i****t/TabooCandles, Cake, & Pussy
Candles, Cake, & PussybyFrenchman©
Laying in bed in Laughlin, Nevada at 2:00am, massaging mom's big titties, and reflecting on what we had done earlier was almost too much to fathom.

Mom had been just a k**, turning 16 the very day she delivered me. We always celebrated our birthdays together and it was one of the things that really pissed off my selfish, son-of-a-bitch, tight-assed father. He hated me the day I was born and said, "Well, I see you brought that thing home from the hospital." That was his attitude when my grandparents brought us home and it was his stinking attitude ever since. Well, mom and I had just gotten back at the old asshole...and in spades!

She and I celebrated my 18th and her 34th birthday last night. And, it was to become a night, which resulted in our mutually fucking each other's brains out! I think if my lousy cheating dad was still living at home I would have called him up and told him what I had just down to his wife and my mother earlier (and was planning to keep doing it again and again). But the asshole left her 6 months ago after running around with his new19-year old, fuck-wit secretary. A sexy young twist who knew that she could get ahead faster in life by giving the old man lots of head (if you know what I mean).

Gently rolling mom over on her back and sliding my hand down her stomach and between her legs, I felt her soft furry beaver. I slowly inserted my middle finger through her sensuous tight crevice and up, up, up, into her hot wet snatch. She moaned, flexed her wet pussy, squeezing my finger and said, "Oh baby, and just what are you thinking?" I began reflecting on our last night's wonderful fuck session. A boy, his sexy mom, the stars, and the gift of her pussy for the first time! My mind replayed the scene.

Not only was mom just 34-years old...she was a sexy, knockout, good looking' woman! 5'-7" tall, shoulder length brunette hair, 34-dd tits, 24 inch waist, 34" ass and the best part of all...great looking, long sexy legs that went all the way up to her twat. Man, I got to see it all just a few hours ago while fucking her with my hard dick last night under.

We had both had our cake and way too much champagne before leaving to go to Laughlin for the's present to me for turning 18. We had decided that since we were both lonely and without dates, we would pretend that she was my date and I would be her guy for the weekend. And I didn't suspect she even thought of this as anything other than an innocent bunch of fun. Wow, did I find out she had long been having a mother son fantasy of her own these past years.

We (up to now at least) we were always like best friends so this was supposed to all be in good, clean fun. The trip and the champagne changed all that into a fantastic, nasty, wild, fuck session on a lonely desert road under a million stars. My dick started getting erect as I continued remember last night and our first time together as lovers.

I was driving ok, but could still feel the lingering effects of the wine. Mom had drank a lot more than I. I thought it was probably due to her impending divorce (because of dad's little 19 year old slut of a secretary taking his dick-tation). Man, it really hit her hard that he was getting it on with the conniving little bitch and turning his back on mom. So I figured...she drank a little too much and had gotten a little too loose, lovey, and touchy with her date/son. As for me...I was loving' every damn minute of her snuggling and cuddling up to me on the long drive to Laughlin.

She had dressed up in her absolute sexiest outfit for our evening's activities. She wore the tightest, low-scooped dress (one that perfectly framed her luscious 34-dd tits). She put on sexy black nylons and a black garterbelt,. She added pink tap-panties (and that continually peeked out from under her short dress). Man, she was a doll and her perfume...oh my god! It all added up to one sexy damn package. All my fantasies about fucking my mother were giving me a constant hard-on. I was getting a bad case of the blue balls. I couldn't wait to get to our room and jerk off in a hot shower with all the memories of this sexy woman I had craved since puberty and the discovery of how great jacking off was.

My CD player was playing her favorite Alturas music and she was obviously getting turned on with their hot guitars, the night, and the liquor. As we hit a dip in the road her hand accidentally (I think) dropped onto my lap and she got a quick feel of my 8" boner.

"Oh honey, what's that? It feels like somebody stuffed a diamond hard dick into your pants."

She gave me a lewd smile and slowly put her hand back onto my lap. take her hand off. Hell, I had no objection as she started slowly feeling my hard bone with her fingers . "Jesus, honey, I haven't seen your dick since you were about nine years old and it sure didn't look then like it feels now. Just how big is it baby?" I didn't answer because I didn't want to break the mood of her fondling my cock.

She continued to stroke my cock through my trousers and I soon felt the pressure of semen surging in my balls. I was about to shoot let a massive load of cum in my pants.

I pulled the car off onto the shoulder of the lonely road leading to Laughlin. Turning off the lights, I said, "Mom, if you don't stop rubbing my cock, I'm going to shoot a messy wad in my that what you want? A big messy semen stain on my new pants."

"Am I turning my baby on that much (she purred)?" Was she really d***k or just horny?

"Yeah mom, your perfume and your beautiful big tits bouncing all around in that sexy dress of yours has been driving me crazy the whole god damn evening. Either take you hand off my cock or pull your dress down and let me suck on your boobs."

Well that did it. She put her lips on mine, slipped the narrow tip of her tongue into my mouth and squeezed my throbbing cock like it was a snake she needed to choke the life out of. Bang, I shot off a load so huge and so hard you could hear the gush of jizz like a river. In a heartbeat, my frothy cum leaked its way through the fabric of my pants and onto the palm of her beautiful hand. Mom put her hand to her nose, smelled my cum and smiled.

"God honey, that's the sexiest thing a man ever did when I kissed him."

With that said, she unzipped my pants, deftly slipped my cock out of my shorts and sucked it straight into her mouth getting a taste of my fresh frothy sperm. Man, her warm mouth and swirling tongue, immediately started bringing on another raging hard-on.

I unzipped the back of her dress, unsnapped her bra and grabbed a handful of the tits that had been driving me crazy all night. Fuck, I didn't care if she was my mother. In fact, the very thought of my mom giving my cock her hot mouth was too fucking much. This whole scene had now turned us into a horny guy and sexy hot gal who were ready to fuck no matter what the situation. i****t? I know I didn't care. If my mom wanted to suck me off...then that was just fine with me! Hot, fucking, crazed...well, that's what we both were at this very moment. It was swirling around my mind as her tongue was swirling and sucking around the shaft of my cock.

Birthday candles, cake, champagne, and maybe even some of mommy's pussy for an added present. I just had to have her! If she backed off now, after putting her mouth on my slimy cock, I would surely rip off her dress and fuck the little mommy slut she had become tonight. Man, this was getting hotter and hotter by the minute. The nubs of her nipples were scr****g the palms of my hands sending erotic signals up the nerves to my brain. I was totally out of control now. I was getting ready to fuck my mother. Shit!

Without any more words between us...I lifted her head off my lap and dropped my pants. She slid her dress up to her waist, took off her panties and made her furry little beaver available to me. I slid across the seat, swung her knees on ether side of my naked loins, and looked hungrily into her amazing eye. Yes, she knew what I knew. I was about to fuck my mother like a common whore in heat. We both knew...I needed mommy's pussy and she was hungry for her son's cock...that's all that mattered to us at the moment.

She had a crazed, wanton look on her face. This wasn't my mom, this was a slutty, hot woman in need of a good fucking and I was just the guy to give it to her.

She slowly put her mouth on mine and started sucking my tongue into her hot mouth. I lowered her on to my cum slickened prick and felt her tight pussy give way to my ragging boner now invading the tight crevice of her thighs. I felt the small entryway of a woman's cunt which had obviously been neglected for many months and had once again returned to a virgin like opening.

God, she was so tight and my cock so swollen. Her pussy felt like an undersized glove trying to be put over a fat hand. My swollen cock head slowly started squeezing its way into and through her tight cunny lips. She moaned and opened her knees further apart, inviting her son's cock into her lonely, needy, fuck tunnel. As the head of my dick and the first few inches of my cock pressured its was into her cunt, she leaned back and said, "Jeez baby, don't go any deeper until I get used to your wonderful big fat cock.

Wow, hearing my mother say such a thing at the same time I was penetrating her was ever so fucking hot.

"My pussy hasn't felt anything so wonderful since your dad took my cherry. Your dad never filled my pussy like this...and he's the only guy I've ever fucked. So just give me a few seconds to adjust to your hardness."

I certainly planned to keep her pussy in the f****y fucking business!

Soon, she moaned and her pussy lips slowly parted allowing all of my cock to begin slithering its way up her cunt. I was now balls deep into mom and the feeling was delicious. With her thighs now wide apart and straining to accommodate her son's fucking...she placed her lips on my neck and began slowly kissing and licking all around.

She was so in heat! She was sooo hot and sooo intense. Her tongue licked up my neck and into my ear. could dad have let some little pussy tramp take the place of mother. She was hot, sexy, insatiable, and now becoming my woman, my bitch. Fuck you dad, I'm fucking mom!

I slid both hands around her waist and down into the crevice of her firm ass. It was amazing to feel the cheeks of her firm ass and to finally touch the little tight rosebud anus I had so often fantasized over. My fingers grazed the rim of her butt hole and she shuddered into my ear, "Go ahead sonny, put a big finger up my ass."

I pulled some of her juices from the pussy lips sqeezing my cock and applied it to her little brownie. Slowly I inserted my fat middle finger up her butt. I swear her little hole opened in the wink of an eye her butt sucked my finger inside as if it were an old friend. No doubt about it. Momma was anally retentive. Did I say mother was perfect in every way? Oh, yeah...we were going to get some serious ass from her ass, later. I remembered thinking that her ass would be easier to fuck tomorrow than her pussy was tonight!

Well at least dad had done some things right.

Her lips moved to my mouth and began probing my tongue with hers. Soon our tongues were soon swirling around each other's. Her warm sultry breath was invading my body. I swallowed her breath as if it were mine...we were becoming one with each other and in every way. My mother, her son, was as if we were person.

We both started a gentle fucking of one another. My fat cock along with the tight warm squeezing of her hungry pussy...I swear my cock had swollen up even fatter than before. The total woman in mother had taken us both over and she began a sensual lifting of her hips to milking my prick and take all the hardness I had for her. All to soon I felt another huge load begin surging through my balls and knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to cum...only this time it wouldn't be wasted in my pants...I'd put it up her wonderful tight fucking pussy.

"Mom, I'm going to cum in a minute. Don't move, while I try to let this feeling pass, ok?"

Shit, I started thinking of the worst stuff to take my mind of mom's pussy planted so tightly as to form a sealed ring of her sex milking all around and up and down my raging penis. And, it almost worked, that is, until I felt her pussy begin a series of little frantic squeezes on my cock. Quivering with the thros of an on cumming orgasim, she began a series of moans. Pussy squeesing and moaning she said something like, "Unnna, uh-uh-uh, oh, oh, baby, I can't help it. Baby, baby, mommy's fucking cumming. Give momma all of your hard dick. Cum in momma's nasty little pussy."

Wow, with those words, I started slamming into her fuck hole and harder and she began grunting like the wanton bitch she had become. I put a 2nd finger up her ass and started ass fucking her butt hole. She loved it!

"Yes baby, fuck my ass and fuck my pussy...mmm-mmm-mmmm, shit, oooooh my fucking lord, fuck me baby, fuck your slutty mother."

Then she really said it, " fuck me hard you handsome mother fucker." These sexy and nasty words coming out of my mother's mouth were such a turn on. Imagine my mom calling me a motherfucker. Boy, was I ever? Fucking my mother was the culmination of many nights jacking with her in mind before going to sl**p. I never had a fantasy as good as the reality of actually fucking her in my car under a million stars.

She started bucking her hips and slamming down on my lap with her tight, hot pussy and I totally lost it big time. Soon I heard the sound of her pussy starting to squish her cummy pussy cream and felt her warm cunt juices running down my balls and onto the car seat. I had no choice...I had no control. Arching my back and lifting her higher, I planted my cock as deep up her pussy as possible and said, "Take it all mommy...take your son's hot liquid up into where I came from.

Her eyes closed, her head fell back like a woman possessed and she screamed in extasy. I shot my boiling sperm as far up her womb as I possibly could.

In a few seconds we smelled the fresh tangy odor of her slurping pussy nectar mixed with an overload of my spent sperm. Our combined mother, son i****tuous smell was all around and about the car. Evil, wonderful, taboo, and sooo fucking hot! We were having each other as only a mother and son could. Nothing could be so nasty, wrong, and prime-evil fucking and dirty as what we had just done. It was fantastic. We kissed, hugged tightly and continued to lovingly stroke each other's body for the longest time while we came down from such a high.

The feel of her ample breasts, firm nipples...the crevice of her ass and feeling the wetness of her pussy after cumming. I just had to. I reached under and scooped a bit of our combined juices onto my fingers and fed her mouth with a taste our flavors. She kissed me sharing the tangy taste of our love making.

My dick was still deep inside her pussy and staying as firm as ever. I couldn't even begin to think of leaving her wet, sloppy fuck much loosened by my constant cock slamming. She indeed was a hot, bitching, babe that had just fucked her teenage son in the best way possible. I (like the spoiled son I had become) wanted more. I wanted more of this delicious wonderful woman. I had known her all my life as mother. Now I knew her as a woman. A woman who had just given me the best pussy I ever had!

She tried to lift up but I needed more of her. More than her son, I had now become her lover. I took each of her firm melons in my hand and pulled her firmly down on my lap. "Mom, that was the best I ever had. I just need to fuck you one more time before we get back on the road."

She looked down at me, let out a low and dirty laugh, and said, "I'm all yours baby cum to momma. Let's see if we can give each other another fucking birthday present."

What a birthday, what a trip, what a mommy tramp, and what a fantastic lover she was!

Mom awoke and showered before I did. She had already ordered our breakfast and was putting on her makeup when I entered the bathroom to take my morning whiz. She was standing at the mirror and noticed I was sporting significant piece of morning wood.

"Is that hard dick, for me sweetie or were you thinking of your little 'Junie' (the stuck up bitch that had dumped me just before my birthday)?" Her calling me sweetie as a term of endearment between us, had not been used before our fucking last night. This was a good sign to me that she was still hungry for more of the same.

"No mam, I just woke up remembering our love making last night. Was it just a dream or did we actually make fantastic love with each other last night?"

"Baby, we gave each other the best presents ever. I just want to make sure that you're as ok with all of this as I am. I would never do anything to hurt you…and…well…er...I did seduce you didn't I? I mean, I did start all of this by fondling my baby's big penis in the car last night. You turned me on so much when you came in your trousers by my barely touching you down there and then giving you a little kiss, huh?

Mom lowered her eyes in a sexy, coy, and totally natural female way. It was such a huge turn on seeing my mother react to my manhood in such a way as to let me know I no longer was just her son but a grown man who had totally turned her on as a woman.

'A little kiss my ass'…my sexy mother had fondled and played with my hard cock, kissed my mouth with the best damn horny tongue job I ever had, then squeezed the jizz right out of my dick. As if that wasn't enough she kept the seduction going, by unzipping my pants and sucking up all my left over cock sauce down her greedy little gullet. What a hot little whore act she put on last night on our way to Laughlin. A sexy, good looking cooze of a mother that had fucked her 18 year old son on the front seat of his car like a teenage whore. Yep, things were a changing between us, and momma was one hot woman!

She looked up with a sort'ta devilish twisted grin and smiled at me. Shoulders back, she straightened up, and took a deep breath of air while arching her back so as to cause her big, pert titties to poke out through the see-through black negligee. Obviously she had put it on for her morning's first meeting after bedding her mother fucking son to impress him. Impress me she did. Her luscious twin melons and dark pink areolas were keeping my morning wood, extra painfully hard.

I swallowed at this vision of womanly charms. Shit, it was like a young man waking up to see a mature, Playboy centerfold posing in a negligee especially for him. Mom had been my Playboy piece of ass last night and was now my centerfold posing for me! Hot, baby, very hot!

She lifted her left leg ever so smoothly and slid it forward through the fabric of her thin nighty…her bare leg slipped out as if a curtain was parting to show-case her long slender leg. OMG! She was one sexy hot lady, and my mother to boot! I turned my back and faced the toilet (at a temporary loss for words) and started pissing.

The sound of my piss was rather obscene, but it felt so good, as I started emptying my full bladder. And the fact that at 6'-2" tall, I was f***ed to bend my rock hard cock downward so as not to spray pee all over the damn bathroom just made the scene all the more surreal. I realized this was the first time since I was a little k** that I had been required to piss in front of my mother. The fact that she was being such a sexy bitch while I did it however, did put a very big smile on my face. Yep…this was a King Kong fucking great way to wake up as an 18 year old k**. What a great birthday celebration this was proving to be!

I heard the silky rustle of her night gown and then felt her breasts touching my back. Damn, I could actually feel her hardened nipples slide across my skin. She obviously had a fantasy of her own going on inside her sexy little brain. I could feel the little mommy-bitch's seduction starting all over again. It sounded so strange to realize mom was not only a sexy bitch…but also a bitch in heat for her son!

I was also guilty. Me, (unbelievable) that I had become a young mother fucker lusting after his own mother. Such a thought should have sounded so wrong instead it felt so good to know I had fucked my mother last night, and she had enjoyed it. Her staged appearance was continuing to make me feel so wonderful. Things had changed between us indeed!

Her hands rested on my naked waist for just a moment then…reaching around my waist and down my loins, one hand found its way onto my hard, piss-draining cock. Her delicate nails began a slow, gentle scr****g up and down the length of the tight, sensitive skin on my cock causing goose bumps to pop out all over my arms and legs.

It was such a beautiful thing for a woman (who had just been fucked for the first time the night before by her son) to do. Yes, I knew my mother was sexy looking, but this was just so unbelievably hot! Looking sexy and being sexy are two different things and she proved the latter was better! She was giving me feelings that a teenybopper wouldn't how to do. My mature mom, was giving me the benefit of her many years of sexual know-how.

She gently replaced my hand by wrapping her slender fingers around my cock and started a soft stroking of its length. She said, "gee baby, I can feel the pulsing flow of pee through your cock." The end of my fat, circumcised, and bludgeoning cock head turned a bright shiny purple from the stroking touch of her hand now jacking my piss into the toilet below. The bl**d inside my cock was pulsing the entire length of taught skin on my veiny shaft. It looked so marvelous resting in her delicate hand (where's my fucking digital camera at a time like this)! Talk about a Kodak moment of porn!

"Mom…that feels so good in your fucking hand. Don't stop jacking me!"

"My god baby…I can hardly wrap my fingers around your stiffy. Is it always that hard and fat in the morning? Is this big candle of a cock all for my birthday cake? Can I blow this big thing out or should I just wet your wick with my mouth." What a dirty little girl she was.

Her calling my boner a 'stiffy' almost caused me to laugh except for a couple of things. First she said it while whispering into my ear with a breathy Marilyn Monroe voice that caused a tingling from my head to my toes. Second, she finished by accenting her nasty words with a couple of quick flicks of her tongue across the opening of my ear, then ended her oral tease by nibbling my earlobe with her wicked lips and tongue. She was really getting worked up on the feeling of my cock…she was acting more and more like a tramp/slut/whore…hell fill in all of the above because they all sounded great to say about my fucking mother. I was seeing her in a whole new light. She was naked and posing under that sexy see-through nighty and cumming on to her son like a freight train. I sure felt welcome in this new grown up world of men and women getting nasty with each other! Mom had become my 'Mentor of Sex'. I realized she was training her new lover on how a real woman could please her man. She was giving me all kinds of new ideas on how to return the favor.

Oh, fuck…I continued feeling my morning wood transition into one extra big raging diamond cutter the wanted to bore its way up her furry snatch. She had me so ready, I wanted to fuck this sexy bitch of a mother right on the spot. I take it back, it wasn't my mother. No…no, this was a god damn mature siren seducing my young ass in the bathroom, of all places, and while I was trying to take a piss! I was in hog heaven thinking about all the possibilities and avenues of fun and games she was opening to my young furtile mind. Think about it, a mother who was lusting after her son. Who had fucked her son. Who swallowed his spent sperm…and now was stroking his hard cock and talking shit to get more of the same. Oh, she was gonna get it alright!

Finishing my piss, I removed her hand and squeezed the last drops from the piss hole of my mushroom-stretched cock head. I turned towards her, smiled, and lifted my painfully hard cock upwards and onto her flat stomach. Grabbing both ass cheeks, I pulled her close-up to my body. Growling, I slowly rocked my hips side to side so she could feel the monster tool that was about to fuck her needy pussy and said, "Mom, my dick never lies and it says it's ready and hard for some more of your mouth and pussy. Can I have another piece of you mom…please?"

Mom gave me a throaty, somewhat nasty laugh, and slid her hand back onto my cock as she melted into my arms. As to giving me an answer to my wanting another piece of her, she placed her other hand gently around the back of my neck and pulled my mouth down to her parting lips. Her tongue slithered its way into my mouth and her gentle warm breath once again began to enter my body, letting me know she was really all mine. A mother's warm breath shared with the sexual kissing of her son. What a fantastic sensation it was to have my mother french-kiss her son while sucking my tongue and stroking my hard dick.

Swaying, she continued her hot kissing. Her hard nipples were sliding across my chest. I slid my hands up from her ass to her narrow waist pulling her roughly to my chest. Mom's full body pressing up against my hard and horny frame was a great sensation. Lifting her right leg, she wrapped it around the back of my thigh exposing even more of her furry pussy to my hard cock. My hands were all over her back and ass, searching and feeling up her supply body as much as I could.

She sighed and continued her hot assault on my mouth. Momma was giving me one hell of a lesson on how to tongue fuck. I returned the favor by lifting her gown above her waist baring her firm ass flesh to my searching hands. God, her butt cheeks felt so good in my hands. How many times in the past had I wanted to just run my hands up her dress and grab a big handful or two of her sexy ass? Now here I was, roughly squeezing her butt cheeks while she sucked my face.

I pulled my mouth from hers and moved my face to a place at the base of her neck that faintly tasted of perfume and soap. Tasting my mother's skin and biting her neck caused her to let out another long moan of approval into my mouth and I felt her shiver in my arms. Looking over her shoulder, I could see her sexy, firm ass reflecting back at me from the mirror and there…ever so pretty was just a hint of hair flowing just below her freshly showered beaver peeking out from between her thighs. I swear I could almost see the dewy moisture of her wet pussy that was waiting for my hungry lips. Soon this day…very soon, I would be lapping the juices of her cunt like a thirsty dog drinking from his dish. What a thought, lapping my mothers cunt sauce with my tongue. Yes…yes!

I kept moving my big hands all over her naked butt, continually squeezing and massaging her ass cheeks. She reached between us and positioned my raging boner right down between her legs and began a slow nudging of my swollen prick with her furry beaver.

Back and forth her hips stroked and tickled my cock with the soft bushy fur of her pussy. Her fingers reached down and below my swollen testicles as if to feel the hot liquid building inside. Between her needy beaver stroking my cock and her fingers fondling the nuts in my testicles she had created another new sensation. I wandered just how many different ways a woman in heat could torment a man? Over the course of the next few days I was going to find out the many ways this mommy-bitch could get her son turned on!

Jeeze, I needed to fuck her so bad. I didn't want to make love anymore…we already did that. I just wanted to fuck her with…a deep…long…hard…fuck!

I knew our first coupling of the day wouldn't last long because I about ready to cum from her aggressive foreplay while we stood barefoot on the tiled, cold, bathroom floor. It was time to plow my cock deep down into the furrows of this sexy lady's pussy. The fact that she was my mother only added to the erotica of it all.

Gently pushing her away, I took her by the hand leading her to our birthday bed of prior i****t and said, "Mom, you're the hottest looking lady and I'm the luckiest guy alive to have you as my girl friend. Could I please have another piece of you instead of birthday cake?"

Mom beamed back…just a little embarrassed by the moment and hesitantly stood by the bed. She slowly slipped out of her negligee letting it fall to her feet on the floor. What a sight! My mother, now stripped totally naked before my eyes, and oh, so beautiful as a young 34 year old adult woman ready to make love to her son.

"Honey, I'm yours for the be whatever you want me to be. I want you to always take the lead." (Funny, what? This coming from the woman who had seduced the shit out of me all last night and all this morning…rubbing all over me while I was trying to take a piss! Take the lead? Yeah right!) Her next statements though revealed what she really meant by 'taking the lead'.

She looked straight into my eyes and continued saying, " I've always missed what every woman secretly desires…having a real man in her life. I need you to tell me exactly what you want from me and if it's within my power, you can have it. Your miserable dad never was able to step up to the plate. He fucked me over, but he never took the lead when it came to our sexual relationship and exerting his rights to fuck me as a real man in our marital bed. He was more a pig, than a lover. He used me, abused me, just like he's using his new little stupid bitch of a secretary. If you really love me and are just half the man I think you are, you will take the lead in our new relationship and treat me as your woman. Honor me as your mother, but take me as a woman in your bed. I like it soft or rough…however you desire, just be my lover and be honest in all you do with me."

She said it so sweetly as she explained what I could have and what we could become together.

Mom paused as she gave me time to filter it all in. Man, I had a hard on that had taken over most of my brain cells and only wanted nothing more than to fuck her once more. But I did get the gist of what she was saying. Later after our first morning fuck, we talked about how i****t was a sin…but if we really could become lovers (much more than mother and son)…then that of itself just may become the something extra special between and mother and son. It could be nasty, i****tuous, dirty, and beautiful all at the same time. What a fucking dream come true for this young man. We were a mother, a son, a bitch, a cock, a lady, all wrapped around a cloak of loving desire and fantastic sexual possibilities.

"No more talk mom. Time to make it happen!"

I pushed her gently onto the bed with a smile and said, "Baby get ready for some hard 18 year old cock."

She looked like a little girl lying there on her back as she looked up into my eyes. I reached down and flipped her over on her stomach like a rag doll for my taking.

With a little girlish giggle she said, "Oh my, you want me doggy style, do you? Have it your way lover. Face up with my legs spread or on my knees getting dicked like a bitch in heat!"

(She had it right...she was always gonna get it how ever I wanted. She just said so didn't she? I was going to take her ass as many ways as I could discover. I would be the master and she would serve my every need. She had never lied to me even once during our life together. She had gave me birth, suckled me with her milk, protected me from a shitty father, and now made love with the promise of her need to have me take control in her bed. She was giving her all to me, and like the greed young man I was at 18...I would surely take it all.)

Oh yeah, she was gonna get dogged all right. It was time for the down and dirty. All the bl**d had returned to my cock and now it only wanted her ass…big time! I lifted her ass way, up placing her on her knees with that sweet pussy-ass of hers as high up in the air as I could get it.

"Arch your back and stick out that beautiful ass for me."

Our hotel bed was the perfect height for directing my cock straight into her hot, wet, pussy while still standing alongside the bed. My nuts were aching for release. The primal need of a man to sperm a hot piece of female ass kicked in. Me Tarzan, you Jane, bitch! I was thinking of all kinds of dirty, and obscene shit about my mother. This i****t-taboo thing had made me a very nasty young man indeed.

"Spread your knees baby, and keep that big bad ass of yours up high so I can open your tiny little slit of a pussy with my fat cock."

She moved just as directed and purred, "that's it honey…tell you're mommy-slut exactly what you want. Take me anyway you need me. I'm all yours".

I was standing in the perfect position for fucking her sweet, tight pussy. I could see the moisture of her twat leaking down the inside of her thighs…this sexy bitch of a mother was ready and willing for a good, hard, fuck. I was about to be a nasty mother fucker all over again.

I swiped the fingers of my hand between her furry pussy and tasted of the nectar leaking down her leg. Man, it was sweet and smelled that special odor of a hot, wet pussy ready to get a bone on! (My ex-girl friend never juiced like that for me. She never could have been what my mom had become for me. She was a spoiled little shit-ass while mom was giving me her all) Mom's pussy was coated with a gooey lather of cum juice. The back of her neck was turning bright red with lust. She was a proper horny bitch with a wet snatch waiting for a good pussy pounding.

I slipped my fingers back into her crack and separated her opening with my thumb and fore finger. She opened up so easy to my touch. Her pink slit widened into a pink heart shape and I could feel the budding pearl of her clit ready to be used for our pleasure. I also noticed just how red and swollen, engorged with bl**d, her puffy pussy lips had become in anticipation of our coupling. They were fat and meaty now as I pushed three of my fingers up into her slippery, wet gusset. Her cunt was squishy in anticipation and more than ready for my young cock!

I positioned the head of my penis just beneath her slit and lifted upwards. God, it was a beautiful sight watching my mother's fat pussy lips slide over my probing cock. Her syrupy folds began forming a seal around my cock head as I applied more and more pressure into her tight pocket of love. Sliding back a little, I angled my cock upwards and into her warm hole. Her pussy was pliant and yielding to my dick so I continued with one final thrust sliding deep inside her welcoming womb. She squealed as I bottomed out balls-to-the-walls deep.

"Unnnngh...fuck...oh yeah lover, that feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me hard…give it all to m. I need your loving cock so much. God it's so deep and hard in my pussy. Give it to me baby, give momma all the love you got."

I started pounding in and out of her warm pussy. Man, it was fantastic. My mother was wide open for her son and I was fulfilling many years of fantasies about this sexy bitch. Not only was I fucking her, but she soon started moving her hips on my cock so as to fuck me back. She was fucking her lover/son's cock as much as I was fucking her. Such a hot piece of ass. Her tight, swollen, pussy was milking my cock so good. My mother was absolutely one hot piece of mother fucking ass. I had always wondered if she would be as good in bed as I had imagined. Now I knew…she was oh, so much better!

I looked to the right in the mirror over the bed's headboard and saw her beautiful profile getting slammed by her son. She had her head up, mouth wide open, and sucking large gulps of air with each of my slams into arched ass. When I would slow or stop, her ass would begin a needy humping on my cock. She was a woman possessed with the need to fuck and be fucked. Looking in the mirror you couldn't tell who was more starved for sex. The expression on both our faces was one of absolute pleasure and joy of having i****tuous sex.

Her beautiful titties were moving forward and back like the waves of an ocean. The movement of her beautiful breasts were swinging in a frantic motion. Her distended pink nipples were begging to be pulled and bitten. And the view of her humping ass on my cock…oh shit, she was moving it all better than a fucking hula dancer. It was fan…fucking…tastic. My mother, a total bitch in heat, really knew how to fuck her man!

I began a ball slapping tattooing of her pussy with a rhythmic sound echoing off the walls of our room. Slap, slap, slap...up against her furry pussy it went. My balls were pummeling her with each stroke. I took a hold of her hips and began slamming her even harder. I could feel my cock head bottom out inside her pussy and she cried out as if I was hurting her with my cock slams. I knew it was painful, but at the same time, from her squeals and moans I knew it was painful in a good way. She acted as though a little pain was what she wanted. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

"Yes baby...pull my hair...hurt me good! Squeeze mommy's nipples...oh, fuck yes lover!

Her moans and nasty words were a testament to the good, hard, boning she was getting as I pummeled her needy beaver. Besides, she had been such a dirty bitch in seducing me…she deserved a little of my cock pain along with the pleasure of her young lover-son fucking the be-jezzus out of her needy ass.

"Oh yeah, baby, fuck mommy. Hurt me, spank me."

I was waiting for this. Wham! I slapped her ass so hard it shook the bed. She was stunned and yelled, "Ouch, god dammit, that hurt."

"You didn't mind spanking me when I was a bad little boy. Now it's my turn to spank your naughty, nasty, fucking ass!"

She said, "but I'm your mother god damn it."

"What happened to your little earlier speech momma. I thought you were my woman. Shut the fuck up and take it. You wanted some pain. All I want is your tight pussy milking my cock until I cum inside your greedy little snatch. Now give me what you promised bitch!"

Wow, it felt great to fuck my mother like a whore and tell her exactly what I wanted! Fuck it...I spanked her other cheek…not quite as hard but enough to get another yelp out of her.

"You wonderful mother fucker...give it to me good baby. Spank your dirty girl, fuck me, fuck me...oh fuck baby...momma's cumming again, holy mother of god, shiiiit!"

It felt so good to fuck and spank her ass like a common whore. It felt so good to really feel like a man banging a woman who crying out for more. I was poring it on and slamming her pussy big time! Her butt cheeks were turning bright red and she was loving every spanking, new whack on her ass.

"Yes baby, spank me more. I'm so sorry, just keep fucking your moth…your needy little whore. I'm your dirty girl now…fuck me…fuck meeee." She was moaning and tossing her hair all about. Her ass was stroking my cock in perfect rhythm to my slaps and slams.

Her ass was full of my pecker as it slammed in and out her furry wet cunt. I saw her tight pucker hole pulsing to our furious fucking. Her winking brownie was inviting my touch. I pulled out and dropped to my knees pulling her ass close to my face.

I just had to taste her sloppy beaver. I began by a slow slurping of her juices as they slowly emerged from furry love pit. She could hear her son slurping up her juices. Once again she started moaning like a whore in heat.

"Yeah…yes, yessss, eat my pussy. Momma needs her baby's tongue…fuck…oh fuck yeah...suck that pussy you big mother fucker."

I tasted her sweet pussy and it was heavenly. Her perfumed pussy, and the nectar flowing from her cunt was exquisite. I finally experienced what eating pussy was all about. It was the best! I wondered of other lady's pussies would be as delicious.

I ran my tongue up and further past her wet slit so I could began flicking her clit. Flick, flick, flickity, flick…a long series of my rough tongue jabs all around and on her protruding clitty. I then swabbed her fat, swollen pussy lips all about and returned back up to her clit. She was in heaven.

"Oh baby where did you learn to eat pussy so damn good? I could get so used to your tongue on my pussy. Eat me baby…eat your little girls momma's cunt."

It sounded good to me so I began a firm nibbling and sucking on her pussy lips. Nibbling, sucking, and nibbling again. Her lips were like little flaps of soft fat piggy skin…but they tasted so fucking succulent. I was having a pussy feast. I sucked first one lip and then the other into my mouth working my tongue all around like a starving man sucking all the moisture out of a juicy nectarine. I dined on her pussy lips and tongued her foamy snatch until she yelled..."oh, oh god, stop I can't take any more…honest baby, I can't take any more...I'm so fucking wet!"

She dropped flat on her stomach and drew her legs up into a fetal position. As her hand came down to her pussy she started rubbing all around as if to savoir the last frothy cum sauce she leaked as I ate her pussy out.

She slipped her fingers into her snatch and rolled over to show me just how wet she was from my oral ministration. She must have come several times while I devoured her little slippery puss. My face was all wet and slimmy from her pussy cum but it tasted oh so good. I had become a devout pussy eater this morning. Mom, had turned into a slut and I turned into a pussy eating freakazoid!

She pulled her wet gooey fingers from her hole and said, "Oh baby...look what you did to my pussy." Her eyes had turned to slits and her lips were pursed together as a hot sexy singer trying to act slutty while singing on the stage. Only my mother wasn't acting. She damn well was a slutty, wanton, nasty piece of ass, hot for her son.

I took her fingers and one-by-one and sucked off all her sauce smacking my lips with the wonderful taste of her essence.

From the loving look in her eyes, I knew I totally owned the bitch. She was my babe! It was time to make a move on her butt and really get my first piece of righteous ass. Rolling her over, I moved my tongue up and over her ass hole and began slowly working my way into her tight anus. Her pussy smelled fantastic and her ass smelled nearly as sweet but a little more pungent and tart. It was fucking fantastic as I began a slow licking all around my mothers ass hole.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart until her butt began opening its dark secret of another sexual hole to fuck. I had thought about doing a woman's ass for a long time, never dreaming my first ass fuck would be my mother's.

Pointing my tongue, I pushed and wormed my way inside as if my tongue were a small dick slithering into her tight nether hole. She had calmed down from my pussy-fest. Now she started writhing and getting a little wilder all over with each thrust of my tongue.

"Oh honey, that's it…lick mommy's nasty ass with your tongue. It's feels so hot. My son's such a pervert and I love it. Your father never treated my ass so special, yeah, you are so good to me. Is this what you want baby? You want mommy's dirty little ass?"

I got her ass hole wet with a mixture of her pussy, my pre-cum, and finally a big gob of my saliva. Leaving a big juicy wad of spit on her tight, winking, brownie, I stood up and once again pulled her ass high into the air. Slowly I began a gentle pushing of the shiny fat mushroom head of my cock into her butt. She was waaaay too fucking tight. It needed some loosening (like last night's fucking under the stars) so I slipped my cock back into her pussy to relax her and keep my cock hard inside her warm sheath.

After fucking her for another minute, I returned my ass_ault on her rectum a little more slowly just like last night when I got my 2nd finger into her ass after first getting a single finger up there to pave the way.

Putting my hand on the small of her back, I slid my thumb slowly back down towards her brown wrinkly hole. Extending my thumb, I slowly swirled it all around her brown ring with my slimy mixture. With ever increasing pressure, I pushed a little more and just slipped right into her anal ring. Plop, pop, and it was as if she had simply sucked my thumb up her back passage.

She fucking freaked out when she felt it pop in. No doubt about it…mom wanted more than my thumb.

"Yeah baby. Stick your thumb inside my big fanny. It feels so god, it feels so wonderful in there. Your mommy is such a nasty whore, isn't she? Give it to me, god damn it, and give it to me good!"

Wow mom was an anal whore in need of some man meat up her big ass. Too fucking much! I had never gotten close to fucking my girl friend in the ass…but I always wondered what it would feel like to have my fat cock squeezed and milked by a woman's tiny, tight ring of asshole heaven. My thumb was the first to know and my cock was ready to follow up and get some of mom's Hershey Highway. I couldn't wait to give my cock the present of a piece of her nasty ass.

Just as she had last night under the stars, she relaxed her sphincter muscles little by little until it opened up like a flower allowing my entire thumb to slide all the way up her bum hole as far as it could go…up past the big fat knuckle and to the hilt of the palm of my hand. Man, that would be like the equivalent of a 2-3 inches of a smaller hard bony cock up there. It felt really weird and nasty having my fat thumb up mom's ass. Here she was before her son's eyes, ass high, sucking my thumb up into her tight brownie. She began a slow little humping on my fat thumb.

"Oh honey, fuck my ass. Oh, yeah...its sooo goood in there. Yes...yes...uh huh...uh, baby, do it!"

She was fucking my thumb with her tight brownie. What a great feeling to be inside my mom's big round, humping ass. It was like fucking her ass with a second little cock in the form of my big thumb. I couldn't wait to put my cock up there…that is if it would fit entirely up her tiny hole.

"Oh, baby…I love that. Fuck my nasty ass with your thumb ok...yeah?"

"Yes, my little mommy slut…you want both your holes filled by me…right?

She muttered some filthy words into her pillow then started screaming a muffled yell as she came. Until we had sex, I didn't know mom could be so utterly filthy with her words. I recognized this as just one more sign of her being capable of becoming a dirty slut given the right stimulus with the right man.

Her ass and pussy both clamped down squeezing my cock and thumb all at the same time. I imagined what that would feel like with me and another dude fucking her pussy and ass. I bet she would howl like a banshee! Wow, my thoughts about my mother had come a long way in less than 24 hrs.

I reached around with my other hand and took a big handful of her titty and started roughly mauling her boob. She went fucking wild. She was right...she did like it gentle and rough...first pleasure and then some pain as she came.

"Anything you want…anything you want…do it baby…just do whatever you want to your little needy whore of a mother." I knew this to be an open invitation to take her asshole!

Smack! I yanked my thumb from her ass and whacked her red butt cheek.

"Yes, baby, spank me…I'm very nasty and very wicked. Fuck me…fuck meeeee!"

Mom started quivering all over. She was having a royal cum and I had become too ready to shooting a load myself. Her asshole would have to wait until another time. I knew if I tried it now it would just all fall apart. She had my thumb up her ass and had loved it. My cock up her ass would have to come later, at the right time, and the right place of my choosing.

"Turn around mom and lay on your back and suck my cock until I cum!"

She did exactly as I told her and put her head between my legs and started licking my hard nuts. After a few slurps on my fat nutsack she took my prick in her mouth and started lathering it with her tongue. I took the thumb that had been in her nasty ass and said, "suck my thumb clean mother...have a taste of your ass cream. Good, isn't it? Mmmmmm good. Does mommy like it as much as her son does...oh yeah...that's it little girl...suck your new daddy's thumb."

She nursed it like a baby sucking a mother's nipple for milk. She was so hot and so compliant. Nasty doesn't begin to describe what a real woman in total heat can be for her man. A wanton bitch will do anything for her guy as long as he is deserving of her worshipping his cock. And this, as loving son to his mother, made me just such a deserving guy. Maybe that's why turning the corner for a mother and son is so dangerous. She knows if she yields and gives it up for her son, she is giving up her total devotion to a man in a different and complete way that no other could obtain! My mother and I had totally crossed all the barriers of our society when we did the big nasty, and totally fucked each other. It was more than mere fucking, it was i****tual taboo, and the giving up all of our societal moray's. Whatever we were to become, I knew the sex would always be better with her than any other woman I could ever have. Fucking my mother had become a sexual craving like no other.

The tingling in my balls signaled a fresh load of hot jizz was getting ready to shoot. I moved forward again and laid my testicles and ass over my mother-bitch-lover's mouth.

"Suck my nuts baby, suck your daddy's balls and lick his ass." If her ass was so good for me, then I knew my ass and balls would be good for her.

I was right. She licked my ass, then my nuts, in a swirling pleasure of her tongue I had never felt before. She moaned and writhed her body back and forth. Her head flew over and around my ass and nuts as she licked me to a stupor of lust.

It didn't take long before I felt that familiar sweet pressure building in my nuts. I had a massive load of cum ready for mommy. She sucked my balls deep into her hot mouth sliding her tongue under my nut sack. With one hard firm suck on my nuts, I felt the rush of jizz start it way up my cock.

"Open up darling and get read for your breakfast of warm cum."

She shifted her mouth from my balls to my cock. Taking it deep into her mouth she again started a strong suckling of my penis. I felt the rippling flutter of her tongue under my cockhead and came as I began shooting in my sweet mother's mouth.

As I blew my huge load, she began guzzling it all down her throat. Taking it ever so deeply she milked my cock with her throat muscles as if her throat was a pulsating pussy. My mother was truly an accomplished cock sucker who obviously loved swallowing a man's sperm. No doubt in my mind...she had done this many, many, times.

After I was entirely spent, she continued suckling my meat until my nuts were totally drained. Mom had all my seed now inside her belly.

Lifting my spent cock from her mouth, she licked and sucked all about, making sure her tongue cleaned all the liquids off my cock and balls. I in turn, massaged her tits, stomach, and pussy with my big hands. I had all of my mothers body lying on her back licking my sex. I leaned forward and once again put my face into her wet pussy and gently ate her cunt as we came down from our love making. It was a sweet, loving, and a gentle way to end our morning fuck.

Finally we separated. As I laid beside the woman I loved she rolled toward me and gave me a little kiss. Then smiling, she looked into my grinning face with her big brown puppy dog eyes and said, "Thank you baby. I need you so much. I'll always be here for you with anything you ever need from me."

As room service knocked on the door, breakfast cart at hand, I knew this was going to be another great day of fun under the sun and the stars of Nevada!

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