Flashing & Fucking at a restaurant

Tonight is the night. We’ve been talking about flashing for quite a while and I’ve finally worked myself up to it. We’re going to a local restaurant where I am going to display myself and then I’m going to be filled with hubby’s cum in the parking lot. I’ve gone out without panties before but never to bare myself as I will tonight. The closest we’ve come to this before was when we used to have a remote egg vibe that he always made sure he turned on when the waiter would come for our order.

I enjoy a nice long shower. I haven’t shaved my pussy in a couple days; I always find that it shaves smoother that way. I pull my pussy lips from side to side, pulling the skin tight as the razor does its work. I find my clit responding to my own touch; I indulge myself for moment letting a finger dance over. I finish my pussy and do my legs. I know he’s waiting. I shut the shower off and dry off admiring myself in the mirror. I moisturize, giving myself another chance to feel my pussy. So smooth & soft, almost innocent….. almost.

I stroll into the bedroom where he’s waiting on the bed ready for the next step in tonight’s preparations. I’m instructed to lay face down on the bed. With a quick flick of the wrist I toss the towel on the floor and do as I’m told. Crawling on all fours to the center of the bed and take my position. He moves behind me as his hands caress and squeeze my ass pulling me open before his tongue finds me. Darting around and in my ass, it drives me wild but my ecstasy is short lived. He stops and I hear the pop of the lube bottle and brace myself for its cool contents to hit my hottest parts. He still has me spread with one hand as the lube drips on to my ass. First one and then two fingers probe me deeply. I am totally at his mercy. His fingers gently spread me ever so slightly as he preps my ass. I moan each time his knuckles slide passed my delicate asshole. He slowly pulls them out, I know what’s coming. I feel slippery cold steel press against me. I shift my legs farther apart. The rosebud plug is our latest addition to our collection. It slowly enters me and I gasp as the bell is sucked into my ass. I enjoy my fullness. And with a sharp spank of my right bum cheek, he’s done. Time to get dressed…

I opt for my favourite grey skirt, wiggling it over my thighs and ass, enjoying the plug - pulling it up to just over mid-thigh. My new lacy, lavender bra & a black white polka dot top finish my outfit for the evening. Hubby watches as I finish my make-up and hair, I know that he is as excited as I am. There is a lustful hunger in his eyes, the sizeable bulge in his pants quite noticeable. I’ve insisted that he go commando. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander ;)
The whole trip to the restaurant hubby’s hand kept finding its way to my thighs but he never touched my pussy despite my protests. I wasn’t allowed to touch myself either. I could feel how wet I had become and I ached and yearned to be touched and fucked. When we arrived we parked a little further from the door than we really had to in anticipation of later. I stopped him as we walked to the door, pulled him close and kissed him, letting my quickly cup his balls and feel the length of his shaft.

It was busy inside so we sat in the bar to have a drink as we waited for our table. I think he almost giggled in delight when he saw how high the barstools knowing that I would have to hop up and shimmy to sit; which is exactly what happened. I had to fight to keep my skirt in place; this was a game of subtlety after all. Let the games begin.

Our drinks arrive and we begin to take in the crowd like predators hunting for prey. I feel powerful. And then I see them, a young couple in their early twenties sitting at one of the tables that would line up for me nicely. He’s a good looking clean-cut kind of guy, she seems bubbly and innocent. I motion to hubby, he smiles and nods. We watch them for a time sipping our drinks. We decide that they seem to be on a first or second date, fun yet obviously nervous & unsure of everything that they do. She gets up and walks past us towards the bathrooms. He watches her go and we lock eyes for a second, I smile and look down at myself and let my legs open an inch or two for a moment. My skirt is so short he couldn’t have missed my bare moist pussy. And I look up again. I catch the surprised look on his face and spin my stool back to face the bar. A minute later she walks back past us to their table. I’m liking this. I let a couple minutes go by and lazily turn my seat again to face them, sipping on my drink. I can see the strain in him, wanting to look but for her not to notice. She checks her phone and his eyes are on me in a flash. I give him a wink, lick my lips and open my legs again. I wonder if there is enough light for him to see the sheen on my pussy lips. I bet his cock is rock hard. I close my legs. Our table is ready. Hubby gives me a little pat on the butt as we walk away from the bar.

The hostess shows us to our table, a booth at the end of the row. She sets our drinks on the table and lets us know that our server will be along shortly. The booth is fairly deep, but sitting at the end of it, anyone could see what was happening under our table. Hubby kisses my earlobe and whispers how much he loves me; he’s loving this as much as I am. I give his cock a squeeze. The server arrives with some bread and we order some wine while we peruse the menu.

He returns with our wine & asks if we’ve decided. I’m still not sure what to order so hubby orders first. When my turn to order comes, I look down at the menu one last time and just as I am about to order, hubby glides his hand up my thigh, brushing my eager pussy lips. I let out an audible gasp, but quickly compose myself and place my order. The waiter thanks us, turns and leaves but not before giving hubby a knowing look.

I spread my legs wide, my skirt shifting up the outsides of my thighs. My bare pussy exposed. Hubby pretends to be nonchalant, but I know he’s watching my every move. I beg him to feel how wet I am. He reaches down and runs his fingers over my pussy; his middle finger down my slit and a finger on the outside of each of my lips. It’s the first time my pussy has been properly touched all night and it’s on fire. I close my legs on his hand grinding my legs together on his hand. He easily slips his finger inside of me before I release him. He licks his finger clean of my grool with a smile.

We begin to enjoy our wine and bread. I’m not sure if it’s the alcohol or my incredible sense of arousal (probably both) but I decide to be bolder. Where we are sitting, the only people who could see under the table are those walking to and from the tables around us, and a single table a few tables down and over that was being cleaned before being re-sat when we arrived. To my delight a nice looking couple in their 30s is brought over by the hostess. The wife, a taller brunette with a healthy chest on her takes the seat facing us, her husband has his back to us.

We continue on with our wine. I let hubby know my thoughts about the couple, letting them both see me would be such a thrill. I don’t think that either of them would really be looking down at us without a reason. We hatch a plan. I spread my legs again as hubby lets out a fairly loud, clearing his throat-type cough. Success, the wife casually looks up towards us. She cocks her head to the side slightly and gives a little coy smile. She saw. She saw me. She saw my wet pussy! I close my legs again. She leans forward towards her husband and says something to her; he throws a quick glance over his shoulder and then he drops his napkin on the ground. This couldn’t be better. As he leisurely leans over to grab his napkin from the floor, he looks over at us. I spread my legs for another admirer and thrust my pelvis forward as hubby reaches down and grabs my inner thigh, giving him the hint of my rosebud plug. The husband sits back up in time for the waiter to sneak by him with our dinner.

The waiter places our plates on the table and offers us fresh ground pepper before topping up our wine from the bottle. Once the waiter is has left, I look up at the wife who is smiling and gives me a wink. I return the smile and begin to eat. They’ve been enjoying themselves.
We enjoy our dinner as hubby teases me, whispering how badly he wants to fuck me. I begin to notice a lot of waiters milling about in our area as ours reappears to top up my wine again. I’m definitely not feeling any pain. I shift in my seat and realize that as I’ve been eating I’ve stopped paying to attention to how I’m sitting. Without realizing it, I’ve locked my ankles together with on in front of the other and let my legs drift apart….… the extra waiters…..they’ve noticed. I lean over and tell hubby as I close my legs. He smiles as I tell him. He likes showing me off and reminds me that they must be jealous knowing that he gets to fuck me.

We enjoy a nice mousse cake for dessert and ask for the bill. When the waiter returns with it we discover that our wine, our drinks and our dessert are free on the bill. The waiter explains that the staff decided to comp them for us as they’ve enjoyed having us. We smile at each other and leave him with a hefty tip. We get up from the table to make our way out. I’m wobbly in my heels. I savour the weight of the rosebud. We pass the couple at their table and the wish us a good night as we walk past. We assure that that we will.

We make our way out into the night and across the darkened parking lot back towards the car. Once we’ve reached the car, I can’t take it anymore. I need cock. I push hubby against the car and crouch down, fumbling with his belt, button & zipper. I succeed and hold his throbbing cock in my hands. He groans as I lick the precum from his head before I take his whole length into my throat, cupping his balls. I bob my head up and down enjoying his taste. All of his weight is against the car, I lookup & watch him panting, enjoying my tongue. I stop & stand. As innocently as I can, I ask him “Do you want to fuck me?” “Absolutely” is his response.

He opens the rear passenger door and ushers me towards it. I take his hint without instruction and bend over into the car. He moves behind me and unceremoniously hikes my skirt up above my waist. His hand reaches beneath me and caresses my pussy. I can see my grool shine in translucent strings in the streetlight as his hand pulls away. His right foot pushes mine into a wider stance. A slight breeze blows on my bare ass. His hands caress my hips and then position his cock at the entrance of my waiting pussy before grasping onto my hips once more. And with one sure thrust he fills me. My soaking pussy swallows him completely as I let out an uncharacteristic grunt as his balls hit my clit. He slides long and slow, I enjoy feeling my pussy lips hug each vein in his cock as he fucks me. I reach under my blouse and into my bra, pinching my nipple.

His large hands are firmly holding onto my waist. I’m basically his sex toy at this point. He tugs gently on the rosebud as he thrusts, my eager little asshole doesn’t want to give it up and pulls back. I know he enjoys feeling the plug inside of me with his cock. I love being full.
My hand drifts down my body to my throbbing clit which I begin to rub furiously. With all the teasing and excitement I won’t last long. My face is pressed into the back seat, each time he thrusts in I’m positive that my mascara moves further and further down my face. He’s picking up his pace and vigor now, he can’t be far off either.

I can hear his breathing hasten and he asks me if I want my pussy full of cum. The thought of being full of cum always pushes me over the edge. My hand is a blur hovering over my clit as I scream into the seat as he thrusts deeply, pulling my hips into him. Each short, hard thrust draining his balls, shooting rope after rope of cum into my pussy. We catch our breath for a moment as he pulls his still hard cock from my pussy; a stream of cum dribbling down my inner thigh.

I shift back to stand up and straighten my skirt while trying to keep my legs closed to keep in the cum. As he puts himself back together, we notice the couple from the restaurant. They’re standing holding hands a couple cars over watching us. I’m still not sure how much they saw, but they waved without saying a word and got into their car and drove off. We can’t believe what a success our first real foray into flashing has been as we kiss and leave to go home ourselves. We’ll have to go out for dinner more often..

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5 months ago
dam, I'll pay for your diner if you flash me some and let me watch in the parking lot!
5 months ago
I hope next time you invite me;)
Very good story!
6 months ago
wow very sexy!
6 months ago
Dinner... and a show! Magnificent!