Revenge for Hubby(very long story)

hello guys, Im Tara from US. Im 40 years old and married. Im 5'3 and 132lbs, have blonde hair and hazel eye.
I met my hubby when i was in high school and got married with him at my 21 age. He was the only one Id ever had sex with. Our marriage had been happy. He was a gentle, sweet guy. In addition we have two lovely daughters.
As getting older he became busier. He promoted but it made him work hard. He often went out of the town or state to work..sometimes he got back soon but sometimes he stayed out for some months.So our sex life has been bad. I started to masturbate and even watch porns. But Id never thought about cheating.

Now he has been out of state again..for 3 months. It was Monday of two weeks ago. I was cleaning the house. I opened the closet and picked up hubby's jackets. Then somethings dropped down. They were some photos. I looked at them and got shocked. Some of them were young bitches'...and a few of them were my hubby's and bitches together..kissing and having sex. It was reavling he had cheated on me. I couldnt believe it. Id always been faithful to him and i trusted him too. But what were these pictures? I cried..I was desparated and angry. At dinner, my younger daughter(older one already moved out) found me cried. She asked why i cried. I answered I watched very sad movie. I couldnt tell her the truth. How could I say?

Next day I decided to cheat too. It was revenge. Fortunately Diana(younger daughter) would go away to her friend's home for a night on Friday. So it was D-Day. After she said me goodbye, I prepared to go out. I wore a red bra and panties, put on a black dress which my hubby bought for me. It was quite tight and short(hitting on my upper thighs). And I added black heels and stockings. I went to a bar. Im not a heavy drinker so just ordered a cocktail. I was looking for my guy then a young black guy came to me. He looked in his mid 20s, big and athlete. He introduced his name Leo. We talked for a while and he suggested dance. We moved to the dancing hall and began to dance. Im not good at dancing but he led me well. It made me comfortable. while dancing he touched my back, waist and hips. Im sure he could feel my bra and panties. He hold me tighter and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him with passionate. we went to motel and started to have sex. He got rid off my panties before took off my dress and licked my pussy. Then he made me naked. I pulled up his shirt and loose his jeans. I unzipped his crotch and pulled them down. jeans and panties together. then i got shocked...A huge black cock appeared in front of me. I smiled and grabbed it. I rubbed his cock then began to lick and suck. It was tasty. He pulled me up and had me lie on the bed. He carressed my 36e boobs and kissed my lips. He got ready to penetrate. I closed my eyes then he put his cock in my wet pussy. I could feel my pussy stretched. He was much bigger than my hubby. As he pounding, I moaned slutty. I yelled yes, yes. He was going deeper and harder. I got and orgasm. He kept pounding and pulled it out. He shot his loads to my face.
We had a break time then the second time to fuck. This time, doggy. He fucked my pussy again from behind. He kissed my back and carressed my bouncing boobs. Another orgasms hit me up. Then he rubbed my asshole with his fingers. I said no. Id never done anal sex yet. Hubby never tried it and of course i never thought of it. Leo was a gentle guy so he didnt try anal. He kept fucking my pussy and this time he came on my hips and back. I lay on the bed. I told him the truth. I said I was married and hadnt sex for 4 months. Hubby had been out of state because of work but i found his cheating last monday. This was my revenge. Leo kissed me and said sorry. I said my 40s birthday would be on next friday but hubby wont be back until that day. Leo had a smile and said if i didnt mind he would give me the best present. i asked what it is but he didnt let me know. I was curious so i said ok. we kissed again and made an appointment on my bday. He asked i should dress up as that day but not any underwears. I said yes and came back home.
It was very horny. I just did my first cheating sex. I couldnt imagine i could do this kinda thing but it just happened. The world looked different and I was anticipating my birthday.

Eventually my 40's bday had come. in the morning my older daughter called me to celebrate and Diana gave me a gift before she went to school. I thanked her and said goodbye. I already told her I would go to see my friend to celebrate and I would come back on saturday.
It was time to go. I put on my dress again but not any bra and panties. instead i wore red garters. Leo was already waiting for me. We kissed and i followed him. We passed bars and clubs then there was a kinda private strip club. I didnt have any idea why we went there but when he asked "are u ready?" i smiled and said yes.
As we entered to the club there were lots of black guys. in fact, there were only black guys and few of white women. and there were two strippers on the stage. Leo waved his hand to somebody and led me to the front of the stage. for a while we watched strippers dancing then Leo said me to go up to the stage. I hesitated but one of strippers handed me up. I was nervous. Id never stood in front of crowds. I didnt know what to do. Then a dj shouted "here comes a queen of tonight!" the crowds clapped and i laughed. There were three black strippers now and they cheered me up so i started do dance with them. one of them led me to do slutty dancing and i followed her. the DJ said "its time to strip". i hesitated again but the strippers already got naked and helped me. one unzipped my dress and another pulled it down. then the other rubbed my boobs and pointed at them to the crowds. the DJ told the crowds how big boobs i got. now we began to dance again. still i followed the other strippers but this time i was horny and excited. I danced quite better than a moment ago. They led me to the center stage and they spreaded. i was dancing alone on the center stage. the DJ shouted "its show time" then the light turned on. it became dark. I was facing to the crowds but couldnt see anyone. a minute later i could feel someone came behind me. This guy put his arms on my shoulders then my boobs. he carressed them and licked my neck. I could feel his cock behind my hips. i realized it was very big. i reached down my hand and grabbed it. The light turned on. I noticed there were only two of us on the stage. I turned around and looked down. Oh my god! I couldnt believe! there was a monstrous cock! Leo said his cock was 9 inchs but this cock looked much bigger. at least 11 or 12 inches. I knelt down and gave him a blow-job. I was scared but excited to think of having this monster cock. DJ said "Tara, you are so slutty milf"
I sucked it as best as i could. He hugged me and pushed me down. I was lying on the stage. I heard Dj asking crowds "can this white milf take that 12inches?" 12inches? wow! i was surprised. then this monster cock came into my pussy. I moaned loudly with pleasure. He began to pound me. I grabbed his shoulders and moaned slutty. I could get orgasms. He hugged me and rolled over. Now i was on top of him. Id never ridden on anyone. just watched it in porn movies. I began to ride on him. Oh the feelin was great. I lifted my top and waved my waist. I was riding on this black guy.

Suddenly the light turned off again but i didnt stop riding. while riding anknown hands hugged me from behind. at the moment the light turned on. i couldnt turn my face but i could see dark hands. here came another black guy. he kissed my neck with teasing my boobs. the first guy started to pound my pussy. i was in heaven. i could find out this new guy having monster cock. Dj asked me if I had ever done double penetration. I said no. actually I didnt know what it was. Then this new guy pushed my back so the first guy hugged me from the bottom. He stopped pounding but stayed in my pussy. The new guy rubbed my asshole with his cockhead. One week ago I rejected anal sex to Leo but this tim i couldnt do. already i was in ecstasy and I didnt want to stop. Now the new monster cock was coming to my unconquered hole. It hurt. I screamed loudly with pain. but as getting deeper, getting more excited. He pushed his monster to my anus until i couldnt do anymore. Finally he stopped. My eyes opened widely and i couldnt say anything. DJ shouted "Happy birthday slutty milf Tara!"
The two guys started to fuck my both holes. I screamed loudly again but not for pain but for pleasure. I couldnt believe i was doing that and how it felt fantastic. I could feel my holes were totally filled with two black monster cocks. I had my back arched. My big boobs were bouncing intensely. The bottom guy pulled down my nipples and the back guy licked my neck. I moaned out with delights. DJ yelled what a fucking slutty milf whore. He asked what i was doing and how was feeling. I cried out "This is my first double penetration! my first anal sex! oh fuck yes! how fucking nice! what an amazing! oh god this is so fantastic!" with trembling voice. already i was hitting by numerous orgasms. i lost in ecstasy. those guys pouded me faster and harder, then finally came to my anus ans pussy. my both holes were filled with their massive loads. They both pulled out of my holes and i lay on the stage.
Dj shouted "tonights queen is the white milf slut Tara!" I could hear the crowds applauded. The show was over. Leo came to me and the light turned down. I lay there until all the crowds were gone. Leo asked if i liked his present. I smiled and kissed him with sayin yes thank u Leo. This is the best gift ever my life. He told me that guys were the biggest guys there. They were from africa and only 20 years.

I took my dress and went out with Leo. There those black guys were waiting. Leo already reserved a hotel room for us. with these two guys i went to the room and I got three more double penetrations. we fell asl**p and next morning i did anal sex one by one. we had lunch and there was one more double penetration. All the time they came to my anus and pussy. I kissed them and appreciated.."thank you honeys I wont forget our double penetrations" I didnt take a shower and came back home. on the way home i knew their loads floating down from my holes.
Yes it was the best night ever of my life. Now with Leo, im planning to my first gangbang sex.

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7 months ago
YOOO, hubby gonna come home and try and fuck her, "damn son my dick shrunk!"
1 year ago
Amazing story....
1 year ago
WOW what a HOT story, Nice way to get revenge, Good Luck in your future endevors
1 year ago
1 year ago
You done it it style :)
1 year ago
Great story!!!
1 year ago
good girl Clara I hope you enjoy that gangbang I would love to join in my horny friend