One of my lesbian fantasies

Erin & I met when we were 12, when we moved to her street. Beyond the usual high school spats that girls tend to have we’ve been best friends for over a decade. We’ve always been very candid in our girl talk and as we were growing up and exploring our sexuality we traded stories of “how to’s” and “what was it like?”. She’s never harboured any lesbian feelings that she has ever shared with me, and I’ve never let on that I’ve had numerous fantasies of having her face buried in my pussy or of caressing her body and hearing her gasp as I hold her nipples between my lips. This is one of those fantasies…

It’s nearly 7:30pm and Erin walks through my front door, we’re going clubbing tonight and we always get ready together, do each other’s make-up, hair and decide on outfits for the evening. I call her upstairs where I have just gotten out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me. She strolls into the bedroom & nonchalantly tosses her overnight bag on the bed and asks my thoughts on what she should wear tonight as I dry my hair. I throw out a couple of suggestions as she lies on the edge of the bed, playfully dangling her feet over the edge, chatting away. I walk back into the bedroom and let my towel drop to the floor as I rummage through my panty drawer looking for the thong I want; a teal lace number with a little black bow in the front. I decide to push the envelope a bit and make like I accidently drop the panties on the floor, making sure that I bend at the waist with my ass and freshly shaven pussy lips facing towards her, my engorged clit obvious for anyone to see. We’ve seen each other naked before, but only in the changing room sense where you try to be modest and reasonably fast without really looking. She stops mid-sentence for a moment and I catch her looking at me with her mouth slightly open as she takes in my display before she continues on. I like this.

I put my panties on and walk to my closet and decide that I’m going to wear a short grey skirt & black top for the night. I suggest to Erin that she should wear the green skirt she brought with a cute sleeveless white top. She stands up and pulls her top up over her head giving me a quick look of her stretched body, her perky B cup tits encased in a lacey red bra. Her auburn hair cascading back down as she undoes the button and zipper on her jeans and pulls them down over her gorgeously round booty and flowery yellow panties. I proceed to put on my skirt and top as she pulls out her outfit. She’ll need to change bras I quickly realize when she pulls out a white push-up bra from her bag. I watch in aw as she unclasps her bra revealing her dark nipples, while I struggle to keep up the conversation. We finish getting dressed, doing our hair and make-up and make our way to the club.

At the club we each grab a drink from the bar and move to the dance floor. We always draw attention when we dance together as we really play it up dancing like strippers and touching each other. Little does she know that I want so much more from her & what a surprise she has for me.
After a few drinks and a lot of dancing we make our way to the bathroom. We always share a stall to hold purses and to gossip about girls in the club. When it’s Erin’s turn, she sits and pulls her panties all the way off. I’m surprised even more when she hands them to me to put in her clutch, complaining that it was just too hot. We giggle and I put her panties away but not before feeling the dampness of them…..I don’t think that’s sweat…

We get back to the dance floor to continue our escapades. It gets more crowded as the night goes on and I decide to push the envelope a bit as we dance. I move low and run my hands down her body as I go. As I do the reverse I let my hands linger a half second too long and brush the sides of her ass cheeks ever so slightly. She’s not bothered at all and just smiles at me when we catch each other’s gaze. My pussy is aching..

When we decide to call it a night we make our way back to my place, it’s closer to the club & she’ll spend the night as she has countless times before. We kick off our heels at the door and stumble giggling up the stairs towards the bedroom to get ready for bed. I get my shirt off but I’ve had too much to drink and I just can’t unhook my bra; I need a hand. I ask Erin if she’d mind. She walks up behind me and I feel her unclasp my bra. But rather than leaving it at that, she begins to slide the straps down my shoulders. My nipples stiffen as she pushes it off completely. She licks the edge of my ear, and reaches around to cup my breasts, feeling their weight. I need her. I turn around to face her and kiss her passionately pushing her against the wall. We don’t say a word, we’re caught in the passion of the moment.

My hands roam as we kiss, moving up under her top to feel her tits. I’ve wanted to do that for so long. I pull back and we fumble to pull her top off and undo her bra as we continue to kiss. Our tongues are a whirl wind. She reaches down and under my skirt and pulls my now very damp panties down to my ankles. I feel her small soft hand touch me for the first time. She feels my smooth pussy lips and lets her middle finger run along my wet slit, finding my clit. It sends an electric charge up and down my whole body. She leads me to the bed where we pull our skirts off and I get my first really good look and her fully waxed pussy. I need to taste it.

She lays next to me as we continue to kiss, I reach around and squeeze her ample ass. Her moans are muffled by my tongue. Her hands move up and down my back, teasing me. I take control; moving her to her back, straddling her, my hands holding her hands down. I kiss her deeply.
I run my hands down the length of her arms to her sides and run my nails gently over her breasts. Her nipples respond to my touch as I give them a slight pinch. She gasps, her eyes closed. She licks her lips.

I continue my journey down her body, kissing her stomach on my way down to her eager pussy. I can taste myself from where I straddled her. I reach her pussy, she moves her legs apart begging for my tongue. I touch her and she whimpers my name as I spread her lips with two fingers and take her clit in my mouth, gently sucking on it, flicking it with my tongue. Her whole body writhes as she enjoys the touch of a woman, I’m lost in her, she tastes sweet. I slip two fingers inside of her, propping my chin up with my thumb as I pleasure her. She grabs and massages her own tits. I can’t help but to reach between my own legs to rub my clit. She tells me not to stop and caresses my hair. I feel her pussy start to contract on my fingers. She starts to pant like a dog in heat, and then my best friend screamed as she came with my tongue swirling around her clit and my fingers inside of her. It’s incredible. I let her catch her breath, and slowly pull my fingers from her pussy, covered in her thick grool. I need to cum. Badly.

She sits up to face me. We kiss as she tastes herself on my lips. She tells me to close my eyes, I obey. I can hear her get off of the bed and her rustling around. My chest is heaving, my nipple begging to be touched, my pussy dripping. She orders me to stand-up on my knees with my legs apart. I’m dying with anticipation & curiosity. I feel her as she positions herself between my legs and her hot breath on my pussy. She licks me for the first time, I lower myself onto her face and begin to ride her wide tongue. Grinding on her face. I can’t believe this is happening! I have to brace myself with a hand on the wall as I face fuck my girlfriend. She holds my ass. And then I feel a wet finger circling my asshole. I can’t stop. Her finger slowly teases my asshole and then to my surprise the finger is replaced by something….. she had opened my drawer and found my sex toys…..she was slowly pushing my buttplug into me. And then it’s in. Both of her hands grasp my hips and ass as I continue to ride her face. I begin to twitch and my asshole squeezes the buttplug. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum HARD. Between heavy breaths I tell her I’m going to cum. She presses her tongue harder against my clit in response as I slide along her tongue. I can’t hold it any longer. I let out a long, very loud moan and her hands clench my tightened ass cheeks.

I swing myself off of her glistening face and look in complete aw of my beautiful friend. Her face covered in my juices. I kiss her again and brush her cheek lovingly with my hand. We move to the bathroom where we clean ourselves up before bed, exchanging glances and smiles. She gives me a quick swat on the butt as we move back to the bedroom. We each put on an oversized t-shirt and crawl into bed. She’s the ‘big spoon’ and I snuggle into her. She whispers into my ear that she has always loved me. I fall asl**p, totally content.

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4 months ago
Very sexy. Sarah x
6 months ago
Thanks! xx
6 months ago
wonderful story you put your energy and your time to make this. Good Job!
6 months ago
like it
6 months ago
It's cute, it's dirty, it's sexy, and I really need my girlfriend right now ;) Thanks for warming me up