my tits can be shown off as they should be. My black push up bra to make my tits look like a good landing place for any hard cock and a dump ground for some hot & sticky cum. My hair was part way up and part flowing in the wind as I drove. I needed it part was up so I can suck cock without it getting in my way. My sunglasses just dark enough to protect my pretty blues. But light enough so I can see my prey.

I must have driven for over an hour. No hitch hikers for me to get risky with. No truck stops worth the time to stop. The towns always had too many families in them for me to do anything. So I drove. I knew it was only a matter of time before I found the one I sought. I could taste it. The joy of it made my cock hard. I almost pulled over to please myself. But I wanted to save it till after I took someone’s load!

About an hour out of where I was going I wanted to stop to pee and eat. I did not give up on the hunt. But a girl needs fuel for what I had planned. I pulled into this seedy looking gas station. There were a couple of cars and I was about to pee myself, so I said “fuck it”. I walked in and took my glasses off. The sun blasted my eyes so I was almost blind. I heard a deep voice tell me “the bathroom is in the back” I almost ran to get there in time. I made it. When I went to get up to wash my hands, I noticed that my tits where hanging out. I forgot to put them away from that trucker I flashed a while back. I laughed and put them away.

I opened the door and went to leave when I heard that deep voice again from behind me. He asked me where I was from. I told him Ontario and kept on walking without looking back at him. To be honest the place was creepy and the way he was talking made me think he was old and fat. Those types that work in places like that never shower and always have a stink to them…so not my type and I needed to hurry up and find my cock because it would be dark soon.

Then I heard him say in a very deep & husky voice “Nice fucking tits”. I stopped & turned around to thank him. Whenever someone comments on how nice my tits are I always think you should at least look at them to say “thank you”. My mouth opened in shock at what I saw. He was standing by the bathroom door, leaning against the wall grabbing his cock. This guy was built, he was not fat. Must have been 240 6‘3”, young as well, maybe 20. He looked like a foot ball player, you know, that type of bulky body. He had an 8 o’clock shadow and looked so mean. One word comes to mind “woof” I felt my cock jump and inside my panties and my mouth water knowing this was it, the hunt was over and this was worth the wait. My feet started walking before my brain knew what was happening.

He wasted no time with small talk and just grabbed me and f***ed his mouth on mine. Pushing my body against the wall. His hands were from one end of my body to the next. I could not stop him, part of me did not want to. I wanted to be used by this lumber man. My cock was so hard I had to hide it from him.

I dropped to my knees and he wiped his big uncut cock out for me to fest on. But he held my head and teased me with it first. Slapping it on my face. Calling me filthy names. Jerking it so close to me I could smell the pre-cum. But not letting me have it. He already had my tits red from all the man handling he was doing. I begged him to give me that cock. Please let me have it I screamed. But he would not give it to me. He just jerked it and slapped it all over my face & lips. I think it made him more tuned on knowing I wanted it so bad.

He f***ed my head to tilt sideways and lifted his leg to mount my face. Sitting his ball sack on my lips. Pulling my mouth open to put them in. There was no asking with this man. He knew what he wanted and he took it from me. So, I licked and sucked on his balls like a good cock whore hoping to get a reward. He then went lower and started rubbing his ass hole all over my mouth. I am not normally into that but he gave me no way out. I was on the floor in a corner and this big huge man was on top of my face. I licked and sucked. He moaned and told me I was a good slut. I licked harder and sucked more. That’s a good bitch he hissed at me. Maybe if I put a finger in he might give me his cock I thought to myself. He loved it. He pushed his ass on my finger and moved up and down…grabbing my head to f***e me to lick while I fingered his ass. I tried to put two in but he was so tight.

He then lowered his leg and grabbed my hair to the point of almost ripping it from my roots. Forcing that huge uncut cock down my throat. Not allowing me to breath in between thrusts, he was face fucking my mouth so hard I felt my lips begin to swell. I was gagging on his cock, trying to tell him to slow down, he would have none of this. He was using my mouth like his own personal fuck hole.

He then grabbed my hair and got me off my knees. Forcing his hard body against mine. Holding both my hands with his one. I was trying to fight him off. Saying “no no, stop please” over and over again. It fell on deaf ears. He was ripping at my body and I knew he was going lower and was about to find out what I was. I felt a fear like I have never felt before. He wanted to fuck my pussy but there was no pussy for him to fuck. I was not safe. I had to run away. I loved it but was fearing for my life at the same time. My cock pumped with pleasure feeling his crotch against mine. But I knew as soon as he went lower with his hands he would know my secret and this love affair would be over. Then without me being able to stop it he grabbed my cock. It almost filled my panties with cum right then and there. He held onto my cock for at least 20 seconds, the whole time I could have made a mess but stopped myself.

He stepped back. He had a look of rage in his eyes. I felt my heart stop but my cock still pump. Even the thought of the worst could not stop be looking at how hot and sexy he was. Looking at his cock, so fucking hard and dripping with pre-cum. He just stood there and then he walked towards me. My eyes closed, waiting for the hand to come down on me. Then I felt myself thrust against the wall. My face pushed against it. My cock being ripped from its hiding place. I was standing there naked. He had ripped my clothes off of my body. I felt him behind me. My eyes still closed not knowing what to do. Should I open my eyes or talk? Is this the end?

A calm came over me as I felt his cock still very hard slid around my ass hole. His lips on my neck sucking and licking my neck as he pushed his cock all over my ass. He was not soft about it. I then felt my ass being opened by his cock being f***ed inside of me. My head bouncing off the wall as he gave me the full f***e of his tool. This guy was not worried about hurting me. He wanted to fuck hard and he was doing even if I did not like it. I went to touch my cock and soon felt that he was already there stroking my cock as he fucked my ass. Then the pleasure set in and I felt feelings that a cock slut would hold onto like a 1st place prize. This big dumb hick was using my body like a blow up doll. Fucking my tight ass and now stroking my hard shemale cock.

I could feel my feet loose feeling. I could feel my balls tighten up and that breath taking weakness you feel before you have one of those huge cums that almost hurts when it comes out. I let out a moan of lust as he pumped the love juice out of my hard cock. It did not seem to end. That feeling of cumming. He did not stop pumping me. I the felt his thrusts go deeper inside of me, harder. His breathing was getting faster and I knew he was close. I put my hands on the wall to stop my head being bounced into it. He was very close, kept screaming “fuck yea you slut” “You want my fucking cum don’t you” “Take my fat cock up you ass”

Without warning he ripped his cock out of my ass and tossed me to my knees. Shoving his cock into my mouth and as far as it would go and he released that huge load deep inside me. Still fucking me while I am gagging, chocking and gasping for air. He did not stop until he was finished filling me up. He took his cock out of my mouth inch by inch, smelling at me the whole time. Once out he held my head with one hand and his cock with the other. He rubbed it all over my face. Then gave it a couple of shakes so he could get the last of his cum out. He grabbed his clothes and walked away not saying a word or looking back as he left me there. It was cold and made me feel used… I loved it!

Leaving me on the floor naked. Used by his need to get off and fill of his hot cum. My cock still pulsing from the abuse she was just f***ed to go though. I got up and went to the bathroom to catch my breath and clean myself up. I felt my cock still hard. I leaned against the wall and slid my hand down to my cock and began to jerk it. I pumped thinking of his cock inside my holes. Tasting his cum in my mouth. Thinking of the abuse he just put me though. Looking at myself in the mirror seeing his cum on my lips and face. Playing with my tits, feeling my nips hard, sore and sticky. My tits were so red from his rough hands pulling at them. I pumped my cock so hard I thought it was going to come apart from my body. I moaned as the hot cum squirted out of my hard cock and onto the floor. I could not breathe and felt so dirty.

I heard the store door open and costumers walk in. I knew it was time to leave. So I cleaned up. Got dressed and walked out with my head high up knowing I just had this big jock and it was fucking hot. As I walked by him, I smiled and he worded me “that was a good slut”. I went to my car, lit a smoke and drove off to my next hunt!

More story’s to cum boys & girls
Tasha Jones

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4 months ago
Nasty lil gyrl !! MzRoxy
5 months ago
You should come to Alberta so that I can do that with you! The only thing is though is you won't want to go back!!!
1 year ago
Fucking hot.
1 year ago
Nice story, please keep on sharing them
1 year ago
very hot
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Wow you sre so good you made me cum in my panties
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
sha-wiiing ... arousing canadian hottie!
2 years ago
Great story. I was hard the whole time.
2 years ago
Now that wasca hot story!!
2 years ago
great story
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Top marks, great story!
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2 years ago
great story, will love to read more from you :)
2 years ago
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great story,
2 years ago
lovely story ;-)