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Luis pulled up to the house party. There were plenty of decorations letting people know that the people hosting the party spared no expense on their annual Halloween event. As he walked up to the house he saw very creative and sexy costumes. He immediately knew it was an adult party not meant for k**s. Yet, that did not matter because his angry brought him here to look for his daughter Nikka. She was in serious trouble, she was explicated told not to come to this particular party, yet she bragged about coming to Luis's co workers. At this moment he didn't care that she was 18, or that she was moving out of his home by the end of the summer, all he cared about was the gossip she would stir up from his coworkers.

Luis fit right in with the crowd since he was wearing his "Phantom of the Opera" outfit, for he and his wife were also scheduled to attend a custom party until he heard of his daughter's plans. It was difficult to find her because everyone where wearing masking covering their faces. As he made his way through the house he noticed the outfits became more revealing and sexy. How would he find his daughter amongst all these people? Moreover, he kept getting distracted by the young nubile half naked young women at the party. Some brushed up on him purposefully inviting him to a night of untold pleasure with a mere touch, a soft moan, licking of their lips or a quick batting of their eyes.

After a few minutes, Luis had forgotten why he was at the party and began to enjoy the flirtiness and sexual overtures of the party. Strangers would kiss then move to another partner. It was accepted, no it was expected, for you to grope the lovely young lady as she passed by, and Luis did not have a problem with that rule. He loved feeling their tight young firm bodies in his hands and against his own body. Moreover, he loved how they caressed or grind up on him two or three at a time. Within minutes, his manhood was at full attention and was being caressed by different women as he made his way through the house.

When Luis entered the living room he noticed young nymph dressed in a naughty catholic school girl outfit. She was the center of attention and the crowd around her where mostly men. The little school girl had her hair up in pigtails with cute little pink bows on both ends. She wore a cute little kitten face mask that fit her outfit perfectly. Her top was a white see-through button half shirt which she had tied in front showing off the cleavage of her firm perky round tits. Luis could not keep from staring at the dark brown long nipples that were clearly visible through the material. He looked down and saw the skirt was nothing more than a tiny cloth wrapped around her waist. It did not cover anything, it was meant only as a decoration. Luis noticed the tiny see-through white g-string thong which did not hide the girl's little bald pink pussy. That was the most incredible and delectable pussy Luis had ever seen. Nothing was going to stop him from fucking that tiny little hole. When she turned away from him, Luis almost came in his pants. The tiny little girl had a perfectly firm round bubble butt. Her dark brown skin made the white cloth stand out because of the color contrasted.

Luis pushed his way through the crowd, but there were too many men between him and his fantasy girl. When he got to where he thought she was at, she was gone. He scoured the room looking for her but nothing. Now he was horny and frustrated. Going from room to room proved just as fruitless. Grabbing a drink he sat in the back yard listening and watching the party goers.

He was pleasantly surprised when the little school girl walked out of the tiny pool house wiping her lips. She was accompanied by the Lone Ranger and Zorro. They were all laughing and hugging. She gave each one a peck on their cheek which they responded by feeling up her tits and ass. The three went their separate ways. Luis could not resist, he quickly walked over to her, bowed and was about to speak. She put a finger to his lips and motioned for him to be quiet.

Grabbing his hand the little naughty school girl placed one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked on it. Luis became instantly hard and could not suppress a shutter as she continued to lick his finger. She then guided him back to the pool house. When they entered the little structure, the girl pushed him against the wall then fell to her knees. Smiling up at him, she slowly and teasingly unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing member. Luis could tell she was surprised by the size of his cock. It was a thick nine inch long fat dick with a huge mushroom head and it wanted some attention.

The little school girl stroked it nice and slow giggling as she looked up at Luis. Her tongue trailed up and down his shaft as she licked the entire length of his hard dick. With the other hand she cupped his balls and gently played with them. Luis saw, as much as felt, as she put the head of his cock into her precious little hot and hungry mouth and teased it with her tongue. Because of her expert touch, Luis knew that she had lots of practice teasing and playing with a man's cock. Slowly she began to swallow his cock. She was the most talented cock sucker who ever sucked his cock and Luis was enjoying every second.

Luis grabbed her pigtails and began slowly moving his hips into and out of her hungry young mouth. Her moist hot and tiny mouth felt so good around Luis's fat cock. The little school girl used her tongue, teeth and lips on his thick dick. He had heard of such girls but never thought he would have one sucking his cock. She moaned and slobbered on his cock, sucking it deeper while she stroked it with her tiny hands. Since he was married, it had been a long time since he and his wife had any carnal relations. This was the perfect time to let out all his pent up frustrations. It only took a few seconds of her deep-throating his cock before Luis shot his load. He could hear the naughty school girl chocking on his cum but he could feel her trying to swallow it all. Luis shot his entire load into this precious little girl who devoured every drop.

Luis was spent. Even though it only lasted a few seconds that was the best blow job he ever had. She licked his cock clean and swallowed every drop she could find. Yet, she was surprise to find that Luis was still hard. As tired as Luis was, he did not want to stop. Still on her knees she began stroking it, licking it, and kissing it. Using her pigtails, Luis pulled her up and spun her around then pushed on the small of her back bending her over. The naughty school pretended to fight but Luis could tell it was an act because she placed her hands on the wall while sticking her ass out with her legs spread wide. He grabbed his hard cock and spanked her ass with his hardness. It was so hot watching her tiny bubble booty barely jiggle as he hit it. Her firm young ass felt so soft and smooth long his hard throbbing dick. Then he grabbed his shaft and ran his fat bulbous head up and down between her ass cheeks then her pussy lips.

The naughty school girl pulled down her thong and looked over her shoulder. Luis grabbed his cock place it at the entrance of her young bald pink pussy and slowly shoved it in. Looking into his eyes, she moaned as Luis penetrated her wet pussy. Biting her lower lip, she looked down to watch him penetrate her bald pussy. Luis also watched as this little slut took the entire length of his cock into her hot and wet pussy. He moaned, because he had never had such a hot tiny wet bald pussy in his life. He stopped when he had pushed every last inch into this horny little nymph. Slowly he began fucking her making sure every inch went in and out of her young body. Her pussy was so good he soon began to pick up speed going faster with each thrust. The more he rammed her the harder she fucked him back. This girl was a little slut and she fucked as well as she sucked.

Luis could tell this little girl loved cock so he grabbed her ass and spanked it. She moaned with pleasure as she realized Luis had discovered her secret. The deeper he shoved it in and the hotter she became and the louder she moaned. He was fucking her hard and rough and she seemed to love the pain he was giving her. His hand made their way to her young firm tits and Luis pinched and played with her long dark brown hard nipples. Luis loved how they felt in his hands so he hurriedly took off her top. It had been a long time since he held such perfect full tits. Moreover it turned him on knowing that the little whore he was fucking was so slutty. He used her like a cheap two dollar whore.

Half way through his fucking her, Luis pulled out. He held her down and rubbed his fat wet cock head at her ass hole. This time she was not k**ding when she shook her head no. Because of this, Luis knew he would be the first to fuck her ass. That incredible bubble ass, that makes grown me cry. Luis was sure no man could ever resist her. He held on tight to her hips, as he pushed his cock pass her entrance. The little girl bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming. She had such a tight ass that Luis had a hard time pushing his fat dick into her. Luis had to stop once he was half way in. She was whimpering and squeezing his cock with her tight round ass. It was the most erotic and exciting feeling he ever experience.

Luis looked at his cock as he shoved it into her gorgeous ass. As he waited for her to get used to his size, Luis rubbed, mauled and spanked the little girl. Then, slowly he began to fuck her ass. Every push brought a grunt or groan from the naughty school girl. Yet, she never tried to move or run away. Again, the deeper he pushed into her and the louder she moaned. The more she moaned the harder Luis became. The cycle continued until they were fucking like a pair of wild rabbits. After getting used to his cock, the little whore loved his fat cock up her ass. She was enjoying it as much as he was enjoying her ass.

He shoved his cock up one final time as he came inside her tight ass. With every shot he pushed his cock all the way into her. With every shot she moaned and pushed back. Luis leaned on her back as the last of his cum went into the slutty young girl he just fucked. His cock was still in her ass as they both relaxed and tried to catch their breath. Finally, he pulled out and cleaned his cock at the sink nearby. When he was done, he grabbed his little vixen and hugged her from behind letting his cock rest on her firm young brown bubble ass. It felt so good between her soft firm ass cheeks.

The knocking at the door scared them both. They stood very still. Again the knocking came and Luis did not move his cock from her ass. His hands were slowly pulling and pinching her nipples as they waited for the person to leave. She smiled at him over her shoulder and he returned the smile. Then they heard a voice.

"Hey Nikka. I just wanted to let you know that your dad is here looking for you. You should stay there until I know he is gone. So don't come out until I tell you ok?" said a girl's voice.

Nikka felt the stranger's growing and getting hard again. His massive cock began to spread her cheeks on its own. She had never been with a man with such a huge cock that could fuck as good as this stranger. He had used her hard and dirty and she loved every second of it. Her best friend had just told her to stay hidden and Nikka knew exactly what she would be doing until the coast was clear.

"Ok thanks Gloria, I can stay here and have a lot of fun," she giggled as she grinded her ass on the fat cock growing on her ass.

They heard Gloria leaving.

"Thanks Mister, if you hadn't fucked me so good my dad would have ruined my night," she tells Luis as she looks over her shoulder at him.

Nikka places her hands over his and began to rub them over her perky young tits. Then she grabs his cock guiding it to her pussy entrance once again. Slowly she backs onto Luis's cock fucks herself on his growing cock.

"MMM I can tell you love fucking my little pussy mister," she tells him.

Pouting with her best little naughty school girl voice she says, "Mister fuck my little hot pussy with your big cock. I'm a dirty little girl that loves fat cock. I love sucking your big dick and I love when you shove it deep into my pussy. But, please don't tell my daddy cuz he will spank me. He thinks I'm a good girl but he don't know me like you do. Please mister don't tell my daddy I'm a little cock sucker"

She pushed back onto his cock impaling herself on his massive cock. She begins moving her hips, grinding back on his cock. Then she realizes she's doing all the work. Nikka looks into his eyes and finally could tell something was wrong. She reaches for his mask and slowly pulls it over the Phantom's head.

"Oh my god daddy?!?!" Nikka screams in shock.

Luis's cock kept growing in his daughter's pussy. The look of shock, surprise, embarrassment and lust where in Nikka's eyes as she realizes she had just fucked and sucked her dad like a little trap. She feels him getting thicker and longer as they stare at each other neither saying a word. His eyes dart back and forth to Nikka's own eyes her full perky tits and luscious round ass his hands kept groping.

"I'm sorry daddy. I didn't mean to disobey. But I wanted to come to the party so bad. I just had to come," she pouted.

Luis kept looking at his little girl as she talked to him. He kept looking at her full red lips. The lips that felt so good around his fat dick. She had deep throated his cock and swallowed his cum and he wanted to see her swallow his dick again. Her young tight wet velvet pussy feels so tight around his cock especially when she clamps down on his massive hard on. Nikka was the nastiest little slut he ever knew and she is his daughter. This realization added to his lust making his cock harder than before.

"Yes you are a bad little girl Nikka. You need to be punished missy. You need to learn to listen to your dad. You're going to get it good this time you naughty little girl," he replies.

He smacks her full round brown ass making it jiggle. Nikka arches her back sticking her ass back impaling herself more on her dad's throbbing cock and moans when she feels his hand spank her bare ass.

"Ay papi I'm such a bad little girl. Give it to me daddy. Spank my bare ass daddy," Nike moans as she bites her lower lip looking over her shoulder at her dad.

"You like this you nasty little bitch. You love having a fat dick in you don't you mijita? This is why your mom and I won't let you go out. We knew you would be spreading your legs getting fucked like a slut," Luis growls at her as be begins to shove his hard dick into her in thrusting jabs.

Every time he shoves it in, Nikka gets shoved into the wall. She is in such exquisite pain she wants her dad to fuck her like she never had been fucked before.

"Ay papi I'm your daughter. I'm a good girl. How can you talked to me like I'm some whore. Papi I'm your baby girl, your mijita. I would never do anything like that," she pouts and lies.

Luis grabs her hips and begins fucking her like a jack hammer. The harder he pushes the more Nikka whimpers. Nikka is fucking him back just as hard as he thrusts into her.

"Ay Nikka you have such a tight little pussy. You fuck so good mijita. Dios mio que nalagitas tan mas buenas tienes nina," Luis moans into his daughter's ear as he keeps fucking her.

His hands go from her round ass to her perky tits. He squeezes them and gropes them and pulls on her nipples. Nikka keeps fucking him back slamming herself onto her dad's huge hard on. She moans and grunts with each thrust. Watching his cock disappears into her hot wet pussy and keeps fucking it with all her strength.

"Si papi son para ti. Cojeme papi. Fuck me daddy. Please fuck me deep and hard daddy," Nikka begs.

"That's my little school girl. Talk like the slut you are. Talk dirty to your papi mijita," he replies.

"Ay papi que verga tan mas grande tienes. I've never fucked a dick this big papi. It feels so big and thick in my pussy daddy. Fuck my tiny pussy daddy. Oh yes daddy pinch my nipples. Papi te quiero mamar la verga. Daddy please let me suck your cock and drink your warm cum," she pleads.

Luis pulls his cock out of his daughter warm wet pussy and shoves her to her knees. Quickly, Nikka turns and faces her dad's dick. He holds the base of his cock for her as she begins to lick her juices off his dick. Her warm tongue sends chills up his spine as Luis sees his daughter lapping his dick. But he is too impatient and wants to see her gagging on his hardness. Wrapping her pigtails in his hands, Luis grabs her head and shoves his cock into her hungry little mouth. Nikka's mouth stretches as she gags on her dad's cock making her eyes water.

Luis begins pounding his daughter's face like it was her tin pink pussy. Using her pigtails, Luis pulls Nikka's head onto his cock as he thrusts his hips into her hot hungry mouth. Nikka is on her knees gagging and slurping her dad's thick cock like a starving little slut. She looks so beautiful sucking and swallowing his huge dick. Grabbing her dad's hips, Nikka pulls Luis back so she could place his cock from her mouth to her tits. Placing it between her firm round globes, she begins tity fuck her dad's cock while licking its bulbous head.

"Ay mijita you suck your dad's cock so fucking good. My dick feels so good between your nice tits mijita. They're so firm and soft baby," he moans as he rocks back and forth between his daughter's tits.

"Si papi, I love your big fat dick. It feels so good between my tits. I love how you make me gag and swallow your cock daddy. Daddy I want you to cum all over my face and tits daddy. Make me swallow your cum again. Please daddy," she purrs.

Luis shoves his cock back down his daughter's throat. He goes back to skull fucking his precious little girl. Nikka moans and sucks playing with her dad's balls the entire time. When she feels him tensing up she sucks harder and deep throats his dick with all her might. Nikka swallows the first shot of his cum. She loves how the gooey warm salty sperm tastes. Then she pulls out his cock stroking it onto her face making sure he cums all over her lovely face and tits. She grabs his cock and traces the fat head on her lips like she was applying lipstick but what she is applying was her dad's cum on her lips.

Nikka licks the cum from her lips as she looks up and smiles at her dad. He slaps her face with his still hard cock and returns her smile. Both know they had wanted this for a long time but neither could bring themselves to act on it. She sticks out her tongue and gives the mushroom head one final long lick before she gets back to her feet. Nikka licks whatever she could off her tits then wipes the rest of her dad's cum off her body.

"Gracias papi. You fucked me the best I ever been fucked," she tells him.

"You too mijita. Sabes cojer bien rico," he replies.

Slowly they dress and leave the little shack. Nikka's tiny white top and little school girl mini skirt are covered with cum stains. She tries her best to clean it but it would need a thorough washing. Everybody who sees her knows what she has been doing and she loves that fact.

Nikka and Luis almost reached the door when Gloria, Nikka's best friend who is dressed like Naughty Nurse, stops them. Gloria has very voluptuous body because she is a little plump. Whenever she had been around Luis, she has acted like the picture perfect miss-goody-two shoes. Now seeing her amble cleavage, thick legs in the tiny skirt and her round ass sticking out, Luis realizes his fantasies about his daughter's friend were always right.

"Nikka, I still haven't found your dad. So be careful. And why are you leaving so soon?" asks Gloria still not knowing the Phantom is Nikka's dad.

You have to stay there are a lot of big men here. I've only had two but wow they made me gag. MMM I bet he has a big fat one. I've never seen you hold hands like that before," she continues with a little smirk on her face.

Luis stands behind Nikka cupping her breast and grinding his cock on her ass. Both Luis and Nikka are exhausted from fucking like banshees. His eyes roam over Gloria as Nikka feels her dad's cock come alive again. Both Nikka and Luis look at each other with a naughty wicked little smile then they both look at Gloria. Maybe they should stay and play with Gloria.

"Gloria this one has a big, fat, long and thick dick. It has the most delicious mushroom head I've ever tasted. Wanna borrower him for a little bit. He will fuck your brains out and make you cum so hard. Esta bien rico este papi," Nikka told her best friend as she squeezed her dad's dick through his pants.

Gloria looked at Luis licking her lips and gave Luis a teasing smile.

"Look at her papi, she wants to fuck you. Tell him Gloria. Tell him you wanna fuck him and suck his big dick," Nikka said.

"Ay papi te quiero cojer bien rico. Te voy a mamar la verga bien rico," Gloria purred.

"What do you think papi? Are you gonna fuck my best friend nice and hard like you did me? Huh papi? Are you going to make her gag on your big fat dick like you did me? Si papi? Did you know Gloria is a bigger puta than I am?" Nikka smiled as she looked at her dad over her shoulder.

Luis grabbed his daughter's hips and began grinding his ever growing cock on her sweet tender ass. Then his hands traveled up to her firm tits and he began playing with them.

"Ay Nikka, you got him hard again?!?! Man, how do you do it girl?" giggled Gloria.

Nikka just smiled and grind back on his cock.

"Papi do you like Gloria's big tits? See how nice and round they are?" she asked as she unzipped Gloria's uniform exposing her firm full giant tits.

Luis's mouth watered with anticipation for he couldn't wait to suck on those dark brown tits. They were twice the size of Nikka's tits but they were just as firm and smooth as his daughter's tits. He reached out and began to m***** them with both his hands. Gloria got closer so he could feel them better. Nikka reached for her best friend's face and pulled her close to French kiss her. The people in the house walked back and forth watching the spectacle; some stopped and stared while others participated for a bit. Soon the three made their way upstairs.

On their way up Nikka managed to snatch up two mask men to join their party. Gloria guided the group into a large bedroom. She pushed Luis on the bed and sat on him giving him a little lap dance. Nikka slowly danced between both men as she looked at her father. Luis watched the men begin to undress his daughter as they played with her young body.

"Watch this, Nikka loves having two men. Ever since I've known her she loved being between two guys. She's going to fuck one and suck another one really good. Watch," Gloria told Luis.

Gloria was sitting on Luis's lap facing the dancing trio and grinding on his cock. Luis soon took off Gloria's uniform leaving just her little nurse's hat on along with her white thong, white stocking and high heel shoes. They both watched Nikka undress the men while they undressed her. Soon, the only clothing the three wore where just their masks.

Nikka bent over and held one man's hips and began to suck on his cock. The second stranger grabbed Nikka's hips and began rubbing his cock along her pussy. Luis looked at his daughter who began deepthroating a complete stranger and then saw the second man push his hard cock into Nikka. Luis began to play with Gloria's huge tits as he watched his daughter get used by two complete strangers. Watching Nikka being her slutty self made Gloria hot and wet. Soon Gloria was stripping Luis of everything but his mask.

When Gloria saw Luis's huge cock she smiled and got on her knees between his legs.

"You were right Nikka. This old guy has the biggest cock I ever seen. Looks yummy," she said as she began licking the head.

Luis looked down and watched Gloria lick, stroke and his suck his cock. Watching his daughter's best friend slurp on his cock was as exciting as when he watched Nikka suck his dick. Gloria put it between her big tits and began to tity fuck Luis nice and slow as she licked the head. He put his hands behind her head and began gagging her with his fat dick. He was enjoying the lovely young naughty nurse suck his dick while watching his daughter suck and get fucked by two complete strangers.

"Come on Gloria. Ride that fat cock. Show him what a great fuck you are," said Nikka in between sucking cock.

Gloria looks up at Luis, smiled and asked, "Am I a good cock sucker? Do you like me taking your cock between my tits?"

Luis nodded as he watched her stand up. She pushed him back onto the bed then straddled him. Gloria grabbed his cock and put it right at the entrance to her pussy then she leaned down rubbing her body against his. Her huge tits felt good on his chest as she grinded them onto him. He reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and began mauling it.

"Are you ready to fuck me mister? Do you want to shove this fat cock into me?" she asked as she ran the head up along her pussy.

Luis shook his head yes and pushed his hips up to emphasis his point. Gloria began licking his ear and lowered herself onto his big fat cock. She felt his thick fat dick stretching her pussy like nobody has ever done before. Moans escaped her lips as she breathed into Luis's ear. Her hot wet pussy slid down his shaft ever so slow as Gloria impaled herself on his dick. Once it's all in she waited a few minutes as her body adjusts to the massive cock inside her.

While they were watching, Nikka and her new friends had found their way to the bed as well. Nikka made sure she was where her father could see her.

"Mira Papi. I want you to see me getting cum on my face and tits," she told him as she got down on her hands and knees between both guys.

She took each cock on her hands and began to jerk them off and suck them off at the same time.

"Dam Nikka, you sure are nasty. Keep calling this guy Papi. I wonder what your real dad would say if he saw us right now," laughed Gloria as she began to ride Luis's cock.

"What do you think he would say? What do you think my dad would say if he saw us butt naked fucking and sucking three old men his age?" asked Nikka between swallowing cocks.

"Oh my god, you would let your dad watch?" giggled Gloria half teasing and half asking.

Nikka gave both her dad and Gloria a wicked little smile as she deepthroated a cock and rubbed the other one on her nipple.

"Oh my god you little slut! You do want him to see you. Wow, I never thought you would. Fuck you're nasty," exclaimed Gloria.

"Me? Look who's fucking a complete stranger in front of two more," giggled Nikka as she swallowed the other cock.

"Oh god you would like your dad to see you sucking my dick," said the man Nikka was gagging on.

Nikka smiled up at him knowing that dirty little nasty idea was sending the man over the edge.

"Yes sir, I would love if my dad watched me gag on your cock and watched you cream my face," replied Nikka as she ran her tongue alone his shaft smiling up at the man.

He grabbed her head and began pumping harder into Nikka's throat. Gloria was also turned on that she began fucking Luis harder and faster.

"Oh yea. Oh fuck. That's so hot. I've always wanted to see my daughter get fucked and gagged by a huge dick. I'm gonna cum baby. Oh yea daddy's cumming," said the man as he stiffen up and exploded all over Nikka's face and tits.

"Oh daddy, cum on me. That's it daddy shoot your load all over my face and tits. Cum for me daddy. Cum hard," said Nikka as she worked his cock with a frenzy.

The man shot his load all over Nikka's face, tits and hair; covering her in cum. She furiously worked his cock making sure every drop that came out fell on her. Luis and Gloria were also fucking hard and wild as they heard and watched Nikka being so slutty.

"Fuck. Thanks little girl. I wish you were my daughter. You are so nasty. I loved it," said the stranger as he got his clothes to leave.

Nikka was about to say good-bye when the other man stuffed his cock in her mouth.

"You didn't forget about me baby, did you? It's good ol' uncle Bob. Now bend over that bed cuz Uncle Bob is going to fuck his hot little niece. Cum on baby. Get up on that bed next to your friend," he told her.

Nikka crawled onto the bed facing Gloria and Luis, with her cum covered face and tits. The stranger stood behind her and spanked her ass lightly.

"Dam girl you have a killer body, such a pretty little face on such a dirty little slut. I love this perfect round firm brown ass. Fuck yea you're hot," he said as he spanked her ass with his cock.

The man mauled it, spanked it and grabbed it with both his hands. He was enjoying the wonderful sight before his eyes and the incredible feeling of Nikka firm young behind. The entire time Nikka was looking at her dad licking cum off her face and tits and watching him fuck her best friend. The stranger put his cock right between Nikka's ass cheeks like a hot dog in a bun and slowly works it up and down.

"Fuck mister you should feel this great ass, it's so soft and firm. It's the best ass I've ever felt. Fuck if I was your uncle I would be fucking you every day," the man moaned.

"Trust me he already has. Early he made me gag on his fat cock, then he fucked me doggy style, then he shoved it up my ass. This ol' perv popped my ass cherry. He fucked me like I was a little whore," Nikka giggled.

"Dam he got to fuck your ass. Well tight up girl, here I cum. I'm gonna fuck your tight pussy then I'm gonna fuck that sweet ass of your," replied the man.

The man pulled Nikka onto the bed so she is on her elbows and knees are on the bed facing her dad. Then he grabbed her hips roughly and shoved his cock her tight hole with one push. Nikka screamed and arched her back as the man violated her tiny pussy. Hearing that, the man doubled his efforts and began ravaging her young body with all his might.

"Daddy oh god daddy he's fucking me hard. Oh god daddy he's shoving his cock way deep into my pussy daddy," moaned Nikka as she placed her head on the bed to watch the man fuck her tiny pussy.

Luis took one of Gloria's big tits and began sucking on it like a little baby. His hips were still fucking up as Gloria bounced on his dick. Both watched Nikka get hammered by the strange man. The man spanked Nikka's tight ass and laughed.

"Do you want your daddy to see you now? Do you want your daddy to see me using his little girl like a slut?" asked the man.

Nikka grit her teeth and looked at her dad.

"Oh yea. Fuck yea. I want him to see you fucking me like this," she said through her clenched teeth.

The man pounded her tiny pussy harder and spanked her. Gloria leaned forward and lick some of the cum off Nikka's tits and sucked it a little bit. Then the girls kissed; seeing them, the man grabbed Nikka's waist. Quickly, he pulls his cock out of Nikka's pussy and shoves it into her ass. Again, he shoved it in hard and rough. One again, Nikka grit her teeth as her ass was violated. Nikka put her head next to her dad's face and whimpered and moaned while she is got fucked.

"Daddy he's fucking my ass. Oh god daddy he's fucking me hard. Daddy look at him, his cock is way up my ass daddy. Oh fuck daddy," she kept repeating in a low soft voice.

Soon, Luis saw the man grab Nikka's hips hard and shot his load into her ass. The man's body jerked with every shot as he emptied his balls into her. When he is finished he pulled out of Nikka and collapsed onto the floor breathing hard.

"You're a great little fuck girl. Dam I wish I knew your father so I could tell him," he said in between labored breathing.

Luis and Gloria had slowed down to a gentle rocking as they saw Nikka laying on her stomach trying to catch her breath. Slowly, the man got up and gathered his clothes.

"Have fun man. I hope they don't kill you," the man laughed as he went out the door.

"Are you ok?" asked Gloria as she saw Nikka laying on the bed.

"Yea just tired. Never been fucked so hard ever," she replied.

"Fuck, tell me about it. This ol' perv' has a huge cock and it was getting harder and bigger when you were talking about your dad. Do you think he wants to see you and your dad fucking?" Gloria giggled as she squeezed Luis's cock with her pussy.

"I know he does. I bet you would too. Huh? You would watch me with my dad huh Gloria?" Nikka laughed.

"MM yea I would. Seeing his fat dick being shoved down your mouth," Gloria giggled at her own sarcasm.

Nikka sat up on her knees and smacks Gloria's ass. She looks down at her dad and smiled.

"Ok daddy get her on her hands and knees like I was and fuck her. Make her your little slut and pound her hard daddy," Nikka told Luis.

Gloria and Luis got into the position Nikka told them to get into. Then Nikka got in a 69 position so she could lick Luis's cock and Gloria's pussy at the same time while Gloria ate her out. Luis wasted no time and began pounds Gloria hard and faster. The girls began their duty and started licking each other up like there was not tomorrow. Harder and faster they all went. Nikka felt her dad about to cum.

"Lay down next to me Gloria so he could cum on us both. Cum on I want him to cover us at the same time," Nikka told Gloria.

Luis let go of Gloria who quickly put her face next to Nikka's. Luis then scooted over and aimed his cock at both girls. Nikka grabbed it and began jerking him off aiming it at their faces. Each girl reached down and began to play with the other's pussy as they waited for his cum. Soon Luis exploded shooting cum onto both the girls. Being spent from the previous encounters did not leave a lot so he just had enough to squirt once. Yet, Nikka kept stroking her dad's cock and began licking it and sucking it. She then offered it to Gloria who early gobbled it up. Still they kept fingering each other until they both came hard. Relieved they rest while playing with Luis's half hard cock.

Nikka left Gloria sucking on her dad's cock as she made her way behind Luis From there she hugged him and reached down for his cock to make sure Gloria was deepthroating as much as possible.

"Did you like that Gloria? Did you like that fat cock?" she teased.

"Fuck yea. It's the best cock ever," Gloria replied then continued to suck on Luis's dick.

Nikka reached up to Luis mask and asked Gloria, "Do you want to see who's been fucking you? Do you want to see the face of the man that just made cum? If you do, deepthroat his cock right now."

Gloria took Luis's entire cock down her throat as she waited for Nikka. With a wick little smile, Nikka removed her dad's mask. The expression on Gloria's face was beyond description. She did not know what to do. Luis smiled down at her and began playing with her hug tits as Gloria tried to come to grip with what she was seeing.

"Gloria you know my dad right? Well you should you're still sucking his dick," Nikka laughed.

Gloria finally lets the cock slide out of her mouth as she looked at Nikka and her dad.

"You sure can fuck good Gloria. And you have a great body and lovely tits. Where did you learn how to fuck so good?" Luis asked.

"Well girl, we gots to get going. My dad has to punish me for being a bad girl. Do you need a ride home?" Nikka asked.

Gloria shook her head no.

"I drove remember," she replied.

Gloria laid in bed watching Nikka and her dad get dress. As they left the room Luis patted his daughter's bare ass and winked at Gloria.

"Call me when you get home. We gots lots to talk about," Nikka told Gloria as she left the room.

"Yea we have a lot to talk about," thought Gloria as she laid there replaying everything that just occurred.

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good. unfortunately grammatical errors breaks the mood of the story, otherwise, it would have been perfect.