Brenda's Video DebutbyBryant Layne©
Larry and his wife separated after twenty-three years of marriage. Three month earlier she started an affair with a friend. He had found out about it last month when coming home early catching her sucking the 'best friend' off.

It was the standard "We didn't plan it" excuse. Larry had no intentions of buying it. He physically tossed them both out naked. That was the beginning of a nasty divorce.

Prior to that Larry was getting laid at least three times a week. His wife was a great piece of ass. In retrospect, the woman must have been really good. Hell! The bitch was balling him and the best friend lately!

So now he was sexually frustrated. Being off the dating scene for over two decades he found it be a hassle. Larry found other ways to get the aggravation out. Drinking and watching X-rated videos was the outlet of choice. It really wasn't helping.

Their daughter, Brenda was at a nearby college. Larry had been keeping her stuff with him. Although she was an adult of twenty-two, he was going to be the parent available. He loved her just too much to allow another man to be 'Daddy' in any form.

How much of a loving parent he was going to be would become very obvious one rainy night. Larry had been putting the beers away that evening. He had four already underneath his belt and working on the fifth.

The lonely father was deep in a very hot video. He was slowly stroking a hard cock. It was fanning desires what would soon surface and take control.

He didn't hear Brenda repeatedly knocking on the door. She saw his car in the driveway. The upset daughter knew her daddy was home. The girl continually pounded.

Finally, Larry heard the knockings. The horny father jumps up releasing the stiff cock. It swings aimlessly. He quickly puts on a sweat pants and shirt He cautiously peeks through the window of the door.

There stands his daughter, dripping wet. Brenda was wearing a white mini dress that adhered to a magnificent, fit body. The rain had soaked to the skin. It made the outer garment invisible. A set of black lace bra and panties was completely exposed.

Perhaps it was the alcohol. Or maybe the video and/or a combination of both, but Larry's eyes automatically run up and down the girl's body. A hard cock twinges with desire.

"What the fuck are'ya doin', Man?" Larry scolds himself .

He opens the door and let Brenda in. The wet, sobbing girl wraps arms tightly around her father. The young nubile body feels good.

"Oh, Daddy," Brenda sobbed, "I really need to talk to ya."

He leads the crying daughter to the living room. They sit together on a large sofa. It was one of those excessively large type where for average adult feet seldom touch the floor when sitting back. His soon to be ex-wife fancied this style of furniture. It was 'fashionable'.

Larry holds her close, stroking the long blonde hair. He looks down at Brenda's still-wet and very visible breasts while they snuggle together. The horny father's mind justified that there is nothing wrong with just admiring the view. She was a damn sexy woman.

Larry had them move back to where they lean against the cushions. The pair was almost reclining. It gave a full-length view of his dazzling daughter.

Brenda wiggles a little in the seat to get more comfortable. The hem of the already too-short dress hikes up. It gives a peek of the black lace covered crotch.

"What's the problem, Brenda?" Larry says fatherly, "You can tell daddy anything, Baby"

"Oh Daddy," the shaking girl laments, "I've made a big mistake an' I'm so ashamed of myself," Brenda confesses.

"You're a good woman, Brenda," Larry reassures, "You have nothin' to be feeling guilty about."

At this point the sniffing daughter looks up at her father with teary pale blue eyes. She reaches into a large purse removing a videocassette. A trembling hand extends.

"Daddy," she suggests, "you might want to see this first before you continue to think I'm a good girl."

"What is it, baby?" he asks scanning the tape.

"I answered an ad to appear in a video," she reveals, "The pay was really good." The fearful daughter tries to excuse, "I shouldn't have, but it was kinda---, er---fun at the time." She continues to weakly explain, "I'd had a couple of drinks an' the guys made it sound so cool." Brenda tapers off, "I---,er--- well."

"Is this a movie of some kind?" Larry asks.

"Yes, daddy," Brenda answers.

"Honey," Larry offers, "let me get ya drink to help calm your nerves." He proposes, "We'll watch the video together." The loving father adds, "It might not as bad as what you think."

Larry goes into the kitchen and pulls out two beers. He quickly returns. She was still looking helpless when he handed his daughter the bottle.

The video is then place in the VCR slot. Both sit back on the large sofa. Brenda leans into Larry. He automatically places a comforting arm around his girl.

Brenda hastily gulps a drink. The daughter had not prepare the father at what was going to be shown. She was uneasy as to how he would react to the video. The fretful girl couldn't find the words to reveal what was on the tape.

Soon Larry was seeing his daughter on film totally striped. She stood there facing the camera, showing the world a perfect rack and hot pussy. This was followed with a view of a well-rounded ass. The father put the bottle on a nearby stand. A pillow goes over his lap to hide a full erection.

"This video is very tasteful, Brenda," Larry tries to ease her embarrassment, "The human body is a beautiful thing an' ya have nothin' to hide"

The action begins in the video with Brenda giving a blowjob to a big stud. Larry watches his daughter's lips circle the head of the man's large dick. The view was so close that you could see the precum.

The alcohol in Larry had decreased the normal hang-ups. The pillow was tossed. A tent was in the crotch of the pants was in plain view of Brenda.

"Damn," Larry awes.

The daughter looks over at her father. The bulge was noticed. Feelings of both startled and proud of the reaction cause tingling throughout the young body.

"Oh daddy," Brenda says, tying to maintain a little girl image, "I'm a bad girl."

"No, baby, don't continue to think you've done anything wrong." The turned on father eases, "It's a natural reaction. I'm only human." Larry reassures again, Bein' an erotica actress is nothin' to be ashamed of."

The video goes on for another ten minutes. His daughter's acts became more explicit. It was all Larry could do to keep from masturbating.

"Daddy," Brenda states showing the empty bottle, "I'm thirsty."

The beer was having its effect. She was feeling a confusion of sensations. The pretty blond feels she should be ashamed, but watching her daddy was making the girl hot.

"I wanna another beer." She asks, "Do'ya think you could get me another?"

Larry says nothing. He quickly moves into the kitchen and pulls two more beers from the refrigerator quickly. He hoped not to miss any action.

Father and daughter sip the drinks. They watch as Brenda had open wide to accept the big cock of the man. Another person had enters the scene now. It was a female. She starts playing with his daughter's large tits.

"Brenda, " Larry sits up, "you'll hav'ta excuse me for a few minutes." The horny father speeds from the room.

The stiff cock is released from the pants once he was alone. The turned on father begins stroking. The video scenes with his daughter were so exciting.

With eyes closed and the sensation of the masturbation, Larry didn't realize the door to the room had opens. Brenda walks in quietly. The daughter intently stares at her father jacking off. A young pussy was wet from the scene.

"You've got such'a big dick, Daddy," Brenda coos moving closer, "Your cock is so much bigger than any I've ever seen!" She awes moving even closer, "I'll bet it would fill my pussy so wonderfully."

Larry opens his eyes. Brenda was standing there looking at his cock with wide-eyes. Embarrassment rushes forward.

"Baby," he excuses, "I've been so horny lately." He meekly apologizes, "I've been alone."

"My mother has been a bitch to you," she spats meanly, "She had no right to fuck around on ya."

"Honey," Larry admits still holding the erection, "I'm in so badly need of a woman."

"I'm not your daughter tonight," Brenda states in a whispers as the still-damp clothes begin peeling off the sexy, young body.

Slowly the beautiful daughter pushes the straps off a set of alabaster shoulders. The wet dress slides down the trim body and to the floor. She steps out of the garment moving closer to Larry.

Brenda turns to have her father unhook the black lace bra. A nervous hand unclips it. The straps slip off the still wet shoulders. A set of 36C breasts topples out of the bra. They jiggle enticingly on release.

Larry's eyes remain glued on the curves of his daughter's beautiful body. She stands before him in only the black lace bikini panties. The girl is a gorgeous vision. It was hard for Larry to believe he could have ever seen this body with innocent eyes.

"Tonight," she hotly repeats extending arms around his neck, "I'm not your daughter." This is followed with a deep kiss on the lips.

She breaks the kiss and takes a step back. Larry grabs the hard cock. It is stroked faster.

Brenda kneels down in front of him. She removes the hand off of the hard cock. It is guided slowly toward a set of ruby lips. A soft tongue dances on the head of stiff cock. Pre-cum is emitted.

"Oh daddy," Brenda groans, "you taste so good."

A daughter's hot mouth inhales her father's cock fully. Larry had never been sucked so hard before. He could feel an experienced tongue lap and wash the stiff dick. He slowly pumps the hard rod into his girl's mouth.

"Fuck my mouth, daddy," Brenda moans, temporarily removing the erect shaft, "Oh please, fuck my mouth."

Larry pumps in and out of the sucking machine. Her lips feel like nothing he had ever experienced. It was a blowjob being done out of love not lust.

The sperm raise in the ball sac. He can feel it ready to explode. The forbidden cock is pulsating in his daughter's mouth.

"Oh my god, Baby!" He warns in a wail, "I'm gonna cum!" He pumps faster yelling, "I'm gonna cum now!"

Brenda sucks even deeper. The blond mane waves with the head bobbing. The girl wants to taste her daddy's sperm.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!" He shrieks as the first wave of cum exits the throbbing rod, "Oooooooooooooh!"

Brenda dutifully drinks all the taboo love juices. She hungrily swallows every drop. Larry had never had such a complete blowjob.

"Oh my god, baby," he pants, "You're a magnificent cocksucker!"

Brenda stands back up. The father/daughter lovers lock in a deep French kiss. Larry can taste himself in her mouth. It is exhilarating.

"Now," he hisses breaking the kiss, "It is my turn, little girl."

Larry begins kissing the long neck. The hot father softly trails down and onto the chest. He stops at the beautiful breasts. Firm hands cup them gently. Lifting each one, he showers gentle kisses on each nipple. An experienced mouth suckles one nipple and then the other.

"Oh my," Brenda sighs.

Her daddy is a skilled lover. He is sending pleasure thrills through her young body as no man has before. Her mother was insane to leave him.

Larry's hand slips down between Brenda's legs. He rubs the aching honey pot through lace bikini panties. The material was already wet from rain. Now she's adding to the dampness with her own juices.

Brenda's legs are weak. She drops to the floor. Larry goes with her. The father/ daughter is in the sixty-nine position.

Brenda has wanted for so long to have him touch her this way. The taboo cock is taken into a soft hand. The girl strokes her daddy tenderly.

"I want this cock," she whispers hungrily, "I wanna feel your cock in my mouth again."

Larry kicks off the sweat bottoms. He turns so she could take erect cock. The lusting father is more than willing to let his daughter's mouth pleasure him again.

Sliding fingers around the outside of the panties excited her even more. One probing digit moves up and down the moist slit. It found an engorged clit. It is teased delicately.

Larry slides the black lace panties off gently. A hot tongue licks lightly up the pink shaven lips. The taboo cunt taste like sugar.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Larry moans feeling his cock go deep into her mouth.

Brenda is devouring her daddy. The girl sucks on the long rod like it a lollipop. She enjoys the feel of the forbidden dick.

Larry's tongue parts the glistening lips. He inhales a sensitive skin. The father nibbles his daughter's clit lovingly.

The taboo lover's hips gyrate together. With uncontrolled lust they orally pleasured each other. Both want the other to expel the warm love juices into other's mouth.

"I want ya to fuck me so badly," a desire filled Brenda whispers, "I wanna feel this huge cock inside me."

The forbidden tool is once more completely devoured. She goes to hilt quickly. Feathery touches massage the full ball sac.

"Oh my baby," Larry groans, "Your lips around my cock feels so good," pumping easily the sex hazed father moans, "You taste so good. I don't wanna stop.

He licks faster. A long middle finger rubs the clit harder. Larry buries his head deep in his daughter's cunt.

Rounded hips buck and grind against his face. A climax is rising. Larry sucks even harder and licks faster. Brenda feels the first wave of a rising climax. She lets go of her father's cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh, daddy!" She groans loudly, "Ohhhhhhhhhh! I'm cummin'!"

A trembling cunt floods his face with the warm juices. A set of curvy legs tightens around Larry's head. He continues to hard suck and drink the escaping taboo fluids.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" She wails, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screams in lust, "Suck me dry, daddy! Suck your whore daughter dry!"

Her young body taunts and flaccid repeatedly as the waves of pleasure ebb and tide. Finally she goes flat. The large breasts heave and fall with post climaxic panting.

Larry quickly switches around to face his daughter. She smiles contentedly at him. A set of blue eyes sparkles.

"I need to feel ya cock inside me, father," she says huskily, "I've waited to feel you inside me for years now."

With a stiff rod near ready to explode, Larry rapidly positions himself between Brenda's thighs. The hardened cock points directly at a shimmering, pink cunt.

Larry takes the hard dick into his hand. It is guided to the wet twat. A penis tip teases an oversensitive clit. The hot father rubs it up and down his daughter's slit.

"Damn you, daddy," the impatient Brenda hisses, "Fuck me now!"

Larry is enjoying drawing out this act of i****t. He wants his little girl ready to burst on touch. The tip of the stiff rod slowly enters the taboo hole.

"Daddy!" she gasps arching a slender back off the carpeted floor.

Larry buries all of the hard shaft deep. It feels wonderful. It was the most sensational feeling ever to ever surround his cock. It was all he could do not to cum immediately.

Looking into the blue eyes, Larry sees the look of desire and love emanating. The hot father was pumping unhurriedly at first. But those eyes changed everything. He wants his little girl to be contorting in pleasure.

The lusting father increases the rhythm. The hard mature cock pushes deeper into her. The tender, young cunt is rammed wildly.

Brenda's hips lift with each withdrawal. A sexy, nubile body buckles with every thrust. A tight ass bounces on the floor with each repetition.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Yessssssss," she wails into the room, "Fuck me hard, Daddy!" The lust driven daughter screams, "I need it so badly! I want ya to fill up my cunt with your juices, Daddy!"

Hearing these words come from his little girl had Larry even hotter. He drives the hard cock deeper into her pussy. The pleasure-making hole is almost attack savagely.

"Goddamn you, girl!" He moans loudly, "You're gotta whore's cunt!" He yowls.

"Yes daddy," she pants, "yessss!" Brenda squeals, "I do have a whore's cunt! For you father! I'm your whore!"

Larry suddenly pulls out. He stops just the tip of his cock was inside her. He loved teasing Brenda this way. It made this all hotter.

"No, Daddy!" she cries out,! Don't Stop!"

Larry pushes forward. The hot father thrust deeper into her. The curvy legs wrap around him tightly. He won't be able to pull out again.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" Brenda moans, "Harder! Fuck me harder!!"

Larry begins ramming with long, deep strokes. Brenda pushes up to meet every thrust. The taboo lovers bounce in unison.

Brenda's eyes were closed. A pair of ruby lips opens to form silent moans. The daughter gasps as he drives the air out of her each time the thick cock goes deep.

A pair of anxious hands reaches around him and grasps a mature ass. A pair of excited hands squeeze. The sex driven daughter pushes him deeper.

Larry's hands reach under her to grip the firm, young ass. His lips find a young breast. The father's teeth gently tug the daughter's nipple.

"Oh, Ohhhh! Yess!" she grunts, "Da---, Dad---, Dadddy!" the sexy daughter pants, "I'm cummin'!" she wails, "Ohmigod!" she cried out between thrusts. "Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Larry feels the spasms rising deep inside her. The tight, young vagina milks his plummeting rod. Her toes curl. Brenda's heels dig into his back. He couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh, Baby!" he gasps, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes!" Brenda screams as another orgasm captures her body, "Cum inside me! Daddyyyyyy!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Larry shouts, "Yes! Yessssssss! Yesssssssss!"

The father's hot sperm rises as he pushes deep into Brenda. He grinds against his daughter as the taboo cum rushes forward. Vision darkened, spots danced before his eyes. Larry's whole body tenses with an experience that is the most intense pleasure ever felt.

The forbidden lovers fall apart. They laid next to one another. Both panting and gasping for air. Their bodies coated with a sheen of sweat and sex juices.

After a few minutes, Brenda grins at Larry devishly. A set of pale blue eyes sparkles. Suddenly she sits up.

"You know it isn't a complete act of i****t without doin' it all," she sexily comments.

"What would that be?" Larry questions also sitting up.

The sexy blond stands up quickly. A large rack jiggles and bounces with the sudden movement. She holds out a hand.

Larry grabs his daughter's and she tugs. He was standing directly in front of her. An erected cock wiggles and waves vulgarity. Without a word the two locked in a deep French kiss.

"Now," Brenda announces breaking the kiss, "let's finish this act."

The hot daughter leads her father into the den. They move to a large desk in the middle of the room. She pulls away and bends over the desk.

"Please, fuck me in the ass, daddy," Brenda begs wiggling a firm ass, "I wanna feel your hard cock in my ass."

Larry loved anal sex. His soon to be ex-wife didn't. So he didn't get it as much as he liked to have.

"Whack! Whack!" He slaps each tight ass cheek. It made him harder.

"Ohhhh!" Brenda coos, "I know I've been a bad girl, but a spankin' before I get butt fucked? I think not."

Larry easily slips his cock into the pink anus. It was a warm and tight fit. His daughter's ass was a wonderful as her cunt.

"Oooooooo," Brenda moans feeling her father's cock enter.

Lust surges up the parent's body. He wants this to be hard and hot. Larry immediately rams deep into the young anus.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Brenda screams with anal pleasure, "Butt fuck me daddy!"

Brenda's ass goes wild. Larry feels like he was riding an untamed bronco. In and out the hard mature dick repeatedly plummets. The large ball sac slaps off her cunt. It echoes throughout the room.

Brenda is rocked with her father's plunging. Her body vibrates with lust. Another climax was rising. Again, her father was giving satisfaction like no man had before.

Larry could finally no longer hold back. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he screams exploding inside Brenda's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh God!" Brenda moans loudly as she bucks away.

The two continue until the last waves of climaxes are completed. They collapse onto the desk. Larry on top of Brenda.

"My mother was a bitch," Brenda calmly indicts. Snuggling her head back into Larry's neck she promises, "I'll will always give up a piece o' ass whenever you want, Daddy."

"Thank, Baby," Larry responds kissing the tender neck.

With a giggled the girl remarks, "Thanks, daddy. You always make me feel better when I'm havin' a problem."

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