Daddy Urges by rdwriter©
Tom was looking at the vacation pictures his wife had sent him. Scrolling down the email screen he saw one with his daughter at a beach in South Florida.

Jenna was wearing a hot pink two piece bikini. He found himself staring at the picture scrutinizing every inch of his daughter's body, he had not seen her with so little clothes on in a long time.

Tom rarely had any sexual thoughts about Jenna but now realized she had blossomed into a very attractive 18 year old teenager with a ripe body that is a visual feast. He marveled at how big her breasts looked and wondered what was the real size, since it seems more prominent on her five feet four inches slender frame.

In another picture he noticed her small waist gives way to curvy hips that supported the magnificent bouncy ass cheeks. His eyes meandered on her fleshy thighs traveling up to the 'V' shaped crotch area. Tom felt a stirring in his loins.

Jenna is a confident, funny and outgoing girl still having that aura of innocence. She is aware of sexuality and her beauty has not gone to her head. Tom has a great dad and daughter relationship, however since getting turned on looking at her beach photos a couple of months ago.

He found his love for her was now mixed with lust, at times he is conflicted with disgust and sexual arousal, as he watch the movements of her juicy ass and jiggling breasts.

Lately, her hugs has also decreased and usually Tom would say "Where is my hug today?" She would turn her back towards him for a hug in that position, Jenna was conscious of her breast touching him. She did not realized he liked feeling her ass so close to his crotch.

One time he got an instant erection and she felt his cock poking her ass as she was only wearing a light fabric pajama. She pulled away instantly staring at his bulge. Tom quickly changed her attention to something else as he felt ashamed of losing control of his cock.

At times Jenna felt uneasy around her dad sensing the extra attention his eyes was paying to her body but she was also was drawn to it . She liked being a little naughty, teasing her dad as she walked around the house wearing tight short shorts and low cut tops without any bra.

Knowing her dad loved her, she felt it was safe and harmless fun.Tom realized that he looked forward to see his daughter in her shorts and tops, pretending not to be looking at her luscious ass or big supple breasts.

Jenna could feel her dad eyes glancing down her blouse as she is on the computer, he would come close to her and be interested in what was on the screen. She could feel his eyes trying to penetrate between her visible cleavage.

Tom would leave hard and frustrated at himself, trying to get rid of the lust and attraction he felt. During sex with his wife he would get an image of Jenna lying beneath him that drove him to really pound his wife's hot pussy. He hoped that she did not sense any of his thoughts he was having.

As time went on he still managed to steal a little hug and brush up to Jenna, just to get a feel of her soft warm flesh. Jenna was aware of what her dad was doing, she was conflicted because her mind and body betrayed her with sexual arousal.

She was sexually active having had sex twice with her current boy friend but felt her appetite for sex becoming more hungry as the days goes by. While she is masturbating fingering her pussy or using her vibrator she had thoughts on how her dad's cock will feel in her.

When Tom's mother-in-law visited for a couple of days Jenna had to give up her room for her grandmother. Due to limited space Jenna had to sl**p on a spare mattress placed in the floor of her parents room.

She complained to her mother that her back was hurting from sl**ping on the thin mattress, her mom indicated to her that it will only be for a couple nights before Grandma leaves. One night her 6 year old b*****r got sick and her mother decided to stay with him, she told Jenna she could sl**p in her bed for that night.

Tom could not believe that his wife would even suggest something like that even though he was excited and conflicted. Jenna indicated to her mom that she will sl**p on the couch instead but her mom told her that it is more uncomfortable than the mattress, Jenna reluctantly agreed.

Jenna is a deep sl**per and since she had soccer practice that evening she would be out soon. This only fuel Tom's growing lust and felt his cock stirring in anticipation. He pushed aside these thoughts as Jenna got on the other side of the bed, as he said to her "now don't be taking all the covers" as to feign discouragement why she had to sl**p in his bed.

Jenna fell asl**p quickly but Tom was in turmoil as he managed the will power to overcome those nasty sexual thoughts and he eventually fell asl**p. He became semi-conscious in a couple of hours, his hard 8 inch cock was at its extended length and pulsing against his daughter's ass.

She was lying on her side, her back towards him, Tom could almost feel her soft warm flesh as he position himself in the 'spoon' position. Jenna was wearing a short nightie and he was in his boxers. Tom in his dream like state moved closer pressing his erection even more into her while his thoughts are "what are you doing?".

He began to slowly lift the back of her nightie up to her waist, trembling with fear and excitement Tom released his cock from his underwear. He has not felt his cock this fat in a long time, the sensation was intense as he slowly rubbed his cock on her pantie covered cheeks. Jenna did not move as his strokes increased , he slowly put his hand on her fleshy thigh and waited with urgency, she did not stir.

Tom continued to move his hand up to her pantie line and then rested for a minute. Then ever so slowly he glided his fingers over her pussy, Jenna inhaled deeply but he kept his hand. Tom started to massage her pubic mound as he quickly pull his cock away from her ass because the forbidden sensation was so great that he thought he would cum.

He continued to massage her pantie covered pussy and heard her starting to groan without waking, maybe she was in some sexual fantasy of her own. He desperately wanted to feel her flesh on his raging hard cock, so he maneuvered himself and now with one of leg over her with his cock on her naked thigh, his body shook for a brief second.

Jenna did not move as she let out soft moans as he continued with his pussy stroking.Tom humped her leg with his cock although he would have preferred her fleshy ass cheeks.

Suddenly Jenna woke up and said "What! What are you doing dad?"

Tom quickly stammered the most obvious excuse, "I am sorry I thought it was your mother." "Dad get off me!" An angry Jenna demanded. Even though those words were spoken harshly she was conflicted. Jenna still craved the sensation of his fingers on her moist pussy and the hard cock on her body, but she still felt that it was wrong to let her dad do this.

"I am sorry honey." Tom said as he slowly moved of his daughter's body. Not intent on giving up so easily due to his throbbing lust and desire, he whispered to her in a seductive tone. "Tell me, did daddy's fingers felt good on your pussy, I am sure it is getting wet?"

"Dad, I... I can't. I am your daughter." Jenna responded

Tom reached up, his hand running through her soft smooth hair in the dark, suddenly leaning down as his lips meet Jenna's, kissing her deep. His other hand moves up, cupping her young breasts. Jenna found herself not resisting his kiss as her dad's tongue began to run across her lips. He moaned against her mouth as he tasted her. His moan broke her.

Jenna opened her mouth and returned the pressure between their lips. This was the man who truly loved her and will do nothing to hurt her, these thoughts floated in her head as her tongue danced together with his. Her heart beating rapidly with the excitement she felt coursing through her body, her nipples hardening and her pussy begin to get wet.

"Turn the light on and closed the door." Jenna asked breaking the kiss. Tom was surprised by Jenna's response because of her earlier objection. "Okay honey." It was turning out to be a better night than he thought.

Jenna lay on her back with great anticipation an arousal as her dad unbuttoned her top revealing her naked breasts. Tom brought his quivering mouth to her right breast and proceeded to suck on this succulent flesh. Jenna let out an exotic moan while she momentarily heaved her chest. He no longer had to imagine the size of her breasts, it was more than he expected.

Tom alternated sucking between both breasts from time to time tongue flicking the nipples back and forth. He licked the space between them lightly touching her hot skin with his tongue all way down to her lower stomach.

"Raise your hips so I can take off your panties," Tom said as he slowly peeled the clothing off her body. Spreading her legs bringing his head to her crotch rubbing his mouth on her shaved pubic mound. Tom licked her outside and inside pussy lips first, with broad, flat tongue strokes. Licking around the inside of her sweet small vagina then using his stiffened tongue like a mini penis, sticking it in and out of his daughter's hole.

Then he move his tongue up to her wet spongy clit , toying with it, licking around the clit in circles. Licking over the top, around the bottom then sucking her clit into his mouth stretching the tender tissue.

"Oh Daddy! That feels so good." Jenna moaned as she felt the overwhelming sensation as her body trembled in deep pleasure.

Tom's hard cock needed attention and relief as well, he then position himself between her spread legs nd began to rub her pussy mound with his rigid cock. He nibbled on her neck with a little teeth pressure, then sucked on her tender ear lobes, she was twisting her head from side to side and uttering "OH, OH, Ahh!"

At this point Jenna was really turned on as her dad whispered in her ear. "I want to go inside you. Do you want daddy's cock in your sweet pussy?" Her response seems to take an eternity as she replied.

"I don't know, I am scared." "Are you a virgin Jenna?" he asked. "No Dad" she said. "Then what is it?" he asked. "Your cock is really big and I feel it will hurt, you are the biggest so far," she replied.

Tom did not want to f***e her, he wanted her to ask to put his cock in her. He had an idea, as he moved down her body resting his knees between her legs again and then held his cock in one hand and lean into her to move the engorged pulsing cockhead between her small tight pussy lips.

Teasing her running it around her pussy lips...teasing her opening....letting the tip of the cock slip slightly into her wet opening for just a second....then pulled it out.

"Aaahhhh!" Jenna moaned, she even starts to make a little "cooing" sound. He kept this up for a couple of minutes and then heard what he was hoping for. "Oh that is so good put it in me Dad."

Tom continued to stroke his cockhead between her pussy lips more vigorously, her pussy was now secreting more of her juices. "Why are you teasing me? Put it in I want it!" Jenna moaned. "Put what in?" he said. "Put your fat cock" she replied. "Where should I put my fat cock?" "In my pussy" she said impatiently and annoyed.

Daddy was going to fuck his daughter. He aimed his mushroom shaped cock head at her pouting pussy lips , Jenna stared into her dad's eyes as their flesh touched. Her eyes drifted shut. As Tom pushed his cock it met resistance, Jenna gasped out loud and her hand moved down to her pussy as a defense, her hole was much tighter than expected.

"It's too big!" she protested. "It's okay, I will not hurt you" he said to assure her. Tom pushed forward gently, he could feel her tensed body, her pussy muscles clamping even tighter on his cock.

"Relax honey, don't tighten up that will only make it more difficult." He stopped for a minute for her to adjust as she started to relax, another inch went into her. Jenna felt her pussy stretched some more, and more of his thick cock f***ed its way into her pulsing hole.

The sensation of his cock along her pussy cavity was mind blowing, Tom had to muster control of not coming to soon. Little by little his cock slid into her, "that's it baby keep swallowing daddy's cock with that sweet pussy" he said in total lust.

Dad and daughter moaned together as his cock continue to fill her. Jenna felt more than half of her daddy's huge cock fuck into her pussy. She flexed her body, still squeezing her pussy even tighter around his cock. Tom leaned closer to her and told her how beautiful and sexy she is, as he pushed another inch into her velvety hole. Jenna's eyes were rolling in the back of her head and her mouth slightly open a she moaned.

Jenna moaned long and loud as her body shivered, gripped her daddy's cock in her pussy, the lips like a glove tightly around it as she started to fuck back.

" Ohh Daddy it's so big!" She whined, unsure that she could fit all of his cock in her pussy.

Tom pushed his cock hard and pushed again, stretching his daughter's pussy walls, letting his cock head fuck tightly into her hot channel. He pushed again and Jenna cried out as her dad rammed more and more of his wet slippery cock far up into her. Then he pulled his cock out, fast as Jenna wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails in his back.

"OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I have this whole big cock in me," Jenna wailed when she realized it had bottomed out in this once tight hole. "Oh, Daddy! It feels so good! So fucking good!" His big plunging cock was throbbing the pleasure so intense that Tom was no longer in control of his own actions. Her horny father was fucking his prick in and out at a blinding speed.

"Ooooooh Daddy, she whimpered feeling his cock ripping into her steaming pussy." "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good! Ooooooooh , it's so good... so good!"

She then dropped her legs flat on the bed and started swiveling her hips and ass, stroking his cock with her little pussy. It was enough for him to cum with his cock buried in her tightness. Her mom did the same thing so Tom had lots of experience with this body movement. He matched her gyrating hips with his own hips turning in clockwise motion with cock buried all the way in her.

Her moans got louder and louder as she arched her back, pressing herself tightly into him with both their hips moving in unison. Tom pulled his enraged cock all out of her, Jenna then held it and put the tip back into her very moist pussy. He pushed his hips forward to finish the thrust she had started and the tightness of her pussy was still there. Her dad drove his hard cock into her pussy until he could not push it in any more.

Jenna let out a shriek, "OH DADDY FUCK ME! OH YES. PLEASE DO IT HARD."

Tom thrust his cock into her pussy, harder and faster with each vigorous stroke. After about five minutes of piston like fucking strokes their bodies were making slapping sounds, her body began to stiffen and he felt her orgasm coming.

"I am gonna cum, Daddy, I'm going to Cummmmm!" she cried out, her voice coming in staccato rhythm.

Cum for daddy he whispered in her ear. Her body stiffened and then shook with the f***e of the orgasm tearing through her. She threw her head back and screamed in that he had to quickly stick his tongue in her mouth to muffle her sounds so she would not be heard.

Her body bucking beneath him, her back arching and the walls of her pussy tightening around his cock, clamping down on him as she came. Tom felt her legs squeeze his waist once more and her nails dig into his back.

He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders as he leaned forward folding her body a little at the waist, with outstretched legs pivoted himself on his toes.

In this position Tom had more leverage to pound her with deep powerful trust, he felt his load begin to blow. He thrust his cock as deep into her pussy as he could and released his cum inside of her, "OH Jennaaaa. I'M CUMMING," Tom grunted.

"DO IT DADDY! DEEP INSIDE ME! I WANT IT!" Jenna cried out as she knew she was on the pill. It was more than he could bear, his impending climax was replaced with the explosion of an intense orgasm. His own body stiffened as he erupted, firing off what felt like a load of cum into his daughter's hot tight pussy.

Dad and daughter drifted off to blissful sl**p.

It had been an awkward couple of weeks, Jenna was avoiding her dad by working more hours at her part time job. She was in turmoil, feeling embarrassed and guilty that she was complicit in the events that lead to the i****tuous seduction. As she lay on her bed the thoughts and feeling how her body was "stirred" by his beautiful cock was difficult to block out.

Remembering the sparks of arousal that shot through her body, how he made love to her in a way she had not known before. However, he was her father and rational thinking was rejecting any positive sexual inclination that was being felt.

Tom was concerned that their relationship would be hampered by what had occurred even though they both consented. Lately, he did not see much of Jenna and was worried that maybe she was avoiding him but convinced himself that her school and work schedule was the reason. He realized in a strange an unnatural way that his love for her had grown more deeper due to their intimacy.

As time went by he had the craving to taste the forbidden fruit and to have more time with her than the last one. The opportunity came when his wife indicated she will be going away to visit her mother who had become ill. Jenna had called to say she will be going out with some friends that Friday night, Tom was alone at home.

He decided this will be the last time he will try with Jenna, he was fearful of things getting out of control. While watching the televised baseball game his anticipation was building, desiring that luscious nubile body, thinking how long he can hold an erection if given the chance. He set a plan in motion and waited anxiously.

Jenna had returned home late, he heard the sound of the shower. A half an hour later, summoning the courage Tom entered her room without knocking, she was wrapped in a towel standing in front of the dresser mirror. Jenna saw his reflection and turn around to look at her dad who was naked with a big hard cock pointing at her. The blue tablets had kicked in.

No words were spoken as Jenna calmly walked towards him, stooped and took hold of his throbbing cock in her small hand and began stroking gently up and down. She cupped her other hand around the ball sack and gingerly massaged them as she jacked his cock, while kissing and licking the cock shaft and sucking on the balls.

Jenna poised her soft thin lips atop the mushroom cock head and gave a gentle kiss, then parted them slightly taking the tip of the cock into her moist warm mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip, then opened wider to take in more of his pole.

She got the head all the way in her small mouth, flicking it with her tongue some more and driving him wild. She slowly proceeded to swallow this cock, stroking it while she sucked. She worked her dad's cock over for several minutes and then stood up moved a couple of feet away and unwrapped the towel from her body.

Tom shuddered at the sight of her naked body, his manhood throbbed at every luscious curve: her magnificent conical breasts and the soft curls on her pubic mound. He walked towards her as she suddenly spun around, her back facing him. She pressed her rounded ass against his hard cock and guided his hands to her shapely tits.

Tom's fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her full breasts and pressed against her swollen nipples. He began to grind on her ass cheeks that clenched his hard cock as it wedged between them. His teeth gently bit into her neck. A soft purr escaped from her throat.

Jenna pulled away from his embrace and laid down on her bed, spreading her shapely legs apart revealing her curly brown bush.

"C'mon Dad help me get this little pussy ready for you big cock" she said, breaking the silence and his 'deer in a headlight stare'.

Tom pushed his face into her wide-open crotch. Jenna gasped in delight, as his mouth ran over her soft moist pussy flesh. Tongue darted and probed, sliding repeatedly over her clit as her ass moved back and forth. She whimpered with ecstasy as she whipped her ass about, rubbing and twisting from side to side, her pussy starting to get wet .

Jenna looked down between her bobbing breasts at her dad's face, seeing only his loving eyes above the soft, curly mass of pubic hair. He sucked and licked hungrily, driving his tongue hard and fast into her mound, twisting and twirled his tongue inside her pussy, sucking at her rigid clit, licking over every delicious inch of her swollen lips. Jenna felt her body began to jerk and bucked like a mare in heat, her tits jiggling as she came.

Moving on top of her sweaty body and taking hold of his cock rubbing it through her wet bush and then placing the bulbous head against her vagina. Tom felt the hot slick wetness of her opening ease apart to allow his cock head in.

"You like it?" He asked in a voice hoarse.

"You like me fucking you, tell me you love it, tell me to fuck you?"

"Beg for your dad's cock."

"Yes fuck me. Oh fuck me Dad... Fuck my little girl's pussy... Fuck me hard and fast...put that big cock in my hole... Ohh fuck me!"

In one stroke she felt his entire cock plunge into her, pumping harder and faster. His cock was making squishing sounds as it thrust in and out of her young, juicy pussy. Tom then slowed down the pace of his strokes and began to slow fuck her hearing Jenna's sexy range of moans from low to high pitch, she came a second time as he then rolled of her.

"Dad, I can't believe you have not cum and your cock is still so hard!"

Jenna smiled as indicating that she is glad, the little blue pills was magic, he could not have lasted this long without it.

"Dad I want to ride you?"

He moved to the center of the bed stretching out as she climbed on top straddling him. Jenna took the head of the cock and rubbed it a couple of times along her well lubricated slit as she arched her back when she felt the head of the big cock separating the lips of her pussy.

She slowly lowered her love channel, her face grimaced with discomfort and pleasure, her eyes were upturned and her breathing was ragged as she sank all the way down on 8 inches of throbbing meat pole.

"Oh my god, it's so deep inside me." Jenna said in a strained voice.

"Ahh," she exhaled loudly, her eyes closing. Raising her hips again, feeling his cock move out of her, and then quickly sat back down.

"It feels so tight," she said, biting her lip in satisfaction.

"You're so big, Daddy!"

Tom closed his eyes as she moved up and then down, he imagine her pussy giving his cock a blow job. She alternated this movement by swiveling her hips when his cock was all the way in her. He could almost feel her pelvis bones. He should have cum by now because this was the most vulnerable position that his cock cannot handle, Tom was so pleased he did not.

Impaled on the thick pole Jenna rode with abandonment lost in utter bliss of sheer ecstasy. With her back towards Tom, his hands on her hips and directing her up and down. Jenna leaned back on her arms, and reached down and lifted her legs up slightly, and he started to fuck her now, moving his hips up and down fast, driving his cock into and out of her tasty pussy

Jenna felt her legs were beginning to feel like jelly. Tom sensed that and asked her to lay on her stomach.

"Oh Baby... you ass is perfect!" as he started to massage her naked rump.

He had always been an ass man, and the sight of his daughter's well proportioned ass made his cock even harder. Tom rubbed his fingers against her tight butt hole, then leaned in and licked that tight puckered opening.

Jenna's body jerked as she felt the strange contact of a tongue in her ass. Using his index finger coated with spit Tom gently inserted it into her tight hole, she immediately clenched her sphincter muscle preventing the finger entry.

"What are you doing?" Jenna cried out as she pulled her body and pushed her dad's hand away.

"You have such a sexy irresistible ass honey, daddy wants to pleasure it." Tom confessed with a hint of embarrassment.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"No," she whispered softly.

"I want you there, I will be gentle, please say yes," he pleaded.

Jenna was now overwhelmed with emotions, unable to think clearly she was not sure how to respond. She never had anal sex before and felt fearful an embarrassed to even talk about it. Tom now felt he had gone too far when his daughter remained silent as he continued to caress her ass cheeks and planted kisses on her back.

Then Jenna nodded her head in consent. Even though she was reluctant she wanted to pleasure her dad.

"Dad, will it hurt a lot?"

Tom whispered against her ear, "I will prepare you first so that it will be easier."

He left the room and quickly came back with a bottle of KY jelly. Jenna felt a cold liquid being dropped onto her anus. Her dad was rubbing in the jelly. Placing a lubricated finger against her opening and penetrated her causing the virgin hole to grip his finger.

Tom moved his finger in and out of her ass using generous amount of jelly on it as he pulled it out and smearing around the inside of her sphincter every time he pressed it back inside.

"Ahh!" Jenna moaned, closing her eyes tightly as his finger moved in her ass

Tom lubed his cock then position Jenna on her side onto the bed . He got behind her pushing her knees up to her chest so that her buttocks was jutting outwards.

Jenna felt the mushroom head of her dad's cock against the opening of her anus . Immediately her sphincter tightly closed as he pushed for entry.

"Relax," he soothed her.

Jenna felt him forcing his swollen cock against her tiny orifice as she broke out in sweat

"AHHHHH!" she gasped.

"Father! Take it out! Take it out! "

"Relax honey! I will not hurt you." Tom said as he soothe her by passionately kissing her.

Jenna clutched the bed sheet tightly in a fist, preparing for her daddy's cock to fuck asshole, her muscles relaxed as he entered her, the head lodged in.

"Oh, I feel it! It is too big! It won't go in me!" she cried out as she felt her anus opened up wide

Tom stopped and just held her, letting her get used to the size and dense pressure stretching her narrow opening.

"Go slower Dad," Jenna said as she felt the head of the fat cock moving in her chute.

"It is feeling better now! she indicated.

Tom pressed on slowly until almost half his cock was inside, her anal muscle clutch him very tightly that he felt her clamping down on him. He reached for her breasts and he caressed her nipples, bringing them to hardness. Then moving down a hand to her pussy seeking out her clitoris. Jenna gasped at the fingering of her clit and nipples.

The pressure on his cock relaxed as her she got used to the unnatural penetration. Her ass now accepting his girth.

Tom slowly picked up speed, his cock now moving out and back into her asshole with greater ease to fuck her. Sweat beads broke out on his forehead. A final push he sank his prick into her ass. Jenna screamed out loud, her body shaking as her back passage was now filled.

"Oh fuck! This hole is so good." Tom groaned.

He began thrusting harder and deeper, ramming his fat cock up as far as she can take it, not all the way in. Jenna clamped her ass muscles around her daddy's dick, milking him and teasing him.

"That's it work that cock in my ass." She panted pumping back her asshole on his cock.

Tom could not resist any more, he had to take what he had dreamed of for months. He gave into his carnal desires and started fucking his sexy daughter as hard and deep as he could in her ass. His ears was being pierced by her loud groans and shrieks.

Losing all control, the sexual a****l in him took over, all he wanted was to be as deep in her ass. Tom felt his cum swelling up from my balls as it entered his shaft. This jolted Jenna.

"I want to cum in your ass?"

"OK, cum in my ass Dad, you wanted to do this for a long time." She babbled.

Jenna was now rubbing her clitoris hard and fast as her own orgasm peaked pressing her buttocks tightly against her dad.

He could not hold back, with one last f***eful thrust her dad buried his cock as deep as possible and busted loose. She felt his cock spew thick semen deep into her bowels. Tom pushed his cock and Jenna backed up her ass with all her might, until both their sensations started to subside.

"Mom said to take good care of you Dad, did I do a good job?"

"We have to talk!"

Words spoken by Jenna's mom as I walked into our bedroom. Fear erupted in me with a mixture of confusion, mother and daughter had previously had a conversation. Jenna had smiled at me as we past each other on the stairs so I was caught off guard by my wife request.

"She told me she had a great weekend, especially on Friday night." said my wife.

"That's great, I am glad she did!"

"Did you have anything to do with it?" Alice said.

That was a loaded question I thought. "What do you mean?"

"C'mon Tom tell me what you did?"

"Well,amm..." These are the only words I can muster as my heart is beating really fast and my body is getting the chills.

"I can't do this anymore." she replied with an angry stare.

There was a silent pause between us, it seems like an eternity. Then she smiled.

"Sit down honey before you pass out."

I sat on the bed next to her.

"I know that you and Jenna are having sexual relationship, she did not tell on you. I am not angry at you."

I was caught off guard again, in astonishment I replied. "You knew and why are you not mad with me, not that I want you to be, if I am making any sense?"

"Let me explain." Alice said with an amused smile.

She told me she was aware of how an attractive young women with a gorgeous body can be a difficult temptation for most men even one who is their dad.

"After all Jenna takes after her mom." she proudly said.

"Not that I am justifying acting on those temptations"

"The circumstances you found yourself in was not your own doing."

"What do you mean?" I replied.

Alice told me that she knows that I will not hurt her or do anything against her will. I know that Jenna's first sexual experience so far with her boyfriend has not been enjoyable or a pleasant experience. When Jenna's grandmother visited and she had to give up her room, I seized this opportunity.

Knowing how you like 'sl**p sex' I knew this was a way for both of you.

"I did noticed those intimate hugs you both gave each other."

The tension I had built up was slowly retreating. "Oh my!" This was all I can say a bit stunned.

"You are probably wondering why I am so accepting of this taboo sex?" Alice said.

"Yes, please!"

It was night time, as she reached into my my boxer briefs and placed her hand on my limp cock and started to message it with her soft fingers.

"You know my b*****r and I are really close, well, we are closer than most b*****rs and s****rs." My wife said.

"Yes, since he is you only sibling I know how you both care for each other." I replied.

"Darling husband, I don't think you understand what I am revealing to you?"

"HUH!" I responded.

"My b*****r was the first man to fuck me! It was a wonderful experience for it was done with the right mixture of love and sexual lust."

"I wanted Jenna to have the same experience with you." She said applying more rapid stroking of my cock.

"I understand" was my reply. She looked at me surprised.

"Your cock is so hard!'" This kind of talk is arousing you?"

She was right, my cock had now tented my briefs.

Alice stood up and slowly took of her nightie in a striptease, gyrating her body.

She was not wearing any bra, she cupped both breasts moving them upward to her mouth, darting her tongue out at the erect nipples.

"Do you want to suck on these big breast? Yes you do, I know you want to?"

She moved a hand down into her panties and began to stroke her pussy, up and down.

"Does Daddy want to see my pussy?"

She turned around, "Or my ass?"

"Daddy's thick cock can have both."

My briefs were lying on the floor as I stood up, my hard precum dripping cock sticking out. Her back was towards me as she bent over teasingly peeling off her panties.

When it was on the floor, still bent at the waist her succulent ass cheeks hanging out. I placed my hands on her hips and rubbed my cock between the valley of the twin peaks of flesh. The precum provided the lube to fuck her deep ass crack.

"Did he fuck you in the ass? Did your b*****r fuck this ass?" I said in a commanding tone.

"Yes he did, but not the first time, just like you did with Jenna, the second time."

My body shudder at those thoughts.

"She was tight for you Daddy, Jenna's ass squeezed this big cock." My wife now in total lust.

I could not stand it anymore, I picked her up by the waist her ass jammed in to my crotch. I awkwardly carried her and threw her down on the bed. Face down, I spread her legs and climbed on her for an anal pillage.

She reached back and spread her ass cheeks as the pulsing cock head made contact with this still tight opening. In one f***eful stroke I buried all that I got into her depths.

"AHHHH." "OH...OH...oh." "So BIG, so deep." Alice groaned.

I remained still for a minute loving the feeling of her hot interior, I can feel the spasms of her ass muscles responding to this foreign intrusion.

"C,mon Daddy, fuck me!" "Give it to me, hard, that's how I want it."

So that's what I did, like a man possessed I fucked her hard, deep and wide. When I momentarily pulled out, her asshole had gaped wider than my cock. This was a new level of sex, it was spontaneous, dirty and taboo driven.

"That's it honey, keep fucking me harder, ride me in heat, slap my ass."

"Oh!" "My pussy is so wet!" Alice squealed in delight.

Then it happened, my body went rigid as I felt the surge through my shaft.

"I'm gonna cummm!" I yelled.

"Yes! Daddy, do it, Fill my hole with your creamy cum."

I collapsed on top of her ejaculating my semen in her chute.

After we lay on the bed catching our collective breaths. Alice remarked that was intense sex and she loved it, I replied as well.

"As you know John went through a bitter divorce and he has been very discourage about life lately. Mom thought it would be a good for him if he spends some time with us instead of being alone." Alice said changing the conversation abruptly.

"Did you speak to your b*****r about this?" I replied.

"Yes I did, he was reluctant to visit but after I bribed him with the idea of home cook meals and someone to take of care his needs for a little while." said Alice.

"Taking care of his needs? I see where you are going with this." I said smiling.

"Yes, he did mention that he has not gotten 'laid' in a long time and we know he does not do well dating." said my wife.

"So he is expecting you to sl**p with him?" I said.

"Of course not, he knows I am married and that was in the past." Alice replied.

"I still feel you are unsure of this." I said.

"Well, we were both turned on by our taboo affairs and the sex was great, was it not?" Alice remarked.

"Yes it was." I agreed.

She then told me of the plan she was thinking off.

John arrived on Thursday night. Alice and I had to work on the Friday and Jenna had 1/2 day of classes, so we asked her to take her admired uncle for lunch and some sightseeing.

Later that evening Jenna and John came home. Alice had prepared a wonderful dinner, we had a great time of talking, laughter and too much wine.

After dinner we were in the living room, Alice turn down the light to a soft glow and played one of her romantic songs.

"John would you like to dance with your little s*s?" Alice asked.

"Sure s*s" John said.

They embraced each other and started to dance.

"C'mon you two, join us" Alice said to Jenna and I.

The wine had loosen us up.

Alice drew in John closer to her large breast and started to press her crotch into him. He looked nervous and I heard him tell her what was she doing, as planned Alice would let him know I am okay with it. I was to do the same thing to Jenna.

As the slow dance progressed I dropped my hands to Jenna firm ass and began to squeeze it.

"Dad, what are you doing, Uncle John and Mom are here."

"It's okay, your mom knows about us, Uncle John, he will understand soon."

Alice wasted no time in her seduction, she had unbuckle John pants he was now in his boxer briefs. I did likewise and remove my pants, Jenna and John were now surprised and confused.

Alice came over to Jenna and whispered to her for about a minute.

Mother and daughter started to strip for the men who sat on opposite couch taking in the show. Naked Alice then knelt between her b*****r's legs and started to blow on his cock, Jenna did the same for me.

After a few minutes I heard Alice asked John to fuck her, she got up and turn on the lights to be brighter. Alice then knelt on the couch away from him as he stroked his cock between her pussy lips, getting her wet. Jenna was bobbing her head up down my cock slurping along the hard shaft.

"Give me that huge cock" Alice commanded.

"Are you going to fuck me too Daddy?" Jenna asked.

Not verbally responding, I motion for her to bend over the armrest of the couch. I too stroked my cock a few times between her pussy lips and slowly penetrated her the tight opening.

John was fucking his s****r with rapid piston like thrust, she is moaning and groaning with a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs." I picked up the pace stroking more vigorously into Jenna.

"I want to ride you" Alice said after about five minutes of John's pumping.

She moved away and John turned around, both Jenna and I had uttered a small gasp at the size of his cock, it was about 9 inches long and thick. Alice squatted over him wiggling her hips and got the big head in her dripping pussy. She got half of it in when she yelled out.

"Fuck! It's stretching me so much, how did I manage to take this cock when I was 18."

"Oh my god" grunted Jenna.

"Dad fuck me hard, give it to me, don't stop." Jenna demanded.

I granted my daughter's request and in a couple of minutes she had her first orgasm. We then sat on the couch watching.

Alice managed to get 3/4 of that cock in her pussy, her faced had a strained look, her eyes looking like they want to pop out. But she was in ecstasy as well

As that final moment of complete entry, Alice started to ride her b*****r like a wild horse. Looking down she can see John's thick long cock enter and disappear into her steamy pussy that was tight for this cock. It was so hot for all of us that Jenna was fingering her pussy and I stroking my cock as we watch.

" Oh, yes! Keep pumping! Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. OHhh!" she repeated. "I love the way you're fucking me! Use me up, John! Fill my pussy with your big cock! " Alice cried out as she came a few minutes later and then dismounted from her b*****r's still hard cock.

"I want to fuck Jenna's sweet little pussy?" said John in a bold and confident tone. There was silence in the room.

"Sure Uncle John, you can." responded Jenna as she walked towards her uncle and perched herself on the couch spreading her legs open.

John wasted no time in getting between his sexy niece's legs, stroking his thick slab of meat and guiding it to her sensual opening. As the folds of her pussy lips was pushed apart ,Jenna became tensed with a cringe facial expression as she looked down to see the size of the cock that was about to go into her.

"Ahh! AHHH! AHHHHHH!!!" she screamed as John entered her.

"Wait! Slow! Slower!!" I feel so full Jenna stressed.

John sensing that it will be difficult to get full penetration with a few trust began to slowly fuck with only a few inches inside her. In a few minutes her pussy will get use to his cock and will be able to take more meat.

John quickened his trust as Jenna began to relax and was enjoying the steady pounding on her inner walls, the friction building up releasing lubricating juices and erotic bliss.

He was almost there as John f***efully pushed the last inch into her as his cock felt like it was swelling enough to split her in two. Jenna began coming in very long wracking waves in orgasmic delirium, arching up against her uncle's hard cock.

Jenna limp body was sprawled out on the couch as John got off her still saluting that big cock. Alice had been riding her husband cock as they lay on the carpeted floor. John approached her wanting more.

"s*s, I want your ass?" asked John.

"Oh my, now, let me finish with Tom" Alice told him.

"Can we do you together? John asked.

Alice looked at her husband and he nodded in agreement.

"I never had two cocks in me at the same time, well, there is always a first."

John got behind Alice and lubed up his dick. She paused bounding up and down on her Tom's cock and laid flat on top of him, pushing her ass up into the air as high as she could without letting her husband cock slip out of her. Tom reached behind his wife and spread her cheeks as b*****r teased her hole with his cock before slipping it into her ass. "Oh god, yes. I love the feel of your two cocks in me." She said.

A new rhythm was found by us and Alice was grunting now as both of men pounded her for a while.

"Give it to me. Give it to me." She kept repeating.

"I'll give it to you." Tom replied.

"Take my cock up your tight cunt, while your b*****r fuck you up the ass.

"Yes." She implored. "Give it to me. Give me your cum. I want you fill my pussy with your cum." She said to Tom.

"I want you to fill my ass with your cum." She repeated to John.

Tom could not hold back any longer and screamed "I'm cumming. I'm cumming" as his cock pulsed and shot his cum deep into her pussy. This sent John over the edge too. He unloaded and filled her ass, as Alice also was cumming. They all paused, not able to move as their combined orgasms raked over their bodies. Alice collapsed on top of her husband and her b*****r's cum leaking from her ass down her crack and over her pussy.

On the other couch Jenna had just witness the double penetration scene and thought to herself, what a unique an exciting f****y.

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