Wife arranges group fuck for hubby (Fantasy)

Be nice, first attempt at writing a story.

It had been a long, long day…actually, a long week! It was after 7pm on Friday and I was more than ready for a Jack Daniels and a relaxing, lazy night in front of the TV. As I opened the front door my wife was coming down the stairs into the hallway. My wife and I have been together for just over 10 years and we have had our ups and downs like any marriage I guess, but we loved each other and we always stuck it out. And we had an amazing sex life; we knew each others bodies like only two long term sexual partners could. We knew what made each other tick, when to push harder, when to slow it down, and when anything and everything was just what we needed! Having said that, we were having a bit of a dry patch, it had been nearly 2 weeks! (Shut up! For us that’s a dry patch! Lol)

Anyway, down the stairs comes by beautiful wife, and she has a lovely new black ankle length dress on that clings and shifts on her just right! Just enough plunge at the neckline to show some fantastic cleavage and open across the back. And I can tell there isn’t much, if anything on underneath and that sexy glint in her eye that is a big part of what got us together in the first place! Make up fresh, hair done, nails long and painted, looking ready to head out on the town and tease all and sundry! “Hello husband! I was beginning to forget what you looked like!” she said. “How about a drink and a kiss?” as she comes in for what I expect to be a quick peck, but instead starts out slow and open mouthed and turns to a tongue dance inside my mouth, wet, hot and passionate, but reserved, getting an instant reaction from my nether regions!

She breaks away and we head into the kitchen and she pours me a nice stiff drink, plenty of ice from the fridge and grabs a drink for herself. We move into the sunken lounge and flop down on the big wide luxuriously soft leather couch we had recently invested in and discussed our days, the ups and downs and the mundane. It was the most we had talked all week and was a great way to reconnect and chill out at the same time. Almost instantly I had forgotten the work week and relaxed into the start of what promised so far to be a great weekend. “Why don’t you head into the bathroom and have a nice hot shower. A nice, long, hot shower.” I looked at my wife quite surprised. You see for me, a long shower usually meant a precursor to some kinky ass play for yours truly, something only I initiated and my wife did on special occasions. It wasn’t really her thing, but she did it, because I loved it! I knew something was up when I came home, and now I thought I had figured it out…My wife was feeling horny and a little kinky to boot! Who was I to complain!

I headed upstairs and as I went past the bathroom to our master bedroom, I glanced in to see everything already set up ready to go. Wow, she was organized, this never happens. As I go in and close the door I hear my wife on the phone, I can’t quite make out what is being said, but it’s probably just her mother or one of the k**s anyway, so I jump in and start getting prepared. I hadn’t had a chance to eat anything all day, and I knew I needed to be squeaky clean, so I took my time and sparing you any more details, was shaved and clean in all the right places and drying off, when I turned the fan off I thought I could hear voices from down stairs. And more than just my wife on the phone too. Curious, I hurried to finish up, get dressed, fix my hair and get down there to see what guests we had to mess with our plans!

As I came down the stairs, I thought I could hear a couple of male voices from the lounge, but as I rounded the corner it was more like 5. “Hi honey, we have some visitors. This is the 3g’s.” I’d love to say I knew what was happening, but I was completely confused. I had no idea who these guys were or why they were in my lounge room, talking, drinking and laughing with my sexy wife like they were old pals! “Could you get us another round please honey, beers and bourbons in the drinks fridge.” I picked my jaw up from the ground and without more than a shy wave of hello to our guests, turned towards the kitchen. I was in a daze really and just grabbed a handful of drinks for the guys, one for my wife and poured a double for myself, grabbed a tray for everything and headed back to the lounge.

I sat down next to my wife, between one of the guys and her actually, and just listened for a minute. The conversation was normal enough, jobs, hobbies, interests, sport, but there seemed to be electricity in the air, a sense of expectation of something more. I sat and talked and was feeling very comfortable, but still clueless. Then my wife looked at me. “Honey this is the 3G’s like I said earlier.” I had entirely forgotten about the name, more puzzling when I thought about it because there were 5 of them. “GGG,The Gangbang Group for Guys” I nearly fell off the couch! Did I just hear that correctly? “They are here to fuck you any way they like and for you to service their every need. They are clean and healthy with the paperwork to prove it and there will be no condoms. You will be filmed and I am only here to watch, for now. There are a couple more rules though.” I was in complete and total shock. We’d had a couple threesomes before, but nothing like this. I wasn’t even sure I was OK with it, but was too shocked to speak up.

“You are not allowed to cum, and you will take every load in your mouth. You have always talked about it, so now’s the time to put your talk to the test! I expect you to fuck me when the guys are done with you, and I may or may not join in at times myself, I am undecided. I am going to grab the cameras and tripods I hired, don’t start till I get back!” As she left the room all eyes were on her sexy frame as she sauntered away. Mine went straight to the floor as she went out of sight; I didn’t know where to look! I tried to be cool and looked around the room at the guys. Most of them now had a grin, and I couldn’t help but feel like the lamb thrown into the lion’s den! Around the room we had all different guys really, no Greek Adonis or anything, but all pretty decent looking. Some seemed to be my height, one a bit shorter, and one nearly 6’5” or so and quite solid looking, muscle not fat. I was excited, but nervous, this was way outside anything we’d ever discussed before, but I loved that my wife had taken control. It was incredibly sexy!

In the nervous wait, we chatted a little more, but the conversation was more about their little group. Been together nearly 3 years, 15 members in total (Thank God she didn’t get them all!) and they got together probably 10 or 12 times a year like this. Special order and fairly exclusive as well, how on earth did my wife find these guys?! Again…not complaining!

My wife returns with two small cameras on tripods and a handheld. She positions one camera behind the couch up above the sunken lounge looking down on the whole scene and one over facing the couch. The other she sits for the moment over on a side table, still facing the couch. One of the guys stands up and comes and sits the other side of me. Now I have a guy either side of me and my wife sits at the end of the couch where she can see everyone clearly. The electricity in the room is practically sparking, the tension building, is this really happening?? “Action!” my wife says, and everyone laughs, me a little nervously.

The taller guy now stands, “OK boys, let’s get this party started, I’m ready to burst and I want that mouth around my cock. Get over here!” He directs me to come to the edge of the couch and just stands in front of me. ”He’s clever, but he hasn’t figured out how to undo a zip yet…” I take my cue and reach for his zipper, my hands shaking so much I feel like I might miss the small tab. I manage to get it all the way down and reach inside to find he’s not wearing any underwear and I can feel a nice solid cock and balls just waiting to be freed from their confines. As I pull it free a good size cock appears in front of me, about 6” soft, a small wink of precum sitting at the end of his uncut knob. I take in a sharp breath, and tentatively stick my tongue out to lick the droplet away. I get a confidence boosting soft sigh as I lick some more and then swallow the soft length all the way in to his large hanging balls. I just stay there for a moment, and feel the bl**d start to make its way through the veins to engorge his cock in my mouth, breathing through my nose until he’s just getting too big to keep breathing. I come up for air and he’s grown to a decent 8” and about 2” across. Very nice indeed, but as I continue to suck and lick and attempt to deep throat, he grows even more and is probably a touch over 9” long standing proudly facing the ceiling up out of his zipper.

I hadn’t even noticed the other guys removing clothing, but as the tall guy took a step back he was quickly replaced by another guy sporting a hard on around 6” and a good size across, I lent forward and took him into my mouth and he grabbed me by the ears and proceeded to firmly f***e his cock all the way into my mouth and down the entrance to my throat, forcing me to gag a little. He didn’t really let up, and I gasped for air as he slowly but f***efully fucked my face. I could feel the guys on either side move in closer, and as one started to remove my shirt and tie, the other was undoing my belt and lowering my zipper. The second guy fucking my face steeped back a little and started pulling me to my feet. My shirt was pulled away from me, drawing my arms backwards, and my pants fell to the ground. I had my shoes, socks and bunched up pants removed all together and thrown to the side, and I hadn’t realized, but my arms were still pulled to the back and I was forcibly turned and shown to both cameras and my wife in just my underwear, tented out for all to see. “I think he likes it! And we’re only getting warmed up!” “Take off the rest!” my wife chimed in and no sooner had the words left her lips than hands on either side lowered my underwear to the ground and I was standing there stark naked.

I had two guys holding my arms back another right in front of me and two guys kicking back on the couch rubbing their cocks, and my wife just smiling at the end of the couch taking it all in. It was going to be a long evening! The two guys holding my arms gently pulled me back until I fell back onto the couch. The second guy stepped aside and a third stepped in for his turn at my mouth. The guys either side took a hand each and placed them on two very nice stiff cocks and I had no trouble finding a nice rhythm stroking up and down while the third guy was having his turn with my mouth. He was only about 5” long, but as he grew he just kept getting fatter! He was easily bigger than the first guy, and was probably as round as a bourbon can he was swigging on earlier! It was completely filling my mouth and stretching me out. There was no way this was going to fit anywhere else! Just then he pulls back and a loud plop echo’s from my mouth as it slaps back to a more normal shape.

He calls in another guy, “Your turn” and takes a seat on my right as the guy there stands for his turn. Cock number four is about 7” and a nice size across again, with a slight upwards bend and I continue to stroke him as I had when he was sitting next to me. I take in just the head of his cut cock and about 2” more and stroke the rest as I suck as if my life depends on it. I’m getting horny as hell thinking about my wife watching, the cameras and five cocks ready to use me! Guy number four steps back and before he’s really even moved far, number five to my left has jumped up and taken his place. About the same size as number four, but straight as an arrow! He doesn’t fuck my mouth like the other guys though and actually spins me around a bit and says “Legs over the back of the couch and hang your head over the edge!” I don’t need to be told twice and I’m barely in place when he bends his knees and leans forward to place his cock in my mouth and push forward. He places his hands on the back of the couch near my legs and leans forward. I can actually feel his hot breath on my cock, and I realize we’re about to 69! He sucks me in to his mouth and bobs up and down for about 30 seconds. “Don’t forget you’re not allowed to cum honey!” I hear my wife say, and the guys all chuckle at my predicament!

Here I am horny as hell, sucking and being sucked, but having to muster up a whole bunch of self-control! It must have been part of the deal with the guys, because he stopped sucking and all of a sudden stood up. “Get on your knees on the floor here” the tall guy says. I do as I’m told and move close to the center of the room and get on my knees. All five guys move around in front of me and my wife appears behind me over my shoulder carrying the third camera, still running. She hands it to the outside guy, the one with the fat cock, and says “Film for a sec” She then leans in and kisses me passionately, sticking her tongue in and down my throat, “Having fun so far?” I can’t really begin to say what I’m feeling, so I just say “Thank you baby” and she smiles and kisses me again. She then reach’s for the camera and says, “Righto boys, where were we?”

I now have five cocks standing to attention in front of me with fists pumping them up and down, and I reach forward and remove the fist from guy number four I think, the bendy 7” cock and take him into my mouth, I then reach up with both hands and grab whichever cocks are closest! I then proceed to suck and wank furiously and move my way around the five guys spending just a little time on each, not wanting to restrict myself to just one for any length of time. I can sense the bendy 7” guy getting a bit twitchy and I really want to swallow some cum, and have it captured on film, my wife standing behind me getting all the action. She leans down to my ear, and says. “Don’t swallow yet.” I’m a little confused, and turn and look at her and as I turn back I see all five guys wanking now. “I want you all to come in his mouth, every last drop and he will hold it there until I say otherwise!”

I looked back at my wife, a look of “Are you serious??” but she certainly was! She was filming away, waiting for the flood of cum I was expected to not only swallow, but hold and swallow all at once! Who was this woman I had married? I was worried, but strangely excited at the same time. As I turned back around to the waiting cocks, bendy 7” stepped forward and as I suspected was a bit closer than the others. I swallowed the end of his knob, just as the first shot went flying into the back of my throat, and I swallowed reflexively, but managed to catch the next shot on the back of my tongue, and a third and fourth, gradually losing power. As I thought he was done, he pulled out of my mouth, and squeezed a large amount out onto my outstretched cummy tongue. One down, four to go, damn! I’ve seen this in videos on xhamster before, so I guess I know it can be done, but I feel like I’ve got my mouth half full already.

Next to come forward is the fat cock, and if he tries to get that in my mouth, my throat will be f***ed open, I won’t even need to worry about swallowing! Thankfully he just tells me “Slide your tongue out!” so I’m head back, tongue slid forward and he rests his fat helmet head on my tongue and with a loud grunt, cum seems to flow from his knob, not spurt like the first guy, but he just keeps going…my mouth must be full now! I lick as best as I can the last drops from his head, and close my mouth. I can actually move the slightly salty, creamy mixture around in my mouth and realize there’s plenty more room in there, I just have to get over the natural feeling of wanting to swallow. Before I over-think it anymore I reach for the next cock, and the nice 6” cocked guy steps forward, his hand moving in a blur up and down his shaft. “Open wide!” he says, easier said than done, but I open my mouth and he sticks his cock head in and I seal my lips around him as he explodes! I feel it hit the roof of my mouth and can tell my back teeth are going to be floating for sure! He groans and pulls his cock from between my lips and I try and maintain the seal not wanting to lose a drop from my mouth. My wife stands over me from behind, “Lean your head back and open wide, I want this on camera!” she says as she pans around the cocks and down into my open mouth. “Holy shit, you have a load and a half in there now! Do you think you can take the next two?” I feel like I’m at the dentist, when they ask you a question with hoses and tools hanging out of your mouth…lol, so I simply shrug my shoulders, as if to say ”Who knows, but I’ll give it a try!” The big guy says “You better let him swallow, he might take this load, but he’ll never fit in the last one!”

Guy number four, doesn’t wait for a decision on that front, he’s ready to go, and pushes his way in and with his hand on my forehead, pushes his straight 7” cock forward and me back a little and f***es his cock head into my pursed lips. As I open up a small gap, still not wanting to disappoint my wife and have to swallow, he groans loudly and with his head thrown back blows his load into my nearly overflowing mouth! I can feel it brimming at the edges of my lips, and the big guy is right, there’s no way I can take another load, and I look at my wife and she says “Swallow it down, but open wide again.” She brings the camera forward again, and stands over me, “Go on then!” she says and I gulp and half goes sliding down the back of my throat coating it as it goes, I snort in air through my nose, open wide for the camera again, and then let the rest slide down my throat. I’m breathing a little hard, short of breath nearly and gasp out “Wow, I can’t believe you guys have so much cum!” “You haven’t seen anything yet.” Someone says from the couch, where they have all sat to relax and stroke their deflated cocks, and the guys all chuckle again.

The big guy is the only one left standing and he says “That’s right, it’s my turn, and you’ll soon realize you had no choice but to swallow. We’ve been saving up for weeks, and my balls are particularly ready to burst! I don’t remember ever going more than 2 days without coming!” “And even then he puts all of us to shame buddy, so you’re in for a spraying here!” Another round of outright laughter comes from the guys and my wife this time. What have I got to look forward to I wonder? He holds out his hand and pulls me to my feet, then leads me over to the couch next to where my wife is now sitting, camera in hand still catching all the action. My erection is bursting and swings from side to side as I’m lead over, and my wife reaches out and gives it a little squeeze, “My my, you really are loving this aren’t you, you little cock slut!” Where I’m directed to sit, the cameras on tripods both have a good angle and my wife is right there with the third in close. I can’t wait to watch these back! The big guy perches me on the edge of the couch and I notice he has lost a bit of his hard on, but sticks straight out, still nearly 7” long. I love the fact I will get to feel him harden again in my mouth and eagerly lean forward and reach out to pull him by his cock into my gooey hot mouth!

I really savor the job this time as he stands there with one hand on his hip and the other pulling on my hair and pushing me into his cock, then just resting there. I lick up and down the shaft, play with his foreskin and lick the knob as it pokes out as I stroke down on his shaft. I suck it in, deep throating before he regains his full size, and feel him stretch my throat. I even go down to his big hanging balls and gently suck each one into my mouth and run my tongue all around them. Now he’s getting back to full size and I can feel his long thick cock starting to twitch a little. He’s getting close surely, and I can’t wait to see if his and his buddies bragging about having a big load is true. I go back to his balls again and I can feel them starting to retract upwards and he’s making a lot more noises now. “I’m getting close, get your mouth up here and suck my cock! Don’t you swallow either; you take it all and show the camera!” I suck him down again as far as I can and he sucks in his breath then groans out “Here it comes!” as the first thick shot actually goes down my throat before I can pull back. I quickly move up so just the thick head and first inch or so is in my mouth and I suck and lick as shot after shot sprays into my mouth and hits the roof of my mouth, even after 4 or 5 spurts, he has more f***e than most guys first shot! My mouth is filling up, and he’s not stopping, cum is flooding out of his cock, and I can feel it almost constantly flowing out onto my outstretched tongue and rolling down into my mouth. Some is starting to leak out of the corners of my mouth so I lean my head further back as he continues to buck and groan and stroke his length, squeezing more fluid down into my mouth. My mouth is completely full and starting to leak out the corners and onto my cheek. My wife reaches over, camera in one hand and the other hand snakes out and scoops the dribbles of come running down my cheeks and slides them back into my mouth. She then takes her finger and loudly kicks them clean, and I don’t think I’m the only one enjoying myself.

Finally I think he’s done, and honestly there’s no way I can hold from swallowing any longer. My throat simply opens up, not really a swallow, and the load slides down my throat in one gooey, hot, salty mess. I gasp for air and can’t believe how full I feel, like I’ve just had a three course meal! More like five courses I guess! He still stands in front of me, head back, and I lean forward and gently suck him some more, squeezing every last drop out the end of his foreskin, licking it clean, and playing with his balls before he finally pulls away, “Hmm, too sensitive man, you’ll get another chance in a little while, you greedy little slut!” With the promise of more to come I sit back on the couch to catch my breath and survey the scene around me, a spent cock in front of me, four on the couch around me, and a slightly flushed wife sitting back at the end of the couch. My cock is practically bursting and I am absent mindedly stroking it slowly up and down. My wife leans over and playfully slaps my hand away, “Oh no you don’t…go grab another round of drinks for everyone. We’re not done yet!” It feels like it’s been ages and I wander to the kitchen trying not to touch myself some more, and see its only 10pm and the night is very very young!

Let me know if I should start working on part 2!

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1 month ago
I would love to read part 2, but my hand needs some rest!
9 months ago
I am looking forward to part two. I really enjoyed this story.
Your wife and mine must be two of the most amazing women on the planet!
1 year ago
very hot!!
1 year ago
hot n horny story
2 years ago
Nicely done!
2 years ago
Great and I'm hot for more. I see part 2 in done so off to read that. Nice...
2 years ago
Well Done.... Part 2 should be just as good.....
2 years ago
Very good and hot,should start on 2.