German MILF meets British BBC -part 1 of 3

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I work in a London based bank that is planning to merge with a German Bank. As part of a due diligence exercise, auditors from Munich came over to review our IT systems, culminating in a Friday morning presentation and a “get to know you” dinner on the Friday evening.

I came in Monday morning and was greeted by my boss, Melinda. "Hey Steve, I'd like you to meet Louise from xxx Bank, She’ll be co presenting with you on Friday”.

I nearly dropped my coffee. We had emailed a few times and perhaps stereotypically, I had imagined Louise to be a geek like, bland woman with a head for figures but tucked up in bed with her cocoa by 9pm every night.

I was wrong.

Sitting in my boss’s office cross legged was a blonde woman late 30’s, wearing a conservative business suit but it could not hide her womanly curves, her shapely thights, the full, ample breasts that were shimmering under an expensive silk blouse.

“Steve so good to finally meet you, really looking forward to working with you”, extending her hand and smiling warmly

Louisa stood to take my hand and I felt her finger stroke along my palm. My cock sprung to attention. Luckily, I was able to use the report I was carrying as a shield.

“Yes, me too. Our joint presentation on Friday should be a breeze” I said recovering quickly.
“I hope so. I have to leave straight after the dinner ‘though - early morning meeting in Cologne.”

I made small talk for a few minutes then left them to talk about finance, Fendi handbags and this weekend’s Chelsea /Bayern euro final.

As I closed my Boss’s door, I saw Louise immersed in conversation and my boss, not for the first time, glance at me discretely.

I ran a tight department but I sometimes wondered if my boss had recruited me as chocolate eye candy. Not that it bothered me. She was sexy in a headteacher/librarian kind of way. She was also a saucy minx. Last October, her smart phone had crashed whilst we were in Paris on a business trip. I managed to fix the problem, but in doing so saw her photo gallery nothing heavy: her in expensive lingerie, her in a revealing Hermes evening dress. She gave me a weird smile, blushed slightly and looked away, biting her bottom lip. Although I had half expected a late night knock on my hotel room that night, it never transpired and I never pushed. Fuck the boss? Bad move.

Back to Louise. As I walked to my desk, I put the handshake down to some obscure German business custom and filed her away in my mind under “target of opportunity”. If she wanted to play – then of course, her pussy would be seriously and discretely fucked but if she was all about business then that was also cool. Office sexual predator was not my thing - I had heard too many stories from female colleagues about leery male colleagues to fall into that camp.

As the week progressed, it became clear that Louise was all about the project and so we got to it. Not withstanding the occasional brushed breast against my arm by the copier or the occasional fixation on my lips when we conversed, I thought she was all about the work.

I thought wrong.

Friday morning’s joint presentation was a success and then it was Friday night and the team dinner in the German delegation’s hotel. After the meal, Louisa excused herself to pack. The rest of us congregated in the hotel bar. I was sipping my Havana 7 chatting to a gaggle of German colleagues about this weekend’s Chelsea v Bayern Final when Louisa approached us with suitcase ready to head to the airport.
“Steve, may I please borrow you for second?” she said in her efficient, clipped English.

I excused myself from the group and we headed to a quieter part of the bar.
“Its been great working with you and now the project is finished and we are not working together, I wondered….are you free to meet me in Berlin next week? I want you to fuck me.”
Another instant quality erection. I nearly choked on my Havana 7 yr Cuban Rum.
She smiled at my discomfort, glancing at my rock hard erection. No report to hide it this time.
”I don’t like to mix business with pleasure. All the men in the Munich office want me. I know this. But I want a Black man - not any black man. Someone like you. Discrete.”

She looked me in the eyes. ”You have tried to hide it but you want me. Yes?”
All I could do was nod.

She leaned in and whispered, almost snarling “I want that black dick in my cunt. I want you to fuck me. I have been very impressed by your project management skills. I hope to be equally impressed by your pussy management skills. Do you perform cunnilingus? I have a bush down - unshaved for 4 months. If you want a shaven pussy please let me know by next Thursday so I can make the necessary arrangements”.

I nodded.

“So” she leaned back “we are in agreement. Please take this”. She handed me a copy of our presentation report and glanced at her Cartier. “I must go”.

She stood and extended her hand. I shook it. This time, I knew I wasn’t imagining things as her finger slowly and deliberately brushed along my palm.

As she walked off. I admired her Jimmy Choo shoes clicking in the marble, the way the fabric of her silk skirt was pulled tight by her ample thighs. I was mesmerised. I then took a seat at the bar, and opened the report. Inside, Louise had written her itinerary for next weekend in Munich including hotel. It all felt very Mission Impossible.

I flipped out my phone and started checking flights and room availability. It buzzed. “New email” It was from Louise. Subject heading:Me
A set of photos: Louise pushing her breasts together, Louise squirting onto our presentation report. Louise, teasing her pussy with a bottle of beer from the mini bar, Louise on her back eyes closed, pussy moist and open, using the USB memory stick that I had given her to tease her clit.

I took a deep breath, stroked my goatee and smiled. My kind of girl.

I re-filed Louise from “target of opportunity” to “imminent fuck”

Next stop Munich…

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1 year ago
Thanks for all comments. This story is inspired by this SEXY woman!
2 years ago
Bunkum?Where is your material my friend???
2 years ago
2 years ago
I see German-UK relations improving!
2 years ago
wow what a story i want the next episode i hope to see it soon thank to share