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It had been an all around shitty day. Never did she expect that she would break up with her boyfriend. Then again never did she expect to find a pair of still moist panties in the bastard's car. The lame excuses didn't cut it. After all who did he think he was dealing with, some high school bimbo?

She should have dumped him much sooner. She was 23 and her now ex-boyfriend was a couple of years younger, he had suited her needs, sexually that is. Though now, as she walked the mile or two to her dad's house, after she demanded to be let out of his car, she was able to admit to herself what she had felt all along. He really was too immature for her, too inconsiderate and as he had just proven a real jerk. As she reached her dad's block, after a long walk in the noonday sun, she had achieved a certain inner peace and a new determination. No more dating c***dren. No more wam- bam thank you ma'am. No more shoe -string budget dates. No more tip toeing around fragile egos. She realized that she needed someone older, more secure. Someone who can help her grow. Someone who can treat her like a lady, after all she's already a successful stockbroker. Someone who can also treat her right in bed, after all she was a hot bl**ded, sexy woman with complex needs. It will be alright she thought and was only mildly disappointed when she reached her dad's house to find that his car was not there, and most likely he was not home. She did have a spare key and she figured she'd let herself in and call a cab. She could meet up with her dad a later time and enjoy the solace of his company and seek his practical advice, perhaps even over dinner or a cocktail. He always did have a way of cheering her up.

The house was quiet and as usual tidy. Her dad managed quite well and it seemed that he had bounced back valiantly since her mom, his wife, passed away three years ago. If only he would find a mate or someone to date and be happy with she thought. She made her way to the bathroom. She must wash up, after all she did shed a few tears on her walk over here. Then she would call a cab and go home. Passing by her dad's bedroom she noticed that uncharacteristically his bed was not made. On it was the plastic case of a video cassette lying next to the remote control of the TV and VCR across the room. Wondering what her dad had rented she moved into his room to check it out.

It was not your standard rental video. In fact it did not seem like a rental at all. The cover bore the strange lettering: CFVx. The print on the back cover went on to explain that CFV stood for Custom Fantasy Video. She did not know what to make of it and how to feel about it. Apparently, CFVx was a company that specialized in custom adult one of a kind videos. The clients can commission the taping of any adult video they wanted (the cover explained). The company provided the models, the taping and editing gear as well as the technical crew. The client may write, direct and even star in the video (all for the right fee of-course).

Every fiber of her being told her that she should respect his privacy. After all he is a handsome and fit man in his late forties with normal needs and desires. How he took care of those needs and desires was his own business. Yet she had always been curious, that who she was. She grabbed the remote, turned the TV on and hit the play button.

The tape had been rewound. Seconds later the video opened with a blonde woman walking into the center of the frame. Her first thought was she sort of looks like me, but did not make much of it as she was way too curious to see where this was going. Imagine, she was thinking, my father's sexual tastes revealed. She wondered what he liked. The girl in the video started posing as if being photographed. In fact in the background of the tape there were faint clicking sounds of a camera's shutter. But the screen shot remained on the blonde woman as she slowly took off her leather jacket, revealing a skin -tight short one- piece dress. Again she thought how the woman in the video looked like her and even dressed like her, as she noticed her nice well toned legs, accentuated by stockings and heels, the curves of her hips, her jutting medium sized tits, rosey full lips, and shoulder length blonde hair. She wondered if her mother had looked like this at some time, shaking off the resemblance to herself. Regardless, she thought, dad sure had interesting tastes, the woman's posing turned more provocative. Her shoulder was bared as she ran her hand over her chest. "Honey, you look so beautiful, these pictures are gonna be great" she heard the familiar voice of her dad coming from the TV as the camera panned back revealing her dad sitting on a couch taking pictures. "Do you really think I look good?" Her poses becoming more bold more sexual, her dad on screen was clicking away. "Yes, baby you look wonderful. In fact I think you have a great figure."

"Really? " she asked, as she struck another pose. This time her ass was jutting out as she placed both hands on her knees as she looked seductively at her dad on screen as he got up and started taking pictures from various angles as the model held her pose. He was really focusing on her ass, and nice legs.

Watching all that happened on screen, she was flooded with conflicting thoughts and emotions. On the one hand she felt that she was invading her dad's private world and intruding on a sweet man's apparent loneliness. Yet, there was something exciting about seeing him in this light. He was so graceful, self assured and so bold as he commanded the model to pose for him. Did he really "create' this video from his innermost fantasies. How far will he go? Will she see him fuck this model? She felt an all too familiar but oh so sweet stirring in her loins. She could not help it, but she was definitely getting wet and excited. What happened next on screen turned her world upside down and set her on fire with lust.

The camera shot suddenly changed. It was a view showing the back of her dad's head as he sat on the couch while he watched the blonde wiggle her ass in his face. She then tuned around as the camera captured a look of lust on her face. "Daddy, do you think I look sexy?"

"DeeDee I think you really are sexy. You've gotten your dad so turned on."

Watching the video, her first thought was "Huh? DeeDee? That's MY name!." For a split second it was nothing more than a casual thought as if the name thing was a coincidence. But as the daughter on the screen sat in her dad's lap and started kissing him, as he ran his fingers through her hair, and as his hands roamed her hot body, the daughter watching the video sat transfixed, breathing hard. The realization of what her dad had fantasized and created hit her hard and left her wishing it was she that was being touched and kissed.

She couldn't quite grasp it. In the name of common sense, she should have felt horrified, and even betrayed. This was her father. The sweet quiet but determined man she'd relied on all her life. But in the video he was shameless and even crass. He was getting bolder as the video progressed. He ordered his "daughter" to strip for him. All the while commenting about her body, her "lovely tits" and her "nice ass." He ordered her to suck his cock.

As she watched the video she was lost. Her head was spinning. This wasn't your usual fuck film. Her dad looked great, still trim and in excellent shape. He seemed so in control, so comfortable in his sexuality. So intent on his prize, it was clear that his "daughter" was genuinely enjoying her role also. She indeed did come several times as he ate her and screwed her in several positions. Dee was hard pressed to remember all the details of the video. She did remember how great her dad looked and how well he fucked. She remembered how tender he could be and how rough and f***eful he could be. She realized clearly, how awesome he could be w/his tongue and with his beautiful hot cock.

The video ended with a torrid scene. Her dad was furiously fucking the model doggie style. "Daddy-y-y please fuck me harder. You feel so good" and she appeared to truly mean it as her dad pumped furiously. He started slapping her ass as he fucked her. "ahhh, yes daddy-y-y.. Spank me, it feels so hot."

"Baby you are such a hot slut, you like this huh?" SLAP, SLAP

"Yeah dad, I'm you're slut cumming for you ahhhhhhhh…" after her shudders subsided, her dad pulled his cock out and came all over the model's face and tits as she drank what she could from his copious orgasm. The screen faded to black as the real Dee Dee's fourth orgasm shook her, her hand had u*********sly found its way to her clit and stroked it furiously. Her knees were still shaking she managed to get up rewind the video and call the cab that ultimately took her home
DeeDee had fitful night's sl**p. She had awakened several times during the night with a burning itch in her loins. She had relieved herself on those occasions with her trusty vibrator, fantasies of her father swirling in her psyche. After yesterday's discovery she concluded that bedding her dad was exactly what she wanted, no exactly what she needed. She still however, could not figure out how muster the courage let alone the method to approach him. The clock at her bedside read 7:30 am. Giving up on the notion of getting any more rest, she got up and drank some coffee. She packed her gym bag and made her way to the gym hoping that a good vigorous workout would help relieve some of her frustration.

She had a great workout. Sweat was pouring off her and her muscles felt fatigued but rejuvenated. As she cooled down and stretched she could not help but notice a woman, wearing a nice leotard and thong that accentuated her great figure, stretching beside her. The woman looked familiar somehow. Instantly, it dawned on DeeDee that this woman was the same gal her dad had fucked in the video. Dee could not help herself as she scrutinized her father's video lover. She noticed her well- toned legs and abdomen. Her tits were clearly visible through her workout garment and her ass was beautiful. No wonder dad had chosen her, Dee thought to her self, as she continued to stare. The woman looked up at Dee and smiled. Realizing she had been caught staring she smiled back.

"How was your workout?" The woman said.

"I had a great workout thanks. And yours?"

"Good also thank you. My name is Jenny."

"I'm Dee."

"Nice to meet you Dee. Care to join me for some coffee at the snack bar Dee? I'm about through here."

"Ah…sure I'd like that." Dee was both excited and cautious. Regardless, she was too curious to say no. She had to find out what this woman's connection was to her dad.

They showered and changed in the locker room. Dee couldn't help but sneak a few peaks at her new friend while they changed and chatted. Dee was impressed that Jenny looked even better in person than she did on video. Dee wasn't sure but she thought that Jenny was also looking her over as well. She was however impressed by Jenny's casual and self assured style that put Dee completely at ease. It was as if she were spending time with an old and familiar friend. Still she had some burning questions she had to satisfy about her new found acquaintance.

Later, over coffee and breakfast at the snack shop the picture became clear. Jenny soon divulged that was part owner of the "very successful" business that made adult custom videos. She and her partner were always on the lookout for potential models and actors.

"Dee, I must confess that when I first saw you I thought you would make an excellent model for some of our videos. You know I'm always on the lookout for good talent. Do you have any experience? Would like to come over to our shop and let me show you around? We can even do a screen test."

"God Jenny I don't know what to say." She really wasn't expecting this and didn't know what to say. She figured that things had gone too far and it was time for a dose of truth, "Jenny its my turn for a confession. I've seen one of your videos and recognized you from it. I was curious and had to meet you."

"Really now? I hope you liked it. Which one was it, we shoot so many you know?" Jenny said, her smile was disarming and put Dee completely at ease.

"Well Jenny it was very well done. In fact I thought it was hot…"Dee struggled to find the courage to go on.

"Wait don't tell me. Let me guess," Jenny interrupted with a wicked grin, "Of course, you're Rob's daughter DeeDee, aren't you?"

"Well yes, but…"

"I knew it! He is so hot. I had a blast shooting that piece. So he showed it you?"

"No he certainly did not," Dee replied trying to put on a righteous air, "I kind of discovered it my mistake."

"Oh you naughty girl," Jenny laughed. And in a more seductive tone she said, "Still you said it was hot. So you liked it didn't you."

"Well…yes I really did." Dee had become visibly uncomfortable.

"Well don't be embarrassed hon," Jenny tone was reassuring and nonjudgmental, "Your dad is one sexy man. And that was one of my better videos. You'd have to be dead not to get excited by it, if I may say so myself." Jenny laughed which elicited a similar though slightly less relaxed response from Dee.

"I have an idea," Jenny continued, "lets go to the my shop now and I'll show you our setup. If you like we can even shoot some video, you know, like a screen test or even a present for Daddy. I still think you would make a hot model."

"I'd love to go," Dee was intrigued, "but I'm not sure about shooting any video."

The studio was located not far from the gym in a small but classy business park. From the outside it bore no clues as to its true intended function other than a small sign that said "Studio". The layout on the inside was simple but tidy and clean. There was a small business office as they entered, replete with desk and lounge chairs. Jenny led Dee to the next room, which was the shooting area. It was quite spacious and had various lighting and camera gear neatly arranged around the sides of the room. Also, in the room were various pieces of furniture that made up the elements of a set, including a large bed. There was a bathroom that had a tub and shower stall, which was also rigged for lighting and taping. The final room was the editing room, filled with electronic gear. There was a single occupant in the room, a man in his mid to late forties, obviously in excellent shape. Dee immediately noted how handsome he looked as she concluded that he must be Jenny's partner.

Upon seeing them enter he got up and introduced himself to Dee, "Welcome, my name is Harry, I'm Jenny business partner."

"This is Dee. I just met her at the gym" Jenny chimed in as Dee shook Harry's hand.

"Dee what do you think of our little playpen?" Harry asked, greeting Jenny with a kiss and a hug.

"I'm quite impressed." She concluded that Harry and Jenny were a lot closer than just business partners.

They chatted for some time. After a while Jenny suggested they watch some samples of their work. Dee agreed, as she was feeling very comfortable with this interesting couple. Jenny played various videos. Some of the videos had other models and some had various combinations of actors that included Jenny and Harry. All of them were well done and judging by her increasing wetness, Dee concluded they were hot. Even Jenny and Harry were getting excited, cuddling cozily while they watched. Dee soon began to imagine her self in these videos. The idea of being in one definitely excited her but she wasn't too sure she'd have enough courage to do it.

The next video that Jenny showed was a hot scene of Jenny being fucked in the ass as she sucked another man's cock. As the scene started the faces of the men were not shown. Jenny however, was not acting as she moaned wildly taking it from both ends. Dee was enthralled by this scene, and she was getting very hot. The camera panned back and Dee almost came when she realized that the man fucking Jenny's ass was her father. Harry was fucking Jenny's mouth. In the darkened room Dee rubbed her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. Her hand rubbed her clit through the fabric of her shorts as discretely as she could manage. Stifling a moan Dee shuddered as she came just as her father and Harry showered Jenny with cum.

Jenny turned up the lights and looked at Dee sitting not far from her, her face red trying to conceal her labored breathing. "Dee, I knew that would turn you on." Jenny smiled, "Harry, did you know that Dee is your friend Roberts' daughter. She snuck a peak at the video we made for him."

"You don't say," Harry replied, "Rob told me you were hot but I never imagined you this beautiful. Well what are you gonna do about it, now that you know your dad's feelings."

"Dee, I think you should make a video right now. We'll help you make it hot. And if you like maybe you can give to your daddy." Jenny had moved close to Dee and reached out and gently caressed her shoulder. Dee shuddered at her touch but did not move away.

Still Dee had some uncertainties about this whole situation, "But you guys are talking about i****t!"

"Dee right now we are talking about getting your hot little ass on video. Would you like me to get naked with you, you know show you what to do?"

Jenny stroked Dee's hair. She slowly brought her lips and touched them on Dee's lips. Dee responded by slightly opening her mouth and allowing Jenny's tongue to tickle her parted lips. Jenny just as casually broke the contact and smiled, "It'll be fun, I'll show you how it's done."

Jenny stepped out of her shirt and shorts. In her lace bra and thong panties she beaconed Dee to do the same. As if in a trance and getting hornier by the second Dee followed suit. With Harry running the video gear, Jenny guided Dee through some solo poses. With time and with encouragement Dee began to relax and get into her modeling. Jenny stood behind her and unfastened her bra, helping Dee take it off. Gently cupping her breasts Jenny gently kissed Dee on the neck. Dee felt her nipples harden and her wetness mounted. She leaned back into Jenny as she continued to lose her inhibitions. Jenny kneeled behind Dee and helped Dee off with her panties. Jenny gently kissed Dee's ass cheeks and stood up behind her friend.

"Dee you look so hot. Look you even got Harry hard. Now lie down on the bed and play with yourself. I want you to imagine your hot daddy watching you."

Dee did as she was told. She was so excited that she lost all capacity for reason. With the continued encouragement and genuine admiration of Jenny and Harry, Dee continued to pose. She came on several occasions and as time went on she enjoyed herself more and more and became more wanton. Both Harry and Jenny were wonderful and supportive. After some time and several of Dee's orgasms Jenny announced that they probably have enough video shot to edit a really good tape.

She sat next to Dee on the bed. She gently caressed her shoulders. Shivers ran through Dee's already trembling spine. "You were wonderful Dee. Your daddy is going to love this when you show it him."

"Jenny, thank you. I really loved making this. But," Dee hesitated, "what you keep alluding to is i****t! You realize that don't you?"

Jenny smiled. She squeezed Dee's hand and still holding on to it she stood and moved near Harry. Jenny's free hand stroked Harry's bulging cock through his pants. " For me the best sex I have is with my father!" She did not let go of Dee's hand as she kissed Harry fully on his lips.

Dee watched with fascination as the impact of Jenny's revelation made her tingle with excitement. Jenny still held Dee's hand as she unzipped Harry's pants and released his hardon. Jenny stood naked beside her father and stroked his hard cock as his hands massaged her breasts and ass. "Dee doesn't this make you hot? Seeing me like this with my daddy?"

Dee u*********sly rubbed her nipples as her hand toyed with her still throbbing clit. "Yes Jenny I can't help it does make me hot."

"Good baby, then come here and help me suck my daddy's cock. Your posing for the video has sure gotten him horny," Jenny pulled Dee towards them, smiling seductively. With their faces inches from Harry's cock Jenny kissed Dee on her lips, her tongue exploring her mouth and her hands cupping Dee's full breasts and tweaking her hard nipples. Dee had never been with a woman before, though she had fantasized about it regularly. Dee opened her mouth accepting Jenny's tongue, her own tongue intertwined with Jenny's hot tongue. Dee's body was on fire as she felt Jenny explore her body with her hands. She reached for Jenny and touched Jenny's body with her own hands exploring her charms.

Jenny broke their kiss. She guided Dee's hand to Harry's hard cock. With both of them stroking it Jenny began to lick and suck her dad's cock. She then guided it towards Dee's lips who accepted it hungrily. "Yes Dee that's it suck my daddy's cock." Jenny then placed her lips on Harry's member as Dee continued to suck, both sets of lips working Harry's member and kissing each other.

Jenny's hand stroked Dee's pussy and she slipped a finger inside sending shivers up Dee's spine. "Daddy she's really wet. Do you want to fuck her?"

Harry managed a moan, as both ladies continued to suck on his cock.

"Dee would you like my daddy to fuck you?" Jenny continued to work Dee's pussy with her finger. "You know Dee your daddy feels remarkably similar to my daddy! Come on ask him to fuck you you'll love it."

"Ahhh," Jenny's finger felt so good inside her and Dee was so hot and excited by the idea of being with this hot i****tuous couple, "Oh Jenny yes, I want your daddy to fuck me. Harry please fuck me good and hard with that beautiful cock...Please!"

Jenny positioned Dee on her hands and knees. She then guided Harry's cock slowly into her wet and waiting pussy. Harry began to thrust his hips as his cock sank deeper and deeper into Dee's hole. Dee cried out in ecstasy as she felt Harry all the way inside as and wailed with pleasure as Jenny slapped her ass hard once as Harry started to pump. "Fuck my daddy you little slut. Fuck him just like you want to fuck your own daddy."

With Harry's cock sawing in and out of her with f***e, Dee lost count of the amount of times she came. Her eyes were closed as she imagined her own father fucking her. "Yes, fuck me. Oh my god it feels so good." Dee opened her eyes and discovered Jenny kneeling in front of her. Her hand was in between her legs stroking her pussy furiously and with the other hand she held a portable video camera which she aimed at Dee and her father. " You guys look so hot. Mmm you're making me cum just watching you. Daddy let's shoot one your world famous cum shots."

Harry pulled out of Dee. He positioned himself in front of her face. Dee grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Harry exploded in Dee's face as she hungrily opened her mouth catching thick stringy streams of Harry's rich cum. What she could not catch splattered on her face, hair and chest. Jenny came also, as she stroked herself and captured the scene on tape.

Rob arrived promptly at his daughter DeeDee's house. She greeted him at the door wearing a robe. He was surprised that she was not ready. She had been so insistent that they go out to dinner and that she wanted him to stop by and pick her up (even though he lived closer to all the fine dining places they usually frequented).

She explained that she was running late and that she still had to take a shower. She invited him to pour them a couple of glasses of wine. He would find the bottle on the table in the living room next to the two glasses she laid out. She assured him that she had called and changed the reservation at the restaurant for a later time. In a strange and teasing tone she admonished him to get comfortable and that she will only be a "few" minutes.

"A few minutes," Rob chuckled to himself. DeeDee was just like his late wife in many regards. He remembered that a "few minutes" to her usually meant upwards of thirty to forty minutes. Then again, he thought, he was sure to be rewarded by the site of his sexy daughter after she got ready and dressed. Just then, he looked over his shoulder as he settled down on the couch. He caught a glimpse of Dee shedding her robe, as she disappeared into the bathroom in the hallway. He briefly saw his daughter's full tits, nice legs and a rather firm beautiful ass before she closed the door.

"Rob settle down", he thought as he heard the shower running, "fantasies are one thing but no matter how hot she looks, she is your daughter." To mentally change the topic he focused on the bottle of wine. He opened it using a corkscrew that Dee had left and he poured two glasses of what smelled like a fine bottle of red wine. That's when he noticed it.

Right there by the bottle and glasses was a video inside a case that looked all too familiar. Custom Fantasy Video was boldly written on the cover. And in a panic, his initial reaction had been to wonder how Dee had gotten a hold of the video he had made with his friend Harry and with Harry's sexy daughter Jenny. It then dawned on him that it can't be his video as he had just put it away in a safe hiding place before coming here. So he thought, this must be an altogether different production. He could still hear the shower going, so plopped the video in the VCR and hit the play button. He figured he would have enough time to put the video away when the shower would stop.

Initially, it showed her rather shapely legs. But her moaning, though soft, was distinctly sensual and inviting. The video panned up to her midsection and she was stroking her trimmed blonde bush with her hand, periodically inserting a finger in her pussy. Her moaning was intensifying. The shot moved up to her breasts as she stroked them with her other hand, pinching her nipples.

Rob was getting hot. Then again he thought to himself all the work he's seen made by his friends at CFV was hot. But what the hell was Dee doing with a video from there. He mentally checked to make sure he could still here the shower running. He took a big gulp of wine and shifted his position to accommodate a building hardon . He wasn't sure what was more exciting, the video itself or the fact that this was his daughter's property. He continued to watch and absent mindedly, wondered if that was Jenny (Harry's daughter) in the video.

The girl was getting more and more excited. Her breathing was louder as her breasts heaved with every breath. She pinched her nipples harder. Her other hand was stroking her pussy, wet with glistening juice. She rolled over on her stomach, writhing with lust. Her ass was full on the screen as she got up on her hands and knees. She had two fingers inserted in her wet cunt. She was moaning loudly. The camera panned up her body showing her sideways on all fours. Her ass cheeks tensed and flexed, her tits jiggled, as she masturbated. The camera focused on her enraptured face. In full screen, the picture revealed DEE's face as she licked her lips and came. Her naked breasts jiggled as she breathed. "Yess DAAADY…" She hissed, "FUCK ME…PLEASE DADDY FUCK ME" Fade to black.

The first thing Rob noticed (besides his raging hardon) was the utter silence. At first and naturally so, Rob attributed the silence to the contrasting sensation of watching his hot daughter naked on the screen and then to have the video end so abruptly before he could even fully process and comprehend what he had witnessed. Was it because he was left wanting to see more? Yes, in fact he wanted to see more of his daughter naked, sexy and yes, sluty! His mind was racing. He felt excited and he felt guilty as if he had intruded. But there was more to this silence and it hit Rob that the shower was no longer running. He turned around and there she was standing in the hall.

She wore black thong panties, a matching bra and smile. Rob got up from the sofa and made his way half across the hall to her. He hesitated and stopped. She could see his erection bulging through his pants.

"Daddy did you like the video I made for you?"

"Dee, You made that for… Me? …how?"

"Daddy we could trade war stories about making videos but the bulge in your pants tells me there are better things we could be doing." She smiled and turned around, Slowly she walked back towards her room and silently she prayed that he would follow her.

He followed her into her room. She felt him standing behind her. His breath was hot on her neck. His hands encircled her, grabbing her tits and tweaking her nipples through the fabric of her bra. "Is this what you want?" He whispered. He was a little rough but she liked that and leaned back into him slightly shaking her ass over the bulge in his pants.

"Daddy please…take me. Make me your lover and make me your slut just fuck me please!"

His hands explored her body. His touch was hot. He undid her bra strap and removed her bra. He pulled her panties off. He sat on the bed. She stood in front him, feeling his gaze upon her naked body. He motioned for her to turn around. Obediently, she turned her ass inches from her dad's face. Slowly he ran his finger down the crack of her ass, causing her to wiggle with pleasure.

"Are you sure you want this DeeDee?"

"Yesss" She whispered and leaned back so her wet cunt rested on her daddy's finger.
He pulled her into his lap. He kissed her deeply on the lips. She responded by opening her mouth and meeting his tongue with hers.

"Tell me Dee what is it that you want?" his finger found her clit and rubbed it sending socks of pleasure through her body.

"Daddy I want you fuck to me. I want to suck your cock. PLEASE I'll do anything for you Daddy, Let me be your lover." She got off his lap and kneeled between his legs. She released his erection as she helped him off with her pants. She took him in her mouth and was happily surprised at his size and hardness. She sucked him as he moaned a stroked her hair.
She felt him urge her up on the bed. He climbed between her legs. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as he entered her. She squealed with pleasure as he fucked her.

"Yes daddy fuck me harder…it feels so good." His balls slapped her ass as he thrust deeply. She remembered a scene from the video she saw at his house.

"Daddy fuck me from behind… please"

He positioned himself doggie style and drove his cock deeply into her.
"Baby you look so sexy like this and it feels so good." He slapped her ass as he pushed his cock in her.

"OH MY GOD DADDY…This is great…Fuck me and spank me hard."
He slapped her ass as he fucked her, "DEE you are such a hot slut".

"Ow… Yes daddy spank me and fuck me like the slut I am. You make me feel so good"

Rob fucked her hard. He thrust deeper and slapped her ass at her urging, both were sweating and breathing hard.

"Yes daddy that's it I'm cumming now….ahhh…ahhhh…ahh"

Rob also could not hold back any longer and shot a load of his seed in his daughter's hungry cunt. They both collapsed on the bed.

Rob spent the night there and they had made love and screwed all night. Reluctantly, he drove home early the next morning, as he had to get ready for work. Inside his jacket he noticed an unfamiliar piece of paper. At the next stop light as he waited for the light to change he read the paper. It was a gift certificate for a full day of taping and editing at Custom Fantasy Video. It was signed: "To my Daddy and lover. With love and lust, DEE"

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