Marcy Has Fun...Finallybymaxmaypo©
As I stroked slowly and steadily in and out of her belly Marcy looked up at me with that peculiar look that comes over a woman as she realizes she's about to lose control and she said, "Ohmigod, Mark, I've never felt anything like this. I know I'm going to cum and it's gonna be big." She shuddered as a wave of incredible pleasure ran from deep in her vagina to the tips of her fingers and toes. And this wasn't even the orgasm she knew was coming.

Marcy knew my wife, Denise. Denise and I had known each other for years. Marcy and Denise had known each other longer. Denise and I had dated and then broken up and then several years later reunited. And it had been a great relationship since reuniting. It had been Marcy who had gotten us together in the first place.

Denise was adventurous sexually to say the least. When we had reunited she had entertained me and about a sixty other customers at a strip club outside of Ypsilanti, Michigan with a live amateur striptease on stage in which she ended up nude and pleasured by a rather adept and well-endowed customer. Until that night she had worked there as a waitress, but her co-workers had talked her into getting up on stage. She was gorgeous and exciting to watch as she stripped naked on the stage. But then a well-endowed customer got her off on stage with his tongue and then later in the private dance room at the club with his huge cock. Denise had not expected this to happen; she had only wanted to have me see her dance naked in front of other guys. Nevertheless she thoroughly enjoyed what happened. Although it troubled me to see her give herself to this stranger, I accepted it as a part of loving Denise. She gave her heart only to me. Her vagina and her clit...occasionally those needed another man's attention!!

After that first encounter Denise would periodically need to relive it; she needed to get up in front of a crowd of strangers naked and she needed to entertain one of them if she found a well-endowed man. So every six months or so we would head off on a road trip to some club hosting an amateur night and Denise would get up on stage and bare all, and sometimes she would e****t a customer back to the club "private dance" room and get her brains fucked out.

Other than those trips Denise focused all of her love and attention on me. I always knew that no matter how many sexual partners she had her love was for me. We enjoyed each other's company thoroughly. We both worked at jobs we liked, she as a physical ther****t and me as a massage ther****t. And outside of our jobs we enjoyed dancing, camping, hiking, biking, and swimming. Staying so active kept us both happy and healthy. And whenever we could we both enjoyed doing those things naked. It led to interesting encounters with like-minded strangers who would sometimes become like-minded friends, like our neighbors Ben and Gwen. Ben was rather hung and had entertained Denise on several occasions. Each time Denise and Ben hooked up, Gwen would keep me company as compensation.

Marcy. As I said it had been Marcy who had first introduced me to Denise. Marcy was 17 years older than Denise and 14 years older than me. She and I had been working at a department store when Marcy told me she knew a girl who was just right for me. And that was how my relationship had started with Denise. When we reunited and married Marcy was happy for the both of us. She knew we were just right for each other. Marcy knew nothing about Denise's other activities. To Marcy Denise was a sweet girl who loved her

Marcy was in her late 40's, but was in great shape. She liked being outdoors so was quite tan. She had fiery green eyes and light brown, frosted hair which she kept in a short cut. She was tall and slender with a small firm bust, slender waist, narrow hips, and nice firm booty. Her husband Frank had been a big, strong man who dwarfed the tall, slender Marcy. And as gruff as he could be he was highly attentive to Marcy and her occasionally nutty needs.

A few months ago Marcy's husband, Frank, had passed away. Marcy missed him a lot and in many ways. One of those ways was sexually. Despite his gruff ways one of the ways in which he was attentive to her was sexually.

I remember one evening when Denise and I had gone over to their house to enjoy dinner and some card playing. We got a taste of how Frank kept Marcy happy. During dinner we had shared a couple of bottles of wine and whenever Marcy got tipsy she got very happy and affectionate and would start to lose her clothes. Frank saved her dignity by excusing themselves and saying we could leave when we were finished. He trusted us.

It wasn't but a few minutes before we heard moaning and groaning and the rapid creaking of their bed coming down from upstairs. As the pace quickened Marcy got louder. This at first made Denise and I uncomfortable and then downright horny. Denise dragged me over to the couch in their f****y room which was directly underneath Marcy and Frank's bedroom. As we listened to Marcy and Frank fucking wildly Denise hiked up her skirt, lifted her hips, and slipped her panties off. I knew instinctively what she wanted and accommodated her by dipping my tongue and kisses down between her bare thighs. I soon had Denise's prominent clitoris just humming and she was soon having her own fun as she tightened her naked thighs around my head and climaxed.

Knowing what would pleasure her more, I unbuckled my own slacks, pushed down my briefs and soon was moving inside of her right there underneath a loudly fucking Marcy and Frank. They were not slowing down. Denise, as was her habit, soon had pulled off all of her clothes so that she was soon butt naked on their couch. She liked being dangerously naked for two reasons: it allowed my hands and lips to roam freely over her bare breasts, her bare shoulders or wherever I chose or where she directed, and it increased her excitement to know that at any moment she might be caught. In those moments Denise's clitoris swelled to almost bursting and her vagina would get incredibly wet. She was soon quivering with another delicious orgasm and nodding for me to quicken my pace so she could feel me cum inside of her.

After we had finished we still heard the sounds of vigorous lovemaking going on upstairs so we cleaned up a little and quietly left, although I have to say both of us were tempted to sneak a peek. It really sounded like Frank was really putting it to Marcy. The regular creaking of their bed was interrupted by Marcy crying out and then the creaking would start up again. She was clearly having a fantastic time from the sound of it.

Well, Frank passed away from a stroke. He had always been an intense man at work and at home and the only time he seemed truly at ease was when he went hunting and when he was fucking Marcy. The loss of Frank left Marcy needing some company and a place to call home when she felt lonely. So Denise and I allowed her to routinely stay with us at our apartment.

Marcy would come over, play some tennis, take a dip in the apartment complex pool and then after a light dinner with us she would excuse herself and sack out in the guest bedroom we had. On some occasions Denise would go over to Marcy's home to just keep her company and sl**p in the same bed with Marcy. Marcy missed the safety and comfort of her big man sl**ping next to her and Denise's physical presence would calm her. They would sl**p nude so Marcy could have warm naked skin against hers.

So it was about nine months after Frank's death. I was quite used to Marcy spending time with us and also with Ben and Gwen our neighbors. It was a Saturday afternoon and Denise had promised Marcy that I would give her a massage. She also said Marcy had purchased a couple of new swimsuits and wanted my opinion, a guy's opinion, about how they looked on her. Marcy was in great shape as a result of staying so active after Frank's death so I figured whatever swimsuit she would wear would look good on her. She didn't really need my opinion.

When Marcy showed up she immediately headed off to the bedroom to change into the first of her new swimsuits. Now I was expecting her usual one-piece swimsuit and was sitting on the sofa in our living room ready to go to the pool myself. Denise was off at a physical ther****ts' conference in Chicago; Gwen had accompanied her to keep her company and share in Chicago's nightlife. I think Denise was trying to talk Gwen into getting up on stage with her at a local strip club and getting naked.

Marcy came out in a clingy yellow bikini whose color stood out against Marcy's dark tanned skin. The material clung to her small breasts and each of her hardened nipples was visible through the thin material of the bikini top. The outline of her feminine parts was also quite visible through the thin material as it clung to her. She spun around on her toes and asked, "Well, watcha think?" I had to tell her the truth.

"Damn, look," I paused to screw with her head," hot...very hot!" As I said Marcy was in her late 40's but with her toned body and legs and with her hair frosted with blond streaks and with her very dark, tanned skin, she looked hot. The bright yellow suit fit her back, her front, her top, her bottom like a thin, clingy glove.

Marcy grinned with almost a girlish embarrassment. "Do you really think I look good? It's been ages since I've been seen in anything so daring but I felt it was time and there's a guy at your pool that I'm trying to impress." She blushed and her nipples poked out that much more from her small round breasts.

"Marcy I think he'll be impressed."

"I want to show you one more outfit. I'm sure it's too daring but I just fell in love with it at the store." She bounded off to the bedroom with the energy of feeling sexy and attractive.

When she returned I had to hold my breath. She came out in a sheer bright green wrap which complemented her green eyes. But what really shocked me was the cut of the swimsuit underneath the wrap, or should I say the lack of swimsuit.

She stood in front of me and dropped the wrap to the floor. The top was a pair of green sheer triangles that cradled her nipples and left each breast almost bare. What I noticed was that her breasts were not white but tanned also. She must have been tanning at a salon or sunbathing somewhere topless. But the bottom was the real eye catcher. A pair of thin green strings curved over the twin moons of her bare bottom, curved over her narrow hips, and met at the very bottom of her tummy in the tiniest of green Lycra triangles that barely covered her privates and didn't cover all of her brown, curly pubic hair.

She proceeded to explain the outfit, "I absolutely love the cool air against my breasts and the silky material arouses my nipples so they stand out. I think the effect is very sexy. I also think I have a cute butt and nice boobs, an accomplishment for a woman in her late 40's, and the salesgirl talked me into baring it in this outfit." Marcy spun around so I could see her bared behind and I had to admit she looked enticing enough to fuck right then and there. If she was trying to attract a man this was definitely the way to get their attention. Again I noticed that her buns were tanned not pale white, so apparently they too had been exposed to real or artificial sunlight. The pale green strings curving over the tops of her buns and disappearing in between the rounded cheeks of her fanny were very erotic.

Then Marcy turned around to explain what little there was of the front to her bikini bottom. The strings came around her narrow hips and ended in a triangle of thin, clingy material that molded to her genitals; all her parts were easily visible. The material cupped her labia perfectly and extended no more than a few inches above the juncture of her labia. A small patch of brown pubic hair was visible peeking out the north end of the triangle. As if noticing where I was looking Marcy said, "When I tried this suit on I was sticking out all over. The kind salesgirl gave me information on a laser removal place. Just five treatments over the next six months and I remain bald down there except for my little soul patch." She tugged the suit down to reveal a small patch of curly pubic hair which was surrounded by bare skin to the south, east, west , and north of it. Again Marcy explained, " I could have had it all removed but the girl at the store told me that it was a new sexy thing to have a thin landing strip, a soul patch or a tiny triangle on your belly and leave the rest bare. Both she and the young woman also said it was also a new thing for a woman to show a hint of pubic hair peeking out intentionally from the top of her bikini bottom. It's like guys and the pubic hair on their stomachs that suggests possibilities down below."

I grinned from ear to ear. I only hoped I was this nutty and daring when I got to be Marcy's age. "Marcy, you're almost nude. But damn, you look good. Whoever this guy is that you're interested in is sure going to get a gorgeous eyeful.

With that she bounded off like a teenage girl, changed back into the more modest yellow bikini and we headed off to the apartment complex pool. Marcy turned many a guy's head that afternoon, but the man she was interested in didn't show. We lay out with Ben who was there alone since Gwen had gone to Chicago with Denise. Ben also complemented Marcy on looking hot and had her blushing uncontrollably. I think she realized she had made the right decision in purchasing the skimpy swimsuit and in getting shaved so that her lady parts were revealed through the bikini's thin material.

Her ego got even more stroking when several college age girls wearing next to nothing themselves approached Marcy and asked her where she had purchased the bikini. They also asked her if she were shaved; two of the girls liked the way the suit molded to Marcy's parts. They told her she would have the guys falling all over her and could have her pick of whatever stud she wanted. When Marcy told them about getting the laser treatment the girls pushed Ben and I out of the way and Marcy spent the remainder of afternoon with the college girls sharing various secrets and gossip and showing each other how they were trimmed down there.

Ben left to go home and I told him to come by later on. I was making dinner for Marcy and me and since he was alone we'd appreciate his company. He waved and nodded that he would.

Around dusk Marcy and I returned to the apartment. As Marcy took a shower and cleaned up I prepared the massage table in my massage room. Denise and I had three bedrooms in our apartment. One was for us, one was for our guests, like Marcy, and the third we'd converted into a joint massage and physical therapy room.

After doing some preparation of our dinner and after Marcy exited the bathroom, I took a quick shower and changed into my usual massage attire: a pair of knit shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Marcy was already laid out face down on the massage table with a large bath towel over her body from shoulders to calves. This was going to be her first massage so I asked her a standard set of questions and filled her in on what I would be doing.

Then I started in. She had wanted warmed oil so that's what I used. As I massaged first her neck and shoulders, her back, her feet, her calves, and her thighs I steadily rolled the towel off of her shoulders and then up her legs until a swath of folded towel was covering her buttocks and only her buttocks. Some folks are vocal and some are quiet when receiving a massage. Marcy sighed and moaned as I touched different parts of her body that either hurt or felt pleasure. I have always found it to be a turn-on to hear a woman react verbally to my massages. I started getting an erection.

I continued and my massage took on a more sensual nature in response to Marcy's reaction. My fingers moved against her soft skin alternating between light caresses and firm strokes in zones that would draw out an erotic response from her. My fingers caressed her spine down to the cleft in her butt and my fingers moved higher and higher on her thighs.

Marcy now began to arch her hips up to receive the touch of my fingers on her butt and to expose more of her genitals. This move was that of one who wanted to be touched...there in that special location. I lingered close with each stroke but stopped just short to raise the tension and to be sure that that is what she wanted. I now grasped firmly each of buttocks and moved them around vigorously. I did so underneath her towel which was still covering her butt and slowly it moved down her back and more and more of Marcy's small rounded butt was being exposed.

Finally Marcy reached a decision and moving one of her hands down to her waist she pulled the towel off of her butt and said, "We don't need this. It's just getting in the way of the marvelous massage you're giving me, Mark."

Now the full length of Marcy's muscled back, her tight little fanny, the curve of her slender thighs and the darkness between her thighs were fully available to both my hands and my eyes. The first thing I noted which I had noted before during the swimsuit modeling was that Marcy was tanned all over. I asked her, "Marcy, have you been visiting a tanning salon, or have you been sunning in the altogether."

And just like that she responded, "Sunning in the altogether. I love the breeze on my bare skin and the backyard deck on my home is private enough so I won't shock my neighbors."

"Marcy, judging by what I'm looking at now I think many of your neighbors would be pleased not shocked. You're quite sexy." All the time I'd known Marcy I hadn't thought of her in sexual terms, but instead as a close friend. Seeing her beautiful nude body in front of me all shiny with oil and so perfect in all its curves and lines was causing me to lose my objectivity as a masseuse. I think that the earlier modeling of very sexy bikinis had made me think of Marcy as a sexy woman and not just a very close friend.

I tried to distract myself by focusing on Marcy's massage. And so I continued gliding my oiled hands against her soft bare skin.

Soon Marcy parted her legs just a little wider and began to lift her butt just a little higher in response to my hands moving closer to her backside. I kneaded her butt vigorously but soon found my thumbs and fingers sliding between the twin globes of her butt and up against her anus and then against the puffy, shaved labia of her genitals. Sighs and moans of pleasure were returned to me by an increasingly aroused Marcy.

She opened her legs that much further, inviting me to touch her in the way she wanted to be touched. Now her puckered anus was open to view. I ran an oiled finger around it but this just played into her increasing arousal and my own arousal. Now my hardening erection was pushing my knit shorts out quite a bit. Fortunately for me they were out of sight of Marcy's eyes. I didn't want her to realize I had lost my professionalism.

"Lost in the beauty of Marcy's nude body and my hands pushing her flesh to and fro I started when she asked, "Mark, have you ever given a customer what's called a labial massage." I about blew a load right then and there.

"Yes, I know what you mean, Marcy, and, yes, I have given them to some of my lady customers," I stuttered out. I had known Marcy for years and Denise had known her for much longer. Despite how sexy I found her at the moment I wasn't sure I wanted to cross that line. So I asked, "You do know where a labial massage usually leads to?"

"Yes," Marcy responded immediately as if afraid she would stop what she was asking me to do, "but it doesn't have to, does it? It would be up to me, right?"

"You're right, Marcy, I will stop whenever you direct. There is a the****utic value to a labial and nymphaic massage. It does increase bl**d flow to those areas and to a woman's internal female organs and to that region in general. It will, at least temporarily make you feel very sensitive and young down there. But, Marcy, it is also erogenous stimulation and can easily cross over into you wanting a sexual encounter with me, your masseur. I have devices for such sexual relief...vibrators, ribbed gloves, a monkey rocker for those really wanting some sexual exertion. But I myself have avoided having intercourse with my clients. I've tried to stay true to Denise. And I haven't wanted my clients to stop coming because we went too far." As I watched her face begin to grin in a way that I had seen too often on Denise's face, I realized she was enjoying how uncomfortable she was making me at this moment.

She cut my floundering monologue short with a turn of head face down into the massage table and saying, "Stop your yammering, Mark, let's begin. I want to see what it feels like."

With that I dipped my fingers anew into some warm oil and starting at her knees worked my way up her thighs until I was touching her labia. Pushing her legs further apart I worked one of her genital lips up and down its length. I gently massaged each lip until it thickened and warmed to the touch. As often happens with this type of massage Marcy's, like any woman's, labia folded open, her inner labia or nymphae thickened with bl**d and folded open from her vagina, thus revealing the dark pink hole of her vagina, and her clitoris also engorged and thickened. I tried to stay focused on the techniques of the massage, not the fact that I was now rubbing my wife's mother's pussy.

Yeah, that was the kicker causing me to be so nervous. Marcy was my mother-in-law and a long time friend even before I had met her daughter, Denise. To be touching her so intimately and to be so aroused by her in the first place was making me feel very nervous. I simultaneously wanted to finish this massage like a pro and bone her as hard as I could. And what was up with Marcy. Why was she pressing all my buttons to get me so aroused? I thought to myself, "Focus on the task at hand." I continued to alternate massage strokes across Marcy's body and focusing on her genital labia.

I soon was tugging and massaging her nymphae or inner labia so my thumbs or fingers were right at the opening to her vagina. Not only was she shiny with oil from my hands, but a little white, creamy dribble was visible from her vagina. The labial massage was having it's intended affect: kickstarting sexual sensations and increasing bl**d flow and other fluids to parts of Marcy's body.

Marcy's hips were raised in the air now so that I could easily access between her legs. At one point when my thumb and forefinger were massaging one of her nymphae and my thumb was snug against the opening of her vagina, Marcy pushed back so that my thumb slid up inside of her. She let out a gasp and pushed her hips down further so that my thumb pushed up her slippery vagina to my first knuckle. Instead of withdrawing I kept up the massaging motion of working the wall of her vagina and her right nympha between my thumb and forefinger. Then taking her cue I switched hands and sides and slide my thumb easily inside of her to continue the same on the opposite wall of her vagina and the left nympha. I soon was working my thumb deeper into the folds of her vagina until my thumb was now buried to the second knuckle.

With my free hand I now alternated a caressing motion of her thickening clitoris and slipping a finger inside of her anus and massaging the walls of her colon. Like Denise the U***** women had large clitorises that were very sensitive. Marcy fanny was soon shaking from pre-orgasmic shudders.

"Oh my, that feels so good. Don't stop, Mark. Please don't stop."

Intentionally I stopped. I wanted a pause in Marcy's heightened nerve endings. I kept my hand on her tight little fanny, but stopped massaging her genitalia. Her fevered breathing caused her back and her gorgeous little backside to rise and fall rapidly. I caressed and massaged her back, her hips, and her bottom until I felt her breathing calm down. Her genitalia, however , remained thick and open with bl**d; that didn't close up and shrink.

When it seemed that she was relaxing and calmed down. I wiped my hands off with a towellete, dipped my thumbs into warm oil and entered her both vaginally and anally. With my right hand I pushed my thumb deep into her vagina and curled it back to massage her g-spot at the same time flicking my fingers against her clitoris up and down its little length. With my left hand I pushed my thumb in and massaged the wall of her colon that was next to her vagina. I could feel my other thumb working inside of Marcy.

Marcy was soon panting loudly and quickly surged to an orgasm. As she climaxed I felt the muscles of her anus and her vagina tighten around my thumbs. I held them steady through her multiple shudders and when her shaking had subsided I withdrew them slowly. Her anus made a little popping noise as the opening snapped back to its original puckered size.

"That was incredible. What the heck were you doing down there to me? I don't think I've ever cum so quickly. It was like down there just suddenly burst into flames and I couldn't stop it from happening. Wow."

I wasn't done. "Marcy, I need you to turn over so we can continue!!" It was my turn to grin. Marcy complied and now her nude body was face up. Her breasts are small but still firm; there were little cones tipped with reddish brown nipples. Each nipple was at this point pointing skyward, hard as perfect little pebbles on the tip of each of her breasts. The skin of her chest, her belly and her shaved groin was reddish with bl**d. I could now see the little soul patch of brown, curly pubic hair an inch or so north of her genitalia. Her labia and her clitoral hood were smooth with no pubic hair. Her labia were all puffy with arousal as was her clit, which like Denise's was larger than normal for a woman. And like Denise's was extremely sensitive to being touched.

Marcy didn't ask to have me place a towel over her midsection to hide her genitals. When she settled back onto the massage table she even opened her legs a little so that I had easier access both visually and with my fingers.

I started in. Some warm oil on my fingers and I started at Marcy's feet, ignoring the fact that she was probably humming with sexual tension and wanted to be touched in that special region of her body. I wanted to relax her whole body and wanted to encourage bl**d flow right out to her extremities. With that in mind I started on her legs moving up and down her thighs, her knees, her shins and calves, and then her ankles and feet. I felt the sexual tension subside as here muscles and tendons finally yielded to my firm but gentle touch. When I moved her legs to massage either her thighs or her calves at first she would try to move them but eventually she relaxed and let me do the work for her.

I next moved to her head and started on her shoulders, massaging the tension out of them and then moving on to her neck, her ears, her forehead and finally her scalp. I saw her whole body begin to melt into the massage table and saw her nipples soften as she calmed down from the orgasm she had experience just a few minutes before.

Still standing at her head I ran long strokes down the sides of her torso and over her hips. I moved her whole body up and down and to and fro. These were deep strokes assisted by the warm oil enabling my hands to glide over her skin and manipulate her muscles so they began to relax. As I would lean forward my penis would push against the top of her head and began to stiffen. I was starting to get too aroused so I shifted position.

Now I ran my hands over her chest and her torso from her shoulders, down over her breasts, her lower ribs, her stomach and her groin down to the top of her pubic bone. This consisted of back and forth strokes and circular motions. This I followed up with firm strokes down her groin to the top of her pubic bone, making sure my fingers didn't touch her quite pronounced clitoris. This move pushed bl**d into her genitalia and began to have a sexual affect on Marcy. As I said her clitoris swelled and pushed back on her clitoral hood and her labia and nymphae both engorged and folded back to reveal the bright pink hole of her vagina. A little creamy white lubrication was seeping from her open vagina too. Marcy's breathing also became heavier as her nerve endings were stimulated.

Now positioning myself at her thighs I took both palms and pushed up her thighs and over the smooth shaved skin of her labia making sure to sweep up either side of her groin and thus pulling her labia further open. I'd alternate this stroke with one that would press both palms on either side of her inner lips or nymphae and squeeze them. These I alternated with a third stroke. With this one I used my fingers gliding up her thighs and then ran my index fingers up the slit of her labia and her nymphae and on either side of her thickening clitoris. This last move would draw a moan from Marcy.

Soon Marcy opened her thighs indicating that she wanted me to focus on those parts of her body that were giving her so much pleasure. This allowed me to add two more strokes which alternated with the three that I had been pleasuring her with. On the fourth stroke I would glide my palms over her thighs and cup the triangle of her genitalia as my thumbs glided over the slit of her genitals. And with the fifth stroke I would run my fingers under her thighs over her butt and slide them between the cheeks of her butt ensuring that her anus was now included in an expanding erogenous zone that was now causing her to quiver and moan almost continuously .

So now I had taken her from a calm flow of relaxation, which both moved bl**d out to her extremities and opened up her nerve ends from her core to her hands and feet and the top of her head, to erotically stimulating her core so that it was sending shocks of sexual elation out from her groin to her finger tips and toes. Marcy began to shudder and shake involuntarily as her nerve endings positively screamed a need for orgasmic release. Then finally Marcy's stomach tightened, her back arched and her hips curled up, her legs shot into the air, and her vagina opened and closed spasmodically as she passed through an intense, delightful orgasm. At the same time she cried out repeatedly just trying to release the sexual feelings bursting from inside of her.

As I had seen in instructions on the internet I placed my palm against her belly with my middle finger resting firmly against her clitoris. This succeeded as it did with the other women I pleasured this way in extending her initial orgasm into multiple orgasms that followed one upon another. Marcy's eyes were now open and looking at me with both wonder and helplessly. Her body had become an orgasmic engine, self generating one wave of erotic pleasure after another.

Soon, however, the climaxes lessened and ceased.

"Marcy, please turn over face down. I want to ease whatever tensions you have in your back and hips. With long slow hard strokes I pushed the muscles of her back, her shoulders, her hips, and her butt until I felt the sexual tension ease. As I gazed down I noticed that her labia remained wide open such that the pink entrance to her vagina stayed quite open and ready for intercourse. A stream of her own creamy lubrication was seeping from the hole of her vagina and I dipped my finger into the flow and brought it to my lips to taste. My mother-in-law's pussy juices were as tasty as her daughter's .

And soon we finished. Marcy asked, "I know I should take a shower to get this oil off of my skin, but what you have done has left me weak in the knees. I think you owe it to me to help to the shower." So I did. I e****ted a nude Marcy from the massage room to our bathroom, holding her soft right breast in my right hand as I held her up and feeling the heat from her naked hip against my right hip.

I sat her on the toilet seat and prepared the water with the right temperature.

"Can you stay in case I need you? I still feel weak in the knees and may need assistance." So while Marcy stepped into the shower stall and began to wet herself down and lather up, I sat on the toilet seat watching her through the glass doors. She soon asked me to soap up and rinse her back off and then asked me to towel her off. After that I helped her to the second bedroom and tucked her in naked under the covers.

Soon thereafter Ben stopped by and we finished up what had been meant for Marcy also. We also had a few beers and as often happens to me I dozed off on the sofa with the TV on. When I awoke the living room lights were still on but there was no Ben. I figured he had gone home. I turned off the lights and started to head off to bed myself.

As I passed the door to Marcy's room however I was greeted by the sight and sound of Marcy being roundly fucked by Ben. Ben's massive cock was just pushing in and out between Marcy's widespread legs. I wandered off to bed, masturbated to thoughts of Denise and Gwen dancing naked on some stage in Chicago and of Ben pleasuring Marcy's pussy.

It was the next morning when Marcy slipped into my bed naked. She woke me with a start as her naked skin touched my body and her hand encircled my usual erect nighttime penis. "Thanks," she said with a big grin on her face. I was half awake when she had first slipped next to me and was startled to have my mother-in-law stroking my cock and lying nude against my chest and side.

"Thanks? For what?"

"For the whole day and night yesterday. Denise had told you how much I have missed that big man of mine. We had shared our bed for many years and he had given me pleasure almost every day of our marriage. And yesterday was the first day I had felt like a sexy woman once again since Frank died," she paused but didn't stop stroking my hardening penis. This soon had me fully awake.

"You know that friend of yours, Ben,...oh my he's quite large. I don't think he knew I was in the second bedroom when he undressed in the dark and slipped in next to me. He asked right away though, 'Marcy??' I was still very aroused from the incredible 'massage' you had given me and when I felt his enormous penis slapped against my naked thigh I grasped that wonderful hot member in my hand and guided that fine specimen of a man inside of me. You know, it's absolutely a miracle of biology how a large member like Ben has can positively and erotically touch every part of a woman's anatomy and drive her into a heavenly hour of bliss and orgasms.

"Ben's muscular arms held me close while he worked his magic. His inches of girth and length slid against my clit, my g-spot and deep against the slick walls of my vagina. I think at one point he actually rendered me u*********s from making me cum so much. It brought back memories of how Frank used to do that, only Ben was much bigger.

"Later as we lay against each other spent and damp with perspiration Ben let me know about your special club and how Ben and other men entertain that dear daughter of mine as well as other female members. After feeling what I felt with Ben and being informed that there were other men including my own son-in-law who could pleasure me I asked Ben if I could partake of the delightful services he and his partners could provide me. Well, that dear, dear friend of yours said he surely could find time to entertain me and if not him then one of the other men.

"Ben left just a little while ago and I decided I needed to enjoy what Denise has been enjoying." And with that Marcy positioned her legs over my waist and sank her wet, soft, warm vagina down around the length and girth of my very stiff member. For the next hour and a half I entertained Marcy to the best of my ability. Yes, I didn't have the girth and length of many of our friends, but I had always had incredible control which I had refined with the help of my wonderful wife, Denise. I could keep from ejaculating until my partner begged me to do so. Then and only then, when they wanted to feel hot jets of semen fill them would I relax my control and allow myself to cum. I would spray my seed in a woman's vagina, in her mouth, or over her body...however she wanted it. I had found that delaying my own orgasm built up such a volume of semen and built up so much tension that I could ejaculate copious streams of semen that would spray several feet out. The guys and I had even held contests and I always won for distance and strength of ejaculation.

As Marcy felt me spray her insides she came again from the intensity with which my penis filled her vagina. I rolled us over so she could rest her thinner frame against my own body and held her tight still remaining inside of her. Soon however she lifted herself up from me and trailing her lips and tongue down my torso to my groin she licked my creamy covered penis clean and even sucked the head hoping to get more of the taste of my semen. She then positioned her beautiful bald pussy over my stomach and using the muscles of her vagina like a throat she spit out more semen from inside of her. Again she lapped up mouthful of my white cum and bringing her lips up to mine shared my own salty brew mixed with the tangy flow of her vagina.

An hour or two later we awoke in each other's arms, showered together which started to lead to more sex play, but abstained so that Marcy could show off her microkini at the pool side. I called up Ben for good measure and told him to call the other guys too. I wanted Marcy to have a welcome audience for showing off what she had.

My mother-in-law was a hot woman, like her daughter, and I thought she should strut her stuff. So she did.

When Denise returned later that week from her own adventures and asked if her mom had come over I replied, "Yes, she did. I took care of her just like you would have wanted. And so did Ben and a couple others." Denise looked at me quizzically and I laughed.

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