Early Riser

Rising early as I always do, I look outside the window. It was a cool day by US standards. Maybe it was warmer to the locals here in the UK, but not the weater I would prefer to be outside in. Getting dressed I wander to the kitchen, wondering if I can find some American style coffee to make. It is a nice house, and I could get used to this. Even as a "guest" here as I was. Protective custody just plain sucked. Now, I wish I had never learned the things I did, and no one would need me for information. But, the activity needed to come out. Iran had to be stopped. I only wonder if my government even knew I was here. A question that would have to wait, as I knew my "Protector" was not here. His wife was though, and I tried to be quiet so as not to be a disturbance to my host. But as I near the kitchen, I hear a noise down the hallway....

Hoping I did not disturb her, I keep going to the kitchen. They seem to have anticiapted me being here, because right on the counter is a can of Folgers and an automatic coffe maker. Maybe this will not be so bad being here afterall. Making the coffee, I turn on the machine. with that task completed, I turn to head for the shower. As I reach the doorway from the kitchen to the hallway, I run right into who, I can only assume is my jailer's wife!! Our bodies bump together hard, her breasts pushing against me as I try to keep us both from falling. After I regain our composure, is when i notice her. I had not seen her the night before as we had gotten in very late. She was stunning, to put it lightly. She seemed to be maybe of Indian decent, shorter than I am, with flowing long dark hair. The silk robe she wore, was very skimpy. My arms around her, it was as if I could sense her entire body. And I swore, I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest. And her arms around my neck, almost felt like she was holding me there.

It seemed like I held her like that for minutes, but I am sure it was only seconds. "Hello! I am so sorry" I said as I relaxed my hold on her body. "I'm Ray. Your husband brought me here last night to stay for a few days. I do hope he told you about me" She hesitated for just a second before replying that she did know about me, and why I was here. She asked if I was finding what I needed. I told her I was, but would she mind if I used the shower, before we got to know each other better. Flustered, she pointed down the hall without saying another word.

As I started the shower, I wondered about her. She acted very flustered and nervious just then, but she had not pushed me away either. She seemed to be a bit conflicted by our encounter. And that, was very exciting for me. My cock was already stiffening thinking about her, I believe that the silk robe, was all she was wearing. I began to slowly stroke my cock, when I hear the door squeek as it slowly opened. I stopped, waiting for her to say something. But it was silent in the bathroom other than the water running. I cold smell her perfume. I knew she was in the room. So, with my cock still throbbing, I turned off the water, and opened the shower curtain. She was there alright. Putting some towels on the shelf.

She coughed and tried to leave quickly, appoligizing for sneaking around. as she said that she just wanted to put some fresh towels out for me, the door she was trying to open, hit her foot and slammed back shut again. She turned to once more say that she was sorry, but her eyes, I saw, were on my throbbing errection! I think it was time to see just how much she knew about me. Did she know, that I was in the habit of taking what I wanted? I got out of the shower, and put my hand on the door above her head, holding it shut tightly. Hr back was to the door, and her breathing was heavy in the steam filled room. As I got closer to her, I knew that she could feel my hard cock now pressing against her.

I reached down, taking her hands in mine, and lifted them above her head. with one of my hands, I held both of hers there, pinned against the door. With my other, I reached down a d slowly opened her robe. She then began to struggle a little, saying that she could not allow me to do that. I put both my feet between hers, opening her legs and said to her."I did not ask you did I?" And with that, I opened her robe, exposing her breasts and entire body to me. her chest was heaving with deep quick breathes. I could feel the nerviousness in her. But, I had to know. Was it fear, or arousal? I let my hand go down, between her legs, and had my answer. Hr pussy was soaking wet! My cock throbbed even harder, as I rubbed her wet hot mound. She looked up into my eyes and mouthed two words...."Please no". I smiled down at her, and nodded yes, as I turned her around facing the door.

Lifting her robe, I took her hips in my hands, and pulled her ass back to me, her arms, still on the door, caused her to be bent over in front of me. I toss the bottom of her robe over her head, and press my hard throbbing shaft against her sexy ass. "you want me dont you?" I asked. I could see her head shaking, but her body was giving her away. Slowly, I move my cock to her wet swollen lips, and push into her pussy. She is so wet, so tight around my shaft. I begin to pump in and out of her, her pussy feels so good wrapped around me. But now, I could feel her pressing back. As I thrust into her, she pushed back, taking me deep inside her. I wanted her badly. I took my cock from her, turned her around facing me, and with my hands under her ass, lifted her and eased her back down on my cock once more. But this time, I felt her lips find mine, kissing me so hard, her arms wrapping around my neck, pulling me tighter against her.

With her back against the door, I fuck her harder, faster, her back banging against the door as I ram my hard cock in and out of her. It is not long, before I feel her body succumb to me, and an orgasm rakes her. This was all I could stand as well, and let myself go, filling her pussy with hot cum.......

Now, after our encounter, we are both in the shower, washing, cleaning each other. She moves to get out, and puts her arms around me again, whispering in my ear, that she hopes my stay will be very long....
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1 year ago
Hot story! Well done!