Summer Steam sale leads to real-life Sims

Alright, first off this is a rough draft of a story I decided to write while in the shower earlier. Constructive criticism is welcomed, other forms of criticism are not. Let me know what you think, I literally just finished writing all of this so I don't know what will be coming next, your feedback could help determine where I go with this, if anywhere.
I'm choosing the Voyeur category for this because, with a real-life Sims software, wouldn't it great for all the voyeurs out there?
Now, with that being said, here we go.


It was the Summer Steam sale, I don't normally buy games on Steam since I don't usually have time to spend playing multiple games but I had some money on my account and decided to browse through the games on sale. I found a dungeon crawler that peaked my interest, on sale for 75% off and just the right price so I loaded it into my cart with an indy RTS and headed for check-out. Then I got distracted by the TV, I had a couple drinks, smoked a bowl, and watched Teen Titans until some new fangled computer cartoon came on and I decided to get some sl**p. Just before going to bed I started the download on the dungeon crawler, I didn't pay it any attention with my inebriated mind but I should have wondered why it was a 20GB download for a simple game and why the download speed was off the charts almost from the start. The next morning, being unemployed, I made some coffee and went outside to clean my motorcycle, after wiping her down until she shined I went back inside, washed my hands, and decided to check out my new dungeon crawler. Steam displayed the download as complete after downloading all night so I went straight to starting the game, I let it do it's installation magic as I made a sandwich and as I sat down the installation finished and my screen went to black for a moment and came back with a fullscreen logo I didn't recognize, nothing worrisome though, and then came up with a menu that wasn't a dungeon crawler. There where no options to select, Esc didn't work and neither did Ctrl+Alt+Del, and as I reached for the power button a tutorial window opened and announced "Welcome to Edit Your World, you will be able to exit upon completion of the tutorial" and proceeded to lead me through the mandatory tutorial.

Over the next 10 minutes I was prompted to create and save an avatar, my name was auto filled and changing it seemed to require permissions I didn't have yet so I filled in my height, weight and, weirdly, answered yes to whether I have a mole next to my belly button. A model was generated, it looked like me as much as old 90's graphics could make it, and I was prompted to save the newly created avatar. After saving my avatar I learned that this software alleged to allow me to edit my world, from physical attributes to embedding mental urges and beyond, abilities within the software were limited by achievements so the more I explored what I could do the more I would unlock. I was told that, as a user of this software, I would be hidden from other users and the same would be true of any of my edits and avatars of people that I created. I was then warned that I should be prudent and save before making any edits, lest I be unable to right a wrong that I created, and I was warned that making any changes in the physical world could create massive trouble if done "willy-nilly". At that point the tutorial displayed another message "Thank you for downloading the World Editor and Welcome to a new level of gaming", then the tutorial ended and the software closed. Discovering I again had control of my computer I set off to the magical land of Google and researched whatever I had downloaded, unsurprisingly I discovered a whole bunch of nothing. Literally. There were 0 related results, the obvious forum posts and fan fiction whatnots showed up but nothing relating to whatever I had on my hard drive.

I ate my sandwich, took a small hit off my bowl, and sat down to open the software again. This time I saw a large menu and only 1 selection, Edit Self, was available while the others were completely blacked out so I had no idea what they were. I clicked on the button and I was taken to a menu that would be familiar to anyone who plays RPGs, it was a character stat screen and it appeared I was able to edit what I found. There were lots of tabs, too many to take in at one time, and it appeared I was able to edit all attributes of my life and person so I decided to put this software to a test. I opened my physical tab and decided to change my musculature and fitness, I opened a sub-menu and changed my "Penile Length" from 6.1" to 10.5" and then clicked "Apply". I came to sitting in my chair, I checked the clock and saw that several minutes had passed, the computer screen was back at the main menu and I stood up to get some water. At least I tried to stand up, what I actually did was push my chair halfway across the room and vertically jump a foot in the air. Rushing to the bathroom mirror I saw that I had, in less than 5 minutes, gained at least 20 pounds of muscle. I dropped my pants and found that my soft cock had not changed but when it felt the open air it began to grow, it grew past its standard length of 6 inches and kept going until it was longer than I could believe, I guessed 10 and a half inches. Staring into the mirror, mostly unseeing, I thought about my predicament and figured that doing a self edit would cause me to black out for a short time, almost like a reboot, while something changed my body to match the computer software. Armed with this knowledge I went back to the computer and reverted to my originally saved avatar, thank you to whoever decided that saving that should be required, and blacked out.

I came to, this time unsurprised, and opened Edit Self again, over the next few hours I changed all sorts of things about myself without even getting into the Advanced settings that was now selectable on all the tabs. I decided to change my work ethic, I was now going to be one hell of a student, I changed my metabolism so that my body would regard extra calories as waste and prevent build-up of fat tissue. I changed my workout ethic, I would now have no problem motivating myself to workout, which would definitely justify added muscle mass and fitness, at the same time I decreased my reaction time, improved my day and night vision, and made myself more likely to tan instead of burning in sunlight. I repaired joint damage and strengthened my bones, ligaments and tendons to support my changed physique; while at the same time I ensured that I would not fall victim to any illnesses more severe than the common cold. Choosing not to change my equipment, I had a girlfriend who would surely notice if I grew in length, I decided to change my refractory period and virility so that I would never not be able to "get it up" even while drinking and that I would be incapable of producing offspring until I decided otherwise. As a finishing touch I made myself unattractive to mosquitoes, with all the abilities now at my disposal it would be foolish to overlook just how annoying a mosquito bite could be. I quickly browsed the list of pending changes before getting comfortable in my chair and clicking Apply.
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8 months ago
Very much peaked my interest.