My Experiences.

Hi. This is my attempt at writing down my c***dhood experiences. It's a slow start, but I think the back story is really important. It happened over a number of years, and a lot of the incidents were small, and hardly worth mentioning, but I see it as a domino effect type of thing. One event leads on to the next. Anyway, let me know what you think...

This is the story of how I grew up with four b*****rs and how they used and abused me for their own amusement and pleasure over a number of years. I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy much of it, because I did, but there were some dark times in there too. There's a lot of build-up to why and how things happened, so you'll have to bear with me. My b*****rs didn't just come into my room one night and fuck me - that only happens in stories.

Okay, this is mostly true. I've changed the names of my b*****rs, and I'm a little shaky on some of the exact details and the chronology, but I'll muddle through as best as I can. Obviously the sexual details won't be perfect, but it's part autobiography and part sex story, so I make no apologies for that. Anyway, this is about the things that happened and how I felt about it at the time.

I was 21, I think, when it started, but I might have been slightly younger. I had four b*****rs and one s****r. It was my s****r getting pregnant and being kicked out of the house by my Dad that shaped the ways things would go from there. Sarah was just 25 when she became pregnant. Even though she was my only s****r and we shared a room, I don't remember us being close and I don't remember being aware that she was seeing boys or anything like that. I learned later that the father of the baby was an exchange student over here from Italy. I also learned later that it wasn't my s****r's first time, and that it apparently didn't take much to get her to spread her legs. She was slightly chubby and plain-looking, and I think she probably lacked confidence. I have a vague feeling/memory that Dad loved me more than her and that may have contributed to her need to look elsewhere for the affection she wasn't getting at home. I might be wrong, of course - I'm not a psychologist.

So Sarah got pregnant and Dad kicked her out. She went to live with an aunt and uncle down on the coast and that was that. I don't think I knew all the details back then, but I knew my s****r had gone and it meant I had my own room at last. That little detail alone would contribute to much of what was to follow.

I had four b*****rs. When I was 21, Danny would have been 24, Ben was 23, Martin (my twin) was 21 (of course) and George was the baby of the f****y and was 18. We had a dog and two rabbits too. Dad was an electrician and Mum had a part-time job in a cafe. We lived in a three-bedroom house, but had converted a downstairs room into a fourth bedroom. This, being the smallest of the four bedrooms, eventually became my room. Danny and Ben shared one room, Martin and George another, with my parents in the big bedroom.

Apart from getting me my own room, my s****r's departure had another crucial outcome. I was probably already 'Daddy's Little Angel' but after Sarah's unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, Dad became even more protective of me. I guess he didn't want me getting knocked up too. Basically, I became a prisoner in my own home. I was told to come straight home from school and I wasn't allowed out, unless it was with the f****y. The knock-on effect of this was that I became very close to Ben.

Ben was 23 and a bit of a loner. My other b*****rs were out-going and had lots of friends, but Ben kept pretty much to himself. He was a bit chubby and had bad skin, and spent much of his time indoors, in his room, with his computer games and comics and his sci-fi books. He was quite good-looking but lacked confidence and didn't make friends easily. Now that I was at home a lot more, I found myself spending more and more time with Ben.

I always liked Ben anyway. He was smart and funny and we played a lot together when we were k**s. Again, it was probably because he didn't go out as much as the others. I started hanging out in his room, and he got me interested in sci-fi and comics and computer games (even though I was useless). When the others came in, me and Ben would go to my room and hang out, as Danny would invariably listen to his heavy metal music, which I hated. We used to make up stories together, where we'd take it in turns to add to the story. Even back then, Ben would occasionally add 'naughty' bits to the stories, such as girls showing their panties or having their bottoms spanked, or stuff like that. It was all pretty innocent, but it would make me laugh and I think he was encouraging me to be equally naughty.

I don't know how long it was before Ben started sneaking into my room in the night, after everyone else was asl**p. I know that sometimes I would wait up for him and sometimes he'd have to wake me up. I think it probably happened four or five nights a week. We'd sit on the bed in the dark and talk and mess about. We were practically inseperable by then. I still had friends at school, but Ben was probably my best friend back then. I'm not sure what we did or how long we stayed up those nights, but it went on for some time. Then, one night, we kissed. I don't know who initiated it but I remember it was during one of our late night sessions. Ben, of course, was as inexperienced as I was, so it wasn't great, but we kissed quite regularly after that and gradually got better at it.

I don't know if Ben was in love with me. I think he was. I think his feelings for me were much greater than I imagined at the time. I think he both loved me and lusted after me. At the time, though, I was naive and probably too young to see what was right in front of me. Like I say, we kissed, but only ever at night, in my room, when everyone else was asl**p. After school, in his room, things took a different turn. Again I'm not sure of the chronology. This might have happened before the kissing.
Anyway, Ben started wrestling me. I should say that with four boys in the house, wrestling was a regular thing, and I sometimes got involved too, though most of that was when I was much younger. So we started wrestling on Ben's bed. Ben was bigger and stronger than me, of course, and could overpower me easily, but he acted like I was winning sometimes, even though he always won in the end. Invariably, he would end up straddling me, with either my arms pinned above my head or down by my sides, held in place by his knees. He always dragged the wrestling out, so by the time I was beaten, we were both puffed out. Well. I was anyway.

Well, that's the first bit out of the way. I'll be adding more as I write it.

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