My first GAY love

This is a story of my first time with another guy. I was 22 and had only been with 4 women before i met rocco. A very good looking guy who i closely work with. Rocco was openly gay and had always sensed i was gay. One night he invited me to his house and i eagerly accepted. I knew what was in store and had trouble containing my excitement. Within 10 min of arriving we had our cocks out gently pulling each other. Then rocco went down on my cock. Oh it felt so good. My cock had never been this hard before. Rocco then gently eased a finger into my virgin arse. I moaned in delight. I couldnt beleive i was finally with another man. I grabbed his mouth of my cock and brought it up to mine. My tounge entered his mouth. We kissed each other hard. Kissing another man was so hot. It wasnt long before i placed his big hard cock into my mouth. It felt so good to please a man with my mouth. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder in my mouth. His moaning was loud and making me horny. Suddenly he pull his cock out of my mouth and sprayed his huge gay load all over my face. I was drenched. Rocco then stsrted to lick all his come of my face and kissed it all down my throat. I was so horny for cock. Rocco then said his gay arse my mine for the taking. I didint hesitate, i took rocco doggy style and grabbed his hips. I slowly guided my hard cock into his arse. Oh his arse felt good as i thrusted my cock in. It felt soooo good to be fucking another man. R occo started to really moan load as i slowly pumped his arse. Not too long later i dumped a huge load deep in his arse. I was hooked. Since then i have only had sex with men.
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