Trippin' with Tiffany



"Every time I see your face/
I think of things unpure, unchaste/
I want to fuck you like a dog ..."

The music blasted in Tiffany Daniels' red Miata convertible as she
rolled down the Interstate, cruising about 15 miles per hour above the
speed limit.. Her long blonde hair streamed behind her in the wind.

Jeez, thought Tiffany, leave it to Steph to find the nastiest, most
degrading music and put it all on one mix. Stephanie was Tiffany's
younger s****r, a 14-year-old slut of the first magnitude, and when
Tiffany had left home an hour ago for the drive to the University of
Texas in Austin, Steph had handed her the cassette tape for the car

"The Stephanie Mix," as the cassette was labelled, contained
"Criminal" by Fiona Apple ("I've been a bad, bad girl"), "When the Whip
Comes Down" and "Under My Thumb" by the Rolling Stones, "Smack My Bitch
Up" by Prodigy, a couple of the nastier rap songs by 2 Live Crew and
Insane Clown Posse, "In My Room" by the Bangles ("I'll do anything you
want me to"), "Cruel to Be Kind" by Letters to Cleo (their cover of
Nick Lowe's classic), and the song that was cranked up now, Liz Phair's
dirtiest song ever, "Flower."

"You act like you're 14 years old/
Everything you say is so obnoxious, funny, true and mean/
I want to be your blowjob queen/
You're probably shy and introspective/
That's not part of my objective/
I just want your fresh, young jimmy ..."

"Fuck. That's enough," said Tiffany aloud, and she switched off Liz,
ejected the cassette and popped it into her purse on the seat next to
her. The tape was a compendium of twisted sexuality and perversion,
with plenty of dominance and submission, although most of the songs
were played on the radio. This is supposed to be a sex-free weekend,
Tiffany reminded herself, and she was uncomfortably aware that
listening to Liz was making her 17-year-old pussy tingle a little bit.

When the invitation from Pi Kappa Upsilon (PKU), the most prestigious
sorority at the University of Texas, had arrived a week ago, Tiffany
had squealed with delight. PKU was the creme de la creme of sororities,
one that didn't even consider girls for admission unless they had been
homecoming queens, cheerleaders or the like. For every 100 girls that
applied for rush in the fall, PKU allowed in 20, and their pledge
hazing was so rough that about 10 of those usually were f***ed to quit.

And now PKU had invited her and a few other select high school
seniors to come over to the sorority house for a weekend to see if they
were right for Pi Kappa Upsilon. There would be no hazing, the letter
said, just a friendly, low-key get-together. If the coeds of PKU liked
her, she would have an automatic spot in the pledge class the following
year when she enrolled at the University of Texas. (Although beautiful,
rich and popular, Tiffany didn't have good enough grades to go to a
private college.)

The school year had started at Daniels High School in Beverly, Texas
(named after Tiffany and Stephanie's grandfather, Godfrey Daniels), and
Stacy was reveling in her senior year. She was captain of the
cheerleader squad, rich, envied, a bit of a snobby bitch, and
impossibly good- looking. Five foot seven, 115 pounds, a curvy, nubile
body with large, ripe, firm tits and luscious long legs, blonde hair
and blue eyes. Everyone compared her to the tennis star Anna Kournikova
- maybe it was that I-dare-you-to-fuck-me-but you-can't expression she
always wore. It was a comparison Tiffany was tired of, but which
secretly thrilled her. When boys told her that, she knew they just
wanted to get her naked, to fuck her, all slick and juicy and ...

Stop, goddamn it, Tiffany ordered herself. Enough with the sex! If
you're ever going to get your life back on track, you're going to have
to put the past behind you and re-establish yourself as the top dog at
Daniels, the Alpha Female, the Babe Who Takes No Prisoners.

Tiffany's immediate past was the problem. In her junior year, she
had been caught cheating on a test and had been blackmailed by two
teachers and the high school principal, Mr. White, who even brought the
school janitor in on the games. She had been abused, degraded and
humiliated, her pussy filled with nasty ants, her clothes torn, f***ed
to appear topless at a shopping mall and finally f***ed to give
blowjobs to an entire visiting basketball team at the homecoming game.
Then, just as she thought she was free of their game called "Toying
With Tiffany," her nasty little s****r set her up, betrayed her, with
her 13-year-old cousin Matt and his friends, and she had spent the
weekend being ****d and hurt by a bunch of snotty young punks.

But all that was over now. She had turned 17 in mid-summer, and when
she had returned to school two weeks ago, no one had mentioned the
events of last year. Thank God for short attention spans, Tiffany

But oh, that 17th birthday. It had been possibly thr worst day of her
life, and she had known some pretty lousy days in the preceding months.
She couldn't help recalling that hellish day.

It had been a Saturday, and Stephanie had awakened her about 10 a.m.
"Come on, s*s, I want to take you to the mall and get you a birthday
present," Steph had said. Of course, when Stephanie said she wanted to
take Tiffany to the mall, what she really meant was Tiffany would drive
little Stephie. But that was OK, the beautiful teenager thought as she
rose, because Stephanie had not been nearly as rough on her as Tiffany
had thought she would be after the incident with her cousin and his

Tiffany got ready, pulling on jeans and a T-shirt, fixing her hair and
makeup, downing a couple of cups of coffee as she primped. "Come on,
come on, let's go," Stephanie begged. Tiffany told her she needed to
use the bathroom before they left, but Stephanie ratcheted up her
pleading to go now, immediately, and she told Tiffany that she could
use the restroom when they got to the mall. Tiffany decided she didn't
really need to go all that bad, and the two girls took off the the
shopping mall.

"Park over there next to Penny's," Stephanie said when they pulled into
the parking lot. Tiffany figured it had something to do with her
birthday, although she hoped Stephanie wasn't going to buy her
something from JC Pennys. She wouldn't be caught dead in such a
declasse store, let alone wearing something from the store.

Tiffany wheeled her Miata into a parking space and turned off the
ignition. She felt, rather than saw, a shadow behind her, blocking the
sun. When she turned and looked back, she saw a huge black Lincoln
Navigator SUV, and her stomach did a flip-flop. She knew that van. It
was Roger White's. Stephanie had set her up!

"You fucking bitch! You set me up! On my fucking birthday!" Tiffany
screamed at her younger s****r, who just smiled a sweet, innocent
little smirk back at her. Tiffany heard a rapping at her window, and
saw Roger White standing there. With his van blocking her in, there was
no escape, so she rolled down the window.

"Happy birthday, Tiffany!" Mr. White exclaimed. "Stephie here tells me
you're 17 today. One of my favorite songs is that old Beatles song, you
know? And he began to sing in a leering tone of voice:

"Well she was just 17,
You know what I mean ...."

"Yup, I know what he means, Tiffany," White continued. "Stephie thought
up a little present she wanted to give you for your birthday, but she
needed my help to pull it off."

"Go away," Tiffany said coldly. "We had a deal. I gave you Stephie to
be your little sex slave, and you were gonna leave me alone. Remember?

"And I have," White replied. "But you and Stephie had a deal, that you
would be HER sex slave. So Stephie, why don't you start telling your
older s****r what you want. Or else I can leave and start mailing out
copies of that great video we made of you, Tiff. First one to dad at
work, second one to mom at home, third one to grandma and grandpa..."

"OK! OK! OK!" Tiffany said. She felt sick. And it didn't help that she
needed to pee.

"Here, this will settle your stomach," White said, and he pulled a 7-11
Big Gulp from behind his back and gave it to Tiffany.

"No thanks," Tiffany said.

"Take it, s*s," ordered Stephanie. "Take it and drink it all down,
right here, right now. Or Grandpa will have a heart attack when he sees
you giving rimjobs on that video."

The sweet young cheerleader reluctantly took the drink and began
sipping it. White and Stephie watched, and she drank and drank. It
seemed like it would never end, but finally she finished all 40 ounces
of the massive cola.

"OK, let's go, s*s," said Stephanie, and the three of them - Tiffany
and Stephanie Daniels and Roger White - walked into the mall. The two
co- conspirators stopped in front of a store called Teazers that
specialized in upscale, trendy clothes for girls, the sort of place she
might shop, Tiffany thought, if she was a slut.

"Your birthday present is that you get to make your modeling debut,"
Stephie told her. "Have you ever seen those real mannequins in store
windows? They hire people to stand in the front window and stand
perfectly still without moving. It draws a crowd to the store. Well,
Mr. White talked to the manager of Teazers and told him he had a
beautiful model who would work for free on a Saturday afternoon. And
guess what - you're it!"

On the scale of torments that White and her s****r could have come up
with in a mall, Tiffany thought this wasn't that bad. "Alright," she
told them, "I'll do it one two conditions. First, that's all I'm doing
today at the mall. Second, I really, really have to go to the bathroom
first. My bladder is about to burst!"

"Tiffy sweetheart," Steph told her sweetly, "you're not making the
conditions. We are. You can go to the bathroom after you're done
modeling. Now let's get you dressed!" she added cheerfully.

Stephanie got the clothes White had reserved, and the two s****rs went
into the dressing room. "Strip!" Stephanie ordered, and soon Tiffany
stood meekly naked. The first thing Stephanie did was pull out a
lipstick and smear it onto Tiffany's luscious lips - a bright, whorish
scarlet. Then the younger girl dabbed the lipstick lightly onto
Tiffany's nipples, which were starting to stand up like little pencil
erasers in the cold dressing room.

"Stop that!" Tiffany hissed.

"If you don't shut up and follow orders exactly," Stephanie replied
calmly, I'm gonna have Mr. White go get you another Big Gulp." That was
all it took for Tiffany to submit.

Stephie then pulled two small dildoes out of her purse, along with a
jar of cold cream. She dipped one dildo in the cream, and pushed it up
into Tiffany's tender young pussy. It was short but wide, and Stephanie
kept pushing until the end of the vibrator wil flush with Tiffany's
pink labia. Then Stephie pushed a button on the end, and the pink
rubber invader began to vibrate inside her!

Tiffany bit her lip, knowing that she couldn't protest. Stephanie
repeated the process with a slightly smaller vibrator up inside
Tiffany's rectum, pushing it in so that no part protruded. Once both
vibrators were buzzing away merrily inside Tiffany, her s****r have her
a pair of white cotton panties which she put on, followed by a very,
very short white miniskirt. The blouse Stephanie gave her was white,
but very sheer; as Tiffany held it to the light, she could see right
through it. She knew that once it was on, her breasts would be
completely visible to everyone, and the nipples, covered with bright
red lipstick, would be screaming for the crowd's attention. To finish
the ensemble, Stephanie gave her a pair of white stiletto heels that
must have been 5 inches high.

"Oh, God, Stephanie, please, I can't, I just can't," Tiffany began to
babble, but her sadistic little s****r cut her short by pressing one
hand against Tiffany's bladder and smiling. The pressure on her bladder
suddenly made her need to urinate excruciating. The cheerleader got the

Walking through Teazers was hell for Tiffany, dressed in such a slutty
outfit. Stephanie led her to the display window, and helped her climb
in, then climbed in after her. All that was in the window was a large
white box made of wood, a cube about two feet high. "Climb up,"
Stephanie ordered. Tiffany started to sit on the cube, but Stephanie
began to pose her just the ways she wanted.

When she was done being posed like a store mannequin, Tiffany looked
out through the window. She was squatting on top of the box, facing
outward. Her knees had been placed wide apart, so that her white
panties were on display. The squatting position in the high heels was
terribly uncomfortable. Her balance was precarious and she felt as if
she would tip over if she wasn't careful. Already her legs were
beginning to ache. And of course, her bladder was somewhat squished by
the awkward pose, which made her desire to piss even more urgent!

And all the while, the vibrators in her pussy and asshole were
buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. The cold cream had started to heat up after
all that contact with Tiffany's warm, moist, inner membranes, and the
double- stuffing was starting to actually feel pretty sexy, Tiffany
admitted to herself grudgingly.

"Now here's the deal, s*s," Stephanie said. "You have to hold this pose
for one hour. You are not allowed to move. If you move, other than to
blink, I will add five minutes to your time. If you stand up, or even
try to stand up, I'll add an hour to your time. See ya."

Before she left the window, Stephanie pressed Play on a small CD boom
box that White had put in the window, and adjusted the volume so that
it wouldn't be heard in the store or out in the mall. Tiffany heard a
song she had never heard before start to play.

"Relax don't do it
When you want to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come."

The beautiful schoolgirl's cheeks burned with fury at her s****r and
humiliation at her predicament. Everyone walking by could see her firm,
ripe 36C breasts jutting forth in the sheer top, and the bright red
nipples that crowned them. Her legs were splayed wide, exposing her

The teenaged boys started gathering first. Tiffany looked out and saw
three or four standing at the window staring at her. Then one left and
came back quickly, accompanied by six or seven more. Soon there were
about 12 teenaged boys jostling for the best view at the window.
Tiffany could see them pointing at her nipples and snickering to one
another. Some would squat down lower to get an even better angle up her
skirt at her exposed crotch.

Her legs were killing her. The squatting position was terribly
uncomfortable, even for a young cheerleader with resilient, well-
trained muscles. Her thighs ached, her calves burned, and even her
Achilles tendons throbbed with pain. On top of that, there was the
never-ending pressure in her bladder. To stop herself from peeing,
Tiffany squeezed the muscles in her pussy, trying to keep her urethra
closed. But when she squeezed those muscles, they clamped down on the
little vibrator jammed up her twat, and that increased the tingling,
sexy sensation it gave her.

Soon some middle-aged men joined the boys out front. Some of the boys
were adjusting the crotches, moving their erections inside their baggy,
low-hanging jeans. They leered at her and made little kissing motions
with their mouths. One boy left, then came back a few minutes later
with one of those instant cameras they sell at d**g stores. He started
firing off flash pictures, leaning in close to frame Tiffany's white
panties in one shot, her grimly contorted face in the next. The crowd
laughed along with the young photographer.

Stephanie had pushed Replay on the boom box, and the song kept
repeating, over and over.
"Relax don't do it
When you want to come
When you want to come
Relax don't do it
When you want to to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come."

Tiffany realized that she did want to cum. The small vibrators up her
ass and cunt were driving her mad now with their incessant
stimulation, and the poor 16-year-old girl felt that an orgasm would be
wonderful. But of course, she couldn't allow herself to do it, because
if she came, even if she could keep from moving, it would probably
unleash a torrent of urine streaming out of her. As bad as this was,
humiliation would be far worse.

Lost in her reverie of misery, Tiffany inadvertently started to topple
to one side, and put out a hand to catch herself. Looking up, she saw
that Stephanie had pushed her way to the front of the throng outside
the display window and held up a sign that read "Five more minutes
added." Tiffany hated her s****r at that moment, at the diabolical way
she had set up this most public humiliation.

"God, I need to pee," she thought. "God, I want to cum. God, I hate my
s****r. Pee, cum, s****r. Pee, cum, s****r." She felt feverish, dizzy,
her legs were locked in pain and she might not even be able to stand up
when she was finally released.

Just then the song ("Relax," by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) stopped.
Thank you, Jesus, Tiffany thought. But Stephanie popped into the store
window and replaced it with another CD. "Half an hour down, 35 minutes
to go," she told Tiffany cheerfully. "Here's something different to
listen to."

The CD began, and Tiffany heard the sound of rushing water. It
sounded like a waterfall. But it didn't end. It went on and on, the
gushing, rushing sound of water. Tiffany realized it was one of those
relaxation CDs people buy to fall asl**p by, nothing but recording of
nature sounds that are supposed to be soothing. But this was the
opposite of soothing. The sound of the flowing water, going on and on,
made her need to pee so badly that tears came to her eyes. She wanted
to clamp her knees together to keep herself from having an accident,
wetting herself in front of the crowd of ugly, leering males, but she
wasn't allowed to. Stephanie would just add more time if she did that,
and she'd never get to a bathroom.

Two black teenagers had joined the crowd and pushed to the front. They
eyeballed Tiffany openly, wide grins on their faces. Tiffany saw them
reach down to their crotches to touch themselves, but rather than doing
it subtly like some of the other boys did, the two brazenly rubbed
their hard-ons through their pants. Tiffany could see the enormous
bulges, and couldn't help but think of Old Joe Black, the school
janitor, with his massive cock that had made her cum over and over.

The minutes ticked by, slower and slower. Her back ached as well as her
legs, which were now sheer agony. She thought her bladder would
explode, literally, killing her and drenching the window display in her
hot piss. Oh God, she prayed silently, please let this end. I can't
stand it. The CD gurgled and burbled, tormenting her with the sound of
free- flowing water.

Finally, when the Anna Kournikova lookalike was ready to say Fuck it
and take her chances just bolting from the display window and running
through the mall, Stephanie popped in. "Time's up, s*s. Nice job. You
sure drew a crowd of appreciative shoppers. Would you like to stay
another hour?"

"No! God, no. Help me up, Stephanie. I don't know if I can stand." The
14-year-old slut helped her older s****r up, and Tiffany's joints
screamed as they unbent from their tortured position. She climbed out
of the display window and without saying a word to Stephanie ran out of
Teazers, still wearing the store''s clothes, and sprinted through the
mall on her high heels, looking for a rest room. People stopped and
stared at the beautiful teenager, her large breasts bobbing like mad
inside the transparent top, as she ran.

A few minutes later, she had peed, removed the two vibrators, and
changed back into her jeans and T-shirt at Teazers. It felt so good to
have an empty bladder and be done with her public humiliation that she
didn't even blink when Roger White told her he was horny from watching
her and that he needed a blow job once they got to his van in the
parking lot. The tormented youngster took out her principal's cock and
engulfed it with her moist mouth, and sucked and jacked the older man
in the back seat of the Lincoln Navigator as if she were a porno star.
He shot reams of hot salty spunk into the back of her throat while
holding her head in his hands, and Tiffany Daniels dutifully swallowed
it all down, while her little s****r watched.

The entire memory of that day had taken just a few moments to flash
through Tiffany's mind as she drove. As awful as it had been, it was
over, and behind her. She was getting away from Beverly, where there
were too many people who lived to torment and abuse her, and headed for
Pi Kappa Upsilon, where she could spend a weekend where no one knew her
sordid past.

Tiffany turned off the Interstate and followed the map they had sent
her through Austin and onto the campus, and soon found herself outside
the Pi Kappa Upsilon house, an incredible mansion with large white
pillars on the front. Classes had only started the week before, but the
house was full of girls on a Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock, a
collection of the most ravishing, heart-breaking (and in some cases,
ball-breaking) college coeds ever assembled under one roof. Tiffany
stood in the foyer as the older girls streamed past, ignoring her.

"Hello?" she said, nervously. "Hi, I'm Tiffany..."



A brunette in a tight tank top and soccer shorts strolled past, inches
away from Tiffany, and didn't even turn to look at her. The schoolgirl
couldn't know it, but this was the way the girls of Pi Kappa Upsilon
treated virtually everyone they didn't know - as if they didn't exist.
It was completely possible that Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio could have
walked in naked and the girls of PKU would barely have sniffed.

Finally an older coed came down the staircase and greeted her. "Hi, I'm
Amy, I'm in charge of the seniors weekend. You must be one of our
visiting high school seniors." Amy was short, a red-head, with a
perfect body and the kind of tan you only got spending several hundred
dollars in a salon. Tiffany knew she was in the right place: Snob

"Hi, I'm Tiffany Daniels from Beverly," she said, relieved to finally
have her presence acknowledged. "What a beautiful house you have."

"Thanks. We like it. Welcome to PKU. Grab your bag and follow me." She
walked back up the winding staircase, and Tiffany grabbed her Gucci
overnighter and purse and followed dutifully. At the top, Amy opened a
door and ushered Tiffany into a room where two other girls were sitting
on a twin bed.

"This is Andy and this is Porsche," she said. "They're also visiting
seniors like you. It's just you three here with us this weekend."

"Portia like the Shakespeare character?" Tiffany asked, glad that she
had paid attention in English Lit.

"No, Porsche like the car. My daddy named me," said the teenager, who
was every bit as beautiful as Tiffany.

Amy left the three high school seniors alone, and they got down to
nervous chatter. They quickly found out that all three were the
uncrowned princesses of their respective high schools, but they all
admitted, gratefully to one another, that being here at the most
coveted sorority in all of Texas made them really, really nervous.

They decided that dressing up couldn't hurt their image, and soon all
three were pulling nice dresses out of their luggage. Andy wore a short
sundress with a floral print, Porsche a crisp white blouse and black
miniskirt, and Tiffany a black knee-length dress with a slit all the
way up one side exposing her right thigh, as was the fashion of the
moment. The dress fit her curvy, rounded figure very tightly,
provocatively even, clinging to the mounds of her breasts and the
swell of her teenaged hips, but since this was a weekend for girls
only, she wasn't worried about turning on any guys and having them come
on to her.

Soon they were called for dinner, and after dinner was finished, Amy
stood up at the long table in the dining room. "I'd like to welcome our
three visitors to Pi Kappa Upsilon tonight," she began. "This is Andy,
and this is Tiffany, and this is Porsche. Everyone please make these
girls at home, and be as nice as you know how to be. Keep in mind these
girls are all still in high school, and for all we know may still be

At this last comment, the 30 girls in the dining room burst into
laughter. Tiffany blushed, as did Andy and Porsche, and all three
started to look around the room but then just looked down. They weren't
used to having people mock them, and didn't like it one bit, but these
coeds were so much older and more experienced.

"In keeping with tradition, let's break out some wine and all go into
the game room for a nice round of Truth or Dare," said Amy above the
clamor, and the sorority s****rs all strenuously agreed. Tiffany
thought that a little wine would be nice to calm her down, but she
really wasn't wild about playing Truth or Dare with a bunch of college
girls. That game could dangerous enough among schoolgirls, but she had
a feeling this bunch might play for slightly higher stakes.

The sorority girls left the dinner for the staff to clean up and
gathered in the game room, a huge, high-ceilinged room full of couches,
love seats and chairs. A pool table was behind one couch, and along one
wall was a line of video games and pinball machines. The girls all sat
on couches, and beckoned Tiffany, Andy and Porsche to sit down on three
folding chairs, the least comfortable chairs in the room. It occurred
to Tiffany that even though the coeds were being nice on the surface,
they never missed a chance to put the high school girls in their place.

"Before we begin, let me explain to our three newcomers here about the
rules of Truth or Dare, even if they've played before. We play for
real, not for funsies. If you say you'll take a dare, you will take
that dare no matter what. I don't care if the Dare is to stand in a
bucket of water and stick your finger in a light socket, you'll do it.
Same with the Truth. If you say you'll tell the truth, you'll tell the
truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

"Now what happens if you don't? It's simple. If you refuse a dare, or
if you are caught lying, you will be asked to leave immediately. You
will be blackballed from Pi Kappa Upsilon forever. Not only will we
blackball you from this house, but we will let the word get around to
our s****r houses here on campus that you are either a coward or a
liar, that basically you don't have the right stuff to be a sorority
s****r. Maybe one of the Loser Houses will take you in, the ones that
have a 10 p.m. curfew and all the girls have 3.5 averages. These are
the ones that the guys on campus refer to as "Kennels," because the
girls are all dogs.

"So!" Amy took a breath after her speech. "Are you girls ready to
play?" And she fixed a piercing stare on Tiffany, Andy and Porsche, as
did the other girls of PKU.

Tiffany wasn't sure what her two new friends were feeling, but she was
terrified. They'd said there wouldn't be any hazing on this weekend,
and while this didn't really qualify as hazing, it sure wasn't relaxing
and friendly, either. There was an ugly, taunting tone to the evening,
and Tiffany didn't like it, but what could she do? What choice did she
have? If she said she didn't want to play, she knew she would instantly
be branded as a weenie, a fraidy-cat, and probably blackballed. She
took a sip of white wine from the glass in front of her, then another
bigger sip, and then drained the large glass, for courage. She would
play, and let them throw at her what they would!

"I'll go first," said one of the s****rs. She rose from the couch,
and Tiffany saw she was an Amazon, a six-foot-tall blonde who obviously
worked out. She was poured into a tight red minidress, and her bare
legs seemed to go on forever.

"Porsche," said the Amazon, "the girl who's named for a car." The PKU
s****rs all snickered. "Truth or dare."

"Uh, truth," stammered Porsche nervously. Tiffany was at least glad to
see she wasn't the only one who was anxious.

"OK," said the tall coed. "Little Missie Porsche, please tell is about
the first blow job you ever gave to a boy. In detail. Including whether
you swallowed."

"Oh, God," whispered Porsche. She had turned beet red, blushing from
shame. Tiffany was so glad it wasn't her.

"Uh, OK, uh, uh, the first blow job I ever gave ..."

"Why don't you stand up at attention while you tell us all?" suggested
the Amazon with a cruel smile, reveling in the high school girls'
discomfort. Porsche stood.

"The first blow job I ever gave was to this guy I liked when I was a
freshman. His name was Tommy, and we weren't really dating or anything,
but he was over at my house studying one night, and my parents weren't
home, and he started giving me a back rub, and then we started making
out. And before I knew it he had his fly unzipped and he pulled out
his, uh, his thing, and started begging me to kiss it. And I, like,
kind of liked him, and so I did, and then he told me to put my mouth
around it, and I did it, and he started moaning and going Oh yeah,
baby, suck that cock, suck it baby, and so I did, and pretty soon he
started shooting his, uh, stuff, you know, into my mouth, and it was
really gross, so I tried to get my head back but he was holding me in
place. So when he was done, like cumming, you know, he let my head go
and I spit all his stuff out. And he thanked me and said that was
really great, and so every night he wanted to come over and study, but
what he really wanted was to come over and get, you know, a blow job,
and I gave him a few but I decided I was better than that and stopped,
and we kind of broke up."

Porsche was huffing and puffing when she finished and Tiffany
thought she was going to cry. The girls of PKU broke into applause,
though, loud and sustained, and Porsche's sad face instantly broke into
a big grin. She had pleased them! She had done well!

The game continued. One of the coeds said she would do a dare, and
she was dared to take her underpants off, stuff them into her mouth,
and sit like that for the rest of the evening. She obeyed, to general
laughter. Another girl said she'd go for truth, and was asked if she'd
ever had sex with a professor to get a better grade, and told a story
that was much more coherent, and much sexier, than Porsche's. Tiffany
found herself getting turned on, and also getting a little d***k as she
finished off her second large glass of wine.
Another dare, from one sorority s****r, was to strip stark naked,
go out on the front yard of the PKU House, and do jumping jacks for
five minutes while yelling "Look at me! Look at me!" The victim
protested a little, but then stripped off her jeans, shirt and
underwear and ran out the front door. The girls all gathered at the
windows and watched her, naked and jumping, her breasts bouncing and
jiggling like mad, as cars slowed down in the street and honked their
horns and college boys hooted at her.

God, thought Tiffany, there is no way I could possibly do that.

Back in the room, Amy spoke up. "Tiffany, your turn. Truth or Dare."

With the image of the naked girl outside on display and all the boys
yelling at her, Tiffany blurted out: "Truth!"

"Very good," said Amy. "Tell us how you lost your virginity."

Tiffany paused. She knew exactly how she had lost her virginity - she
had been ****d by her 13-year-old cousin Matthew a few months ago in
his backyard while his gross little friends held her down and taunted
her. That had been the first dick that had ever been inside her pussy.
How could she possibly tell these strangers that she had not only been
****d, but by her own cousin? She couldn't. She just couldn't. No one
would know if she made up a convincing story, so Tiffany took a breath
and began:

"I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last year when we were juniors.
He was on the football team and I'm a cheerleader, and after we won the
Homecoming game we went out with some friends and we were drinking."
Yeah, thought Tiffany, this is sounding good. "Then when he drove me
home, my parents weren't home so I asked him to come on in, and he did,
and we were a little tipsy, and before you know it, we were upstairs in
my bed, and we did it."

"More details, please!" said Amy.

"OK, uh, it hurt a little bit but not too much," Tiffany improvised. "I
was wet cause he'd gone down on me, and I was really horny. I was
scared but I really wanted him to. And he came and I came and afterward
he told me that he loved me and he'd never forget this night."

Tiffany was quiet. So was the room. There was no spontaneous
applause like there had been for Porsche.

"BRAAAAATT!" It was Amy, making a sound like a game-show buzzer, the
kind that signals when you've given a wrong answer. "Ladies of PKU, I'm
afraid that our guest, Miss Tiffany Daniels, has told a lie during
Truth or Dare!" The announcement was greeted with an angry buzz from
the other girls.

Tiffany blushed, and knew that somehow she had been caught. But she had
no choice but to bluff her way through. "No, that's the truth!" she
yelped, her voice high with anxiety.

"Oh is it now?" retorted Amy. "Before you arrived, a letter came to
this house. It was from your s****r, Stephanie, and it spelled out, in
great detail, your sexual adventures over the last few months. We all
particularly liked the bit where the black janitor fucked you up the
ass in the school cafeteria!" The room exploded with mocking, derisive
laughter, as Tiffany hung her head in shame. Andy and Porsche, not
wanting to be associated with her, moved away subtly.

"Oh, God, no, it's not what you think," pleaded Tiffany. "I was
d**gged, and I was blackmailed. These men used me. I didn't want to.
And then my cousin and his friends did the same, cause they had the
video to blackmail me with. It's not my fault!"

"And we might have understood," Amy fired back. "But the fact remains
that you lied during Truth or Dare. AND NO PI KAPPA UPSILON EVER LIES
TO HER s****rS, YOU SNOTTY LITTLE BITCH!" Suddenly Amy was shouting at
her, and Tiffany felt she was about to burst into tears.

"Girls, I think it's time we sent Tiffany Lying Bitch Daniels packing
back to her podunk little high school. And we'll tell every sorority on
campus what happened here tonight. All in favor?"

"No!" shouted Tiffany. "Please don't. Please! I'll do anything. How can
I make it up to you?"

The game room was silent. "Hmm," said Amy. "An interesting offer.
Ladies, she says she'll do anything to get back in our good graces. I
think there's a certain object that needs retrieving, and maybe our
little Tiffany is just the person to retrieve it." Several coeds
giggled and nudged one another.

"What do you want me to do?" Tiffany asked nervously.

"We want you to steal a fraternity paddle," said Amy. Tiffany noticed
several college girls high-fiving each other as she said it. "It hangs
in the kitchen of the Rho Alpha Tau house, which is just two blocks
down the street. We have a little ongoing rivalry with the Rho Alpha
Taus, or the RATs as everyone on campus calls them. And if we could get
their paddle to display on our homecoming float, it would be the talk
of the Greeks!" Several girls applauded.

"I... I don't know," said Tiffany. "It sounds kinda dangerous. What if
they catch me trying to steal their paddle?"

"We'll take care of that, girlfriend," said Amy, who was becoming more
chummy by the minute. "We'll create a diversion by getting all the RATs
out of the RAT-house. Then you sneak in the back door, grab the paddle
off the wall of the kitchen, and run back here. You'll be guaranteed a
place in Pi Kappa Upsilon, and we'll even let you sit on the throne on
the homecoming float. That's an honor that usually goes to a senior."

Tiffany was torn. She wanted so badly to be accepted, and not to be
blackballed by every sorority on campus. But the thought of sneaking
into a fraternity house at night to steal their paddle terrified her.
She knew if she were caught .... No, she couldn't let herself think
about what would happen if she got caught.

"I'll do it," she said with fake bravery. "But you have to get all
the frat boys out of the house."

"That will be the easiest part," said Amy, and she picked up a
cordless phone. After punching in a few numbers, she said in a
seductive little schoolgirl voice, "Hello, RAT house? This is Amy
Clarke at Pi Kappa Upsilon. Who's this? Hi, Randy. Nice name, by the
way, and kind of a coincidence, Randy. See, we were sitting around this
evening and feeling kind of randy ourselves. Probably drank too many
margaritas." Amy giggled, the continued. "Anyway, we were sitting here
getting smashed, and some of us changed into out nighties, and we were
wanting a little male company, and somebody suggested calling you RATs,
but then somebody else said you guys were all a bunch of faggots."

Amy paused. "What? You're not a bunch of faggots? Really? Well gee,
Randy, how could we prove that? You're coming over? Yeah, sure, you
guys can come over. Bring the whole house. Make it in about 10 minutes.
I'll try to make sure nobody gets naked before you get here. Bye-bye,

She hung up, and the room again exploded in wild laughter. "Well, that
was easy enough," Amy snickered. "OK, all the pledges, start locking
the doors and putting plywood up at the windows. When those RATS get
here they're gonna be sporting hard-ons like battering rams, and God
forbid those scuz-buckets actually get in. Tiffany, come in with me,

Without thinking, Tiffany followed Amy up the stairs, two at a time,
into Amy's room. The older girl whipped out a nightgown and said,
"Here, put this on!"

"Why?" asked Tiffany. "Why do I have to wear a nightgown to steal a
fraternity paddle?"

"How about because I fucking said so!?!" Amy snarled. "You're not
exactly in a position to negotiate. Now put the nightgown on or when
the RAT boys show up, we'll throw you out the front door naked. It'll
be like throwing a pork chop into a kennel!"

Trembling, confused, desperate to make things right, Tiffany
stripped off her dress and put the white nightgown on, never even
taking her sandals off In her haste,. she didn't even notice how thin
the nightie was, how it bordered on transparent if the light was right.
Her opaque bra was clearly visible underneath, as were her white cotton
Amy pulled her by the hand back down the stairs and out the back door
of the PKU house. Together they ran through the back yards of several
frat and sorority houses, till Amy stopped. "This is it, the RAT
house," she said. "There's the door. Wait till you hear them leave and
oh! There they are!"

Tiffany could hear whoops and hollers coming from the front as the
fraternity boys poured out of the house, headed toward PKU.

"Do it!" said Amy, and shoved Tiffany.

The high school girl ran for the door, flung it open, and found herself
in a dark room. She groped for a lightswitch, found one, and flicked it
on. It was the kitchen. And there, on the wall, hung a long wooden
paddle with the Greek letters Rho Alpha Tau burned into it. This was
going to be easy, she thought. She was going to do it!

Tiffany stood on tiptoe and pulled the paddle down off the nail. She
tucked it under her arm and turned.

"Hold it right there!" said a voice. A male voice. Tiffany whirled and
saw five fraternity b*****rs, big, hulking young men in cut-off jeans
and T-shirts, standing in the doorway.

"Where do you think you're going, sweetie?"

Tiffany started to run, but the boys were quicker. They leaped
forward and grabbed her instantly, wrenching the paddle from her hands
and pinning her arms behind her back. Tiffany struggled, but the
violent shaking of her body did not dislodge the iron grip on her arms.
Instead, it just made her impressive young breasts sway violently from
side to side, which all the frat boys noticed.

"A.J., this little cunt was stealing our paddle," said one guy.

"Fuckin' A, Howie, I think she needs a lesson."

"I think she needs more than a lesson, Nick. I think she needs a little
kielbasa injection."

"Dudes, hold it a second," said A.J. "The bros are gonna be back sooner
or later. The question on the floor is: Do we want to share Little Miss
Paddle-Thief with 20 other guys, or just keep her for ourselves?"

"Please, just let me go," begged Tiffany."

"Not an option, cutie-pie," said A.J. "But I'm negotiating in your best
interest, as to whether you get gang-banged by five guys or 25 guys. So
shut up and pay attention, cunt."

"How do we keep her for ourselves?" asked Kevin.

"Easy, dudes," said A.J. "Road trip!"

'ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!" the five RATs chanted.

"Brian, go fire up the RAT-mobile," ordered A.J. "Kevin, go get that
Mason jar on the shelf in the pledge room, you know the one I mean.
It's road trip time, guys. Just the five of us and little miss.. what's
your name, Paddle-Thief?"

"Tiffany. Tiffany Daniels. Please, my daddy is very rich and if you'll
let me go now, I could get some of his money, a lot of money..."

"That's enough, Tiffany. I got my whole life to make money. Tonight,
I'm gonna paddle me some sweet ass till it's as raw as hamburger, and
then I'm gonna fuck me some sweet pussy till it's as as raw as your
ass. And then when I'm done, it'll be Nick's turn. Then Brian, then
Howie, then Nick. We're goin' on a road trip, baby!"

A.J. grabbed a full bottle of tequila off the kitchen table, then
opened a drawer and pulled out a Ziploc bag that Tiffany knew was full
of marijuana.

Tiffany shuddered, terrified. She was alone, clad in only a thin
nightgown, being manhandled and threatened by five strong, hormone-
driven, pumped-up young men.

And the night, like Tiffany, was young.



"Please don't do this. Please don't do this," Tiffany said over and
over, numbly.

"Let's get her naked!" yelled Howie, and there was a chorus of
agreement. Tiffany felt the nightie being lifted roughly over her head.
Her bra was unsnapped and pulled away, and she was ordered to step out
of her panties or face a severe paddling on the spot. She obeyed,

"Dudes, hold it," said A.J. "Let's hang on just a sec. You, stand as
still as a statue," he ordered Tiffany. "If you move a muscle, I won't
just paddle your ass, I'll use the handle to fuck your ass."

He pulled the other four - Nick, Brian, Howie and Kevin, a few feet

"Let's not get carried away," he said in a low voice. "I'm really not
into r****g this chick. That's a little harsh. On the other hand, if we
give her enough tequila and reefer, maybe she'll get so fucked up that
she'll do us willingly. Then, God forbid, if something happens and this
gets out, we'll say she wanted it, and we can pass a lie detector.

The other RAT members nodded. Not the brightest boys on the nuances of
the law, it sounded like a good plan to them.

"So let's stop treating her like shit, but still take her along with
us, and we'll all get some pussy, and everything will be cool. OK?" The
others nodded again.

They turned as a group to the cowering teenager, who had not moved.
"Let's go for a ride, sweetie," Kevin said nicely. They gave her back
her nightgown, but not her underwear, formed a mass of horny male flesh
around her, and walked as a group to the car.

The RAT-mobile was a 1982 Cadillac Seville, its lemon-yellow paint
job peeling badly. It was one ugly car.

Kevin pushed her into the backseat of the Cadillac. A.J., who
appeared to be the leader of the group, got behind the wheel, with Nick
and Brian in the front seat with him. Kevin and Howie got into the
backseat with Tiffany, sitting on either side of her, so the poor
teenaged schoolgirl was sandwiched in the middle between the two beefy
young men. Instantly, Tiffany thought of another car trip long ago,
when Roger White, her principal, had driven her to the mall, and other
men from the school had trapped her in the backseat and taken horrible
liberties with her, playing with her and teasing her. She knew, with a
sinking feeling of nausea, that history was due to repeat itself.

"You know who she looks like?" asked A.J,. "She looks like that tennis
playing chick."

"Hingis?" said Nick.

"No, not Hingis, that Ann chick."

"Venus Williams?" said Nick.

"Venus Williams is black, you fuckin moron," said A.J.. "Anna
Kournikova. She looks like Anna Kournikova."

"More like Anna Horny-kova" said Howie. "And speakin' of horny, I've
got some wood that's about to bust my jockeys. How about if I get Miss
Tiffany Horny-kova here to put a lip lock on my love muscle while we
drive?" He unzipped his jeans shorts and hauled out his erection, and
Tiffany gasped. Please, God, this wasn't happening to her."

"Hang on, Howie," said A.J. "First let's do a little doobie together,
get this road trip off to a good start." He was already driving away
from the University of Texas fraternity row. Tiffany's car, and the
girls of PKU, faded behind her as A.J. headed for the highway. Instead
of taking the Interstate, he got on a two-lane road out of town, one
that led to a state park about 30 minutes away. A.J. knew they could
rent a cabin there for the night, and the cabin would be very, very
private, with no one around to hear what was happening. If she wants to
fuck, fine, thought A.J. If she gets all prissy and we have to get
rough, no one will hear her screams.

A.J. passed Howie the bag of dope, and he quickly rolled a fat bomb and
lit it. The sweet, pungent smell of marijuana filled the car., Howie
took a toke and passed it to Tiffany.

"No thanks," she said.

"Take it, Tiffany," A.J. said with a slight edge to his voice. "I don't
want to hear the word 'No' or anything like it pass your lips again for
the rest of the night. Now I can turn this car around and go to a
police station and tell them how we caught you breaking and entering
and trying to steal stuff. And that will be the truth. Would Mommy and
Daddy like to come bail their girl out of jail tonight, and have her
explain what she was doing breaking into a frat house in a see-through
nightie? I don't think so. So we'll treat you nice, if you treat us
nice, and by that I mean going along with whatever we say. You got
that, you tasty little piece of ass?"

"Yes, sir," Tiffany said meekly. She thought about bolting from the
car, but it was moving and she was wedged in. The joint appeared at her
lips and she obediently took it and inhaled. She had only tried pot a
couple of times and she coughed.

"Here, wet your throat down, it won't hurt so bad." A.J. passed the
bottle of tequila back to Tiffany. She tried to take a tiny sip to
appease A.J., but Howie put his hand on the bottom of the bottle as she
tilted it up, and held it there, forcing her to swallow several large
gulps of the fiery alcohol.

The joint was passed and quickly returned to Tiffany, who toked it
again, followed by another blast of tequila. After the reefer was
smoked down, A.J. told his frat b*****rs that they weren't being
hospitable enough, and that the next joint should be for Tiffany alone.
Howei rolled it and lit and gave it to Tiffany. She wanted to throw it
down and stamp it out, but she knew she was in way, way over her head
with these boys, who could turn very nasty if they were crossed. She
puffed away on the big joint, knocking back a few more shots of

The guys were all laughing and talking loudly at this point, buzzed but
not wasted. A.J. had been smart not to let them smoke the second joint:
He wanted Tiffany Daniels blitzed out of her fucking mind, but he
wanted his b*****rs to be able to function.

"Can I ask a question?" Tiffany piped up. "How come you guys were sill
inside the RAT house instead of going over to the PKU house?"

"We're on in-house probation," explained Brian. "We fucked up, and our
punishment was we weren't allowed to go to the PKU house with the
others. But that's OK. It worked out for the best!" And everyone
laughed hysterically. Tiffany surprised herself by starting to giggle
as well.

The blonde schoolgirl had smoked more dope in the last 15 minutes of
the road trip than she had smoked in the rest of her life put together,
and she had downed considerably more tequila than she had ever had in
one sitting. What she didn't know - what not even the RAT boys knew -
was that the marijuana had been lightly dusted with methamphetamine.
The laughter in the Cadillac increased, and AJ had to concentrate to
keep the car in his lane.

Tiffany felt more relaxed than she ever had. "What the fuck," she told
herself, "I've been in worse spots than this. Call it an adventure,
Tiff, and don't worry about it." Her body felt warm and tingly, even
though she was clothed only in the thin cotton nightgown. Her bones
felt as if they were made of rubber, and she noticed she had slid her
butt down in the back seat, and in doing so, the shortie nightgown had
ridden well up on her thighs, almost to her crotch.

"Ooops," she giggled, ' 'scuse me, boys, I think I'm showin' a little
too much here." She started to pull the hem down, but felt strong warm
hands on her thighs. Instead of going down toward her knees, the
nightgown was being pushed up to her waist!

"Hey," she slurred, "what's goin' on? This nightie has a mind of its
own!" This caused another outburst of laughter from everyone. Tiffany's
heart was pounding; not from anxiety, but from the speed and the dope.
She felt so good, and if her nightie had a mind of its own, so fuckin'
what, she thought.

Mere seconds later she felt the hands on her pussy, caressing the soft
blonde pubic hair that grew there. She leaned her head back and closed
her eyes. It felt nice, she thought, very nice. She heard the sound of
a zipper, and then another. Her right hand was pulled in one direction,
and her left hand was pulled in the other, and each hand encountered
the same thing: a hot throbbing male erection jutting out of a zipper.

A part of her brain told her this was wrong, that she was in danger,
that no good could come of it, but it was no more meaningful to her
than a note on the refrigerator back home from her mother. She sighed,
and was glad when the male hands began to explore her pussy, pushing
aside the labia. Finally, one finger found her love button, the
glistening pink clitoris, and began to massage it gently.

"Oohh, yeah, that's the spot," she moaned, not ever realizing she was
speaking out loud. As if by magic, both of her hands seemed to be
working up and down on the hard cocks on either side of her, gliding up
and down the shafts. She heard the RAT boys moan and encourage her, and
she felt she should encourage them, so she said again, "Oh, yeah, oh
yeah, right there," as someone's finger - she didn't know whose -
rubbed her clit in little circles. Her pussy was getting wetter and
wetter, and hotter and hotter. She could also feel her nipples, and
they felt so big, like theu were going to explode. They felt like they
were pressing against the nightie, trying to push their way out into
the open. The dicks she was jacking off were also getting hotter and
hotter. But Tiffany was floating in a haze, almost a delirium, of d**g-
induced ecstasy.

The responsible part of her mind having shut down, Tiffany now
focused on her own clit, which felt so good. Was she doing that to
herself? She wasn't sure. She felt a mouth on a nipple, and knew she
wasn't doing that. Then suddenly there was a blinding flash of light
and she opened her eyes.

Brian was twisted around in the front seat of Caddy, aiming a camera
into the back seat. He clicked the button again, and another flash
exploded. The photos would probably be copied many times by the clerks
at Photo Lab: Tiffany Daniels, sexy 17-year-old high school
cheerleader, in the back seat of a car, her eyes closed in ecstasy, a
nightgown bunched around her waist, her legs spread and her pussy
exposed. A hand was on that pussy, and Tiffany's hands were jacking off
the cocks of Howie and Kevin on either side of her.

"Hey! Cut it out!" Tiffany hollered. It wasn't so much the fear of
having the photos in circulation, which barely occurred to the d***k
and d**g-addled teenager, as it was having the mood spoiled. Everything
had been so dark and warm and sexy and then the light had ruined it.
But the light was gone, so she closed her eyes again and began
mindlessly working on the dicks.

"Let's get some tunes," said A.J., and he turned on the radio and
began twisting the knob to find a station. After several seconds of
static and snatches of country music, a bopping beat filled the Caddy:

"Well she's sexy and s*******n
My little rock-roll queen
Acts a little bit obscene
Gotta let off a little steam
Dig that sound shake it around your mind , mind , mind."

In the backseat, Tiffany started bobbing her head up and down. She
recognized the tune, vaguely, as being by that group that Brian Setzer
used to be in before he did "Jump Jive and Wail" for the Gap TV
commercial. She couldn't think of the band's name, but it didn't
matter. It was like Brian was singing about her, sexy and 17. She was
sure feeling sexy. The relentless diddling of her little clit was
bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Her breathing was heavy, her
heart was pounding in rhythm to the song and the radio, and the d**gs
and booze made her feel like she was floating, flying, sexy and 17,
that was her, Tiffany Daniels, sexy and 17, she thought, her mind
rolling that single idea over and over.

"Aw, fuck!" she heard. AJ yell. Her mind registered it as another damn
interruption. But then she realized, as did all the boys, that the car
was slowing down.

"What's the matter?" asked Kevin.

"I think we're out of gas."

"Out of fuckin' gas? You mean now?" wailed Howie. He was high, speeding
a little, and getting a delicious hand job from a young girl. His hard-
on felt like it was about to burst. He did not want to hear about being
out of gas.

But they were. AJ guided the RAT-mobile to the side of the road, where
it coasted and then stopped.

"We passed a diner a couple hundreds yards back," AJ said. Although
feeling the effects of the intoxicants, he was the most sober and in
control. "Can you guys walk? How about Miss Horny-Kova back there?" As
soon as he said it, Tiffany and the two boys in back burst into
giggles. The name suddenly seemed very funny.

The five of them piled out of the car, taking deep breaths to try to
get their heads straight. The boys, being older and more experienced,
were soon relatively OK. AJ pulled a pack of gum out of his pants
pocket and gave a stick to each of the boys to mask the liquor on their
breath, but didn't give one to Tiffany, who didn't look like she'd be
able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Tiffany had smoked and
drank a great deal more than the boys, and she was having trouble
standing up. She swayed in the dark, her white cotton nightie making
her look like the sexiest ghost to ever walk the earth. Her nipples
bulged obscenely in the night air.

"Let's get walking back to the diner and call someone for gas," AJ
said. It quickly became apparent that Tiffany was too fucked up to
walk, so Howie and Kevin got on either side of her and looped her arms
over their shoulders to carry her. This had the effect of hiking the
nightie up to her waist again, and Tiffany was suddenly aware of the
cool night air blowing against her clit. The hood over that important
organ had pulled back to allow more stimulation, and now it was open to
the elements. It occurred to Tiffany that she should cover up, that
this was wrong, that she didn't know where she was or who these boys
were. But the breeze felt good against her pussy, and she forgot these
thoughts. The young men supporting her felt warm and strong, and she
enjoyed the feeling of being partly carried, as if they were protecting

The quintet arrived at the diner, which was open. There were several
pick-up trucks parked out front. It occurred to AJ that this might be a
redneck hangout, and that walking in here as stoned frat boys carrying
a nearly naked girl might just lead to trouble. But what choice did
they have? They walked up to the door, pushed it open, and walked in.

The lights hurt their eyes after walking in darkness, and Tiffany
squeezed hers shut. Dammit, she thought in her fucked-up way, she kept
getting used to the dark and then there was light. She'd just keep her
eyes closed, she decided.


Conversation stopped inside the diner as the five young people stood in
the entry. "May I help you?" said a waitress nearby.

"We need to use your phone, ma'am," AJ said, the soul of politeness.
"We ran out of gas."

"What's her problem?" asked the waitress, whose nametag said Denise.

"She, uh, had a little too much to drink," said A.J. "We're trying to
get her home safely."

"I'm sexy and 17," sang Tiffany, in a trance-like voice. "I'm a little
rock 'n' roll queen."

"Well, you better get her home," said Denise. ñLookit the way she's
dressed, like some sort of little slut. The phone's in the back. I'm
just getting off my shift, but if you want any food, Sam the cook is
staying. Why don't you take a booth near the back?"

Nick, Brian, Howie, A.J., Kevin and Tiffany walked through the
diner. There were a handful of couples, men and women, eating late-
night breakfasts and drinking coffee. On the far side of the room was a
pool table, and two young men with tattooed arms were shooting a game.
Sam the cook, a burly man with a large gut and a stained apron, stood
at the counter, his back to the kitchen, watching the five frat boys
and the zonked-out beautiful girl make their way through his diner.

A.J. went to the back hall where the pay phone was, and the others
found an empty booth. All four of the boys wanted to sit next to
Tiffany, which wasn't possible. But after some Three Stooges-style
jostling, Brian and Howie won. Brian slid in first, then Tiffany, then
Howie, with Kevin and Nick facing them in the booth. Denise took their
orders, and they ordered five hot dogs, five Cokes and five baskets of
french fries.

Soon A.J. came back and slid into the booth alongside Kevin and Nick.
ñI called the RAT-house.," he told the others. "You aren't gonna
believe this. Those fuckin' PKU girls were just raggin' our asses. The
guys got there and the girls had the place all locked up and wouldn't
open the door. They sat inside and yelled that they were callin' the
cops. So the guys all went back to the house without gettin' any pussy.
They figured out it was just a decoy to get them out of the house so
they could send Miss Horny-Kova to steal the paddle. But they didn't
count on us staying."

"So are they coming to give us gas?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah, they're kinda pissed, but they're bros. They're on their way. I
didn't tell 'em about our little passenger here. I guess we'll have to
take her back to the RAT-house and pass her around after all. She ain't
gonna be good for much once 30 guys get done bangin' her ass."

Tiffany suddenly perked up. She wasn't that fucked up. "Hey!" she said
loudly. "You're talking about me! I don't want 30 guys bangin' my ass!
Please, guys!"

"We'll do what we can, honey," said A.J. "But you'll have to do what
you can. This booth's pretty private back here. Why don't we see what
we can get away with?"

Brian and Howie didn't need any more prodding, and instantly unzipped
and hauled their dicks out. The table mostly hid them. Each grabbed one
of Tiffany's hands and moved them into position, starting the motion
for another round of hand jobs. The girl picked up the rhythm and was
soon jacking off the two frat boys.

Brian remembered how sexy Tiffany had been in the car, and how
responsive her horny young twat had been to being touched. He pushed
her nightie up her thighs and began to finger her again, and Howie
quickly joined him. The boys set up a powerful tag team on the girl,
with Brian working on her sensitive little clitty, rolling it around
under the ball of his thumb as if it were a marble in oil. Howie,
meanwhile, introduced the tip of his index finger into the opening of
the cheerleader's pussy, and feeling that it was already wet and
starting to open, began to gently finger-fuck the girl.

Tiffany, her eyes still closed, laid her head back on the bench
cushion. Her d**g-numbed brain was happy again. She was surrounded by
darkness, and her pussy felt so good. Maybe, she told herself, if she
made these boys cum they'd protect her from the others. She could make
them cum, she thought. She knew how to do that. She raised the fingers
of her right hand to her mouth and moistened them, then put them back
on Howie's cock, right on the throbbing purple head, and began teasing
the head with her wet fingertips.

"Oh, fuckin' A," said Howie, louder than he meant to. Tiffany repeated
the moistening with her left hand and went to work on Brian's dickhead.

"I'm sexy and 17. I'm a little rock 'n' roll queen. I'm a little bit
obscene," Tiffany sang softly, over and over, in a mindless but still
very erotic little-girl voice. Kevin, Nick and AJ watched hungrily from
the other side of the booth, their hard-ons raging inside their pants,
wondering when it would be their turn to work over the youngster.

The outburst from Howie, the singing from Tiffany, and the whole scene
in general caused the couples in Sam's Diner to look back at the booth
several times in disgust, then drop some cash on their tables and
leave. That left Sam at the counter and the two pool players. But
Tiffany and the guys were oblivious to everything around them; the
hormones in the booth were so thick they were practically a mist
hanging in the air.

"Oh, man,. I think I'm gonna shoot!" hissed Howie. Tiffany's hand slid
up and down his stiff shaft, and the college student was shuddering and
turning red in the face.

"Hey, did you bring in the Jism Jar?" A.J. asked Nick.

"Yeah, I got it here in the knapsack," said Nick. He pulled out the
Mason jar that A.J. had instructed him to get back at the RAT-house. It
was half-full of a milky liquid, and Nick set it on the table.

"Here, Howie, get it in the jar," said A.J. He unscrewed the lid and
handed the jar to Howie, who held it down below the table level.

"Oh yeah, baby, jack me off, you little slut, you little Horny-Kova.
You're sexy and 17, baby, and you're jackin' me off!" Nick said.

Tiffany's brain was on automatic pilot, stuck in a loop of lust and
d**gs. As long as the fingers kept working on her, her hands
automatically slid up and down the two cocks. Her pussy was now
beginning to gape open, and Howie's finger made a wet, sucking sound as
it slid in and out of her well-lubricated cunt.

In his other hand, Howie held the Jism Jar under the table. As he felt
his balls about to erupt, he angled his pelvis down and forward, aiming
his cock into the open jar. Tiffany's hand did its magic work, up and
down, up and down, and with a groan Howie began to cum. He shot load
after load of semen out, all of it shooting into the jar, where it
joined the collected sperm of the RAT-boys. When he was done, he put it
on the table.

The Jism Jar was a RAT-house specialty. Every year, the pledges were
told that during their six week pledge period, they were not allowed to
have sex, but they were allowed to whack off. But the rules was they
had to whack off into the Jism Jar, and anyone caught beating his meat
and not using the jar would be expelled. Day after day, week after
week, the horny boys would take the jar one by one into their bedrooms
and then return it to the mantle place. The semen of 25 boys, of
hundreds of ejaculations, filled the jar. There was more than two cups
of white ejaculate in the jar, and after Howie finished, there was a
little bit more.

Sam the cook appeared out of nowhere with their food and Cokes and set
them out on the table. He ogled Tiffany lasciviously, his eyes feasting
on her erect nipples that practically poked through the thin nightie.

"Your little friend is quite nice," he said to the boys. "Is she yours,
or are you sharing?"

"We might share," said A.J. "You interested?"

"Hell, yes," said Sam.

"Watch this," said A.J. He picked up one of the french fries and dunked
it into the Jism Jar. It came out coated with sperm, dribbling off the

"Here, Tiffany, I want to feed you something. Open your mouth for a
french fry." Tiffany, her eyes still shut, her pussy still clinching
the finger that frigged it, obediently opened her mouth, and A.J. stuck
the french fry in.

"Is that stuff what I think it is?" asked Sam, his mouth hanging open.

"You bet," smiled A.J.

"Ooh," said Tiffany, making a face. "What's on that french fry?"

"That's RAT-boy, cum, baby," said Nick. He dipped a finger into the jar
and leaned across the booth, and wiped a big glob of sticky semen down
one cheek. The boys and Sam all laughed.

"I don't like that," Tiffany said, pouting.

"Remember what I said in the car, Tiffany," A.J. said sternly. "I don't
want to hear you tell us no. Do you want us to protect you from those
other frat boys?"

"Yes," said Tiffany meekly. She was so confused. She wished she could
get her brain to focus. But the tequila and the marijuana, along with
the intense flood of good feelings radiating from her well-oiled pussy,
had the cheerleader in a whirl.

"Then you need to do as we tell you to. Now have a drink," said A.J. He
picked up the Jism Jar and leaned across the table and held it to
Tiffany's lips. "Open wide, honey, and take a nice swallow."

"But it's sperm. It's yucky," Tiffany whined.

"Do it anyway!" A.J. ordered, and Tiffany opened her mouth. A.J. tilted
the jar, as Sam watched, goggle-eyed, and poured a stream of sperm into
Tiffany's open mouth. She swallowed it down, but A.J. kept pouring.
Tiffany kept swallowing, but the viscous semen began to dribble over
her lips and down her chin, until finally A.J. withdrew the jar.

"God damn," was all Sam could say. He glanced to his side and saw that
Frank and Bubba, the tattooed pool players, had joined the group, and
were watching Tiffany drink sperm from the jar.

A.J. got up from the booth and told Howie to go feed the jukebox. He
then sat down in Howie's place next to Tiffany, just as Kevin, on
Tiffany's other side, announced that he was about to cum. He grabbed
the jar and shot his load into it.

"Can we get in on this action?" asked Bubba the pool player.

"No more, please, no more," begged Tiffany. She was beginning to
surface through the haze, and realized that more and more males were
surrounding her. She knew she was dressed in a see-through nightie,
that they could see all of her nubile naked body almost as if she were
naked. Feelings of shame and humiliation began to course through the
girl, even though her pussy was still enjoying Brian's clit-twiddling.
A.J., who had taken Howie's place, slid his finger straight up
Tiffany's gaping hole, causing her to gasp.

"Oh, jeez!" the poor girl exclaimed. "Oh, God, that feels so good." The
battle seesawed within the teenager, between the humiliation and sense
of danger she felt, and the overwhelming desire to just lean back and
let these men bring her to orgasm.

The frat boys continued to dip french fries into the Mason jar and feed
them to Tiffany. Occasionally one would take a sperm-covered fry and
spread it all over her face. Trails of semen covered her face and
dribbled down her chin into her bulging cleavage.

"I don't know guys, she's saying no more," said A.J. "But I'm not sure
she means it. Maybe we'll give her a test. If she passes, she can call
the shots. If she fails, then we take her out back and have ourselves a
good old gang-bang. We've even got a fraternity paddle out in the car
to give her a whuppin' she'll never forget!"

"What? What?" said Tiffany. She knew they were talking about her, but
wasn't sure what was going on. Brian and A.J. were continuing their
assault on her twat.

"We're gonna have us a test, Miss Horny-kova," explained A.J. "Or it's
kind of like a bet. If you win, we'll get our gas, drive you back to
the PKU house, and let you walk in with the paddle. You'll be the hero.

"But if you lose, then all these guys here are gonna want to get a
little piece of you, and I'm not talkin' hand jobs. I'm talkin' bend
over that pool table and take it, baby. All of us, one at a time, maybe
two at a time."

Tiffany's head began to clear even more as she listened. The poor girl
was rallying, trying to get a grip on the situation. "What's the test?"
she managed to ask.

"All you have to do is go five minutes without having an orgasm," A.J.,
his eyes glinting with malice. "Just five minutes. If you can do it, no
one here will touch you."

"Hey, that sucks!" said Bubba. "Fuck the deal. Let's fuck the girlie,
too!" His friend hooted his agreement.

A.J. stood up and addressed Sam, Frank and Bubba in a quiet voice.
"Don't worry, guys. This little chick is speeding her ass off, and
we've been fingering her pussy for about 45 minutes now. Her pussy is
so wet it's practically dripping down her thighs, and her clit is as
hard as a pebble. Once we stop playing around and get serious with her,
she won't stand a chance. Besides, it'll be fun to watch her try not to

The men reluctantly agreed it would be fun to watch, and privately
thought that even if Tiffany won the bet they were still going to fuck

"But how will we be able to tell if she's cumming?" asked Brian.
"Sometimes it's hard to tell with a chick."

"I got an idea for that," said Sam. "But first let's get her out here
where everybody can see her." They slid the protesting girl out of the
booth and stood her up, and quickly stripped her of the nightie. She
stood there nude, her pubic glistening with dew, her nipples hard as
could be, and it occurred to every guy there to just do her on the
spot, but they had made a deal, and it was a deal they felt they could

"Over here, honey," said Sam, and he led Tiffany to the counter and
lifted her up, so her naked ass was sitting on the cold Formica. "Put
your feet up on the counter," Sam told her, and Tiffany did so, which
had the effect of exposing her pussy completely.

"Stop!" Tiffany said, wiggling as Sam positioned her legs. "Let me go!
Leave me alone!"

"Listen up, Miss Sexy and 17," said A.J. coldly. "This is your only
fuckin' chance, and you better take it. These guys all want to do you
right now, but if you can just hold out for five minutes without
cumming, you'll go free. Now stop freaking out, calm down and think. Is
it a deal?"

Tiffany knew she had no choice. She was naked, surrounded by horny men,
didn't know where she was, and was still battling the woozy feeling
from the dope and booze. Maybe is she played the game, they really
would let her go. "OK, I'll try it," she said reluctantly.

"Thatta girl," said Sam. "Now here's how we're gonna tell if you really
cum or not, since we can't just take your word for it. Open up,
girlie." He had taken her uneaten hot dog out of the bun back at the
booth, and now he slid it into her open mouth. "Now just hold that
right there," Sam told her. "We're gonna check it when time is up. If
you've bitten it, we'll assume you had an orgasm and couldn't control
yourself. If you haven't bitten it, you win. So even if you cum, all
you have to do is keep from biting the hot dog."

Tiffany nodded. The men were all gathered around her, looking at her
frightened face with half a hot dog sticking out of her mouth. Her lips
formed an O around the meat-stick as if she were sucking a cock. Sam
motioned for Frank and Bubba to move behind the counter to hold the
cheerleader in place. They stood behind Tiffany and looped their arms
around each leg, pulling her knees up tight to each armpit. Her labia
winked open even more. Her entire cunt and asshole were completely
exposed to everyones burning eyes. She felt as if she were about to
cry, but she concentrated on breathing through her nose.

Howie hollered across the room from the jukebox: "Hey, there's
nothin' but oldies shit on this jukebox!"

"Well, play something anyway, the sexiest thing they have," A.J.
hollered back. "We need something to get us in the mood."

Sam took off his wristwatch and laid it on the counter. "Who's gonna
do her?" he asked.

"We brought her here, so we do her," said A.J. "We'll take turns.
Brian, you first. Get in there and eat that pussy, b*o!"

The jukebox suddenly started blasting. The sound of a ringing
telephone, and then the voice of the Big Bopper: "Hello baby, Yeah,
this is the Big Bopper speakin'. Ha ha ha ha ha, oh you sweet thing. Do
I what? Will I what? Oh baby you know what I like!" The old '50s song
left no doubt as to what he liked; his voice was so lascivious you
could practically hear him drooling over his girl. It was perfect
background music for the contest.

Brian sat on a counter stool and leaned his face into Tiffany's wide-
open pussy. The teenager felt his mouth make contact, and she gasped.
It felt too good! She wasn't going to be able to do it! She let out a
little moan as Brian's tongue snaked out, between her peeled-back
labia, darting deep into her well-lubricated tunnel. He fluttered his
tongue there, then swiftly licked upward across the surface of her
clit. Tiffany's ass left the counter for a second as she jumped! Her
clit was so sensitive, so exposed, and to feel a tongue snaking up and
down along it was almost unbearable.

"Chantilly lace and a pretty face
And a pony tail a hangin down
A wiggle in the walk
And a giggle in the talk
Makes the world go round!"
The Bopper's voice oozed all over Tiffany. She could feel it on her
skin, his horniness, his seductiveness. And Brian's tongue worked her
clit, then ducked back down to her slit, penetrating her over and over.

A flash exploded, and it registered, barely, they must be taking
pictures of her again, like they had in the car, but she quickly
blocked it out. She had to concentrate on not having an orgasm, not
biting the hot dog. She felt Brian lift his head, looked down, and saw
the Kevin had taken his place. He placed his lips directly over her
clit and began fluttering it madly with his tongue. He placed two
fingers at the opening of her pussy and began to slide them. Her
lubrication betrayed the poor girl, and they went right in, feeling so
much like a cock. Flash! went the camera again, capturing young Tiffany
Daniels, hottest thing at Daniels High School, now just a plaything on
a diner counter in rural Texas, naked and splayed and sucking a hot

"There ain't nothin in the world
Like a big eyed girl
To makes me act so funny
Make me spend my money
Make me feel real loose like a long necked goose
Like a girl, oh baby that's what I like!"

ñTwo minutes!" said Sam, and Tiffany knew she wasn't going to make
it. Her belly was heaving, her nipples were hard as little stones (and
Frank and Bubba had been taking advantage of their position behind her
and gently massaging those hard little teeny-bopper nipples with their
fingertips, which only added to Tiffany's erotic overload). Her heart
was pounding, more from excitement than the amphetamine.

A part of her wanted to cum. If she survived the five minutes and won
the bet, she'd be so horny, she'd let them fuck her anyway, she
thought. "Stop it! Stop it!" she screamed to herself. All that came
from her mouth was moaning.

Sam had brought the Jism Jar over from the booth and was now dipping
his fingers into it and spreading RAT-house semen all over Tiffany's
tender, throbbing nipples. It hardly registered on the youngster what
was being done to her. An act that two hours ago would have sent her
screaming like a madwoman into the streets „ a fat stranger rubbing
sperm into her nipples „ was now just part of the ongoing degradation
the girl was undergoing. She had to concentrate, anyway, on not having
an orgasm.

Kevin pulled his fingers out of her pussy and rubbed them on
Tiffany's upper lip, right under her nostrils. Since she could only
breathe through her nose, she had no choice but to smell her own
lubrication, her own excitement, her own pheromones. God she was hot,
horny, sexy and 17, a little bit obscene ... Stop it! she ordered

But her pussy was no longer listening.

"Oh baby that's what I like!" leered the Bopper in his greasy voice.

A.J. took over, and fastened his mouth over her clit. He tongued the
stiff little button wildly, and Tiffany began to shake. She was
vibrating so hard Bubba and Frank had to adjust their grip to keep her
knees up under her armpits. A.J. sucked hard on the cheerleader's clit,
and he could feel her trembling on the verge of an orgasm. He knew just
what would tip her over the edge. He aimed his right index finger at
the tightly puckered anus that pointed outward just below her pussy,
then touched the fingertip to her perfect pink little butthole and
began to probe and tickle her asshole gently. Against her will, her
sphincter began to open, and A.J. drove the tip of his finger in.

The tormented cheerleader exploded in a massive orgasm. Her chest
turned bright red, her toes curled, her fists clenched, her eyes
closed, and her pussy let loose with a gush of juice right into A.J.'s
mouth. She was screaming, but she didn't know if anyone could hear her
or it was just in her mind. "OH GOD! YES! YES! GOD! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

Her brain was a lightning storm, and she was not the least aware that
the camera was going "Flash! Flash! Flash!" The pictures would be
posted and enjoyed for years to come at the RAT house.

Tiffany Daniels orgasmed violently for a full 30 seconds. When she was
done, she opened her eyes and looked down. A.J. was smiling at her, his
entire face greasy as a glazed doughnut with her pussy juice. All of
the other men in the diner were smiling also, and looking at Tiffany's

She looked at her lap. Half a hot dog lay there. She had bitten all the
way through, and hadn't even known.

"Fellas, I believe we have a date with Miss Sexy and 17 over on the
pool table," said Sam, and Tiffany saw the men start to unbutton their

A voice rang out. A new voice, one that Tiffany had never heard.

"Y'all been havin' a party and you didn't invite me? For shame!"

Everyone in the diner turned to the door. There stood a large, fat
sheriff, with his hand on his revolver.



Sheriff Lucas Buck was a trained professional lawman, so his eyes
quickly swept the diner. No one appeared armed or dangerous, and his
eyes returned to the girl sitting on the counter, where they lingered.
God, what an exquisitely beautiful little girl, the cop thought. Long
blonde hair that was normally quite nicely styled, but now was wild and
untamed. Nipples jutting out like little spikes from sweet teenaged
tits. He noted that her chest above her tits was bright red - she had a
sex flush, for cryin' out loud, just like a woman gets after orgasm.
And that pussy, God that pussy! The sparse blonde curls had parted and
it was gaping open, the pink labia all swollen and slick. Even from
across the room, Sheriff Buck could tell the girl had just had a
tremendous orgasm. And what was that white gunk all over her face and
body - was that sperm? What kind of slut was this chick?

"Officer! Help me!" Tiffany cried out. But the words were slightly
garbled because as soon as she opened her mouth, the other half of the
hot dog she had bitten in half fell out onto the floor. Half a hot dog
in her mouth, and she just had an orgasm, thought Lucas. This ought to
be an interesting story!

"Sam, what the hell is going on here?" Buck asked, his voice firm and
authoritative. Everything about Buck was authoritative, in fact. In his
mid 30s, he was the law in Trinity County, Texas, and if you didn't
like it, you were in trouble. He stood about 6'4", weighed about 225
lbs, and nearly all of it was muscle.

Sam the cook had been calculating frantically for the few seconds since
Buck had unexpectedly burst into the diner just as thing were really
taking off with this little slut. Damn his luck! But his luck would get
a whole lot worse, he figured, if he didn't weasel his way out of this.
The girl knew they were about to gang-bang her, she was obviously d***k
and stoned as hell, he had no idea who she was. There was only way to
play it: Lie like hell and sacrifice the girl!

"Sheriff Buck! Come on in!" Sam called, trying to sound glad to see his
old acquaintance. "Pretty wild-ass lady we got her, huh? She bet us we
couldn't make her have an orgasm, and she just lost her bet."

"Is that true, ma'am?" Buck asked young Tiffany Daniels politely.

"No!" Tiffany blurted. "I mean yes, sort of, but they made me .... Sir,
could I put my clothes on?" She was embarrassed to still be naked in
front of all these men.

"Go right ahead, ma'am," Buck said. Tiffany hopped down and trotted to
the booth, where she donned the only covering she had at this point -
the see-through nightgown. "Is that all you were wearing when you came
in?" Buck asked. "Yes sir. They took my clothes."

"These men took your clothes?"

"No, the girls at the sorority house."

"You're in a sorority?

"No, I was visiting."

The sheriff had been walking toward Tiffany during this exchange and
now stood right in front of her. The RAT-boys, Sam and Bubba and Frank
stayed where they were at the counter, although when Buck turned his
attention toward Tiffany, A.J. had the presence of mind to slide the
bag of reefer out of his pocket and toss it behind the counter. He put
his finger to his lips and all the RAT-boys saw it, a signal to be
quiet and let AJ do the talking.

"What's your name, ma'am?"

"Tiffany. Tiffany Daniels."

"Have you been drinking, Miss Daniels?"

Tiffany's mind whirled. Should she lie or tell the truth? "No sir," she
blurted, almost as a teenage reflex when any adult asks if you've been

"Well, I can smell alcohol on your breath, Miss Daniels. So you've lied
to me. And looking into your eyes, your pupils are dilated, so I'm
guessing you're on d**gs as well. And your answers to my other
questions haven't been very helpful. Sam ..." he turned to the cook.
"What do you know about the girl?"

"She came in a little while ago, Sheriff. She was d***k, and wearing
that nightgown, and acting really weird, and started hittin' on all the
guys here, and then she bet us that we couldn't make her cum, and
stripped off the nightgown and hopped up on the counter. And that's
when you came in."

"He's lying!" Tiffany shouted.

"You shut up!" Buck shouted, turning on the girl. She cowered in the
face of his anger. "You've already lied to me once, why should I
believe you? Sam, has anyone here broken any laws that you're aware

"I smelled marijuana on the girl when she came in, but that's about
it," said Sam.

"Mr Sheriff, sir, help me, please," the cheerleader pleaded. "They
k**napped me, they were gonna **** me, they're horrible, none of this
is my fault."

"I told you to shut up," Buck said. "Sam, did anybody **** this girl?"

"No sir. I'll take a lie detector on that."

"You don't have to, Sam. I've known you for 15 years. I've known this
here girl for about five minutes, and she's already lied to me. You
boys all behave yourself. Miss Daniels, you come with me."

"What?" Tiffany screeched. This was an outrage! She had been k**napped,
fondled, m*****ed, mocked, humiliated and nearly gang-****d, and the
cop was letting her tormentors off the hook? "You can't do this! You
can't! You can't!" She was nearly hysterical, and her buxom breasts
heaved under the nightgown. Sheriff Buck was uncomfortably aware that
he was getting an erection watching the teenager.

"That's enough!" the cop barked. "You're not under arrest, yet. I'm
taking you back to my office to hear your story and get to the bottom
of this. But if you give me any back-talk, any grief at all, you'll be
under arrest for public intoxication and public indecency and spend the
weekend in my jail. And I don't think you'll like my jail." He grinned
at her, and the thought of Tiffany Daniels spending the weekend in his
jail made the lawman's dick throb a little. Like most men in the
presence of Tiffany, of her innocent yet overwhelming sexiness, of her
perfectly buffed and flawless 17-year-old body, and of her penchant for
getting into situations where she was helpless - like all men who
encountered her thus, Lucas Buck was thinking less and less like a
decent human being and more and more like a horny pervert.

Tiffany saw the change in him, saw the lust in his his dark eyes. But
she had no choice. Even if she could run, where would she run? She
would go with the lawman, tell him the whole story, throw herself on
his mercy and hope for the best. Anything would be better than her
future inside this diner with six men.

A.J. and his buddies saw their prized captive slipping away, but there
was nothing they could do. They hadn't had nearly as much fun as they
had intended with her, but it had been better than hanging around the
Rho Alpha Tau house on a Friday night, and they had the photos to show
to their buddies as evidence of their incredible story. And it could
have been worse - Buck could have arrested them.

Buck led Tiffany out to his squad car and drove her to Trinity, the
small town that was the county seat of Trinity County. He was saving
his questions for his office, and as he drove, a brief snatch of an old
song popped into his head, a song he hadn't thought about in years. He
sang softly to himself in the front, while Tiffany rode in the back,
pale and frightened.

"You got to do what you can/
And let Mother Nature do the rest/
Ain't no doubt about it we were doubly blessed/
Cause we were barely 17 and we were barely dressed."

Buck was no longer 17, but God he felt like it tonight. He hadn't been
this horny in years, and he looked at his prisoner in the rear-view
mirror. She might be about 17, he thought. The lights on his dashboard
glowed, and suddenly he thought of the name of the song: "Paradise By
the Dashboard Light," by Meat Loaf. An old Texas boy, if memory served.
Buck chuckled.

He led Tiffany by the arm into the large one-room building that served
as the Sheriff's Department. Inside, Tiffany was horrified by what she
saw. It was all open, and the back wall was a jail cell. A jail cell
full of men. And not just any men. Mexicans.

As a privileged, rich white girl in Texas, Tiffany had an almost inborn
dislike of Mexicans. She thought they were dirty and oversexed, even
though she had never actually known one. Her prejudices had been
reinf***ed two years when she was 15, and her father had hired Manuel,
an i*****l immigrant, to be the Daniels' pool and yard boy. Manuel was
in his early ass and he smelled strange, Tiffany thought, like refired
beans. He always wore the same thin slacks and thin shirt to work every
day, and his English was limited, but he was a hard worker. Manuel
Labor, Tiffany and her s****r Stephanie jokingly called him in private.

At 15, Tiffany was just coming into her body. Her breasts had begun to
grow, but were not yet the awesomely perfect ab pair that had every boy
in her high school salivating and wet-dreaming. But being the little
princess that she was, she loved spending the summer working on her tan
beside the f****y pool in the back yard. And Manuel, she soon
discovered, liked her sunbathing as well.

At first she was just aware of him looking. She'd come out about 2
p.m., wearing one of her string bikinis. Sometimes the bright yellow
one, sometimes the polka-dot one. She laid on the lounge and languidly
smeared suntan oil into her golden legs, over her stomach, down her
arms and across the tops of her budding breasts. Manuel would start
trimming a nearby hedge and sneaking peeks. As she relaxed and closed
her eyes, she could hear him, and his work would bring him closer to
her oiled and glistening nubile teen body, all sprawled out. Sometimes
she'd peek through her closed eyes, and he'd be testing the pool
chemicals a few feet away, his eyes riveted on the small piece of
cotton bikini bottom that covered her pussy. She was not aware of how
the puffiness of her mons pushed out the swimsuit and formed
"cameltoes" in a sweet little divide of pussy lips. But Manuel was
aware, and he'd adjust the bulge in his pants.

The young Tiffany hated his spying game, but somehow felt herself a
little turned on by it as well. She wanted to tease Manuel, to expose
herself a little more, but he was so dirty and nasty that she wouldn't
let herself. Sometimes after two hours of lying in the hot sun, her
body would be glistening with perspiration, but the wet spot between
her legs would be just a little but more damp than the rest of her.
She'd jump in the cold water of the swimming pool to cool off, and when
she came out, her lovely nipples would be hard from the cold water,
poking through the thin material of her bikini top. Manuel would
sometimes meet her eye and smile, and she would feel a strange shudder
course through her.

Finally, Manuel went too far. Tiffany was sunning herself one day,
lying on her stomach with her bikini top untied and d****d to the
sides, to get an even tan on her back. Manuel was watering flowers
nearby. Suddenly Tiffany's body exploded with a shock of icy cold, and
without even knowing what she was doing, she jumped up from the lounge.
Manuel had turned the hose on her. And without thinking, she had jumped
up, and now she stood there, her two young breasts completely exposed
to his hot gaze. She quickly crossed her arms to cover them, but it was
too late. Manuel had seen her half-naked, and she knew it.

"I am sorry, Miss Tiffany," he said in heavily accented English. "Was
accident." He smiled and shrugged. Tiffany grabbed her top and stalked
into the house, and told her father about what happened that night at
dinner. Manuel never came back.

And now, two years later, Tiffany saw that six pairs of Mexican eyes
were riveted on her. Six Mexican prisoners were in Lucas Buck's jail
cell, and the moment they saw the nubile beauty come in, clad only in a
nearly transparent nightgown, they started hooting and hollering. They
all rushed to the bars, shouting in Spanish. Their eyes bulged with
lusts, and that wasn't all that was bulging. Some made obscene smacking
noises at her with their mouths, one was miming unzipping his fly and
hauling out his cock, and one actually called to her in English: "Hey,
baby, lookin' good. Come here and gimme a kiss." A wave of revulsion
pulsed through Tiffany, and she realized the Mexican prisoners could
see her breasts and nipples through the thin material, as well as her
pubic patch. Thank God, she thought, that they were in their and she
was out here.

"Shut up, assholes!" Buck yelled. When they didn't, he stepped toward
the bars and pulled out his nightstick. That quieted the horny men.

Buck went to a corner and pulled out a tripod and a video camera, which
he set up in the middle of the room. "I'm going to videotape this
interrogation, which is for your protection and mine," he explained to

"Please, sir, can't we do this somewhere else?" Tiffany begged. The
Mexicans were all still leering at her near-nudity.

"There is nowhere else," Buck stated. "This is my whole office right
here," he said with a sweep of his arm, taking in the desk and two
chairs, a small closet, and a door labelled Restrooms.

"But all those men are looking at me," Tiffany said.

"And that falls into the category of not my fucking problem, Miss
Daniels," Buck said harshly. Jesus, he thought, my cock is gonna burst
out the front of my pants if I don't find a way to stick it into this
sweet little girl. But he continued, the consummate professional. "I'm
not the one who was d***k and naked in a diner tonight. And I'm not the
one out on the town in a nightgown. If you had worn decent clothes
instead of dressing like a slut, you wouldn't be embarrassed now, would

Tiffany shook her head, and tried to block out the lustful stares
coming from the long cell.

"Now the purpose of this video is to protect me against lawsuits by
you. I'll be able to prove that I did not m***** you, for example,
during our interrogation. Also, it will be a kind of permanent record
that I can check your story against. So every single word you speak had
better be the truth, or I will file additional charges against you.
There's still a chance you can get out of this by cooperating with me
and telling the truth."

Tiffany's heart leaped at his words. A chance she could get out of
this! Yes, a chance, she would take it! She would do anything!

"So I'm going to ask you questions, and you'll answer truthfully. And
if you tell me a lie, then the question and answer session will be
terminated immediately and you will be placed under arrest for public
intox and public indecency and anything else I can think of. And when I
arrest you, do you know where you will spend the night?"

Tiffany had an awful feeling, but it couldn't possibly be true.

"Right in there with Juan and the boys," Buck said. He knew it was his
trump card, and he saw her flinch, and knew he'd won. "God, no, please,
no, anything but that, you can't lock me in there with them," Tiffany

"So we understand each other," the cop said. He checked there was a
video in the camera, and pushed the Record button.

"This is Lucas Buck," he began, his voice steady and even, as if
testifying before a courtroom, "and the accused has given her name as
Tiffany Daniels. She has been brought in on suspicion of u******ed
drinking and public indecency. In addition, I have adequate cause to
believe she may have been smoking marijuana. In accordance with local
statutes, any accused who is believed to be on d**gs will submit to a
strip search and body cavity search. Miss Daniels, would you please
remove your gown?"

"Oh my God," Tiffany screeched, "you're gonna search me in front of
those men, while they watch?"

"Miss Daniels, I have warned you about the consequences of not
cooperating with my investigation. The statutes must be followed, and I
must conduct a body cavity search. Will you cooperate or not?" He
stared at her.

"I'll cooperate," Tiffany said in a tiny squeak that could barely be
heard. She pulled the nightgown over her head and stood naked in the
room. The Mexicans began cheering and high-fiving one another.

"Please stand next to the chair, bend over, and spread your legs apart
as far as you can," Buck said. "Place your forehead on the seat of the
chair." The terrified girl did as she was told, but couldn't help from
trembling as she did so. Her forehead touched the seat of the chair,
she she grasped the arms with her hands to maintain her balance. She
inched her feet apart slightly.

Buck came up behind her. "In order to do a body cavity search, you must
spread your legs farther." Her legs parted a few inches more. Buck,
exasperated, squatted down, put a hand roughly on each ankle, and
pulled them far apart. Her legs were now spread wide in a tremendous
inverted V, and her naked ass was on display, to Buck, to the laughing
and pointing prisoners, and to the lens of the video camera. She could
feel her tight little bunghole flutter nervously. The sheriff seemed to
be taking forever, she thought, as she held the uncomfortable position.

Then she felt his finger touch the opening of her pussy. It was time
for Tiffany's body cavity search to begin.



Tiffany Daniels' knees shook slightly, both from the position she had
been f***ed to assume and from the fear and humiliation she was
feeling. In all the horrible abuses that had been visited upon the
hapless teenager, she had never felt more horribly vulnerable than she
was feeling at the moment. Her nudity was bad enough, but to have her
legs spread so wide, her poor little asshole and pussy so exposed, was
shameful beyond belief.

Sheriff Buck slid his index finger into the cheerleader's tight, moist
little pussy. His erection was pounding in his pants like a caged
gorilla. The girl gasped, and he could feel her clamp down on his
finger with her vaginal muscles, whether out of lust or panic was
unclear. He pushed his finger forward slowly, wiggling it slightly,
which made Tiffany suck her breath in loudly.

"Let the video record show that when she was brought in, the prisoner's
vagina was already lubricated and showed signs of sexual arousal," Buck
said dispassionately. "Miss Daniels, have you had sexual intercourse
this evening?"

"No," Tiffany mumbled from her awkward position.

The lawman pushed his finger in as far as it would go, until the tip of
it was pressing against the girl's cervix. She made a little moan. Buck
could tell that despite her fear, she was still sexually stimulated
from whatever had happened back there at the diner. He glanced at the
video camera and calculated the angle, and knew he was safe to have a
bit of fun at her expense. With his finger still buried all the way in
her snug little cunt, he reached down with his other fingers and found
the bud of her clitoris. Using several fingers at once, he began to to
massage the young girl's love button.

"Ohhhhh!" Tiffany moaned, and without thinking, she began to rotate her
hips slightly. She could feel the moisture seeping out of her pussy,
and that shamed her even more.

"Miss Daniels is responding sexually and inappropriately to a d**g
search," Buck noted. "Miss Daniels, this is serious business. Please
stop moaning as if you're about to have an orgasm."

Inside the jail cell, the Mexican who could speak English translated
what Buck had said into Spanish for his cellmates. They all burst out
laughing. Tiffany was vaguely aware of what was going on, and her face
burned with the humiliation of her plight.

Buck rubbed Tiffany's clitoris a little more, than decided he had to
stop so it would look realistic on the tape. He withdrew his hand,
reluctantly, from his prisoner's well-lubed little pussy. The gaping
orifice winked at him, and he knew that despite the shame she was
feeling, she wanted him to keep working on her clit. "I will now
perform the required anal d**g search on the prisoner, Miss Tiffany
Daniels," he announced to the video camera.

Tiffany knew what was coming, and clenched her sphincter muscles
tightly. The cop was going to stick his finger up her bottom, she
thought, while those horrible nasty Mexicans all watched! God, she
could just die!

Buck placed the tip of his finger at the tight opening of Tiffany
Daniel's little pink asshole. He paused, and Tiffany thought she was
going to go out of her mind waiting for him to get it over with. The
whole thing was bad enough, but it was taking so long, and the Mexicans
were making nasty noises, and the bl**d was rushing to her head from
the face-down position she was being f***ed to hold.

"It's standard procedure to lubricate a finger before an anal d**g
search," Buck said, as he pulled a tube of KY Jelly from a desk drawer.
Tiffany could hear, but couldn't see because of her position, the
sheriff unscrew the lid, squeeze out jelly and smear it all over his
finger. Then it appeared again at her scrunched-up anal opening and
pushed forward.

"Miss Daniels, this is necessary. It will hurt less if you relax your
muscles. The choice is yours. You could have i*****l d**g contraband
inserted in your rectum."

"But I don't! I don't!" Tiffany wailed in anguish. She could hear the
English-speaking prisoner translate for the others, then another wave
of laughter. They were laughing at her, she knew! It made her furious!
A bunch of dirty greasy Mexicans, probably i*****ls, were watching her
being searched like this and laughing at her, and there was nothing she
could do. She wished she could tell her daddy and have him make it all
better, but she was alone in a strange town, and had no choice but to
get this ordeal over with and somehow get back home. She had to keep
cooperating, or she'd be arrested and locked up with the Mexicans.

Tiffany f***ed herself to relax her rectum, and the cop's big greasy
digit slid forward easily. Her rear passage was much much tighter and
hotter than her pussy, Buck thought. He was so horny that he wouldn't
last 10 seconds if he were to slide his hard-on up the little girl's
butthole. The thought made him bite his lip. He had to maintain control
of the situation.

Sheriff Buck Lucas of Trinity County Texas searched 17-year-old Tiffany
Daniels' rectum for hidden d**gs. He searched it as thoroughly and as
diligently as any customs official would search the most obvious d**g
courier coming in from Colombia. He knew she didn't have any d**gs, but
also knew that the more he prolonged this humiliating experience for
the cowering adolescent girl, the firmer his control would be for the
rest of the evening. And he was beginning to plan the rest of the
evening with great relish.

He pushed his finger all the way until the palm of his hand was
resting flush against Tiffany's warm, pink butt cheek. He let it linger
there, then wiggled it up, the down. Tiffany gasped again, and
involuntarily tried to squeeze the intruding finger out. She only
succeeded in making Buck think what that same muscular response would
feel like on his massive cock rammed all the way up into the
cheerleader's intestine.

Finally, reluctantly, Lucas Buck withdrew his finger and wiped it on a
Kleenex. "No d**gs were found during the mandatory search," he
announced to the video camera. "You may put your clothes on, Miss
Daniels, and take a seat facing the camera." She did so, gladly, as
Buck went to the camera and looked into the viewfinder to make sure the
picture was framed properly, i.e. that her beautiful breasts could be
seen clearly in the picture.

"Now Miss Daniels, how old are you?"


"And were you consuming alcohol tonight?."

"Yes, but I can explain."

"Later. And did you consume any i*****l d**gs?"

"I smoked some marijuana, but I can explain that too. They f***ed me,
those boys ..."

"OK, Miss Daniels. Now I want you to start at the beginning and tell me
what happened this evening. The truth."

And so Tiffany told the whole story of her trip. Every word was the
truth, but Buck could hardly believe all the poor girl had endured. She
was lucky she hadn't been fucked repeatedly in every orifice a dozen
times the way her night had gone! Finally, she finished.

"Very good. But I still don't understand. How did the girls at the
sorority know you were lying?"

Tiffany took a deep breath. The truth, she thought, i have to tell the
truth. The truth will set me free. And so she told the whole sordid
saga, about her teachers and how she had been blackmailed into
unspeakable acts of depravity, and the role her s****r Stephanie had

"I find this all very hard to believe, Miss Daniels," the sheriff said.

"But it's true, really! You can call the PKU house and check out my

"I'll do just that," Buck said. He got directory assistance for Austin,
and soon was speaking to someone at the PKU house, where Tiffany had
been safe and sound only a few hours earlier. He identified himself,
and said that he had Tiffany in his office. "I see," he said. "Uh-huh.
OK, thank you very much." He hung up.

"The young lady I spoke to said that you are a lying slut. Those were
her exact words. She said I shouldn't believe anything you say. You see
what kind of predicament that leaves me in, dont you?"

"But it's true!" Tiffany cried. "I swear! I swear! How could I make up
a story like that?" She started to cry.

"Tears will not help you, Miss Daniels. I've seen too many perpetrators
over the years express all kinds of tearful remorse. Let me consider
the situation." Buck reached over and switched off the video camera.
Tiffany waited.

"OK," Buck finally said. "Here's the deal. The camera is off. This is
just between you and me. Let's forget about the law and deal with this
as a man and a woman. Here's my offer, take it or leave it. You do me a
favor, and I do you a favor."

"What favor do you want?" Tiffany asked nervously, knowing with an
anxious churn in her stomach where this was headed.

"You get me off, and I get you off. Simple as that. Suck my dick, and
I'll let you go. I'll even drive you back to Austin. Or, if you refuse,
you can spend the night with my amigos in there."

"But don't I get a phone call or something?"

"You just got a phone call, to the sorority house. You want to get all
ACLU on me, or you want to play ball?" As he talked, the cop was
unbuckling and taking off his heavy gun belt. It fell to the floor, and
he unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Tiffany could see the huge
outline of his cock pressing against his jockeys, and swallowed hard.
It was inevitable.

"OK," she said quietly, her mouth dry. She got down on her knees in
front of the cop, and when he pulled the jockeys down to his knees, she
leaned forward and took the head of his massive prick in her sweet
teenaged mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby, suck that thing," Buck moaned. "I want a really good
blowjob, the best I've ever had. You're in no position to piss me off."
Tiffany knew he was right, that her future depended entirely on giving
this creep a great blowjob. She sucked on the large purplish knob of
the cop's dick. She started to take more of the member into her mouth,
but Buck was impatient, and started pushing on the back of her head
while thrusting his crotch forward. Several inches slipped over her
tongue, then several more. Her mouth was full of the lawman's massive
manhood, so big and swollen that it made it difficult for her to

"Suck that dick! Suck that dick!" Buck said, and the Mexicans who were
watching started chanting along with him. "Suck that deek! Suck that
deek!" the Mexicans yelled in unison, some of them not even sure
exactly what they were saying, but enjoying the spectacle immensely.
Two of the Mexicans, seeing the sheriff so pre-occupied, pulled their
own dicks out and started stroking them.

The sheriff plunged his dick into the sucking cheerleader's mouth. God,
what a mouth, he thought. Maybe I'll have her suck for ahwile and then
pull out and fuck her properly. "Use your tongue," he ordered, and felt
her tongue begin to swipe and swirl around the head. Her tongue then
started working up and down the underside of his shaft, tickling the
extremely sensitive spot right under the head, the glans. Buck moaned

"Suck that deek! Suck that deek!" chanted the Mexican prisoners. "Suck
that deek! Suck that deek!"

Tears trickled down Tiffany's cheeks as the sheriff crudely fucked her
mouth, but she made no sounds of crying. She made no sounds at all, in
fact, just wet slurping noises as the suction broke and then was re-
sealed, again and again, between her mouth and the pistoning hard-on.
She kept using her tongue, hoping to make him cum quickly, to get this
over with. He smelled strong, musky, man-like. Not a bad smell, just a
pungent one that filled her nostrils.

And something else was happening. She was dimly aware that her pussy
was oozing more lubrication. She couldn't help it, didn't want it, it
was some sort of automatic response that her glands were sending out.
But whatever it was, the fact that she was getting wet from being
f***ed to give a blowjob while being cheered on by Mexicans was the
humiliating thing yet. Even her own body was betraying her!

"Yeah, baby, take it all down your throat," Buck said, pressing even
more of his shaft in. Tiffany started to gag as the cock pierced the
back of her throat, but made herself stop. She had to make him cum, and
it had to be good. She deep-throated the big burly cop as if her life
depended on it, which in a way it did.

Buck was about to pull out and throw his little suck-toy over the desk
and fuck her, when he felt his scrotum begin to tighten. Damn, he
thought, he was too close to cumming now. He'd just cum down her throat
and maybe on the way back to Austin he could give her round two.

"I'm gonna cum now, baby," he said, his fingers squeezing her head.
"Don't take your mouth off for anything. And swallow every drop as if
it was precious. Now suck it hard, bitch! Suck it!

"Suck that deek! Suck that deek!" chanted the Mexicans.

Tiffany Daniels felt the dick in her mouth begin to swell. She knew he
was close to orgasm now. She reached out her hand, she wasn't even sure
why, and took ahold of his balls where they hung inside his scrotum.
She wrapped the balls in her fingers and began to squeeze them lightly.
Buck's cock was now pounding into her mouth, the head was swelling and
swelling until it felt like it was the size of a tennis ball.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" yelled the sheriff. And suddenly the member in
Tiffany's mouth exploded. Stream after stream of hot semen came gushing
out of the tip, which was lodged in Tiffany's throat. She began
swallowing frantically, obeying his command not to spill a drop, and
the swallowing action of her throat muscles milked the cop's schlong as
if she were giving him a handjob along with a blowjob. His fingers dug
in painfully, as his sperm poured down the beautiful girl's throat,
directly into her stomach.

"Suck that deek!" chanted the Mexicans. All of them now had their cocks
out and were jacking off at the sight of this nubile blonde goddess,
down on her knees, sucking off the man who had arrested them.

Buck's orgasm subsided. "Now clean me off with your tongue," he
ordered, and Tiffany dutifully wiped her tongue over and over the cock,
lapping up the sperm that she hadn't swallowed, as well as her own
spit. Reluctantly he pulled out of the sweetest mouth he had ever

"Nice job," was all he said.

Tiffany said nothing. She could taste the sperm in her mouth. Her teeth
felt gritty from it.

Then both Buck and Tiffany heard a high-pitched yell, and both
turned. One of the Mexicans was ejaculating through the prison bars,
spurting a high arc of semen up into the air, where it felt onto the
floor outside the cell with a muddy splat. Then another began to cum,
then another, and soon all of the Mexicans were shooting sperm out onto
the floor. The white goo splattered here and there, covering the tile
floor. All of them were looking right at Tiffany while they shot off.

The lawman noticed the mess on the floor as well. "Aww, shit," he said.
"You fuckin' i*****l douchebags. You got cum all over my office floor!"

The prisoners looked at him sheepishly, understanding what he meant if
not the exact words.

"Well, somebody's gonna have to clean this slime up, and it ain't gonna
be me, and I ain't about to let those sons-of-whores out of their jail
cell. So I guess it's gonna have to be you, baby. If you had been
dressed properly instead of in that Victoria's Secret thingie this
never would have happened."

Tiffany couldn't believe what she was hearing. He was blaming her
for the Mexicans all masturbating and shooting onto the floor, and now
wanted her to clean it up? No way, Jose!

Buck ducked into the restroom and came out holding a roll of toilet
paper. "Here you go, k**. The sooner you get that jizz all cleaned up,
the sooner I drive you back to Austin."

"But it's not my fault!" Tiffany whined. "I didn't do anything wrong!
It's their fault! Make them clean up their own mess!"

"Yeah, right," chuckled Buck. "Like I'm gonna open that cell door and
let those guys out. No fuckin' way, k**do. Now if you want a ride back
to Austin, get cleaning. Otherwise, you're spending the night here. And
if you spend the night here, you know where it's gonna be." He looked
at the Mexicans.

Tiffany sighed. Once again, she had no choice. She took the roll of
toilet paper and got down on her hands and knees in front of the bars
and began wiping up the big globs of cum. She didn't want to face the
Mexicans, because if she did the loose top of her nightgown would pull
out far enough that the men could look straight down and see her naked
breasts. If she kept her back to the men, the hem of the nightie just
barely covered the cheeks of her sweet ass, and she felt as protected
as she was going to, given the horrible situation.

She couldn't believe how much cum there was on the floor. She'd rip off
a big piece of toilet paper and it would absorb all the semen it could,
and still there seemed to be more and more. The men were all watching
the backs of her naked thighs, and she felt something blowing back
there. They were blowing at her, trying to generate enough wind to lift
the nightie and expose her ass. Fuckin' perverts! thought Tiffany.

"Hang on, I hear a car outside," Buck said. "I'm not expecting anybody,
so I'm gonna go check it out. You keep wipin' and stay far away that
they can't reach you." Tiffany had already thought of this, and was out
of reach of the horrible men.

Buck left the office, and the young cheerleader continued her
degrading chore of wiping up spilled sperm. She couldn't see the
prisoners, but could hear them giggling at her plight. Suddenly, she
felt a gush of something warm and wet, a stream of it, hitting her on
the hips as she was bent over.

In a flash she knew what it was. Pissing! The Mexican prisoners were
pissing on her! She tried to scramble up, but her knees were planted in
slippery cum and she couldn't get her balance. Several streams of hot
urine were now striking her on the ass, on the backs of her thighs and
on her back. She scuttled on all fours, trying to get out of the way of
the nasty pee that was soaking her nightgown.

Suddenly, her knees slid on a slimy patch of jism, and she lost her
balance. She fell forward, and her face hit the floor, on it side, so
that one cheek was pressed against the cold floor and the icky
substance that covered it. When her head went down, her ass went up in
the air, and the jerking motion flipped the nightgown up so that her
perfect bottom was completely exposed to the laughing, urinating

Instantly, poor Tiffany felt it. One of the men had directed a
stream of his piss right at her tight, puckered asshole, and was
drilling her there with perfect aim. Guys being guys, the others
instantly shifted their pricks so that all of them were peeing right at
her rectum. It was like getting hit with half a dozen squirt guns, only
these guns weren't filled with water.

Panicky, grossed out, disgusted, Tiffany lifted her head and scooted
away. Urine was streaming down her body, and her little nightie was
soaked with the foul-smelling stuff. The was sperm on her face, on her
hands, and on her knees.

"Hey, Tiffany, look who's here. The cavalry came to your rescue!" It
was Sheriff Buck's booming voice, and Tiffany looked up to see the cop
and four girls from the Pi Kappa Upsilon house coming in the door. The
girls and Buck stared at the sight in front of them: Tiffany Daniels,
down on her hands and knees in puddles of sperm. And behind her, six
Mexicans all pressed as close to the bars as they could get, their soft
cocks jutting though the bars, and six streams of stinking yellow piss
all jetting out and still soaking the poor girl.

She was the very picture of an abused, degraded young woman.

"Ooh, gross," said one of the PKU girls.

"That is sooo disgusting," said another.

Amy, the s****r who had started Tiffany down this road to
degradation, stepped forward. "I guess the little bitch got what she
deserved for lying during Truth or Dare," she said with an evil smile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Wu is a believer in the b*****rhood of Man, that
all races and ethnic groups are wonderful people. The idea of this
chapter was not to insult Mexicans, but to put a girl with some
prejudices in a situation that would provide maximum humiliation. Dr.
Wu thinks Hispanic people are great. Especially Jennifer Lopez, with
whom Dr. Wu once shared an elevator once at the Four Seasons Hotel in
Beverly Hills. She was wearing white shorts. Whew.



Tiffany managed to scramble to her feet as the sheriff and the
sorority girls all gaped at her horrible predicament.

"Oh Jesus!" she wailed." Those horrible men were, were, were peeing on
me! Arrest them!"

Buck laughed heartily. "They're already under arrest, sweetheart.
Immigration's coming in the morning and taking them all back to Mexico.
What am I supposed to do, tell Immigration to let 'em stay here in my
jail taking up space cause they peed all over some girl?"

The Mexicans were laughing and stuffing their drained cocks back into
their trousers. Tiffany stood in the middle of the jail/office, sperm
and urine dripping from her body. Her nightie was completely soaked and
clinging to every curve, and was not completely transparent. Her fear
and anger had caused her nipples involuntarily to pop out, and they
pushed out darkly against the white. Her trim blonde bush and even her
pussy lips were clearly visible now that the nightie was see-through.

"Oh God, God, just get me out of here," she cried. She looked
piteously at the girls, who started coldly back at her.

"Well, the idea was to come here to rescue you," said Amy. "The RAT-
boys came back from the diner and stopped by the house to thank us for
sending you over, and they told us all about your little adventure."
The girls all chortled. "By the way, and just to let you know, you're
not the first sweet young thing they've manipulated into drinking from
that Jism Jar. Anyway, they told us about what happened and the sheriff
hauling you off, and we decided enough was enough and we better come
bail your sorry ass out of trouble.

"But you told the sheriff I was a lying slut!"

:"I didn't tell him that," Amy said, "although face it. It's true.
Must have been some other girl who answered the phone after we left.
Everyone in the house knows you're a lying slut, after all. Anyway,
we'll take you back now, but you'll have to ride in the trunk. No way
you're gettin' in our car smellin' like that, you piss-soaked little

Tiffany hung her head in shame. How could she argue with them? Here she
was covered in urine and semen. She'd been sent out to get a fraternity
paddle and hadn't even managed to do that. And when the trip started,
all she had wanted to do was impress the girls of PKU so she could
pledge there!

"What's with the video camera?" one of the PKUs asked Buck.

"Oh, that's nothing," Buck lied.

"Were you taping her?" the girl fired back.

"Everything was done legally and according to statute," Buck said
stiffly. "Now y'all just take this little girl and get on."

"Let's have the tape out of the camera, first," the girl said, standing
up to the enormous cop. Buck was using to being the authority figure,
but he could tell from looking at these girls that they were used to
getting their own way. Even though they were dressed in shorts, T-
shirts and flip flops, they projected an aura of entitlement.

"That's property of the Sheriff's Department. No can do."

"Gretchen! Call your dad!" said the coed.

A PKU s****r that Amy had seen toward the back during the Truth or Dare
game stepped forward and pulled out a cell phone. Buck stepped forward,
trying to keep control of the situation. "Who the hell are you, and who
are you calling?"

"I'm Gretchen Lopez, and my daddy is Raoul Lopez. Maybe you know the
name. He's the federal district attorney for the central district of
Texas. I think maybe he'll want to send a couple of U.S. marshalls here
to impound that tape and see if this girl's federal civil rights were
violated." She punched numbers into the phone.

"Listen, hang on," Buck said, starting to sweat. "Let's make a quick
deal. Leave your daddy out of this, take the tape, and drive away. We
all just get on with our lives as if nothing happened."

"Works for me!" Gretchen said with a smile, accepting the VHS video
from Buck. "I don't know what's on here, but it'll be fun to watch on
the VCR when we get back to the house. Hey Tiffany Lying Slut Piss Dog
Daniels. You want to watch with us when we get back?"

"Please, please, just take me home," the high-schooler begged. She
didn't care what happened, she just wanted to be away from the cop and
the Mexicans, away from all men who humiliated and used her.

"One more thing, Mr. Sheriff-man," Gretchen said with a lack of respect
that rankled Buck. "You got any rope? I got an idea, and we're gonna
need four lengths of rope." Buck nodded, knowing he was defeated. He
rummaged in a closet for a moment and came up with a length of rope,
which he cut into four long pieces.

Tiffany and the PKU girls got into their late-model Mustang, cherry-
red, in the parking lot - the four girls inside, Tiffany in the trunk.
She knew better than to protest. Just accept your fate, she told
herself, and get out of here. They closed the lid on her, and she was
alone in the darkness of the trunk as the car pulled away.

She could hear the girls' muffled voices in the car, but not what they
were saying. Occasionally there would be an outburst of laughter.

She didn't know how much time had passed, but soon the car the
stopped, and the trunk was popped open. The PKU girls stood there,
holding the rope. "Get out, Little Miss Pissy," they ordered. Tiffany
obeyed, her limbs stiff from riding in a curled-up position.

She looked around, and saw they were at a gas station, apparently in a
suburb. "We're close to Austin," Amy told her, "and there's no way
we're taking you back inside our nice sorority house all covered with
sperm and pee. So it's washy-washy time. Take off your nightgown."

"What are you going to do to me?" Tiffany asked nervously.

"Shut up and do as your told!" Amy snapped. "Otherwise we'll leave you
here. And the next guy who pulls in for gas better be a nice guy, cause
if he isn't, we're done getting you out of trouble, sweetie!"

Defeated, befuddled, tired and stiff, Tiffany pulled the wet,
stinking nightie over her head and stood, shivering in the night air.
"Climb up on the roof," Amy ordered, "and lay on your back.

As soon as Tiffany was on top of the Ford Mustang's roof, the four
girls fanned out, each with a piece of roof. Hands grabbed her ankles
and her wrists, and spread them out, so that she formed a giant, taut
X. She could feel rope being looped around her ankles and wrists and
tied tightly, and when she looked up, she saw the other ends of the
rope being tied down. Her pussy, now open in a wide V, was facing the
front of the car, and her ankles were tied to the corners of the front
bumper. Her arms were stretched out and back, and each wrist was tied
to a corner of the rear bumper.

She was utterly naked and exposed, laying on her back. She could feel a
breeze blowing against her pussy lips, and her nipples stiffened. The
girls started laughing, then singing.

"Workin' at the car wash!/
Workin' at the car wash, yeah!"

They got into the car and drove toward the large drive-through car
wash. "No, no, please don't do this!" Tiffany shouted. "It wasn't my
fault! None of it was my fault! Why are you being so mean to me? Help!

But it was 6 a.m., and no one was around to hear her cries, except for
a 19-year-old clerk who was working the overnight shift at the gas
station. He had left his register and now stood in the gas station lot,
watching the amazing sight of a girl, naked and tied spread-eagle on
the roof of a car, being driven into the automatic car wash.

"Workin' at the car wash!/
Workin' at the car wash, yeah!" the s****rs of PKU sang merrily.

The Mustang stopped automatically inside. "No, don't do this! I'll
drown! Help!" yelled Tiffany.

The jets of hot water shut her up. They seemed to hit her body
everywhere at once. One jet hit her in the face, and she shut her mouth
and squeezed her eyes tight. Other jets hit her on her breasts, drilled
into her ribs, played all up and down her widely splayed legs. Water
shot at her bare feet, and goosed her wide-open, completely vulnerable
young pussy.

Tiffany could not scream. She could only endure. The water stopped,
and was followed by soap. Gusts of soap covered her body. Although her
mouth and eyes were shut, it got up her nose and burned.

Then came the brushes. She couldn't see it, but a gigantic roller brush
descended from the ceiling on a metal arm. It went up the front of the
Mustang, along the hood, up the windshield, and then right over her
open, wet pussy. The brush was soft and the bristles tickled,
stimulating her little love box. She felt it brush her clit gently, and
then it moved on, up her belly and across her breasts. The
cheerleader's taut nipples were straining upward, and the brush
dragging across their sensitive tips sent a quick thrill through her
body, one she felt in her pussy and in her toes. Then the brush moved
on over her face, and down the back of the car.

And back it came again, in reverse. Brushes doing the sides of the car
didn't touch her, but the big brush on top rolled back over her nipples
and belly and cunt, and back down her legs. Tiffany wanted to wiggle
her body, but couldn't, she was too tightly tied.

It flashed through her mind briefly that this was somehow the most
obscene moment of the entire horrible night, to be naked and tied down
and driven through a car wash, only to find the contact of the soft
brushes to be sexually stimulating. Maybe everyone was right when they
kept calling her a slut. Maybe it was her lot in life to be a slut, she

But the thought vanished with the rinse cycle, as the hot water came
back, stronger and hotter than ever. She wasn't sure, but she thought
maybe one of the jets seemed to be aimed a little differently, because
it felt like it was hitting her right on the clit. The water was
burning and the pressure was too strong for her to really get off on
it, but the intense direct stimulation of her highly sensitive clitoris
maddening, nonetheless.

When it was almost to the point of feeling good, it stopped, and was
replaced by blasts of hot air, drying Tiffany and the car. And then it
was over, and Amy put the car in gear and drove out of the car wash.
Tiffany felt sure they would stop and untie her, and let her back into
the car, but they didn't. The PKU s****rs just pulled out onto the
street and began driving, with Tiffany strapped naked to the rook, her
pussy pointing forward just where the windshield met the roof line.

"Let me down!" she screamed. "Please, let me down." But if the girls
heard her, they were ignoring her, and they drove on. Dawn was just
beginning to break, and although there were few cars on the road at
this hour outside Austin, those that were there honked their horns.
Tiffany could hear the honking as they drove down the street, and knew
with deep shame that it was her publicly displayed nudity that was
causing the commotion.

She had no idea what street they were on or how far it was to the PKU
house, or ever, for that matter, if they were really going to the PKU
house or might just be planning to drive her around all day and display
her nudity to the entire city of Austin and the entire University of
Texas campus. Tiffany shuddered at the horrible idea. The car stopped
at a red light, and Tiffany looked up into the eyes of a leering
redneck. He was driving a big rig truck, and had pulled up next to them
at the light.

The trucker rolled down his window and feasted his horny eyes on
Tiffany's helpless, naked form. Her arms twitched, as she would
normally try to cover herself from his wolfish gaze, but her wrists
were tied tightly.

"Hey, baby," the trucker said lasciviously. "Are you the hood ornament?
Cause if you are, you ain't on the hood!" He burst out laughing.

Tiffany decided not to answer the man. There was nothing she could

"Hey, honey, talk to me!" he called, but Tiffany remained mute. Please
turn green please turn green please turn green," she prayed silenty to
the stoplight.

"Hey, bitch, I asked you a question!" the trucker snarled. He was so
high in his cab that he could look right down on the spread-eagled

The light turned green. The trucker, frustrated that his sparkling
banter had not worked on the girl, leaned his head out of the cab
window and let loose a big glop of tobacco juice. The brown gob sailed
out the window and right onto Tiffany, striking her smack in the belly
button. She could feel the gross gunk trickle down her nude belly and
sides, and even worse, that the sweet concave dimple of her belly
button, a belly button that countless high school boys had stared at
with lust when she did her cheerleading routines, cute little teen
navel now acted like a pool to retain a small amount of the tobacco

As they pulled away from the light, Tiffany could feel the gross juice
soaking in her belly-button. She heaved her hips upward, hoping to
spill it out, but then she heard a horn honk and a guy yelling "Yeah,
baby!" and realized how obscene it must look, even with her limited
mobility., to be thrusting her hips as if she were fucking an invisible
lover on top of her.

Finally, she knew they were turning into the U of Texas campus by the
change in the buildings, and soon the car stopped outside the PKU
house. The girls untied her, and Tiffany rubbed the chafed places on
her wrists and ankles, even while she stood nude in the driveway beside
the sorority house. She went inside with the girls, and they directed
her to a bedroom, where she crashed into a deep, deep sl**p.

The next thing Tiffany knew she was being awakened by several
voices, all saying "Hey, Tiffany Baby, time to wake up sl**ping Beauty"
in varying sarcastic tones. She opened her eyes and was confused for a
moment, waking up naked on a strange bed in a strange room surrounded
by college coeds. But then the events of the previous evening came
rushing back to her, along with a splitting headache and a clammy
feeling of nausea from all the tequila she had consumed.

"Get dressed, sweetcakes," said Amy. "We need to talk."

When she got downstairs, Tiffany saw several PKU s****rs sitting around
a table. She recognized Amy the red-head who had been her chief
tormentor, and Gretchen, the willowy brunette who had scammed Sheriff
Buck into giving up the video.

"Have a seat, Tiff," Amy told her. "You've got some thinking to do.
While you were sl**ping, we watched that video we got from the sheriff.
My oh my, it's a good thing none of us are lezbos, or we would have
been fingering ourselves like mad!" The other girls all laughed. "That
is one hot little tape you two made. When he's searching your pussy for
d**gs and you start moaning and wiggling your hips like you want a hot
fuck, that ain't acting, s****r! The rest of it is just you talking,
which isn't quite as nasty, but the stories you tell are great. And of
course you gave your name and full address, so that anyone who sees the
tape can track you down.

"So we talked about what to do, and came up with two possibilities. The
first is to sell the tape here at U of T to all the fraternity guys. We
figure $20 a pop is pretty good for such a rare item, and we can maybe
sell 500 to 1,000, which is a pretty damn good fund-raiser, considering
we don't have to do squat! Or you can convince us not to sell the tape
by doing some work around the house today. You're not expected back
home till Sunday, and this is just Saturday morning, so you've got 24

Tiffany felt sick, and it wasn't just the hangover. The thought of
hundreds of fraternity boys watching that big cop poke his finger up
her butt, and of hearing her tell the story of how she was ****d by her
cousin and had to give blowjobs to the basketball team at half-time
made her want to throw up. And once the tapes got into circulation
there was no stopping them! People would duplicate them, trade them on
the Internet, and sooner or later a copy would make its way back to
Beverly, her hometown.

"I'll do whatever you want," she promised.

"Oh, indeed you will," Gretchen said. "Just so we're clear. You will do
everything we say for the next 24 hours, no matter what. You will be
our slave, basically. And in return, you can have the video."

"I agree," said Tiffany. "But please don't be mean to me. Please. I've
been through so much already."

The s****rs of PKU just laughed at their poor little teenaged slave.

The first order of business was her dress. They pulled out a French
maid's costume, but not even a nice one. It was like a cheap Halloween
costume. The black bustier top barely covered her full, bouncy breasts.
The skirt was made out of cheap black vinyl, and was stiff. It flared
out from her hips, but the girls wouldn't let her wear any panties with
the outfit, so her entire ass and every centimeter of her sweet young
bush was completely on display every second. On her legs she wore black
stockings, thigh-highs that came up to mid-thigh, but ended several
inches below the hem of the skirt. A pair of black high-heeled pumps,
with spikes that were almost impossible to walk in, completed the
outfit. Or so Tiffany thought as she glumly dressed herself. Then
Gretchen came in with the final accessory: a black leather dog collar
she fastened around Tiffany's throat. It wasn't the first time Tiffany
had been f***ed to wear a dog collar, and she hated what it implied.
Dog collars were for ugly old whores in porno magazines, not for rich
and popular teenaged girls like herself! But, she knew, she had no

The day was spent doing the most demeaning chores the girls could think
of. She cleaned the grout in the tile in the entry way with a
toothbrush, which took three hours, during which people came and went
from the PKU house and checked out the PKU's new little maid. The
worst, for Tiffany, was the UPS man, a handsome young man in the
obligatory brown shirt and shorts, who was invited in enthusiastically
by a PKU s****r. The coed made a big deal about how glad she was to see
him, and who was the package addressed to, and all the while Tiffany
was on her hands and knees, about two feet away, scrubbing grout with a
toothbrush. The UPS man could see her bare bottom jutting out from the
vinyl skirt, and Tiffany tried to scuttle away, but Amy came in and
snapped at her:

"Tiffany Daniels! Stand up immediately! Hands at your side!" Tiffany
jumped to her feet. With her hands at her size, her entire pussy was
right there for the UPS man to drool over. Tiffany could see the bulge
in his shorts.

"How do you like our maid?" Amy asked the UPS guy. Oh, he liked her
very much, he said, and asked for a glass of water, just so he could
waste as much time in the entry way, using his eyes to practically ****
the girl's exposed body parts.

After the tile, Tiffany had to clean the sorority's toilets. Then dust
for cobwebs that had formed up near the ceilings, which meant climbing
lots of ladders. Several fraternity guys seemed to be dropping in and
out of the house a lot during this part of her chores, and Tiffany
thought she heard a couple of them offer to "buy" the PKU slave, but
she tried to ignore the comments. It was bad enough that she had to
pull down cobwebs without even a paper towel Ñ just use her bare hands.

Finally it was dinner time, and Amy told the teenage Cinderella that
she should go clean herself up, take a nice long shower and do her
hair, then put the French maid's costume back on. Tiffany was starved,
but obeyed.

At 8 p.m. Saturday night, Tiffany came downstairs, still wearing the
outlandish and obscene costume, still without any underwear, but
looking better than she had since she arrived at the PKU house a little
over a day before. Her makeup was subtle but impeccable, and her long
blonde hair was beautifully and gently curled. The doorbell rang, and
she heard a voice call "Maid Tiffany! Get the door!"

She went to the door, opened it, and there stood A.J. and the other
four RAT boys who had k**napped her. "Hi," A.J." said. "Can Tiffany
Daniels play? Ooh, I think maybe she can." The five frat boys pushed
their way in, all of them grinning and saying hello to their former

Amy came into the entry and greeted the RATs as if they were long- lost
friends. "Thanks for coming over, guys. I see you've met our house
slave, Tiffany." The girl in the revealing maid's costume was trying to
disappear, but there was nowhere to go.

"We've heard all about what happened last night, and felt that maybe
you guys would like a little re-match with Tiffany. Any of you guys
feel like maybe you didn't get what you wanted last night?"

"Fuckin' A yeah!" the young men all hooted.

"Amy, please, how can you do this to me?" Tiffany pleaded. "I've done
everything you've asked. You can't turn me over to these guys. They're
horrible. They'll **** me."

"You know what they say," Amy said. "When **** is inevitable, relax and
enjoy it. I suggest you keep that in mind for the next couple of hours.
Did you boys bring the paddle?"

Brian brought the PKU fraternity paddle out from behind his back and
smacked it against his palm. The loud cracking noise of wood on flesh
made Tiffany jump.

"Now Tiffany, you know our little arrangement. You promised to do
everything we told you to do, and now I'm telling you you're going to
e****t these five guys into the bedroom at the top of the stairs and
spend as the night with with them."

"No, no, no, you can't, you can't," Tiffany whispered, knowing that
this was it, this was the end of the line.

"Boys, do you have my money?" Amy asked, and all five handed over
fistfuls of bills. She was being sold to the RAT-boys for sex.

"Now there's really just one rule," Amy said. "When you use that paddle
on her, hit her as hard and as often as you want, but don't break the
skin. She's not one of your pledges, she's a 17-year-old girl. Other
than that, though, I'm sure you can get that ass nice and red."

"And nice and stretched!" crowed Kevin.

"Whatever do you mean?" asked Amy coyly. "You mean you boys are
thinking of fucking poor little Tiffany up the ass? All five of you?
After you paddle the shit out of her? I do believe I should have
charged more money for this little play-time."

"Fuckin' A!Ó crowed Nick.

"In this case, literally!' quipped Amy.

Tiffany eyed the door, thinking about making a run for it, but it was
blocked by the RAT boys.

"We even provided a soundtrack for the evening's festivities," Amy
said. "A tape we found in her purse. It's got lots of interesting songs
on it, and there's a boombox in the room you can play it on. The music
will help muffle the screams."

"Come on, babe, let's go upstairs," A.J. said, and the RAT-boys all
grabbed Tiffany by the arms and walked her forcibly up the stairs while
she begged and pleaded to be turned loose.

The PKU girls heard the door shut firmly, and a few seconds later,
music began playing loudly, the Stones at full blast:

"It's down to me/
The way she does just what she's told/
Down to me, the change has come/
She's under my thumb."

There was another knock on the door, and Gretchen opened it and invited
in Sheriff Lucas Buck and Sam from the diner.

"Good evening, gentlemen," she said. "Welcome to Pi Kappa Upsilon. The
evening's entertainment is upstairs. Do you have the donation we

The cop and the cook each handed Gretchen $200 and headed upstairs.
"Remember," Amy called after them, "no permanent damage. Have as much
fun as you want with her, but we don't want any evidence." The men both
smiled evilly, thinking how little that really limited them in what
they could to Tiffany Daniels over the next few hours.

Amy sighed, and Gretchen turned to her. They heard the upstairs bedroom
door open, the music blast loudly for a moment, and then the door was
shut again. A steady, ugly sound could be heard, the sound of a wooden
paddle being splatted against naked girl-ass, over and over. THWACK!

"I don't hear any screaming," Amy said matter-of-factly.

"They must have gagged her," Gretchen replied calmly. "By the way, are
you really going to give her that video."

"Hey, a deal's a deal," said Amy. "Of course we're going to give her
the video. But first, we had to make a copy of it. That was part of the
original deal, the one we made with her little s****r, Stephanie. She
helped set it up and in return, if we managed to get anything on tape,
I'm supposed to mail it to her, in care of the principal at her

"She must be some fucked-up little bitch, that Stephanie," said

"She's one cold cunt," said Amy. "And ironically, her s****r Tiffany is
one very warm ass, at least at the moment."

The thwack-thwack-thwacking upstairs had stopped, and the coeds could
now hear, faintly, the rhythmic creaking of bedsprings. It was going to
be a long night for Tiffany Daniels.

Amy and Gretchen smiled at each other, and went into the kitchen to get
some wine.


"Are you crazy/
Are you high/
Or just an ordinary guy?
Have you done all you can do?
Are you with me, doctor?"
Ñ Steely Dan

This story contains sex, dirty words, public humiliation, an
u******ed girl, i*****l d**gs, a fraternity paddle, a hot dog, and a
bunch of Mexicans (eventually). It's more about mind-fucking than the
regular kind. If you are under 18, do not read it. Simple as that.
This story is copyright 1999 by Dr. Wu. It may be re-posted on any
free newsgroup or archived on any free website. It may not be placed
anywhere that charges admission in any form. It is fiction.
"Trippin With Tiffany" can be read on its own, but it is the third
part of an ongoing saga and will make more sense if you read the first
two parts first.
71% (11/5)
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1 year ago
The writer seems to possess a very unique and unusual imagination, even to the point of being a fantasy of epic proportions. The visual provides for an exciting ride (pun intended), mental and fictional.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Intresting story!
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