Hood thug's first time Part 1

It all started second semester of my senior year in high school. It was March 12, 2011. Only two months left until graduation and I had no worries at all, well at least not this day anyway. I stay in Milledgeville, GA a few blocks from downtown and it can get very boring sometimes, but there is always something “good” to get into if you find it. One Saturday around 2pm I was bored and decided to go outside and shoot some hoops by myself. I had been out there for maybe an hour until I see two dudes walking down the road.

Walking down the road I see a tall skinny lightskin dude with some sexy pink lips. His friend was a sexy chocolate dude with a goatee and long sideburns connected. Immediately I thought in my mind,”Damn these dudes are sexy as fuck.” Either way I continue to shoot around until they come up on me. I then realize that I know these dudes back from 6th grade and we all were close friends then, until they dropped out. After coming to this. The lightskin dude’s name is James and the darkskin dude’s name is Quez. James was 21 then and Quez and I were both 18. They walk over and we start talking saying how they remembered me from way back. James did most of the talking, he had always been like that since middle school, and nothing had changed about either of them. They too were bored and were just out walking (we do that a lot around here never know what you might find). James asked could he use my cell to make a call since his was about to die. I let him use it and the whole time I was just looking at Quez.

He was basically the exact emblem of a hood thug and that turned me on but I couldn’t show it. At that point, it was my goal to get one or both of these dudes. After James made that call, they decided to go to a party down the road at the park. I offered to give them a ride. Quez hopped in the front seat and James got in the back. So now all 3 of us are in the car just having a simple conversation. I was nervous as fuck cause I didn’t know what way to ask them if they both wanted to mess around without one of them saying no. “Yall tryin to get into somethin good,” is what I said while driving. At this point being the weedheads they are, James thought I was talking about getting high. Quez really never responded to that question. That whole time Quez was just sitting in the front seat not really saying much. So about 2 minutes later we reach the park and the parking lot is packed. James gets out and Quez decides he wants to go to the southside of town instead. I had no problem doing that, more time with him. We leave the park and head towards the southside. I was more comfortable around him and I opened the conversation up more. Then in my mind I just said fuck it.

Me: U wanna get down?
Quez: Wat u mean?
Me: (With a smile on my face laughing some) U know wat im talkin bout. Do u wanna have some fun?
Quez: Wat kinda fun?
Me: I wanna give u some head

He really didn’t say anything; he was quiet sitting in the seat thinking with a smirk on his face. I wasn’t nervous anymore, I mean the worst he could say was no. So we are near downtown Milledgeville passing the police station waiting at the light.

Me: So do u wanna get down, it can be between jus me and u
Quez: (With a sexy smirk on his face) Yea

At this point my mind went kinda blank. I asked him again to make sure cause I have never f***ed anyone to mess around, they all do it willingly. The answer was the same. So I made a u-turn through a couple of streets downtown back towards my house. I knew the exact spot to take him. It’s an old closed down school a block over from my house. I take a lot of my “encounters” here. We reach the back of the school and park.

I start licking my lips to get them wet. I look at him and I could see in his eyes he was nervous. Wasting no time I start to pull his shorts down with his boxers. He was already hard just like any dude that I have given head too. His dick was very look around 8 inches. I smile as I grab his dick and start licking his chocolate head as I slide my wet tongue up and down his throbbing dark shaft before I then start sucking. His chocolate body was so fucking sexy and I could feel my dick was rock hard too. The hair around his nuts was just right too, a full bush just like i like it. I had never seen my mouth get so wet. I’m sucking his dick like a chocolate lollipop and I try to pull his shorts down more so I can suck his balls. He would not let me pull them down more for nothing.

So after a while of indirectly trying, I was like fuck it. I continue to suck faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Quez and I were both sweating up a storm in the 90 degree Central Georgia heat during the hottest part of the day in a car. But that’s what made it even more special. He was the quiet type so there wasn’t much verbal, but that turned me on more knowing that he was staring at me. At one point I pull up from sucking his dick and he pushes my head back down. 5 seconds later he releases a fat creamy nut in my mouth and down my throat. I suck all the cum from his dick and swallow every last drop. We get back situated and pull off. He asks could I take him to a hotel on the northside of town (kush party). We head up that way and get to talking. He said that was the first and last time he was ever gonna do that. So we have some more simple conversation until we reach the hotel. He gets out of the car and hangs inside the window.

Quez: U betta not tell anyone about this
Me: I gotcha man this between me and u
Quez: I’m dead serious, I know where u stay. I betta not hear nothin about this
Me: Yea man I feel ya no doubt

In my mind i’m thinking, “Did this dude jus try to threaten me?” It turned me on to see him act like that though. I wasn’t worried at all cause I knew this dude couldn’t handle me. I could have gotten out of the car and beat his ass right then. Who would have thought that Quez knowing where I lived would actually be a good thing.

100% (12/0)
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I'm curious about YOUR first time.
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