School Reunion Orgybypheonixstar82©
I am a happily married man, I am 26 I think I am average looking, I have received compliments on my looks before, I am not some buff hot bodied person, I am average. I do however have a few strengths that I like to use, one is my blue eyes, I get a lot of compliments about the deep colour, the other is my ass, I don't get it but the woman like my ass, I think my strongest thing is my personality, I get along with anybody and am usually the life of a party. My wife Sarah on the other hand is stunning she is 26 blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice ass and greats tits, every mans fantasy girl, she looks younger then her age. Although to ask her she would say she is ordinary, I say extraordinary.

We have been married for 3 years, we were high school sweethearts, and we have only ever been with each other. This is not to say we are boring and don't look, we just love each other and know were our bread is buttered.

We also like to play a lot of games to keep things fresh she will dress in her most seductive clothing and sit in a bar, a few guys will hit on her and try to get in closer after about half an hour or so I will wonder in and hit on her, we have back stories and everything, we stay in character, it does end with us heading home for sex or sometimes we will park the car and do it in the car.

On of the other games that we play is in the bedroom, it was actually her who initiated it, she stated to call herself by my s****rs name and on the odd occasion she would call herself by my mothers name or her own s****rs name, when I questioned why these names, she simply responded. "Don't you want to fuck your s****r?" I like to look at b*****r and s****r websites; I have never had the inclination to act on this it is more a sexually taboo fantasy and she knows it. I didn't really complain and kept playing along. We have had some fantastic sex with that scenario.

Every once in a while I would suggest that we add a third person to the mix sometime, I would really like to watch her with another woman, hell I would like to fuck another woman. I would even like to share her with another man. Each time I brought it up I was shot down; however she would play the part of on of her friends Michele who I really fancied. Michele is a nurse and my wife had a sexy nurse outfit she would put it on and pretends to be her friend, it was really good, although I really wanted to fuck her. She was also married and had a c***d already but she still looked damn good.

Sarah and Michele are best friends and we spend a fair amount of time together, we used to go almost every Friday night, Michele, Steven Sarah and I but when Michele became pregnant the nights out became nights in and the number dropped we might hang out ever second or third Saturday or Saturday night. It is okay because Michele didn't really change as a person she is very funny and is also the life of most parties and Michele and I would bounce of each other and feed of each other energy.

Michele also is good friends with her younger s****r Donna she is a year younger then me and two years younger then Michele, Donna is the same personality as Michele, and is attractive but Michele in my mind is the hotter s****r. On many occasions Donna would hang out with all of us, we are all really good friends. Over the years Donna became more and more attractive, she started out as a real tomboy but after high school she discovered her feminine side and I must say that I became more and more attracted to her. Donna also was attracted to me from early on in high school, although noting happened because I was happy with Sarah.

Sometimes I would imagine a threesome with both Michele and Donna, I never brought this up to Sarah, and I suppose I treated it as my own fantasy.

It was fast approaching her high school reunion; she was in the year above me at school. I was looking forward to it as much as she was, I was good friends with a few of her class mates, although as it was for her I would have to be on my best behavior and will also be the designated driver. This was okay, because she has looked after me on more then one occasion.

Leading up to the reunion Sarah and Michele went shopping for cloths to wear; I was barred from joining them or even seeing the outfit that Sarah bought. This made me more curious, I guess that was her ploy all along.

The night of the reunion came and I was finally able to see what Sarah had purchased, she came out of our room wearing a little black dress it was strapless down just above her knees about 2 inches or so with a split up the left side it was a clingy material and I could see the outline of her panties when I pointed this out Sarah promptly removed them and smiled at me. She knew full well that I could see. As she handed me her panties she whispered in my ear that she was wearing noting at all underneath not even a bra. At this my cock sprung to life, Sarah started to rub it though my pants, I needed to have some relief and unzipped my fly my cock sprung out, Sarah continued to rub it, I needed to fuck her, I took her over to the table, hiked up her dress and started to eat her pussy out, my tongue darted in and out of her hole, I could taste her sweet juices, my hand was holding her ass checks slightly apart so I could lick from her pussy to her anus, I loved the it and she also loved it when I rimed her ass, I counted to lick her pussy and clit until she could take it any more, she grabbed my head and f***ed it deep in her crotch she was now guiding my movements, she let out a few yelps then her whole body shook as she cum. She recovered slightly and I said time to repay to pleasure, she hoped off the bench and started to lick the head of my cock already wet with pre-cum, she licked my head and stated to rub my shaft, she built up a lot of pressure in my already swollen cock, she stated to suck the whole thing slowly taking my whole cock down her throat, I was in ecstasy I was dreaming of Michele sucking my cock while Donna and Sarah sucked on my balls when suddenly I was snapped back to reality, she stopped. I asked why stop, the only response I received was that I will have to wait if I am good she will finish. Sarah took off to clean up again. I wanted her to leave the cum oozing out of her pussy but with that dress it was not possible.

Sarah returned from the bathroom looking like noting had happened, she gave me a wink as she proceeded to the door shouting out that it was time to leave. I quickly checked to make sure that I was all good no goo or anything and left. I had a hard time trying to concentrate on the road I could see Sarah out of the corner of my eye and she looked hot. She did not make things easier on me as she sat with her legs slightly ajar and the smell of her pussy was driving me insane. Sarah did not help the situation as she slid her fingers up her thighs towards her pussy, the smell became more and more overpowering, my cock was responding to this too. I turned the car down an ally and before Sarah could ask any questions I had my fly down and my cock out.

"You have two choices, either you give me a head job, or two hope in the back so I can fuck your brains out, the later is messier for you through"

Sarah took the first choice she instantly went down on my wanting cock sucking and slurping away, I slid my hand up her dress and slid my finger up her pussy lips towards her ass; Sarah rocked back and forth sliding my cock down her throat and forcing my finger in her pussy. Before long I was ready to explode, my cock tightened and I shot ropes of cum down my wife's throat, the normal thing she would do would be let some of the cum run down her chin onto her breasts however we were not in the best situation for that so she swallowed all of it, her teasing earlier only intensified my orgasm as I shot more then usual. I removed my finger from her pussy and sucked it clean, Sarah and I then kissed and I tasted my own saltiness on her tongue as it swirled around my mouth.

Sarah pulled he dress back down and we continued to the hall were the reunion was taking place. By the time we got there my cock was more manageable but the smell of sex still filled the car. We parked the car and I cracked the windows slightly to give the car a bit of an airing.

As we walked towards the entrance I could see people that I recognized including Michele, she looked even more stunning in a red figure hugging dress that sat off the shoulder, she had her hair up and in a bun, she was wearing makeup her lips were very red very full and her eyes very dark and sultry. I knew that I would have a hard time keeping my eyes off her, and Sarah knew it too as she turned to me and remarked that I could look but no touching. As we approached Sarah and Michele shared a hug and a kiss on the cheek, it was a normal greeting yet all I could see was a very erotic scene, of two very attractive ladies hugging. Michele then hugged gave me a hug, but I had to lean away as my cock was still slightly erect.

I told Michele how stunning she looked and she remarked the same for the two of us, Sarah asked were Steven was to which Michele responded that he was ill and could not attend, so it would be Sarah, Michele and I. I was not disappointed by this at all: Sarah nudged me with her elbow and whispered no touching.

We entered the hall and I could see a number of old friends that I had not seen in a few years, some of them looked really good, others looked like they hadn't changed at all and more then a few looked like they crawled out of a bin to be here. Most of the girls looked damn hot all dolled up showing off their bodies in a sought of competitive fashion, all the while most of the guys heads were spinning around trying to capture all of it in.

The girls went off to mingle for a while and I met up with a few old friends, we shot the breeze for a while. When one of them made a remark about how Sarah and Michele looked hot, I looked over and could see them talking, and I must say that they did look rather stunning, I am sure that 99 percent of the guys in the room were staring at them and I would opt have been surprised if more then few girls were looking too.

After an hour or so Sarah retuned with a glass in hand, she talked with us for a while then Michele came over with two drinks Sarah finished hers and took one from Michele. Sarah then said that Michele will be getting a lift with us tonight so she could drink and have fun too, I did not object Michele did not live far from us anyway.

The night progressed well there were a few awards given out, and many stories were re-told and more then a few tall stories made up on how successful everyone is now. Sarah and Michele were getting a little tipsy, nothing serious but I knew by the end of the night I would have to keep a close eye on the two of them.

After the awards were handed out they opened the floor to dancing, Sarah loves to dance, but I am the guy that stands at the back with a beer and watches, I have no problem with people dancing and would like to dance too but I have three left feet, that would be funny if it weren't true. Sarah tried to get me on the floor, but being completely sober made it all but impossible for me to dance. Michele offered to dance and off they went: I watched for a while as they danced but as the floor filled up it was harder to see them. I went to the bar and ordered a coke and watched the people dance, it was easy to see who was intoxicated as they danced, there was more then one on the floor but Sarah and Michele were fine.

As the night progressed Michele and Sarah continued to dance and drink and I could tell that they were starting to become intoxicated. It became easier to tell as they danced more seductively and as the night went on these two started to bump and grind; it looked rather sexy watching these two, it was nothing unusual I have seen them dance like this before. They continued to dance and I continued to watch them.

As they danced I was getting more and more turned on, when Michele caught my looking she motioned for me to join them, with out any second thought I danced into the crowd and headed over to them, we danced together then Sarah started to grind against Michele as she stared at me, then Sarah placed her hands on Michele's hips and Michele did the same to Sarah and they started to dance together in a way that I had never seen. I was getting very turned on by this, but felt a little left out, Michele had noticed this and pulled me in between them. I was now in the middle of these two sexy ladies as they danced, I was facing Sarah when she started to grind down my body not to be out done Michele did the same behind, my cock was stirring in my pants as they both danced seductively around me. Sarah dashed my dream slightly by whispering in my ear that this was nothing but dancing.

After a few songs Sarah headed to the bar leaving Michele and I dancing, Michele continued to dance seductively and she brushed against my crouch my cock was pushing against my pants and she brushed right over it, I would have thought it was a slip but she did it a second time with more gusto then turned around so her ass was facing me then she grinded all the way down pushing her ass onto my cock, I was at the point were I could have lifted her dress and f***ed my cock into her puckered ass when Sarah returned with two drinks. I excused my self to go to the restroom, when in there I went to a stall, and masturbated to relieve some of the pressure I felt.

I went to the bar and got some ice water to drink. I stayed there for a few songs by this time the night was starting to wind down as people started to leave the dance floor was becoming empty, Sarah and Michele both came over to were I was and got a drink, it was last call.. Sarah then asked Michele if she had to go home straight away to which Michele responded that Steve let her out for the night if we wanted to go out. Sarah said she was happy to go out and asked me what I thought. I told her I am the driver at their service for the evening. Sarah decided it was good to go out, but before we went out she told Michele that we would stop at home to get changed.

To headed out making the rounds as we went saying all the good byes and exchanging phone number etc it was a good half hour before we got out it was 1030 by the time we got to the car, on the way back Sarah and Michele remarked on the people swapping gossip and the like. We got home and Sarah and Michele headed to the bedroom to get changed, after about 20 minutes they both returned Michele had borrowed some clothes from Sarah. They looked hot. Sarah was wearing a medium length black skirt and a sky blue tank top with a pair of high inched shoes; I do not know what they are called. Michele was wearing a black or maybe navy skirt but it was shorter she was wearing a short sleeve white button top that was a little tight around her bust but still fit, she was also wearing knee high black boots, both of them looked good enough to fuck right there and then.

Sarah poured her and Michele another drink before we headed out. While they drank they discussed were to go, it was settled on a small local club that plays good dance music but also had a chill out area. We headed out and arrived at the club by about 1130 there was a small line up nothing too bad and we were ushered through in no time, Sarah and Michele headed to the bar and I found a table. The girl's returned with three drinks and Sarah said I can drink if I want because we can catch a cab back from here. I drank the dink and the three of us shot the breeze for a while. I was trying not to stare at Sarah or Michele or any one of the hot ladies in the club. This was made easier when Michele and Sarah headed to the dance floor I was now free to look around. The average age must be 19-21 and they are all drop dead gorgeous. If I were single I thought to myself just admiring the beauty around me.

After a few songs the girls returned, I headed of to the bar and ordered a round of drinks; by this stage the girls had moved onto vodka while I was still happy drinking beer. I returned to the table and sat down, the girls had moved so that I was sitting next to Sarah and on the other side was Michele across from me. I gave the girls there drinks with Michele directly across from me I tried to divert my eyes from her chest this was extremely hard as Michele had unbuttoned the top button, I did manage to steal a few sneaky glances before the girls were off again, I watched as they walked away, me eyes glued to their asses. I watched as they danced some more. They were grinding against each other again, my mind wandered off and I was imagining filling Michele's ass with my cock while Sarah was eating her pussy out I also thought about fucking those massive tits and spurting my cum all over her face and tits. My day dream was broken when Donna tapped me on the shoulder.

She told me that the girls had called to say they were here and to join if she wanted. I looked up at her and almost chocked, she was wearing a white top that showed off her midriff and she was wearing what looked like a thick leather belt the skirt must have been 5 inches or less in total that just covered her pussy and ass she had her hair up in pigtails and I want lie she looked like jail bait, but jail bait worth going to jail for. She sat down, I asked if she wanted a drink and headed to the bar. While waiting to be served I had a chance to recover. I ordered a beer and three vodkas when I returned the girls were already at the table. I sat down it was me with Sarah to my left and Donna to my right and Michele directly across still.

Sarah and Michele downed their drinks rather quickly and egged Donna to catch up it was easy to tell that Sarah and Michele were getting d***k. We sat there for a while chatting and drinking more and the girls danced every now and then. The time fly and before we knew it, it was closing time.

Sarah insisted that we all go back to our place to continue, because the opportunity does not came up much anymore, the girls agreed and we were off. In the cab I sat in the front and the girls in the back Sarah, Michele and Donna in that order. They were chatting about something and I turned around to say something and I caught a glimpse up Michele's skirt I could tell that she was not wearing any panties, I looked away quickly but I did see enough to tell that she was shaved. I did make a point to turn around a few times to see more, I think Michele caught me because after two times she had moved in such a way that her legs were a little further apart and I good see more when I looked a third time I could clearly see that she was hairless.

We finally got back to our place and inside; Sarah made some drinks while the rest of us sat down Sarah returned with a bottle of Vodka and some shot glasses. This was one thing that we did when we had the chance we would sit around drinking shots of vodka, although it had been a few months since we did. We sat around and had a few shots and talked we were all getting quite loose.

When Donna out of no were asked if we wanted to play truth or dare. Before anyone could object Donna asked me truth or dare. I chickened out with truth Donna asked if I look at porn, I answered truthfully yes. I asked Michele if Steve looked at porn, which he does Michele asked Sarah if she does which she doesn't and Sarah asked Donna she does, Michele said no one is asking if I do, Donna then asked Michele and she said all the time. Michele then asked me truth or dare I took truth and Michele asked if I found her attractive, I was on the spot and could not lie, I told her that I thought she was hot. Michele blushed. I then asked Donna she took truth I then asked her what her ultimate fantasy is, Donna thought for a second then said pass, now the normal rule would be to forfeit an item of clothing but her s****r was there so I asked what the forfeit should be and Michele said well removal of cloths is the forfeit. After a bit of peer pressure Donna removed her top, she was only wearing a bra and the skirt and I belief panties. Donna then truth or dared me, knowing the question I took dare, the dare was to kiss Sarah which I completed, I then truth or dared Sarah who took truth, I asked if she was attracted to girls. I know that she is but she took a forfeit and removed her jacket. Donna protested but a jacket is clothing. Sarah asked Michele who took truth; Sarah asked if she liked girls she answered yes. Michele asked me and I took truth, Michele asked if I would cheat on Sarah, I said no which I wouldn't. I asked Michele she took truth I repeated the question; she said that it would depend on the situation, but no she doesn't think about cheating. Michele asked Sarah and Sarah answered no. Sarah asked Donna who took dare and Donna was dared take a photo up her skirt with her camera phone. She did but would not show us.

A few rounds went by and by this time we had had a few more drinks and things were turning interesting. Sarah was now in a bra and skirt and Donna was in a bra and skirt, Michele was still clothed and I was without a shirt. The heat had been turned up on Michele I had dared her to kiss Sarah and she did not forfeit she leant in and kissed her deep and hard. Michele asked if Sarah was turned on she answered yes, Sarah then asked if Michele was turned on, she answered yes. Donna then jumped in and requested no more truths only dares. We all agreed and Donna dared Sarah to take a photo up skirt with Donna's phone, Sarah not wearing any panties backed out and removed her bra, she was now topless the tree of us just stared and Sarah's breasts, they are very white with very erect nipples. Sarah dared me to take a photo of her with my phone. I took the opportunity and snapped away.

Now I wanted to make a dare that Michele would back out off so that she would remove clothing, because I knew she had no panties on and Sarah's bra would not fit her. I dared Michele to kiss Donna; Donna backed out and removed her bra Michele also backed out removing her bra. In one move I had exposed both of there breast, my cock was twitching at the sight of all thee girls topless. Not to be out done Michele dared me to masturbate, I thought for a second, knowing that I might never get this chance again I pulled my cock out and started to pull right there and then before I could finish Michele said that is enough. I reluctantly sat back down; I was so close to spurting my seed out in the view of Michele, Donna and Sarah. It was now my turn I dared Sarah to finger her pussy for us to see, she did not back down and promptly lifted her skirt and started to finger her wet pussy while Michele, Donna and I looked on, I watched as Sarah really got into it, out of the corner of my eye I could see Michele playing rubbing her pussy, she had her had slid under the skirt and I was not able to see, Sarah continued to finger herself, she was letting out small moans and gasps as she was nearing completion, I watched on as she had now slid two fingers deep inside, Michele was also building steam. Donna and I watched on as both girls fingered themselves, to my surprise Donna was watching her s****r too.

Sarah let out a scream as she completed her masturbation dare, she looked over to see Michele still going, Michele had her eyes shut at this stage while the three of us were fixated on her, Michele kept going harder and faster until her body shook and she let out a moan as she had an orgasm. Once she was done Sarah dared Michele to lick the pussy juices of Sarah's fingers, Michele did not need to be asked twice as she took Sarah's hand and gently guided it to her mouth were she seductively began sucking one finger the two, Michele did not take her eyes off me while she did this. Once done Michele dared me to suck the juice off her fingers, I looked at Sarah for a sign Sarah motioned towards Michele, I took this as a good thing and reached for Michele's hand, I moved her hand towards my mouth, I was in such anticipation of sucking the juice form her fingers as they drew closer I could smell the sweet muskiness of her pussy, my cock was twitching again in anticipation I slowly sucked her index finger, it felt so soft and smooth and the taste of her pussy danced around my mouth, I sucked slowly ensuring to savor the taste and feeling, I continued to suck until it was clean, then I slowly licked her middle finger, Michele let out a giggle as I licked it, my eyes were fixated on Michele's face as I sucked her fingers.

After this we were all very hot and bothered and we were really intoxicated by this point as we continued to drink shots of vodka, these two things together can be a deadly mix, intoxication and horniness this rings true in this situation. It was now my turn to dare, and before I could dare Donna dared me to eat her pussy out, I was not about to object to this request and again looked to Sarah who said, if you don't you loose the pants. At this Donna hiked up her skirt to expose a pussy that was shaved bare except for a small tuft of hair above that was neatly trimmed, I moved towards Donna and began to work my magic on her, she tasted similar to Michele although it was slightly sweeter, I licked her pussy lips and slowly moved my tongue in and out of her pussy, my fingers rubbing her clit as I did this, I was sucking away and looked up at Donna to see her staring down at me, I kept my eyes locked on hers as I licked her pussy, Donna guided my head to were she wanted it, I continued to lick and savor the moment. I continued to lick until Donna was gyrating her hips on my head and forcing me deeper and deeper she was breather rather heavy and little moans escaped her mouth, I kept going until she had an orgasm, I have never experienced this before but she came on my face, it was not a lot but it was enough to lightly coat my lips and mouth. I raised my head and reached for a tee shirt to wipe my mouth with before Sarah stooped me and kissed me deeply as she sucked the juices from my mouth and lips. Sarah then remarked that s****rs taste good, at this both Michele and Donna blushed.

By this point the game was over and it was turning into an orgy, Sarah had removed her skirt and was now completely naked and Donna still had her skirt hiked up exposing everything, Sarah and Donna were sharing a kiss, Donna could probably taste her own juices Sarah's breathe. Michele was watching on as her s****r and best friend were sharing a very intimate kiss, I too was watching my cock almost ripping my pants, I removed them and my cock sprung out through the flap in my boxer shorts, Michele then caught sight of my cock and now that the three of us were nude, or completely exposed Michele lifted her skirt to expose her pussy. Sarah then turned and kissed Michele swapping whatever fluids were left in her mouth, I watched on as they kissed, it was the most erotic thing I have seen, it turned even more so when Donna moved between Sarah's legs and begin to eat her out, her face was only inches away from Michele's pussy and I am sure that she could see it as she looked up. I was not sure what to do and where I should be so I continued to watch this lesbian orgy unfold before my eyes. Sarah and Michele continued to kiss and Donna was eating out Sarah.

Michele then laid down and demanded that Sarah eat her out, I was gob smacked watching these three woman talk so filthy to each other, the smell of sex quickly filled the air and my cock responded accordingly I started to masturbate at this site, it did not take long for me to be ready to cum, Michele then motioned for me to blow my load on her, I had waited for years to hear those words and moved over in a flash I stood over Michele and continued to pull my cock, my body was tight I was ready I gave one last pull and ropes of hot white goo spilled out over Michele some even hitting Sarah in the face and forehead, ropes continued to spill out over Michele spraying her tits and belly and lastly falling as globes on her face, Michele hungrily consumed everything she could, scr****g it from her body and sucking it down, Sarah then had an orgasm from Donna and this put Michele over the top and she let out a moan as she had an orgasm as well.

Donna then insisted that it was her turn to be eaten out, Sarah moved towards her when Donna stopped her, Donna then said that her ultimate fantasy from earlier was that Michele and her fuck each other, all eyes were now on Michele. Michele amazed us all and told us that she also felt this desire but was scared to say anything, Michele then moved to her s****r's pussy and started to eat her out. Donna then turned to a 69 position and began to suck her s****rs pussy, Sarah and I watched on in wonderment as this taboo fantasy was unfolding before our eyes, Sarah was fingering her pussy , she motioned towards me but my cock was not ready fro round two at this point. Sarah looked rather disappointed, before she ducked off to our room and came back with her 'P-Diddy' this was her nickname for her pink dildo. Sarah began to fuck her self with the toy, I did not know were to look, I settled on watching the s****rs in a 69.

All three girls Michele, Donna and Sarah all had orgasms at once I guess it was a chain effect one causing an other which caused and other. All three then collapsed on the ground in a heap a lot of heavy breathing as they all recovered. I took this time to recover too, it took longer then normal, but I had been drinking so I guess that slows recovery. Within a few minutes the girls were ready again, Sarah wanted to join them so they made a daisy chain, Sarah was eating Michele and Michele was eating Donna and Donna was eating Sarah. I watched as these three hotties were indulging in acts that I could only dream of seeing on the internet let alone in my house. Within minutes all three were exploding again over each other, and resting again.

By the time they recovered I was ready too. I asked how I could fit in and Donna promptly replied that this was for my viewing pleasure only, maybe another time I could join in. I was slightly hurt but excited to see things happening. Donna then passed a phone and said I could take photos if I want, only if I never show them to anyone ever. I agreed and snapped away at them as they fucked in all sought of positions, each girl licking the other girls. Donna had grabbed P-Diddy and was fucking Michele with it then sucking it clean and Sarah was fucking Donna with it. I was desperate to join but didn't I snapped pictures and masturbated. The excitement ended after a few hours as the girls collapsed out of exhaustion. I too was tied we all slept on the floor completely in the nude.

The next morning I woke up and looked around all three girls were still asl**p naked, I woke each of them with a nudge, they woke and looked around in amazement knowing that it was not a dream, the room smelled of sex and pussy. We started to clean up gather all of the cloths and cleaning the bottles of vodka and the glasses. Once the place was slightly tided up we got dressed, I made four coffees and brought them in to the girls who were sitting there discussing what each remembered, they asked me who was the best to fuck and I reminded them that I was barred until later, all three then remembered and apologized. I told them that I enjoyed watching them.

Michele and Donna were leaving and we all swore to keep it between us, as they were leaving I leant in to kiss Michele, Michele kissed me deeply and grabbed my crotch and whispered to me that she is looking forward to fucking that cock. Donna also leant in and kissed me goodbye, she also whispered to me that because I was such a good boy last night that next time I can fuck her ANY way that I want. My mind instantly wandered to spreading her tight ass checks and filling her anus with my cock.

Once they were gone, Sarah moved towards me and kissed me, she asked if I enjoyed my self, to which I replied not as much as you I can see looking around the room at the mess that remained. Sarah then said that girls are good but she needs a cock she dropped to her knees and removed it from my pants she started to suck it, we then moved to the lounge I hiked her skirt and fucked her deep and hard, I was going for it relieving the pressure that I had from the images I had. I fucked her hard slamming my cock deep inside, my balls slapped against her ass nothing was said it was raw carnage. I filled her pussy with rope after rope of thick cum.

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