Holiday CheerleaderbyBella_Seni©
The end of the first quarter of Julie's freshman year at college couldn't come fast enough for her. The anxiety that existed in September had not faded much by the middle of December. She and a dozen or so of her former high school classmates who all attended the same college were anxious to get back home and into the more familiar surroundings of their friends and families.

The small group had hung together during the fall quarter, urging each other on when classes got tough…and partying long into the weekend nights. Now, every night was a weekend—at least until January—and they promised to keep in touch with each other.

Julie's mother, Marie, was especially glad to have her daughter home. A single parent, Marie had the arduous task of keeping track of eighteen year old Julie and her twenty year old b*****r, Justin. College was mostly paid for by insurance collected after the death of her husband. But, she also worked as a paralegal during the day and part-time model on nights and weekends.

Most people were surprised when they learned Marie was thirty eight years old. She looked and acted much younger, allowing the modeling firm to put her in twenty-something clothes without hesitation. She was popular with friends of all ages—including her k**s' friends.

During Julie's and Justin's high school years, their house was often the place to go for parties. Marie was known as a tolerant, yet watchful, parent. Her good looks and playful attitude actually made the party-goers hope she was there…not something they could say about all parents. But Marie kept her distance. She was like the plain clothes cop in the mall. Her job was to keep the peace without interfering. She did it well.

It only took one week for Julie and her friends to plan the first holiday gathering. Naturally, Julie volunteered her house. Then she bothered to ask her mother if it was alright, fully expecting an 'OK'.

"Who's going to be here?" Marie asked when presented with the plan.

"Everybody," Julie replied. "Christine. Debbie. The whole gang from school."

"Any guys?"

Julie rolled her eyes. "Of course. Have you ever seen us get together without guys? And if you're wondering, Todd will be there."

Marie tried to look taken aback by the comment. "Why would I wonder about that?"

"Because I think you like him."

Marie shrugged. "Of course I like him. He's a good k**…"

"And he's gorgeous and sexy. I've seen the way he looks at you," Julie said.

"Julie! He doesn't 'look' at me," Marie exclaimed.

"Yeah, right. Anyway, he'll be there. And I think it's time we start trying to get Justin and Christine together," Julie said.

"That would be neat," Marie said, wishing she hadn't shown her age—once again—with such an ancient term. "I think the only reason he went to football games was to watch her cheer."

"I'll make sure he's there. And if I promise Todd comes you'll allow me to have the party?"

"Oh, shut up," Marie said as she got up to leave. Julie had heard the words before and knew the party was on.


It was a year and a half since Marie's husband died. The first Christmas without him wasn't really a holiday at all for the f****y. Since then, Julie and Justin went out of their way to engage their Mom in fun activities and anything else that seemed to rejuvenate her.

Marie's social life had all but disappeared. Finally, the lack of companionship was beginning to wear on her. For months she resisted invitations to be with men because it was disrespectful to her deceased husband. But now she looked forward to her k**s' parties again, even if she wondered if it was right to anticipate being around the younger guys—like Todd.

Marie questioned herself again when, on the day of the party, she rummaged through her closet looking for something suitable to wear.

'God, Marie. It's a bunch of college k**s. Just wear anything,' she thought to herself.

Instead, she took several minutes to find the perfect red top that buttoned down the front and clung snugly to her firm body. Another few minutes allowed her to locate the tightest designer jeans she owned—and still fit into. She had modeled both articles recently and got rave reviews from the modeling firm's client.

'You ARE desperate,' Marie thought when she stood dressed in front of the mirror. She studied, from many angles, the affect her bare nipples had on the top. 'Like some nineteen year old dude is actually going to pay attention.'

Despite her reservations, Marie found herself unbuttoning one more button at the top of the shirt. Satisfied that the proper amount of cleavage was showing, she walked out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom to work on makeup.

An hour before the first of Julie's friends was scheduled to arrive, Marie was in the kitchen finishing up the preparations. Justin walked in behind his Mom and couldn't help but take a long look at Marie's small, tight ass. As she turned around, his eyes moved up to her chest.

"Oh. Hi, Justin," Marie said, wiping her hands on a towel.

"Hi, Mom. You look…great," Justin said, slightly embarrassed at saying that to his mother. "I like the top."

Marie instantly knew her fears were warranted. When her own son had to comment on it, it was probably too revealing. "Thanks. Are you going to stick around?"

"Yeah. I told Julie I would. I hope she's not trying to set me up with somebody."

Marie smiled to herself at her son's intuition. But then, he was two years older than Julie and had done his own share of trying to hook up his s****r with one of his friends.

"She'd never do that," Marie lied. Justin's look told her he didn't believe it.

Justin grabbed a snack and, after one last glance at his mother's outstanding chest, left her alone in the kitchen.

People started arriving soon after the designated hour and Julie and Justin were instantly mingling. Marie stayed mainly in the kitchen, wandering out only occasionally to make sure the house wasn't being trashed and to prevent, or attempt to prevent, the use of i*****l substances. She wasn't always successful, but the k**s were good about it, not wanting to blow a good thing in the use of Julie's big house.

Marie knew everybody attending. The tightly knit group formed in high school and stuck together despite containing every conceivable personality type. One voice, in particular, caused Marie to smile when she heard it—Christine's.

The former cheerleader captain and Homecoming queen finalist was clearly a leader among the group. Her personality demanded attention, but not in an egotistical way. She loved to have fun, but was never out of control. And then there were her looks.

No guy who ever saw her could NOT want her. Her long, blonde hair, cute face, ample breasts, little waist, faultless ass and shapely legs made her the perfect package. If the rumors Marie heard were true, most of the guys in high school who wanted to have her were given the opportunity. Was she now attempting to do an entire college campus, Marie wondered?

And what about Justin? Had he already 'done' her and Julie wanted a more permanent relationship between them? These were questions Marie suspected a mother would never know the answers to…maybe for the better.

If Christine's was the voice Marie heard the most, the body she sought out most often was Todd's. Marie had downplayed Julie's comments about him looking at her, but the truth was she chose her outfit with him in mind. He wasn't the most muscular or smartest k** she knew, but he oozed sex appeal. He had a self-assurance that projected to anybody who got close to him. Watching him progress through his teen years was fun for Marie, but now that he was nineteen, she saw him more as a target of her mature desires.

However, some simple math caused her to think twice: nineteen times two was thirty eight. Marie was twice Todd's age. But that didn't stop her body from responding every time she caught a glimpse of him in his jeans. During the last couple summers, when the k**s were hanging out around her pool, she nearly had to restrain herself from grabbing at the front of his swimming suit.

Little did she know that Todd was dreaming of Marie tanning topless when she was alone; or him spreading lotion over her body, followed by a long session of hard fucking. And now he looked into the kitchen to look, once more, at the older woman in her red top and tight pants.

Marie was pulling more pop out of the refrigerator when she saw him out of the corner of her eye, walking up to her.

"Need help?"

Her arms full, Marie stood up and turned to face Todd. "Oh, hi Todd. No. Thanks. I think I've got it."

She placed the cans on the table and nervously wiped her hands on her jeans. Their eyes met and Marie felt that familiar tingle run through her body. She instantly admonished herself for acting like…like Julie.

"Are you going to stay in here and spy on us all night?" Todd said.

"I don't spy on you," Marie said with mock disgust.

"What do you think is the most trouble we can get into?"

"Let's see: burn my house down, get d***k and try to drive home, do d**gs and get us all arrested. Should I go on?" she asked.

"So everything else is OK?" Todd said, taking a Coke from the table and pulling the tab open.

Marie could feel her heart racing. "No. Don't you get it? I don't trust any of you."

Todd caught her sheepish grin, trying desperately to keep his eyes from wandering all over her chest. "Christine's the one to worry about, you know."

"Oh? Why's that?"

Todd laughed. "Don't play dumb with me. Julie's on a mission to get her and Justin together. I'd keep an eye on it."

Marie smiled. "So I've heard. Are you afraid of the competition?"

Todd's eyes widened. He started to say something, but stopped himself. He hesitated, and then said, "She doesn't interest me…anymore."


Justin looked over the shoulder of the girl he was talking to and locked in on the long legs protruding from the bottom of Christine's short denim skirt. When she was standing it didn't seem that short, but as she sat on the couch across the room from him very little was left to the imagination. Justin smiled, nodded and listened half-heartedly to the small talk being offered by his friend. His mind was otherwise occupied with picturing the last few inches hidden under Christine's skirt.

After interjecting a few words and letting his friend continue on her rant, Justin pondered the shape and size of the tits partially concealed by Christine's shirt. He had seen her in a bikini plenty of times, but he was always looking—never touching. Tonight, he had a strong urge to touch.

Once the opportunity arose to break away from his conversation, he took advantage and headed towards the end of the room containing the couch. That's when he realized that Julie was also in the group surrounding Christine.

"Justin! Where have you been?" Julie asked her b*****r.

He looked over his shoulder. "Talking to Erica. You know how THAT is?"

Everybody nodded and a few groans were uttered. Christine looked up at Justin, her eyes seemingly filled with mischief. "Julie said you're pretty good at Guitar Hero."

"I'm getting there," Justin conceded.

"I can't win a challenge. Ever. I suck."

Justin thought about the irony of Christine's statement. Unless, of course, she fully realized what she was saying. Justin could never tell with her. "Concentrate."

Christine stared at him oddly. "That's all there is to it?"

Justin smiled. "Sign up for lessons."

"I'm broke," Christine said.

"We can negotiate."

Julie made sure her b*****r hung around for a while now that he and Christine were together. Not that Justin wanted to return to Erica. He only hoped that he could control his erection while continuing to catch peeks of the cheerleader's legs and breasts.

About a half hour later, to Justin's surprise, Christine was standing next to him and speaking very softly into his ear, "I want a lesson."

She waited for his response. Justin looked into her eyes for a second and then started to walk. "C'mon."

On the way to the steps leading upstairs, they passed Julie. Christine grabbed her by the arm and all three of them headed up the steps. Julie didn't have to ask what was going on. Justin led them down the hall and into his large bedroom. It was messy, but not to the point where Justin was too embarrassed to have the girls inside. He pushed the door shut behind them.

"Christine said she wanted a lesson on Guitar Hero," Justin said, looking at Julie.

"Who said anything about Guitar Hero?" Christine replied as she inched closer to Justin. "You've been looking at me all night like you wanted to see something. Do you?"

"Uh, I think I'll leave you two…," Julie started to say.

Christine's head snapped around. "No. Don't go."

Julie was half turned towards the door. Her look of confusion was evident to both Justin and Christine.

"Apparently neither of you knows me as well as you thought," Christine said. "I'd like both of you to stay."

The implications struck the b*****r and s****r hard enough to keep them speechless.

"It'll be fun. Nobody will get hurt," Christine said, finally moving close enough to Justin to touch his body with hers.

Justin didn't need much convincing. His erection was telling him he'd do almost anything at this point to get his hands on Christine. He wasn't too concerned about his s****r's involvement. Julie, however, was going to be a harder sell.

"I don't know, Christine. It's…you know…a little bit…."

"It's sex among friends," Christine said. She put her hand on Justin's crotch, lightly touching his bulging pants. "Just watch if you want, Julie. But please stay."

Julie couldn't believe she was seriously thinking about staying. But then she watched Justin and Christine begin to kiss and Justin's hand gripping Christine's ass from on top of her little skirt. She found herself mesmerized, unable to move.

As the kiss lingered, Justin was using both hands to find the bottom of the skirt, slowly sliding up the backs of Christine's thighs. From where she stood, Julie soon saw the bottom of Christine's ass, which was quickly covered by her b*****r's outstretched fingers.

Christine ground her body into Justin's crotch, rubbing her pussy against him harder with each passing second. Justin responded by firmly holding her ass and pulling her even closer. Julie's entire body quivered for an instant, and the first hint of moisture gathering on her panties became evident to her.

As soon as the kiss ended, Christine's hands were working on getting Justin's pants open. She quickly had them unbuttoned and the zipper pulled down. She slid her hand inside Justin's boxers and repositioned his hard cock so that it was pointing up. A couple hard squeezes and she could feel it hardening even more.

Justin looked past Christine and at his s****r. "Take off her shirt, Julie."

The order was calm and direct. Julie stepped behind Christine and took hold of the bottom of the shirt with shaky hands. As if trying not to break anything, she lifted the shirt until it was up to Christine's head. When Julie saw Christine tilt her head back, she finished taking it off.

Julie tossed the shirt aside and stared at her friend's bare back. She saw her b*****r gaze longingly at the naked breasts in front of him. Christine stroked him inside his boxers.

After a few seconds, Christine began the process of removing Justin's pants. She pushed them down and then kneeled down in front of him and removed the pants and his shoes. Both Justin and Julie took whatever opportunities they had to catch a glimpse of Christine's fabulous breasts.

Rather than standing back up, Christine got on her knees and ran her hand over the front of Justin's boxers. She felt the outline of his cock, the lowered the boxers and threw them aside.

This time it was the girls who were studying the long, thick erection jutting out between Justin's legs. If Julie felt uncomfortable, that feeling was overwhelmed by the horniness building up inside her. She didn't care who it belonged to, the cock she was looking at was wonderful.

Julie stepped quietly to one side, getting a better view of both Justin and Christine.

"I think Guitar Hero can wait," Christine said. "I want that cock."

She put one hand between the cock and Justin's body, then moved forward until she could pull the hard shaft onto one of her tits. She rolled it back and forth across her nipple before settling it between her two, large breasts. Christine pushed in on both sides and allowed Justin to slowly fuck her tits.

Julie saw him close his eyes and grimace when Christine squeezed him tighter. The tip of his cock glowed a bright pink from the attention it was getting. And Julie suspected that Christine was only warming up.

"Get him naked," Christine said, looking over at Julie.

Once again, it was Julie's job to remove a shirt, which she did without hesitation. She found herself trying not to touch his bare skin, but that was impossible. From behind her b*****r, she resisted pressing her throbbing pussy against his ass. She wasn't quite THAT horny yet. But she was close.

Christine's next move totally caught Julie by surprise. Christine got Justin's attention and said, "Come on. It's no fair Julie is the only one fully dressed."

Christine stood and moved over to Julie. Despite knowing it was coming, Julie leaned away slightly when Christine reached for her top. Before Julie had time to think much about it, she was standing topless in front of her b*****r and best friend. She wanted to fold her arms in front of her chest, or turn away, or something.

Instead, Christine lightly placed her hands under each breast and, to Julie's dismay, leaned in to lick one of the nipples. Several firsts took place for Julie: the first time another girl had licked her breast; the first time another girl had licked her breast in front of her b*****r; the first time another girl had licked her breast in front of her naked and stiffly erect b*****r.

The next lick wasn't as tender. This time, Christine put as much of Julie's tit into her mouth as she could, sucking on it roughly and nibbling on the nipple.

"Oh my God, Christine," Julie moaned. "Stop!"

But the blonde beauty just switched tits and worked on that nipple instead. When she took her mouth away, she looked at Justin. "Well, are you going to join me?"

Justin's mouth fell open, but no words came out.

"Come on," Christine urged.

Justin was afraid to directly look into his s****r's face. His brain said no, but the rest of his body made him lean forward. As if a f***e was controlling him, Justin took his s****r's breast into his mouth and sucked on it while Christine did likewise to the other.

"No. No! Justin! Christine! Stop!" Julie cried out, a double shot of pleasure surging through her pussy. Nobody seemed to hear her. Both tits took the brunt of a prolonged attack. Within seconds, the nipples were fully extended and sensitive beyond anything Julie had ever experienced.

Somehow, Christine managed to get hold of one of Julie's hands. Slowly and without using f***e, she moved it over and let it touch Justin's cock. Julie's fingers instinctively wrapped around the erection and Christine let her go. Nothing was making sense to Julie now and she couldn't let go of Justin's cock. She stroked it like it belonged to some dude she'd never met before.

Justin didn't look down, but he had a pretty good idea it wasn't Christine bringing him dangerously close to an orgasm. He concentrated on his s****r's tender, young breast and the incredible feeling of her hard nipple on his tongue.

A minute or two later, Justin and Christine backed away and Julie let go of Justin's cock like it was something hot. They were silent for a second, each catching their breath.

"OK. I think I need you guys naked. And fast," Justin said.

Both girls seemed content with doing anything that allowed them to take a break from the intensity of what had occurred already. First Christine, and then Julie, started to get undressed. They both stared at Justin's pulsating cock as they removed the last of their clothes. They were all equal now—not b*****r and s****r and friend. But three extremely horny people who desperately needed each other.

Christine was the first to move, closing in on Justin and putting his cock in her hand. He returned the favor by massaging her breasts until she crouched down in front of him. Christine licked him a couple times, and then said to Julie, "There's plenty for both of us."

"No. I don't think I…should," Julie said shyly, already self-conscious of being naked in front of her b*****r.

"Don't be silly," Christine said. "Close your eyes and pretend it's somebody else."

Julie watched her friend return to servicing her very erect b*****r. Julie had to admit that she was turned on and very tempted. Still, she told Christine: "I just don't…you know…"

Christine was sucking Justin deep into her mouth. Justin's eyes were closed. Not that Julie needed an opening, but that allowed her to drop to her knees and shift next to Christine.

The beautiful blonde smiled at Julie and let Justin's cock dangle free. Her look implied, 'Take it.'

Julie did. She lightly held Justin's cock and kissed it on the side. It took all the willpower she had to actually let her tongue touch it. But as soon as she did, and Christine joined her, then all of Julie's qualms went away. The two of them began working the cock like they hadn't seen one in ages.

Julie only hesitated for a second before putting the cock inside her mouth for the first time. But once it was there, she sucked it and licked it not caring who it belonged to. Only once did she feel a slight desire to want to please her older b*****r. Mostly, she was just extremely horny.

While July was giving her b*****r a blowjob, Christine moved to the bed and laid on her back. Her pussy was right on the edge of the bed, facing Justin and just a couple feet away.

Julie looked over, and then up at Justin. "I think she wants you."

"Do you mind?"

Julie looked surprised. "Of course not. As long as I get to watch."

"You can help," Justin said as he moved over to Christine. "She seems to love having her tits licked."

"Oh, God. You guys are intent on turning me into a slut. A bisexual one at that."

Justin wasn't going to wait for his s****r to debate with herself whether to participate or not. The girl he'd fantasized about so often in the past was lying naked on his bed with her legs spread, waiting for him to fuck her. He walked between her legs and placed his hands under her thighs. With Christine's ass just barely on the bed, he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt.

Christine eagerly moved it into place and helped get the thick head inside her. Then she let Justin take over. There wasn't a whole lot he had to do. Christine was very wet and ready—Justin just pushed.

"Ahhhh, fuck," Christine moaned as Justin's dick disappeared inside her. Julie felt a shiver go through her pussy as she tried to imagine what Christine just experienced. Then Justin began seriously fucking the beautiful girl.

With the sound of her b*****r's cock sliding in and out of her friend, Julie slid onto the bed and looked at the large breasts swaying back and forth. At first she simply touched them, feeling the fullness of the tits in her palm. Then Julie squeezed the nipple and rolled it between her fingers.

If she had any reservations about what would come next, they quickly vanished. Julie leaned down and began licking the area around Christine's nipple. Once she was over the initial anxiety of having sex with Christine, she began sucking on the tit with enthusiasm.

Justin was holding Christine up by the ass now, drilling her harder and faster each time he watched his s****r suck on Christine's beautiful tits. His cock throbbed from the pressure of the wet pussy lips squeezing him more firmly as the fuck continued.

Christine's moans grew louder and more frequent. With Julie nibbling at her nipples and Justin pounding her with his cock, she wasn't going to last long.

"Almost there," Christine managed to say. "Harder, Justin. Harder!"

Justin was already slamming his body into the cheerleader's each time his cock entered her. But her words brought him closer to his own orgasm.

A moment later, Christine cried out, "Now! Yesssssss. I'm…cumming!"

Christine's body stiffened and she arched her back. With both hands gripping the bed covers, she squealed and started to cum.

Julie had never been around another female when she came, let alone be involved in helping it happen. She watched and listened for a second, then attacked Christine's breasts even harder than before. She felt a hand on the back of her head, pushing her face more firmly against a tit. Julie felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Meanwhile, the constant contracting of Christine's pussy around his cock brought Justin to the edge. He didn't know whether to cum in her or not, so he took the safe route. He pulled out his cock and laid it on her stomach.

Just as he started to reach for it, Julie wrapped her hand around it. She could feel Christine's juices on the thick shaft and it helped her speed up her stroking. With Christine looking down at her stomach, Justin groaned and got ready to cum.

The first shot of warm, white cum reached Christine's tits and Julie had to jerk her head out of the way to avoid getting covered herself. She never stopped stroking her b*****r, watching shot after shot of cum cover Christine's body. By the time Justin begged her to stop, several pools of semen existed within inches of Julie's face.

"Wow. You two make a great team," Christine sighed. "I'm impressed."

"Trust me. We don't do this all the time," Justin said, his cock only semi-deflated.

"I better go get a towel," Julie said, bouncing off the bed and heading for the bedroom door. After a quick glance down the hallway to make sure nobody was in sight, she dashed toward the bathroom.


"So if Christine doesn't interest you, who does?" Marie asked Todd.

"I like…more mature women."

Marie grinned. "You shouldn't have any problem finding them at school."

"I mean a real woman. Somebody who knows what a guy wants," Todd said. "With a mind to go along with her body. Somebody older than the girls at school."

Marie moved from one side of the kitchen to the other, doing anything she could to keep her eyes off the guy who was slowly driving her wild. She felt herself losing control and, if their conversation continued, she was afraid she'd drag him onto the table and fuck him right there.

"A smart, good looking guy of nineteen would interest most women I know," Marie finally said.

There was a brief silence while Todd watched Marie. Then he said, "I've heard you do modeling."

Marie was stunned by the sudden change in subject, but somewhat glad to get her mind off what type of woman Todd wanted.

"Yeah, a little," Marie admitted bashfully.

"Do you have copies of the pictures?"

Marie thought for an instant about lying, but she was a lousy liar. "A few."

"I'd like to see them." Todd spoke in a tone that almost dared Marie to refuse.

"I only do it part time. There's a reason for that," Marie said. "You'd know why if you saw the shots."

"You must be good or they wouldn't keep using you. I want to see them."

Marie was nearly shaking. She was already imagining the two of them in a room looking at the pictures…sitting close, maybe touching every now and then.

Marie stood next to him and tried to look casual. "OK. But you're going to be very, very disappointed."

"I doubt that," Todd said.

"Follow me."

Marie walked out of the kitchen and toward the steps with Todd right behind. For some reason, she didn't want anybody knowing that she was taking Todd upstairs. But her excitement outweighed her fears and the pair were soon entering a spare bedroom.

Marie shut the door behind them. She looked directly at Todd and said, "I swear, Todd. If I hear that you tell anybody about this, you're never welcome in this house again."

"I promise," Todd said with a smile that didn't make Marie feel a whole lot more secure.

Marie sat at an old desk and turned on the PC that sat on the floor by her legs. She opened a drawer and fumbled through a series of CDs until finding the one she wanted. Once the computer was booted up, she slid the CD into the player and waited. Todd stood behind her, watching the media player come to life on the monitor.

"This was some of my earliest stuff. I'll show you this one because I'm a little bit younger and a lot skinnier in them," Marie said. Both descriptions were lies: the pictures were less than two years old and Marie's weight hadn't changed in more than ten years thanks to exercise and careful eating.

The first image was of Marie in a summery outfit…certainly nothing too revealing. A few more shots of Marie in light-weight blouses and dress shorts flashed by, with typical studio backdrops behind her.

"Have you done swim suits or lingerie?" Todd asked patiently.

Marie grinned. She knew she wouldn't get away with her most innocent pictures for long, and she loved Todd's candor.

"You can't possibly want to see me in anything like that?" Marie said.

"Show me, and I'll decide."

Marie went back to the thumbnail screen, found the beginning of a new section of photos, and clicked on the first one. The picture showed Marie standing in front of an old-fashioned full-length mirror, dressed in a sheer night gown. The lighting accentuated her full breasts and firm, round ass without actually showing them in detail. Still, the silhouette effect was enough to get Todd's attention.

"Very nice," he said softly.

Marie slowly progressed through another half dozen pictures of her in the gown, finishing with one of her lying on a bed. Her breasts were barely covered and the gown slid up her thighs nearly to her ass.

"Wow," Todd said, his cock finally reacting to the series of pictures. "Do you get to keep any of these clothes?"

"Some. Not all," Marie said. "You like that one?"

"On you, yes." Todd stared at the screen. "Show me more."

Marie felt her pussy responding to Todd's enthusiasm. She had never thought a whole lot about the sensual nature of most of her pictures, but enjoyed the fact she might be teasing the gorgeous young man.

She returned once again to the thumbnails and moved nearly to the end of the page to select a picture. This time, Marie was in a light blue bikini in front of a beach scene. As often as Todd and his friends had been to Marie's house to use the pool, he'd never seen her in a bikini. His eyes focused on her tits, then moved down past her firm stomach to the perfectly formed V between her legs. His cock pressed against his pants, desperate for relief.

The room was silent as Marie moved from one picture to the next. Todd put his hands on the top of the chair. Marie could almost feel his breathing on her neck.

"Those are great," he finally said.


Another few seconds passed. Then Todd said, "Have you ever done any a little more…you know…private."

Marie wasn't sure she was thinking the same thing he was. "Like what?"

Todd was afraid he was going to go somewhere he shouldn't, but was too turned on from the pictures to help himself. "You know…more erotic."

Marie's heart jumped as soon as the word came out of Todd's mouth. Yes, he WAS thinking the same thing as her. And YES, she DID have some pictures like that.

"Maybe," she said coyly.

"I'd like to see them."

"Why?" Marie asked without turning her head around.

It wasn't the question Todd expected. He was lost, at first, for a response. Was she playing a game? What did she want him to say?

"Because I think you're very pretty. And you have a great body. And any good photographer would want to capture that."

Marie might not have taken the next step if Todd hadn't thrown in the last line. It made him sound even more mature than he was…and that made Marie feel more at ease.

"Not a word about this—promise?"

"I swear."

Marie took out the CD, dug into the drawer again, and pulled out a disk with no label. She inserted it into the drive and sat back, attempting to control her nervousness. When the player came on the screen, she instantly went into slideshow mode and paused it at the first picture.

On the monitor, Todd and Marie looked at a picture of Marie on a bed in another piece of lingerie. This one was see-through and Marie obviously had nothing on underneath. She was on her side with her head in her hand. Her legs were slightly bent at the knees. Only the nipples of her breasts were covered by thin material. Slender straps held the gown in place on her shoulders.

Marie clicked the mouse and the next picture came up. She was halfway rolled onto her back, one strap slipping down her arm and the breast on that side nearly exposed in full. Another click of the mouse and she was on her back, the strap at her elbow and one nipple visible.

"Oh my God," Todd whispered. He gazed at the large breast rising from Marie's chest and the bright pink nipple rising above that. He repositioned his cock as discreetly as possible, but Marie could see him in the reflection on the monitor.

The next picture showed Marie with her fingers lightly touching the side of her exposed breast. She had a look of youthful innocence on her face, as if she was touching herself for the very first time. Her lips were barely parted.

Three pictures later, the negligee was pulled down below Marie's breasts and she was covering one with her hand. The erect nipple stuck up between her fingers and Marie's mouth expressed the sense of a woman clearly stimulated.

"Did that turn you on?" Todd asked while they both stared at the screen.

"Kind of," Marie admitted. "Does it turn you on to see it?"

Todd didn't hesitate to say, "Absolutely."

He moved a hand onto Marie's shoulder. Looking down from where he stood behind her, Todd could easily see inside her top. A sufficient amount of her breasts were visible to convince him she hadn't changed much since the pictures were taken. When Marie brought up the next picture…of her lying on her back and the negligee pushed down to her waist…Todd slid his fingers insider her top.

Marie's entire body quivered from his touch. She felt his fingers stop at the very top of her breasts. She clicked to show a new picture. This one showed Marie spreading her legs, one hand holding a small amount of material over her pussy. The only thing separating her from complete nudity was a narrow strip of the negligee around her waist and what was held by her hand.

Todd continued moving his hand down until it totally covered Marie's right breast. He touched her nipple with a tentative motion, afraid she would end everything at any moment. When she didn't protest, he gripped her more firmly.

Marie's head leaned back against Todd's body. He heard her moan as he manipulated her nipple between his fingers. The nipple grew harder and longer the more he squeezed it. Marie gasped with each pinch.

"Do you have any of you naked?" Todd asked in a low, deep voice. He did not sound desperate to her; it was almost an erotic voice.

Marie simply clicked the mouse. The next photo showed her on her stomach with the negligee d****d across her ass. Todd could see her breasts pressed against the bed. Her ass was barely covered with her gown.

Todd opened a button on Marie's top. Then another. He moved his hand back across her breast and kneaded it gently. Then the moved to the opposite breast and did the same.

Marie moved to a new picture—one with the negligee d****d across the back of her knees. She was naked otherwise and Todd froze while staring at the beautiful curves of her back, hips and ass. After a few seconds, he finished unbuttoning her top. He pushed it open slowly and smoothly, revealing Marie's chest as gently as possible. Little did he know Marie was ready to rip the top off her him if he wanted.

Another picture popped up and Todd finally got his wish. Marie was on her side, both breasts fully visible and one leg slightly bent. The only thing hidden was her pussy. He u*********sly played with her breasts while devouring her image with his eyes.

"Should I go on or is that enough?" Marie asked.

"Please go on. You're beautiful," Todd replied.

"Take off my shirt," Marie said, looking up at Todd.

She leaned forward and waited for Todd to pull the top off her arms. Without saying anything else, she clicked to the next picture. Todd saw Marie in a post very similar to the previous one, except her legs were stretched out and the thin strip of hair above her clit was visible, but not her entire pussy. He wondered if the next few pictures would do that far.

He didn't have to wait long. The next shot was from an angle more directly above Marie, looking down on her nude body, legs slightly opened. It was an awkward, yet very sensual, picture of a stunning lady. Marie knew it wasn't her best, so she quickly moved to the next picture, which was similar but with her arms and legs much more comfortably positioned. It was as if she was telling anyone looking at the picture: "I'm ready."

Todd stood with his hands on Marie's tits, unable to take his eyes off the screen. Eventually, he came out of his trance and moved around to the side of the chair. Marie looked at him. Todd leaned down and put his hand under her right breast. Then he moved closer and lightly licked the nipple. Marie leaned back with a moan.

Todd instantly put his mouth around her tit and began sucking and licking as much as he could. Marie held him closer and felt him bite her harder.

"Oh, God. Todd. Yes!"

For several minutes, he attended to her breasts until she thought she would cum. Marie grabbed Todd's crotch and rubbed his erection through his pants. She tried to resist, but gave in to opening and unzipping the jeans. She fumbled for Todd's cock while he continued to suck on her tits. Once she found it inside his boxers, she stroked him furiously.

Todd stood up and, with Marie still stroking him, said, "I want to see you naked…in person."

"I want to see you, too," Marie answered.

As she stood, Todd was already beginning to strip. He was pulling down his boxers at the same time Marie was stepping out of her jeans. She gazed at his long, hard cock while taking off her panties. They were both naked and hornier than they'd ever been in their lives.

"Turn around, please," Todd said.

Marie nervously turned, her hands at her side. Then she felt Todd's fingers trace around her entire ass before his palms rested on her cheeks. When his hands went away, she felt his stiff cock take their place. She reached back and held it against her skin, massaging it gently.

"I want to fuck you," he said.

Todd's mouth was against Marie's ear as he spoke and Marie shuddered when she felt his tongue on her skin. She let go of him and turned to face him. She pressed her lips against his and they began a long, hard kiss. Marie ground her pussy against his cock and pulled him forward by the ass. They both groaned as their tongues battled.

"Yes," Marie finally managed to say.

Todd put his hands under Marie's ass and lifted her into the air in one motion. Marie yelped in surprise as Todd settled her body onto his arms. He turned with her in place and walked the short distance to the bedroom door. Marie wrapped her legs around him just as her back banged against the door. With the solid door behind her and Todd's arms under her, she was safe…and vulnerable.

Todd only took a few seconds to position Marie so that his cock was ready to enter her. He looked at her, smiled and said, "Relax. Let's enjoy this."

Marie nodded. Then, with a sudden, almost violent thrust, Todd's thick cock was driving into her wet cunt.

"Fuck! Fuck! Yessss!" Marie cried out as Todd began fucking her.

Marie tightened her grip around Todd's waist, causing her cunt to clamp down on his cock. Todd increased the rhythm of his thrusts as soon as he knew he had a good, firm grip. Marie's body thumped against the door, but it wasn't pain she felt—just the wonderful sensation of his thick cock filling her pussy.

"Oh, Todd. That feels so good. Fuck me harder!"

They both groaned louder as their passion grew. The bedroom door rattled behind them.

In the hallway, Julie was scrambling past on her way to the bathroom. The banging of the door caught her attention and she slowed. In her nakedness, she did not really want to spend a lot of time in the hall. But the continued thumping of the closed bedroom door made her stop.

She put her hand on the knob. The door shook once more.

Julie slowly turned the knob, but could not, at first, get the door to push in. Shoving it a little harder caused it to crack open. Then it suddenly flew open a foot or two as the bodies pushing against it eased off. She stuck her head inside the room.

"Oh…my…God," Julie exclaimed when she saw her mother being fucked by Todd.

Marie and Todd looked at Julie, frozen in place.

"I'm sorry. I…I…," Julie tried to say.

"God damn it, Julie. Get in and close the fucking door!" Marie ordered her daughter.

Once Julie was inside the room and the door was closed, Todd looked at Marie as if asking what to do. He never pulled out of her.

"Don't stop now. Please," Marie said.

They moved away from the door and Marie was pushed back against the wall. Todd started to fuck her again with Julie looking on in amazement. Marie closed her eyes and brought herself back to the brink of an orgasm.

"That's it! Harder. Harder, Todd!"

Marie had her arms around his neck and her heels against his ass. She clung to him as hard as she could when the first wave of her orgasm rose through her body.

"Oh, shit. Now! I'm cumming!"

Julie stared at the couple as her Mom began to cum. Julie was awkwardly glued to the sight of Todd's cock ramming her mother, Marie's legs around his waist, and her tits pressed against his muscular chest. Julie saw her mother's head tilt back against the wall as Marie continued to cum.

Loud moans filled the little room. A picture hanging on the wall being used by Todd and Marie rattled as the orgasm persisted. Marie shrieked her approval as Todd thrust his cock into her cunt.

When it seemed Marie was about done, Todd said, "I need to cum. Where…"

"In me," Marie moaned. "Cum inside me."

Marie looked at her sex partner intently as he grimaced. She tried to squeeze him as hard as she could. Todd drove his cock into her one last time, held it in place deep inside her cunt, and grunted in a deep voice.

With the next thrust, she could feel his warm cum emptying into her.

"Yes! That's it, Todd. Cum for me."

The next dozen or so plunges of his cock were accompanied by long shots of cum. Each time her pushed her against the wall, Todd grunted. Each grunt produced a load of cum. Each load of cum f***ed a little more to flow down Marie's inner thigh.

Finally, they were done. Todd somehow managed to carry Marie to the bed and roughly toss her onto it. Marie smiled up at him, totally satisfied.

"Jesus," they heard Julie proclaim from the other side of the room.

"And why are you naked, young lady?" Marie asked.

"We were…I mean, not me. Christine and…"

Julie stopped.

"Christine and who?"

"Well, Christine and Justin were…you know, and I…I was just…well, watching."

Todd started to laugh, then covered his mouth not knowing how this was all going over with Marie.

"Watching?" Marie asked sarcastically.

"You must really be into watching," Todd said with a straight face.

"Shut up," Julie snapped. "I wouldn't have even come in if you hadn't been…if you…hadn't been…"

"Fucking your mother against the bedroom door?" Todd finished for her. Marie giggled.

Julie looked at her naked mother, with her tousled hair and wet thighs, and frowned.

"You must be awful horny by now," Todd said.

Julie shrugged. She couldn't deny it, but didn't want to admit it, either.

"Would you like to cum?" he asked her.

Julie tilted her head slightly, then looked down at his limp cock.

"Maybe it's my turn to watch," Todd said. "I've never seen two females have sex."

Julie and her Mom looked at each other. Neither one spoke. Julie was lost in her thoughts about what had just happened in Justin's room. She thought about Christine's nipples and how wonderful they tasted. She looked down at her Mom and the incredible thirty-eight year old body she'd rarely seen fully naked.

"Well?" Todd asked.

To Julie's total amazement, Marie held out her arms and motioned for her daughter to come to her. When Julie inched forward, Marie said, "Get on the bed. Straddle my body."

Julie was shaking, both from nervousness and desire. Her pussy ached as she put her knees next to her mother's sides. Then Marie put her hands on Julies hips and pulled her closer. Soon, Julie was looking straight up at her daughter's young pussy.

With a gentle tug, Marie pulled Julie down until her tongue could touch the pink skin. It wasn't until Marie's tongue hit Julie's clit that she relaxed and began to sink down onto her Mom's face.

Marie instantly wrapped her lips around the swollen clit and sucked it and licked it until Julie whimpered with pleasure. The next couple minutes involved constant contact between the two women, with Marie occasionally thrusting her tongue inside Julie to taste the warm fluids flowing from her cunt.

Todd moved silently to get a better view, his cock coming back to life with an intermittent stroke of his hand.

Julie's eyes had been closed during the entire thing, too wrapped up in the bliss to worry about what was going on around her. As she feared, an orgasm built almost instantly, depriving her of a prolonged enjoyment of her mother's tongue.

"God, Mom. I'm going to…cum," Julie squealed.

Marie didn't say anything. Her tongue and lips just worked harder on her daughter's clit.


Julie couldn't even say it. Her body stiffened as she leaned her hands against the wall and shrieked. Each time her Mom licked her, she jerked forward and groaned. The orgasm went on forever, it seemed in her young mind. u*********sly, Julie grabbed her breast and squeezed the nipple roughly. That only caused the orgasm to extend another fifteen seconds.

Julie finally had to pull away from Marie, falling onto the bed. She was too embarrassed to face her Mom, instead choosing to look at Todd and his once-again erect cock. But Julie felt her mother's hand on her ass and she felt contented.

"That was GREAT," Todd said. "I bet Christine and Justin would pay to see that."

He dodged a pillow thrown by Marie, wondering what more the night had in store for him.

"How was I supposed to know it was you in there?"

Eighteen year old Julie looked at her mother with a look of total disdain after asking what seemed to her like an obvious question.

Marie shrugged timidly, now somewhat sorry she chided her daughter in the first place. She reached for a coffee cup, not wanting to face the girl sitting at the kitchen table.

"When I hear an unusual noise in the extra bedroom...a bedroom that's not supposed to be the middle of a party, what do you expect me to do?" Julie asked.

"Walk past and leave us alone," Marie suggested dryly.

"Yeah, right," Julie answered. She took a bite of her bagel and looked over at her b*****r Justin, who winked.

"And by the way," Marie said, finally making eye contact with her daughter. "What were you doing naked?"

This time when Julie looked at Justin, he didn't wink. It was a much more concerned look on his face.

"Well, uh, I was on my way to the bathroom..."

"Why?" Marie asked.

"Cause I needed to use it?"

Marie shook her head. "I doubt that. Who were you with?"

"Um, like Christine was in Justin's room..."

"Christine?! You were with Christine?" Marie sounded shocked as she leaned back against the counter, unconcerned that her pajama top barely covered her pussy.

"See, Christine and Justin, in the room...and I was just...I was just watching at first..."

Marie tried to contain her smile. She knew it had been Julie's plan all along to get her twenty year old b*****r together with the gorgeous cheerleader. Christine was attending college with Julie and hers was the image most guys had in their mind as they masturbated the first time after meeting her. Now Marie had double ammunition to try to deflect the discussion away from her own involvement at the party with nineteen year old Todd, the good-looking guy who she was with when Julie so rudely interrupted them.

"Watching them doing what?" Marie asked. "And why did that require you being naked?"

Julie decided to take the offensive. "Nothing we did was anything like what I saw you and Todd doing."

Julie's defiant look didn't scare her mother. Marie was about to reply when Justin said, "What were they doing, Julie?"

Julie was glad to not have to explain why she was naked in Justin's room with Christine, but she felt more than a little uncomfortable going into details of what she saw with her b*****r sitting there. "They were...uh, together."

Justin pressed on: "Together? How?"

"By the time I finally got the door open," Julie said, "Todd was, like, holding Mom."

Marie and Justin both looked at her silently. Marie would let her go only so far, but Justin wanted it all.

"Todd was holding her up against the door," Julie added before stopping again.

"They were naked?" Justin wanted to know.

"They were more than naked," Julie said.

Finally, Marie decided to step in. "That's enough, young lady. Justin can use his imagination for the rest."

She certainly didn't want to have to explain how she and Julie ended up on the bed together. Marie suspected Julie felt the same way.

"So, don't yell at me for being naked," Julie said, getting up from the table and taking her empty dish to the sink.

As she turned to leave, Marie spanked her on the ass and Julie rubbed herself under her panties, much to Justin's delight. When she was gone and Marie and Justin were alone in the room, their eyes met with mutual anxiety.

Marie was the first to speak. "So, you finally got to be with Christine?"


"Was it good?" Marie asked, looking at her son from the edge of the counter. She had her legs crossed at the ankles, creating an inviting, tight V near her pussy that her nightshirt clung to. Marie was an exceptionally attractive thirty eight year old woman, still getting the attention of guys Justin's age with her perfect shape.


"Did you get as hard then as you are now?" Marie's eyes were locked onto the front of her son's gym shorts.

"Mom! Geez, after listening to you and Julie, what do you expect?"

Marie watched Justin wiggle in his seat in an apparent attempt to hide the erection. "It's OK. Or was it Julie that excited you?"

Justin rolled his eyes in frustration, but still looked back at his mother in the end. He scanned her body from her firm thighs up to the ample opening at the top of her shirt. Then he slowly stood up and walked over to her.

"Maybe it was you," he said, standing just inches in front of her, but not touching.

"I doubt that."

"Sounds like you didn't have any trouble making Todd hard," Justin said.

"Justin! That's no way to talk to your mother," Marie exclaimed.

"I think it's only fair that I get to see at least as much as Todd and Julie saw. And it sounded like they saw a lot," Justin said, his hand finally making contact with his mother's hip. He could feel the waistband of her panties underneath her lightweight top.

"I don't think...," Marie began to say. She hesitated as Justin's hand slid behind her and she felt his stiff cock press against her pussy.

"Who got naked first? You or Todd?"

Justin used both hands to grip his mother's tight ass. For her age, Marie had a body that made many of Julie's girlfriends envious. This was the first time Justin took the opportunity to find out for himself.

"I forget," Marie lied.

"C'mon, Mom. It was just last night. You were about to fuck the guy you wore that revealing top for. Now who got naked first?"

Marie felt her son's cock throbbing harder against her body. His hands were pulling up on the bottom of her shirt, exposing more of her ass. "He kind of undressed me."

"Kind of?"

Justin had the shirt up to her waist. He slid both hands inside the back of her panties and caressed her soft skin. He could feel her breasts pressing against his bare chest, the nipples hardening with each question he asked her.

When she didn't answer, Justin asked, "Did you seduce him?"

"He wanted to see my pictures," Marie practically sighed into her son's ear as they clung to each other.

"And you showed him." Justin had the panties half way down her ass. "Was it the pictures on that special disk you have—the unmarked one?"

Marie was a part-time model and her more revealing poses were collected on a CD that she thought was safely stored away.

Marie caught her breath and her body stiffened. "How did you...have you seen those?"

"If you're nice to me, they won't end up on the Internet," Justin said, beginning to pull up her shirt.

Marie had no choice but to let him continue. However, she might not have stopped him anyway. He yanked her nightshirt above her shoulders, looked at her bare breasts for a second or two, then took the shirt off and threw it aside.

"Did he like your breasts?"

"I guess so," Marie said.

"Did he lick them and suck on them?" As soon as he asked the question, Justin's tongue was on one of her nipples, licking it roughly. Soon, his mouth was engulfing her breast and sucking on it. Justin's teeth rested on Marie's nipple, causing ripples of pleasure to run all the way to her pussy.

Justin put a hand inside the front of her panties and found her clit. He rubbed gently at first, but when Marie spread her legs for him, he applied more pressure on the engorged clit.

They kissed, tongues fighting for position. Marie moaned and she couldn't stop herself from putting her hands on Justin's ass, pulling him even closer.

When the kiss was ended, Justin told his mother, "Touch me. Touch my cock. Feel how hard you make me."

Marie only briefly considered disobeying him. Then her hand moved to the outside of his shorts, feeling for the outline of his cock. Once she had it, she gripped more tightly and slid her hand up and down the shaft.

"Take it out," Justin told her.

Marie didn't mess with finding the opening to his shorts. Instead, she pushed them down far enough to free her son's erection. She glanced at it quickly, then put her hand around it and resumed stroking.

"Did you suck Todd's cock before he fucked you?"

Marie's body trembled with fear and excitement. "No."

"Did you want to?"

Marie could only nod.

"I want you to suck my cock," Justin said calmly.

Marie dropped to her knees, beginning to take off her son's shorts in the process. When she had them off, she fondled his cock for a few seconds, watching the tip grow a bright pink. Then she placed her lips on it and kissed him.

She licked a hint of salty fluid off him, then wrapped her lips around Justin's cock and began to suck him deeper. Soon, she was giving her son a blowjob that none of his teenage girlfriends could dream of duplicating.

Justin held his mother's head and closed his eyes. Her lips were so tight; her tongue was so warm and soft. He felt the bl**d rush through his cock, stretching it to the absolute limit of its hardness. His balls ached while he fucked his mother's mouth.

He was ready to cum. But he had other plans.

"Get up," he told Marie. "Get up and take off your panties."

Marie reluctantly backed away from Justin's cock, then rose and removed the last of her clothing.

"Turn around. Lean on the table."

This was her last chance to stop it.

Marie looked at Justin...and turned to face the kitchen table. She placed her hands on the table, bent over at the waist, and spread her legs.

The slight delay gave Justin just enough time to remain hard, but not on the verge of cumming. He glanced momentarily at the beautiful sight of his mother's ass and open pussy facing him, then put his cock at the entrance to her cunt. The moisture between Marie's legs glistened as Justin inched forward and the tip of his cock disappeared.

Without another word being said, Justin pushed until the entire length of his cock was inside her.

"Oh my God, Justin."

He fucked her slowly at first, feeling the wet walls of his mother's pussy wrap around his swollen cock. Justin gripped her waist and gradually increased the tempo. Marie was flat against the table now, her hands reaching out for the edges. She felt her sensitive nipples sliding back and forth on the table top as Justin thrust his cock into her more f***efully.

"Yes. Fuck me, baby. Yes!"

Marie's cunt clenched the cock as hard as it could, determined to make them both cum as quickly as possible. Justin would have been happy if they fucked all day. But his body was telling him otherwise.

Marie rarely came without playing with her clit at the same time, but the intensity of this unexpected fuck brought her to the edge very fast.

"I'm close. Oh, God. Harder, please!"

The table shook along the floor as Justin drove his cock harder and faster into his mother's pussy. Their joint efforts to urge the other on became louder and more frequent.

"Now. Now!" Marie cried out.

Her feet nearly left the floor as her orgasm began. Justin clung to her hips tightly as Marie bucked on the table and squeezed his cock with her pussy. He could see her wince with pleasure as she lifted her face. Her hair, damp from perspiration, stuck erotically to her forehead.

Once she was done, and settled back down on the table, Justin withdrew his cock. Marie looked back in disappointment, only to find him stroking the soaking wet cock. She watched until hearing him groan, the pace of his masturbation picking up.

Then he slowed down, pumped his cock almost violently a couple times, and began to cum. Marie watched shot after shot of white fluid land on her ass. She felt the warm pools begin to collect and she smiled with satisfaction. His loud groans diminished, as did the amount of cum he was depositing on her.

Marie turned her head to look out the kitchen door. She saw Julie peeking around the corner of the hallway, her hand inside her panties. When their eyes met, Julie ducked out of sight.


Justin saw light escaping from the barely-open doorway to Julie's bedroom and pushed the door open just far enough to see inside. Julie was sitting on her bed, legs crossed, with her cell phone in her hand. When Justin realized she wasn't going to kick him out, he walked over to her.

"What are you looking at?" he asked his s****r.


Justin leaned over, fully expecting her to pull the phone away. Instead, she tilted it towards him so he had a better look. It took Justin a couple seconds to clearly identify what was going on in the picture, but when he did, he felt his gut tighten.

"Recognize anybody?" Julie asked.

Justin stared at the head-on shot of him fucking his mother in the kitchen. Then Julie moved to the next picture: Justin masturbating over his mother's ass.

"You pervert! Give me that!" Justin said, reaching for the phone.

But Julie was expecting his reaction and quickly had the phone enclosed in her hand, safely on the other side of her body from where he stood. Justin lunged for it, landing on top of Julie as they fell to the bed.

"Owwww," Julie cried. "I'll scream '****'."

Justin pressed all his weight down onto his petite s****r, still unable to capture the phone. "You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?"

"Screaming ****?" Julie managed to say.

"No. Being ****d. I'm sure it's one of your many fantasies. Now give me that phone!"

Julie felt her b*****r's hands clutching at her own as she hugged the phone to her chest. Only once did she detect his hands slide across her breasts.

"Before you get yourself all excited and hard, listen to me," Julie said. Finally, Justin began to roll off her.

"I'll make you a deal," she said. "I won't send these pics to all your friends...and mine...if you agree to fulfill one of my many fantasies."

"Name it," Justin said, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her.

"Obviously, I enjoy watching people have sex. I never came as hard as I did when I watched you and Mom in the kitchen. I could hardly get these pictures taken I was cumming so hard," she said. "But my fantasy is to be the one having sex...where somebody might see me. Like, in public."

"Where do I fit into this?" Justin asked.

"You're the one I'm going to have sex with. Where somebody might see us."

Justin looked at Julie with a blank look on his face. "Me?"

"Yes, you. I'll give you three days to figure out a time and place. If you don't set it up by then, the pics of you and Mom get sent," Julie said.

Justin glared at her. "You are a sick, perverted whore."

Julie looked at the phone. "Our friends will love the look on your face when you came all over Mom's ass."

Justin made one last, futile swipe of his hand to get the phone. When it failed, he got up and stomped out of the room...slamming the door shut in the process. Inside, Julie giggled.

It didn't take Justin anywhere near three days to plan Julie's 'fantasy.' The place was easy: the new house being constructed for Todd's parents. Todd was a classmate of Julie's. He was the guy who was fucking Marie when Julie walked in.

The time wasn't difficult: Todd confirmed for Justin that the next evening, after the construction crew left, would be a good time. He'd be there to let Justin and Julie into the house.

The new house was about half done. But many of the interior rooms were still in the rough stage and Todd confirmed for Justin that at least one of the unfinished rooms had a large window facing the street. A busy street.

With everything set, Justin informed Julie that they were on for the next night. To meet Julie's criteria of having the maximum number of people within viewing distance, they agreed to go to Todd's new house at six. It was a neighborhood with plenty of sidewalks and dog owners. Todd assured Justin that several people walking dogs were bound to pass by and rush hour traffic would still be present. When Justin relayed this information to Julie, he could see the gleam in her eyes.

"Let's do it," she said as they headed for Justin's car the following evening. She wore a tank top and jeans, much to Justin's delight. Julie was well on her way to inheriting her mother's full, firm breasts and the top, with no bra, left little to the imagination.

Justin and Julie both felt a flutter of anticipation as they pulled into the driveway of the new house. They pulled up next to Todd's car and got out.

"This is a mansion," Julie exclaimed, looking up at the two-story house.

Todd opened the front door as Justin and Julie approached. He welcomed them in and locked the door behind them.

"Wow," Julie sighed while looking around. "This is SO neat."

The guys let her wander in and out of rooms aimlessly for a few minutes. Then, Todd called them into a very large, empty room that would someday be the front f****y room. An unfinished stone fireplace on one wall was the only indication of the future purpose of the huge space. A equally gigantic picture window looked out over the nearby sidewalk and street.

Julie stood at the window, looking mindlessly at the expanse of scenery in both directions. As she watched two female joggers approach from the left, Julie failed to notice what the guys were doing behind her. It wasn't until she felt a hand around her right wrist that she paid attention.

"Hey," she said with surprise. Before she could fully turn around to see what was happening, something was slipped over her right hand and tightened.

"What are you...," Julie started to say. By then she could see that Todd was the one holding her and Justin was attaching the end of a long rope to her wrist. "Hey!"

With a quick yank on the rope, the noose around her wrist tightened enough that Julie would never escape it. Then Justin stepped back and tossed the other end of the rope over a large, wooden beam stretching along the ceiling from one end of the room to the other. He hastily grabbed the end of the rope hanging in front of Julie and placed it around her left wrist. Another tug and she was bound by both wrists.

Todd and Justin stepped back to admire the captive teenage girl. The rope was long enough that Julie was able to hold her hands at her side, but no lower. She struggled mightily to free herself, but it only caused the rope to rub sorely against her sensitive skin.

"C'mon, you fuckers. This isn't funny," she cried.

Justin walked around in front of his s****r. "You see, s*s. I have my own fantasies. One of them is bondage and you're going to be my first victim. Look on the bright side. You're in front of a picture window with an entire neighborhood within view. What more could you want?"

Justin ran his finger down Julie's neck and between her breasts until finally reaching her tank top. Then he followed the top of her shirt across the middle of her breast before pulling it down slightly, nearly to the nipple.

Julie tried to pull away.

"Now, now," Justin scolded her. "You wanted a voyeur fantasy, right? But what you really NEED is a good fuck. If somebody out there happens to see us, that's even better."

Justin motioned towards the window. "Now why don't you turn a little so they get a good silhouette view of you."

He grabbed his s****r by the hips and turned her a quarter turn. "Perfect. What do you think, Todd?"

"I think she's ready," he replied.

"Too bad we couldn't get that top off before we started," Justin said. "We might have to do some surgery."

He looked around the room, then pointed to a stack of tools in the corner. "Todd, see what we have over there that we can use to do some cutting."

Julie nervously watched her friend rummage through the tools, unsure what her b*****r had in mind. Her stomach turned when she saw Todd emerge from the corner with a very large pair of what looked like carpet or tile snippers.

"Wow," Justin said. "Industrial size scissors."

He took the tool from Todd and turned it from side to side to have a look. Then he moved towards Julie and placed the opened scissors at the bottom of her tank top. "Should I go up, or down?"

I'd do the straps first," Todd interjected in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Good idea," Justin agreed.

He put the open cutters under Julie's left strap, waited a second for effect, and then brought the blades together in a sudden motion. Julie flinched as the scissors easily cut through the material.

The front half of the strap fell onto her semi-exposed breast. Then Justin moved to Julie's other side and prepared to cut that strap. Todd looked on intently, anticipating the result of this last cut.

As soon as the scissors closed and the strap was sliced, Julie's tank top fell until getting caught on the top of her jeans.

"Very nice," Todd said, his eyes glued on Julie's bare chest. "Too bad about the top, though."

"She can always tie the straps together," Justin said, his fingers gliding over Julie's breasts as she squirmed. Each attempt to swat away her b*****r's hands were met with resistance from the rope...and new pain.

"Stop it, Justin!"

"Hey, look," he said, pointing to the window. "Here comes a guy with his dog. Just in time. Put on a good show, Julie."

Justin moved his hands down to the front of his s****r's jeans, moving the remnants of the tank top aside so he could unbutton the pants. He grabbed the zipper and yanked it down.

"Hey! Justin! No!"

With her jeans fully opened, Justin took hold of the waistband—along with the tank top—and pulled them down her legs. When he got to her ankles, he wrenched the jeans, the top, and Julie's sandals off her feet all at once. She stood in nothing but a tiny pair of panties as the man and his dog walked past.

Nobody inside the house really knew how much anybody outside the house could see. But the chances were good somebody even as far away as the sidewalk could see that Julie was naked from the waist up. As far as Justin and Todd knew, Julie was satisfied with just the possibility that somebody could see them.

Justin was standing in front of his s****r now, his fingers running up the inside of her silky smooth thighs. "Does this excite you, Julie?"


Justin knew she was lying the moment his fingers touched the fabric of her panties. The warm moisture he felt betrayed her.

"Liar," he said. "You're soaked."

"I am not."

Justin leisurely pulled off her panties. He and Todd did not attempt to hide their intense inspection of the girl's deliciously naked body. Both guys moved around her to capture a view of every curve and crevice. Then Justin put his hand between Julie's legs and f***ed his fingers up against her pussy. She wanted to resist, but opened herself up to him instead.

Justin slid a finger inside her pussy, then withdrew it and ran it across Julie's lips.

"Oh, yes you are," he said.

Julie pulled her face away from his hand, but she couldn't remove the sweet taste of her own juices from her lips. She shuddered when Justin's hand returned to her pussy, this time rubbing firmly against her clit.

"I think she's ready Todd. What do you say?" Justin said with a wicked smile.

"I agree," Todd responded, holding his crotch. "And I am, too."

Justin laughed as he began to take off his jeans. Todd quickly followed. Julie looked on as both guys removed their boxers, revealing long, hard erections. If she wasn't wet before, the sight of two good-looking guys with hard-ons did it. She was a little fearful of what was to follow, but excited at the same time.

"Since you're the 'host' tonight," Justin said, looking at Todd, "you get the first choice. Which side of her would you like?"

Todd smiled. "I think there's enough rope for her to get on her knees. Then I'd like those luscious lips wrapped around my cock."

Justin gazed at his s****r. "You heard him."

Julie cautiously dropped to her knees, her hands now held at her head's level by the rope. She could feel the sawdust on her knees, but she figured that was the least of her worries.

Outside, as sunset approached, cars and pedestrians passed by, the most observant people catching quick glimpses of the scene inside the house.

Todd stepped in front of Julie. He had a t-shirt on, but was naked from the waist down and more than prepared for the pleasure of fucking her mouth. He placed the tip of his cock on her lips, which she kept tightly closed.

"Lick it," he ordered.

Julie's tongue reluctantly emerged and began to methodically slide up and down the shaft. Todd's cock got even harder and longer after the first dozen or so licks. Julie had watched that same cock plunge into her mother until Marie had an uncontrollable orgasm. Julie was now beginning to understand why.

Behind her, Julie's equally hard b*****r was getting into position. At first, he simply rested his cock on top of her petite ass while watching Todd get licked. But as soon as Julie began to take Todd's cock into her mouth, Justin moved his cock so it slid up and down along the crack in Julie's ass. Julie's body rocked in front of him as she and Todd picked up the pace.

Justin could wait no longer. He moved his cock between his s****r's legs and pushed it against the opening to her cunt. Julie instinctively widened her stance and prepared for the invasion—one she was not totally opposed to at this point.

A car honked it's horn as it slowly passed the house and Justin looked out.

"You got what you wanted, s*s. Everybody's watching."

Julie would never admit that the possibility truly turned her on. Despite the fact her b*****r had turned the tables on her, she was getting hornier by the second.

Then she felt Justin's cock easily sliding inside her. She moaned as Todd's cock stuffed her mouth and precum landed on her tongue. But it was the thick cock beginning to fuck her that had her attention.

Justin's body smacked up against Julie's ass as he quickened the tempo. He leaned forward and put one hand on her right breast, roughly kneading it before concentrating on her hard nipple. He could hear her moan a little louder with each squeeze.

Each guy watched the other, heightening their own enjoyment of what Julie was doing to them...or what they were doing to her.

Todd was holding her by the back of the head now, and Justin was holding onto both breasts. Julie felt marvelously out of control. If you were going to be helpless around two horny guys, this was the way to do it, she thought to herself.

As much as the threesome all wanted to cum, nobody wanted to be first. Todd felt an orgasm building from the moment Julie's tongue first hit his cock. But now that her lips were tightly wrapped around him, the urge was becoming too much.

His groans grew in frequency and volume. His grip on Julie's long, brown hair tightened. His thrusts became harder and deeper.

Then he tightly held Julie's head in place, pushed until her lips touched the base of his cock, and waited for the cum to make its way up from his balls. He didn't have to wait long. With a massive grunt, he started to pour cum into Julie's mouth.

She took as much as she could, astonished at how long Todd was able to cum. A small stream flowed out of the corner of her mouth and onto her chin, but otherwise she was able to swallow whatever he gave her.

Justin watched and listened intently, his own orgasm building fast. He put his hand on Julie's clit and rubbed it, feeling her react by closing her cunt around his cock even tighter.

"Yes, Justin. Right there. Harder!"

Hearing her beg him to make her cum was enough to initiate his orgasm. He never let go of her clit as he pounded his cock into her pussy and began shooting cum inside her. At the first sensation of Justin's cum filling her, Julie's orgasm began.

They were only able to utter simple words of encouragement to each other as their bodies shuddered with satisfaction. Some of the sounds weren't even words, but they were understood as the siblings came long and hard.

Todd watched while slowly stroking his cock, his hand wet from the remnants of Julie's blowjob.

Eventually, Justin and Julie were both spent and Justin grudgingly pulled out. Julie would have collapsed if the rope around her wrists hadn't held her up. The guys stood next to her with their semi-erect cocks glistening in the faint light.

"Damn," Todd exclaimed. "THAT was awesome."

"Yeah. I think combining the two fantasies was a cool idea. Don't you agree, Julie?" Justin asked, slapping his s****r loudly on the ass.

"Owwww! Stop it! You've had enough fun for one evening. Now get me down," she said.

Justin looked at her kneeling on the floor with the rope hanging over the beam above her. Then he looked around the room.

"Todd, get me that crate over there." Justin pointed to a large, plastic crate near the doorway.

Todd retrieved it and handed it to Justin, who went over to Julie.

"Here, sit on this."

Justin slid the crate behind her as she stood. Then Julie sat down, anxious to take the strain off her knees. Justin walked over to a pile of throw rugs, paint coverings, and other supplies. He rummaged through for a second, then pulled out what looked like a blanket and brought it back to Julie.

He wrapped it around her shoulders from behind, then walked around to face his s****r.

"That should keep you warm tonight. The workers should start showing up around seven tomorrow morning, don't you think Todd?"

Todd nodded, smiling in disbelief at what Justin was proposing.

"Hey. You can't just leave me this," Julie said, tilting her head down at the naked body under her blanket.

"I'm sure the crew will help you in the morning. They won't touch you. I promise," Justin said. "Let's go, Todd."

They walked out of the house, listening to Julie's profanity-filled tirade all the way to their cars.

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