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David leaned back against the headboard of his bed, watching the video, as the two women began undressing. He found himself wondering if his mother and Aunt Karen looked as good naked. His Aunt Karen had come to stay with them a month earlier, after her husband left her. He had often enough, caught glimpses of both of them in their underwear, but it wasn't the same as seeing them totally nude. He had seen his aunt's tits once. It had been on his birthday, when the two of them had taken him to a bar. The whole twenty-first birthday ritual, complete with lots of booze and several trips to the bathroom. It had been during one of those trips that he had walked in on his aunt while she was getting ready to take a shower. He had been kind of surprised when she just stood there smiling when he walked in.

He didn't doubt his mother could measure up, with her hourglass figure that she spent hours a week at the gym maintaining. Her tits weren't large, just filling a B cup, but from the times he had seen her going braless, they were still firm. Her best asset had always been her eyes, yeah it's the eyes. But it was true, his mother had the kind of eyes that screamed at you, making you want to stare into them and get lost.

His aunt, was another story. Her figure was more full, not fat, but not the hourglass type like his mother. Her breasts weren't much bigger than his mother's, in fact the two often shared bras, although when his aunt wore his mother's bra, she tended to spill out the top of it. But she had a firm round ass that made you stare at it when she walked by.

With the last of their clothes removed, the two women turned their attention to their male companion, who was laying on the bed, his cock sticking straight up in the air. David slowly stroked his cock as he watched the two women kneel on the bed and begin licking at the man's cock, taking turns running their tongues along the shaft.

The shining of headlights through the curtains of his room warned David of his mother's arrival home. He quickly shut off the video and grabbed a pair of shorts, pulling them on and tucking his erection inside. Looking out the window he watched as his mother and his aunt climbed out of a car and started toward the front door. His mother was carrying her shoes, and his aunt was hanging onto her free arm as the two of them stumbled up the sidewalk.

"Shit," he thought. "They're d***k again."

Rushing from his room, he reached the front door just as the doorbell rang. Pulling the door opened, he almost collided with the two women as they stumbled inside.

"Take her," his mother said, pushing Karen into his arms. "She's gotten sick three times already. Put her in the bathroom."

"I'ze fine." Karen mumbled, dr****g herself against David's shoulder. "Oooh, high hun," she said, lifting her head and trying to look at David.

David started guiding her toward the hallway, as his mother closed the door and locked it. "I need another drink," she said, tossing her shoes to the floor and stumbling across the floor to the kitchen.

By the time they reached the stairs, Karen's feet were dragging. David reached under her and picked her up, before heading up the stairway and into the bathroom. "Oooh, so strong." She mumbled, her head falling against his neck as he carried her. The closeness of her body, and her hot breath on his neck sent David's already erect cock into overdrive, as it pushed outward against his shorts.

As he lowered her to the floor next to the toilet, he felt his cock spring out through the slot in his shorts. He tried stepping back, but she pulled herself to him as he stood, holding her cheek against him. Her face literally slid down his body, and his cock brushed against her cheek.

"Oh my." she said, her eyes locked on his erect cock as it seemed to point straight at her. "Now that's nice."

Her hand reached out and grasped his cock. The touch was electric, and David shuddered, the whole forbiddenness of it almost sending over the edge.

"Oh, Fuck!" David heard his mother shout from downstairs. "David!"

Pulling his aunt's hand from his cock, David slipped it back into his shorts and rushed from the room and down the stairs. As he entered the kitchen he could still hear his mother swearing. He stopped at the doorway, as he saw his mother standing at the sink, her blouse off, being held under the faucet.

"She fucking puked on me," his mother said, turning and staring at him. She looked him up and down then turned back to the sink as she mumbled out more epitaphs against her s****r.

"Get me something to put on," she said, "it's on my bra as well."

David rushed back upstairs, pausing at the door to the bathroom to check on his aunt, who was apparently passed out against the toilet. Grabbing his mother's robe from her bedroom he rushed back downstairs, and into the kitchen. His mother was still standing at the sink, scrubbing her blouse as he entered.

"Thanks, hun," she said taking her robe from his outstretched hand. She slipped it on then turned her back to him as she reached inside the sleeves and removed her bra, dropping that into the sink as well.

"Thank you," she mumbled, as she began scrubbing her bra. She glanced back over her shoulder and smiled. "You go ahead and get back to bed, and whatever you were doing." She smiled as she said that, tilting her head toward him. David looked down and realized his cock had popped out of his shorts again and was pointing straight at his mother.

He blushed as he muttered an apology and turned away from her. "See you in the morning," he said as he walked back upstairs to his room.

"What about Aunt Karen," he shouted down, as he walked past the bathroom and saw his aunt sprawled out on the floor.

"Leave her there. If she gets sick again, I don't want it on the carpet." His mother called back.

As he stepped into his room, David peeled off his shorts and tossed them on a chair. His cock sprang up, sticking straight out screaming for attention. Climbing into bed, he turned the video back on and laid back, slowly stroking his cock, as the screen came to life. His pace increased as the two women on the screen began taking turns sucking of the guy. His eyes were focused on the screen, and his hand was stroking is cock furiously. It was like he was there in the video, as he felt the pressure building. Nothing else existed as he continued stroking his cock, imagining what it would be like to have two women giving him that kind of attention.

His cock twitched and his balls flexed as he began spraying cum in large jets, arcing upward and across his stomach. He gripped his cock tightly as shot after shot of jism sprayed upward, soaking his abdomen and chest. As the last bit of cum oozed out of his cock, David reached over and turned off the video. Grabbing some tissues he cleaned up as best he could before curling up and letting sl**p overtake him.

It was still dark when David woke up, his cock rigid and his bladder straining for release. Climbing from his bed, he slipped on his shorts and made his way across the hall to the bathroom. His aunt was sprawled out on the floor near the toilet.

"Damn." He thought, seeing her laying there. He had hoped she had woke during the night and gone somewhere else.

His bladder was about ready to burst. He looked at his aunt, and shrugged. Slowly moving past her he stood at the toilet and pulled out his cock. As he stood there, releasing a steady stream of urine into the toilet, he couldn't help but glance down at his aunt, as she lay sl**ping on the floor. Her blouse was half unbuttoned and her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. From where he stood, he could see the swell of her breasts as they dove down into her white bra. Her jeans had worked open revealing just a hint of pubic hair and no sign of panties.

Finished releasing his bladder, David knelt down beside his aunt and shook her gently. "Aunt Karen." He whispered, "Aunt Karen."

She rolled over slightly and her eyes opened. "Where am I?" she asked, glancing around before closing her eyes again.

"Aunt Karen, let me help you up." He said, slipping his arm under her, his forearm pressing against her breast as he tried to lift her.

"Uh, thanks," she muttered, her eyes barely open."I guess I had a bit much, huh." It was obvious from her speech that she was still d***k.

As he lifted her to a standing position, David felt his cock rub against the length of her thigh. "Mmmm." She moaned, dr****g her arms around his neck and sliding her hips so that his cock lodge against her crotch. "Mmmm, that's nice."

"Let's get you to bed." David said as he slid around to her side, his arm reaching around her waist to support her.

"Mmm, bed. Like the sound of that." She muttered as her allowed David to lead her out of the bathroom.

As they reached the door to the spare room, David reached out with his free hand and opened the door. "let's get you in bed." He said, guiding her through the door and to the bed. Lowering her onto the bed, David stepped aside and grabbed the blanket, pulling it back. Standing back in front of his aunt, he watched her waver from side to side.

"OK." he said, putting his hands on her shoulders and laying her down. "You're in bed now."

"Mmmm, in bed," she muttered, her eyes opening. A smile came to her lips as she reached up with one hand and touched David's cheek. "So good."

Her hand slid down across his chest before sliding across his cock. "Mmmm, so good." She muttered again as her hand grasped his cock, squeezing it. David stood there as she pulled his cock free, sliding to the edge of the bed as she did. David's hips thrust forward involuntarily as his aunts lips wrapped around his cock, engulfing it in a warm wet heat.

"Oh, God." He muttered as she began sucking his cock. His hands dropped down to rest on the back of her head as she took more and more of his cock in with each downward movement. It was the greatest sensation David had ever felt as his aunt buried her nose in his pubes, engulfing his entire length in the hottest, wettest embrace he had ever felt.

"Oh, God, Oh God." He cried, as he felt his hot cum begin shooting out of his shaft, splashing against the back of her throat. She continued sucking with all her might, drawing every drop of his seed from him until his cock began to ache. Slowly he pulled back, drawing his cock free of her mouth with a popping sound.

"Mmmmm, so good," she muttered, her hand still gripping his cock, as she rolled back onto the bed pulling him with her. David's hands were shaking as he slowly undid her blouse the rest of the way, revealing her breasts, held captive in the white lace bra. It took him several attempts to unhook her bra and free her tits because his hands were shaking so badly. He almost shouted in triumph when he finally managed to free them. His aunt was laying on the bed, her eyes closed as he slowly lowered his mouth to her breast, his tongue flicking the rock hard nipple as he pulled the breast into his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned as she squirmed around, peeling her pants down, while keeping her breast tight against David's hungry mouth. "Ohh so good." She mumbled as she kicked her legs free of her jeans, sending them flying across the room. David felt her hands pulling him on top of her, guiding his hardening cock to her anxiously waiting pussy.

Holding his cock against the opening, she thrust upward, forcing inch after inch of his cock into her wet hole as she pulled his body up to face her. Her hips began bucking as she f***ed inch after inch of his cock into her hungry cunt. David felt her legs wrap around him as her fingers grabbed his ass pulling him tight against her, his cock fully imbedded in her cunt. He stared down at her face, contorted in passion as she began thrusting upward, driving his cock hard into her pussy. He was completely out of control as her pussy began to convulse the muscles rippling down the length of his cock.

He began thrusting into her, matching her upward thrusts as he felt her spasms increase. Her eyes were closed as she continued to writhe beneath him, thrusting wildly now as her orgasm swept through her. Her head flailed from side to side as she began moaning loudly, her fingers digging into his skin, trying to pull him completely inside her. David began shoving his cock hard into her, until their pelvis' crashed together, then pulling it out until only the tip was still inside her.

His cock ached as he continued driving into her, feeling the pressure building with each full stroke. Her hips arched up, trying to keep as much in her as possible with each back stroke. David's back burned where her nails had dug into him, leaving what he was certain were long gouges into his flesh. His cock twitched and swelled as he drove into her with all his strength, and he erupted deep inside her, his cock pulsing and twitching as she shuddered with each spray of his cum deep inside her.

"Ooo, so good." She muttered, her hands falling to her sides.

As they lay there, allowing their breathing to return to normal, David heard a soft click. He almost jumped out of the bed at the sound, he looked around at the empty room.

Standing up, David pulled the sheets over his aunt before quietly slipping from the room. He made his way to his bedroom, closing the door as quietly as he could before climbing into bed, his body aching for sl**p.

He was on the verge of sl**p when he heard a faint knock on the door, and it opened. The night light in from the bathroom outlined his mother as she carefully stepped into his room, closing the door behind her. In the darkness, he could just make out her shape as she made her way to his bed, carefully lowering herself onto the edge of the bed.

"David." She whispered, her hand reaching out to gentle shake him.

He considered not answering, pretending he was asl**p, but he knew that was useless.

Rolling over onto his back, he looked up at her, her face all but invisible in the darkness.

"Yeah, mom." He said, trying to sound half asl**p, which wasn't completely a lie.

"David, can we talk?" she said, her hand resting on his chest.

"Sure, mom. What's up?" He said, sliding up to a sitting position, and reaching for the light.

"Leave it off." She said, grasping his hand.

"I, Uhm, I don't know how to put this," she began, still holding his hand.

"David, what you did tonight, Uhm, well, what you did tonight, it was wrong." She said, her hand pulling his into her lap.

"I know mom, but it wasn't my fault. I mean, she was the one who ..." he started, knowing there was no real excuse.

"She was d***k, David. d***k and lonely. You took advantage of her." His mother continued, her grip on his wrist tightening, holding his hand firmly in her lap.

"But mom, I was just trying to help her to bed, and she, she .... I couldn't help myself, mom. She didn't give me much choice really. I mean once she had me in her mouth, I just couldn't stop." He stammered, trying to pull his hand away.

"So you're saying that out of nowhere she was sucking your cock. That there was no chance for you to stop it? That this was all her fault?" she said, placing both her hands over his, pulling it tight into her lap.

"No, it's not her fault, I mean she was d***k, and Uhm. Well, I could have, Uhm. But I wasn't expecting it, and then, once she started, I just couldn't stop." He said, relaxing his hand.

"So you're so lacking in self-control that any woman could just grab your cock, give it a few quick licks, and that would be it. Is that what you want me to believe?" she said, her hands still holding his against her lap.

"And of course, your aunt had no idea what she was doing, so it's not her fault either."

"Well, Uhm, I mean, " he stammered, as he felt her pull his hand even tighter against her lap.

"So, let's say, just for arguments sake," his mother began, her hands releasing his. "If some other d***k woman, had been the one to grab your cock." As she said this her hand reached under the sheet and slowly wrapped around the base of his cock.

"Mom!" David cried out, trying to slide away.

She ignored him as she leaned forward, saying "And wrapped her lips around it."

As she said this her lips came into contact with his cock, touching it lightly. The touch was electrifying. David sat bolt upright, unable to do anything as his mother slowly engulfed his member. Taking his entire length into her mouth before releasing it and turning her head towards him.

"I suppose you're going to tell me that you couldn't help it, no matter who it was." She said, her hand slowly stroking his cock, as it grew in her hand.

"And once that happened, there was nothing that could be done to stop it." She continued, her free hand peeling her robe from her shoulders. The little light that shone through the window reflected off her bare skin. David gasped as her body came into view. He had always known her breasts were big, but he never imagined just how big.

"But mom," he stammered, his hand reaching out to lightly caress her bare breast. He felt her shudder at the touch, and quickly drew his hand back, afraid he had somehow broken the magic of the moment. Her hand released his cock and she climbed onto the bed, kneeling between his legs.

"Shhh." she whispered. "It's nobody's fault. You can't help it, and I'm d***k."

Slowly she sank down, lowering her head between his legs as she wrapped both hands around his now swollen cock, holding it steady as she lowered her lips to it once more. David's whole body shook as he stared into the darkness, barely able to make out his mother's form as she began to suck his cock. Unlike Karen, David's mother worked her lips slowly, almost gently over his cock, building his need, little by little until he was thrusting upward, straining to shoot his load into her hot mouth.

Lifting her head from his groin, she slid up his body, her tits sliding across his cock and pressing into his chest. Their mouths met in a passion driven kiss, their bodies melted against each other, David's cock lodged firmly between his mother's thighs as she ground against him.

David's mind was spinning, as he let the uncontrollable passion guide his movements. His hands reached down, guiding his cock into his mother's cunt, filling her completely in one upward thrust that broke their kiss as she pushed herself up with her arms while forcing her hips downward, their groins mashing together.

"Ohhh god," she moaned, "nobody's fault. Oh, God. I can't help it. Fuck me, fuck me, David. Fuck your mother."

David could feel his own bl**d pounding through him as he grabbed his mother's hips and rolled her over, keeping his cock buried deep inside her pussy. He grabbed her legs and pulled them upwards, rolling her hips to allow his cock deeper access into her anxiously waiting cunt.

"No ugh, body's ugh, fault." He grunted, driving his cock hard into her.

"Oh god. Can't help it. I need it so bad." She cried, her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his head down toward her. Her mouth seeking his, their lips meeting, their tongues invading each other, as David continued to pound into her.

Sweat was pouring off David's body as he continued to slam into his mother's willing body. He could feel her breasts pushing hard against him, the nipples boring holes into his chest. He could feel her grip on him tighten, as she flexed her legs, pulling her cunt hard against. Her whole body began to shake and her cunt began to convulse, sending spasms of pleasure through him.

"Oh God!" she screamed as she flung her head from side to side, breaking their oral embrace. "Fuck me, oh god, oh, oh ooooh."

David felt the sudden warmth as she began gushing fluids around his cock. "Oh Christ. I made her piss herself." He thought, having never experienced a woman who ejaculated.

He dropped her legs, and sat back, his cock sliding from her as he did. She was writhing on the bed, her hips grinding upward as the last jets of fluid sprayed from her cunt covering his legs and stomach.

"Not fair," she cried, her legs wrapping around him, her arms reaching up to pull him back into her. "Not my fault. You have to, you have to fuck me. Ohh god."

Her hand reached down, guiding his cock back into her drenched cunt, her hips thrusting upwards as she struggled to keep her orgasm going.

"Fuck me, dammit!" she yelled, slamming her hips against him, grinding into him. "Fill me with your cream. I need you to fill me, damn you."

David could hear her sobbing as he began driving into her again, his cock burning with the need to release. He bug his toes into the bed, driving into her with ever ounce of energy he could muster. His cock swelled and pulsed. He knew it was on the verge, as he grabbed his mother's tits and squeezed them, driving his entire length into her making her gasp as she felt his cock swelling and pulsing. David stiffened, burying his cock deep inside her as the first jets of cum sprayed into her cunt, washing the walls of her pussy with his seed.

"Oh god," he cried into her neck, pushing himself into her as his orgasm swept over him.

David woke to the sun shining brightly into his room. He threw the covers back and climbed out of bed, lightly stroking his normal morning erection. Throwing on a robe, he walked across the hallway and into the bathroom, images of the night before running through his mind. He could hear sounds coming from downstairs, and realized his mother and aunt were already up and about. Turning the shower on, he tossed off his robe and climbed in, sighing as the hot water splashed across his body.

David took his time in the shower, hoping by the time he finished his mother and aunt would be gone on one of their errands. He wasn't sure how they would react to last night now that they were sober. Finally, the water turning cold, David climbed from the shower and grabbed his robe. He stood quietly for several minutes, listening for the voices of his mother and aunt, but all was quiet.

Finally, taking a deep breath he opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

"David?" he heard his mother call him from her room. "Could you come in here please?"

Filled with a sense of impending doom, he walked to his mother's bedroom door.

"Yes, Mom?" he said, standing in the doorway and looking in.

His mother was sitting at her dressing table putting on makeup. She put down the eyeliner and turned to face him.

"Could you do me a favor today?" she said, smiling at him. "Aunt Karen and I are going to the mall, and I have to take the car to the mechanic. We're going to need a ride home. We should be ready

to get picked up around six. Could you be a dear and come get us? We'll meet you at the Red Robin in front of the mall, and I'll buy dinner."

"Uh, sure mom." he said, confused and relieved. He had expected some sort of lecture at the least, but she didn't seem to be bothered at all about what happened last night.

"Now go get dressed. It's almost noon and don't forget you promised to cut the grass for Mrs. Gentry today." she continued, turning back to her makeup.

As he turned and started back to his room, he saw his aunt walking up the steps.

"Good morning, sl**py head." she called out, smiling as she started down the hallway.

"Morning, Aunt Karen", he replied as he stepped into his bedroom, giving her room to pass him.

As she did, she stopped and turned to face him. "See you tonight." she said, smiling as her hand brushed against his crotch. David froze, staring at his aunt as she turned and walked away.

By the time David finished cutting the grass and fertilizing the garden for Mrs. Gentry it was just after five o'clock. He put the mower away and rushed home to take a shower and go pick up his mom and aunt.

Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, he saw his mom and aunt standing by the entrance. They had several bags sitting on the ground next to them. They spotted him and grabbed their bags, before heading towards the car.

"Did you get anything for me?" he joked as he opened the back door and let them put the bags inside.

"Kind of." his aunt said, smiling as she looked at his mom, who just blushed.

"I'm starving." his mom said, dropping the last bag into the trunk. "Let's get something to eat."

The waitress e****ted them to a booth in the corner of the restaurant and laid out menus before asking what they would like to drink.

Both women asked for margarita's, David opted for a coke. When the two frowned at him, David just smiled. "One of us has to drive." he said with a shrug.

His mother buried her face in the menu, as his aunt began chatting about all the sales they had found. Before the waitress had returned to take their order, David noticed that both women had drained their drinks. His mother still had not spoken, except to agree to comments from his aunt about the sales they had come across. When the waitress returned to take their order, both women asked for refills.

"I really want to thank you two for letting me stay with you." his aunt said, "I know it's been a bit inconvenient, Especially for you, David." she looked straight at him, her mouth forming a slight smile. "It's got to be hard putting up with two old women in the house." she said.

David almost jumped out his seat as he felt something brush his leg. "No problem." he stammered, taking a drink of his coke.

"Oh, come on." she continued. He could feel something pressing against his cock. "Having to put up with both of us has got to be hard."

David glanced down and saw his aunt's foot, sliding along the side of his leg.

"I just want to thank you guys. I really appreciate it." As if to emphasize her last comment, her foot rubbed up his leg, almost to his crotch.

By the time dinner was done, both of the women had drank five margaritas and were joking and laughing. As they left the restaurant and walked toward the car, David found himself walking between the two women. He reached out, wrapping an arm around each of their waists as they walked toward the car. As they arrived at the car, David's mom slipped from his grip ,opened the back door and climbed in. David reached out and opened the front door, his aunt twisting to face him as he stood up.

"Such a gentleman." she giggled, her body inches from his. "Take me home, Charles." she said, her hand brushing against his leg as she moved past him and slid into the seat.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, David glanced in his rear view mirror. His mother was leaning against the window, her eyes closed.

"You alright, mom?' he said, as he pulled out onto the main road. His mom opened her eyes and smiled, nodding, before closing her eyes and leaning back against the window.

"She's fine." his aunt said, her hand reaching out to rest on his leg. "She's just a bit tired. Said she didn't get much sl**p last night." She giggled at the last comment, her hand sliding across his leg to rest gently on David's cock. "Said she was up and down all night. Which reminds me, you must be pretty exhausted yourself." her fingers stroking his cock through his jeans.

"Not really. I slept late." he replied, sliding his hips forward to allow her better access to his crotch.

"That's good, cause I think you might need lot's of energy tonight." she said, her hand fumbling with his zipper and quickly slipping inside.

David remembered little of the drive home, except for his aunt's hand slowly caressing his cock. By the time he pulled the car into the driveway, his cock was free of his pants, and pointing straight up at the roof, precum oozing steadily out of the head as his aunt stroked him.

As he shut the car off he saw his mother sit upright in the back seat. "Either you finish him, or I'm going to." his mother said, leaning forward her hand resting on David's shoulder. "There's no way he's getting that thing back in his pants in that condition, and I won't have him walking across the yard with his cock hanging out."

"Mom!" David said, surprised that she knew what was going on.

"Oh Christ, David. Did you think I forgot about last night. Let's just quit pretending like it didn't happen. Now are you going to take care of him or am I?" she said, looking at her s****r.

As Karen leaned over, lowering her mouth to David's cock, his mother smiled, kissing his cheek.

"That's what I thought. I'll see you two in a few minutes."

David watched as his mother climbed out of the car, carrying all the bags,, and walked into the house. Karen paused, lifting her mouth from his cock and looking up at him.

"Hope you're ready for this." she said, smiling, before she lowered her mouth back to his cock. David felt his cock begin to twitch almost immediately. He thrust his hips upward as he exploded, emptying his load into his aunt's hungry mouth. She kept sucking, drawing every last bit of his seed from him, until he pushed her head away.

"Well, I guess you were ready." she smiled, as she sat up, licking her lips. "We better hurry, your mom's waiting."

David took hold of his aunt's offered hand as they walked up the steps and into the house. His mind was whirling, unable to believe what was happening. Stepping through the door, he stopped staring into the living room. His mother was seated on the couch, a glass of wine in her hands. She was dressed in a white lace teddy and stockings. Her face was flushed, and her erect nipples were poking through the bra cups of the teddy. Spread out on the table was an array of women's lingerie.

"That was quick." she said, smiling and patting the sofa beside her. "Come on over here and sit down, David. Tonight is going to be a night you won't ever forget."

Karen released his hand as he slowly walked toward his mother, his mind still whirling. As he neared her, he could see the wetness in the crotch of her panties. She smiled and reached out a hand, pulling him down beside her, pulling him into her arms. Her lips sought his, her hands caressing his back. He could feel her heat as she began exploring him, giving herself over to her passion.

He began exploring her body, caressing her breasts through the thin material, feeling her nipples harden under his touch. She began to tremble as his hands explored her body, moving slowly down her side and in between her legs, caressing her moist cunt lips through the soft lace before moving around behind her and working up the back of the teddy, unhooking the clasps that held it in place.

She broke the kiss, grasping his head in her hands and pulling him down to her breasts offering herself to him.

David wrapped his mouth around a nipple, licking and nibbling lightly at it, trying to mimic the actions he had scene in porn movies. He was rewarded with a soft moan, as his mother pulled him even tighter to her breast, smothering his mouth and face into her flesh. He moved his head, freeing one nipple only to replace it with the other. Still she gripped him, moaning, her body shaking as she fell backwards, pulling him down on top of her. He felt her twisting, moving her legs beneath him until his body was trapped between her thighs.

He felt her pushing his head downward as she thrust her hips against him. He slowly moved with the pressure, leaving a trail of tender kisses across her body as he guided his mouth to her lace covered cunt. He pushed her panties aside, flicking his tongue out, caressing the moist outer lips of her labia. She shuddered, spreading her legs wide, to give him complete access to her as she pulled his head inward, guiding his mouth to the swollen bud of her clit.

Her body shuddered at the contact, her hips thrusting wildly as her legs closed, clamping his head in place. Memories of sex advice columns he had read took over and David began moving his tongue in random directions, lightly caressing his mothers clit. He could feel her legs begin to shack, and her hips began gyrating as she tried to keep his tongue against her clit. Suddenly he paused, withdrawing his tongue, letting her hump against his face for a moment, then he flicked it out, sliding his tongue upward in a slow vertical I. She shuddered again, grasping at his head, moaning loudly as he continued; L.... O.... V.... E.... Y....O....U.... She began screaming his name, her hips nearly bucking him off her as he finished; M.... O.... M. Her pussy gushed fluids spraying his face as she came. Her hips bucked wildly, her legs squeezing him in place as she continued cumming, soaking him in her fluids.

As her thrashing slowed, she pulled him up onto her, her mouth seeking his as she moaned. Their lips met, and their tongues sought each other as David felt her guiding his cock toward her drenched cunt. As he felt the tip slide between her cunt lips he thrust forward, his cock sliding easily into her as she shuddered, her hands moving to his back, pulling him even deeper. She broke their kiss, her head flailing from side to side.

"Oh God yes!" she cried, her legs moving upward, wrapping around his hips as she began thrusting against him.

"Oh God, I don't believe I'm doing this." she panted her pussy walls pulsing around his cock.

David grabbed her legs pulling them upward as he began driving into her, feeling her shudder and gasp each time his pelvis slammed into hers.

"Oh god, David! Oh my son, oh god!" she cried out as he slammed into her.

She reached out, grasping him by the shoulders as she arched her back, thrusting upward against him as another orgasm swept through her. She twisted and squirmed. David felt himself lose his balance as they tumbled from the couch onto the floor, his mother landing on top of him. She started laughing, holding him close against her as the spasms in her cunt slowed.

David continued driving into her, his own orgasm rapidly approaching. He reached up, grabbing her tits as she rode his cock. Her head was tilted back, her mouth wide open, emitting soft moans as he drove his cock into her, feeling his balls tighten.

"Oh, god. Yes!" he cried out, squeezing her tits as he erupted, spraying his cum deep into her clasping pussy.

"Now that was hot." David heard from above him.

He looked up to see his Aunt Karen standing there, her hand between her own legs, her fingers moving in and out of her cunt. She slowly lowered herself, kneeling above him, her cunt mere inches from his face as his mother lifted herself to a sitting position, burying his stiff cock deep inside her cunt. He reached up, grasping Karen's hips, pulling his face to her dripping cunt.

"Time to do some more spelling." he thought as he stuck his tongue out, lapping at his aunt's cunt lips, feeling her shudder at the contact.

He felt the weight of her pressing down on him as her cunt ground into his face. He could feel his mother lift herself off him, splatters of her fluids mixed with his cum dripping down on his legs as her cunt slowly released his cock. He felt her legs brush against his, then her hands pressed against his legs as she engulfed his cock in her hungry mouth. He looked up to see his aunt, her head thrown back, sweat forming on her breast as she ground her pelvis into him.

David drove his tongue into his aunt's pussy, relishing in the feelings he was experiencing. His cock began to harden as his mother's mouth drew him back to attention. His hands gripped his aunts hips tightly, pulling his face into her cunt, his tongue swirling, driving deep inside as she ground down onto his face.

"I think he's ready." he heard his mother say, as his cock, pulsing rapidly, slipped from her lips.

He felt his aunt lift away from his face, sliding her hips down across her chest, as she lowered down onto him. He felt his mother's hands grasping his cock, guiding it into his aunt's cunt. Karen gasped as his cock slid into her. He could feel her cunt gripping his cock, as she slowly sank down onto him. Her mouth opened and a small gasped escaped as she arched downward, taking his entire cock into her tight hole.

Suddenly his aunt stiffened, letting out a loud grunt.

David felt his aunt push down against him, then he felt a pressure run along the underside of his cock. He looked up, and saw his mother kneeling behind his aunt, her hand placed on Karen's back. Her other hand was moving back and forth, and the pressure along David's cock seemed to move in time to it. Suddenly David realized what was happening. His mother had shoved something into his aunt from behind.

Karen began humping him, her hips moving in slow circles as his cock slid in and out, and the dildo in her ass did the same.

"Oh, fuck yeah." she yelled, her movements increasing in speed.

David couldn't believe the sensation. His aunts cunt was in a constant state of convulsions as she began humping wildly. The muscular contractions combined with the steady movement of the dildo, were driving him over the edge.

"That's it baby." his mother said, encouraging him as he thrust upward into his aunt, "Fuck her. Shove that big cock into her and make her cum."

"Oh Christ." his aunt screamed, "Oh my god!"

She lifted herself up on her arms, pushing her lower body down and back. David could feel her cunt convulse, as the dildo drove deep into her, its movement matching his own.

"Oh God, I'm cumming." she cried out, pushing her hips down hard against him, her cunt contracting and squeezing David's cock, sending him over the edge. He stiffened, grabbing her hips tight and pushing into her, his cock emptying the last of his seed into her as she collapsed onto him.

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1 year ago
David and his Mother, and her sister Karen, seem to have established a family, incestual sexual enterprise that just might keep David's mother and his aunt Karen "home on the range", in the home stable so to speak!! Unfortunately, the enterprise seems to be just that--David's mother never once told him that she loved him, not as a mother to son love nor as a lover's love. That makes the arrangement plutonic and clinical, far from the normal mother and son incestual love affair.

The sex is wanton, lusty, lurid and self-satisfying. The characters played their wanton roles as rutting sexual perverts. Their dialogue and banter was fast and furious. The story made their actions vibrant and lively, with little foreplay.
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
this is so hot,keep it coming
2 years ago
Please dont stop here. this is HOT