My wife's s*******n-year-old niece, Sue, was staying
with us this summer. It was a pleasure to watch her walk
around the house and pool, because she was really built and
liked to wear tight-fitting halters on her 36-C breasts and
short shorts that molded to her 35 inch ass. Her bikini
suits were as skimpy as my wife would allow, and I could
often see blond cunt hairs poking out from the legs of
her pants. Her clothes looked as if they were molded to
her body, nicely outlining her tits and cunt.

An illness in our f****y caused my wife to leave town
for a week or so, but since I'm in my mid-forties, I had no
designs on Sue. We swam, dined out, and in general had a
good time, until one night when there was a tremendous

I have always slept nude and continued to do so,
even though Sue and I were alone in the house in different
rooms. This particular night the thunder crashed, and the
lightning crackled. While I was half asl**p, I sensed that
Sue had come into my bedroom and heard her ask, "Uncle
Dick, can I get into bed with you? I'm scared to death!"

Groggily, I turned and told her to get in. She did,
snuggling up to my bare back with her arms thrown over my
bare chest. I could feel those luscious tits pressing
against my back, and she murmured, "You haven't got any
pajamas on, your skin feels so warm and nice." Still half
asl**p, I said that I always slept in the nude. With that,
I dropped off to sl**p again. But during the next hour or
so, I somehow turned over and my hand cupped one of her
full globes. I didn't realize that it wasn't my wife,
especially since Sue had on the same kind of shortie
nightie my wife wears, so when I dropped my hand down to
the bottom of the gown and lifted it, I still didn't
realize that the bare tit I was fondling wasn't my wife's.

I began to get hard and with my free hand I felt for
the pussy I was so familiar with, touching the velvety lips
and the hidden clit. Automatically, the legs opened a
little and I could feel the warm slit become moist and then
slippery as my finger worked in and around it. Still half
awake, I took my now hard cock and, sliding it between the
cheeks of her ass, nudged the head into the warm, wet open-
ing of her cunt, working it around to get the head wet with
her juices. Bit by bit, I worked it into her hole.

sl**pily and slowly, I began to fuck, not noticing
that there was some kind of obstruction at each stroke.
Instead, I increased the pressure each time, until finally
I felt my prick bury itself all the way. All of a sudden,
Sue woke up and sat up, crying out, "Oh, that hurts!" With
a start, I came fully awake, realizing that I had eight
inches buried in my little niece's cunt and that the
resistance I had felt was no doubt her maidenhead. Quickly,
I pulled my rod out of her and began to apologize all
over the place, trying to make her understand that I
thought I'd been fucking my wife. After listening to my
pleas, Sue turned to me with a wry smile and said, "Well,
it's been done now, and, truthfully, I've wanted to do it
to see what it was like. So, now that I'm already
deflowered, would you mind putting that thing of yours back
in all the way so that I know all about it?"

I told her that I couldn't, but she slipped her gown
over her head, reached down, took hold of my still hard
prick, and maneuvered herself around so that her leg was
up over my hip. Then she slipped my cock into the entrance
of her open pussy and hunched her hips so I slid about an
inch into and out of her cunt. This was too much for me,
and I rolled on top of her and sank my full length into her
eager snatch. "Oh golly, Uncle Dick," she whispered, "that
still hurts, but it feels so good I don't want you to stop
what you're doing."

That tight, virginal cunt was clutching my prick on
every stroke, and I could tell by her quivering body that
she was getting close to cumming. In just a few minutes,
she started moaning, "Oh God, I'm cumming now. Oh boy, oh
boy!" With that, I couldn't hold back any longer and
started spurting hot cum into her buttery little pussy.
When my dick quit throbbing, we lay quietly for a couple of
minutes, getting our breath back. Then I pulled free, got
up, and went into the bathroom for a towel. Wiping off her
tender slit and my cock, I couldn't help but notice that
our juices were tinted pink with her bl**d.

She said, "Oh God, I'm sore. Please kiss it and make
it well." Very gently, I knelt down and kissed her furry
blonde patch and then, with my tongue, licked the pink
lips. I wasn't trying to excite her, but to relax her, but
it had the opposite effect. She pulled my face tight
against her, spreading her legs wide so that I could tongue
her cunt and budding clit. Moments later she pulled on my
head, dragging me on top of her again. "I want to watch
your cock fucking me," she said as she rubbed the head of
my dick up and down her pussy. I took her legs and put them
over my shoulders, bending her into a curve with only her
shoulders on the bed. I drew back, and with all the
strength I could muster, drove the entire length of my cock
into her body. My balls banging into her ass as our pubic
bones met and crushed her clit between. Looking between
our legs, my cock looked like a steel rod, coated with oil,
as it pistoned into her pussy. Her body quivered and shook
in orgasm before I finally came, shooting my cum deep into
her pussy. Thank God for vasectomies!

My niece finally went home a few days later, and to
say that I miss her is an understatement. I think I taught
her quite a bit, though, and I know she taught me a lot.
Maybe she'll come back to visit us again.

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Great story!
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That was awesome.
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Another great freakin' tale!
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