My first experiences with men (part 2)

Not really sure where I am going to take this story next, there are plenty of options. Thanks to all those who left comments about the first chapter of my first experiences with men. I shall try and make this chapter a little longer for those who thought it finished too soon and were just getting excited when the story finished.

Now let me see we could go with experiences in a gay sauna, but I think I shall save that for a later date. Sorry I know I'm teasing a little but, building the anticipation of what comes next.

Anyway, I soon discovered the internet and the that you could have there. I began to have regular contact with a man who lived quite close to me. He seemed quite interesting and was very keen for me to come round one day.

One day came and so I went to see him. I must admit that I was very aroused by the prospect, the excitement in part being due to what he was going to do to me, but also the added dimension of sex with a total stranger.

When I arrived I knocked on the door and a man opened it. He greeted me cordially, he didn't look anything like the picture he sent me. But I was a little inexperienced and failed to understand that you could send any picture you look and pretend to be the person.

He was older and nowhere near as attractive as the picture he sent me. Anyway, he didn't give me time to ponder this but moved into my arms and attempted to kiss me. Surprised at the speed at which he came onto me I responded and kissed hesitantly at first, but then with more passion as my cock responded in my trouser and I could feel my erection developing. We kissed passionately for a while and part of my mind was interested at how it felt to kiss a man, having never really snogged one before. I could feel the stubble against my cheeks and realised what women had been going on about for centuries when they complain their men don't shave before they kiss them.

I digress again, my hands move down his chest and began to caress him through the material of his tracksuit trousers. More confident now and very much turned on I knelt and pulled down his trousers and boxers in one smooth action. His cock sprang out and eagerly I began to caress him and suck and lick at him. Marvelling at how smooth and clean shaved he was down here. Since my first experiences my technique had improved and there had been other opportunities to suck cock.

After a while he eased me to my feet and fumbled at my belt buckle. Swiftly I helped him out I was that excited. He pulled my trousers down and very gently began to stroke my cock. It was standing proud now. He seemed pleased and indicated we should go upstairs. I leapt at the opportunity.

Upstairs he led me, trousers still part way down my legs into his bedroom and said he had to use the bath room. I lay on his bed and while I waited removed all my clothes. On his return he seemed impressed with the sight of me lying there on my back cock still very very hard. He knelt and began to stroke me. It was lovely to feel his touch, he was very sensitive and didn't give it a good tug. But gently stroked me and then eased forward and took me in his mouth. To feel his mouth close around my cock was such a delicious feeling that I almost came there and then. Sensing that I was close he looked me in the eye and said I don't want you to come yet.

We then engage in an awful lot of four play. The positions we arranged ourselves in blurred in my mind. At one point he was lying on the bed legs wide open and I was kneeling on the floor. My head between his legs exploring using my tongue. Allowing my tongue to tease and lick his balls. Using my fingers to part his buttocks further so that I could use my tongue again to probe his arsehole.

Then I found myself in a sixty nine position, on top straddling his chest. His cock right in my face. So I wrapped my hands around it and licking and sucked his shaft. My cock was grinding into his chest, his hands were on my buttocks and I could feel his warm tongue, flicking at my arsehole. That feeling was amazing I think that was the first time a man had rimmed me and now words fail me as I attempt to describe the sensations that ran through my body. Furiously I ground my cock into his chest, but again he eased off as he sensed I was getting very close to the edge.

At this point or somewhere around this point he said you fancy doing some fucking and I didn't need a great deal of persuading at this point. I think I might have done anything so excited was I......

I think that is enough for one evening, I need to go and relieve myself a little. Hopefully it is long enough so that it satisfies the readers. I shall continue another night in my first experiences chapter 2 part b. This could be a long story.

Hope you can wait. Let me know what you think of the story so far... please
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10 months ago
I'd love to hear about your gay sauna experiences. I'm thinking of going to one
4 years ago
horny story, thanks ;)
4 years ago
good story i will wait for the next chapter thanks