The Bentons Ch. 1byRGB©
Ch. I: Not So Average

Lynn Benton had always considered himself an average guy, living a normal life. Right after he graduated from high school he moved into town from the f****y farm and went to work for the local factory. Now, after all of those years as a blue collar worker, at the age of 45, he was next in line for the low-level white collar job that was opening up at the beginning of the year. Not bad for a man with no college education. Between work, taking care of his f****y, and helping his mom on the farm since his dad died, Lynn's life had settled into a comfortable routine.

Lynn had married his high school sweet heart, Louise, shortly after she finished school. They had two c***dren. Mark was 20 now and attended State College. Ann had just turned 18 and was a senior in the local high school. Soon he and Louise would be living in the empty nest. Lynn was looking forward to it. At age 43, Louise was still as sexy and as hot as ever. Before the k**s were born they had a couple of wild, sex-filled years. After the k**s came along they had to tone it down some and had mostly confined their love-making to the bedroom. But lately, as the k**s spent less and less time at home, Louise was letting Lynn know the old fire still burned bright. They had begun to make love in the kitchen, the living room, even out in the back yard. Soon Ann would be off to college and they would have the whole house to themselves again. Lynn could hardly wait.

One of the fun things that had developed in their marriage was their impromptu lovemaking in the middle of the night. It had begun when the k**s were little. Because they could not be as free as they had been, one or the other of them would get so horny they would wake up in the middle of the night. They would begin to caress and play with the other one who was still sl**ping until they would wake up horny as hell. The sex that followed was wild and great.

That's how it began last night. But there was one big difference, a difference that would convince Lynn he was no longer an average guy leading a normal life.

Sometime during the night Lynn began to wake up with hot, tingling sensations in his groin. He became aware that his cock was hard and someone was sucking on it. As he opened his sl**p-filled eyes, he found himself looking up at Louise's pussy as she straddled his head. After 23 years of marriage, he would know that shaved, bald pussy anywhere. He raised his head and began to lick and suck her labia. They were already hot and wet. Louise must really be horny tonight, he thought.

Louise moaned as he tongued her twat. "It's about time you woke up," she said, lifting her mouth from his crotch. She pushed her pussy down onto his mouth. As he stuck his tongue in her, licking her clit, she lowered her head and began to suck his cock again. Or so he thought. Maybe if he had been more awake. Or if he had been less intent on sucking her delicious cunt. Maybe he would have sensed that her technique was a little different. It was similar. But looking back on it there were some differences, a little hesitation or clumsiness.

He began to groan as he came closer and closer to the point of no return. Suddenly Louise raised up so she was sitting up straight on his face, driving her pussy even harder against his mouth. It was then that he felt the bed shift and he realized they were not alone. Someone straddled his hips and began to run a very wet pussy up and down his cock.

"What the hell?" he said in a muffled voice because of his wife's twat. He tried to push her aside to see what was going on. But she just pushed down harder. "It's OK, honey," she said. "Relax and enjoy it."

Lynn's mind was spinning. There was another woman in bed with them. Where had she come from? Who was she? How had she gotten there without his knowing? Evidently Louise had set the whole thing up. He had never suspected this of her. But if she was OK with it, who was he to complain.

About this time the mystery woman reached down, took a hold of his cock and set it at the entrance to her cunt. As she sat down, impaling herself on him, she groaned. So did Lynn. This was the tightest, hottest pussy he had ever had the pleasure of entering. It fit him like a tight glove.

Slowly she began to ride him. Up and down she went, gaining f***e and speed with every thrust. Lynn began thrusting up to meet her, fucking her with everything he had. Oh, man, this was heaven! The more they fucked, the more Louise's pussy flowed. Lynn was burning up in a hot twat at one end and drowning in pussy juice at the other. He was almost beyond thinking as his sex-hunger took over.

Again the mystery woman groaned. And then in a voice that was all too familiar: "Oh yes! I'm going to cum! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me with your big, hard cock and make me cum! Ooohhh...FUCK!"

Lynn's mind froze. It was Ann, his own daughter. He was fucking his own daughter! The revelation of what he was doing gave him a rush of adrenaline. He pushed his wife off his face. Suddenly there before his eyes was Ann, naked and bouncing wildly on his hard cock. Her eyes were glazed. Her pert teenage tits jiggled and shook with the f***e of her fucking. As his eyes traveled down her body to the junction of their loins he saw that she, like her mother, had shaved her pussy bald. He could see the obscene way her cunt lips stretched around his thick rod.

With Louise out of the way Ann leaned forward placing her breast right in front of Lynn's mouth. "Oh, I love you, daddy. Suck my tit. Fuck my horny cunt and suck my hot tit. Make me cum, daddy. Make me cum."

And then Louise was by his head, whispering in his ear. "It's OK, dear. Do it. Fuck your daughter and make her cum. It's OK. Do it now and we will talk about it afterward."

Lynn groaned. His instincts were getting the best of him. He couldn't stop. Ann's pussy was so wet, so hot, so tight. Her breast looked so sexy there in front of his face. Slowly he licked out with his tongue, caressing her nipple. And then, as he sucked her tit deep into his mouth, he thrust hard with his hips, driving his cock deep into his daughter's twat. Their pubic bones ground together.

"OH yessssss!" Ann cried. "Suck me, daddy. Fuck me. Make me cum."

"That's it, Lynn." Louise whispered. "Fuck her good. Show her what a great fucker her daddy is. Make her cum."

Lynn's cock was pistoning hard and fast, in and out of Ann's pussy as she bounced wildly up and down on him. And then Ann sat down hard, grinding her clit into his pubic bone.

"I'm cumming, daddy. Fuck. I cumming so gooood. Cumming!" Lynn could feel his daughter's cunt collapse around his cock, squeezing and sucking on it. It brought him to the edge. Suddenly he tried to push her off his cock. He couldn't cum in her. What if he got her pregnant?

Again Louise was there whispering in his ear. "Cum, honey. Go ahead and cum in her. She's on the pill. She's protected. Don't worry about it. Fill her with your hot cum."

"Yes, daddy, cum!" Ann cried. "Fill me with your hot cum. Squirt my pussy full of my daddy's love juice. Cum in me, daddy!"

Lynn couldn't hold back any longer. With a loud groan he let go. He felt his balls boil over. His cock swelled and jerked. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from the tip of his cock into the depths of his daughter's pussy. It seemed to go on forever.

"Oohh, daddy!" Ann moaned as she felt her father's cum pour into her body. "I love the feel of your cum in me." She came again as he sent the last of his juice into her.

Exhausted, Ann collapsed on her father's chest, pressed her lips to his, and gave him a very loving, deep kiss. "I love you, daddy." she sighed.

As they both calmed down Ann slowly slid off of Lynn, easing his cock out of her pussy. She lay beside him panting as his cum started to flow from her cunt. Louise had sat back and fingerfucked herself while she watched her husband fuck their daughter. It was one of the biggest turn ons she had seen in a long time. Seeing Lynn's cum seeping from her daughter's cunt, she knelt in front of Ann, spread her legs, and dipped her head down into Ann's crotch. Her tongue snaked out and she began to lick his cum from her pussy. It made her a part of this wonderful event.

"Oh, yes, mom." Ann said, as she raised her knees higher and spread her legs to give her mother better access to her cum-filled slit. "Suck me. Suck daddy's cum out of my pussy."

Lynn watched in awe as his wife licked and sucked their daughter. This too was new to him. He never realized Louise was willing to eat another woman's cunt. As he watched his wife's eager sucking and saw how his daughter pushed her pussy up into her mother's face his cock began to twitch and grow. This show was getting him horny all over again. He reached down and stroked his cock to full hardness. Then, moving behind his wife and spreading her legs wider he slid his finger into her pussy. She was as hot and as wet as he could ever remember her being. Removing his finger and replacing it with his engorged cock, he thrust his full length into her cunt doggy-style.

Louise grunted as she felt her husband's cock surge into her pussy. It felt so good as he began to pound her from behind. She quickened her sucking to keep pace with Lynn's fucking. Ann moaned as she felt the new pressure of her mother's tongue on her clit and cunt. Lynn grabbed his wife's hips and drove his cock in and out of her hot twat as fast and as hard as he could. Soon all three were ready to cum.

Ann suddenly pushed her cunt up hard into her mother's face. "I'm cumming. Drink my juices, mom. Oooohhh, I'm cummmminnnngggg." She began to cover her mother's mouth and face with her discharge.

Having her daughter cum in her face while her husband fucked the shit out of her pussy was all Louise could take. "Shit! I'm cumming so goooood! Cum with me, both of you. Cover me with your cum. Oh, FUCK!"

Lynn watched his daughter cum on his wife's face. He heard them both scream out. And he felt Louise's pussy collapse around his throbbing cock as she came. The combination of it all sent him over the edge. With one final thrust he pulled his wife's ass tight against his groin and sent shot after shot of his sperm deep into her womb, filling her with his seed.

For several minutes afterward there was nothing but heavy breathing and contented sighs. Soon the three lovers rearranged themselves in bed and fell into a deep sl**p. As Lynn dosed off he thought, "Tomorrow I will have to get an explanation for all of this."

Ch. 2: Another Big Surprise

Lynn woke with a start. Glancing at the clock, which read 9:32 AM, he jumped up from bed. He was late for work. No, he remembered it was Saturday and sat back down on the bed. All he had to do today was help his mother with a few chores at the farm and that could wait until afternoon. Then the memories of the night came flooding back. Quickly he looked around but Louise was the only one in bed with him. She was awake, looking at him.

"Are you OK?" she asked.

"Yea," he said. "For a moment I forgot it was Saturday. Was afraid I was late for work."

"Oh," she said as she reached out to stroke his back. "I was afraid you were upset about last night."

He turned and looked at her. The sheet was down around her waist. Her full breasts looked beautiful in the morning. "Then it wasn't a dream. It really happened."

She smiled. "Yes, you really fucked your daughter last night. It was wonderful."

His cock began to stir as he looked at her and remembered the night before. "You set last night up, didn't you."



She reached out to him. "Make love to me and I'll tell you."

Her eyes were full of love. Her nipples were already hard. Lynn had never been able to resist her. He pulled her into his arms. They kissed, their tongues caressing each other in a dual of love. He reached up and began to knead and squeeze her breast. She moaned into his mouth. He moved his mouth down to her neck, where he licked and kissed each hollow and valley. "Tell me why," he commanded as he nipped her flesh.

"There are really two reasons," she moaned. His kisses were driving her wild. She had goose bumps all over. "For the last couple of years I have been sexually attracted to Mark."

"Our son?" he asked, surprised. He had never even suspected her to say anything like this. Wanting to hear more he said, "Go on," as he kissed his way down to her breasts.

"Ohhh. You're making it hard for me to concentrate." she said, as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck. "I never did anything about it. You know. It's supposed to be wrong and all that. But I could never make the feelings go away. That's one of the reasons I've been so sexually active with you lately, trying to keep my feelings under control."

"And here I thought it was because I was such a great lover." he joked. "You said there were two reasons. What was the other?" he asked as he began to kiss his way down to her pussy.

"You are." And then she groaned, "Yes, right there, suck my cunt. Lick my twat. Don't stop. Tongue-fuck me good." For several minutes she could not go on as his cunt-lapping sent chills throughout her body and she ground her mound into his face, covering it with her juices. Then she continued, gasping, "A couple of weeks before her birthday, Ann came to me. She said she just had to talk to someone. She was becoming a woman, a hot, horny, sexual woman. But she was afraid to get involved with any of her classmates because of the reputation she might get. And she was afraid of getting pregnant or getting some disease."

"So, you decided daddy should do it. Right?" He said, climbing up over her and placing his cockhead at her opening.

"Not exactly," she answered as she spread herself open for him. As he slowly sank into her depths, she went on. "It wasn't until Ann made a remark about wishing she could find someone like daddy to be her first that I had the brainstorm about getting you and her together. We talked about it and she was all for it. We planned everything together and sprang it on you last night. ... Ooohhh, yesssss. Fuck me. Fuck me good."

Lynn began pounding her pussy. "And you think that because I'm fucking Ann it will be all right for you to seduce Mark. Is that the idea?" By now he could hardly talk. He had a sudden vision in his mind of Mark laying between his mother's thighs, fucking her for all he was worth. Inspired by that thought he began to screw her deep and hard.

Louise groaned as she felt her pussy being ravaged by her husband's cock. She was ready to cum. "Yes! Yes!" she said. "I want to fuck Mark and make us one big fucking happy f****y! OH, honey! Cum in me. Fill me with your juice. I'm cummmminnnngg!"

Lynn thrust into his wife one last time. The whole idea of one fucking happy f****y sent him over the edge. He began shooting his load into Louise. "Cumming! Take it, honey. I'm cumming, too." Wad after wad shot into her hot depths.

Afterwards they lay in each other's arms for several minutes. "Can I really fuck Mark? It's OK with you?" Louise asked excitedly.

"I don't intend to stop fucking Ann now that I know how hot she is. So I guess fair is fair. I would love to watch you fuck our son's brains out." Lynn replied. "Let's go take a shower and talk about it."

After they cleaned up, Louise started to get dressed. Lynn put on his robe and headed for the kitchen. There he found Ann eating breakfast. She was completely nude. She got up to greet her father. "Hi." she said cheerfully.

This was Lynn's first chance to really see his naked daughter. "You look beautiful." he exclaimed, noticing her firm, full breasts and the way her inner pussy lips protruded from her shaved cunt.

"Thank you," Ann said, blushing a little. "It's about time you got up. I've been waiting for you." She went over and kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue. While she kissed him, he reached down and copped a feel of her pussy. It was so soft and wet. Ann moaned at her father's touch. "Sit down," she said. "I want to suck you off for breakfast."

Lynn removed his robe and sat in one of the kitchen chairs. His cock was already beginning to thicken at the thought of his daughter sucking his cock. Ann knelt between his legs and gently took him in her hand. She began to stroke up and down his member. When it was fully erect, she leaned over and took the head in her mouth. Slowly she sucked her way down the shaft, licking with her tongue all the way. Lynn moaned as Ann began the up and down motion of tongue-fucking his cock. Whenever his cock appeared from her lips she would stroke it until it disappeared again into her hot mouth. Up and down, faster and faster Ann went until she was literally fucking her face with his cock. It only took a few minutes of this and Lynn was ready to let go.

"I'm going to cum." he warned her.

She raised her head and looked at him. "Do it," she said. "I want to taste your cum and swallow it deep into my belly." Then she lowered her head and began sucking him in earnest. Lynn groaned and let loose, spraying his cum in his daughter's mouth. Glob after glob of white, hot seed splashed into her sucking mouth. Ann gulped and swallowed every drop. Then she raise her head and said, "Mmmm. I love the taste of your cum, daddy. Thank you."

"Anytime," he responded, caressing her face with his hand. "Now, sit on the table and open those beautiful legs and let me eat my breakfast. OK?"

Ann quickly climbed up onto the table, spread her legs, reached down and with two fingers spread her pussy lips open for her father. "Come and get your breakfast, daddy. Eat my pussy. Drink my juices and make me cum."

Lynn dove between his daughter's thighs. He kissed and licked all over her mound. He sucked on her labia, making her moan. Then using his tongue he parted her lips and drove his tongue deep into her pussy. Ann continued to moan and began grinding her cunt against her father's face. He was eating her so good. After tongue-fucking her for awhile he switched his attack and began to lick and suck her clit.

"Oh, yes," she screamed. "Suck my clit and make me cum! Make me cum in your mouth. Drink my pussy juice for breakfast. Drink it!" And then she came, flooding her father's mouth and face with her cum. Lynn licked and drank every drop he could. She was delicious. The best breakfast he ever had.

Lynn leaned back in his chair, his face covered with his daughter's cum. Ann looked down from her perch on the table and smiled. Then she slid down into her father's lap and began licking his face clean. As they kissed she felt his cock harden in his lap. She turned to face him, straddling his hips. Reaching between them, she grasped his hard on and guided it into her pussy. Slowly she sat down, impaling herself. "Daddy, your cock feels so good. Fuck me, please. Fuck me like you did last night." With those words she began to raise and lower her cunt. Her pussy lips caressed his cock. Her inner heat felt as if it would burn him. Lynn leaned forward and began to suck on her tits, first one and then the other. He began to twist his hips and thrust up in time with his daughter's rhythm. Since he had already cum twice this morning he was able to last what seemed like a long time. Both of them enjoyed the long, leisurely fuck together.

While they were fucking, Louise entered the kitchen. She watched her husband and daughter for a couple of minutes and smiled. This was working out just great. Now she could seduce her son without fear. Soon Mark would be a part of their sexual fun. Soon she would be fucking him right along side Lynn and Ann. As she thought about it, she began rubbing her tits through her T-shirt. She reached one hand down into her shorts and began to fondle her hot pussy.

Lynn and Ann began to reach their climax. Ann's thrusts became harder, more urgent. Lynn sucked harder on her tits as her cunt drove him wild. Louise, watching, could tell they were both about to cum and she fingered herself harder trying to cum with them.

"Oh, daddy, I'm cumming! Cum in me. I love it when you cum in me. Cum, daddy, cum!" Ann ground her pussy down, forcing her father's cock deep into her spasming depths.

"CUMMING!" Lynn shouted, pushing up with all he had and letting his load go. His cum poured from his cockhead into his daughter's pussy. Again and again he pumped his seed into her hot womb.

"Oh, yes." Louise moaned as she joined them, cumming all over her fingers.

"Now just what is going on here?" a voice cried out.

Lynn, Ann, and Louise all jumped. They had not heard anyone come in. But there, standing in the doorway was Lynn's mother, Mildred. Her eyes were wide, her skin flushed.

"I have to come to town for a few things and decide to come over and tell you that you don't need to come to the farm today. I got up early and did the chores myself. And what do I find? My son having sex with my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law playing with herself while enjoying the show. What have you got to say for yourselves?" Mildred's eyes blazed as she scolded her son and his f****y.

"I...uh?....uumm. Mom, I ....well....uh," Lynn couldn't seem to get any words out.

"'s not....oh, shit." Ann didn't know what to say.

"Millie, we didn't expect to see you here." Louise felt silly the moment she said it.

"Evidently not. You still haven't answered my question." Then suddenly Millie smiled. "Let me put it another way. Did you guys enjoy yourselves? You sure looked like you did."

They all looked surprised. "Yes, I guess so" Lynn said. "Oh, yes, Grandma, very much." said Ann. Louise looked suspiciously at her mother-in-law. "Why?" she asked.

"I would hope that if my f****y is going to commit i****t with each other they would at least enjoy it and not f***e it on anyone." Millie responded. She began to unbutton her shirt. "I also hope you will let me join in. I've often thought about having sex with my son. What mother hasn't had that idea at one point or another?" By now her shirt was off, revealing a plain white bra, which Millie removed quickly. "If I had known you were interested in f****y sex, Lynn, I'd have fulfilled my fantasy long ago." She reached into the waistband of her jeans and pulled them down, dragging her underpants with them. "And now with your father gone, I as horny as hell. I need a good hard cock to put out the fire between my legs. Lynn, come here and show me what you have been doing with your wife and daughter." She now stood naked before them.

Lynn's mouth opened and closed several times. His eyes traveled up and down his mother's naked body. At age 63, her body was still trim from all the farm work she did. Her milky white tits sagged a little, but the big, dark areola surrounding her nipples were very sexy. Her pubic hair was thick and untrimmed, with streaks of gray similar to the hair on her head. She stood tall and proud in all her naked glory. And well she should, he thought. She was still a very pretty woman. He couldn't help himself. Even though he had already cum three times, more than he could remember in a long time, he felt himself getting hard looking at his mother's naked body.

Ann climbed off of Lynn's lap. His cum leaked from between her cunt lips. "Do it, daddy," she whispered. "Fuck grandma the way she needs." Louise began to strip. "Go for it, stud." she urged. "Fuck your mama good."

Lynn moved forward as if in a trance. First his wife, then his daughter, and now his own mother. What was happening to his world?

Millie reached out and drew her son into her arms. She pressed her naked body up against his. He could feel her sexual heat. They kissed, slowly at first, just experimenting. And then more passionately as their hands began to explore each other's bodies. She cupped Lynn's ass with one hand, the other moved behind his head crushing his lips to hers. He cupped his mother's ass with both hands grinding his now hard cock into her pelvis.

Slowly, they sagged to the floor where they began to caress and explore every inch of each other's flesh. Lynn sucked his mother's tits while he fingered her surprisingly wet pussy. Millie used both hands to cup and caress her son's cock and balls. Eventually they moved into a 69 position. Millie licked and sucked her son's cock, showing him she had years of practice and knew just how to please a man. Lynn parted the mass of now wet pubic hair surrounding his mother's pussy and dipped his tongue into her hot hole. Mother and son pleasured each other for several minutes before switching positions. As he moved up to cover his mother's body, Lynn noticed that Ann and Louise were busy sucking each other's cunts on the floor beside them. Millie pulled her legs up and out to give her son full access to her cunt. Reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock and guided it into her hot depths.

"Oh, yes, son. Fuck mommy good...I can't believe this is happening. Do it. Stick your big cock in mommy's pussy and fuck me good. I need it so bad. Fuck mommy and cum inside me. Fuck me and put out my fire..." Millie seemed to talk nonstop as Lynn drove his cock into her again and again, pounding his pelvis against hers. He could not believe the words that poured from her mouth, words he never dreamed his mother would be saying. Hearing them made him hotter and hotter. He grabbed her legs and lifted them higher and wider, opening her fully to his assault. In and out he fucked, trying to bury both his cock and his balls deep inside the hole that birthed him. "Yes, yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck mommy harder! Make me cum!" Millie continued to urge her son on.

And then Lynn was there. He drove his cock deep into his mother, held it there, and moaned as it swelled and began to shoot. "Mom, I'm cumming. Cumming in your hot pussy. Take it all. Take all my hot cum." he cried as he fired wad after wad of hot seed into his mother.

Feeling her son's cum spray into her cunt took Millie over the edge. Her cunt began squeezing and milking the cock within her. Her whole body shook with the f***e of her orgasm. "Cumming! I'm cumming with you. Mommy is cumming so hard on my boy's cock. Fill me with your seed. Pour that cum inside my pussy."

Lynn slowly pulled out of his mother. He watched as her cunt leaked his cum out onto the floor. Then he looked over at Ann and Louise. Both were panting hard, their faces covered with each other's juices. He lay back and drifted off to sl**p. Mother, wife, and daughter. If this kept up they would kill him before a week was up. Mark needed to get home, and soon. He needed help with these three. Mark needed to get home.

Ch. 3: Mark's Homecoming

The day had finally arrived. Mark was coming home. Lynn was glad. After that first hectic day of fucking, Louise, Ann, and Millie had relented a little. But he was still having sex with at least two of them every day. It had been going on that way for two weeks. In one sense he was in heaven. In another it would be good to have some help with his horny f****y.

It was Thanksgiving week. Mark's break began after classes on Tuesday and lasted until the following Monday. He would be home in time for supper. The girls had been planning for his arrival for two weeks. Louise worked in an office of mostly women with a female boss. As a result, she always got the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as all of the women wanted time to prepare for the holiday. Lynn still worked until 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Ann's classes ended about the same time. This would give Louise most of the day Wednesday to seduce her son and fulfill her fantasy of having him fuck her. From there Ann and Lynn would be brought into the scene. And on Thanksgiving Day, which was always spent at the farm, Millie would get her chance to fuck her grandson.

Mark arrived home just in time for supper, as planned. After eating the f****y gathered in the living room to catch up on what was going on in each other's lives. Lynn and Louise sat on the couch. Louise had dressed special for the occasion. She wore a shirt and a pair of cutoffs. The cutoffs had been a pair of loose fitting jeans, but they had gotten holes in the knees so Louise cut them off for shorts. For tonight she had cut them extra short so that when she sat and spread her legs a little you could see past them right up into her crotch. Tonight she was not wearing panties so Mark could get a clear view of her naked cunt through the leg opening. Ann wore her school clothes, a simple skirt and blouse. She was not wearing panties either. At first she sat modestly on a chair near Mark. Mark was sitting in the chair across from the couch.

As they shared about what was going on at work and school it was evident Mark was getting more and more distracted. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes away from his mother's crotch. Louise smiled and pretended not to notice. At the same time she shifted a little to give him an even better view of her now wet pussy. As the conversation continued Ann faked boredom, went over, turned on the TV, and sat on the floor in front of her chair to watch it. She raised her legs, holding her skirt up around her knees. This formed a sort of tent out of her skirt and her bare pussy was plainly visible for anyone who wished to look. When Mark first saw it he almost jumped. He quickly looked over at his parents and wondered why they did not say anything to Ann. Seeing the shaved cunts of both his mother and his s****r made him nervous. It also made him hot as his cock began to grow in his jeans. As soon as he could, without being rude, he excused himself saying he was tired and needed to get to bed. As he left, trying to hide his erection, his f****y smiled. Step one accomplished. Now on to step two.

Shortly after Mark headed to bed the rest of the f****y did too. Lynn and Louise left their door open just a little, in case Mark wanted to look in. Then they removed their clothes and began making love on the bed. Both were deliberately loud in their lovemaking. They wanted Mark to hear what was going on. Knowing Mark was listening made it even hotter for them. Lynn fucked Louise hard and fast, bringing her to a crashing orgasm as he pumped his cum into her hot body. Mark had just settled in bed and had begun to masturbate to the vision of both his mother's and his s****r's cunts when he heard his parents go to bed. Soon he could hear their moaning and groaning. "Oh, Lynn, fuck me. My pussy is so hot. Drive that big cock in me. Fuck my hot pussy." he could hear his mom shout.

His dad responded, "Such a hot, wet pussy. I love to fuck your tight hole, honey. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. Fuck you until you cum and cum."

"Oh, shit." Mark moaned as he listened to his parents. His hand moved faster and faster on his hard cock.

"Yes, honey, fuck me. Oh, I'm going to cum, honey. I'm cuuuummmminnnng. Oh, shit. Fuck me. Cum in my hot cunt. Fill me with your hot seed. Fuck me." Mark could tell his mom was having one heck of an orgasm.

"Take it, Louise. Take my cum. I'm cumming in your hot pussy. Take it all." As his dad pumped his cum into his mother, Mark's cock bucked and strand after stringy strand of cum shot from his cockhead and landed on his legs. It was one of the best cums he had had in a long time. He cleaned himself up and soon fell asl**p, dreaming of his hot, fucking mother.

The next morning Mark woke up, showered, dressed, and headed down to breakfast. His dad and s****r were already gone. His mom was cleaning up some dishes in the kitchen. She was still in her robe. "Good morning." he said cheerfully. He was a little uncomfortable. He was seeing his mother in a whole new light and didn't know how to handle it.

"Good morning, honey." she replied, smiling at him. "Sit down and I'll get your breakfast for you. Did you sl**p well?"

"OK." he said, sitting at the table. "It's good to be home in my own bed again."

Louise brought him a plate with some ham and bacon and eggs on it that she had been keeping warm in the oven. As she leaned over to put the plate in front of him her robe opened just enough so Mark got a good look at his mother's tits hanging loose inside. Mark could tell she was naked under the robe and it gave him an instant hard on.

Louise went on as if nothing had happened. "I'm going to need your help this morning. I want to clean the shelf above the cupboards in here today. I can get up OK to get everything down and to clean. But it would be so much easier if I could just hand them down to you rather than get up and down all the time."

"Sure. No problem. Whatever." Mark had hoped to get away from his sexy mother and compose himself. But if she needed his help he couldn't refuse.

"I'll go and get dressed and be right back. Finish your eggs and then we'll get to work." Louise headed up to her bedroom to change.

Mark was thankful for the solitude as he got his composure back and his cock down. He put his dishes in the sink and turned around just as his mother returned. He lost his composure all over again. She was dressed in a T-shirt and the same shorts she had worn last night. What was worse, the T-shirt left no doubt that his mother was not wearing a bra. Her breasts moved freely as she walked.

Louise moved a stool near the countertop and climbed up. She began removing items from the shelf and handing them to Mark. "Put these by the sink for now. I want to wash them before we put them back." she told him.

From his vantage point, every time he looked up to get another piece from his mother he could see right up the leg openings of her shorts. Just like last night, she was not wearing panties. He could see her shaved pussy just as clear as day. His cock began to grow hard.

Finally Louise passed down the last item and told Mark to bring her a pail of soapy water so she could clean the shelf. When he lifted it up on the counter she reached down, took the rag and began to wipe the shelf. The rag dripped water all over the front of her T-shirt, making it transparent. When she turned to rinse the rag out Mark was treated to the sight of his mother's wet tits through the wet T-shirt. She may as well have been naked for all the shirt hid now.

Without a thought to her appearance, Louise got down from the counter and moved over to the sink. She began washing the items from the shelf. She made sure that she splashed more water on herself as she washed. Her nipples stood out against the wet material as she exposed herself to her son. She asked Mark to dry them for her so she could put them back right away. She smiled as she watched him try to steal sideways glances at her nakedness. Just a little more she thought and you and I are going to have some real fun.

Once the items were washed and dried Louise again got up on the counter. Mark handed each piece to her and she put them back in their proper places. Each time Mark handed up another piece he was again treated to a view of his mother's naked pussy. By now he was so horny he was not even trying to hide his stares. Now he's ready, thought Louise.

After the last piece was put away she climbed down and suggested they sit in the living room and have some tea. Mark sat in the same chair he used last night. Louise sat on the couch, opened her legs and let her son look at her pussy and tits, which were still visible through the wet T-shirt. Mark couldn't help staring as his cock hardened. Absentmindedly he used his hand to shift it to a more comfortable position in his pants.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked him quietly.

"Uh...What?....Uh, oh." Mark blushed at being caught looking at his mother that way.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked again. "It sure seems like you do if the bulge in your pants is any indication." She smiled.

Mark was puzzled. His mother did not seem to mind that he was looking at her tits and pussy. And then it dawned on him. She was doing it on purpose. She wanted him to look. He blushed again. "Uh...yea. I like what I see very much."

"Well, what are you going to do about it? Are you just going to sit over there and look or are you going to come over here and show me just how much you really like what you see?" She began removing her T-shirt and shorts as Mark's mouth fell open in astonishment.

In a matter of seconds Louise was naked. She lay back on the couch, spread her shapely legs, and began to play with her wet pussy in front of her son. Mark, moving as if in a trance, stood and walked over to the couch. He looked down, watching his mother's fingers play with her swollen cunt lips. His hormones took over. Mother or not, this was too much. No hot-bl**ded young male could resist what she was offering. With a groan he knelt between her legs, lowered his head and began licking her hot twat.

Louise moaned as she felt his tongue touch her most intimate place. "Yes, honey. Lick mommy's pussy. Suck on my hot twat. Stick your tongue in me. Tongue-fuck your mother's hot, wet pussy." As she urged her son on, she reached up and began to squeeze and knead her breasts. At last her fantasy was coming true. She was having sex with her wonderful son.

Between the thoughts going on in her mind and the double stimulation on her tits and pussy, it did not take Louise long to cum. With a sudden cry of "I'm cumming," her cunt juices poured out of her pussy and into her son's waiting mouth. Mark drank every drop as his mother ground herself onto his face. When it was over he stood and looked down at his mother's flushed body. She was so beautiful, he thought. He reached up and removed his shirt. Then he pulled off his pants and underwear. His cock stood out hard and proud from between his legs. Seeing her son's hard cock for the first time, Louise sat up and quickly took him into her mouth. His cock was wonderful. It was thick and hot. She knew it would feel so good buried inside her. Keeping his cock in her mouth she looked up at her son's face. He was smiling down at her. His eyes shined with the lust he felt. She reached up and began to caress his smooth, firm chest as she sucked him. Suddenly, without warning, he threw his head back, groaned, and came in her mouth. She swallowed again and again, drinking all of it. He tasted great. She could really get used to this. After his orgasm weakened, he sagged to the floor, his knees too weak to hold him up. Louise followed him down, not letting his cock go for a moment. She continued to gently suck. He remained hard in her mouth. When she was sure he would not wilt, she let him go. Crawling up next to him, she whispered, "When you are ready I want you to fuck me. I need my handsome, sexy son to fuck my hot pussy and fill me with his white, hot cum."

Her words sent a shiver down Mark's back. He immediately rolled over, pushing her to her back. He climbed over her. As she opened her legs to welcome him, he lowered himself onto her, his cock sinking into her hot, wet pussy. She pulled him tight against her taut breasts and thrust her pelvis up to meet him. Both mother and son moaned as they united in this i****tuous dance of love.

"Ooohhh, yesssss! Fuck me! Your cock feel soooo good in my hot pussy. It stretches me so much. I've wanted you for so long. And now you're here, fucking me like I've always dreamed. Fuck mommy hard. Drive your big cock into me and fuck me hard. Oh, I love it. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Louise was in heaven. Her son was doing it. He was fucking her for all he was worth. She drove her mound up to meet his every thrust. In and out he went, pounding away at her tender flesh. She wished it could go on forever.

His mother's words stoked the fires of Mark's lust. She was one hot, sex-starved woman. And she was begging him to fuck her hard. Well, he aimed to please. He pounded her as hard as he could. His pelvis stung each time he slammed it into hers. Her pussy was so hot, so tight. He was soaring on the feelings of fucking his own mother. This was the portal through which he was born. And now he was back there, his rock-hard cock was buried deep in the hole that gave him birth. Again and again he thrust his lust hardened cock into her. Leaning down he began to suckle her breasts. In no time they both reached a fevered pitch as they climbed the mountain of bliss.

And then they went over the top. Louise's cunt collapsed around her son's cock as an intense orgasm rocked her body. "I'm cuuummmminnng!" she screamed. " Cumming so hard! Cum with me, Mark. Cum in my hot pussy. Fill mommy with your hot cum. Oh, I'm cumming so good!" The feel of her pussy squeezing and sucking his pistoning cock, along with her hot words, sent Mark over the edge. He drove himself into her one last time and held himself there as his cock jumped and jerked. "Cumming!!!" he cried. Glob after glob of his man-juice shot into her depths. He came and came, forcing more and more cum into his mother's pussy. It overflowed and ran down onto the floor.

Mark collapsed on top of his mother's body. Breathing hard, he placed his mouth over hers and kissed her deeply. For long moments they lay there as their tongues danced together. Slowly Mark's cock slipped out of her cunt. They were both wet with their cumming. Breaking free Mark sat up and watched as his cum dripped from between his mother's pussy lips. She lay there posing for him. Then she reached down, coated her fingers with his seed and licked them clean. "You are such a wonderful lover." she told him.

The rest of the day was a blur for Mark. His mother had several chores for them to do together and they did them all in the nude. Twice more they stopped to have sex. They sucked each other off. They fucked. He even ass-fucked her once. It was only when it was getting close to time for Lynn and Ann to get home did his mother allow them to get dressed.

At 3:00 PM Lynn left work. He stopped by the school to pick up Ann on his way home. As soon as she was in the car and they were out of the parking lot, she reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Lynn reached over and began to finger his daughter's pussy. It was already wet with anticipation of what was to come. "Do you think mom and Mark had a good time today?" she asked. "I hope so," he answered. "We'll know soon."

When they arrived home everything seemed normal. Mark was helping his mother wash windows. "How'd things go today?" Lynn asked, kissing his wife. "Just great." she replied. "Couldn't have been better." Lynn and Ann exchanged smiles. They knew Mark was now part of their fucking f****y. Both went inside to change.

After they had been gone for awhile, Louise went over to her son and kissed him, reaching down to fondle his cock. She felt it respond but Mark pulled away. "We can't," he said. "What if they come back?" Louise grabbed her son's hand. "You still don't get it, do you?" she said. "Come with me." She led him into the house and back to her bedroom. The door was partially open. She knew what they would see there. It had all been planned ahead of time. "Look," was all she said.

Mark looked through the opening in the door. What he saw gave him an instant hard on. There on the bed were Lynn and Ann. Both were naked. His dad was laying on his back. His s****r was sitting astride his hips. Mark could see her stretched cunt lips as they road up and down on her father's cock. While he watched, his s****r leaned forward and his dad began to fondle her tits. "Oh, dad. Your cock feels so good inside me. I love fucking you." he heard her say. "You sure have a hot pussy today, honey. It feels so tight and wet. Fuck your daddy hard." Mark was getting really hot watching them go at it and listening to their sex talk.

"Let's join them." Louise said. When Mark looked at her she had already stripped off her clothes and was headed into the bedroom. As she approached the bed, Ann said, "Hi, mom," as though nothing was going on. Mark watched his mother get on the bed and straddle his father's face. "Eat me," she said as she settled her cunt over his mouth. "Eat me while you fuck our daughter...Mark, get naked and join us. Hurry up. I want to suck your cock while your father eats me."

Mark quickly shed his clothes. With his hard cock leading the way he joined the rest of his f****y on the bed. Ann reached up and grabbed his cock. She held it as her mother licked the head. Then she put it in her own mouth and sucked before letting her mother have it again. Soon the sexual excitement began to build for all of them. Louise ground her pussy on her husband's face as he sucked and licked at her clit. She and her daughter were giving her son one heck of a sucking and had him nearly out of his mind with pleasure. Ann enjoyed sharing her b*****r's cock with her mother. At the same time she was getting ready to cum and was really driving her cunt down on her father's cock. All the stimulation was getting to Lynn as well. His wife's pussy was pouring out it's juices, and his daughter's cunt was getting hotter by the second. Subconsciously they all worked to cum together. They almost achieved it. Mark, who was new to this group activity, came first. He shot his load all over the faces of his mother and s****r. Louise came next from the combination of her husband's tongue and having her son cum on her face. Her cum juice flowed from her into her husband's mouth. At the same time Ann slammed down one last time on her father's cock, grinding her clit into his pelvic bone. As her b*****r came on her face, her cunt spasmed around her father's cock as she came and came. With his wife cumming on his face and his daughter cumming on his cock Lynn could hold out no more. His cock erupted and he sent spurt after spurt of cum into Ann's pussy.

As they all fell apart Ann grabbed her b*****r and gave him a big kiss. "I want you to fuck me," she told him. "You've been fucking mom all day. Now it's my turn." She reached down and fondled his cock. Mark didn't have a chance to go soft. He had often dreamed of sex with his s****r and now she was begging him for it. He rolled her onto her back, climbed between her legs, and drove his cock into her cum-filled pussy.

Lynn and Louise held each other close as they watched their c***dren make love. Lynn gently stroked his wife's clit. She played with his cock. They both gave a contented sigh. Their f****y was really becoming close. They continued to watch until Mark and Ann reached their mutual orgasms. Ann cried out in joy as Mark filled his s****r with his seed, mixing it with his father's in her pussy. Afterwards they all cleaned up and had supper. That night Mark slept with his s****r. But from the way it sound to Lynn and Louise they didn't do much sl**ping. Lynn and Louise didn't either for that matter.

Ch. IV: Thanksgiving Fun

Ann and Mark, both naked, slipped quietly into their parents' bedroom. It was almost 9:00 AM. Louise and Lynn were still asl**p. They smiled and got on each side of the bed. Slowly they removed the covers. They stood there for a moment, admiring their parents' naked bodies. Then they carefully climbed into bed. Ann gently picked up her father's cock and began to kiss and lick it. It began to twitch and grow until she was able to put it in her mouth and suck on it. Mark carefully moved his mother's legs and positioned himself between them. He lowered his head and began to lick up and down her bald slit. Louise moaned as her cunt became wet and puffy. For several minutes the two c***dren performed oral sex on their parents. Both parents began to stir as they became more and more aroused. And then they were awake.

Lynn looked down and saw his daughter's face looking up at him. She had his erection in her mouth and her eyes danced with lustful light. He smiled at her, put his hand on her head, and guided her in fucking her face on him. "Good morning, sweetheart." he said, "What a wonderful way to wake up."

Louise watched her son's face as he continued to lick and suck at her hot pussy. She opened her legs to give him better access. "Lick mommy good, honey." she said, "Now that you've gotten me so horny, you better not stop until you make me cum, you motherfucker you."

Mark suddenly climbed up over his mother. In one swift motion he buried his hard, young cock in his mother's hole. "Motherfucker, huh. I'll show you what it is to be a motherfucker," he growled. He began to drive his cock in and out of her hot cunt.

Taking Mark's clue, Ann straddled her father's hips, grasped his thick cock, centered it, and quickly sank down, burying it inside her little, wet twat. "If Mark is a motherfucker," she said, "I'm a fatherfucker." And she began bouncing up and down on his rigid member.

Lynn looked at his wife. "What are we going to do with these horny k**s of ours?" he jokingly asked. "I guess we better fuck them good." she replied. "Wait a minute here." she continued. "Who are the parents around here? Them or us?" "We are," he said. "Then we should be doing the fucking. We should be showing them how it is done." she countered. And with that she began to tickle her son and push him off of her. When he fell on the bed, she quickly straddled him, drove her cunt down over his cock and began fucking him for all she was worth. Her pussy seemed to eat him alive. Mark groaned with the excitement of having his mother take the aggression in their lovemaking.

Lynn grabbed his daughter, pulled her off his cock and threw her on the bed. He bent her legs back against her chest and thrust himself into her wide open pussy. He began to ravage her as he pounded into her again and again. "Yes, yes, daddy." Ann squealed. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Pound your cock into my hot pussy. Make me cum, daddy."

With the fast, hard pace both couples were using it did not take long for all four of them to reach the point of no return. Louise ground her wet pussy down on her son's hard cock as it spasmed, milking his prick with a sucking motion. Mark reached up, grabbed his mother's hips, and held her down as he thrust up and emptied his cum into her hot twat. Lynn gave one last, deep thrust into his daughter's cunt and blasted his seed into her hot depths. Feeling her father's cum spurt into her womb sent Ann over the edge. Her pussy quivered as it clamped down around his shooting rod.

Slowly the couples came apart and rested on the bed. All were breathing hard. Lynn looked at the clock and said, "We better get going if we are going to get to the farm in time for Thanksgiving dinner."

Mark looked at his parents. "Why can't we just stay here and have our own Thanksgiving fuck party?" he asked.

"But then you would miss out on the fuck party at grandma's." Ann replied.

"Fuck party at grandma's?" Mark was puzzled.

"Sure," Louise said, "Your grandmother can be quite a hot piece of ass when she wants to be. Can't she, honey?"

"She sure can," replied Lynn. "And lately she has wanted to be a real hot piece of ass."

"Dad, you're fucking your mother?" Mark asked excitedly. "Since when?"

Then Lynn, Louise, and Ann filled Mark in on what had been going on around the Benton household over the last few weeks. How Millie caught them and then joined in. When Mark heard about it he said, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let get ready and go. I can't wait to see just how hot grandma really is." And with that they all headed to the bathrooms to clean up and get ready to go to grandma's for Thanksgiving.

Mildred Benton met her son's f****y at the door as they arrived. She greeted each with a hug and a kiss, just like normal, except the kiss now included a little tongue for each. When she drew Mark into her arms, she could feel the hard excitement between his legs. As she kissed him, she ground her mound against it. Mark moaned as he sucked on his grandmother's tongue and felt her press against his hard cock. He reached down and cupped her ass, pulling her tighter against himself. When they broke the kiss, Millie smiled and said, "I see the f****y told you about me."

Mark replied, "Yes, they did. And I can't wait to get into your panties myself, grandma."

Millie laughed, "That will be a little hard to do, Mark. I'm not wearing any panties. See." And with that she raised the hem of her dress and revealed her naked pussy to her grandson. It still had a tuft of hair on her pubic mound. But the lips had been shaved clean for better eating.

"Wow!" Mark exclaimed, looking at her cunt with lust in his eyes. "It's beautiful, grandma. I can't wait to bury my cock in there."

"After dinner, Mark, after dinner." Millie said as she dropped her dress back into place. "Let's finish getting dinner ready. Then we can eat. After that the fun will start."

Together they set the table, finished up the last minute preparations, and set the food on the table. There was a lot of groping and touching going on during this time. It seemed that no one could keep their hands to themselves. Eventually dinner was served and they all ate a hearty Thanksgiving meal. During the meal, Louise filled Mildred in on what had been happening at their home, how she seduced Mark and how Lynn and Ann had joined in. She also told her how the k**s had awakened them this morning. After dinner was over and the dishes were done, they all gathered in the living room.

Millie turned to her grandson, unbuttoned her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked before him. "Well, Mark," she said. "Earlier you said you couldn't wait to fuck me. What do you think of your old grandmother's body? Do you still want to fuck this hot pussy?"

Mark began to take his clothes off as fast as he could. "Grandma, you're not old. You look great! And yes, I still want to fuck your hot pussy." he replied as he took her into his arms.

"Good," she answered, as she grabbed his hard cock in her hand. "I've been looking forward to this ever since your father pumped his first load of cum in my hot pussy. I want both of you to fuck me. Father and son, son and grandson, both fucking my hot, wet pussy until I cum and cum."

With that she pulled her grandson down onto the floor where they began to kiss and caress each other. Millie played with his young cock and balls as Mark kissed and sucked her sagging tits. His hand reached down to finger her shaved twat. He found it wet and ready. Slowly he kissed his way down her belly and buried his face between her legs. As she shifted beneath him to take his cock in her mouth, he began to lick her twat, his tongue darting here and there, in and out, tasting her wet juices.

While they 69'd, the rest of the f****y undressed and got together to watch this grandmother-grandson coming together. Lynn sat where he could watch the action over his shoulder. Ann placed her young twat in her dad's face, urging him to suck her hot juices. Louise bent down and took her husband's cock in her mouth and began gently sucking on it. After a few minutes they switched places. Ann sucked her dad's cock and Lynn ate out his wife's dripping pussy.

Mark raised up and shifted around to lay on top of his grandmother. She spread her legs wide to accept him. She grabbed his cock in her hand and guided it into her hot hole. As he eased into her, she cried out, "Oh yes, Mark. Fuck me. Fuck your grandmother's wet pussy. Let me feel that hard young cock of yours deep inside me."

As his grandmother's pussy sucked his cock into her depths, Mark groaned, "Grandma, your cunt is so hot! It's burning my cock. I love your hot, wet pussy. Oh, fuck." And with that he began to fuck his grandmother in earnest. In and out he pounded, trying to bury balls and all in her hot depths.

As Lynn watched his son fuck his cock into his mother he almost came. But remembering his mother's words that she wanted both of them to fuck her, he held back. Instead, he pulled Ann up and began to suck her tits as he reached between her legs to finger her little cunt. He found it to be very wet as he slid two fingers up into her. "Yes, daddy, suck my tits. Finger my pussy. Play with your horny daughter and make me cum." Ann cried out as she humped herself on her father's hand.

Louise moved down and straddled her husband's hips. She centered herself over his cock and lowered herself, taking it into her tight pussy. As she watched her son fuck her mother-in-law, she tried to match her movements to his. Up and down, in and out, she fucked her husband.

Mark was getting close to cumming. His grandmother's pussy was getting hotter and hotter. She was thrusting up to meet him every time he drove his cock into her. Their pubic bones ground together. He looked down at her. Her head was bent back, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her tits bounced on her chest with every thrust of his cock. She was moaning out his name. He had never seen her so beautiful, he thought. Then, suddenly, she stiffened under him. Her pussy went wild as it began to suck and quiver around his cock. As she came, she cried out, "Oh, yes. So goooddd! I'm cumming, Mark. Fuck me hard. Drive that hard cock into my pussy. I'm cumming sooo goooddd! Fill grandma's cunt with your hot cum. Cum with grandma! Cum in my hot pussy!"

Hearing his grandmother beg for his cum sent Mark over the edge. With one last hard thrust he held himself deep in her twat as his cockhead swelled and burst, sending glob after glob of cum into her. Again and again he shot his load into her. "Cumming, grandma. I'm cumming in your hot pussy. Take it all. Take all of my hot seed. I'm cuuummminnng, grandma." As the last of his cum poured into his grandmother's twat, Mark collapsed on her chest. They lay together for a moment to regain their breath. Looking down at her Mark smiled. His grandmother smiled back. "You were wonderful, honey. You can fuck me anytime you want." she said, and then she kissed him.

The combination of hearing her grandmother and b*****r cumming and the feel of her father's fingers in her cunt while he sucked her tits sent Ann into her orgasm. She gasped and ground herself against him as her juices poured out over his hand. Louise also came as she listened to her son cum in her mother-in-law's tight cunt. She ground her tender pussy down around Lynn's cock and shuttered in orgasmic release. With both his wife and his daughter cumming on him, Lynn almost lost it and came himself. Somehow he gritted his teeth and held on. He still wanted to fuck his mother, adding his seed to that of his son in her hot hole.

Mark rolled off his grandmother. Louise eased herself off her husband's cock. Ann sank to her knees as her legs would not hold her up. Lynn crawled over to his mother, his still hard cock swaying between his legs. He looked at her. She looked at him and smiled. Then she reached out her arms and opened her legs. Lynn looked at her pussy. It was wet with the results of her cum. Mark's cum was beginning to seep out. Lynn bent down and kissed his mother's wet pussy and then grabbed his cock, placed it at her opening, pushed forward, and slowly slid into her cum-filled cunt. She groaned as he filled her. He loved the feel of her sloppy, wet cunt. "I'm going to love sloppy seconds" he thought. Soon he and his mother were fucking away, enjoying the feeling their love-making gave them.

As Lynn fucked his mother, his wife moved over to her son. She took his slime-covered cock into her mouth and began to lick him clean. Ann joined them. She placed her little twat over her b*****r's face and lowered herself down until it was right over his mouth. As his mother sucked him to aroused hardness, he captured his s****r's hard clit in his mouth and began sucking. Soon all five Bentons were lost in sexual heaven.

Because of all the earlier stimulation he received, Lynn felt he could not last too long. He began to drive his cock hard into his mother's wet pussy. He would twist and grind against her clit. He pounded in and out, faster and faster. He wanted her to cum with him. But then it was too late. He felt his orgasm surge up inside him. His balls twitched. His cock expanded. He began to shoot his seed into her, joining his cum to that of his son inside his mother's womb. He put his head down on her breasts and groaned as he poured himself into her.

Millie felt her son's cum shoot into her hot twat. Knowing that she now held both her son's and grandson's seed in her body, she sighed and pulled her son close. She shook as she let her orgasm overtake her. Soon they calmed down. When Lynn moved away from his mother, Ann could see the double load of cum leaking from her grandmother's pussy. She got off her b*****r's face, knelt between her grandmother's legs, and began to suck the cum from her twat. Mark watched his s****r suck their grandmother. He realized that she was the only woman of the f****y he had not yet fucked that day. He eased his mother off his cock and crawled behind his s****r. Lifting her ass a little, he sent his cock deep into her with one hard thrust. Ann's face was pushed down into her grandmother's pussy as her b*****r entered her. She groaned and thrust her butt back against him. "Fuck me, Mark," she said. "Fuck me good while I eat grandma's pussy." Then she put her head back down and resumed her sucking. Millie moved around so she could watch her grandson fuck her granddaughter. She kissed and licked at their joining, adding pleasure to their coupling.

Louise needed a hard cock in her hot cunt. She went over to her husband and sucked his cock hard again. Then she sat on him, taking him deep into her hungry pussy. Watching her c***dren fuck with their grandmother, she began bouncing up and down on Lynn's cock. He reached up and began to squeeze her tits as she fucked him. He looked around. Yes, he was a normal man with an average f****y all right. An average f****y that just loved to fuck each other silly, that's all. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

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