Mother's Consuming Lust
by Lanka Cream (address withheld)


Claudia is a successful businesswoman, voluptuous and a
widow with a young son. It has been years since her
husband died and she has remained celibate because no
other man has measured up. Temptation comes from a
close quarter as she is his masturbation fantasy and
she finds out. Things develop into a long lusty
relationship. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, lac, preg)


At 39 Claudia was enjoying the prime of her life. She
owned a successful business with loyal competent
managers and employees. Claudia had given all her long
serving employees shares in the business and so they
treated it as their own. This enabled her the luxury of
giving herself lots of free time. She lived in a large
comfortable house, but not too ostentatious. There was
an acre of land, glorious gardens and great privacy,
being situated on the edge of town adjoining a national

Claudia stood 5 foot 9 inches, had lustrous thick wavy
auburn hair, perfect fair complexion, stunning green
eyes and full lips. She was very pretty, but in a
handsome way, not in that Barbie Doll way favoured by
the shallow majority. Having kept up her ballroom
dancing and tennis all her life she had retained the
firmness of her figure, and what a figure it was!

Claudia was a muscular size 12, not one of those thin
stick insects. Her chest proudly displayed firm D cup
breasts, her waist was slim and her hips curved out
into the full hips of a fertile real woman. Claudia was
proud of her legs. They were muscular, long and
shapely, displaying her strength and athleticism. She
knew that men and boys, as well as girls and women, all
stole furtive admiring and often lustful glances at
her. They had ever since she had reached puberty at the
tender age of 12, but at 39 she seemed to have grown
more attractive. But Claudia was never one to play
around with one-night stands or rampant promiscuity.
For her, sex was intrinsically connected with love and
she could not have one without the other.

Her life had been perfect until 12 years ago when a
d***ken driver had crashed into her husbands car
killing himself and her husband. The tragedy had been
devastating at first, but she was strong and life has
to go on. There was the f****y business to run and she
had taken on that task successfully, growing the
business substantially over the past 4 years. There was
also her son Francis, who was only a baby at the time.
She had filled his life with love and activity. Francis
was also mentally and emotionally strong, like his
father and Claudia.

He had grown up into a very handsome young man, if you
could call him that at twelve and a half years of age.
His looks came from his father and he reminded her of
him in so many ways, in looks, mannerisms and
personality. He had olive skin, thick shiny jet-black
hair, full lips (like Claudia) and an above average
physique. Already he was a District champion in
sprinting and would be competing in the State
Championships soon.

At school he had always been dux of the class. But he
had an artistic bent and liked to paint and draw.
Claudia had no intention of forcing him into any
academic path and would be happy just to see him happy
and a good person, which he was already.

But, there were some things missing in Claudia's life.
She wanted a partner (a lover) again and she
desperately wanted a second c***d, a daughter if she
could. At 39 she was still young and fertile, but she
did not have much time to play with. The problem was
she had never met any man who attracted her in the
slightest, or the ones that had were either happily
married or gay. Claudia did not want to have an affair
as the father of her c***d had to be her life partner.
She did not want to go on an IVF program either.

Claudia had always been a rampantly sexual person and
she and her husband had always had a very active sex
life. Being in business together had given them the
opportunity to sneak off during the day and fulfill
their desires, which they would several times every
day, apart from morning and evening sex.

Francis' father was well endowed and had abnormal
staying power. His ball sack was huge, which probably
explained his capacity to ejaculate so copiously. Oh
how she missed his thick creamy spurts, especially his
taste. As she thought of him her hand had automatically
wandered up her skirt and she found her fingers sliding
aloud the crease of her panties. "I must stop this" she
thought to herself and went on with the housework.

It was a Saturday morning and Francis was down at the
athletics club training. She went into his room to tidy
up, although there was never much to do apart from
vacuum as Francis always put his clothes away and made
his bed. She looked over at his neatly made bed and saw
a slight lump in it just near the pillow. She went to
smooth it out but found something soft, like clothing
under the bedcover.

Claudia raised the quilt to remove the item. She gasped
aloud. There, lying crumpled up, was a pair of her
black satin panties. She picked them up to find they
wet, very wet. She brought them to her nose and smelt
that old familiar smell of spunk. She looked at her
panties and realised that her little boy had used them
to masturbate into.

He was becoming a man, or, judging by the degree of
saturation of her panties, he was indeed very much a
man already in the department of sperm production.
Unlike pre-pubescent or early pubescent boys his
ejaculate was not clear, like pre-cum. Her panties were
covered in thick ropes of white fertile sperm laden

What she did next shocked her later. She lay back on
her son's bed, lifted her skirt to her waste and fully
unbuttoned her blouse to let her braless breasts free.
She then slid her panties off. Looking down she
unfolded her panties and there in the middle lay a
still warm pool of creamy spunk.

Francis had only left the house about 3 minutes before.
She realised that he must have retrieved these panties
from the laundry basket just before he left and had a
quick wank immediately before leaving, naively thinking
that his mom wouldn't notice the panties hastily hidden
under the bedcover. She scooped up some of the copious
seed deposit and lathered it over her full breasts. Her
nipples were already hugely swollen and erect in

This was something she used to do with Francis'
father's spunk and now 12 years later her breasts were
getting another lathering of eagerly awaited cream, not
the sort of cream you could buy at the cosmetics
counter. Again she scooped more of her son's fertile
cream deposit and lathered it up and down her swollen
slit. "Oh my God it feels good" she thought. She could
not hold back any longer. She brought the sperm laden
panties firmly to her sex and felt the remaining pool
of spunk ooze over her open slit.

In a frenzy of lustful thoughts she shoved half the
panties up her love tunnel and masturbated hard and
fast. She felt she was about to reach an amazing climax
and started to imagine Francis, her 'little man',
between her thighs thrusting his virgin cock into her.
She couldn't remove that wicked i****tuous image from
her mind and held that image of Oedipal ravishing as
she came to a shuddering climax. She was left panting
for breath, skirt bunched around her waist, as she
fondled her breasts softly in the warm post-climax
glow, bursts of pleasure gently emanating from her
pussy and coursing down through her splayed thighs.

She gave in to her lurid lust and wondered just how big
her little boy had grown. He had gone coy over the past
2 years and she hadn't seen his emerging manhood in
that time. She did remember that even then, 2 years ago
at the age of 10 his cock and balls were as big as that
of many men. She had ample evidence from her panties
just now that he indeed was a copious spunk producer,
just like his father.

It was then that the thought possessed her. Her son
Francis was growing up with all the good qualities of
his father as well as his own unique good
characteristics. If things were different she would
want him to be her partner, 'her man'. But then there
was the other thing, a c***d. His genes were good and
his sperm would be ideal to fertilise her. He could
give her a daughter who would look like Francis'
s****r. That would be good. They could be a f****y
again. She knew this was an unrealistic and i*****l
fantasy, but it had got her aroused again and her
second climax was often greater.

Just as she started to slide her fingers along her very
wet slit again she heard a little noise like the rustle
of clothing. She looked up and there at the open door
to her son's bedroom stood a totally naked Francis, his
shorts and T shirt in a pile at his feet.

Halfway down the block Francis had remembered that this
Saturday's athletic training had been cancelled, so he
returned home. He had re-entered the house through the
back door silently and gone straight to his room, just
7 or 8 minutes after his first leaving. On his way down
the hall to his room he had heard his mother's voice.
She was groaning and gasping, but he knew it was not in
fear or pain. He was bright enough to recognize the
sound of pleasure. His mother's voice was coming from
his room. He tiptoed slowly and just as he reached the
open door of his room he heard his mother whisper
loudly "Oh Francis, Francis, fuck mommy darling, fuck
mommy hard."

What he saw stunned him. He saw his mother, Claudia,
lying back with her legs spread wide and her extremely
thick hairy bush on full display, the fingers of one
hand thrashing up and down her slit and clit whilst her
other hand was grabbing and fondling her enormous firm
breasts (the focus of his masturbating fantasy over the
past year). This was his masturbation vision fulfilled.
He realised full well what his mother was doing and he
saw also that she could not see him as she had her eyes
closed as she was enveloped in her little fantasy. He
also realised that his mother had found her panties
filled with his cum.

That she was when she called out his name and had his
cum sliding along her slit got him hard within half a
minute. He had already taken off his shoes and sox, so
he quickly slid off his T-shirt, shorts and briefs. He
looked down with boyish pride at his massive endowment,
his legacy from his father. He knew that he was bigger
than any of the boys at school and any of the teachers
and athletic coaches, having seen so many of them in
the showers after training.

He had managed to be discreet and modest and so nobody
at all knew of his massive manhood. He commenced to
stroke his huge boy cock as he looked on with lust at
his mother masturbated. In his naivety and consuming
lust he had stayed transfixed even after his mom's
first orgasm had passed. When she had started on the
way to masturbating to her second orgasm he had moved
he had picked up his satin running shorts to dump his
own load into. It was this rustling of satin that
Claudia heard.

In that brief instant Claudia looked over to see her 12
year old son Francis holding the biggest, fattest cock
she had ever seen in her life. Francis' father had been
a thick 8 inches. She guessed Francis' cock was almost
9 inches. It was a lovely olive colour and his massive
mushroom cockhead was a lovely pink. Below this huge
sperm shaft hung two very firm and very large balls.
His ballsack was the size of 2 tennis balls.

She did not know what to say and could only gasp; "Oh

Francis mistakenly took this as an invitation and
before Claudia could say anything more he bounded onto
the bed between her spread thighs. "Oh Mom... I love
you, I love you Mommy."

Francis was briefly in a state of shock as her son
cuddled her. The throbbing head of his cock was lightly
resting right against her partly open wet slit, just an
inch short of her own throbbing clit. Francis said
nothing more.

He looked into her eyes and said: "Oh mom, you are so
lovely." He then started to fondle her breasts and as
she went to push his hands away he lowered his young
mouth and enveloped her right breast and its hard erect
nipple into his warm soft mouth. His full lips and one
hand worked magic on her nipple as his other hand
fondled her other milk melon.

She relented and lay back passive and confused as her
body gave itself over to explosions of pleasure
emanating from her i****tuously fondled breasts. All
the while Francis was lowering himself bit by bit, his
massive hard cock now throbbing quite firmly within the
warm wet cleft of his mother's gash. She wanted it so

In that instant Claudia made a brave but dangerous
decision. It was a big risk.
She loved her son and he loved her. She wanted a baby
and he could give her one now. She desperately wanted a
fuck, to feel a big juicy hard cock in her and her son
could give her that, now. Only one question remained
unanswered and only Francis could answer it, as she
knew her half of the answer. "Francis, Francis darling,
stop sucking mommy for a moment and answer this

"What is it Mommy?" he said as he reluctantly released
her nipple and looked up.

"Do you want to live with me for the rest of my life,
be my husband and give me a baby?" Immediately Francis
responded; "Yes Mommy, I want to be your husband and I
will give you a baby."

"Oh my little darling, my little boy-man husband, come
and fuck me, fill me with your sperm." With that
Claudia reached down and grabbed her son's fat
throbbing shaft. She grabbed her own son's erect cock
in forbidden i****tuous lust and looked down to see his
clear pre-cum oozing out in big fat droplets. Francis
raised his pelvis to watch as his mother fondled him.
All his dreams had come to fruition. His lovely sexy
mother, the object of hundreds of ejaculations, was now
fondling his manhood and asking him to be her
'husband'. He never ever wanted to leave her. He loved
her as a son and his sexual lust for her engulfed his
whole being.

Claudia's fingers could not encircle her son's thick
cock. She felt his hard member throb powerfully in her
grasp. 'Oh what a glorious feeling' she thought to
herself. She could wait no longer and took a strong
grasp of his manhood and slid that huge pre-cum oozing
cock-head up and down her wet cleft, sliding it softly
over her clit.

Her clit had now extended itself to its full size of
just over an inch, poking up like a little 'female
cock,' gushing great surges of pleasure at each caress
of his cock. The eye of his cock was a massive _ of an
inch across, now fully open as it oozes his thick
virgin pre-cum, truly 'man-made' KY gel. The width of
the eye of Francis' cock is clear evidence of the power
and thickness of the ropes of spunk it will spurt.

She places her other hand at her slit, parting her
thick black thatch to give him clear entry. Claudia
opens herself with her fingers and says; "In here baby,
put it in me now." Francis pushes slowly and they both
watch in awe and experiencing waves of pleasure,
pleasure waves surging from both cock and cunt

Francis eases his pure virgin cock 3 inches into his
mother, going back to where he slid out of just over 12
years ago. "Come my little boy, fuck me hard and fast
now. When you spurt inside me you will become my little
man, no longer a boy."

Francis let his body sink down as he pressed the final
6 inches into her. Claudia felt filled, truly filled,
for the first time in her life. She realised that
Francis' father's 8 inches had obviously been 1 inch
short of touching her cervix. Her love tunnel was built
for her son's fat 9 inches, and she loved it. He lay
still for about 10 seconds relishing the feel of his
mother's warm, wet, velvety cunt caressing all of his
boy cock. Claudia felt his fat hard cock throbbing
powerfully inside her, his huge hard ballsack resting
hard against her arse and being wet by her freely
flowing cunt juices.

"Go son, go now, fuck me, do it to me, do whatever you
want, do those things you've wanted to do for so long."
He did. With his mother's soft hands on each of his
smooth arse cheeks he began to thrust in and out, in
and out. It was fortunate that he had ejaculated only
15 minutes ago as otherwise he would have blown his
load within a few thrusts.

Claudia lay back and spread her legs as wide as she
could. She felt the power of his youth and fitness. His
arse was beautifully smooth and well muscled, great
testimony to his athletic prowess. She revelled in the
feeling of his arse tightening as he re-entered her in
powerful thrusts, so powerful for one so young.

She felt her climax approaching. Her son was now
suckling and fondling her breasts in an unstoppable
frenzy of lust and she loved it. She would grab one
breast then the other, offering them up to her son's
craving lips, as she beseeched him with; "Suck them
baby, suck them, suck mommy's big juicy tits, they are
yours for ever baby, you can suck them whenever you
want from now on." This brought Francis to the brink of
his orgasm. "I'm going to cum mommy, I'm going cum
soon, I'm..."

"That's it my little husband, do what a husband has to
do, fill your wife with your seed, give all your seed
to your mother-wife. From now on I am your wife and you
are my husband. Tell me darling. Tell who you are and
who I am. Tell what you are going to do to me."

"I am your husband, your son-husband and you are my
wife, my darling mommy-wife. From now on you will
receive all my love, all my respect. I will protect you
and I will fill you full of my seed. I am now going to
sow my seed in you mommy and make us a baby. Here it
comes! Oooh... here it comes..."

Francis stop his long thrusting and kept his full 9
inches in his mother-wife Claudia, trying with all his
might to f***e his cock even further into her. Claudia
could feel her son-husband's cock swell that little bit
extra, telling her the flood of i****tuous sperm was
about to invade her womb. At that moment nothing
existed for both of them except cock and cunt.

His massive manhood was totally engulfed in the wet
squeezing embrace of his mother's cunt. They both had
hugely hairy pubic thatches, which were now entwined as
one massive pulsing wet sex organ. "Oooohhh Mommy! I'm
c-c-cumming! Ugh, I'm cumming... Nnnngghh..."

She felt the first thick hot jet of spunk as it
splashed its millions of sperm inside her. His spunk
supply seemed limitless. She felt about 15 warm loads
of cream spurt into her, but then he kept thrusting as
his massive ballsack continued to empty itself with
thick oozing gushes of spunk for the next minute. It
was too much and she came too; "Here comes mommy baby,
here I cum, your wife is cumming baby! Nnnnngggghhh!

Francis felt his mother's cunt spasm and squeeze, then
he felt her ejaculation as she spurted and spurted a
huge quantity of beautiful cunt juice. His balls were
totally soaked in her female juices, mixed with his
sperm. She knew that he had impregnated her and she was
so happy. She had found her lover, her man, in the form
of her own gorgeous son.

Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful healthy
daughter. Francis was so proud of his new daughter and
his mother-wife. Nobody knew, nobody found out. Francis
was enraptured to see his mother's breasts swell to a
milk laden 44EE cup. Claudia was a copious milk
producer and even one breast was twice as much as their
daughter needed, so Francis greatly assisted by
emptying her lovely milk jugs several times a day.

She could not have sex for a couple of months after the
birth. She made Francis ecstatically happy though as he
would lie suckling her warm milk as she pulled him off.
Claudia never got over the thrill of watching her son's
massive sperm laden spunk spurts.

After his first 7 or 8 spurts she would generally duck
down to swallow the last 8 or 9 spurts. Then she would
continue to suckle the cream out of his cock for the
next couple of minutes (he would take 2 to 3 minutes to
empty) whilst Francis would gently suckle on her clit,
his face enveloped in warm embrace of her huge sexy
hairy thatch between her wonderful thighs.

When Francis turned 19 Claudia sold the business and
they moved to another state. He changed his name and
they got married. People talked a bit at first about
the age gap in this new couple, although Claudia looked
10 years younger and so she told every one that she was
35 (not the 45 she actually was).

People eventually accepted them as they were such a
devoted loving couple. Francis graduated university
with honours. They had another 3 c***dren, the last one
when Claudia was 47. She kept lactating continuously
for 15 years, until she was 54, because she found her
orgasms were twice as long and twice as powerful if
Francis was sucking milk from her. They continued to
enjoy a regular (several times a day) sex life until
Claudia was 79 and Francis was a healthy and very randy
52 year old.

She passed away suddenly in her 79th year. Francis was
devastated, but he got over it, especially with the
special help of his youngest daughter, Tammy aged 32.
She had never married as she had considered herself
'Daddy's Girl' from the time she saw him come out of
the shower with a full hard-on when she was only 15.
She had been fucking daddy every day since then.

Claudia found out but accepted it as she although she
was a happy to fuck Francis 2 or 3 times a day, she had
no strong desire to fuck more than that once she
reached her early 50s. So, little Tammy was of great
assistance to both of them. His sperm production seemed
to increase with maturity and most days Tammy would
just suckle a big load out of daddy instead of
breakfast. He tasted like sweet almond cream both
Claudia and Tammy thought.


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2 months ago
"Mother's Consuming Lust" - Thirty-nine Year Old Widowed Mother, Claudia and, Twelve Year Old Son Francis; Mother and Son Parenting Four Children/Daughters Over the Next Several Years.

This is absolutely, truly an awesome and beautiful love-fulfilled life of love, romance and worship of a mother for her son and a son for his mother, legally marrying seven years after their life altering relationship affair began!! I'm not familiar with the original author of this story, 'Lanka Cream', but I sure as hell would figuratively give my right arm to read more works of the author!!!!!

The story has everything every "incest purist" desires: Total and without conditions love, worship and devotion for their blood-kin opposite gender related life-partner. The son Francis changed his name so they could be legally married, after moving to a new community in another state; my suggestion is that the mother should legally change her name back to her maiden name, which she would take her marital name (again) of her deceased husband and her son, once she and Francis were legally married. Mother Claudia and son Francis were lock, stock and barrel committed to their life-long family relationship and love; they bore four children over the next several years after their original affair began. And son Francis (the father/sister of the youngest daughter Tammy with his mother Claudia) began an incestual love affair with Tammy when she was fifteen (15) years old. My one disappointment is that Francis and his youngest daughter/sister did not have any children. The also writer missed (on purpose, or not????) the opportunity to detail and describe the names, birth dates, genders, etc, of the older three of the total four children parented by Francis and his mother Claudia!! An astronomically huge and brilliant story of the Incestual Purist
1 year ago
Fucking awesome
1 year ago
Great story so horny to read
1 year ago
2 years ago
great story!!
2 years ago
A well written and observed story about something which is a special occurence in the world of desire and fantasy. We loved it. xxxxx
2 years ago
love the story x x x x
2 years ago
Nice story whould do one abut daughter
2 years ago
great story,my fav subject.