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Hi, people. Have a new one here. This is a little longer than my usual work, but I feel it is worth the time. A lot of work went into it, and I hope you all like it. This story contains a lot of buildup, but it is really sexy. If you love big beautiful women, READ ON!

This is a work of fiction, all people and places are either fictitious or used fictitiously.

As always, your comments are appreciated.


Dean McCarthy was so glad to be going home. It was going to be great to be back in the good old U.S., as corny as that sounded. He had been in England for six years, four attending “university,” as they called it, and two as a junior procurer for one of England’s biggest, and some said best museums. His job had been to buy rare and priceless works of art. His travels had carried him all throughout Europe. He had seen every major city in Europe: Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Prague, and Madrid. His job had ended when the primary focus of his museum had shifted from purchasing works of art to restoration. He had been offered a more than generous severance package.

He decided to use the money to take a vacation. He had decided early on that he did not want to go alone. He had no steady lady friends in his life, so his choices had been rather limited. He had called his mom, Rosalyn, and asked her if she would like to go with him. She had said she would love to, and asked him where he panned on going. He replied that he had not gotten that far yet and wanted her to book the trip for anywhere she would want to go. She had called back a couple of days later, letting him know that she had already mailed his tickets and the itinerary.

As he boarded the jumbo jet in London, he thought about his life. His dad, the owner of a nationwide furniture store chain had died when he was just one year old in a freak heart attack. So all of his life, his mother and he had been alone. They had been left more than well off because of his success. She had been a constant fixture in his life, and leaving to go to college in England had been the hardest thing he had ever done. However, going to school in England had been one of the best things he could have done.

He had left a five foot eight string of a boy, one hundred and sixty pounds soaking wet, unsure of himself, and unpolished. He had changed great deal. For one thing, physically he had changed. He had shot up over three inches in a late growth spurt and had put on more than one hundred and twenty pounds of muscle, although as of late he had added a couple of pounds around his middle, which he felt softened out his body, giving him a more mature, natural look.

At six foot one and close to three hundred pounds, with large, muscular arms, wide shoulders, and a strong, deep chest, he knew he cut an imposing figure. He had been polished socially, he was no longer shy, and awkward, he was no longer afraid to admit what he liked and to go after it: he loved big women. Really big women. He was not sure when his taste in women changed from the skinny supermodel to the big beautiful woman, but he was thankful for that day. He loved women that were over 350 pounds. He loved everything about them, the softness, the way they walked, the touches.

He fell asl**p soon after the meal and the rest of the flight passed rather uneventfully. He arrived in Jacksonville International Airport sometime after seven that evening, and had checked into the nearest hotel, a Clarion right at the airport, passing the night away quickly. He got up the next morning feeling rested. He had breakfast, and went to do a couple of errands before his mom got there. He found the largest bouquet of exotic flowers he could find. He also got a large box of boutique chocolates (her favorite). He arrived back at the hotel and went to the lobby to wait on his mom.

When he saw her, he yelled out in exuberance, “MOM!”

She looked at him as if she did not know him, and then recognition lit her face. “Oh my God, Dean, is that you?” She asked moving towards him.

He caught her in a tremendous bear hug, scooping her off her feet, which was quite a feat considering she weighed over four hundred pounds. He put her down and they stood in the lobby looking at each other. He, six foot one, two hundred, ninety-five pounds, her five foot eight, four hundred, thirty-seven pounds. They had both grown, but his growth was more dramatic.

“My goodness Dean, look at you,” she said, rubbing his muscular bicep. “When you left, you were as tall as me and as skinny as a bean, you have grown into a bear of a man. She scanned him; button up, short sleeve casual shirt, jeans fashionably tight across the crotch, and brown, modern shoes. “And I must admit, I haven’t been picked up like that since I was a little girl,” she said.

“Well Mom,” he started “you would be surprised what some exercise can do. And you look fantastic yourself, you are beautiful.” With that, he picked up his blushing, giggling mom in his arms again, showering her with noisy kisses on both cheeks.

He put her down and looked at her again. She was gorgeous. Her red hair shimmered like rubies. Her emerald green eyes with the tawny, golden highlights, her flushed cheeks, her freckles, almost lost in her golden tanned face. Her shoulders, breasts, prominent in her tight t-shirt. Her wide hips, her thick juicy legs, shown off to full advantage by her snug Capri pants. Her feet in flip-flops, toenails painted green to match her eyes. He realized with a start that he was checking out his mom as if she were a potential date. A quickly suppressed thought said that maybe there was more to his love of big women than he had thought. He ushered her into the lobby where he had stashed his luggage.

“Hey Dean, who is the hot chick for whom you got flowers and candy?” she asked.

He laughed and said “Only the most beautiful woman in my life,” presenting her with the flowers and candy. Her intense blush was so rewarding. She grabbed her gifts and they headed out to the limo she had rented, bellhop in tow with his luggage. They were soon in the limo and on the way down 95 South to Fort Lauderdale.

Rosalyn had planned this trip by car, so they could have some time in private to catch up. It was a great ride. Rosalyn settled in, opened the chocolates, and asked him to fill her in on what had been going on recently. As he talked, he found himself more and more distracted by watching her eat the chocolates. The way she savored every bite. The way she licked the errant bit of caramel off her lips and fingers. He realized with some amazement that it was turning him on. Watching the blissful look on her face as she ate was turning him on. He wanted nothing more than to feed her himself. To feel her tongue swirl the chocolate off his fingers. To lean in, kissi… He banished the thought quickly. What was going on with him? Why was his mother all of the sudden a sexual being to him.

She told him about what she had been through, a bout of depression, then acceptance of her size, and eventually a celebration of her size. She was not trying to gain weight, but she was not trying to lose it either. “Whatever will be will be,” she said.

Dean found that he liked her attitude and definitely her celebration of life. It was great to see his mother so happy. They rode, surrounded by their own chatter; he ended up on the floor of the limo, giving her a foot rub. He was enjoying giving as much as she enjoyed receiving. Unbelievably, he felt himself start to harden in his pants, he was careful to keep her foot away from the swelling in his pants. The look on her face, almost rapturous had him so turned on. He felt himself being swept away in a river of emotions that he really had no desire to resist.

The five-hour trip to Fort Lauderdale flew by. Soon they had arrived at the hotel, the Galleria Doubletree, and they were quickly checked in. They arrived at the room to find that it had a queen-sized bed instead of two full sized beds. Dean was about to protest, when Rosalyn said laughingly, “Oh, its all right. I would love to sl**p in a bed with such a handsome hunk of a man.

He assured her that he did not mind. They were settled in, and she urged him to get into the shower so that he would be ready for dinner. One thing he had not thought about in years, but was grateful for now was Rosalyn’s almost casual attitude towards nudity. She was a true nudist and did not mind going in the buff. He only remembered when she removed her clothes and started walking around in a pair of cream satin thong panties and a matching bra.

When she bent over, her wide, plump ass facing him to get something from her suitcase, he u*********sly drew in a sharp breath, taking in the scene. She looked up at him with a funny look on her face. “Didn’t I say get into the shower young man,” she said jokingly.

He smiled and hurried for a quick shower, and dressed in a tweed jacket, shirt, tie, and slacks, and came out of the bathroom looking like a new man. She whistled appreciatively when he came out. He laughed and sat on the bed watching her move around the room. He had not imagined how sexy she was. Her breast hung heavy, truly massive, and barely contained by the silky bra. Her belly hung sexily below her breast. Her hips were wide and her ass was amazing. It was large and shapely. She jiggled enticingly as she walked. The rolls of soft fat had an almost hypnotic rhythm.

He felt a heat generate in his pants. He could feel himself coming alive. He covered his burgeoning hard with his jacket, retrieved a small package from his bag, and told her that he would meet her downstairs. About half an hour later, she walked into the lobby, and his breath caught in his throat.

She was stunning.

She wore a tight fitting, light blue body sheath dress that hugged every curve. Her fiery red hair cascaded in elaborate curls, framing her face perfectly. She walked with poise and confidence, shoulders pushed back, swaying seductively. Her shapely legs shimmered in her hose, her feet in tall high heel shoes, with straps cinched around her ankles, matching her dress perfectly.

He rose, slightly unsteady on his feet, and walked to her, wordlessly and proudly offering her his arm. They walked out of the hotel, to the waiting limousine. Jack, the driver, spoke on the intercom. “Where to folks.”

Dean answered, “You know about this area don’t you?”

“Sure sir,” the driver said, “what would you like to know?”

“Just take us to the best steak house in the area.”

“Hmm, ok sir, that would be Reggianno’s.”

“That sounds good Jack,” Rosalyn said.

After they had pulled off, Dean pulled the small velvet box out of his jacket. “Mom, this is just something I picked up while I was in Europe, and I could think of no more deserving woman than you,” he said, handing her the box.

She took the box with a look of skepticism in her face and opened it. Her look changed completely when she saw what was in the box. She pulled out the platinum necklace set with three carats of diamonds, and the one-carat diamond ear studs. “Oh my goodness Dean,” she said breathlessly, “I cannot take these, they are much too valuable.”

“Nonsense Mom,” he said, emotion betraying the coolness he was trying to portray. “You have been everything to me in my life. With my job, I was included a living bonus, so I saved up a lot of money while working. I got a really good deal on them through an antique dealer I know personally, and I would love for you to wear them.”

She was choked with emotion, tears in her eyes. “Oh son, I do love you,” she said pulling him into a hug.

“I love you too Mom,” he said, kissing her neck.

They hugged for a long time. When they pulled apart, she had a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “If I did not know any better, I would say you were trying to court this old fat chick,” she said with a look in her eyes that said she might not entirely mind.

He returned her look, “I just may be,” he said, meaning it more than she knew. She broke into an infectious laugh, and they ended up in each other’s arms again. After wards, he helped her put on the necklace, and she put on the ear studs. She looked gorgeous in them, as he had known she would.

They finally arrived at Reggianno's, which was more in Miami than Fort Lauderdale. The restaurant was small and quiet, with elegant lighting. They sat down at a table with a great view. He ordered a bottle of champagne to start them off. Their server came back with the wine and they ordered their meals. Rosalyn ordered salad, a huge three-pound lobster, a sixteen-ounce steak, fries, and corn on the cob, and creamed spinach.

Dean was impressed with that order, he was a big eater, but knew he could not finish all of that. He settled for lobster, steak, and the fries. They talk and eat slice after slice of buttery garlic bread while waiting for the food to arrive. It arrived after a while and they began to eat. He was spellbound watching her eat. It was as if the eating was transformed into an act of intense eroticism.

The way she savored her food was SO enticing. It was as if he could feel the pleasure she was feeling, and it was turning him on tremendously. He felt his cock awaken in his pants. Soon he was hard, his phallus trapped and throbbing painfully in his slacks and bikini underwear. She took the corn on the cob, juicy, and slick with butter. He almost came when she began to eat it, running her tongue over the butter slick length of corn. She licked her fingers when she was done, and he rearranged himself discretely, trying to get some type of relief.

They finished eating dinner and Rosalyn ordered an entire New York style cheesecake. He watched enraptured as she rolled the velvety smoothness of the cake in her mouth. She ate most of the pie by herself, and was ready to go. He had to look at the piano player and count backwards before he got soft enough to stand.

They walked hand in hand out of the restaurant to the limo. They sat quietly in the limousine, very close. She had her head on his shoulder; he had his arm around her. He tried to distract himself, but was soon raising a hard. He told the driver through the intercom that they wanted to stop at the beach and take a stroll.

They stopped and got out of the car, removing their shoes. They waked hand in hand on the stretch of white sand, the full moon reflecting on the nighttime waves. “Mom,” Dean said earnestly, “since I have been back, I my love for you has grown. I have always known what a special lady you are, but it is just blowing my mind how much fun it is to be around you.” He still hid the depths and the heights to which that love had grown, but it felt good to air out some of his feelings.

“Oh Dean, I know you love me, and I love you too.” She leaned over and kissed him slowly on the cheek.

They soon finished the walk and headed back to the limo and to the hotel. When they got back in the room, Rosalyn scampered into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Dean undressed down to his snug bikini underwear and sat on the bed watching television. Rosalyn came out looking like a dream. He knew she had always had a casual attitude about being undressed, but it was still a shock to see her come out in nothing but a towel covering her hair.

Her massive breast hung down heavily, rosy pink nipples almost seeming to be begging him to kiss them. Her belly looked so soft and inviting. He could see a hint of red pubic hair below her belly. Her hips looked like they were made just to be held. She took the towel off her head, running it through her wet hair one last time. As she dried her hair, her body jiggled alluringly. He felt himself hardening in his briefs and hastily pulled the cover over himself. She came to the bed playfully.

“Hey guy. What are you trying to hide under there? “She playfully began to yank at the covers. This was not helping at all; their playful tussle had him completely hard now. Finally, she yanked the covers off him and they both stopped with an intake of breath. He was amazingly hard and barely contained by his gray cotton underwear. The cut of the brief had his package on display. It had tented, pulling away from his body, clearly not made to contain a ten-inch, rock hard cock. The tip of the tent was dark, a testament to his arousal, and there were other stains from his previous arousal. His balls, big, heavy, and firm, hung out of the bottom where the material had gapped away from his body.

Rosalyn recovered the quickest. “Well son, looks like you need to get a handle on that thing before it gets away from you,” she said, her voice thick with amusement.

“What do you mean Mom?” he asked.

“Oh come on son, I think you need to cum before you go to sl**p.”

Dean was amazed, and turned on to hear his mother talk like this, but he did not interrupt.

“I have adopted a new philosophy, or rather expanded an old one. The human body is beautiful, truly a gift from above. It, and its functions are not to be hidden, but to be celebrated,” she said with conviction. “I have always been a nudist, and now I consider myself a hedonist. I have joined a group of other, like-minded people.

Many of us are people of means. We have bought a resort, a fat nudist resort, and that is where we are going for this vacation. I want you go get used to celebrating your body. I know I do. I was going to masturbate before I went to bed, but did not want to do it in a hotel bathroom. I feel that there is nothing wrong with us masturbating in front of each other, the only thing I was worried about was how to bring up the subject, but you seem to have brought it up just fine.”

She walked over to her suitcase, reached in and retrieved an eight-inch vibrator, and came to the bed. Dean had listened to her declaration with his mouth open. He could not believe it. It was like some type of a dream, although he felt some misgivings. On the other hand, the prospect of masturbating in front of his mother and having her do it in front of him had him unbelievably turned on.

“Dean, do you need anything like pornography to masturbate with?” she asked him hesitantly.

“No mom,” he said huskily, “I am already turned on enough as it is.”

“Well good then, turn off the TV and we can get to it.”

He turned off the television and she turned the radio to a soft music station, dimmed the bedside lamp, and began to rub herself un-self-consciously. He watched her raptly. Both of their breathing had quickened. With some trepidation, be started to rub himself through the material of his underwear. Rosalyn was pinching her nipples and had a hand between her legs.

Emboldened by her bravado, he removed his underwear and began to stroke himself slowly. Her eyes closed as her fingers busied themselves on her clit, the other rubbing the now activated vibrator along the lips of her pussy. He spread pre-cum along the head of his cock using it for a natural lube and began to stroke himself in earnest.

She was working herself into a fever pitch, and in little or no time was cumming noisily. Her jagged moans sent him over the edge. He felt his toes curl as his cock expanded. Rope after rope of glistening sperm shot from him, some, incredibly splattering loudly on the headboard, on his head, face, chest, belly, and finally dribbling out all over his hand, cock, and balls.

He opened his eyes to find Rosalyn looking at him with a look of surprise, and then she began to laugh. “I was about to ask if you had enjoyed yourself, but clearly, you had a great time.”

Her laugh was infectious. “Mom, I have to say, I am surprised by this new attitude, but, I like it a lot.” He went and got a wet towel, cleaned up the mess and they soon fell asl**p.

Rosalyn had set the alarm because they had to wake up early to be in Port Everglades by 6:45, so that they could make the “ferry,” which was really more of a mini-cruise. They got up, took showers, packed up, and headed down to the limo. Dean was glad that the driver had a copy of the itinerary and was professional; otherwise, they might have been late.

They arrived at port, and boarded the substantial ship without incident. After they had boarded, they went to the VAST breakfast buffet. Dean sat across from his mother and watched her eat plate after steaming plate of food. The absolute sensuality with which she ate was astounding. She enjoyed each bite as if it were her last. A huge three-egg omelet stuffed to bursting. Forkful after forkful of steaming, golden scrambled eggs. Strips of bacon, sausage patties, and links. Golden brown hash browns. Buttered rolls, toast with jam, biscuits, and cinnamon rolls, bananas and cantaloupe. The way her tongue caressed each bite sent shivers through him. He had only made one trip, because after the first plate, he had produced a tremendous hard on. He was glad he had loaded up on the first trip.

They wandered the huge ship hand in hand. They explored, laughed, and talked. Dean was amazed at how the time seemed to fly by. He was also taken aback by how much everything about his mother seemed to turn him on. The set of her head, the way she walked, the way she smelled, the perfume of her hair, the small, intimate touches. He realized that he was falling in love with her.

They visited the on ship casino, danced in the disco, and had lots of fun. They went to lunch at twelve; Dean watched her polish off a twelve-inch steak sandwich, an order of fries, and a milkshake, enjoying the same himself. They arrived at Grand Bahamas Island at one, and were soon loaded into a cab, on the way to the Belleza de las Aguas resort, or more simply, Belleza’s.

He was amazed at how fast and dangerously the talkative cabby drove. She flew through the curvy roads like a woman possessed. She was tour guide, and driver, almost negligently pointing out points of interest on the frightening drive. Dean was glad when they finally reached the gates of Belleza’s. After a stop at the intercom, the gates opened and they pulled up to the main office and receiving area, a modern building seeming out of place in the dense greenery.

Rosalyn introduced us to the beautiful plump black girl at the desk as Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy, implying that we were married. We were given one of the honeymoon cabins along the beach. We made our way to our cabin, following the hostess, whose name was Rebecca.

Even though there were nude BBWs all around, he had eyes only for Rosalyn. They arrived at the cabin, really a small house complete with kitchen, and a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. Rebecca asked if they would like to place a dinner order for their room, or go to the dining hall. Rosalyn picked up the menu by the television and ordered for them.

"Bring us two large pizzas with the works, no make that three. And some hot wings, onion rings, fries, and two extra large strawberry milkshakes." Rebecca repeated the order back word for word and left to place the order. As they unpacked, she told him a little about the place. "We investors made sure that we had the best chef available. Our staff can do any meal, but I am in the mood for junk food."

She went into the bedroom, and began to remove her clothes. He stripped as well, but quickly left and went exploring the cabin, hoping to avoid surprising the wait staff with a hard-on. He found the fridge was fully stocked, including many different kinds of beer. He popped a Newcastle and continued to explore. This place was huge. It had a master bedroom with a giant king sized bed. There was a large, flat-screened television in the living room and in the bedroom. He walked outside, enjoying the novelty of being naked in the sun. There was an outside breakfast nook, and a large, triple reinf***ed hammock. This place really was a paradise for fat people.

By the time he walked back into the house, the food had already arrived. They had laid it out in front of the TV. Rosalyn was coming out of the bedroom; they sat down and began to eat. The television was tuned to some movie, but all of his attention was Rosalyn. She was eating with gusto, devouring chicken wings, fries, onion rings, and finally, she ate a whole pizza by herself. It turned him on so much as she licked her fingers, taking in more and more food.

His hard-on was obvious in his naked state. She noticed it and commented, "Goodness Dean, you are rock hard. Looks like you need to cum again; I guess you are just excited by seeing all these pretty BBWs here. Well, we do not want you to get blue balls, and I could use a little relief myself. Why don't we go into the bedroom, have a good cum, and get rested for tomorrow.”

He agreed and followed her to the bedroom. At her suggestion, they sat across from each other in the comfortable reclining chairs, so, in her words they could “watch each other and enjoy the experience more, on a purely physical level.” Dean had no problem with this. They sat facing each other, and Rosalyn began to tweak her nipples.

Dean’s hand crept down to grasp his phallus at the base. He watched her eyes go wide and heard her breath catch as the he swelled and pre-cum leaked from the tip. Likewise, his eyes went to her pussy, her sweet, sweet pussy as she spread the lips, running her finger along the slit. She brought the finger up to her mouth, tasting herself. He shuddered at the look of pleasure on her face.

With one hand, he cupped his balls, and with the other, he stroked along his length. She was teasing her clit, her eyes intent on his cock. He was stroking himself faster and faster, his hand a blur on his rod. She cried out with the release of orgasm. He felt his start at his toes. Like a fire, swept through him. He arched his back and the orgasm ripped through him. Cum shot from him, a glistening trajectory carried it across the feet that separated them, splattering all over Rosalyn, from her flaming red hair, to her hot wet pussy, she was covered in cum.

Once again, she began to laugh. “Dean you have to understand, I am not laughing at you, but you must understand, you cum so much and so hard, it is ridiculous,” she said laughingly.

“Oh, I know Mom,” the amusement barely contained in his voice, “When I am really excited, I cum buckets.”

Rosalyn laughed, scooped up some of the cum from her tits, tasted it with a smile, and then went to take a shower. She came out, all wet and sexy, drying herself with a towel. As she sat on the bed, Dean went to grab a shower. By the time he came out, she was asl**p. He crawled into bed, snuggled up besides her, and fell asl**p soon himself.

He awoke with a startled cry from Rosalyn.

“Dean, go pee. You are poking me to death with that thing.”

He opened his eyes to find himself cuddled with her, his hard grinding into her thigh. He extracted himself, emptied his bladder and came back to bed, still hard.

“Well Dean, you ready to go to the beach?” Rosalyn said. “Oh goodness, are you still hard? You cannot go to the beach like that. You need to cum before we go out.”

He sat on the bed, his leg touching hers, and eagerly began to stroke himself. When it looked like it was taking him to long, an exasperated Rosalyn literally took matters into her own hands. She reached over, grabbed him firmly, and began to stoke.

“Come on baby, cum for mamma.” She only got in a couple of good strokes before he exploded, covering both of them. After they had both showered, they headed to the beach.

The small private beach was filled with nude and semi-nude fat people. He had never seen so many happy fat people before. They settled into a couple of chairs and Rosalyn asked him to rub tanning lotion into her back. Almost before he had even touched her, he was hard again.

He rubbed lotion into her wide hips and soft ass, her back and legs. By the time he was done, he had a throbbing wet hard; he was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. Rosalyn looked up and saw his hard on, and chagrinned look and made a connection.

“Dean, are you having feelings for me?”

“Oh, mom, I tried to deny it, but I am falling in love with you. I know it is wrong, but…”

“Well, I seem to have fallen for you too,” she said emotionally. “Lets go talk about this back in the room.”

She gave him her bag to cover himself and they made their way back to the room. They barely made it to the bed before they were wrapped in each other’s arms kissing. She could feel him pressed up against her. Hot, hard and wet. He was not going to last long this first time.

She lay back, pulling him on top of her. She spread her legs, guiding him into her sopping wet pussy. He slowed down once he entered her, keeping his strokes, slow, long, and strong, his balls slapping against her gently. With one hand he began to play with her breast, with the other, he grabbed one of her legs, pulling it up, and putting it on his shoulder for better entry.

Rosalyn saw the advantage of having such a strong lover. He thrust like a champion, and was putting her in positions her husband had not been able to do. She was soon cumming hard on his cock. The feel of him driving into her, as a piston was indescribable. She moaned and screamed in a release she had not felt in years.

The feel of her pussy clenching on him sent him over the edge. He came in great gushing waves inside of her.

He said that he just had to taste her. Ignoring her reluctance, he lay on the bed and she sat on his face, forming a 69. Her thighs were like heaven. He was surrounded, but the heat and enclosure between her legs was comforting. He began to eat her voraciously, enjoying her every bit as much as she had enjoyed her food. He lapped up their combined juices and licked her clit until she started to moan.

She took the rapidly swelling head of his cock into her mouth, tasting herself and cum. She sucked him until he was firm and juicy. She had cum more today than any day in recent memory, but she had to have him in her now. She turned around and impaled herself on his cock.

The pressure of her dropping on him was amazing. It was like, well, heaven. She slammed home on him, again and again. She screamed and a string of ramblings came from her as she came. He was not far behind. His cock swelled inside of her, and his balls drew in tight. He came like never before. He continued to cum until he was drained and cum ran freely out of her.

They both collapsed onto the bed, berating heavy, but sexually sated. Rosalyn suggested they get a little nap, then order a late lunch, and have a little more fun.

The End

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2 years ago
not too bad, far too long of a build up with not enough relevant details. was she pear shaped, apple, supersized, floppy vulva, or the tight bum looking, hairy? 350+ isn't enough of a description, or at least when you go into details about what pizzas and beverages were in the food order. just constructive criticism, better than most of the stories on here though.
2 years ago
That was a very good story. It's a long build up. But good though. You've got some skills.
Thanks 4 the post.
2 years ago
2 years ago