NIECE'S NOOKIES (mf, ff, inc)
by Studs Manley

After my third, and messiest, divorce, I had no place
to live, no car to drive and few clothes, even.

Fortunately, I did have my older s****r, Linda. She and
her husband had a house with a basement that had a room
with a foldaway bed. They said I could stay with them
till I got on my feet. Thing is, my nieces lived at
home. Oh, they were out of school and working, but they
figured they might as well pay rent to their mom and dad
as to some other landlords.

My nieces had sure grown up to be two gorgeous young
women, I tell you. Brenda and Chrissie both had big tits
and fine asses and dynamite legs, all of which they
accentuated by wearing tight clothes and short skirts
and dresses. And around the house, especially at night
or in the mornings, they thought nothing of wearing
those see-through nighties and shit. I had to keep
reminding myself that they were my s****r's daughters,
my own nieces. Still I ate breakfast with a steely boner
as my eyes kept looking at the nipples visible through
their skimpy sl**pwear.

Then came the fateful weekend. Linda and Charles had
to go out of town and I was in charge of the house. And
Brenda and Chrissie. Even though they were over
eighteen, Linda and Charles didn't want them to go wild.
I agreed to watch out for the weekend.

Friday night was uneventful. We watched TV, had
popcorn, regular niece-uncle stuff. Saturday morning I
dressed and went to the kitchen. It was pouring rain
outside which meant that I would be staying inside. I
was wondering if the girls had plans. I turned from the
coffee pot and almost dropped my coffee cup. Chrissie
was standing in the middle of the room, her reddish-
brown hair disheveled and she was yawning and rubbing
the sl**p out of her eyes. Barefoot, she wore only a
thin nightgown. That was all. And even that wasn't tied
shut. Chrissie's 5'2" frame was revealed fully. Her
pert, pink-tipped breasts were beautiful, the downy
triangle between her legs was delicious looking. Niece
or not, she looked sexy as hell.

"Chrissie, you're bothering Uncle Don," I heard Brenda
say. I glanced toward the door and there stood my older
niece, wearing only light blue panties. Her large
breasts had brown nipples and she was unashamedly
pinching them to erection.

Chrissie just grinned at me and made no effort to
close her robe. In fact, she held it open and spun
around. "Like what you see, Uncle Don?" She was petite
but well proportioned. Very nice.

"He does, Chrissie," Brenda said. "He's hard already."

Brenda saw what I couldn't hide: the roll of my rigid
dick shaft was straining the front of my shorts.
Chrissie walked towards me and I couldn't take my eyes
off her pink, bullet-like nipples and the firm mounds
they capped. Chrissie's hand boldly reached out to start
rubbing my straining bulge.

"Hmm, that feels like a nice one, Uncle Don," Chrissie
cooed. I closed my eyes and groaned, relishing the feel
of the naked nymph's hand massaging my sensitive part. I
felt Chrissie unfasten my shorts and I opened my eyes. I
had a fleeting thought about stopping her, but she was
old enough to do what she wanted and it felt too damn
good to resist.

Chrissie knelt in front of me and my shorts fell to my
feet. I was still wearing briefs and the swollen lump
was almost visibly throbbing.

"Ooh, this is nice," Chrissie said, rubbing her cheek
over the bulge. Brenda padded from the doorway, one hand
pinching her nipple, the other down inside her panties.
She seemed mesmerized as she was about to see her s****r
remove my briefs, unveiling my hard shaft for them to

"Do it, " Brenda whispered to her s****r. Chrissie put
her fingers in the waistband of my under-shorts and
slowly pulled them down. When my dick sprang free, it
slapped against Chrissie's freckled nose and the contact
of my flesh against hers made me shudder and pre-cum
squirted out, leaving a clear, sticky strand that
stretched from my pee slit to the bridge of her nose.
Brenda seemed to quake through her own mini-orgasm and
Chrissie laughed nervously as she grabbed my erection
and began to stroke the shaft with an experienced touch
that told me she was familiar with dicks.

"Uncle Don, I've never seen a dick this big. Not in
real life, I mean." I've only got a thick seven inches,
but I wasn't about to argue with her. She pushed the
foreskin from the red knob and stared at my one-eyed
snake. I breathing was rapid, just as Brenda's was, and
she inhaled deeply, pushing her nose into the sac under
my dick.

"I just love to smell men," Chrissie sighed. "And
taste them." With that, her tongue flicked out and
licked my balls and traveled up my dick shaft until she
reached the ridge of my knob. She moved her head back
and squeezed my dick, milking a dollop of dick dew out
of the hole. Pursing her lips, she planted a kiss on the
knob, licking that pre-cum off.

"Yummy!" Chrissie said.

"Gimme!" Brenda demanded, kneeling beside her s****r
and taking hold of my dick and wresting it away from
Chrissie. Her lips parted and quicker than this she
engulfed my entire dick in the wet warmth of her mouth.
Damn! I quickly grabbed hold of her head to steady

"I want to suck you off but right now let's go where
we can be comfortable," Chrissie said, leading the way
downstairs to my bed. I wasn't really thinking of
Chrissie and Brenda as my nieces, but as beautiful,
horny women who evidently wanted to fuck an over-30 baby
boomer. Their bodies were firm and fresh and I hadn't
been with a woman in such a long time that it was easy
for me to forget that they were my s****r's girls.

Again, it was Chrissie who took the initiative and
climbed on top of my dick. Shit, her pussy was tight!
Like a virgin, but she knew how to move like no virgin
could, believe me. Her secretions seeped from her pussy
lips and rolled down the shaft, lubricating the way as
she descended slowly. Her eyes were wide, her breathing
was gaspy, punctuated by ooh's and ahh's of delight as
more and more of my dick disappeared inside of her until
my pubes meshed with her curls.

"Fuck me, Uncle Don," she said and started climbing my
oiled pole, then down. She was doing the fucking. I
looked at Brenda, who had removed her panties and stood
nearby frigging herself.

"Come here, Brenda, and sit on my face." Quickly she
straddled my face and parked her pussy right on my
mouth. My probing tongue found hot, tangy, delicious
juice inside her cunt. Her finger clutched at my hair as
she began humping against my face and riding my tongue.

I felt Chrissie work a finger over my chin to find the
pucker of her s****r's butthole. As that digit dug into
Brenda's pooper, Brenda started wailing like a banshee.
She loved it. And from the way she started drenching my
mouth with hot pussy juice, I knew my niece was coming.
That was all it took to send me into orbit. I felt my
cum rocket up and out of my dick and blast deep into
Chrissie's cunt. That sent her over and her pussy
started spasming around my twitching dick. Both girls
were shouting as they came, and I was making noises,
too, but my groans were muffled in Brenda's cunt.

Pretty soon we switched positions. Brenda lay down and
Chrissie parked her spunk-filled pussy on her s****r's
mouth. I climbed between Brenda's spread thighs and
Chrissie helped guide my stiff dick into her s****r's
hungry box. I thrust twice and hit bottom in Brenda's
cunt and Chrissie reached down to finger her s****r's
swollen clit. I managed to lean forward and down to suck
Chrissie's nips while I mauled Brenda's fleshy hooters.

"Oh, man, fucking my nieces," I groaned, feeling a
twinge of guilt.

Chrissie lifted my head from her breast with both
hands, her brown eyes warm and loving. "Uncle Don,
don't," she said. "Brenda and I have been wanting to get
you for a long time. We're don't trust the dating scene,
what with diseases, asshole guys and all. We figure a
nice, loving, discreet arrangement with you would be
ideal. You do like fucking us, don't you?"

What a question. I kissed my niece with love and with
passion. She responded, hugging me tight and letting her
tongue dance with mine. My dick throbbed in Brenda's
cunt and I felt ten years younger.

"Uncle Don, Brenda was afraid to say anything to you
but she'd love to have you fuck her in the ass!"

I'd never fucked anyone in the ass before. Hell, only
one of my wives would ever suck on my dick, and she'd
never let me come in her mouth. And right here were two
beauties who were into sex like I'd only dreamed about!
Lord, how lucky could a guy get? Chrissie held her
s****r's legs up. Muffled groans came from under
Chrissie's cunt as Brenda anticipated what was about to

My dick was red and ready, oiled with pussy juice.
Chrissie rubbed saliva onto Brenda's asshole and
loosened her up. "I've fucked her ass with a dildo, but
yours is the first real cock she's ever had there."

Chrissie lodged my knob at her s****r's sphincter,
then she locked her hands around my neck. "Dick her ass,
Uncle Don," she said, her big brown eyes looking into
mine. I eased forward slowly, the head slipping inside.
With each stifled moan in her cunt, Chrissie shuddered
with pleasure. Brenda's ass was the tightest, hottest
hole I'd ever fucked and I knew I would not be able to
hold off long.

I was only able to stoke about a dozen times and I
felt the tug inside. I groaned into Chrissie's mouth and
Brenda sent vibrations into her s****r's drooling cunt
and I hosed down my niece's bowels with a warm sperm
enema. I must have shot a gallon of juice. Well, it felt
like a gallon to me. I had to rest awhile just to get
the strength to get up to shower.

That was some weekend, let me tell you. I took my
nieces out to dinner Saturday night. Strangers looked at
me with envy as I was in the company of two lovely young
women. And when the girls introduced me to a friend of
theirs named Sarah, I saw Sally's eyes sparkle with
interest. (In the car, the girls said Sally had
whispered to them she'd like to go out with me. "We plan
to keep you too tired to share," Brenda said, squeezing
my crotch.)

The fun didn't stop when Linda and Charles came home,
either. We just got more careful. Each night, one of the
girls would quietly sneak downstairs for a few hours of
fucking and sucking. Brenda loved getting bum fucked and
I was a willing and eager fucker. Chrissie was into oral
thrills more than anything, so we spent a lot of time
exercising our tongues and jaws. Whenever the
opportunity arose, we'd make it a wild threesome.

Well, I ought to confess that I messed up. Linda found
out that I was dicking her girls and I gotta take the
blame. It happened one Saturday. Charles was having to
work all day and it was storming out so Linda said she
was going to go to the mall and she asked the girls to
go but they said no. Of course, five minutes after Linda
left, the three of us were downstairs and Chrissie was
strapping on a big dong I had bought at an adult shop,
while Brenda sucked me to a stand.

Brenda sat on her s****r's fat dick, letting it go
deep into her cunt. When that dick was all the way
inside, I slipped my prick into my niece's poop chute.
Brenda loved being double dicked like that and Chrissie
and I fucked her bowlegged. I loved the feeling I got as
I felt that dong through the walls of Brenda's pussy. It
rubbed the underside of my dick as I stroked away and it
made me come faster, and it sure seemed like when I came
I shot more cum than usual.

We were in such a raunchy mood that when Brenda asked
to fuck my ass I agreed, as long as she used a shorter,
thinner dildo. Chrissie got under me, licking my balls
while she helped her s****r lube my asshole. Brenda held
my hips as Chrissie aligned the tip of the dildo and
then Brenda pushed it into my ass. Of course I'd been
tongued and fingered before, but as that latex prick
probed further and further, it felt really strange. My
own dick was stiff and Chrissie wasn't ignoring it, but
the sensations of getting buttfucked were even more
awesome, and that's when I began to understand Brenda's
preoccupation with it. She screwed me till I shot a
soupy dribble of spunk onto Chrissie's tits, then pulled
out and she licked my stuff off her s****r's tits. Then
the girls said that they were going out for the
afternoon so I just fell asl**p.

A deep sl**p. So deep my hands were tied to the bed
before I awoke. Linda was tying my left foot to the
bedpost and I woke up fast. "Linda, what...?"

"You son of a bitch!" she hissed at me between
clenched teeth. "We give you a place to live, and how do
you pay us back? Fucking my daughters! Your own nieces!"
She leaned over me and grabbed my dick and balls and
squeezed, but not hard, thank God. "The storm knocked
out the power at the mall so I got home about a half-
hour after I left. And what do I find?" Linda was
unbuttoning her blouse as she loomed over me. "My own
baby b*****r fucking my daughter's ass!"

Suddenly, as she unbuttoned the last button and
shrugged off her blouse, Linda calmed down. "I knew they
were wild. And I guess I'd rather them fuck you than get
knocked up by some AIDS- carrying coke freak. Still..."
she unsnapped her bra and slipped out of her skirt and
panties. "I think you need some sort of punishment." A
wicked grin crossed Linda's face. She started strapping
on the new, big dick. I instantly realized what she was
going to do.

"Now, little b*****r. We can do this rough or you can
cooperate. What'll it be?" She had some K-Y she was
rubbing on the dick.

"Okay," I said, "what do you want me to do?" I was on
my back and Linda untied my foot and hands. "I don't
want any shit from you or I'll tell Chuck you've been
dicking his daughters." Linda stuck two pillows under my
ass. Somehow, my dick was lengthening, getting fatter.
Linda reached for it, took it in her hand, and gave it a
few lusty, loving squeezes. She smiled. "You have a nice
dick, Don," Linda said. "Nicer than Chuck's. I'm gonna
have some of it ~ lots of it ~ later. But first...."

I felt the thick head of the dildo pressing against my
asshole. Linda's dark-nippled tits weren't bad to look
at and the nipples were stiff as she eased that tool
into my ass. I was ready for any pain that monster might
give me, but I was wired because I was getting fucked by
my own s****r! I used to jack off sniffing her soiled
panties, and now she was shoving a big dick up my ass!

"Oh, yeah, Linda, fuck me! Fuck my ass!" She did, too.
She managed to get all eleven inches of that fat fucker
up my shitter. Hell, if I'd had any cum to shoot, I
would have soaked us. As it was, my dick just stood
stiff, jerking with the intensity of the pleasure I
felt, as my wild-eyed, hot-to-twat s****r nailed me with
that dick. When she realized I wasn't going to pop off,
she pulled out with a sucking plop and removed the dong
and plopped her ass on my face.

"Eat my asshole, Asshole," she ordered, grinding her
soppy snatch against my chin. I tongued her chute, then
she scooted back so I could twang her clit. I ate her
pussy for an hour before she got up and said she
wouldn't stop me from screwing Chrissie and Brenda but I
had to take care of her, too. Seems Chuck wasn't much
interested in bedroom athletics anymore and all she
wanted was a stud to keep her happy.

"I think you'll do," Linda smirked. "Besides, you're
safe. I don't want a lover, just a fucker." Halfway up
the stairs she stopped and turned. "I bet we're the only
f****y around with a live-in stud who services both
generations of cunt," she said with a wicked grin.

At dinner, my nieces smiled when they saw me walk
funny. They thought it was because Brenda had screwed my
ass that afternoon. They didn't know their mother had
reamed me out. But Linda didn't give herself away. In
fact, she never mentioned it for almost two weeks. Then,
one Saturday morning, I awoke early with Linda sucking
my dick. I had screwed Chrissie the night before and my
dick had dried juice all over it, but Linda didn't seem
to mind.

"Everyone's gone for the day, Don," she said. "Just
you and me and ... " Her tongue licked my dick from
the base to the tip. " ...this big pussy pleaser."

And that's how Brenda and Chrissie found us. There was
no screaming or crying, just an awkward silence. I
managed to break the ice and would you believe that
within twenty minutes I was the center of a foursome? I
was eating Chrissie's pussy, sliding the dick to my
s****r while Brenda's tongue explored my ass.

Am I in heaven or what?


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That was a HOT story, Thanks for sharing you lucy man
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Your a lucky bugger, for sure.
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Very hot story!