Julie's SolutionbyWyden Long©
Julie was my favorite granddaughter. Normally, she was a bright, well adjusted 23-year old with a head full of ideas and an aggressive approach toward life, but today I could tell that something was on her mind.

"Hey, kitten! What's bugging my favorite superstar today?" I greeted her with a big hug that I still got away with, although any day now it was going to be noticed that I enjoyed hugging my granddaughter more than the allowable degree.

All she could manage was a wan smile. "Oh, nothing, Gramps."

"Let's see now. As I recall, that means either 'It's too personal to discuss' or 'I don't know how to describe it'. Which one would it be? A or B?"

"Well, sort of both. It also means that there is no solution, so why bother talking about something that would only embarrass me, for no purpose?"

"OK. While we're not talking about it, how about some of my patented hot chocolate? It's still nippy enough outside to justify a little fire in the fireplace and we can relax with a little grog. Sound good?"

"Sounds great! Want me to make the fire?"

"Go ahead. Then you will be able to honestly say you didn't know how much cognac was in the chocolate."

"You waste your cognac in chocolate milk?"

"It's my cognac. I can waste all I want. Now go start the fire like a good little girl while I get busy in the kitchen."

Later, we assumed our familiar fireplace positions. I sat on the floor and leaned back against the couch. Julie sat between my legs and leaned back against my chest.

"Mmmmhh! I had forgotten how good it feels to lean back against you and feel your strong arms around me."

"Aw, that's just the cognac talking. Besides, you're getting too old to do this. When you were smaller, you were just my Kitten, and I could cuddle you without wondering what was down the front of your blouse."

"Why GrandPa! Do you mean you're getting turned on by me?"

"Honey, a stone statue would be turned on by you. Any man who had the chance to sit in front of a nice fire like this and cuddle with you would be hard pressed to think of anything else. And I do mean hard."

"Oh! Oh! I get it! I thought something was different about your lap." She put her hand directly on my throbbing erection and gave it a little squeeze. "Did I do this?"

"You certainly did, my love. Maybe we should change our positions so that you don't have to rub against the evidence of your sexual attraction."

"To tell you the truth, that's sort of what is bothering me, but I still don't feel comfortable discussing it. Is it ok if we keep sitting like this? I sort of like knowing that I turn you on. Will it hurt you if I lean back against it like I was before?"

"Probably, but it's not a bad kind of hurt. If it gets too tough, I can always move. Are you sure this doesn't mess too much with your mind? No amount of pleasure for me would be worth screwing up our relationship."


"Just drink your chocolate."



"Am I beautiful?"

"You are to me, Kitten, but then I love you so much I have no way to know if you're really that beautiful to everyone, or just to those of us who love you. I can tell you this much. Unless you're planning to try to get through life on looks alone, you have absolutely nothing to worry about."

"Does that mean I'm as ugly as sin, but you love me enough to forgive me?"

"Not by a long shot! I was merely trying to give you the most honest answer possible to what I thought was a serious question. If you were just asking a girl-question, then my answer is 'absolutely!'"

"Mmmmhh. Ok. Thanks, I guess."

"Ok. Let's do it this way. Am I handsome?"

"How should I know? You're my grandpa. Oh. I see what you mean."

"See, the real answer is very subjective. It depends too much on your relationship with the other person. When you meet the right person for you, I can guarantee that he will think you are the most beautiful woman who ever walked. Others will see you through eyes that are tinted by how they feel about you. To a stranger, you are a very attractive young girl, and almost anyone would feel lucky to get to know you better. Is that good enough?"

"That's fine. Now. Am I sexy?"

"Do you really have to ask? Put your hand here."

"Oh my! It's so hard. Isn't it painful in those tight pants?"

"Some things are worth a little pain, but since we are getting to the root of the matter, so to speak, would it be ok if I changed into my robe? Under the circumstances, I might do myself some serious damage. It wouldn't be the first time, either. When I was your age, we all wore tight blue jeans, just like a lot of k**s today, and there was bl**d in my jeans on several occasions."

"Oh dear! Sure, I don't mind if you change. It's your house. Can I have one of your old shirts to wear?"

"I'll bring you one. Why don't you freshen our chocolates?"

When we got resettled, Julie was wearing an old, soft, flannel shirt and I was in my robe. I was pretty sure the only thing she was wearing under the shirt was her panties. I knew for certain that I was wearing nothing under the robe. From the way we were going, it was hard to tell where we would wind up, but I was determined not to push anything. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be to do something that would strain our relationship. I would have to be very careful and not let Long John do my thinking for me.


"Ummmhh. Did I put too much cognac in these?"

"As long as we don't get too near the open flame, we may be safe. I have no idea how well you can handle it. Take it easy. We don't want you going home d***k."

"Maybe I can stay overnight?"

"It's fine with me, but it may be more than my poor old heart can take."

"Oh, pooh, Gramps. I think you can take a lot. Wow! That thing feels a lot bigger against my back, now. Is it less painful now?"

"A little. At least the pain is internal, from the swelling, and not from the sharp zipper that I was afraid would rip me a new one."

"Would it make it feel better if I put my hand on it? My boyfriend says it helps him."

"I'm sure it would, but make sure this is what you want before you go further."

"Yes. I'm sure. I'm old enough to make my own decisions. It's just that I don't always know all the things I want to know. Like, what does one of those things look like, up close? My boyfriend always wants me to touch him, then he shoots off before I ever get a good look and then he wants to go home. I saw Daddy walking down the hall in his boxers and his dick was sticking out a bit, but he put it back in real quick when he saw me looking. Can I look at yours?"

"Be my guest!"

". I guess I am. Wow! Are they all this big?"

"Not all, but there are some a lot bigger."


"Yes, really. Some are a lot longer than mine, but not many are thicker."

"Is it ok if I move my hand on it?"

"You can do anything you want. Just remember that it will respond to you as a woman, not as my granddaughter."

"That's what I was hoping. I want to see it cum."

"Oh shit! Then brace yourself. I think that just did it."

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my spinal cord, a signal went out to call all the troops. For several years, my only relief had been from my own right hand, and I was accustomed to producing very small amounts of cum under those circumstances. Our earlier conversation and contact had kept me rigid for over an hour, already. When my beautiful granddaughter began pumping away on her grandfather's dick, and told me she wanted to see it cum, my balls drew way back into my gut to gather strength for the blast.

"Ooooh! Wow! That one went over my head! Wow! Look at it pump! Wow, Gramps, you are some kind of stud!"

"Well, I must say that you got all there was to get. I haven't cum like that in ages. Does it bother you to have my cum dripping off your chin?"

"No. Does it bother you if I kiss you? Jimmy won't kiss me after I suck him off. He seems to think it's ok for me to swallow his cum, but it's too nasty for him."

"Jimmy sounds like a typical little spoiled prick. He doesn't deserve you. I would love to kiss you, with or without cum on your lips."

"Oh, Gramps. You say the sweetest things." Julie straddled my lap and brought her sweet lips close to mine. My cum was dripping from her cheek and chin, so I licked it off before kissing her tenderly.

"Do you like my titties?" Julie raised her shirt, revealing the choicest pair of hard tits I had seen in a long, long time. Her nipples jutted proudly from them like strawberries peering from a bowl of cream. The cognac was definitely paying off.

"I like titties better when the nipples are hard. Mind if I suck them a little?"

"Oh, please do! It feels so good to me when someone sucks on them, but Jimmy never wants to take the time to help me feel good."

"Well it sounds to meeeee like little Jimmeeee is historeeeeee."

"Oh, Gramps! You're so corny."

"All the beautiful, sexy young girls who jack me off say that."

"Oh? How many would that be, Gramps?"

"Counting you?"

"Counting me."

"It's hard to say."

"Well, just guess."

"Well, I guess about one."

"Counting me?"

"Counting you."

"Oh, Gramps! You mean I got your cherry?"

"In the beautiful sexy young girls jacking me off category, yeah."

"That's fantastic! Would you like to have mine?"

"Darling! You're still a virgin?"

"Yep. The only 23-year old virgin in Riverdale."

"And you want your tired old fat ugly grandpa to pop your cherry?"

"I didn't know you were tired."

"Not too tired to appreciate what you're doing with your hand. See?"

"Ooh! It's getting bigger again. Does that mean you want to fuck me, Gramps?"

"Keep talking like that and you won't have to ask the question much longer. See how much it grew when you said 'fuck'?"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Wow! Look! It does jump every time I say it. How about this? Would you like to slide that big old fat cock up my tight little virgin pussy all the way until your hairy balls tickle my ass?"

"You've done it now, you sexy cunt. Lie back and spread your legs. I'm going to do what I can to get your tiny little virgin pussy ready to take this big fat cock."

My beautiful granddaughter laid back in the pillows in front of the roaring fire and lifted her legs high over her head for me to remove her panties. I took a long time because I wanted that vision to last. The one where her cunt is shining between her legs and beginning to moisten. Little golden drops of dew sparkled in the firelight.

I d**g my finger through them and smeared love's lubricant generously around her pussy lips. I couldn't help sticking a finger in my mouth to enjoy her honeydew.

"Let me taste it, too, Gramps."

I wet my finger again and offered it to her to suck. Somehow, the sensation of her lips and tongue on my finger translated to my already rigid prick. I nearly came again. Only the shortness of time since she had pulled my first load from my balls prevented me from losing the second at that moment.

Next time she didn't wait for me to dip my fingers in her honey pot. She dipped her own and smeared the juice around her nipples after taking another taste.

"Hey! I taste good, Gramps!"

"You sure do, Honey. I'm about to get a bigger taste."

Julie spread her legs even wider and pulled me by the ears as I dove on her.

"Ooooh! That feels soooo gooood, Gramps. Nobody ever did that for me before."

"Does that mean I get a double cherry?" I raised my dripping chin from her crotch long enough to ask.

"Sure does. If you're man enough to fuck me up the ass, later, you can have all three."

"Where does a young virgin get all this knowledge of words and deeds", I wondered.

"Simple, Gramps. That's all anybody I know talks about. We see stuff on TV. The movies are full of it. We had sex education at school and somebody always has magazines and videos that we get together to watch."

"My, how things have changed", I mused.

"You should see Susie Walker's dad's porno collection sometime, Gramps."

"Always glad to view somebody else's collection."

"Does that mean you have a collection, too?"

"Of course, but it may be too perverted for you."

"Perverted? You mean like getting my own grandpa to lick my pussy for me?"

"That and more."

"Ooooh! I can't wait any longer, Gramps. Come up here and let me sit on your big fat prick. I want to feel it slide into my hot little virgin pussy all the way to the bottom. Oh, wait!"

She jumped up and ran into my den. She visited often enough that she knew where I kept things. Before my prick had a chance to begin wilting, she was back, dragging my video camera and tripod.

"You don't mind if I make a video of you popping my cherry, do you, Gramps?"

"My, what an advanced mind you have, my c***d. Of course I don't mind, but we must be very careful with it. A lot of people would be hurt if some people saw it."

"I know. I just want it to remember the moment. Maybe I'll bring my friend Susie over sometime and we can show it to her. Wouldn't you like to fuck her, too?"

"Oh shit, granddaughter. You're going to blow the doors off my dick, talking like that. If you've got that thing set up, let's get started before I pop a bl**d vessel instead of a cherry. Climb up here and let me spread those juicy little lips."

Julie straddled my legs and lowered her trim hips until the head of my dick was just spreading the coral pink sand dunes at her crotch. Ready, Gramps?"

"I'm ready. Don't hurt yourself, now."

"Everybody tells me the only way to do this is just to get it over with, so here I go!" She closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and slammed all the way to the root of my problem, sweeping hymen, bl**d, saliva and whatever other juices had collected along with a large chunk of meat.

If it hadn't been for the preparation we had given her pussy, it might have torn the skin off my dick as she went to the bottom. It was painfully stretched, as it was.

"Are you ok?", I asked out of concern for the slight frown on her features.

"Am I ok? Boy, am I ok! This feels so damn good, Gramps. Why haven't you been fucking me before this?"

"If I had any idea you would enjoy it so much, I would have been buried in you many times by now. Be careful with me, now. You are the first virgin I ever deflowered and you're so tight you're about to skin me."

"Oh, that would be great! I could hang your foreskin over my rear view mirror the way some of the guys hang their girlfriend's panties there to claim they've fucked them."

"You rip off your poor old grandpa's foreskin and it's no more prick for you, young lady."

As she began to slowly rise and fall on the subject in question, she called my bluff.

"Oh, yeah! I can just see you now. I come over here, bend over in front of you and pull my panties down and you tell me you won't sink it to the hilt in my hot cunt simply because I skinned you once? Sure! You bet. Hey! This is starting to get real good, now."

She had spread our juices around enough and loosened up enough to be able to slam the entire length of my prick into her hot snatch in a single stroke. Sometimes she lifted completely off the head before dropping back onto it.

Even at my advanced age, it didn't take her very long to pull another load out of my semi-retired balls. My cum gushed into my granddaughter's pussy in a seemingly never-ending stream as I felt her body go into orgasmic spasms. When she would begin to slow down, I would slam my dick to the depths of her cunt again, to start another round of spasms. She must have had a hundred orgasms by the time we ran out of energy.

"Oh, wow, Gramps. Is it always that good?"

"Only the best ones, Honey. You are a very special person to me and this was a very special occasion for us both. It may be a long time before you ever have another one that good, but with your body and your attitude, it won't be as long as it would be for some."

"Was it good for you, Gramps?"

"Honey, if it was any better, you would be calling 911 right now."



"You really liked fucking your tender young beautiful sexy granddaughter's tight little virgin pussy?"

"Well, since you put it that way, Hell yes!"

Julie giggled like a little girl, which was what she had been just a few weeks earlier in old-man time. It was amazing how much she had changed since getting her degree and beginning her climb through management. She was no longer the almost awkward, semi-skinny little thing that rarely spoke up for herself. It must have been that her first chance to really compare her abilities with others in the business world had taught her that she was as good as any of them and better than most.

"What I can't figure..", I paused to find the right words as my granddaughter adjusted herself to a more comfortable position on my lap and continued to bring herself off at regular intervals, with my fat dick still trapped in the incredibly hot recesses of her recently violated pussy.

"What can't you figure, Gramps?" She rode me like a cowgirl on a quarter horse.

"I can't figure how in the hell you got to be this age and still have your cherry. You've got a hell of a body and the right kind of attitude. How come you never grabbed some young stud and nailed him before?"

She looked me right in the eye as she slid that sweet pussy up and down my shaft and told me the most amazing thing. "I saved it for you, Gramps."

My jaw dropped in astonishment. "For me? You can't mean it! Why would such a beautiful, sexy, desirable young girl save her cherry for a dried up old fart like me?"

"Because I love you, silly. And because you asked me to. Don't you remember?"

And then it struck me. I did sort of remember a running joke we had worn out over the years. I would always ask her, "Whose girl are you?", and she would always reply, "Yours, GramPa. Nobody but yours."

Tears welled in my eyes as I realized the love she must have felt for me to deny herself all this time, with the thousands of chances she must have had to let some rowdy f***e himself between her tanned thighs and have his way with her. How I loved her for a gift that was not so special in the act, but was unbearably special in the significance.

"What made you choose this particular time to consummate our love affair?"

"I waited long enough. If you weren't going to have the balls to fuck me, then I guessed I would have to have the balls to fuck you. Ok?" Her green eyes dared me to disagree.

"Ok, ok, ok. Now that you have broken the ice, or hymen as the case may be, how long am I to continue to enjoy these favors?"

"Until the 911 truck comes for you, old man.", she laughed. Her delicious tits bounced and swayed with the rising and falling of her sweaty body.

"Don't you ever want to get married and have k**s?"

"Not yet. Not now. Maybe later. I'm busy now. I'm proving some things to myself that I couldn't do if I had a husband and k**s dragging along. What's the matter? My pussy isn't good enough for you?"

"Oh, baby. It's plenty good enough."

"Oh? Well then maybe it's not tight enough?"

"Not tight enough? If you took that thing in one more notch, you really would peel the skin right off the bone."

"Hey! I've been meaning to ask you about that. I thought men didn't really have a bone in it, that was just a figure of speech, but your dick hasn't gone soft since I pulled it out of your pants. Maybe yours does have a bone."

"Regardless of what they say, honey. Not all men are created equal. Now, back to the subject at hand. As much as I enjoy fucking my favorite granddaughter, it doesn't seem polite for me to hog all of her goodies. It's sort of like grabbing the entire heart of the watermelon at the picnic, while everybody else has to share the rind."

"Oh, Gramps. You sure know how to talk a girl up--or down--or up....", said with a grin as her pussy flew down and up and down again on my aged prick. Aged, but firm, tender and happy.

"Thanks for letting me use your skin dildo, Gramps."

"Any time, c***d. Any time at all." I leaned back and let her have free rein to pleasure herself in any way she chose. If I had ever thought it was one of life's options, I would have prayed for this day for many years. If she never came to me again, I would die happy, but she had apparently decided to give me the bulk of her good stuff until the right person came along. I could live with that.

"Ok. Now. Are you man enough for my asshole?"

94% (37/2)
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1 year ago
1 year ago
This story told with a hint of humor, along with the serious depth and truth that can only occur between lover's for each other, their body and their soul. For a lady, a granddaughter no less, to save her sexual honor for the simple statement all her life to her most cherished relative, she in her heart, soul and mind belonged to only one person, "...Yours, Grandpa. Nobody but yours..."! Honor to one's self (if there is a hiden message in this story) such as Julie's honor in her mind to her grandfather and honor to her oath, until she is twenty-three years old, when acting on it herself to be sure he lives long enough for her wish-oath to come true, is something mankind is extrememly without!! The story is charmingly awesome, sensual, honest, with both lovers speaking so true, so lovingly but with innuendoes of light humor, but with compassion!

A most gracious and endearing story. Grandfather and granddaughter have so much respect and trust, honor and honesty, adoration and bottom-of-their-hearts love and compassion! It is truly the best carnal, incestually consummated love story, endlessly and refreshingly admired by this reader for it's most basic message of true, deep love and respect for one's lover!
2 years ago
How I wish it were me.