Working At A house part 2

Here I was in this street crouched down beside a car trying to hide from a woman walking past with her dog. She walked past me without glancing down which was lucky. I heard a mans voice behind me which shook me up.

"You OK?, what are you doing?"

I couldn't say anything.

"You better come with me, other wise someone will report you to the police."

He was a tall man in his 50's, well built and clean shaven, he spoke very politely. I followed him over the road to his house. He opened the door and we both walked in.
I walked into his lounge looking very sorry for my self. He told me to sit down which I did.

"I could call the police right now and have you arrested"

I looked down to the floor thinking that was it. He stood in front of me and dropped his jeans and pants. He had a very large penis.

"I think you better suck this for me."

I took his cock in my hand and started sucking on it. It grew bigger as I was sucking and he started groaning and pushing it into my mouth harder. I sucked and licked until he finally shot his load into my mouth. Spunk was dribbling down my mouth as it was hard to keep it in, I managed to swallow it and I thought that was it, he would let me go.

He told me to follow him upstairs, thinking he is gonna lend me some clothes, but when I got into the bedroom he stripped off naked.

"Bend over the bed"

I had no choice as he bent me over and pushed his big fat cock into my arse.
Oh my god how it hurt. He fucked me for a few minutes when his mobile rang. He pulled out to answer it.

"Hello.......... Yes ok"

He put the phone down and pushed his cock back inside me.

part 3 to follow
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3 years ago
that was hot would love to read the next chapter. thanks
3 years ago
continue and please make them longer
3 years ago
Get writing the sequel i love erotica