very true story

This is an actual account of what happened to me ....

My name is Tom I'm 5'10" 165lbs hung around 8 inches, at the time I was dating a girl i'll call her stella, she was almost six foot tall probably 150lbs with a slammin body headlined by her fat ass. Sex wasn't awful with her but she lacked any ability to actually fuck!!!! So a good night of sex with her would be me pounding away at her tight pussy, which was a 4 on a scale of 1-10 of wetness. I couldnt complain it was steady pussy and damn she looked good in a lil thong!
My father had been dating a coworker i'll call her Dana they were both in their mid forties and were sexually active. My father lately complain about not being able to reach a full erection, poor Dana i thought, how do they get the deed done?? Now Dana had a decent body, about five foot even c cup tits she had two c***dren from a previous marriage and they were around my age at the time 20/21. Anyway her body was slightly plump her nipples seemed to be hard at all times and stuck out like a light switch, i would often watch her climb the stairs at night to catch a peek up her nighty which opened my eyes to her perfect bouncing ass.
One night after fucking stella to sl**p i went to the bathroom half erect wearing some boxers. I noticed someone on my front porch smoking it was dana. after taking a minute long piss i started back towards my room when i heard the stairs creek, time for a peek i thought, as i turned to go up the stairs i smelt the most wonderful aroma it hit me it danks like pussy, so i slowed my progression to the stairs. I peeked around so slightly that only one of my eyes could be spotted if at all, to my surprise Dana is half way up the stairs four fingers in her cunt with her other hand furiously working her clit. I turned the corner fully knowing she was way to deep into this to look down and notice me as i slowly climbed the stairs on all fours.
When i got close i couldn't believe how soaking wet she was!! literally dripping juices on the carpet of the stairs. Wow was all i could think here i am less than a foot from this dripping pussy what to do!?!? I was gonna wait for an opening she is in extacy laying back on the stairs pleasing herself thinking of who knows what, then i see it she slows on her clit and removes all but one finger now's my chance. I quickly mounted her ,my arms under hers so i couldn't be pushed away my legs spread under hers as i thrust my dry cock into her drenched hole. I fully penetrated her in a single thrust and slammed my cock twenty times as hard and fast as i could before she came to grips with the fact that she is being fucked and by whom she has no idea, so with her manicured nails she scratched at my arms and chest forcing me to stop.
She yelped my name but not loud enough to wake anyone up, I begged forgiveness over and over but i was shocked that the only thing that got her mad was that she thought it was someone she didnt know. I pulled my cock to my waistband and she stood up so her nighty fully covered her soaked snatch. We talked and i found out that she actually noticed my half erect cock and thought about fucking me so she pleased herself on the stairs to not wake my father. I could not believe it she wanted my cock? I thought she and my dad had been fucking but it turned out she just blows him while he dildoes her pussy and ass for a while. the convo turned to why i would wanna fuck someone so old and worm out, to which i explained the situation with stella not being able to ride a dick to save her life. She said she would help but not till saturday when my dad is golfing and stella is out.
Saturday took years to arrive as soon as i woke up my cock knew what was going down but i guess he stood at attention every morning. i kissed stella goodbye told her to have fun at work, waved by to my father as he loaded his clubs into his trunk. Finally. I scanned around for dana knowing fully well i have something fun coming to me. I went into my dads room and holy shit was i unprepared for this, as soon as i walked in i smelt the pussy, ah so lovely but as soon as i got both feet in the door im slammed against my fathers queen size bed. She quickly straddled my face and f***ed her G-string covered pussy into my mouth! she would pull away to ask if i was a good boy then slapped my face like i owed her money!!! She pulled her thong to the side and f***ed that dripping cunt over my mouth, only concerned about her own orgasm at the time she then started grinding until i was a sloppy wet mess this pussy was off the wetness charts god damn my cock was so damn hard it killed me to leave it alone while all this was happening.
she rode my face for around an hour then got up fixed her panties and started kissing me, i went to grab for her but she slapped me away, she said she was going to show me what a girl should do for her man. she took off my shirt and kissed my nipples then undid my pants and pulled my cock through the hole. She turned around and started teasing me with a lap dance, then i was really surprised when she told me she was my lil slut for now on and she would be a good whore and do anything i wanted as long as she gets what she wants. With a pussy that soaking wet how could i refuse?
she rubbed her wet thong against my cock and talked dirty to me for another hour! How i kept from cumming was beyond me then her panties were slid to the side and i finally made my way in again fully penetrating that wet pussy after just seconds of being inside i felt my cock throb she was a pro because she felt it my cum coming jumped off and sucked my cock very softly but deep so i would spill all my jizz down her throat. I came the biggest load of my life! she left my cock on her tongue for a bit then started sucking which was keeping my erect cock from going flacid after the best tease then shortest fuck of my life.
she rode me again this time talking so dirty, she tought me how to fuck girls the right way, always forcibly take girls choke them slap them let them know they are a little slut and they will always be back for more dick. I took all the lessons i learned from her and used them at every available chance and now i literally have all my ex's begging for me to fuck them. If people like this story ill write more about my life and times this is probably the third or fourth coolest thing to happen to me :-)
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2 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
excellent story
3 years ago
Great story, yes please write more, i have a feeling Dana is teaching you a lot
3 years ago
very good