Awesome Pussy
by Stroker (


Chris' mom becomes uncontrollably horny after several
years without sex and finally turns to her son for
relief. (F/M-teen, inc)


After two months of dad not being there, mom began
walking around the house in long tee-shirts with no bra
to cover her heavy tits, just panties.

We could see the nipples beneath the shirt. But we said
nothing. We acted as if we didn't see it. We never
talked about her in a sexual way, but sometimes we
would spend long and frequent periods in the bathroom.
I know I was jerking off to thoughts of her body. I
strongly suspect my b*****r was too.

I often jerked off after seeing mom walk around that
way. I know my b*****r was too, but we never spoke
about it.

For two solid years mom walked around that way,
sometimes plopping down on the couch in the front room,
watching television and smoking her Marlboro lights
while sipping soda or an occasional mixed drink or

Anyway, Chris got a double promotion and skipped 11th
grade. He left early in the summer before his 12th
grade year to attend classes at the college he would

It left plenty of time for a horny 15 year old to
fantasize about his sexy mother. One day when I came in
from school, as a 10th grader, mom had rambled through
my room and found my stash of porn. I had Hustler,
Playboy and some hardcore stuff there. I could tell she
had been in it because I had it stacked in a particular
way and I did it on purpose to make sure no one
bothered it. It was stashed in the back of the closet
under my old football clothes.

So when I discovered it, I moved it placing it beneath
my dog's house. I had a flap in the back of his house
that let up. It's where I had placed an air tight metal
box where I kept my weed at.


Over the next few weeks everything remained calm, mom
never said anything about the magazines.

I noticed though that she started wearing less around
the house. She wore shorter white tee-shirts and
sometimes really skimpy panties that could not contain
the cheeks of her ass. And she looked at me sometimes
as if to say, 'here I am.'

I dismissed the thoughts that her lack of clothing
created in my head. But as I awoke one night to take a
piss, I noticed mom standing in the door, staring
through the crack.

Face it, young guys get massive hard-ons at night,
especially when they have a piss hard, one that makes
you have to get up and take a leak.

But instead of saying anything, mom tipped away from
the door as if she didn't want to be seen, or had not
been there.

I went into the bathroom across from my room, peed and
as I passed her door, mom was laying on top of her
covers like she was asl**p, even faking a small snore.
Her shirt was up around her waist. Her lime green
panties barely covered her ass. Stood there a moment,
staring at her, turned on but smart enough to know that
was mother and I had better keep moving.

I went back to bed, not thinking much of it. In coming
days, I would see mom some nights, standing in the door
watching. You know how you sl**p, but sometimes awake
to either pee or just glance around a moment?

For a few weeks it kept happening. Now I was at the
point where I was anticipating it. So when I awoke at
night, I would fake sl**p and partially open my eyes.


Three weeks after the first time I'd seen her do it, I
caught her again looking. I now knew she was looking at
my hard on. I have a big dick. I sl**p often on my back
and sometimes my dick balloons the covers of the bed.

My friends call it piss hard or night time hardie that
comes from dreaming of pussy.

This particular night mom was in the doorway with the
light on in her room across the hall. I could see her
perfectly as I lay there on my side without underwear,
my dick standing straight out as I was not beneath the

Mom had one hand on the door knob. The other, was
between her legs, beneath her white panties, rubbing
back and forth really fast. Mom grunted softly 'Aahh,
ahhh. Ahhh,' as if she was catching her breath, then
closed her legs tightly upon her hand, tossing her head
back and breathing hard. I knew she was beating off and
had cum looking at my dick.

When she eased the door closed, I reached to the side
of my bed and grabbed a handful of Kleenex and quickly
gave myself a release, cumming into the napkins and
placing them on the side of the bed, going back to

I was thinking then about how I could approach her. I
couldn't ask my b*****r or tell him what had happened
because he would dismiss me as a sick pervert. Besides,
he needed his head clear being at the summer school
class taking college course 378 miles away.

The next evening, I walked around the house with my
short pants on and no underwear. It was clearly showing
my dick, the entire outline. When we ate dinner, I
could tell mom was looking through the glass topped
table, at the form of my dick unrestrained.

I was staring at her thighs, but could not see any
panties as she wore a long shirt that evening after
bathing following work.

After we had finished eating, my girlfriend Theresa,
stopped by and we sat in the front room, working on
math assignments and just chatting. Mom came in and
chatted with us, but she had put on a pair of blue
jeans. Theresa was on her period and couldn't fuck, so
we dismissed the thought.

After about an hour at the house, Theresa left –
leaving me with somewhat of a hard-on.

I went back to the living room and Mom was watching
television, sipping on a Diet Coke and smoking a
cigarette. I plopped down on the floor a few yards
away, completing a chemistry assignment.

Mom had pulled off her jeans and wore the long tee
shirt that had scooted back some revealing her thighs
as she watched television, chatting with me about stuff
in general as I laid on the floor, a straight up view
of her crotch if she happened to move the right way.

She was on the phone speaking with grandma and
occasionally, mom would wiggle downward, then glance at
me as if testing to see whether I was looking.

Now I could see her panties. She had on white panties,
snow white with the crotch bulging out because of the
large muff of hair I would find out soon, that it was
covering. I sneaked glances as she was reading a
romance novel.

On occasion over the next few minutes, mom would glance
from around the book to see if I was looking. I
anticipated it and when I saw the book move, I'd look
back at my work and pretend I was still going at it.

Mom got up and said she was going to get another soda –
her addiction.

A few minutes later mom re-entered the room and took
her seat again. We were talking when she sat down and I
nearly yelled "Shit!" when she sat down wearing no

Mom had a red bush. Just like her head. I glanced at
mom's pussy and my dick instantly got erect. Mom again
picked up the novel and placed it before her face,
reading. I closed my book and said I had finished.

I stared, did I stare!

Mom scooted down in the chair, never glancing up. She
scooted again and the shirt went up her thighs totally
revealing her lovely bush and opened pussy hole,
glistening with moisture. I stared, no more than three
feet from her, and mom eased the book away from her
face, locking her eyes onto mine, neither of us any
longer breaking the stare.

She put the book on the table and scooted to the edge
of the chair, giving me a serious stare and opening her
legs completely. Her pussy was totally exposed, right
there in my face. Mom motioned with her finger for me
come to her.

Neither of us said a single word as I scooted forward
on my knees and stuck my tongue into her pussy as she
grabbed my head, pulling me into her crotch and

I pushed my tongue into mom's pussy and began slowly
licking her walls, then licking her entire pussy up and
down the way my girlfriend liked it. I continued to
lick as she scooted all the way onto the floor.

Mom came quickly. I had been licking her for maybe
three minutes when she took some deep breaths and
starting moaning, 'So good. Such a good baby. It's so
good to me.'

Her cum drizzled down her ass crack, wetting my hands
which were beneath her butt. I loved the taste of her
salty fluid and brought her to another orgasm within
minutes, as she lay there, tossing her head from side
to side, rubbing my hair, caressing my face with her
long fingers.

I got up, dropped my shorts and mom stared with dreamy
eyes at my 9 inch dick, reaching out to grab it,
rubbing it up and down and then lifting her legs to
give me access.

I eased down and guided my dick into her, easing in a
little bit at a time as mom pulled the shirt over her
head, exposing her lovely set of melons to me.

I got on top of her and started instinctively fucking
her as she trembled, kissing me violently to start,
then becoming more passionate as she guided my young
hips into the motion she wanted.

When she came first with my dick in her, mom got
violent, throwing her head from side to side, cussing
and slob running from the sides of her mouth.

"Shit! Dammit! Motherfucker! Fuck me!" she would

As the orgasm raced through her body she howled,
'Oooooh dammmi! Ooooh shit baby. Get this pussy. Get
the pussy baby. Get your pussy baby!'

She went limp and I continued pumping into her, finally
letting loose of the fluid in my balls. As I came hard
into her, mom's head popped up and she grabbed the back
of my head pulling to her face for an intense kiss
where she fed her tongue to me.

I continued fucking her with the same passion as my
dick had not softened.

She begged me to get up because the carpet was burning
her ass. I let mom up, rather helped her up and we
embraced in a kiss right there, my dick finding its way
back into her strawberry patch as we stood there in
front of the television.

We paused long enough to get to her bedroom where the
fucking resumed. She was tired and we were both sweaty.
She wanted to rest and catch her breath, she said. So
she lay down on her side and I began the act all over,
fucking her deep from the rear, rubbing her clitoris
with one hand and using the other to hold her tit in my
mouth while I sucked.

She started the convulsions again, gasping like breath
was difficult to secure, then she howled again and
started the nasty talk, pushing her ass hard against my
groin as I was trying to get every inch into her

Mom came again, her pussy juices now running out of
her, onto my crotch and onto the bed.

After I came, I laid there behind her, my dick still
inside as she begged me to give her 15 minutes rest. I
remained there inside her, still hard after cumming

Every few minutes I would wiggle, just to let my dick
know I was not neglecting it. My mind was going in 100
different directions as I lay there, almost freaking
out with the fact that I was fucking my mom. It was
fantasy gone to the extreme, only it was real. I still
almost could not believe it.

I started to pump hard again and mom asked me again to
stop, placing my hand on her chest to feel her heart

"Baby hold on. You've taken my strength. Feel my heart?
Let me rest a minute," she said, pulling my left hand
onto her chest. I pulled out of her, laying there to
her side and began to just kiss her, inhaling her
tongue, rubbing her all over, kissing and licking her
immense breasts.

Then I crawled back between her legs, licking her pussy
again, probing it with my tongue, drinking the moisture
that crept from it.

She began slow movements of her hips, pushing her now
musky, hairy pussy all over my face. I cupped the
cheeks of her ass and licked her from bottom to top,
top to bottom, running my tongue across the crack of
her ass many times.

Then she pulled me up and sat on top, taking my dick
deep into her, moaning softly, her eyes dropping small

I asked what was wrong, was I hurting her? She said no,
she was just in love with me.

We fucked twice more until we collapsed somewhere
around 12:24. As I fired the last of my cum into her, I
rolled off of her, both of us panting for breath and
laughing, sharing a kiss that was tinged with our salty

She told me rest as we took the last of the kiss and
parted. We went to sl**p with her lying on my right
arm, my left hand holding her close.


The next morning, I awoke at 8:36 a.m. I remember the
hour well because she awoke me with her tongue, licking
across my lips. I jumped, knowing I was late for
school, but she said to relax. She had already bathed,
gotten dressed and cooked breakfast. She said we'd
spend the day in. She had called in to take a vacation
day. She was heading to the school to take in my
assignment, having told the principal I was suffering
from a virus that kept me up late into the night – Yea,
the mom's pussy virus, I thought.

She had run my bath water and I bathed and went to eat
breakfast when she was heading out the door.

She told me she'd be right back and to make sure I ate
all my eggs because I would need the strength.

Mom went to the grocery store and ran a few errands.
She was back within 90 minutes.

We sat down and she started to loose tears from her
eyes, apologizing for what had happened the night

I told her I had wanted it for years, but was afraid to
come clean. We reassured one another we'd never tell it
and that we would only have sex with others if we wore
condoms. I told her I didn't want her to have anyone
except me. She agreed she wouldn't but encouraged me to
continue dating my girlfriend to remain normal and to
grow emotionally.

We agreed that when my b*****r got back in three weeks,
we would be extra careful to keep it from him. Mom
began to let my b*****r, who would be a high school
senior, stay out late as long as he didn't abuse it and
as long as she knew where he would be and what time he
could come home.

My b*****r was really enjoying the new relaxed rules
and his absence gave mom and me plenty of time to get
quickies. Mid-way through the school year, my b*****r
got the grand tour of college campuses every weekend
and was gone checking out 11 universities that wanted
to take him in.

During those times mom and I slept together. No matter
how much we fucked, my dick never got enough of her.

Then my b*****r left for college miles away and I lived
normally expect when night time came and mom and I were
alone. We fucked like bears before hibernation all the
time. We woke up fucking, went to bed fucking, took
trips fucking, the whole nine.

When I graduated from high school, I accepted a
scholastic scholarship in chemistry from the local
college, but decided to stay at home.

Mom and I continued. I dated a few girls and eventually
got married to Lola. We have four k**s now and mom
married a nice guy, Tom who is really cool and takes
care of her. We don't do that stuff like we used to.
But every now and then when we're alone and the course
is clear, we allow ourselves to get carried away and go
at it.

The last time it happened was July 4, 2006. It was too
dry outside for us to short fireworks. Tom's crew of
guys was hosting a fireworks shoot under controlled
conditions. He was gung ho for it. Mom can't tolerate
much heat with her reddish skin. So she stayed home.

Lola and the k**s stayed home too. So I went over to
visit mom and keep her company. I must say after all of
these years, mom still has some awesome pussy that
seems to just suck the strength out of me every time I
fuck her.


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