Super 8

I thought I could make it all the way to Montreal. I was battling sl**p as I drove north on New York Rt 87. Dozing in and out of consciousness as I neared Albany, but the increase in traffic around the city helped keep my eyes open and I though I had it beat. 15 minutes later, as I passed Clifton Park, I bagen to slip away again. By the time I neared Exit 23 I knew I couldn't make it and decided to find the first room I could. The Lodging signs told me that a Super 8 was near, so I exited at Warrensburg, my head in a haze. It was almost 2:30 in the morning.

The Super 8 was close to the exit, a log style building just like you might expect in the Adirondacks. I stumbled into the lobby and up to the desk. It was empty. I rang the bell. Within a few seconds a middle aged man appeared.

"Good Morning!". He was pretty cheery considering the early hour. And not bad looking I thought, as he worked the keyboard to see what rooms were available. He was tall and thin, wearing a pair of khakis and a blue Hawaiian style short sleeved shirt. He was tan with salt and pepper hair that was long, over his ears. An earring glinted now and then as he turned his head, and I noticed that his biceps were firm. I was waking up a little bit, at least my cock was!

"Not very busy this time of day, eh?" I asked. "Boring" he replied with a smile. Our eyes met in silence for a moment, and he gave me a wink. "Room 204" he said,a as he handed me the key. "Let me help you with the elevator." and he came out from behind the desk and motioned toward the hall. I followed him and we stood side by side as we waited for the doors to open. It was taking it's time, and he leaned a bit closer to me as he looked down at the button. He brushed his arm against my crotch as he leaned. I could feel myself blush as I wondered if he felt my half erect cock. He looked at me and smiled. The elevator door opened and he motioned for me to go in. He followed me, and pushed the button for floor 2. The door closed.

"I'm sorry to have brushed against you, didn't mean to invade your space." I was still blushing. "You do seem to be waking up a little.". He smiled a knowing smile and gave me another wink. I blushed more and looked into his eyes. "I'm little embarrassed about what parts of me are waking up first" I replied. He smiled a little more, "Don't be, you felt nice against my arm. Do you think you're awake enough to have a short drink with me? I keep a few nice bottles of liquor and wine in the second floor storage room." I nodded. The elevator door opened.

We walked to the storage room and he unlocked the door. Inside, in a box behind some toilet paper rolls, he had quite a selection, as well as some plastic cups. "What would you like?" I chose Makers Mark, and he said that he'd have the same. "Ice?" he asked as he poured two stiff drinks. "None for me" I replied. He put away the box and shut the door. "Would you be comfortable having our drinks in your room?" he asked. I swallowed hard, anticipating what might be coming, and my cock grew a little harder. "Yes, let's go." He smiled and led the way.

The far wall of the room was covered in pine boards, very Adirondack-y. Two queen sized beds, a small dresser, a little woodsy style table and a small wooden chair pretty much filled the room. I wheeled my suitcase in and parked it between the dresser and the table, and he sat down on the far bed. I sat beside him and took a sip of my drink. He sipped his as well, and put his hand on my thigh. We looked into each others eyes silently, each waiting to see who would make the next move. My cock was pushing against my pants. After a few seconds I took another drink, took his hand from my thigh and placed it on my bulging crotch. He smiled, sipped his drink, leaned to me and we kissed.

I could taste the whisky on his tongue as he caressed my lips with it. We licked and softy brushed our lips over each others face. He was a wonderful kisser, my cock was throbbing. I didn't want to rush. I stood up, took his drink, and set them both down on the table. I asked him to stand up and we kissed more, now holding each other. I unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his beautiful, soft, grey chest hair. He pulled the shirt away and revealed large pierced nipples. I couldn't resist and began kissing, licking and sucking them. They were gorgeous. He moaned softly, my cock throbbed even more. I slowly worked my way down to his navel, licking and kissing. I undid his belt, his pants and pulled down his zipper. Mine wasn't the only cock straining to be free. "Let me help" he whispered as we pulled his pants off. I rubbed and kissed his cock through his grey jockey shorts. I was awake now, but my head was spinning with desire.

I slowly pulled down his jockey shorts, revealing his cock bit by bit. It was lovely, he kept his pubic hair trimmed in a small diamond that continued in a beautiful line of hair to his navel. He was tan, and had a pretty mole just to the left of his hair. His cock, at least as much as I had revealed, was thick and veined. I pulled the jockeys down completely and his cock jumped towards me, almost fully erect and his foreskin still covering his glans. I took him into my mouth, he tasted fantastic, a little bit salty, but smooth as silk. I pulled his foreskin away from the glans and began working them with my tongue while I gently caressed his shaft with my hand. He stiffened completely, his moaning now becoming quite loud. Kissing and licking the side and bottom of his beautiful shaft, and sliding him in and out of my mouth, my head spun and my cock dripped with pre-cum. I worked him for what seemed like hours. He caressed my face and neck, moaning. Soon I could feel him begin the final stiffen, his moans becoming short and breathy, and I took him deep anticipating his cum. I wasn't disappointed; his cock throbbed and his hips jerked as he spilled a large sweet load of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked and licked it completely as his erection grew slightly softer with each throb.

He collapsed on the bed and I went to the table and brought back our drinks. We sipped and kissed, him naked and me still in my clothes. After a few minutes it was he that took our drinks back to the table, and returned to the bed to begin stripping me. He asked me to stay on the bed, he wanted to have me laying down. I was a little embarrassed when he pulled off my shorts, as they were soaked with pre-cum. Once I was completely naked he rolled my onto my stomach and began caressing my thighs and ass. What beautiful hands he had! He focused on my asshole, dropping some spit on it and working it with his fingers and thumbs. So sexy, my head was till spinning! He bent in and began working me with his tongue, I wasn't expecting a rim but it was heaven. My heart was pounding and my cock was stiff again. He rolled me onto my back and caressed my balls, then took them into his mouth, sucking and licking, ignoring my erection completely! Teasing me. When he finally began caressing my shaft, I was already near the end. He sensed that and quickly took me into his soft warm mouth, and I stiffened and spilled into him. He was as cum hungry as me, and lapped me clean as my erection slowly faded.

Once again sipping our whisky and kissing, we caressed each other and made small talk for a few minutes. "Now for the grand finale" he announced, "stay just like you are, I'll be right back!" He put his pants and shirt on and left the room. I sipped my whisky and played with my nipples, and my cock began coming back to life as I tried to imagine what he had in mind. In only a few minutes he returned, carrying a small paper bag. He set the bag down on the table, took off his pants and shirt, brought his drink back and lay down with me. We kissed some more and he told me that he loved my body. My cock was nearly stiff again, and his cock was very stiff!. "I want to make complete love to you, I want to be as deep inside you as I can be, and I want you too feel my cum deeply. Would you let me?" I knew what I was in for and I loved it! "Yes" I whispered "Make me yours, I'll do what you say.". He smiled and took my hand. We set down our drinks and he took two fleet enemas from the bag. "Let's do this in the bathroom, I want you to clean you out, and then I'm going to make love to you bareback."

So into the bathroom we went, tiny as it was. He put down a towel for me to lay on, and I got on my back with my ass in the air. The enema tip was cold as he slid it gently into my ass, but the liquid was warm. It filled me. I lay on my back waiting. He came down to me and we kissed some more. When I told him that I needed to go, he smiled and kissed me some more. "Not yet he said, not yet." We continued to kiss, the i=urge to release the fluid becoming more and more severe. It was heaven, I was surprised at just how much I liked it! When he finally let me up, I nearly didn't make it to the toilet. The warm liquid rushed out of me, some spilling along the sides of my legs into the toilet. Wow. I cleaned up and he lay me down again and used the second bottle on me. Another heavenly filling, severe urge, kissing, trying hard to hold it in, more kissing, and finally releasing the warm fluid. I was becoming exhausted but was mad with anticipation!

This time he cleaned me up with a washcloth ad some warm water. Very gentle, and caressing my hard cock at the same time. He led me to the bed, and lay me on my back. He pulled a tube of KY from the bag, came to the bed and straddled my face. "Suck my cock for a while, I want to be really hard when I enter you." I did what he said, working it with only my lips and tongue as my hands were being restrained by his legs. His cock was nice and stiff, and the veins were so beautiful! I didn't want to stop when he pulled away from me. He squeezed some KY on his beautiful cock, closed the tube and dropped it on the bed. He rubbed the KY around to cover his head and shaft, and then rubbed the rest on my ass and into me with his fingers. He smiled, put his cock against my ass and rubbed his shaft over my man pussy. My heart was racing, head spinning. He pulled it all the way back so his head was against my hole, and slowly pushed. I resisted at first. He told me to relax, and I did. As his head slid into me and past my sphincter muscles the pleasure was beyond words. He slid deep into me very slowly, until he was as deep as he could go. He stopped, I felt him throbbing inside me. He bent to me and we began to kiss, soft gentle kisses. He began to rock his hips, still slowly, his smooth hard cock sliding almost completely out of me, then gently back in deep. In and out, in and out, kissing, licking. I began playing with his nipples. He stopped and told me that I might make him cum if kept playing with his nipples. I told him that I wanted him to cum harder that he ever had before! I continued to caress his nipples, he got back to working my ass, and we kissed and kissed. Soon I felt his cock and torso stiffen. He moaned and began to jerk as he spewed his hot juices deep into me. It was so wonderful that I also spilled my load, unexpectedly! We kissed and kissed, and he let his cock go soft inside me, until it finally slipped out.

We laid together for a few more minutes and finished our drinks. A few more gentle sweet kisses, and he got up. "That was some of the best love making I have ever experienced!" he told me as he put his cloths on. I told him that it was heaven, and asked if he could change my check out date. He smiled, "How long would you like to stay?". I told him that I couldn't afford too many nights. "I live alone, why don't you come stay with me for a while?" he replied.

Maybe Montreal can wait...
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Thats called love thanks for the story