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The Davie's f****y have been lusting after each other for years, but no one had the stones to make it all come true...until today.

Doreen--the mom--is a great looking whore at 38. She's 5'-7", 126 lbs., and has a really long mane of blonde hair that reaches her ass.

Daughter, Susanne--18, is a cheerleader (and a senior at high school), and has all the best traits from mommy--including loving the taste of pussy between her lips. She's a petite girl, with the same blonde hair, and jugs that are a nice cantaloupe size.

Jack is the daddy, and he is athletic in looks with a great, muscular frame, and a cock that is ten-inches long, and four around.

The son, Chris, inherited his father's stellar dick, and is a football player for the same high school his s****r goes to.

On this day, Chris--who is in his first year of college--discovers something about his mother that he will dream about for all eternity.

Chris wakes up and comes downstairs to get some breakfast. There's no school today because it's summer, and he is only wearing boxers; his cock is already as stiff as a dead snake, having dreamed of his s****r swallowing his load. His dad and s****r, though, are out already this morning. Daddy wanted to take some time to get to know his daughter better, so he took her fishing for the day.

Chris struggled with the sheets, but finally tore them off. "Shit," he said, as he noticed his long piece of meat hanging out of the hole in the front of his underwear. "Why does this always happen?" Chris wore the biggest (in front, anyway) boxers the store had, but his cock would always pop out; he was just too big. He stuffed his sausage back in and rose out of his bed. He left his room, and started down the stairs. He heard some noise from the kitchen, and he smiled, knowing that mom would be down there cooking.

He reached the corner of the hallway, and almost spunked his shorts when he saw how his mother was dressed. She was wearing black thigh-high stockings, a flimsy see-through robe that ended just below her hips. Her dark lace bra was practically spilling out the flesh of her tits. High-heels adorned her very sexy feet. "Morning, baby. How about some homemade pancakes today. Or maybe something el--" She stopped talking instantly.

"Whatever you're having, mom." Chris was standing in the archway, naked except for his snug boxers. He had no idea about "Little Chris", however.

"It looks like sausage to me, sweetheart," mom said as she eyed the slab of beef that was peeking out, once again, from the front of Chris's shorts. She started laughing, but her emerald eyes never left the sweaty cock that was hanging out in front of her.

"What are you talking about? Dad won't let us have sausage. He says that it's too hard on the arteries."

"Honey. Your, um, stuff is hanging out again. You got quite a b**st there." Doreen swiped her full, painted lips with her juicy tongue. She turned off the burner and threw the spatula into the sink. "I love big things, baby. I'll show you."

Chris's mom turned from him, and bent over a little. The sheer robe rose from her thighs, revealing her ass. Chris stared at the mound of cunt that was before him. Something was strange, though. Mom's black thong was pinched in between folds of a pussy that was HUGE! His cock began to pulse and grow; pre-cum immediately fauceted out of his man-hole.

"You see, darling, I love big fucking dicks. I also love to pump my pussy up so it swells. In my experience, men love a huge cunt beating around their cocks." His mom rubbed the stockings that encased her beautiful thighs. Her underwear was stuck in the moist crevasse of her bulging vagina; drops of girl-cum were glistening on her bare pussy.

Chris couldn't help himself--he didn't know what was going on, but he was going to stroke it a little. The bits of semen that was squirting out of his long dick lubed his jerking. "Mom. Can I see that swelled pussy you have there?"

"Sure, hun. Let me lay on the table so you can eat it. ...If you want?" Doreen strolled from the stove and took all the spices off the table. She walked a bit awkward because of how much her love-box was expanded. She placed her knees on the kitchen table, and swung around so her fat cunt was peeking at her well-hung son. She lowered herself and spread her firm legs; the stockings made Chris's cock grow more. The veins bulged out of his ten-inches of man-hood, and the liquid from the head dripped down on the floor. He crept up to his mother's love-tunnel (the fucking thing was so red from being pumped by her toy, her lips were puffed out obscenely) with his pecker in hand. He already dropped his tight boxers to the linoleum.

His mother's pussy was hanging over the side of the table, begging to be sucked, licked, fingered, then fucked. She held the black panties over the side of her cunt, and she said, "Eat me, my son. Eat this fucking gigantic pussy so I could squirt my cum in your mouth. And you better not waste any. You know how momma doesn't like it when you waste food."

Chris got down to his knees, and sniffed the pure sweaty vaginal opening that was before him. "Ma. Your pussy smells soooo good. When I was in there, I wish I could of ate it from the inside out." Chris started running his tongue up, and up, and up his mother's cunny; her love juices were already seeping out of the crack. His fingers found the warm wetness of where he came from, and he frigged the inner walls of her snatch with vigour. His cock was resting on the cold floor, and he was still leaking. But, he didn't care, because he stuffed his face into his mommy's pussy, and writhed around. "Damn! I can't believe how puffed up your cunt is, mom. It's so hard to get it all in my mouth, but I'll try my ass off." And he did. He licked, pulled with his tongue, and sucked those large cunt flaps so he could get as much juice in his mouth as possible.

"Ohhhhh, son. Please, babe, please slide that cock in me. It's been so long since your dad did it. He's too busy fucking your s****r to spray inside me anymore, so fuck me now son!"

Her ass was wiggling from left to right, and the noise her thigh-highs made against the table drove Chris to follow the instructions from his mother. He stood up and placed his big mushroom-head against the cunt of his mother; he could actually SEE his mom's cunt beating and pulsing as she ejaculated a little bit of clear fluid onto the table. (He knew he would love eating his food from this spot forever.) He jerked his dick three times and plunged the head in. His mother was right--large pussies really held the prick good, and it gripped his cock like a pair of flesh Vice-Grips.

"OhhhYeaaah, sweety. That's it. Plunge into me, honey. Shove it all in, son. Fuck mommy, baby. Fuck mommy."

Chris didn't even think about when he was younger. he just slammed all ten inches of beef into his mother. Suction sounds were echoing against the walls as the slushy pussy-pounding continued for twelve more strokes. Chris watched as his monster cock plunged into his mother, time and time again.

"Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Mommy's going to spray and you better be ready for it. I'm going to soak those huge genitals with my white cum...Oh. Oh," Sparkling cloud-white semen squirted from the bulging cunt of Doreen, and drenched the large cock that was settled into it. The table was covered in sweet-smelling cum from mommy's pussy.

"Now I'm cumming, mom. Where do you want it?"

"Oh, baby, I want it in my mouth, for now. You, uh, could fill, uhhnn, my, ohhhyeah, pussy later...."

Chris unsheathed his sword from his mom's cunt, and Doreen spun around quicker than shit to accept her son's cream. He placed his bulbous cockhead on her lips, and she opened up wide. She stroked his thick member with both hands--one over the other--and he erupted into her willing mouth; her green eyes stared at her son's face as every jet of cum sprayed inside her mouth. Some leaked down her chin and onto her stockings, but Chris's s****r would clean that up later....

"Daddy and s*s are getting home soon. Do you think we could fuck them too? I already know you eat my s****r's pussy?" Chris said, as his mom was still slurping at the head of the cock that was continuing to drip cum.

"They're here now, sweety. Just look at your s****r pumping her pussy with my toy. Isn't her cunt magnificent?"

Daddy's cock, s****r's swollen cunt, mommy's awaiting pussy, and son's throbbing penis....
First, I would just like to thank all of the responses I received. It was mostly positive, and I thank you all for reading this (and my other stories, hopefully!) and enjoying it. Everyone wanted the here it is.

"Now this is something I would kill to come home to everyday," Jack said to his daughter as they just walked through the door. His cock (still slick with his little girl's juices) started to erect itself inside Jack's shorts. He set his fishing equipment down, never taking his eyes off of his son throwing it into his wife.

"You got that right, Dad. Can we join them when they're done?" Susanne dropped her stuff as well, and reached out her slim-fingered hand to rub her daddy's prick through the thin fabric of his khakis.

"You bet your slutty little ass we can!" Jack pulled his fly-encrusted vest off as his daughter began to slide his shorts and boxers down. When they were pulled over his enormous cock, it flapped back against his lower chest with a wet "smack!".

But Susanne couldn't release her gaze from her b*****r's glistening ass as he kept plundering their mother. Her stockinged legs were spread out as far as they could go, and her high heels were almost falling off from the pounding she was getting.

As Susanne was rising from the ground like a serpent, she slathered her tongue up along the huge dick of her father. "I'll be right back, Daddy. Don't start without me."

Jack gripped his cock and squeezed hard as he moaned "Okay, but hurry."

Susanne quietly ran up the stairs to her room. She flitted across it and reached her closet. The thought of her getting some f****y cock was making her drippy and sloppy as she grabbed her cheerleader outfit from the rack. After stripping in record time, she left her bra off as she drew the sweater over her head. She donned her short skirt and pulled her socks all the way up to her knees. Without panties on, she skipped down to her mother's room.

Susanne opened the door and made her way to the box that she knew was under the bed. "Here it is," she whispered, as she pulled the pussy pump out of the cardboard box.

Jack was watching his son fuck as he saw Susanne tip-toe down the stairs. She came over to him and sat down on the floor, with her back leaning against her father's hairy legs. He looked down to see Susanne place the oval plastic bulb on her bare cunt. He rested his long schlong onto his baby's head as he heard his son saying he was gonna cum. He heard the pumping and the moaning and a dollop of pre-cum dribbled onto Susanne's hair. Jack heard his son's deep voice say something, and his wife responded, "They're here now, sweety. Just look at your s****r pumping her pussy with my toy. Isn't her cunt magnificent?"

Chris removed his cock-crown from his mother's chin as he turned to see his father with his long shaft on his s****r's head. The way Susanne looked with her legs open, her skirt riding high on her waist, and her black knee-highs gripping her tanned calves, made his manhood pulse with extraordinary life.

"Well," Doreen said, as she slid her lithe body off of the table, "we better move this to the living room. The whole f****y's here now, and we're gonna need the space." Her glorious jugs were bouncing around as her spiked heels clicked across the linoleum. She grabbed her son by his thrust-out member and pulled him behind her. She stopped in front of her husband and daughter and asked, "So I guess you two 'got to know each other' a little today. But I thought you'd be gone longer."

As Susanne kept slowly swelling up her twat, Jack responded, "We fucked pretty quick. It turns out that for the past couple of weeks, while I was sl**ping--when I thought I was having dreams--she was sneaking in and sucking me off. So everything went smooth. I thought I'd come home to find you both like this, and I'm glad I did." He started circling his dick-head around in his daughter's mass of hair. "So let's get to it." He looked down. "Come on, baby, you could finish up in the living room."

Susanne stood up, and the pump was clamped tight around the wet, bulging pussy. She followed her f****y into the living quarters with the hose swinging back and forth between her legs.

Doreen bent over, letting her sheer nightie ride on her well-developed ass as she pushed the coffee table away from the couch. She turned back to face her loving f****y, and started her instructions. "Susanne, you sit on the couch and spread wide so I can eat you. And make sure that pretty little shaved cunt is as big as you can make it without it hurting you. Your father is going to fuck my snatch from below, while Chris jams his pole in my ass. After some time like this, we'll switch, because I know you've been dying to get two in you."

Doreen dropped to all-fours and faced the couch. Susanne shook her ass over to where her mother's waiting mouth was and sat down. She rested her feet on the edge of the couch and spread her legs. The hose fell down to Doreen, so she grabbed the rubber bulb on the end and started squeezing. She wanted this cunt gigantic! Susanne moaned and rubbed her hands over her thighs and down to her socks.

Jack slid his body under his wife while Chris knelt behind the beautiful ass of his mom. They were both stroking their dicks as they heard the cup pop off: Susanne's pussy was primed.

Doreen threw her toy onto the couch. "I'm gonna slurp that slit. Are you ready, sweetheart?"


Susanne's mom started drawing her tongue up along the beat-red, puffed-out pussy in long swipes. She could taste the salt/sweet mix of her daughter's cum with every lick. She pulled on her swollen lips with her full, puckered mouth, as her daughter told her to chew on it.

Chris ran his big cock-head around his mom's still-large vagina, trying to lube up, as he felt his father's massive meat rub against his own a few times. Doreen said, in between munching, "Why don't both of you just fuck my cunt instead? I've never had two cocks as fat as yours inside my box at one time. As long as you don't think it's gay or anything."

"What do you say, pa?"

"Why not. She's in for a treat, though."

As Doreen sucked away at her daughter's cunny, both four-inch-round dicks, stuck together with mommy-jizz, tried to push in at the same time.

Gasps and moans came from both men and the mother as she exclaimed, "Not at the same time, dummies! Jack, you go first. It'll be easier for Chris to push in from his position." She went back to eating cunt. She reached her left hand up to her daughter's right breast; the other slowly slid three fingers into the puffy, slimy cunt. A small puddle was forming under Susanne's ass of her sweet semen; it slipped down the crack in a white, creamy brook.

Jack's cock met with no resistance as he thrusted his hips into his wife's nyloned thighs. "Oh, shit, that feels good as hell," Jack breathed into his wife's neck.

"Fuck that whore-cunt, Jack! Oh...mmmmm...that's it. Keep plunging, honey while I eat your daughter's juices. Chris, now you."

Chris leaned back a little so he could get a good look at his dad's prick sliding in and out of that bulging cunt. He could see thin sreams of pearl racing down the thick cock. "Dad, I'm not gay or anything, but I just want to try something I've always wanted to do. I'm not going to touch your cock, so don't worry."

"Whatever you want, Chris. Just don't you touch my dick with your mouth's all."

Chris got on his knees and licked his lips. He leaned in and started swiping his tongue around his mom's pussy as his father's cock pistoned in and out. He loved the smell of sweat and cum as he slurped up the juice.

"Oh, son, that is so fucking great, but I don't know how much longer I could hold out without two dicks in me--oh yeah, Jack. Oh!--so shove it in. Your s****r wants to be ass-fucked today."

Chris got back to his original position, and placed his cock on top of his dad's. With his left hand he spread the pumped pussy open; with the other, he gripped his shaft and f***ed it inside of his mother.

Doreen's ass bucked as she felt--what it seemed like--about five pounds of cock in her hole. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed her little girl's snatch. She writhed her head around and chewed on it like it was a tough piece of steak.

Susanne was on the brink of a San Francisco-shaking orgasm. "Mmmommy...I'm almost there! Keep sucking, slut, keep sucking! Bite down hard, bitch, I can take it!"

"This is--uh,uh,uh--the greatest thing I ever felt in my l-l-life!" Chris shouted as a total of eight inches around of cock plunged into his mother. The father's and son's meat-hammers slid in time with each other; the slurping sounds filled the room, and the smell of pure i****tuous love-making drove its way into all nostrils.

Susanne's fingered and licked pussy pulsed into Doreen's open mouth. Thick, white spurts of her sweet juice splattered against the inside of her mother's mouth, her cheeks, and hair.

"I never get tired of your cumming pussy, Susanne." Doreen started rubbing her daughter's semen all over her lips and face. She stretched her hand up to her girl to offer some while her pussy was being pounded by a duo of cock.

"Mom, I'm cuh-cuh-cumming!" Chris pushed his dick in as far as it would go, and released his seed all over the hot, gooey tunnel of his mother, and the throbbing cock of his dad.

"I'm gonna fill you, too, Dor." Jack felt his son's prick stiffen up and beat against his own inside the walls of pussy. He gripped the base of his dick and shot jets of cum into his wife. He felt it dribble out of the folds of cunt, and drip onto his pelvis in a sticky mess.

"I guess it's my turn, motherfuckers. Chris, are you ready?"

Chris slid his red dick out of the gorgeous cunt, and placed his gaping mouth onto his mom's box, making sure he didn't touch his father's still-inserted soaked cock with his lips. A gush of creamy sperm ejected out of the pulsing snatch and splattered against the rear of his throat. He swallowed every hot stream of mother-cum. He stood up and walked--with a dripping cock bobbing between his legs--over to the couch where his s****r was still getting licks from mom.

Doreen also rose off of Jack, and let his softening cock flop down on his stomach. She grabbed her tits with both hands and began to squeeze them. "That was the best fuck I've ever had. Now, I promised Chris that Susanne would taste his cum. And I also said that Susie would get an ass-pounding today. So, the way I see it, while your father cools off, Chris, you fuck her, and she could suck all of your semen out of my juicy puss."

Susanne got into a doggy-style position, with her elbows resting on the arm of the sofa. Doreen moved over to her daughter's mouth and spread her legs wide. Chris knelt behind his s****r, and pushed her skirt up onto her back. He took this time, while he was bringing his now-hardening dick back up, to caress his s****r's knee-highed calves with his free hand. His dick was ready and he swirled it all around the gigantic, deep-red pussy of his s****r. He played with her asshole with a middle finger, slowly sliding it in: one knuckle, then out; two knuckles, then back out again; finally, he got the whole thing in and Susanne moaned with astronomical delight.

"I'm ready for that cock, Big b*****r. Slide that snake in my dirty ass."

He didn't have to be told twice, so he pushed and pushed and the plum head broke through. "Ahh! Ohh, fuck! The inside of my ass is so HOT! I love the burning; it's wonderful. Fill me, Chris. Uhhh yeaaahhh...." Susanne planted her mouth on her mom's twat, and started sucking the b*****r/daddy cum out of the warm mound of flesh.

Chris was lost in the sensation of the heat in her slippery ass, but he knew he had to take it easy--it was her first anal experience--so he plunged two inches in, held it, two more in, and held it, and continued until all ten throbbing inches were in.

(Jack, by the way, was asl**p on the floor; he'd had his share for the day.)

Cum was slipping out of the corners of Susanne's mouth as she tried to suck it all out of her mother's snatch. She was moaning into the pussy, and Doreen was shooting bullets of semen out into the hungry mouth.

"I'm gonna shoot in your ass, s*s! I'm gonna--Ohshit, ohshit, ohshit!" Chris sheathed his flesh-sword as deep into the ass as it would go and unleashed another monster load of seed. His cock pulsed a few times as his orgasm died down. He slid his prick from the torn-up ass, and laid down sweating.

Susanne turned around, and sat right above Chris's head; she let her long, succulent legs rest on his torso. Doreen, still panting (like everyone else), sat Indian-style on the carpeted floor in front of her c***dren. "I guess we're all turnin in a little early today. I'm sorry, Susanne, I wanted you to have the feeling of two cocks in you, so you'll have to wait until later. But that's okay; your Aunt Sharon's coming over for dinner tonight with my mom. I think we are going to have a day and a night to remember for the rest of our lives. Go to bed for a while."

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