A Daughter's Special DiscoverybyThomX©
I think all girls have a secret desire to make love to their father. I knew I was one. My mother died when I was very young. (I would tell you how she died, but, since that's still a very sensitive subject for me, I won't.) Overnight, my father became a single parent, and I became his whole world and he mine. I couldn't have asked for a more loving and attentive father. I never went without as he would sometimes work two and three jobs just so I wouldn't go without. Daddy sacrificed everything for me. He stopped hanging out with his friends. He never even dated again after my mother passed away. At first I attributed this to the fact that he loved my mother very much, which he did, and that he was still heartbroken over her sudden death, which he was. Sometimes I felt guilty that Daddy was so alone. I knew he would never blame me for anything, but I wasn't naive enough to not realize a man has needs. And I also knew that somehow, someway, that I his daughter would have to find a way to satisfy those needs.

As I have said, Daddy was everything to me. I would sometimes gaze at him adoringly when he wasn't looking. I've always thought my father a quite handsome man with his chiseled features and muscular build, which I attributed to all those years working construction and various other forms of manual labor. His hands were big and calloused from all those years of working manual labor, but they were always soft and gentle whenever he would hug me. Sometimes I caught myself holding on to him a little longer than maybe I should have as I took in his manly scent of Old Spice and peppermint. And more than once I would get a strong tingling sensation between my legs whenever he would hold me or I would snuggle up to him next on the couch while he was watching football, his favorite sport. Simply put, my father was a god to me. And, I don't mean to sound conceited or anything, but I knew he worshipped the ground I walked on. But I didn't know just how strong his feelings were for me until one time when I made what I fondly refer to as my special discovery.

It was one afternoon when I had come home from school. I was 18 and was about to graduate from high school where I had planned to head off for college (to study what, I hadn't decided). I knew Daddy was already home from work since his truck was parked in the driveway. Sometimes he came home from work a little early, so I wasn't alarmed when I saw his truck parked in front of the house. I was alarmed, however, by the sound of moaning that seemed to be coming from his bedroom. I thought that maybe he had hurt himself on the job as he sometimes did and was in some kind of pain. Worried, I dropped my book bag on the floor of the living room and hurried to his bedroom to see if he needed my help. I soon discovered, howerver, that I was "helping" my father in a most unexpected way.

Since Daddy didn't like me just barging into his room unannounced, I slowly opened the door to his room just a crack and was about to call out for him. As you might imagine, the moaning got louder the closer I got to his room. And I quickly discovered why when I made my special discovery. Daddy was sitting in front of his desk, his head tilted back and his mouth was slighly open. I gazed down and my own mouth fell open when I saw what he was holding tightly in his big bear hand: his erect penis. I touched my chest and was about to suck in a quick breath, but I quickly stopped myself since I didn't want Daddy to notice me crouching behind his door and seeing what he was doing to himself.

I knew what Daddy was doing to himself even though I myself was not sexually experienced as I hadn't even yet been so much as been kissed by a boy. Simply put, I was still a virgin. About the only sexual experience I had was whenever I touched myself at night as I laid alone in bed, and that was pretty much it. I had overheard some boys at school talking about "playing with themselves" but I didn't know exactly what they meant until seeing my own father "playing" with himself.

I knew I should have just walked away since a daughter is not supposed to see her father like this, but I just stood there mesmerized by the sight of Daddy with his penis in hand furiously stroking himself to orgasm (and, yes, I knew what that was, too, even though that was yet another sexual experience I had yet to discover for myself). Up to that point, the only penises I had seen were on the Internet (hey, a girl can be curious!). But seeing a real live one was a totally different experience. And the fact that Daddy's penis was considerably bigger than those I had seen on the Internet made me all the more transfixed.

As I stood there watching Daddy handling himself in that manner, I couldn't help but notice how he kept glancing over at the top of his desk. I myself glanced over to see what he kept looking at and was shocked to discover a picture of me in a one-piece red bikini that Daddy had taken of me when we went to the beach on one of our typical father-daughter outings just a few weeks ago. (I wanted to wear a two-piece bikini, but, being the stern loving father he was, Daddy wouldn't allow it for what I think were obvious reasons.)

Daddy was pleasuring himself to a picture of me!

As the initial shock wore off, I started to feel a little, well, flattered that my father found me, his little girl, attractive enough to pleasure himself to. Now there are some people who would probably say at this point I should have been outraged that my father was looking at me in this way, but, the simple truth of the matter was, I wasn't. In fact, not only was I not outraged in the slightest by what my father was doing with my bikini-clad picture, I felt those familiar tingling sensations come back between my legs full-f***e. I crouched down behind his door until my butt was nearly touching the floor and spread my legs a little so I could reach down and rub myself a little over the dress I was wearing. (Daddy also didn't allow me to wear skirts for what I again think were obvious reasons.)

I started rubbing myself harder and faster as Daddy increased the speed of his own fisting. I quickly lifted my dress and slipped my hand inside my dampening panties and touched my hard throbbing clitty with the tip of my forefinger. I quickly stifled a loud moan that was about to escape my lips since the last thing I wanted to do was shock Daddy that his little girl was watching him get himself off to my picture. I knew Daddy was about to climax as he gripped the arm rest of his chair harder and fisted himself even faster. I, too, felt myself about to come as I was frantically rubbing my little clitty with my fingertip with my mouth close tight so Daddy wouldn't still hear me. All of a sudden Daddy threw his head back and let out a long drawn-out moan as white stuff spurted out of the tip of his big penis over and over several times. (For the record, I knew what the "white stuff" was since they taught about all that stuff in Health class in school, so I guess maybe I wasn't that sexually inexperienced after all!)

I slipped a finger inside of me and climaxed myself as I watched Daddy come all over his big strong hand. This time I didn't stop myself from moaning and I fell face-forward into Daddy's room. To say Daddy was shocked to see me there, especially in the, let's say, condition we were both in would have been a severe understatement.

"H-honey," he stammered, trying in vain to cover himself with his other hand. "W-what are you doing in here?" It was then that he noticed my dress hiked up and my hand still buried down inside my drenched panties. "And what in the world are you doing with your hand down," he paused as if he couldn't allow himself to admit that his own daughter, his little girl, played with herself too, "down there like that?"

"Funny, Daddy," I said with a naughty grin, "I could ask you the exact same thing!"

"Young lady!" he blurted, sitting up in his chair with his hand still around his still-erect penis. "You shouldn't talk to your father like that!"

I stood up, still grinning at him, and said something I wouldn't have normally said to him:

"And some would say you shouldn't be masturbating to pictures of your own daughter."

I pointed at the bikini-clad picture of me sitting on his desk. Daddy glanced at the photo and his face flushed a bright red. I giggled at the sight of his embarrassment, which was something else I normally would not have done to him. I don't know what was coming over me as this was not like me to act in such a flirty way, especially not with my own father. It was right there standing in my father's room that I came to the realization that I was in love with my father. Subconsciously, I probably knew this, but I wouldn't allow myself to admit this since society conditions us not to have these type of feelings for those who are the closest and dearest to us. But standing there in Daddy's bedroom after seeing Daddy pleasure himself to my own picture and realizing that I had these kind of feelings, sexual feelings, for him and he apparently for me, I say society be damned!

I strode over to where Daddy was sitting. He didn't take his eyes off of me as I stood before him and leaned back against his desk. I reached behind me and grabbed my photo and gazed down at it. I gazed back at him and grinned at him again.

"So, Daddy," I said as seductively as I could, "you must really like this picture of me, huh?"

My eyes trailed down to his penis that he was still gripping in his hand. He said nothing as he just sat there staring at me with his mouth hanging open again. That is, until I reached down and lightly touched the tip of his wet penis with the tip of my forefinger. He jumped back in his chair and glared at me like I was one sick little puppy in spite of what he just got through doing with his little girl's picture.

"W-what are you doing?" he stammered at me again.

I reached down again and dipped my finger into the hole of his penis that was still dripping with his white hot come.

"D-don't," he tried to say as sternly as he could. But I didn't remove my finger. Instead, I rolled my finger around the tip of his cock, making my finger wet in the process.

"S-stop," he said even more weakly. "P-please stop. I'm," he paused, "your father."

I placed the fingers of my other hand under his whiskered chin and made him look at me. I leaned my head closer to his and said to him in a soothing voice, "And I'm your daughter, and I love you very much, and I know you love me very much."

I started dropping to my knees as I wrapped my hand firmly around his cock which had started to subside a little.

"P-please," he begged of me in a strained voice. "We-we shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong." He shook his head at me. "It's so wrong."

"Is it, Daddy?"

He seemed genuinely surprised, maybe even a little shocked, that I had asked him such a question. Then, as if he had contemplated my question in his mind, he slowly leaned back in his chair and gave up trying to stop me. I smiled at him once more as I put the tip of his cock up to my lips. Then, without hesitating, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took my father's cock in my mouth. His cock was still wet with his come, which tasted hot and salty in my mouth, so it slid more easily back and forth between my lips. As you might have guessed, I had never sucked a man's cock before (though, of course, I had seen it done on the Internet!), and the fact that Daddy was so large made the task a bit more, let's say, intimidating. But, being the little trooper that I was, I did my absolute best to give my father all the pleasure that he deserved as I tried to take as much of his cock down my throat as I could without gagging. When that was achieved, I took his cock back out of my mouth and sucked it back in again, the round flushed tip poking the back of my throat. I started moving my head up and down with his penis still in my mouth, trying not to let my teeth sc**** his sensitive skin. Daddy must have liked what I was doing to him as he leaned his head back and started moaning again like before when he was pleasuring himself to my picture. Not only that, but he was becoming fully erect again in my mouth, so that made me happy knowing that I was pleasing my father in this way.

I noticed his balls sticking out the top of his briefs, so I stopped sucking him and tried to take them both into my mouth, which made him moan even louder even though one of his balls did slip out of my mouth. I popped my father's cock back into my mouth and went down on him again. Daddy's cock became fully erect in my mouth as he started thrusting himself a little down my throat. That was when I felt myself begin to gag a little, but I was able to hold it back as I placed my hands on Daddy's thighs and tried to keep my head as still as possible so he could thrust himself inside my mouth. His cock slipped out of my mouth at one point, and I leaned down with my tongue hanging out and licked the shaft all the way to the throbbing purple head and sucked the very tip back into my mouth. Daddy moaned out once more when I did this, and something told me he wouldn't last much longer with me doing this to him. He must've sensed it too because, before I knew it, he had reached down and grabbed my arms and pulled me up onto the top of his desk. He lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties, which were by now so wet they were soaked. He pulled my legs apart with his big strong hands and buried his whiskered face all the way into my wet throbbing pussy.

"Oh, Daddy!" I cried when I felt his long hard tongue slide all the way down inside of me. "That's it! Eat me out! Eat out your little girl!"

Daddy didn't stop as his lips and tongue explored every inch of my virgin pussy. He nearly drove me insane when he sucked my erect clitty into his mouth and especially when he bit gently into it. He pulled my engorged pussy lips into his mouth and sucked on them until I exploded right into his mouth until the bottom half of his face was covered in my clear womanly juices. I threw my head back like he did when he came and wailed out as I kept coming and coming right into my father's face. I had never felt pleasure like that before, and I was determined after this day I was going to feel it again and again with my father as I realized right then and there that he was the only man for me.

Daddy stood up, and I found myself staring at his erect throbbing cock. I reached out and wrapped it in my hand again and gave it a few light strokes. I was amazed at how it felt both hard and soft at the same time. Daddy sat back down again in his chair, making me let go of his cock when he did so, and I noticed his lower lip was quivering just slightly. I wasn't sure if he was excited or ashamed by what we were doing. But, to be honest, at that point I really didn't care which it was as I knew without a doubt what I wanted from my father next.

I got up from off his desk and reached down and pulled my drenched panties all the way off. Without taking my eyes off my father, I threw them off to the side and started to straddle him on his chair. I gazed down as I took Daddy's cock back in my hand and guided it inside my tight virgin cunt. Daddy placed his big bear claws on my soft thighs and moaned out softly at the feeling of being inside his little girl's virgin pussy. I removed my hand from around his penis and slid myself down ever-so-slowly until my bottom was touching his balls. I lifted my blouse and then my bra to uncover both my smallish breasts which had also never known the touch of a man. I leaned forward and all but smothered my tits into my father's face. Daddy kept his face between my tiny tits and wrapped his strong arms around the middle of my back and thrusted his huge cock in and out of me.

Again, I had heard stories from some of the girls at school who claimed to have "done it" how painful it was at first. But, to my surprise (and my delight), there was hardly any pain when Daddy thrust himself into me. I guess I was so turned on at this point and I wanted my father inside of me so badly that it made me feel hardly no pain at all. I wrapped my arms tightly around his broad shoulders and laid my head next to his ear as he kept fucking me harder and faster until I thought I would pass out from the pleasure Daddy was giving me.

I knew Daddy was about to come as his breathing increased against my small heaving chest and he was practically pounding my virgin pussy into oblivion, his balls making loud smacking sounds each time they slammed against my ass. All of a sudden he threw his head back like he did when I watched him jack off to my picture and let out another long drawn-out wail. I quickly grabbed the back of his chair and held on as tightly as I could as I felt Daddy's come shoot inside me as he kept thrusting his long hard cock into me. I could feel his hot semen spill out of me it was so much that I guess my little virgin twat couldn't handle all the load.

When Daddy stopped thrusting and moaning, he did something I really hadn't expected him to do as he buried his face in my heaving sweating chest again and started sobbing. I wrapped my hands around his shoulders again and tried to calm my father down by whispering into his ear how much I loved him and how much I wasn't ashamed by what we had done.

"Shhh, Daddy," I whispered into his ear while I ran my hand down the back of his sweat-soaked hair. "It's all right." I kissed his earlobe. "I love you, Daddy. I love you so very much. You're my favorite man in the whole world. And I'd do anything in the world for you." I kissed his neck and shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you, too," he said in a half-whisper as he gazed up at me, his little girl, his eyes swollen with tears. Feeling intense love for the man whom I loved the most in the whole world, I cupped his face with both my hands and leaned down and kissed my father fully on his lips. To my surprise (and delight), he didn't try to stop me as he returned my kiss full-f***e. This was, as you might have guessed, my very first kiss, and I was happy beyond words that it was with my very own father. We very hesitantly drew away from each other as I stood up, Daddy's cock slipping out of me, and grabbed Daddy by his hands.

"Come on, Daddy," I said in my soothing voice. "Let's go to bed."

Without any hesitation, Daddy stood up from his chair as he stepped out of his pants and briefs and followed me out of his room down the hall towards my bedroom where we laid down together on my bed. I held Daddy lovingly in my arms while he rested his head on my shoulder. I planted butterfly kisses all over his face the way I've always done. Finally, Daddy glanced up at me and said in a weary voice, "What do you think your mother would say to us if she could see us right now?"

I smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

"She would say that I was the luckiest girl in the world."

He grinned and giggled, which made me quite happy. We held each other until we fell asl**p in each other's arms. The next morning when I awoke Daddy wasn't lying next to me. I checked the clock on my nightstand and saw that it wasn't time for him to have left for work yet. I got up, threw on my nightgown and walked out of my bedroom and down the hall where I found him in the dining room drinking a cup of coffee. I went over to him and gave him a big hug like I did every morning.

"Morning, Daddy," I said into his ear.

"Morning," he said with not much enthusiasm, which was kind of strange for him.

I could tell there was something wrong with him, and I already knew it had something to do with what happened yesterday. I drew away from him and asked already knowing the answer, "What's wrong, Daddy?"

"I think you already know," he said without looking at me as he stared down at his coffee cup.

Is this about yesterday?" I asked while again knowing the answer. "Are you ashamed of what we did because," I paused, "I'm not."

I smiled at him again to try to reassure him, but he still wouldn't so much as bat an eye in my general direction.

"We shouldn't have done what we did," he finally responded in a low tone. He finally gazed at me as he sat back in his chair. "And I'll tell you right now it won't be happening again."

Instead of feeling upset about what my father had just said to me, my grin grew wider. Daddy got this perplexed look on his face like he couldn't understand my reaction. Without saying a word to him, I stepped closer to him until I was standing right beside him and opened up my gown. Daddy's eyes panned down my body as he saw I was wearing nothing underneath.

"Are you sure it won't happen again, Daddy?" I said, deliberately teasing my father.

His eyes met mine as he said in a weak voice, "Y-yes."

He coughed and was about to take another sip of his coffee, but I placed my hand on his hairy forearm and made him look up at me again. I leaned down until my face was right next to his.

"Are you sure, Daddy?" I said, teasing him some more. "Are you really sure you want to stop?"

He looked right into my eyes this time, his lower lip quivering the same as it had done before. I knew right then and there that I had him, and I intended on taking full advantage of the situation as I crouched down until my knees were almost touching the floor and started unzipping his pants.

"P-please, honey," he said to me. "Please don't do this to me." He shook his head at me. "Not again."

But, like before, I didn't listen as I finished unzipping his pants and pulled them down far enough to expose his impressive penis to me. It was already partially hard and I intended on taking full advantage of it like before as I took his cock in my hand and went down on my father for the second time. He didn't try to stop me, as I had expected, as I wrapped my lips around his hardening cock and sucked it deep into my mouth. I was able to take more of him into my mouth this time since I had gotted used to the feeling of my father's cock buried deep into my mouth. I scooped up his big hairy balls with my free hand and massaged them as I kept sucking off my father. Daddy leaned back his head and moaned as he slowly ran his fingers through my already messy hair and started thrusting himself in and out of my mouth as he had done the day before when I blew him. I briefly took his cock out of my mouth and gazed up at my father grinning as I stroked his cock which was by now fully-erect and throbbing in my hand.

"How do you like that, Daddy?" I asked him with a big grin on my face. "Do you still want us to stop what we're doing?"

"N-no," he said, his voice in a half-whisper.

That was all I needed to hear as I took Daddy's cock back in my mouth and finished what I was doing. It didn't take Daddy long to come this time as he practically shoved his prick all the way into my mouth until the engorged tip was pushing against the back of my throat, making me almost gag in the process. But, like before, I was able to hold it back as Daddy let out yet another long drawn-out moan and I quickly felt my entire mouth fill up with his hot sweet come. Being the good little girl I was, I swallowed as much of his sweet salty essence as I could while the rest just spilled out of my mouth and flowed down my chin and neck and down my naked exposed chest and some of it even staining the top of my nightgown. But, of course, I didn't mind. Not one bit!

When Daddy was finished, when he was finally spent, I stood back up and was about to turn around to get myself cleaned up for school, but then Daddy turned into an a****l as he grabbed me by my sides and pulled me up on the kitchen table, knocking his cup of coffee over in the process. I let out a surprised yelp when he did this, but, of course, I didn't protest or try to stop him as he opened up my nightgown and stared down with hungry eyes at my nude glistening pussy. He smacked his lips a few times at the sight of his little girl's cunt before diving in and wrapping his lips around my lips. I moaned myself as Daddy sucked as much of my pussy lips into his mouth as he could.

I placed my hands on the table behind me and threw my head back and cried out in passion as I felt Daddy's long erect tongue slide inside of me and slither around inside my box like a snake. He darted his tongue in and out of me, his nose resting on my rock-hard clitty and his chin resting on my little asshole. I giggled a little when I felt the whiskers on his chin tickle my sensitive asshole. I guess this gave my father an idea as he moved his tongue down to my asshole and gave it a good long lick. I groaned out in both surprise and delight when he did this. Then he did something even more surprising when he started pushing his tongue into my asshole. This was an entirely new sensation for me as I'd never so much as shoved a suppository up in there, but, I must say, it was an entirely pleasurable sensation that my father was now giving to me as he'd managed to get the tip of his tongue into my tight virgin shitter.

Daddy finished tonguing my asshole and shoved his tongue back inside my waiting pussy. I gazed down at him and watched as Daddy's tongue slid in and out of me like his tongue was his cock. It didn't take me long to come either as I exploded right into his face like I had done before. My whole body shuddered as I drenched Daddy's face in my womanly juices until I myself was finally spent. Daddy finally drew his face away from me and tapped me a couple of times on my bare leg.

"You'd better get ready to go to school or you'll be late."

"Okay, Daddy," I replied, smiling a great big smile at him.

But, before I headed off towards the bathroom, I reached down and gave him a big sloppy kiss right on the mouth, smearing both of our juices all over his mouth. I drew away from him, and we both gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Daddy."

He smiled a great big smile of his own and said, "I love you, too."

I turned around and headed off towards the bathroom with a skip in my step and a song in my heart knowing our relationship had reached a new level of love and intimacy that other fathers and daughters never get a chance to share.

And that's what I call a special discovery.

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5 months ago
really really good story
11 months ago
A well written story....and I DO agree with gest90 ~ This story is 'able to stand on its own'...
1 year ago
why the request for part two, some stories are meant to stand alone, just as they are and this is certainly one of them. beautifully written, what man could read this story without wishing he was the daddy, i know i do, a great read.
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I need someone to suck this cock
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part 2? please.
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Good one TL.
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great story, really exciting
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Wonderful story.