A Short One

His cock rubbed against my cheek. It was wet with my saliva, it had just come out of my mouth. It was throbbing. I pulled my head away and saw a drop of sweet clear semen coming from it's opening. I licked it off. It tasted so sweet. He pushed it against my lips and I opened my mouth and let him back in. He rocked in and out of my mouth, not too slow but not too rough either. He was a terrific face fucker, the best I've ever had. And I've had a few.

His lover was working my ass with his tongue. He had been fucking me for quite a while and had come out for a rest. Sweet rim, he had me throbbing too. My ass was warm. Once in a while he'd work down to my ball sack and take on into his mouth. I think I was moaning, but it's all a little fuzzy. I'm sure that I was moaning…

They had me on my knees. On a cream colored carpet. In their apartment. The windows were open and I could hear traffic on the street. At least when their moans were soft. I felt his cock against my ass and he pushed gently. I relaxed to invite him home. My spine tingled as he gently slid into me. He slid in all the way, his pubic hair brushed my ass. He leaned on me and started squeezing my nipples. I love to have my nipples squeezed. His cock was throbbing inside me.

His lover pulled his cock from my mouth and took a deep breath. He told me he was ready to cum and asked if I would swallow him. All I could do was look at him and nod. He pushed it back into my mouth and started rocking, really slowly this time. The anticipation was brutal. His cock tasted so good, I could't wait for him to cum. He asked his lover to try and cum at the same time, and he began to rock as well. Cocks sliding in and out of my mouth and ass at the same time. My head was spinning.

The cock in my mouth began to stiffen, and he began to gasp. Very soon now. From behind me he quickened his pace, really starting to ram my ass. My prostate was getting a workout and I knew that I would cum too. As his lovers gasps became louder, he began to gasp as well. I felt his cock stiffen in my ass.

Suddenly both were jerking uncontrollably and hot sweet semen flowed into my from both ends. I took him deeply into my mouth to make suer that I tasted all of his beautiful spew. Warm, salty, thick. And in my ass it felt hot, and so deep inside me. Oh my god, my head was spinning. It was all too much for me to stand and I finally gave out and spilled my load onto the carpet. Exhausted for the moment, we collapsed in a sweet damp pile. I began kissing one, and the other was licking the insides of my thighs and my balls. We rested. Another round was soon to come...
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3 years ago
omg thank you for this. this is going into my "save for really horny days" folder
3 years ago
good story could have a little more action but it was good thanks