I was coming into the house and as I did I looked at the kitchen doorway and saw my mother, Margaret, staggering through the doorway. She was wearing a sheer black garter girdle, sheer black stockings, high heels, and a sheer black cut out bra that clearly showed her very long red nipples plus some of her teats.

As she staggered through the doorway she saw me and gave me this funny grin and asked "What the fuck are you looking at? You've seen me before in this outfit. I have to piss so don't get in my way."

She continued to stagger and I thought she was going to slip and fall, so I went over to help her. I could see she had a pair of black panties in her hand and I could also see the pee running out of her cunt lips and dribbling down her legs onto her stockings.

"Margaret, do you know you're already pissing? Hurry and get over to your potty before you piss all over the place." I said. "Why are you carrying your panties? Are they wet from pissing in them too?"

"No. I got fucked this afternoon and he wouldn't let me wipe my cunt. He told me I had to put my panties on and they got all wet in the crotch because his cum dribbled out of my cunt."

I finally guided her to her potty and helped her sit down on it, seeing she was really peeing as I did so. I knew she was d***k again today and I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I could also see that her stockings were wet and I would probably have to help her get them off and dry her legs before putting a different pair on her. Margaret had a forest of coal black pubic hair that went from her crotch well up toward her navel as well as not shaving her legs and armpits any longer. Suddenly she reached up under my shorts and began fondling my nuts and cock.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm still fucking horny and I still need some more cock and yours is the one I want next." she told me. "Did you wash your peter good this morning so mommy can suck your foreskin and get you all nice and hard?" she asked. "Did you peel your foreskin back and wash the head of your peter good for me?"

"Yes mommy, I washed it all good just so you could play with it and suck it and play with my long foreskin." I said. With that she reached up and pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and pulled my foreskin out some more. She finished peeing and tried to stand up but was so d***k she needed me to help her. I got her to her feet and she said "Jus le me get your cock in my mouse. I wanna suck that long fuckin prick." I got her into her bedroom next to the stairs and started to unfasten her garters to take her wet stockings off but she said "Leave my wet fuggin stockings on. I don't need any fuckin dry ones. I just want your fuckin cock in my mouth." She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me by my cock until it was right in front of her mouth. I was starting to get an erection and she knew it as she said "Ah, I see you want your mommy to suck on your nice uncut peter like she does so often. You like it when mommy sucks your long cock don't you?"

"Yes mommy, I enjoy you sucking on my peter and I also like it when you want my long peter fucking you. I see you put rouge on your nice big fat nipples to make them all red. Do you want your little boy to nurse on them like I used to when I was really little? Do you have milk for your little boy?" Little boy I really wasn't as I had just turned nineteen, but she still considered me little.

"I need your cock in my mouth first, then you can nurse me while I have your long cock fucking me. You will be my fourth cock today and I hope one of you breeds me. I want another baby." she told me.

Who else fucked you today?" I asked.

"Your father started this morning before he left for work and he filled me up pretty good, then Frank and Lee came over and I fucked Frank while I sucked Lee, then they switched places and Lee gave me his long cock and shot lots of semen in me. That's why my panties are so fucking wet as he wouldn't let me wipe off. Frank spent a good load in me after Lee and now after I suck your peter you're going to give me another good fucking and fill me with your love juice." she said. She had brought her wet panties into the bedroom with her after she pissed so I took a look at the crotch and it was soaking wet. Lee and Frank must have really shot huge loads in her cunt to have a crotch as wet as that one was.

Now she was peeling my long foreskin back and really sucking on my cock. I was good and hard and suddenly she just laid back on the bed, spread her legs apart, opened her cunt lips wide, and said "Now give me all of that long motherfucking cock of yours. I want you to ram it right straight into my hot fucking cunt and go clear up to my fucking cervix with it." She grabbed my cock and guided it into her sopping wet cunt and I shoved it straight up till I was at her cervix. She bucked and humped like a bitch in heat, wrapping her wet legs around my back and keeping my fucking cock buried in her cunt. I managed to back it off a bit and again rammed it right up to her cervix. I heard her moan and she called out "You godamned motherfucking cuntfucker. Do you know how good your fucking cock feels to me? Now give me a big load of cum with lots of your sperm mixed into it so I can have another baby."

I could feel my climax building and I gave her one more full ram, having almost pulled my cock out of her cunt. I buried it and shot semen all over the inside of her very wet cunt. Mommy bucked and humped, and wiggled her cunt around my cock calling me her big motherfucking baby. I gave her a good shot of baby batter and as I felt my cock begin to shrivel up I pulled it out and moved up so it was in front of her mouth. "Now suck that motherfucking cock that you can't seem to get enough of." I told her. "You just get so fucking d***k every day and can't get enough peter inside your fucking cunt. Look at your fucking stockings. They're wet with your pee and you've got semen running down your legs and your hair is showing through the nylon. You just act like a fucking whore."

Margaret just took my cock in her mouth and began sucking the love juices off of it. She was really giving it a good cleaning and then peeled the foreskin clear back as far as she could and sucked on it some more. I knew she had been drinking most of the day and that she would want me to get her another bottle of beer when she was finished sucking my cock.

She finally had enough and as I scooted down the bed I told her I was going to put her fucking black panties back on her so all the baby batter wouldn't drip onto the bed and the floor. I reached down and picked up her panties and slipped them over her ankles and pulled them up to her waist so they covered her very wet cunt then I asked her "Where is your mothefucking whore of a mother?"

"She is upstairs in her room. She got d***k and about passed out so I told her to go upstairs."

"Did either Lee or Frank fuck her this afternoon too?" I asked.

"I don't know. They could have. As I was fucking Lee, Frank could have gone upstairs and given mother a piece of his uncut cock. She really prefers to suck him off instead of getting fucked you know. Maybe that's what she did. Now be nice and go get me another bottle of beer so I can wash our juices down."

I tweaked her nipples as I got up and went to the kitchen to get her a couple of bottles. I thought "What the hell, she's been d***k already today so she might as well stay that way." I went back to the bedroom and she way lying on the bed with her legs spread wide open. I could clearly see the crotch of her sheer black panties was soaking wet with my semen and whoever elses she had fucked today. She sat up in bed and took a beer from me and practically chugged it down. When she finished the first one I gave her a second one saying "You were such a good whore of a mommy I decided to give you a bonus. Then you can suck my nice peter that you like so much again."

"I have to piss again darling. Please help me so I don't fall." she said. I told her I was going to pull her wet panties down and take them off before she got off the bed so she moved over to the side of the bed and I slipped them down to her ankles and took them off. She got to her feet rather unsteadily and I helped her through the doorway to the stairs. She had barely sat down on her potty when I heard the familiar hissing sound and her piss hitting what was already in the pot. She must have really had to go because her stream was very strong and long. She must have peed for about two minutes. When she said she was finished I slipped her soaking wet panties back on her legs and as she stood up I pulled them up tightly against her cunt lips. I decided I wanted to suck one of her nipples so I put my mouth on it and began nursing.

"Oh you motherfucking whoreboy. You know I love you sucking my teats. You need to do it more often. It feels so good to me when you do that. Even my whore of a mother tells me she loves it when you suck her teats too."

"Yes I do." she said as I watched Agnes standing at the top of the stairs and heading down to see us. "I love it when he nurses on my nipples and gets me excited. Sometimes it just makes me want to pee all over the place. Just what are you two doing down there? Why are you sucking her teats like that? Why aren't you in bed nursing on her?"

"I'm sucking her because she just finished pissing and I wanted to suck a nipple." I said. "She had to take a piss and I had to help the whore because she is d***k again, probably like you were too."

"Did you fuck your whore of a mother?" she asked as she looked at my cock hanging down my thigh. "If you didn't or even if you did, I think I'd like to have some of your long prick. Do you think you can get that fucking thing hard again to give your gandmother some of that prized peter of yours?"

"I probably can, but I think I need to get this whore back to bed so she can sl**p it off. I've got an extra bottle of beer in the bedroom if you want one." I said. With that I took mother by the hand and got her back on her bed and covered her up. I told her to take a little nap and I would get her up in an hour or so. I took the bottle of beer and the empty and went out into the stairway where Agnes was waiting and gave her the beer. She took it and simply chugged it down then pulled her knickers down to her knees and sat on the potty and began pissing. She must have had to really go because it took her about two minutes to finish. When she did she just kicked her knickers off and stood up with her legs apart and the remnants of pee dripping down onto the floor and down her thighs. I gazed at her wet cunt and could see her long lips hanging down dripping pee. Her vast forest of pubic hair was gray as Agnes was in her early sixties. However, someone was shaving her belly as her hair was neatly trimmed right at the cleft of her cunt lips. Her hair continued down her thighs and legs and I could see it matted under her gray stockings which were pulled up high on her thighs. She also had a sheer black cut out bra on and her very long nipple protruded about an inch, making them easy to latch on to. I tweaked one of them and Agnes said "Hurry, I'm horny again and I need your lovely long prick fucking my wet cunt." I picked up her knickers and checked the gussett. As I suspected there were traces of dried semen in them and I knew someone had fucked her earlier in the day. I was also surprised that she had worn a cornflower blue pair rather than white or black. I didn't bother to ask her why she hadn't put on a pair of white or black because it really didn't matter at the moment. She raised her arm up and I could also see she had a forest of gray hair under her armpit, so I presumed she wasn't shaving those either.

I turned her around so she was headed up the stairs and gently nudged her forward. The seams on her stockings were pulled to the outside of her legs just above her knees. It was apparent the reason was that she was only wearing a four strap garter girdle and when she sat down her stockings were twisting to the outside. As she moved up the stairs I gently pulled on her dangling cunt lips and made her yelp a little.I could feel the wetness of the remains of some semen in her cunt lips from someone fucking her during the afternoon. I told her I would suck her cunt later after she got done sucking my cock, but before I fucked her.

We went straight to her bedroom and she put a pillow on the floor and kneeled down on it then pulled my cock into her mouth."You fucking whore" I told her. "You can't even wait a minute until I get my clothes off before you are sucking my cock. You must be hungry for my uncut dick." I told her.

"MMnnn.. she responded. I just love playing with your long foreskin and then pulling it back so far and sucking the head of your prick. You have as nice a cock as your daddy does and he has a nice one. You know I am sucking his cock too don't you? He's such a motherfucker. With Margaret being d***k all the time, he needs someone to help him through his anxiety, so I give him a blowjob and sometimes he pisses all over me. He really knows how to make his cock work and he is such a good fuck. Now let Aggie suck on your long prick."

I took my hand and began playing with her hairy cunt lips. Her lips hung down out of her cunt at least an inch and you could just grab them and pull them down even further. I decided to stick a couple of fingers up inside her cunt and Agnes began wiggling around as though she was enjoying herself. The inside of her cunt still had some semen in it as her walls were quite slick. I took my fingers out and wiped them on her stocking tops leaving a streak of white stuff across the tops.

"You motherfucker you. Why did you do that? I just put them on five minutes ago and now you have them all fucked up by wiping Frank's semen across the tops of them." she hollered.

I'll get you another clean pair." I told her. "Just don't get all excited about your stocking tops. No one is going to see them anyway are they?" I asked. "Now keep sucking on my long cock like you said you wanted to do." She returned to sucking my cock, basically playing with my long foreskin. Then as I got hard she pulled my foreskin back and took the head of my prick in her mouth and began sucking on it. Agnes had lots of experience sucking men's cocks and knew how to do it quite well. I just let her suck it for a few minutes than told her to stop and get on her bed on her back.

I reached up and pulled her long cunt lips wide apart then found her clit. I put my mouth on her clit and began sucking on it till it got long like a cock. Now Agnes was bucking and humping up and down on the bed, writhing in the throes of a huge orgasm. I kept up the pressure on her clit until she was screaming "Oh you big motherfucking cocksucker. You just know how to turn my fucking fuckmotor on and keep it on. Now get your face down to my peehole because I think I need to give you a little drink of pee." With that I put my mouth right over her very big peehole and she promptly began dribbling her hot piss into my mouth. I opened my mouth and took a big gulp of her pee and swallowed it. It was very salty and hot. I put my mouth back on her clit and began sucking on it again till I felt her ready to climax. She just hollered and screamed at me "You big motherfucking clitlicker. You know that gets me all excited and makes me climax you big fucker."

"I'll be your big fucker. Wait till you get all of my big cock inside your fucking cunt and then see what it's like. I'll flood your cunt with semen and you'll be dribbling it out all night long." I said. With that I spread her fucking hairy cunt wide open and plunged my fully erect prick into the depths of her cunt.

She grunted when I rammed its full length inside her slippery cunt and I pulled it our and rammed it inside of her cunt again and left it there. Agnes just squealed with delight and acted like a mare in heat. She bucked and humped and screamed at me "You big motherfucking cockfucker. You keep that big motherfucking cock of yours clear up inside of my cunt and fill me with your baby batter. I want you to knock me up so I can have another baby." she screamed. I pushed it inside of her as hard as I could and felt it reach the tip of her cervix. Then I moved it in and out about five times and she felt me start to get big and knew I was going to unload my semen inside her gaping cunt.

I shot my load inside her and she yelled "You cockfucking grandmother fucker you. You know I have to have that big motherfucking cock of yours deep inside my fucking cunt to have an orgasm. Now keep that long fucking prick of yours up to my cervix and I'm going to come so hard I'll drown your fucking cock with my love juice." With that she humped up and down and I felt her unleash her juices on my cock, soaking it so it was completely wet.

She finally quieted down and I slowly withdrew my shrivelling cock from her soaking wet cunt. She reached up with her hand and took my cock in it and guided it to her mouth. She skinned my foreskin back and proceeded to suck my slippery cock clean of both of our love juices. I squeezed my cock while she had it in her mouth and gave her the last drops of my semen which she sucked down immediately.

I went over to her dresser and took out a pair of black nylon briefs and went back and slipped them over her ankles and up her legs. She lifted her ass off the mattress and I finished pulling them up to her now leaking cunt.

It was early evening and we had finished eating dinner. Agnes and mother had both put a gown on over their girdles and stockings. We were having an after dinner drink and all of us were smoking a cigarette. It was unusual for Agnes to smoke although mommy had a cigarette from time to time.

Suddenly Agnes told us she needed to piss again and was just going to go out on the side porch and piss. She no sooner got out the door and pulled her gown up around her waist then she began pissing a stream right through her black bikinis onto the porch floor.The piss was running down both legs soaking her stockings completely. It lasted for well over a minute and then suddenly stopped. Mommy just looked at her mother as she noticed her belly was shaved.

"Who the fuck is shaving your belly you old slut?" mommy asked her mother.

"I'm keeping it trimmed a little bit. I got tired of seeing all the old grey hair going up from my cunt lips." she replied.

"I don't believe that." mommy told her. "I'll bet my fucking husband is playing with you too and shaving your belly for you isn't he?" she asked.

With that mommy just pulled her gown up around her waist and stood with her legs spread apart and began peeing on the porch floor.

"Now look at my fucking black haired belly and cunt you old slut." she said. "He doesn't shave me. In fact he told me I couldn't shave anything anymore. That's why my legs are so fucking hairy, just like yours. Did he tell you that you couldn't shave anymore too?"

Agnes didn't bother to answer her and after mommy finished pissing we all just went back inside. I decided I was going to let Agnes get good and d***k again then send her to bed. I fixed her a gin martini and after she drank that she was very wobbly and I could see by her eyes that she was pretty d***k.

I took her by the hand and headed her upstairs to her bedroom. I unfastened her stockings from the garters and peeled them off her legs, then pulled her bikinis down followed by her girdle. I went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth with warm water and came back and washed her cunt and legs then laid her back in the bed and covered her up. She was asl**p before I closed the door.

I went into my bedroom to gather my lingerie because I knew mommy wanted to see me in it this evening and as I got to the stairs, I saw mommy coming up the stairs. I asked her what she was going to do and she replied "I'm going to take a shower - with you. I want you to give me a 'golden shower' first, then we will wash each other." So I reached out to help her get to the top and noticed she had removed her wet stockings and cut out bra.

Mommy said "I see you have your lingerie with you. Are you going to model it for me tonight? I'd love to see you wearing it darling. I also see your cock is hanging down your thigh. I may have to do something about that in awhile. Now let me get in the shower and lie down on the floor so you can piss all over mommy. You do have to piss don't you darling?"

Mommy got into the huge tub shower and put a towel on the floor. Before she laid down she had to stroke my long flaccid cock a few times and suck my foreskin. She laid back against the back of the tub, spread her legs so I could clearly see her hairy cunt, and I proceeded to get in between her legs and begin pissing all over her. I pissed on her face, her hairy belly, her armpits, her legs and finally, when she opened her mouth, I gave her a drink of hot pee there too. When I finished she reached up, fondled my nuts and pulled my cock into her mouth where she proceeded to suck me clean.

"Now it's my turn." she said. "Sit down and let me stand over you. My fucking bladder is full of piss and I am going to get you soaking wet." With that she spread her legs wide apart and pulled her cunt lips open and proceeded to spray her hot piss all over my body, making sure she drenched my prick. As she was about to finish, she moved toward my face and told me to open my mouth. As I did so, she splashed a stream in my mouth, which I swallowed. Then it was over.

"Now get the towel on the floor, pull the shower curtain so we don't get water on the floor and we are going to wash each other with you paying particular attention to my cunt and me to your cock and nuts." she said.

We soaped and washed each other for nearly fifteen minutes with me pulling her cunt lips open and thrusting the bar of soap up inside her cunt. I also spent a lot of time massaging her lovely teats and tweaking her already long nipples. She turned around and I took the soap and washed her asshole as she stood there and spread her cheeks apart. As I finished her, she took the soap and carressed my cock and nuts, playing carefully with them and then she washed my asshole too. Finally, we were done and I got two large towels and we dried each other off.

Mommy had brought nothing in the way of clothes upstairs with her, but she wanted to check on Agnes before we went down to her bedroom. Convinced that her mother was sl**ping quite soundly we headed down to her bedroom so we could get dressed. She watched me as I pulled on my black six strap garter belt followed by dark brown full fashioned stockings and my black cut out bra. It was a size 36"A" and it fit me well enough that my flat nipples did stick out of the cups.

Mommy pulled on an eight strap gold garter girdle followed by beautiful black Manhattan heel stockings. Her gold cut out bra accentuated her large 38 "C" cup teats and she stepped into a pair of one inch black pumps.

"Now darling, mommy wants you to sl**p with her tonight. Your father is spending the night in the city with that black haired whore of a woman he does work with when he goes there. He let me know he 'might not' be home tonight if things got busy and as late as it is getting, I know he will stay in the city and fuck her brains out."

"I forgot one thing though darling. I want you to rouge my nipples and cunt lips, so I will take my bra off and you can apply the rouge. It darkens the areola and the nipples when it dries. If you want mommy to, I will put some on your foreskin and then pull your foreskin back, wipe off your cockhead, and rouge your head. Would you like that darling?"

"Oh yes mommy. I'd love to have you do that to my cock. You can also do it to my nipples if you want to." I said to her.

I unfastened her cut out bra and took the rouge and rubbed it smoothly over her areola and nipples. It must have caused some excitement because her nipples got hard as I did it. Having finished, I refastened her bra and she adjusted her teats in the cut out cups.

She took the rouge from me and ran it over my foreskin which got dark immediately. She then had me peel my foreskin back, took a tissue and wiped the head of my prick off with it and rubbed the rouge all over it. The head turned dark almost as soon as she applied it. She let it dry then pulled my foreskin back over the end of my prick.I was getting pretty excited and my cock was on the rise.

Mommy told me she wanted me to suck her clit and to make her climax then she was going to fuck the hell out of me. She laid back on the bed, spread her cunt lips apart and I fastened my mouth to her protruding clit. It looked like a small cock. I sucked on it and she began to wriggle around on the bed and squirmed up and down. I just kept sucking and finally she squealed and let loose with a climax. This was followed almost immediately by a stream of hot piss that caught me on the chin and neck. I let go of her clit and moved my mouth down to her wide open peehole. She gave forth another burst of piss and I drank it down greedily.

"Enough of that." I said. "If you have you pee pee, then let's get up and go out on the side porch so you can pee all over the place." Her hairy cunt was all nice and wet by now, but she got off the bed and we moved out to the side porch.

She leaned against the railing, spread her legs wide apart, held her cunt lips open with her hands and began dribbling at first, then going into a full stream pee. She must have peed for at least ninety seconds, motioned for me to come over and kneel down, then pulled my face into her very wet cunt. I put my mouth over her wet peehole and began sucking on it, draining the last drops of pee out of it. Then I went back to her long protruding clit and began sucking it again. I thought she was going to push it all the way down my throat. She came not once, but at least three times.

"Let's go back inside." she said. "I need your hard fucking cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck the hell out of me and shoot your hot semen way up inside my cunt. I want to get pregnant again and have another baby."

"But mommy, daddy doesn't want you having another baby." I said. "You can't even take care of my younger b*****r and s****r now. You are so d***k everyday and you pay little attention to either of them. All you do is get up in the morning and drink beer util you go to bed at night. Now, I'm going to get you a beer and a shot of whisky, then I'll stick my prick way up in your fucking cunt and shoot a load of semen with sperm in it up into your fucking cervix."

Oh darling, mommy will love having you fuck her." she said. "If I promise to be very good will you bring me two bottles of beer and two shots of whisky? I promise I won't drink anymore today if you do that for me. Then I will have a little surprise for you too."

I figured that it wouldn't make much difference if she was d***k or sober because one way or the other I was going to give her a good fucking. So I got two bottles of beer and a shot glass along with the pint of Seagram's V.O and took them beack into her bedroom. Much to my surprise she was standing by her dressing table with her legs apart and knees bent. I couldn't figure out what the hell she was trying to do, but then it dawned on me that she was playing around with her cunt lips. I put the beer and whisky down and went to see what she was doing.

When I looked at her teats I saw she had put nice large rings through each nipple and now was obviously trying to fasten some rings to her labial lips and clit. I asked her if she needed help, but she told me she could do it. When she turned around I could see she had three large rings in her cunt lips and one each in her nipples. The nipple rings were about an inch in diamteter and the cunt rings must have been nearly an inch and a half. They barely stuck out of her mass of black cunt hair.

"Do you like them darling?" she asked.

"I love them you fucking whore." I told her. "I'll bet that Frank and Lee like them too don't they?"

"Darling, don't be angry with me and call me a whore. Frank and Lee have never seen them. Only you and your father know I have them and wear them once in awhile. Now pour me a shot of that wonderful V.O. and give me a bottle of beer."

I poured her a shot and handed it to her. She swigged it down in one gulp then took the beer and drank almost half the bottle at one time. She asked for a second shot which I reluctantly gave her. She also chugged that one down. I waited to see if she wanted the second beer right away but she didn't ask me for it.

She got in bed and motioned for me to follow her.

She laid her head on the pillows,spread her nylon covered legs wide open, and said. "Pull my cunt lips open with the rings darling, then stick your long tongue inside my cunt and eat me. Stretch my lips open enough that you can see mommy's peehole because I want you to play with that too."

"Yes mommy. I'll pull your lips open as wide as I can and stick my tongue up inside your gaping cunt." I replied. With that, I pulled her rings and must have opened her cunt at least eight inches wide. I put my face in her cunt, took hold of her clit ring first and got it in my teeth and pulled on it. She ooohed and aaahed about that. Then I pulled it out farther from her clit until she screamed that it hurt. Then I sucked it again til she was moaning in ecstacy. I let go of her clit and focused on her peehole and vagina. I rimmed her peehole with my tongue until I thought she was going to give me a golden drink. Then I stuck my tongue way up in her vagina, turning and twisting it around and sucking her cunt as I did so. She wiggled and squirmed and squealled in delight and said "You are nothing but a cunt licking motherfucking whoreboy who loves to fuck his mommy."

With that, I got on my knees and pushed my very hard, erect prick into her gaping cunthole and pushed my cock up inside her as far as I could.

"You cockfucking motherfucking cocksucker." she screaamed. "How did you ever learn to use that fucking prick of your like that? Have you been fucking some of the high school girls with your big long cock? Knowing a few of them, I'll bet there are some that would like to see your long fucking schlong and get it up inside their warm cunts just to see how big it feels."

"No. I haven't been fucking any high school girls. They don't know what they want and I know what you want. You want beer, whiskey, and long cocks fucking you and you sucking them." I told her.

"Then fuck me long and deep with that man sized motherfucker of a cock of yours." she screamed. "Fill my fuckhole with all your semen and sperm so I get knocked up this weekend."

With that I felt my nuts begin to contract and I just simply erupted inside her cunt with spurt after spurt of semen spewing from the tip of my long prick. As I did so, I felt the walls of her cunt begin to get wet and I knew I had made her have at least one climax. She wrapped her nylon covered legs around my back to keep my prick deep inside her and came at least two more times.

Finally satiated, she let her legs fall to the mattress and as she did so, I took one of her rouged nipples in my mouth and began nursing on it. Mommy just held my head to her teat and I continued to suckle for at least five minutes, all the while my prick is still imbedded inside her wet cunt.

She finally told me to get off and move up to her mouth so she could suck the rest of my semen out of my cock and clean my cock off for me. She pulled my foreskin back over my helmet and sucked the head of my cock to get the remnants of my semen, then cleaned my cock off, pulling my foreskin back over the head of my cock.

I got off the bed and went over to her dresser and took a pair of very sheer black directoire knickers from it and went back to the bed. I told her to lift her ass up off the mattress and I would slip her knickers on her. She lifted her feet up in the air and I slid the legs on over her feet then began pulling them up over her legs.

I finally managed to get them pulled up to her waist and you could see her gold garter girdle and stocking tops through the very sheer black nylon.

I poured her one more shot of V.O and she poured it down the hatch and then finished the second bottle of beer that was left from earlier. I told her I would sl**p with her tonite and if she needed more cock during the night she could wake me up by sucking on my peter and I would fuck her again.

We turned over and went to sl**p.

It must have been about four in the morning when I felt the bed move and suddenly realized another person had gotten in bed with us. I tentatively reaached out and felt a nylon clad leg and knew immediately it was Agnes. I reached up to feel her cunt and it was sopping wet with semen dripping out of it. I figured I must have filled her fucking cunt pretty full if it was still leaking and her cunt hair was that wet.Her thighs were slippery too with semen, at least to the top of her stockings which she apparently had put on when she woke up. I felt them and found they were being held up with roll garters instead of a garter girdle. She had also put her cut out bra back on and turned and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to suck her teats. She was on her left side so I latched on to her right teat and began nursing. She purred softly as one does when they are contented. As I suckled her she reached down and caressed my cock and nuts, fondling my nuts very carefully.

I nursed her right teat for about five minutes then she turned on her back, spread her legs wide open so I could play with her sopping wet cunt and fed me her left teat. She whispered to me that she wanted me to play with her clit as I suckled her. I began rubbing her hairy semen slick cunt with my left hand as I continued to suckle her and it wasn't but a minute until I found her clit as hard as a cock.

Suddenly, Agnes whispered to me that she wanted me to mount her and give her another good fucking.

I got on my knees and she proceeded to open her cunt and I slipped my rock hard cock in clear up to her cervix. We are fucking away when suddenly Margaret wakes up and wants to know what the fuck is going on.

Her mother tells her to shut the fuck up because Johnny is fucking her and she doesn't want to be disturbed while he has his big cock inside her cunt. Agnes says "When he has filled my fucking cunt with his hot baby batter and has made me have a few climaxes I might let you clean the love juices of us off of his shrivelling up cock. In other words, you get what is left from him breeding me."

With that Agnes wrapped her nylon clad legs around my waist and pulled me inside her cunt as far as I could go. I just kept my swollen cock inside her pushed in up the my balls. I was going to keep my prick inside her wet cunt as long as she wanted it or until I shot my semen inside her.

Suddenly mommy slid over until she had her mouth at her mothers teat. She began sucking on Agnes's left teat and that set Agnes off. She couldn't believe she had a big cock stuck inside her cunt and her daughter nursing on her teat again. I felt her cunt get all wet and knew she had climaxed. She put her legs down and told me to ram my cock in and out of her cunt and to shoot my load of semen as quickly as I could.

I slid my cock in and out of her cunt until I shot my semen inside her. She pulled her legs back up and wrapped them around me again to keep my prick inside her. Meanwhile mommy was fastened to her mothers teat and sucking noisily on it.

Agnes humped and wiggled around until she finally just collapsed and quieted down.

I pulled my still leaking cock out of grandmothers cunt and the first thing I knew mommy was gobbling it and sucking the excess semen off of it until she got it all cleaned off. Then she just kept sucking on it and playing with my foreskin, pulling it back and then over the head of my cock like she was jacking me off.

I finally got off the bed and reached down and felt grandmas cunt. As I suspected, it was soaking wet. Granny said "Darling, go up to my room and get either my sheer black panties or my sheer black knickers and bring them down to me. I'm not going to wipe my cunt, but I don't want your love juice running down my legs all day today."

I went up and got her sheer black panties and as I started down the steps mommy came out and sat down on her chamberpot. I could hear her pissing as I came down the steps and it was really loud. She must really have had to piss badly. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I stopped and tweaked one of her nipples and pulled on her nipple ring a little bit. She finished pissing and just got off the potty without wiping her very wet pussy, fondling my dangling prick as she did so.

I went in the bedroom and told grandma to lift her butt off the matress and I would slip her panties on her. She raised her legs and I put them on her legs, then she raised her butt off the bed and I slipped them all the way up to her soaking wet cunt. She reached for my cock and pulled me toward her mouth. She stuck my cock in her mouth and began sucking on it like a lollipop.

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