I Have Anal Orgasms

My First Love George..I Was His Wife....
The boy next door first noticed one Halloween back in 1971, My s****r helped dress up in one of her cheerleader uniforms. In the seventies I wore my hair shoulder length. Blue and gold. To hide my penis, (Not that it took much hiding) She put me in a tight panty girdle. The funny thing was, that my tiny testicles went right back up into a pocket just above the point where the penis came out. My s****r was just amazed and had never seen this and ask if it hurt? To me, I told her "in fact it felt a lot better, that they do that all the time and I thought it was natural" And she laughed saying "she didn't think so but it sure made it easy to hide it, ha!" So I had practicably no sign that I even had a penis ever to begin with. I danced in front of the mirror and my s****r said "you like don't you?" I said I do indeed. She said that I wasn't going to be doing hand stands, so she didn't put the bottom on me and said the panty girdle was enough. She let me pick one of her many pretty bras, I chose a light pink one. And she put these pads in the cups to fill it out. The rest of the uniform fit perfectly, I had on pink socks and white sneakers. She did my hair up and for makeup, she put on quite heavy but nicely done. She took a few pictures and asked how I liked it. I was in high heaven, and was excited to show her work off! I headed out, and the first person I ran into was my neighbor George, he was three years older than me and never gave me the time of day. But today he, stopped me to talk and ended up going with me the whole night. Even insisted the we hold hands. (It felt very nice) went house to house and after he asked me to sit in his garage and go through the candy. He had a couch and kind of a clubhouse in there. I had heard about it but this was the first time seeing it.
When we were walking up the drive his mother was outside, he told her that we were going in the club house to check out the candy haul. She said she would call my mom to let her know that I was over there with them. And added that I looked very cute as a cheerleader. I said thank you and that my s****r helped. She said that "She had to do a double take before she recognized me" She said have fun and to check with her before I went home. In the clubhouse"Garage" we sat together on the couch and went through all the candy, he insisted we mix it all together. As we were going through it, he talked about how cute I looked as a girl and that I had pulled it off flawlessly, a natural. I blushed and said I had fun, that I really liked it. He thought that to be true and if I would dress I could come to the clubhouse anytime . I said that it would be worth it, because it was very cool. And I could pretend that I was his wife(I didn't know where that came from) But he said yes he wanted that. I would be his wife, and then he kissed me. Wow I have never kissed anyone before and never a boy!!! But it felt nice, warm and I was weak. He kissed me for a long time, I swear I had toughed my lips with his tongue. He broke and I was panting. Did I like that ? he asked. I said that was my first kiss and yes I did. He said that's what a man and wife do. I said yes I know. He said they also do other things together. I said yes I saw my mom and dad in bed and dad was on top of mom, and was kissing her like you had just kissed me. they were have fun, because both were smiling. He said yes because the are "Man and wife" I said yes like you and I are, right? George smiled and said yes exactly! That I understand. And I will always wear a dress when I'm in his club, and be his wife. So we kissed and made out. My hair and makeup wa a mess. But I had a great time and was excited to be his wife. But it was time to go, I stopped off and told his mom that I was leaving. She stopped me and had me come in for a minute. She asked if I had fun in the clubhouse, I said yes I did and that she will be seeing me there a lot. She said good and asked If I wanted to look in a mirror? I asked why? I went with her to the bath room. Wow My hair and makeup was a mess. She said I could tell you had fun and she will help me straighten up.That a lady was not to walk home in such a dismay. I was fixed up in seconds, and she said I was to come in every time I go to the club house before I go home. I thanked her and went home. My s****r greeted me and asked if I had a nice time. I said Oh yes! It was better than ever! She thought so as she saw me with George and go into his garage. I said Its a club house and I get to go when ever I want(as long as George is there of course) I just had to wear a dress every time. She asked, is that what you want to do? I said with out a doubt! It was the best time I have ever had. I loved it. She said ok and that she had some old dresses that she didn't wear anymore. That she would put them together for me. But there has to be one strict rule. I said sure what? Mom must never know. Oh that's easy I know that I will keep it a secret. I better she said I was never to tell. Ok then it all settled she said. I agreed. Over the next few days she had things together for me.
And that Saturday i saw George in the yard he asked if I wanted to come over I said oh yes! He said I know the rules in a dress. I said yep. I get dressed and be there in a minute. I raced up stares Got into my panties and bra stuffed it and slipped on a flowered dress and black shoes. I was over there and I n the club house. George kissed me as soon as I got in. Long and wet and this time his tounge wa in my mouth. My s****r said that would happen and thats ok. He asked me if I was his wife and I replied oh yes! Said very good, I asked if i could clean or straighten up? George said he was tired and wanted to lie on the couch with me for a bit. I asked if I was to be on the bottom, That would be nice. He got on top of me and I felt something between his legs that was hard. He said he was very glad to see me. And did I want to see it. I said sure can I . He said a wife would do the unzipping so I did, and I got to see the second penis ever and I'm not counting my tiny thing but I had seen mom sucking on dads one time and she was enjoying it as was my dad. George had a very stiff one, and he exhaled a Mmmm. And said I could touch it I did it was smooth and warm. He Mmmm again. He said a wife would put there hands around it and go up and down. I said like this? And wrapped my hands it took two, and when up and down. Another Mmmm, So here I was in my dress, strocking my first of many cocks! I was loving it. I wasn't long that he started to cum. and it went all over. He said that was nice and did i like it? I said yes it was nice that he liked it and he said Oh yes. Could I wipe him off. I said with what? Well a wife uses her mouth and tongue to clean her husband off after this happens. I had the thought of my mom she must of been cleaning it off with her mouth! Ok I said and tasted cum for the first time. I tasted a bit salty, very smooth and was warm. And like my mom I put my mouth on is penis and was going up and down, trying to get it clean. Then it got hard in my mouth! George was moaning and was saying yes don't stop! So I kept going, and he squirted in my mouth. It was better that way because it didn't get all over and tasted better to me. It slid right down. Was warm and smooth. He asked if I liked it I shook my head up and down in a yes motion. He said good and I let it pop out of my mouth licked my lips and said it was nice. Good he said every time I come to the club house I was to do this for him, ok? I said sure as much as he wanted. Good, was his reply because that's what a wife does for her man. I said ok I can do that. He said it was time to go and i said ok and knocked on the door and his mom came i said you wanted me to check the mirror before I went home. She let me and we went to the bathroom. She asked did I have a nice time in the club, my reply was Oh yes! It was very fun and I can't wait to come again. And with that she wet a cloth and had me hold still as she wiped my hair. Said I had some stuff from my fun and she had gotten it out. Kissed me and sent me on the way home. I really liked George's mom she was cool and very nice to me. Every week I went to the club, I had started to keep my dresses there, it was easier to dress and put makeup on. This went on for a year and I was getting very good at oral sex. One day George had these adult magazines that showed boys doing other boys in the butt. I was instantly amazed and could stop going through the pages. And I noticed George's bulge, it had gotten bigger over the year. And I put the magazine on the couch so I could see it when I was sucking my husbands cock. and took out his cock, and went to work. George lifted my dress and pulled my panties down over my bum, I just kept sucking and looking at the great pictures. I felt him put a finger in my butt, it felt strangely nice and I moaned, he took that as a sign I liked it and went deeper I could help it I moaned again! He put in two fingers and again an uncontrolled moan came out again. Wow this was nice. I stopped sucking and just savored the feeling. He was working me from behind and I was loving it. He was now working three fingers and it was getting dry, I said so so he put his finger in front of my mouth as said to wet them, I could smell me on them and hesitated for a second. But by now I was George's wife mind and body. So I sucked on his fingers and he but them back in, and started to work again. I got into it and was enjoying it. Then he stopped I felt empty. He put is cock in front of my mouth and said suck on it with a lot of spit. I did and loaded it up. When he pulled out a line of spit stretched out from my lips to the cock head. He but me over the couch arm and started to push on my butt hole. I was all wet and in it went. It felt good, and another uncontrollable moan came out. You like it don't you? As he started to pick up pace. Wow I could talk, But I kept moaning and couldn't get a word out. Then a loud YES! Came out and then I was hooked, if sucking cock was great this topped it 100%. Just as I was getting into a rhythm and was getting really worked up He shot his load! Damn, but now it was all lubed and was going in and out so smooth.Nice, another moan was let out by me, and George this time, at the same time. we both laughed so load and hard hid cock plopped out. He smacked me on my ass and declared "Damn bitch, your a good fuck!" I asked if he liked it "YOU BET I DID!" was his reply. He asked are you my wife? I said YES, YES! I'm your wife as I sat on the floor and felt his cum leaking out. I clenched my butt tight to not leak on my carpet. I had dressed up the clubhouse with lamps, carpet and lamps. George's mom had helped me. Then George asked how does a wife clean her husband's cock? With her mouth I say. And he put it in front of my mouth. I didn't hesitate one second and cleaned him and myself off his cock, Mmmm. I liked it! And said so to George. You are a Good wife. I thanked him for that and now it was time for me to go. I knocked on the door, George's mom let me into the bathroom. And noticed my wet spot on my butt in the crotch. She asked if I had fun today at the club. I did indeed was my reply. Anything new she asked? Yes I said and it was great! i want to do it some more as soon as I can. She smiled and handed me a feminine pad and said I should wear these before I change out of my dress to my street cloths. That she will put some in the club house for me. I thanked her and was on my way home. I had the greatest time with George as his wife. Then it happened it was July of 1974 and George was fucking to the hilt. As he got older he lasted longer and had two or three hadrons and full cums before he was finished. So I was there two or three hours with him fucking me. I never left before he was finished. That July in "74" was the day (after two loads) and he was on his third, that I had my first anal orgasm! WOW! WOW! WOW! what a rush my penis leaked all in my panties, Now that's the only underwear I had, I started shaving my legs, and was more fem than male. That orgasm, sweet sweet left me wiped out, I melted onto the carpet, I was panting, George asked if I was ok, That I screamed like a girl when it happened. I didn't even know I screamed, wow! He had his cock to be cleaned and I mustered up on all fours and licked and sucked this wonderful thing that did this to me, George said, nice. You are a good wife, and a good cock sucker! I thanked him asd aske if he could do me one more time before I left? I kept working his cock, and I said "Please Will You do me one more time!" and finally he caved in and said I was a slut and to show him my ass, he smacked it said get over the couch arm, and get ready for a fucking a slut craves. I shout YES! and lift up my skirt, my panties were somewhere under the couch, and spread my cheeks and he slid in and fucked me till I saw stars! I came three time, my little Pennie was dry after the first one but I still felt the orgasm. He held me for a half hour. he never did that before, it was nice. My ass hurt for a week but it was a good hurt. George went off to university and his parents moved away and I have never seen him again. But for a time I was his "Wife in a Dress" I hope you enjoy this and please let me know, Thank you, tammy
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8 months ago
I just rereaded it again and I got so hard I went for my dildo and fucked my asspussy until I came with you again
1 year ago
DAMN! my cock is hard as a rock! and i'm jealous you cum so easily from anal