I Love To Have Sex In An Porn Theater

At An Adult Theater In Flint....
I was just at a theater in Flint. I saw on a gay hook up site that the deja vu adult theater was a good place to go to suck cock. And it was for sure. I had three lovely cocks unload in my mouth. What you do is if you want to suck cock you sit in an aisle seat and someone will walk up with their cock out and your off and running.I sucked my first cock (The boy next door) in 1971 and have been hooked ever since. I was wearing short shorts and a flowered top. And sitting in an aisle seat and sure enough a guy walks up his cock in hand. Wow, I went to work right away, He told me to suck his balls, so I moved to them and he moaned with pleasure I went back to his cock, and soon was rewarded with a nice load. Yummy! I thanked him and off he went. I wiped my face and soon another cock was there. This is great. I took a quick glance around and all eyes were on me, sucking this cock. and with the movies running I was in plenty of light! This only turned me on, and went to sucking this nice cock, I was really getting into it and was doing my best to get my reward. After several minutes He started to moan, grabbed the back of my head and let loose of his love seed. To me man cum is so smooth that it just slides down my throat. Sweet, I just love sucking cock. I thanked him, he said I was a good cock sucker and wanted to see me next week. I said I would be here, with a smile. Then this guy was behind me and had his trousers down, his cock out and was working his cock. I reached back to help him and he moved to the seat next to me. I noticed that he was wearing thigh high stockings and panties! He was totally all man up top and between the legs was a nice cock. So to me a cock to suck is something you don't pass up. I went right down on his cock and soon had it hard, He says slow down bitch, and holds my head down on his cock. He says he wants a very long suck job. And wanted me to work for his cum. A good cock sucker does what she's told. So I slow down, and move to his balls and lick and kiss his shaft. Thats better if I was going to suck his cock he wants me to work my bitch ass off for it. I move back to his cock this time I use slow long strokes, up and down I slowly move my mouth on his shaft. Thats better, he says. and then stops me, Says he needed a rest and I was to kiss and lick the balls and ball only, for several minutes later he said ok but first I must beg for his cum. So in my most submissive voice I said " Please Sir, may I receive your wonderful seed into my mouth and then my tummy, Please Sir?" Ok he said but I was to show the room his seed before I sallow. I can do that I said and went to sucking his cock. Slowly at first like he told me, and worked up some speed. He said thats better, that I was a mediocre cock sucker and I needed practice to better myself. I was to come up here and suck as many cocks that I can three times a week. I bobbed my head yes, he said good. That he will be back in 4 weeks to check and see if I had gotten better at cock sucking. All this time I'm sucking his cock. and then I felt it swell, the head got big and let loose squirt after squirt of his seed. I had to fight not to sallow his cum, but I did not disappoint, I held his entire load in my mouth. He said stand up, a good cock sucker is proud of her accomplishments and wants all present to see. I stood up the cum was starting to leak out the sides of my mouth. I opened wide head back and the few men all were staring at me rubbing their crotches. I then looked at him and with a nod he ok'd me to swallow his love seed. I did and it slid right down, Yum! I sat down he left . I waited to see if anyone wanted a blow job but no takers, and after a half hour I too left to come back another 2 days this week, to get my training, As I wanted to be a "Good Cock Sucker" I hope you like this story and feel free to comment please. tammy

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1 month ago
Been to the Flint Deja Vu, and had some really fun times there.... hope to see you there sometime...
5 months ago
Very nice! I've been sucking cock in porn theaters for years, too bad there are so many fewer ones now. San Diego may well be the best city left!
8 months ago
yes adult theaters are so much fun I've been to the ones here in San diego and have sucked and been fucked many times
1 year ago
My girlfriend lives in Flint!!! lol Small world and nice story!