Mother and Daughter Cum lovers
by Durango Dan (address withheld)


A young girl witnesses her mother getting a cum bath
from her dad and some of his friends. When they leave
the room her mother calls her daughter in and teaches
her the joys of eating cum. (M+/Fg, ped, inc, oral)


I opened my eyes wondering what woke me up. Then I
heard the noise and voices drifting into my room. I lie
in bed listening trying to hear what was being said but
only heard the hum of voices. My 10 year old curiosity
kicked in and I got out of bed to see what was going
on. I opened my bedroom door and listened. I heard
voices coming from my mom and dad's bedroom. I tiptoed
quietly down the hallway towards their bedroom. I saw
that the door was open a little bit and I peeked inside
just as I heard my mom speak.

"Come on, come on, shoot your cum on me, I want it
all," she moaned at my dad and his four friends.

Mom was lying naked on the bed with dad and his four
friends standing around her. I could see her boobs
standing up with a stiff nipple on each of them. She
was rubbing her tits with one hand while the other was
rubbing between her legs. I saw that she didn't have
any hair between her legs. She was rubbing herself fast
as she talked to dad and his friends. Dad and his
friends were all naked too. I saw them as they rubbed
their "things" up and down real fast.

I heard dad grunt loudly and saw the white stuff shoot
out of his "thing". It wasn't long after that dad's
friends all began to shoot the same stuff out of their
"things" and all over mom. Mom's face was covered with
it and so were her boobs and between her legs. She was
rubbing it all over as dad and his friends kept rubbing

"Lets go down and have a beer," dad said when they were

I quickly ducked into the hallway bathroom as they
passed and went downstairs. I moved back to the bedroom
door and watched mom as she ran her fingers through the
white stuff and put her fingers in her mouth. I gasped
as she put a finger in herself and then put it in her
mouth. She heard the noise I made and turned her head
towards the door.

"Sara, what are you doing up and out of bed?"

"I'm sorry mom, but I heard all the noise... What is
all that stuff on you mom?" I asked.

"You remember what I told you about sex last month. The
part about what comes out of a man to make a baby."

"Yeah, you said it was sparm or spim, or something like

"It's called sperm and that's what this is all over

"Why did dad and his friends do that to you?"

"You are kind of young to understand but I like the
feel of it on my body and it tastes good too."

"EEEWWWW, what's it taste like?"

"It's good, kind of slimy and a little salty but good,
do you want to try a little."

Mom ran her finger over her boobs and got a finger full
of sperm. She raised her finger holding it up to my
face. I looked at the finger coated with sperm and
sniffed at it to see what it smelled like. I couldn't
smell anything bad and mom told me to go ahead and
taste it. I stuck my tongue out and licked her finger.
I brought my tongue back in my mouth and tasted the
slimy sperm. It was a little salty but I liked it, in
fact, I liked it a lot.

"So, what do you think of it Sara?" mom asked me.

"I like it! I like it a lot!"

"You want some more?"

"Yeah, can I?"

"Sure, in a minute. Sara, have you ever touched
yourself to feel good."

"A couple of times but I never felt as good as my
friend Becky says she feels."

"Didn't Becky ever show you how to do it the right

"MOM, we never do that kind of stuff together," I said

"Would you like me to show you how to do it?"

"Would you please mom, I would like that a lot."

"Take off your nightshirt and crawl in bed with me,"
mom said.

I quickly shed my nightshirt and jumped into her bed.
Mom sat up as I lie down on the bed. She stared at my
naked 10 year old body as the sperm ran down her body.
I asked her what she was looking at and she answered
that she was admiring my young body. She told me that
she hadn't seen me naked since I was old enough to take
a bath by myself. I told her that I didn't have much to
look at because I didn't have any boobs yet.

"Don't say that Sara, you are beautiful. You may not
have boobs yet but your nipples are gorgeous and look
at that puffy little pussy, not a hair on it. I love
the looks of it that is why I shave the hair off of
mine," She told me.

"First thing is that you have to call these tits not
boobs. Down here is your pussy that is what men like
you to call it for them," Mom explained.

Mom put her hands on my legs and spread them apart. She
moved between my legs and lay on top of me. I could
feel all the slimy sperm getting all over me as mom put
her lips on mine. I felt her tongue licking at my lips
as we kissed. I didn't know what to do so I opened my
mouth a little. She quickly put her tongue inside of my
mouth and began to lick all over the inside of my
mouth. I moaned as she ran her tongue around my mouth.
I couldn't help it, it felt so good and it made me feel
funny between my legs.

"Wow, I like that mom; it makes me feel tingly down

"That's because you are getting excited. I'm going to
make you feel real good."

Mom began to kiss me again and this time I put my
tongue in her mouth. She sucked on my tongue pulling it
deep into her mouth. She moved one of her hands to my
flat chest and started to rub my nipples. I didn't have
any tits yet but it still felt good when she played
with my nipples.

Mom pulled and pinched first one then the other as I
moaned loudly into her mouth. She broke off the kiss
and began to kiss down my neck, heading toward my flat
chest. She licked my flat tits and sucked my nipples in
her mouth giving each of them a tongue bath.

"Oh mom, you are making me feel so good."

"I'm going to make you feel even better when I start
licking your pussy."

"You mean you're going to lick me down there?!"

"You bet I am," mom said as she began to kiss her way
down my belly.

My head was spinning with all these new feelings that I
was feeling. Mom kissed my right on my pussy making me
groan out because it felt so good. I felt mom take one
of my pussy lips in her mouth and suck it. She then
moved to the other lip doing the same thing to it. Soon
she was licking my clit making my juices run out of my
cunt hole. She moved her tongue down and lapped my
juices in her mouth.

"OH MOM! Don't stop! DON'T STOP!" I sighed as she stuck
her tongue into my little 10 year old pussy.

I felt her wiggling her tongue as she snaked it further
inside of my hairless little cunt. Mom reached up with
her hands and began to pull and pinch my nipples. I
felt my juices oozing out of my cunt as mom licked and
sucked my little pussy.

"Oh stop mom, I got to pee! Stop mom, OHHHHH!" I begged
her as I felt so funny in my pussy.

"Relax sweetie, you're not going to pee, you are
getting ready to feel real good"

I tried to relax a little as she wiggled her tongue
deep inside of my pussy. I spread my legs wider to give
mom more room. Mom took one of her hands off my chest
and ran a finger up my butt crack. I groaned as her
finger stopped on my wrinkled little rosebud.

Mom used her finger to draw circles around my puckered
hole as she tongued my pussy. My body began to shake as
I let out a howl as my ass came off the bed.

Mom wiggled her finger around my butt hole as she
sucked the juice running from my pussy. It felt so good
when she did all this that I saw stars as I climaxed. I
yelled as mom sucked my clit into her mouth. "Don't
stop!" I begged her.

Mom sucked my clit hard as she rubbed her finger around
my ass hole. I was beginning to feel real good when she
started to push her finger inside of my butt. I groaned
as I felt her finger slide into my ass.

Mom kept sucking on my clit as her finger slide deeper
into my ass. I was panting hard and feeling things I
have never felt before. She took her free hand and put
a finger at my cunt hole. She began to circle my virgin
hole with her finger slowly letting it slip inside of
my pussy.

Soon, mom had a finger deep in my butt and one deep
inside of my pussy. She was tonguing my clit non stop
as I began to shake all over. I shouted as I had
another powerful orgasm.

My back arched as I shoved my hairless cunt into my
mom's face trying to get her fingers deeper inside to
scratch the itch that was burning in me. I thrashed on
the bed as she fingered me to two more huge orgasms.
When I finally pushed her face away, that was when I
heard the applause coming from the doorway.

I looked over at the door and saw dad and his four
friends all staring at mom and me while rubbing their
cocks. I tried to cover my body up with my hands but
mom told me to let them look. She told dad and his
friends to come on over and give us a cum bath. I asked
her what that was. She explained that they were going
to rub themselves until the sperm shoots out and sprays
all over us.

"Can we eat it when they're done?" I asked.

"Hot damn, she is just like her mom, a cum lover!" dad
said. "And a real good looker too," he added as he
looked my p*****n body over.

I watched as the five men stroked their stiff cocks.
They all seemed to want to spurt their sperm on me
because they were all aiming their cocks at me. Dad
asked me if I wanted to drink his sperm straight from
his cock. I looked at mom for some guidance and she
nodded her head that I should do it. I asked her what I
should do and she told me to put his cock in my mouth
and suck it gently. She warned me not to rub my teeth
against dad's cock while I sucked it.

I opened my mouth and let daddy put his cock on my
tongue. I closed my lips around his hot cock and began
to suck it gently. Mom told me to use my tongue and
lick the head of his cock while I sucked on it. I ran
my tongue around his soft cock head as I sucked on his
stiffness. Dad held my head as he began to move his
cock in and out of my mouth.

I heard one of his friends grunt loudly and then felt a
warm wet feeling run down my chest. I looked down and
see a stream of sperm running down by my nipples. It
wasn't long before the other three men shot their cum
all over me. One of them sprayed his sperm on my face
and it was running down my chin as I sucked on daddy's

Dad told me that he was getting real close and that I
should go faster. I moved my mouth up and down on his
cock faster as I reached down to rub his ball sack. I
felt how heavy it was and massaged the balls with my
hand. Dad moaned loudly as I rubbed his nuts.

Suddenly I felt a salty slimy liquid being shot into my
mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could as daddy pumped
my 10 year old mouth full of his hot sticky cum. When
he finished shooting his seed into my mouth he pulled
his limp cock out and told mom to lick me clean.

Mom moved over and started to lick my face clean of all
the cum that was shot on it. She moved to my chest
after my face was cleaned. It took about 15 minutes to
clean my body of all the cum.

Dad's friends got dressed and left. Dad told me how
excited it made him to see me enjoying all the cum on
my body just like mom. He told me that next weekend he
was going to invite more of his friends over and he
would show me how he puts his sperm inside of me. I
can't wait until next weekend.


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1 year ago
yumm i loved this story!!!!!
2 years ago
Some things are never taught too early in life, such as good, sensual, clean family sexual activities and enjoyments!

The basic trick is to make damned sure both, or all, partners, male and female, totally and fully enjoy and nurture the experience--always pleasure the other partner, the younger partner, the less experienced partner--always!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
sooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood and hot
i want be with u mextweekend
2 years ago
That AA fucking awesome!
2 years ago
Great story!