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It was possible that I was mistaken but I really didn't think that I was. From the first second Kim looked into my eyes, I knew we were going to become lovers. As the party ran it's course, I had even fewer doubts that Kim wanted me as much as I wanted her and the same could be said for all of her daughters.

It was almost 2 AM before Laura and I shared a shower and went to bed. She sat her alarm for 7AM to remind her she had a job she not only couldn't afford to miss but didn't want to miss as well. We were still in the midst of our passion when it went off and though we tried to end our night, she still ran almost a half hour late getting to school.

There hadn't even been time for her to grab a cup of coffee much less eat breakfast and as I watched her drive off in the pouring down rain, I felt my stomach growl despite my fatigue from almost constant no holds barred sex since I had found Laura after all the years in her classroom damn near 67 hours earlier. I hadn't slept even four hours during that time but I felt absoluetly energized from meeting such close f****y that I hadn't even known I had.

After heading towards the kitchen, I laughed as I remembered I had used everything Laura had to make supper with the night before. I turned and headed to her bedroom to dress and drive to town for breakfast and much needed coffee.

It couldn't have been five minutes since I closed the front door when just as I spotted my discarded clothes, the door chime began ringing incessantly.

I quickly pulled on my jeans and ran to answer the door. I stood staring with my mouth open at Kim. She was soaked from head to toe and if that wasn't enough her outfit was even more revealing than the one she had worn to the party.

It was a dress that barely covered her cunt and it consisted of flags of the nations except where there were stars or moons or sickles (sp), there were holes. The flag of Japan was just above her right breast or would have been in dry weather. As she had ran across the street in the pouring rain, her right breast had obviously gone unnoticed or perhaps deliberately been allowed to come out the big hole where the sun had been cut from the Japanese flag.

Spittle ran down from the corners of her mouth as she stared at my groin then without looking up she stammered, "I never seen a cock that big Woody. No wonder I could hear Laura screaming ecstatically all night."

As I looked down to see my fully erect cock poking straight out from the zipper I had neglected to zip up Kim softly whispered, "I ran over to invite you to join me for breakfast. Sandi is in school and the other girls took off for Wally World and probably won't be back before dark."

Her eyes returned to my cock as I fumbled in an effort to put it away and Kim reached out and caught my wrist as she said, "I know I dress like a slut but the only man that has ever shared my bed was the girl's father. I also know that you are my nephew but I don't care Woody. I want you to be my second and last lover. I'm about to go home. I'll have your breakfast and a pot of coffee waiting on you. What happens after that will be entirely your choice."

Before I could speak, she released my wrist and turned then with a sigh she raced across the street to her house. I stared at her running not really knowing if I would follow her or not.

A few heartbeats later, I closed the door and I caught up to her just as she was closing her back door. She quickly opened it wide and her eyes instantly went to my cock which was still poking through my zipper.

She smiled as she said, "Coffee, Tea, or Me."

I laughed at her choice of words then answered, "I don't drink tea but I think of the other two choices the latter would be most pleasing but the first more needed."

Without a word she reached out and unsnapped my jeans as she softly said, "I'll put these in the washer. They should be ready for the dryer when we've finished eating and the dryer has an automatic shut off so we can take care of that most pleasing aspect without waiting."

She then knelt, never once letting her eyes leave my cock as she pulled my jeans down and waited for me to step out of them.

As she straightened I whispered, "Aunt Kim. I doubt I could swallow even a sip of coffee if you are wearing that dress to breakfast and I know damn well if you decide to rejoin me dressed in your birthday suit that we won't be eating anything."

She grinned from ear to ear and headed to the laundry room. When she returned, she was wearing a white terry cloth robe that completely covered her goodies.

She giggled and handed me a matching robe as she said, "The only thing I'm really hungry for is that sausage between your legs. I'm not sure even wearing this will help but I know damn well the alternative won't."

As I put the robe on, Kim brought a pot of coffee from the kitchen and a huge platter of bacon, ham and both link and patty sausages. As she placed them on the table, I began to tremble slightly as I took the same chair I had sat in for so many meals as a c***d.

Kim whispered, "I hadn't even thought that far ahead Woody. I should have warned you that I kept most of your mother's furnishings. They fit the house so perfectly I didn't have the heart to bring my tacky stuff in to replace them."

I just smiled feebly and nodded as she went back into the kitchen and returned with two huge platters. The first had biscuits that were sliced and had been buttered and cheese slices had been added, along with a large stack of hot cakes (thats pancakes in the south). The second was divided into three sections, one with scrambled eggs and one with hard fried eggs and the last with sunny side up eggs. Her next trip she returned with a large bowl of the most crucial southern breakfast staple, hot buttered grits.

As she sat the bowl down she laughed and said, "I was raised in the midwest. Never even knew grits existed until the first time Laura invited me over for breakfast. Now neither I nor the girls can live without them."

I smiled and replied, "I have often moved during my travels because I couldn't find grits at the grocery. I eventually learned to buy a years supply before changing locations just to be safe."

She giggled but the pang in my heart of sitting at Momma's breakfast table was just too intense to put a smile on my face.

Kim noticed and I heard the pain in her own voice as she softly asked, "I'm heating up some maple syrup for my hot cake but I have jam, jelly and cane syrup if you prefer."

I smiled half heartedly and answered, "I sorta like the cane syrup best but actually I prefer it cold and my second choice is hot maple so why don't we just go with that."

Kim nodded and when she stepped back from the kitchen she had a trey with both cane and maple syrup, a jar of strawberry preserves, a jar of apple jelly, and a jar of figs.

This time my smile was full and huge as Kim sat down exactly where Momma had always sat at the end of the table to my right while I said, "This is the best complement I could give any lady Kim. You just did exactly what Momma would have done for a guest at her table. I thank you kindly for that Auntie but hopefully it is the last time you think of me as a guest."

She giggled and stuck out her tongue then bowed her head and waited. I gasped and bowed my head then said 'Grace' and Kim said 'Amen. Pass the grits.' as soon as I finished. I damn near broke down and sobbed then and there.

Kim quickly took my right hand in both of hers but before she could ask I answered, "You not only look like Momma but that is exactly her choice of words after every grace I ever uttered at the breakfast table."

We damn near devoured every single morsel between us. We chatted the entire meal between breaks to chew and swallow but mostly about the most trivial things none of which I remember. As we both reached to spear the last link with our forks, Kim reached it first.

She smiled and bared her teeth then stuck half the link in her mouth and bit down just hard enough to remove the fork before leaning towards me. I opened my mouth and our lips met, they never separated until we had both chewed and swallowed passing the sausage back and forth between our mouths as our tongues sought each others.

Kim leaned back and sighed softly before saying, "Why do I get the feeling as fantastic as we both just found that kiss to be that we aren't headed towards my bedroom just yet."

I laughed and said, "My God in heaven Kim. Momma would have never kissed me the way you just did but she would have known I had something on my mind just as you did."

She laughed and said, "Hold that thought Woody while I put your jeans in the dryer. I am willing to hear what you have to say but I can't promise I will answer or that as soon as you've finished I won't drag you to my bed by your hair if I have to."

When she returned I got up and started helping her clear table as I sat the platters I was carrying on the kitchen counter I smiled and said, "Please tell me that you smoke Kim and that ash tray isn't decorative."

She frowned and answered, "I've often tried to quit and I never smoke in front of the girls or guests but I'm still a pack a day on a good day and two packs on a bad one."

I smiled and said, "Laura doesn't smoke so my cigarettes have been in the car for three days."

Kim laughed and asked, "How on earth did you last three whole days Woody."

I looked her from head to toe then asked, "Can you even vaguely remember the late 60's and early 70's when the streets of New York were on the news almost every night showing the homeless people?"

She giggled and answered, "I wasn't born until 1973 but I remember reading several articles about that when I was in school."

I smiled and softly whispered, "From what you know would you have any idea what I meant is I said you were a carton lady?"

She stuck out her tongue then replied, "I'm not certain but wouldn't that be an insult."

I giggled as I answered, "Some might think so but hopefully you aren't among them. The thing is that I love a cigarette after a good roll in the hay and with you I was just thinking I might need a whole damn carton."

Kim laughed so hard she grabbed her sides, then suddenly she turned almost ashen and turned to race to the bathroom. She didn't even take time to close the door, she literally jumped on the commode and stuck out her tongue as she pissed for what seemed like ten minutes. However long it was, I had finished clearing the table by the time she finished though I think she just sat there a couple of extra minutes to give me time to finish that chore.

When she returned she said, "There's a new carton of full flavors and a couple of packs of menthols in the crisper. Take your choice sweetie. I prefer full flavor but often smoke the menthols when I'm either sick or just want one for a change."

I laughed as I opened the refrigerator and said, "If they are Marlboros and Kools, I'll marry you, Aunt or not."

As I slid open the crisper she softly said, "If that were possible Woody, my answer would be yes."

I looked at her and then back down at the crisper as I opened the carton of Marlboros then sat it back inside the crisper by two packs of Kools before saying, "I'll be a monkey's uncle Kim. I keep my extras in the exact same place. I'm not sure why though. I often smoke 3 or 4 packs a day and there is no fear they'll get stale but it just became a habit."

Kim just nodded then put on a fresh pot of coffee and let it brew while she washed and I dried. I noticed her watch as I finished the first plate then giggle as I opened the right cabinet and put it back in it's place.

As I put away the silverware except for a couple of spoons she said, "You have the most remarkable memory Woody. I left everything exactly the way your mother had them and until this very day almost 17 years later I still sometimes open the wrong door because my kitchen wasn't arranged the way this one is."

As she put cups, saucers, spoons, napkins, a sugar bowl and a small milk cow on a tray she began to hum and once more I gasped.

She froze as she reached for the coffee pot then said, "My God in Heaven. I'm sorry Woody. That record was on your mother's player when I moved here and I fell in love with it. I've hummed it while working so much I had forrgotten where I learned it from."

I stuck out my tongue and softly said, "It is getting to where it doesn't bother me as much Kim. I'm starting to find it rather nice to see have more in common than the looks you share with Momma."

She blushed lightly and said, "You are just full of compliments this morning Woody. To be perfectly honest, I take any comparison to your mother as the ultimate compliment."

Kim led me into the den and as she sat the tray on the coffee table she said, "There's a lighter beside the ash tray on the lamp table Woody. Now then before I join you, would you prefer having the TV on or the radio?"

I smiled and said, "Your choice Kim. I seldom watch TV and don't even own a radio."

She laughed as she sat down then grinned from ear to ear as I tamped out two Marlboros and stuck them both in my mouth and lit them before handing her one then she took a deep drag and as she exhaled she said, "Now we both are reminding each other of a dearly departed one. I call him my husband though he was killed before we were married but you just lit my cigarette the exact same way he always did when we were sitting around talking."

We continued to chit chat but as I stared into Kim's green eyes I sort of became side tracked and had very little awareness of what I had said and none at all of what she was saying.

Then an awkward sileence came and I took a deep breath before forcing myself to look past Kim at the rain beating steadily against the window panes.

I always figured when you didn't know exactly how to broach a subject you just blurted it out so without further hesitation I said, "Kim I want to but my home back from you."

I saw the look of unexpected surprise in her eyes as I continued, "After I ran off, I had practically nothing to call my own. When things got really bad, I would dream of this house and one of my parents or one of my siblings. It was the only thing that kept me going for a lot of years."

I saw fear fill her eyes and I paused then quickly said, "I don't want you and the girls to move out Kim. I just want to own it and maybe with your permission fix it and the garage apartment up a bit then I could live there. I always wanted to live in that damn montrosity even as a k**."

As her eyes softened I almost became lost in them again but somehow I managed to keep eye contact as I continued, "About twenty years ago I rented a garage apartment from a Lady in the Silicon Valley. It is the only place I ever lived more than a month since I left home and I loved it there so much that I stayed more than five years."

I saw sadness in her eyes and laughed before I continued, "Don't look so sad Kim. I'm really not except for the death of my loved ones. The thing is this lady was in the forefront of computer technology and an extremely talented designer and programmer. Just before I moved in to the garage, her entire computer system had collapsed. Her banker had turned down her loan application and her future looked almost non-existant."

I took a sip of coffee to catch my breath then continued, "I took a class in small equipment maintenance as a teen and mostly made my meager living working odd jobs on small motors such as lawn mowers and any type of household appliances. I had never even heard of computers but I sensed their importance to the future of our country and that this lady had the talent to be a huge part of that future."

I finished the cup of coffee and fixed another cup as I collected my thoughts then I continued, "To make a long story short, I had a little over $5000 saved up at that time and I decided to risk it on her even though I hadn't known her but a few days and knew nothing about computers. It wasn't even close to enough for a new system but it was enough for me to buy schematics for all of her equipment and enough parts to get started fixing it."

I paused and chuckled then continued, "She was an amazing woman. She worked two full time jobs and a part time job to pay the bills and keep the parts I needed coming in as I needed them. There was never once a time when I had to wait on a part before I could continue but it still took me almost six months to get her back in the computer world."

I smiled giving Kim time to absorb my words then continued, "Guess short is long past. Anyhow, it turned out my repairs had made her system hundreds of times better than it had been to begin with. I was struggling at first to keep food on our respective tables and to at least pay her electric bill but then she got me a job working on one of her friends computers and things got much easier. Looking back it felt like at the time years had passed but in reality it was only a few months after she was online that she rolled over in bed and kissed me one night then snuggled beside me and slept damn near 24 hours. When she got up she went straight to her computer and as I brought her a cup of coffee she screamed, 'Eureka!'. I couldn't get a word out of her about what had her so excited and finally gave up. She never left her system for three solid days. She barely sipped the coffee I brought her and only nibbled at the food then she woke me up after the third day and fucked me senseless before jumping back out of bed. As she paused in the doorway she non-chalantly whispered, 'Check your mail first thing when you wake up darling.'."

I took a deep breath and finally finished, "I found a cashier's check for fifty thousand dollars and a contract for me to sign giving me ten per cent of her future earnings for 50 years or until her death which ever came first. When I moved on three years later, I was worth just over ten million dollars and every month a check hits my account for at least 50 thousand and more often than not well over a million dollars. I haven't even checked my account balance in the last 15 years. I figure it has probably close to half a billion in it but don't much care exactly how much is there."

The strangest thing about the money was except for being able to afford anyhting I wanted without worrying about what it might cost, I simply didn't feel rich. I guess that is why the startled gasp and the vacant stare from Kim caught me so much by surprise.

I had finished my cup of coffee, drank a second cup and was fixing a third cup before she began to return to me so to speak.

I laughed and said, "The money isn't that important Kim. To be perfectly honest, I would have spent every penny of it to have met you and the girls even 24 hours earlier. Jesus Christ! I have a f****y, a real f****y that will love me for me."

Instantly her eyes focused and I saw her normal glitter return as she softly said, "Woody. Am I stupid or maybe crazy? What you just said means more to me than all the riches in the world. You see, I've longed my entire life for a f****y other than my k**s. Someone I could love and who would love me despite my faults once the girls are all married and gone."

I laughed and she grinned then slid closer to me as she damn near purred, "One thing we best both be straight about Woody. I've wanted to fuck you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Your fortune has nothing at all to do with that and it never will."

I stuck out my tongue then whispered, "Until you just point blank said that Kim, I knew but I wasn't positive I knew. I sorta got the sense that I could have my way with you and all of your daughters any time I wanted and believe me when I say that I wanted and will continue wanting. There is however something I hadn't considered. The truth is, I chased over here after you with the full intent of fucking you senseless but I can't. I think that is why I have procastinated so much since we entered the back door."

Kim sighed softly and I saw disappointment filling her face and heard it in her voice as she asked, "Do you mean can't or won't?"

I felt my own disappointment as I softly answered, "I guess I mean won't Kim."

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her as a lover as my hands feasted on her fantastic body then I stared into her eyes before breaking our embrace and saying, "Truthfully right this heartbeat, it is can't and won't. I came back home to find Laura and try to win her heart. I've never had a permanent relationship my entire life and to be honest most of my relationships were one night stands. I fully intend on leaving here and taking as long as it takes to find every single woman whom I've shared a night with."

I paused and felt tears filling my eyes as I continued, "I tried to be honest and upfront with all of my lovers but I'm sure I hurt some of them. It isn't about them so much as it is about me. I wasn't what one would call safety conscious. I've never even purchased a condom or asked a lady if she were on birth control. There just might be a little Woody or maybe a young what's her name out there and until I am certain that I have done everything humanly possible to discover if I might have c***dren then I can't truly be happy with any relationship."

I laughed half heartedly then finished, "I laid this at Laura's door I guess because I am in love with her and have been since we were c***dren but even more of it is about you and the girls Kim. This most likely will eventually change and I will pray that it does sooner than later but somehow I just know that if I take you or any of your daughters into my bed that I will forget completely about the possibility I may have c***dren I haven't yet met."

Kim was crying as she took my hands in hers and calmly said, "I understand Woody. I don't like it but I do understand."

She giggled and added, "You may think I am a terribly person and an even worse mother but beginning tomorrow, the girls and I are all going to be doing everything we can think of to seduce you and get you in our beds."

We talked until Kim got up to fix us a sandwich around noon then as we ate I said, "Kim there is something else I want to do besides buying the property and fixing up the house and apartment. Actually hundreds of things."

Kim just stared at the sandwich she held lost in her thoughts then just as she started to speak I said, "Yes Kim! You will take my money. I'm going to call the bank this evening and have a cashier's check forwarded to you for."

I closed my eyes and giggled then continued, "I think that first ten million sounds very reasonable and if you don't accept my bid I will fucking spend every dime I have taking the property from you in court."

Kim was caught between laughter and shock. It took her damn near a full hour to recover and then she just nodded her acceptance.

I smiled and said, "Good. The next thing I want is for you to accept a job from me. I will pay you a million dollars a year plus all the usual corporate perks. There is however one huge condition to everything I have said so for and what I will soon be saying. Not a single soul other than you, the girls and Laura can ever know where the money comes from. I've seen the people in this town go after the rich folks and that will be your number one job priority, shielding me from them."

She jumped to her feet and this time I wasn't sure she made it to the bathroom before she pissed in her panties. She had changed from the long white terry cloth robe to a red one so I figured she didn't make it.

She grinned as she sat down then snuggled against me before saying, "Next time warn a girl when you are going to come out with something so hilarious about a true dilemna in small towns like this one."

We continued to chat until just before Sandi would be returning home from school then as I put on my jeans and Kim stared wantonly at my cock I said, "Start packing tonight Kim. I'll rent the back half of the motel as soon as I get there. What we can't store in the rooms we'll put in one of those storage rooms I saw next door. I'll need to talk with Laura about who the more trustworthy contractors are in this area but I figure by this time tomorrow, I will have several coming in to place bids on the work I want done."

I couldn't and didn't resist cupping her left breast as I added, "Once you are settled in the motel, I will go over my plans for your job. I have a million things to do over the next few days but I guess the very first will be hiring a good corporate contract lawyer. I'm an idiot in such matters."

She grinned and as we got to the door she said, "I've got the perfect person for you Woody. That is Bobbie's chosen career and she not only is the top of her class, she is considered the best to ever attend Auburn University and one of the most promising in the entire country."

I winked and said, "Then that is your very first job Madam Chairman. Besides handling a few things for me, she will be your CEO once we get started with your job. The company will have a minimum income of at least 50 million and the first year will take most all of that for construction and personal so pay better than any other business but watch out for your funds."

I kissed very un-nephew like and left her standing speechless as I raced towards Laura's in an even heavier rain.

I was surprised by how efficiently everything went, mostly due to my Aunt and Cousins. Within two days, everything was out of the house and put away. Laura had suggested just two local contractors that she would trust and then added 3 or 4 more to the list from contractors she knew about in surrounding towns. Kim and I both talked with all the different contractors and picked the same one for the job. He was an older gentleman among the first two Laura recommended and that I vaguely remembered. For everything I was planning he was much to small and would be f***ed to take on a huge work f***e once things got started but I trusted him.

Thursday morning, I met him at the house and told him everything I was planning. His eyes got bigger and bigger the more I told him then I thought they would pop from his skull when I told him that if he leaked one single word about my involvement that I would sue him for every dime he had or ever hoped to earn and every nickel of my money he had spent on materials or been paid would be automatically rescinded and that that would be included in the contract he signed.

It surprised me as much as what I had said when after a minute he took a deep breath and held out his hand then as we shook hands he said, "I know you remember me a little but not completely Woody. If you did, you would know that this handshake means more to me than the contract I will sign if my wife agrees to it. My word is my honor and I will die before I break my word to a man."

I nodded and knew beyond a doubt we had chosen the right man for the huge job that lay ahead then I said, "If I remember right, there is about 7 acres here. At least an acre of that is from the small barn to the highway and that will remain our home. Your first job after signing the contract will be to decide if you can get everything including parking on the other 6 acres. If you can't, I will expect you to personally purchase any of the surrounding property you need for the job. There will be a hundred million dollars deposited to your account the day after the contract is signed. You might want to have any deeds signed over to you and notarized then filed at the courthouse before word leaks out about that because any land you buy comes out of your pocket even though the land will be deeded to Kim."

He nodded and offered his hand again then said, "Give me a week to get everything drawn out in my head then I will be able to get started after that. There are a few things called tricks of the trade that are not what one would call i*****l but that are most definitely at the very least immoral. Have Bobbie meet me at her convenience tomorrow so I can explain them to her and she can include them in the contract."

He took a deep breath and then finished, "At the very minimum, this job will take at least five years to complete though from the first month on some of it will be usuable by the public escpecially the k**s. I'm at an age where five years could be too long. I love what you are planning Woody and I don't want you to get screwed should I pass away before the job is over."

I instantly remembered exactly who he was and I softly said, "I think I owe you $7.50. What would you consider a fair payment after 42 years?"

He laughed before saying, "You just paid me in full Woody. It is worth the $7.50 just knowing I left such a good impression on your youmg brain back then Son."

That night I called Laura just after she got home from school and after we had chatted briefly I asked, "Would you mind throwing a party tomorrow night for my f****y? It is going to be more of a speech on my part to the 6 ladies I love most in this world but it could take several hours and this sexy young blonde named Laura has promised me I could spend the weekend sharing her multitude of charms."

Laura was home by 310PM and by then I had everything ready for my discussion. Mostly chips, nuts, dip and soft drinks for nourishment. I had left a pad on several pens and pencils in front of 5 of the chairs for them to take notes then as an after thought I had purchased 5 cassette recorders in case they needed to go back and catch something they might have missed.

As they sat down I cleared my throat and giggled as I said, "Ladies grab a pen or pencil and start your recorders."

They laughed and then settled down and I said, "You all know a little of what I am thinking but now you get the whole ball of wax. When I was a c***d this town was as dead as it has always been and is to this very day. My dream was to change that completely. In a few weeks, my dream is going to begin coming a reality. Laura. I am going to spend whatever it takes to have you elected mayor of Grove Hill. I expect you to keep the town safe and approximately the size it is now. I don't want it becoming a metropolis because it would lose it's charm and the safety it provides us all. To augment your salary you will be on the board of director's for the company Kim is in the process of setting up for me. That board will consist entirely of you five ladies and you will answer only to Kim."

I paused and ate a handful of nuts, giving them time to scribble their notes before continuing, "I'm not exactly what today's generation would call it but what we are going to build would have been called party central when I was a c***d. We will construct and operate every type of entertainment business offered in any large city. It will be strictly cared for and watched over so parents will feel safe letting any of their c***dren use our facility. There will be entertainment for every age group including pre-school all the way up to the elderly."

Again I paused long enough for them to finish writing and take a deep breath then I described every single thing I could think of entertaining that we would have after that, I called a break to give them time to rest and partake of the snacks.

After about 15 minutes I continued, "This won't just be entertainment. I understand from what I have learned over the last couple of days that Bobbie isn't Kim's only c***d with excellent achievements in the academic world. In fact all of her c***dren are well on their way towards achieving their personal goals and I have work for each and every one of them besides their position in the company."

I winked at Kim and thanked her for enlightening me on all of her c***drens hard work then I continued, "Tara when you get back to school I expect you to interview and select an administrator and a head physician to assist you in creating a top flight medical center as good as any in this country. Once you have graduated and gotten your internship finished I expect you to take complete charge and run the facility yourself but until then I will trust your judgment as to whom shall have the job. Just make sure they understand that you will be taking the job yourself once you are ready for it before you hire them."

After another 15 minute break I continued, "Sandi my young sweetheart. I know you are a senior in high school and haven't even started college but from what Laura has told me you will eventually make the ideal person for the job I expect you to do. I want a state of the art library system and art center and museum that caters to all ages. I understand your dream was to work in that field but hopefully now your dream will become to create the best of the best."

After one final 15 minute pause I finished, "Charisma, I understand you have chosen a career in law enf***ement. You tell Laura once she is elected Mayor when you are ready and the next day you become Chief of Police. You will also be in charge of the security f***e that runs the facility and see to it that they and your police f***e are on the same wavelength so to speak at all times. Hopefully it won't become necessary but if it does I will spend whatever it takes to have you elected sheriff so the county will be as co-operative as possible in keeping our project safe."

After sitting down I quickly added, "One final request if I haven't already given you more than you can handle, I would love to hear any suggestions you all might have but especially those you have Sandi since you are still in high school. Give it some thought and get back to me as soon as you can because Bobbie will need to know everything before she draws up the contract and the building can begin."

I knew the girls would have learned from Kim that my own involvement would be minimal and I expected to never be linked to the project once construction had begun so I waited until they had gone before telling Laura, "Sweetie. I contacted my lady friend in California this morning. She is retiring next year and wants to move here and be a part of what we are doing but we'll discuss that with the others once it happens. She will be handling all my financial transfers and doing them so that the money involved in doing this can't be traced back to me. I trust her completely besides if it weren't for her there would be no money in the first place. I want you to fly out to California this summer and meet her and get to know her. I'm hoping you will be able to convnce her to retire then and join out f****y. The reason I brought it up is because I know her well enough to know that she will never be happy unless she is working. I'm not sure what job she might want but I know there is very little she can't do. Just think about it and see what you can come up with for me."

As we cleaned off the table Laura pinched my butt then giggled as she said, "I'm still really in a state of shock over the vast scope of your plans Woody but mostly it has been 5 fucking days and I am too horny to think of anything else."

Over the next few months, Laura and I had our ups and downs. Thankfully the ups far outnumbered the downs but geez the downs were nerve wracking to say the least.

We spent every hour of every weekend to gether and occasionally a day here and there during the week and I can't remember us really having an argument. I just knew at times when we talked over the phone she was mad about something.

I enjoyed walking outside after my shower and smoking a couple of cigarettes. A couple of times I was almost certain I had glimpsed Laura's car as it left the parking lot but it was so far away and so dark I could have been wrong especially since I had been thinking about her and wishing she was there with me as I came out of the room for my walk every time it happened.

I had never experienced phone sex but I was aware it existed for a price. I figured who the hell wanted that when the real thing was so much better than it could ever be.

That ended my third week back home. I had just gotten out of the shower around midnight when the phone rang. I was surprised to hear it ring then was even more surprised it turned out to be Laura.

At first, I didn't recognize her voice and she realized I hadn't and pretended it wasn't her. I don't think she would have told me it was her that first time if she hadn't slipped up.

The first words she had said after I answered were, "What are you wearing Woody?"

I gasped then she had giggled and said, "I'm not wearing anything. I'm laying in my bed with my legs spread thinking about your big cock and how great it feels in my pussy."

I said, "God Laura. You had me going there."

She had giggled and then softly purred, "Not yet I haven't but I am going to get you there lover."

She definitely did just that and at first she called me every night we weren't actually in bed together. After a couple weeks, it became 2 or 3 times a week then just once or twice.

This all happened while I was living in the motel. I was elated when the contractor finished the work I wanted done on the house and garage in only 3 months. I was even more elated when Laura spent the entire first week after I moved back helping me break in the place so to speak but then our weekends only sex resumed and the phone calls ended completely.

I had been back home exactly 6 months to the day. It was a Friday and I had planned a huge surprise for Laura to commemorate our 6 month anniversary. Then before I could surprise her, she called me from school and told me she was going to a teacher's conference and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night.

I was heart broken but I tried not to let her hear it in my voice but I suddenly realized the longer we talked that she was trying to start an argument and finally she succeeded.

To this day I still don't have a clue why she did it and we are even closer than ever before, but she definitely did it and it was one hellaceous shouting match.

That is why what you are about to read happened.

Most people wouldn't believe Kim is my Aunt. In fact, she's twenty plus years younger than I am. But her father is my Granddad, and that makes her my Aunt, any way you cut it.

We hadn't known each other but a few months. In that time we had become very close but the day Laura and I had our argument, I saw Kim at the post office. We spoke a few minutes then a friend spoke to her and I just turned and walked away from her, lost in my own thoughts.

I had had my plans with Laura altered and it looked like a sexless weekend lay ahead. I bought a couple of Skin rags and settled down to let my hand tend to my needs. It was definitely as close as I would get to some hot sex, this weekend.

After fixing myself some chips and dip, I cracked open a six pack and settled down on my easy chair. The mags were pretty good, and damn hot in the bargain. I mean, Erection City.

The sight of Jeanna Fine deep throating ten inches of black dick made my balls ache with envy. I had some work to do, but it could fucking wait, as far as I was concerned. My cock began to throb inside my pants, and I stroked it as I thumbed through a mag.

If I wanted to take my dick out while I looked at fuck pictures, I could do it. And I did. I had my prick in my fist, stroking the swollen boner with a lazy rhythm.

The images of one particular redhead kept me hard and I didn't even flip the page to see what lay ahead. You should always look at a sex mag the whole way through, before you get yourself off, because the next picture might be a real doozie.

I was pretty sure I'd save my squirt off for the next magazine but this little redhead was a real cutie pie. I still intended to check out the rest of my mags. Just in case. And that's when the fucking phone rang.

I lay the mag still open on my footstool. I was still playing with my peter, just stroking it, when I picked up the phone. There was no voice, but I could hear soft breathing.

"Hello?" I said. "Hello?"

I was about to slam the receiver down. I mean who needs shit like this, when you're trying to get your nuts off, right? Then a soft breathless voice spoke my name.

It was all I could do to hear her, but the sound of her voice was startlingly sexy in my ear.

"Can you talk a little louder?" I asked. "Who is this, anyway?

Laura?" I had this wild fantasy that she'd changed her mind and was calling me to apologize, to beg for the pleasure of my company.

"No," she whispered, "it's not Laura. What are you doing, Woody? Do you have time to talk to me, even if I'm not Laura?"

I heard her take a very deep breath. Her voice didn't get any louder, but the words came out a little faster.

"I've been thinking about you for a long time," she said softly. "And tonight I thought I'd call and tell you some of the things I've been thinking about. Do you know where my hand is while I'm talking to you, Woody?"

I heard a sniffing sound, then a soft giggle. "My finger smells like tuna fish."

I could've shit my pants when I heard that.

"And my finger is wet," she told me. "It feels like I just peed on it. Oooh, it's still wet down there. I'm touching my pussy again, Woody, rubbing my finger up and down my crack. I don't have any panties on, and I'm pretending that it's your finger on my pussy, my soft, wet pussy."

Holy Jesus! I'd never had an obscene phone call before, but I sure had one on the line now.

"Who are you?" I asked, more than a little piqued by curiosity. "Do you know me? Do I know you?"

"I doubt it," my caller purred. "If you did, you'd know how much I like you, really like you,Woody the way a girl is supposed to like a guy, not the way."

She cleared her throat, then started to talk faster, as if she'd just said something she shouldn't have.

"So tell me about your cock, Woody. I bet you have a big one. I bet it gets really hard when it's excited, too. Is it getting excited now? Is it getting hard?"

I laughed hoarsely. "Shit, baby, I'm way ahead of you! And the dirtier you talk to me, the harder my dick gets."

"Take it out of your pants," she suggested. "Stroke it, and I'll tell you all of the things I'd be doing to your big beautiful cock if I was there with you."

I didn't tell her it was already out, and in my hand.

"Thrill me," I urged.

The truth was, I was more than slightly excited already. Wasn't that Laura's voice? Fuck, it had to be! I knew in my guts that it was Laura who had called me and that she was just playing this teasy game because that was the kind of girl she was.

"I'd be on my knees in front of you," she murmured into the phone. "With my shirt off so you could touch my tits, and with both of my hands holding that big luscious cock of yours. I'd stroke every inch of it. Can you feel my fingers walking up and down your cock, Woody? Just like I was there with you?"

Jesus, I could! I gripped my tool tightly and gave it a few shakes, clenching my teeth lest I get too carried away. I'd been whacking off for a good while and my dick was on a hair trigger anyway, but the soft sexy whisper that oozed into my ear did absolutely nothing for my self control.

A bubble of cum emerged from the slit, milking my finger. I rubbed it into the flesh and kept on stroking myself slowly, carefully. And I listened.

There's a hell of a lot to be said for phone sex. It was sure making up for what I had figured to be a lost weekend. The things my caller poured into my ear were hair curlers. She had fantasies that left me speechless. And I was the male lead in all of them! Whoever this lady was and I was starting to think it wasn't Laura. She had obviously been thinking about me for quite a while. That excited me tremendously. A secret admirer of my very own.

My dick couldn't handle it. I squirted while she was midway through her breathless description of the way she'd blow me. My hand filled with hot cum and my prick quivered in the throes of orgasm.

"I heard you sigh, Woody," she purred kittenishly. "Did I make you cum already?"

I looked at my cock. It was still hard as iron.

"No, baby," I lied, "It's gonna take more than that to get me off."

She had more. Jesus, did she have more! I came again to the image of this sexy voiced lady on her knees, using both hands to split her ass so I could jam my big hard tool into her sweet little asshole. She moaned, as if I were really there, doing it to her, and I could almost feel my prick slipping into the tightness of this beauty's asshole. Her moans wrenched at my balls, and I squeezed my cock one, two, three times, and then I was squirting again.

"I heard you, Woody," she laughed, "and this time you can't shit me. I made you cum, didn't I?"

"Why don't you meet me face to face and see if you can do it again?" I countered. "Like, this is a local call? We could meet?"

"We could," she agreed, "but maybe you wouldn't want to."

I stood up, gave my dick a flip. Two loads squirted, and it hadn't gone soft a bit.

"Come to my place and find out," I said. "Please?"

I waited for two hours, certain that she had decided not to take my challenge. I showered, sprayed my armpits, even looked a little more of the mags just to keep my desires hot. But not even Amber Lynn in the centerfold could begin to compare, in my mind, with the image of my unknown caller. I still halfway thought it was Laura, and I was dying to know.

Just before midnight, my doorbell rang, and I jumped. I was in my robe, naked underneath, just in case. I even had a pack of condoms in the pocket. Just in case. Man, I ran to the fucking door! But when I opened it my heart hit the floor.

"Hi, Woody," said my Aunt Kim. "I saw your light was still on, and."

I tried not to let the disappointment show. The main thing was to get her out of the way, because I was still certain that my caller would show up. And the last thing you need when you're meeting your secret admirer is to have your Aunt hanging around.

Aunt Kim was looking pretty good tonight, though, I had to admit as I let her in. She's a reddish blonde and built like the proverbial brick shithouse. You wouldn't call her a raving beauty, I suppose not like Laura but she was a nice person, and I thought her green eyes and freckles gave Aunt Kim a sweet, wholesome look.

I supposed she had been on a date, though she didn't go out all that much. She sat down while I got her a beer, and her coat opened to show off her fleshy thighs. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, as if she were nervous.

"I, uh, was just about to go to bed," I told her, smoothing my robe.

"Are you still feeling bad about Laura?" she went on, crossing her legs again.

"Not really," I confessed. "I think I've forgotten about her." Aunt Kim's eyebrows lifted. "I, uh, sorta met someone else tonight. We haven't really met, just talked on the phone, but, uh, it's a little hard to describe, I guess." Christ, why was I telling her all this?

She stood up. Her face was pale and her green eyes had gone misty. "Someone who's been thinking about you for a long time?" she said in a soft whispery voice.

"Someone you don't really know at all because if you did, you'd know that she thought of you in ways she wasn't supposed to?"

"Holy Jesus," I croaked.

The voice on my telephone. Aunt Kim. She was the one who had called me, jerked me off, made me cum!

She opened her coat. Under it she was wearing just a frilly pink teddy. Her full, lush tits filled out the bodice, with tantalizing glimpses of freckled cleavage on display to my eyes only. Her thighs were firm and pink.

Younger than I am, even if she is my Aunt, and blushing like a spring rose as my eyes drank in the sight of her. Her nipples were hard under the satiny fabric of her teddy, and the front of my robe began to lance outward as my cock erected inside.

I glanced down at the swelling and said, "Does that tell you anything?"

She came toward me, but I was already moving, and we met midway. I put my arms around her, our bodies oozing together. She looked up at me for what seemed an eternity and then our lips mashed together. I cupped her buttocks, remembering that wild ass fuck fantasy that had made me squirt like a volcano, and I rubbed my erection against her crotch.

"I don't know if we oughta be doing this," I said, "but I really think it's a little too late to stop."

"Shut up and fuck me," said my Aunt Kim.

I rolled out the daybed and the two of us mounted it. We kept on kissing. She had a wet, limber tongue that excited me no end. My hands were all over her body. I unlaced the front of her teddy and filled my palms with her sweaty, jiggly tits. They were soft as dough, and she moaned into my mouth as I manipulated her boobs. Nipples couldn't get any harder than hers were. I leaned down to lick them, and stayed to suck.

My mouth spread wide, gulping her tit inside. I glanced up, saw that her eyes were closed and her lips fluttering. I pulled the teddy downward, baring the rest of Kim's body.

Once I had her naked, down to the puff of red hair between her thighs, it was damn hard to think of this woman as my Aunt.

I went down on her. My lips thirsted for the taste of the pink gash that shined among her red pussy hairs. When I got my tongue into Kim's crack, it was sweeter than I could have imagined. It didn't taste a thing like tuna.

My lips were coated with the juices oozing out of Aunt Kim, and her clit was as hard and as big as a pecan, and she pumped her cunt into my face with a passion.

But I wasn't the only one who had a thing about eating. I sucked Aunt Kim to a wet, moaning climax, and while she was still gasping, she fought herself out from under me and knocked me flat on my back.

She grabbed my dick with both hands and yanked it hard.

"It was never fair," she husked. "We should have been boyfriend and girlfriend, not an Aunt and her Nephew. Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I wanted to be your girlfriend, not your Aunt."

And then she took my cock in her mouth. I'd been dreaming all week about what Laura's lips felt like, wrapped around my peter. The fantasy was absolutely nothing next to the reality of watching my rod vanish into Kim's mouth.

I don't know where she learned to eat dick that good. Her throat was bottomless and she gulped me straight to the nuts, moaning around her hot hard mouthful. Her slobber ran down my shaft and her tongue drove me wild.

I came in her mouth. There was no way I could not cum in her mouth, the way she was sucking me. Her green eyes were focused on my face, and I saw them roll as my cum spray splashed her tongue. She drank down my semen and she kept on sucking furiously. My dick pulsated along her tongue, harder than before.

The lips that clutched tightly around my sperm dripping prick were the same ones that had purred such delicious obscenities into my ears on the phone. I held Aunt Kim's tits, squeezing the ripe, sweaty pastries while she finished drinking my load.

"C'mere," I gasped.

I pulled her up to my face and kissed her hard. I could taste my sperm on her lips but I didn't mind. My hand was down between her legs, spreading and tickling her gash. She opened her legs wider and invited my finger to stab home.

I pushed into her wet, hot tunnel and finger fucked her for what felt like years. She came two or three times, into the hollow of my hand. I licked her juice off my palm, gave her a taste of it too, and then I got on top of my Aunt with my peter stiff and horny.

First I rubbed my knob all over her cunt, stimulating her clit again. She was squirming and moaning wildly. I used the knob to open her gash, and then I pushed into Kim's hole. She sucked in her breath as my cock speared deeply. My groin came to rest against hers. I was buried in the wet heat of her twat, and it was good to be there.

By the time I splattered her gash with my cock milk, I was finished for the night. Aunt Kim was weak from orgasms, too weak to move, and we just slept there together.

First thing in the morning, I woke up to find my cock in her mouth, a load just ready to spill onto her tongue. I closed my eyes and let her have her way with me. She said it was a better pick me up than coffee.

We didn't get around to her ass fucking fantasy until the next afternoon, but when we did, it was magic. I'd never had my tool in a girl's butt that even remotely compared, and Aunt Kim had never taken one there before, either. But she was wet and willing, and with the help of my tongue coating her first I busted her buns but good. She didn't go home that night, either. We spent the whole goddamn weekend, fucking each other crazy, until it was time for her daughters to go toclasses Monday morning.

But both of us are smart enough to know the relationship doesn't have any real potential. She's still my Aunt.

That doesn't keep us from fucking. Mostly we do it in person, but now and then we spend an evening on the phone, just like that first time.

What really surprised me was that Aunt Kim had obviously been having lots of fantasies about me, from the day we met. Now that I've buried my dick in her hole more times than John Gotti has been indicted, I can't think of her as anything but a woman, and I have fantasies about her that would send a tv evangelist into hog heaven. But I've lived most of those fantasies out. If you want the proof, just take a whiff of my cock sometime.

I got a second chance with Laura, but now she just shares billing with Aunt Kim. If you call me a motherfucker, I might just kick your ass up alongside your shoulders. But if you call me an aunteater, there's not much I can do but hang my head and grin.

97% (23/1)
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2 years ago
An excellent subject, and excellent story scattered with some wild, horny and wanton sex. The story has as much of a plot as any porn (incestual) fucking story could have.

For comparison, this story is written/authored as well or better than most on this Website. The story is written with style, feelings with much detail, very easy to read and comprehend, and the characters are easy to know and keep track of from scene to scene.

My desappointment is the handling of Aunt Kim. In my opinion I loved her, and thought she should have been the heroine of the story. She has character, charm, deep-seeded love for Woody, and honor and extremely dedicated to her love interest, Nephew Woody.
2 years ago